[pkg-php-pear] Symfony package transitions (was: Symfony package review)

Daniel Beyer dabe at deb.ymc.ch
Wed Sep 24 13:09:42 UTC 2014

Hi David,

Am Mittwoch, den 24.09.2014, 14:31 +0200 schrieb Daniel Beyer:
> Hi David,
> (...)
> I see this ways to deal with it:
> 1. Ignore it.
> 2. Change the Description: of the transitional packages.
> 3. Additionally do the transition in the standalone packages and
> updated/rebuild depending packages.
> I kind of feel we can not simply ignore it, what do you think?

Following myself on this:
I just took a look into the archives. From what I saw there, a lot of
transitional packages, that do not mention they can 'safely be removed'
Thus I implemented variant 2. from above and changed the Description: of
php-symfony-eventdispatcher a bit.
I keept the one from php-symfony-classloader untouched, since it really
can 'safely be removed'.

I think we can go as intended:
- Do the transition in the new big src:symfony package
- Update the standalone packages to 2.3.19-1

Sorry for raising this at all, since I guess it was a total non-issue...


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