[pkg-php-pear] updating php-htmlpurifier

Thorsten Glaser tg at debian.org
Fri May 18 21:22:03 BST 2018


for packaging Movim (I repeatedly wrote to the mailinglist about it)
we really need a newer version of php-htmlpurifier. I would like to
upgrade it.

Can I do an NMU with maintainer pre-approval, or should I do a team
upload (I just requested to join), or do you wish for us to take it
over entirely?

Please RSVP quickly.

Stéphane, I actually don’t block Googlemail, they’re just too utterly
stupid to successfully deliver to me (or anyone else using Greylisting
and not whitelisting their ranges). Same for a few other providers such
as Hotmail. Some spammers (Yahoo) I do block.

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