[pkg-php-pear] Version 1.16.2-1 of Twig needs an upload

Daniel Beyer dabe at deb.ymc.ch
Thu Oct 23 10:08:07 UTC 2014

Hi Roland,

Am Donnerstag, den 23.10.2014, 10:56 +0200 schrieb Roland Mas:
>   Hi,
> Daniel Beyer, 2014-10-22 06:25:04 +0200 :
> [...]
> > The new release of Twig (1.16.2-1) can either be found on mentors [1] or
> > preferably build from Vcs-Git [2] (branch 'master') using gbp.
>   I can't seem to obtain a proper "upstream" package.  The .orig.tar.gz
> referenced from your .dsc, the one I get from pristine-tar checkout, and
> the upstream tarball don't match.  Am I missing something?

Sorry, that was my fault. I missed to specify "pristine-tar = True" in
section [DEFAULT] in d/gbp.conf. I commited this change to master and
pushed the branch. Building with gbp now creates a .orig.tar.gz with the
same sha256sum as the gzip'ed tarball found upstream. which is:

BTW.: I exchanged the upload found on mentors.

Thanks a lot checking this. I for sure won't forget to compare checksums
in future.

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