[pkg-php-pear] RFS: php-netscape-bookmark-parser

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Sat Nov 2 18:45:33 GMT 2019

Hi James,

Le 02/11/2019 à 03:08, James Valleroy a écrit :

> I have made these changes:
> - Removed the .gitattributes file, it would cause issues when

I’m not sure how removing upstream files on the debian branch (master)
will actually work, but you’ll know soon enough ;).

> - Also run tests during package build.

You may add test-autoload.php (and logs/) to d/clean instead of removing
it in override_dh_auto_test (extra benefit: the one created by d/test
will also be cleaned up).

By the way, I usually try now to reuse the already built autoload file
both in autopkgtest and dh_auto_test (using the same template file like
your test-autoload.php.tpl). It often involve messing with some symlink
in order to provide locally the expected path at build time. Not sure
which approach is best, but for some packages, I used to maintain three
autoload template files (one for the package, one for the build time
tests, and another for CI), at least now I have at most two…


No need to change it (better not actually, to not mess with public VCS
branches and tags), but:
- I noticed you based your upstream branch on the commit preceding the
  v2.1.0 tag, not sure how that happened (the --upstream-vcs-tag= switch
  of gbp import-orig usually do the right thing);
- You should sign your tags.

Package uploaded and debian tag pushed.



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