[pkg-php-pear] Bug#905254: libphp-phpmailer: Please update to version 6.x

Craig Small csmall at debian.org
Sat Dec 8 00:28:51 GMT 2018

WordPress probably uses its own version which, I assume, they will maintain

I'll see if I can find more about what they're doing with it for the longer

The easiest way for me is to just drop the depends.

 - Craig

On Sat, 8 Dec. 2018, 02:06 Salvatore Bonaccorso <carnil at debian.org wrote:

> Control: severity -1 serious
> As mentioned in
> https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/releases/tag/v5.2.27 the 5.2
> branch is deprecated and will not recieve security updates anymore
> after 31st December 2018.
> This is not an issue per se, as we usually need to backport fixes to
> older versions in general for bugfixes but in particular for
> security-fixes; but starting buster with a know deprecated and not
> supported version given upstream actively develops on the 6.x branch
> looks somehow problematic for the buster release cycle.
> For this concern, I'm raising the severity to RC.
> there are a couple of packages with Depends or Build-Depends on
> libphp-phpmailer, and I'm X-Debbugs-CC'ing those here.
> # Broken Depends:
> cacti: cacti
> tt-rss: tt-rss
> wordpress: wordpress
> # Broken Build-Depends:
> wordpress: libphp-phpmailer (>= 5.2.14)
> Regards,
> Salvatore
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