[pkg-php-pear] Bug#905254: libphp-phpmailer: Please update to version 6.x

Salvatore Bonaccorso carnil at debian.org
Fri Dec 7 15:02:34 GMT 2018

Control: severity -1 serious

As mentioned in
https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/releases/tag/v5.2.27 the 5.2
branch is deprecated and will not recieve security updates anymore
after 31st December 2018.

This is not an issue per se, as we usually need to backport fixes to
older versions in general for bugfixes but in particular for
security-fixes; but starting buster with a know deprecated and not
supported version given upstream actively develops on the 6.x branch
looks somehow problematic for the buster release cycle.

For this concern, I'm raising the severity to RC.

there are a couple of packages with Depends or Build-Depends on
libphp-phpmailer, and I'm X-Debbugs-CC'ing those here.

# Broken Depends:
cacti: cacti
tt-rss: tt-rss
wordpress: wordpress

# Broken Build-Depends:
wordpress: libphp-phpmailer (>= 5.2.14)


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