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David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Tue Oct 15 17:14:01 BST 2019

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Hi James,

Le 13/10/2019 à 07:13, James Valleroy a écrit :

> Could someone review/sponsor this new package?
> https://salsa.debian.org/php-team/pear/php-netscape-bookmark-parser
> ITP #864610

Here is a quick review (feel free to ask for more information if my
advice is not clear), I haven’t yet built or tested the package (but
it’s small enough so that shouldn’t take too long once you’ve addressed
the autoload.php concerns).

- autoload.php should load its dependency (php-klogger, by requiring its
autoload.php, that should load its own dependencies, etc.), so that you
would only need to load that one file when you use it (and not all three
require lines you currently have in debian/tests/example for example);
- you may use d/clean instead of overriding dh_clean;
- alternatively, as long is this package remains a one source file only
(note that FTP masters may not like it) you may simply provide a two
require-lines autoload.php file in d/, and install it next to the
upstream source instead of depending on and using phpab.
- [more work] is it possible to use the upstream testsuite (I can see it
depends on an old PHPUnit version, but I may have patched worse)? The
current trend of removing the testsuite from the archive distribution on
GitHub (to allegedly work around some composer/packagist limitations) is
IMHO a shame, and I started to rebase most of the PHP packages I take
care of directly on upstream Git tree to add them back, you might (or
not) want to do the same if it’s not too much work to make it work with
PHPUnit 8.4 as currently available in Debian.

I also wonder why do you use “#!/usr/bin/env php” instead of
“#!/usr/bin/php” in d/t/example (I usually patch it the other way around
in the package I take care of because that’s my understanding of Debian
expectations, but I could be wrong).



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