[pkg-php-pear] RFS: php-gettext-languages + php-oscarotero-gettext

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Mon Aug 24 13:51:11 BST 2020

Le 23/08/2020 à 14:39, James Valleroy a écrit :
> On 8/23/20 11:10 AM, David Prévot wrote:


>> - bin/export-plural-rules should be patched to find the autoloader.php where it is installed, and could probably be installed in usr/bin (or the php-cli dependency should probably be dropped);
> I removed the php-cli dependency.

0002-composer.json-Remove-bin-reference.patch incorrectly claims to be 
forwarded, and adds a newline at end of file (not really damaging for a 
Json file I guess, but you may really want to avoid that with PHP files, 
and so generally avoid it to stay on the safe side).

> The script is only installed as an example for now.

Yet, making it usable by pointing the correct autoloader.php would be an 

- require_once dirname(__DIR__) . '/src/autoloader.php';
+ require_once 'Gettext/Languages/autoloader.php';

BTW, providing a static autoload.php (and use it rather than the dynamic 
autoloader.php one, while still providing it for compatibility reasons) 
would probably be an improvement.


Same remark (providing a static autoload.php) for 
php-oscarotero-gettext, that would be especially useful to load the 
suggested packages.

CI is broken: it calls php instead of phpab. It also seems to be missing 
some dependencies (php-illuminate-database, php-symfony-yaml, php-twig, 

None of these remarks seem to be a blocker for NEW processing any, so 
both packages uploaded, thanks.


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