[pkg-php-pear] Symfony package ready for upload (Was: Symfony package transitions)

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Wed Sep 24 17:51:19 UTC 2014

Hi Daniel,

[ Replying to your last both^three messages. ]

Le 24/09/2014 08:31, Daniel Beyer a écrit :

> And yes, I think the class(-)loader and event(-)dispatcher transitions
> are the last bit.


> Regarding the transitions:

> One better do not follow the statement 
>   'This is a transitional dummy package. It can safely be removed.'

It can, unless it can’t (i.e, if the package manager forbids it ;).

> I see this ways to deal with it:
> 1. Ignore it.

> I kind of feel we can not simply ignore it, what do you think?

Fine by me, the transitional dummy packages are just useful to get a
smooth upgrade path, which it does according to your tests. If
php-guzzle (ditto for owncloud) is the only bit that may need some
update, rest assured I’ll take care of it as soon as symfony gets out of
new, and if I can’t do that before the freeze, the transitional dummy
package will do its job during Jessie’s lifetime.

php-classloader is a bit more spread in (build-)dependencies, but again,
the transitional dummy packages will do their job during Jessie’s
lifetime. They should be removed post-Jessie as soon as all existing
(build-)dependencies of the old packages gets removed. Again, most or
all are (this-)team-maintained: no doubt this will get done in time for

Le 24/09/2014 09:09, Daniel Beyer a écrit :

> I think we can go as intended:
> - Do the transition in the new big src:symfony package
> - Update the standalone packages to 2.3.19-1

Full ack. According to your last messages, src:symfony should be ready
for upload, I should have time to look into it this afternoon (modulo
TZ) and do so if I agree with you, thanks.

> Sorry for raising this at all, since I guess it was a total
> non-issue...

Heh, I highly prefer see raising stuff that happen to be non-issue,
rather than not raising actual issues ;).

Le 24/09/2014 11:57, Daniel Beyer a écrit :

> But I have one more thing to ask you for, David:
> May you add yourself to Uploaders: and (if you like to) to d/copyright,
> as well?

I’d be happy to explicitly co-maintain this package (and will thus add
myself to Uploaders before the upload if you haven done so yourself
already at that time, thanks for the proposal), especially because I do
maintain stuff depending on parts of it (I did indeed introduced a few
of the currently standalone php-symfony-* packages).

On the other hand, I’d rather not be listed in d/copyright. I’m even in
the process of removing my own debian/* entries where I still appear, since:
 1) I’m explicitly fine using the same license as upstream, and
 2) I explicitly don’t want to hold a copyright on what I believe is
    trivial code and/or just documenting facts.

About 2) (no copyright holding): the more I package stuff, the more
trivial they are (as you did in symfony: it seems to me the rules are
becoming less and less complex to do more and more stuff ;), so I don’t
believe it’s warranted in the general case (and explictly in the case of
the other packages I maintain).
Of course, you’re free to do whatever you like, and I’m happy to respect
it (i.e., I don’t mind contributing (trivial) code to stuff you’re a
copyright holder, the same way I do for the other packages where the
documented copyright holder is just upstream). If you’d share the same
belief (maybe at some point in time), you may wish to change “Files:
debian/*” into “Files: debian/licensing/bin/*” in this d/copyright ;).



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