[pkg-php-pear] updating php-react-promise

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sat May 19 17:04:46 BST 2018

Hi again,

>for packaging Movim (I repeatedly wrote to the mailinglist about it)

we also need php-react-promise; while the version in sid is recent
enough, it has an RC bug because it FTBFSes with current phpunit;
I would consider seeing whether an upgrade would not fix that, or,
otherwise, fix that issue.

>Can I do an NMU with maintainer pre-approval, or should I do a team
>upload (I just requested to join), or do you wish for us to take it
>over entirely?
>Please RSVP quickly.

Same here.

As these two packages are now the only ones holding us up from
uploading movim-pod to Debian… please do answer.

<dileks> ch: good, you corrected yourself. ppl tend to tweet such news
immediately, sth. like "grml devs seem to be buyable"    <ch> dileks: we
_are_. if you throw enough money in our direction, things will happen
<mika> everyone is buyable, it's just a matter of price   <mrud> and now
comes [mira] and uses this as a signature ;0	   -- they asked for it…

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