[pkg-php-pear] RFS: php-nesbot-carbon

Robin Gustafsson robin at rgson.se
Wed Apr 15 21:32:30 BST 2020

Hi David,

Thank you again for the feedback.

> Yes, even without any old: if it’s satisfied in the current stable, no
> version should be needed.

OK. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

> Some more details: only one phpab template could be needed for the
> testsuite with a common
>         require_once 'Carbon/autoload.php';
> You then “just” need to make sure src/ is in the path when you call the
> testsuite during the build (less duplicated code, easier maintenance).

Clever. I did think they were annoyingly similar, but I didn't realize
just how easy it was to adjust the include path through PHPUnit.

> d/clean:
> - a trailing backslash is needed to vendor/
> - .phpunit.result.cache is missing


> Better not push the debian tag before the package is actually uploaded
> (it prevents one to make last minute changes, especially if the upload
> fails for any packaging reason, or if the sponsor disagree with
> uploading the package in its current state).

Makes sense. I deleted the tag so that we can make a new one at the
time of upload. Hopefully that won't cause any issues.

> I don’t know why, but it seems I wasn’t affected test failure because of
> "Expected: 'ar' Actual: 'ar_AE'" (looks applied upstream now anyway ;).

Indeed. The upstream has been very fast to accept my patches. I'll
drop it from the package after the next upstream release.

> I tried to use the script, but it seems it’s actually trying to install
> itself (well, a “proper” carbon-cli dependency) via composer. If so, I
> guess it’s at best useless as-is in Debian, sorry for advising adding it
> without any idea what it was actually providing (I’ll blame the lack of
> documentation…). If it’s providing something useful, it may be nice to
> give a hint about it. If not, I’d suggest not shipping it (and possibly
> dropping the php-cli dependency).

Seems we'd need a package for carbon-cli to make it properly useful,
but carbon-cli actually also includes its own (strikingly similar)
executable anyway. I've thus now removed this one from the package
again and dropped the php-cli dependency.


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