[pkg-php-pear] Uploading symfony 5 to unstable

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Wed Nov 10 22:10:01 GMT 2021

Hi Robin,

Le 09/11/2021 à 16:29, Robin Gustafsson a écrit :

>> Thanks! Can you please check if you could make it work with
>> php-email-validator 3.1 by the way (that’s the only package that seems
>> to prevent upgrading it, php-swiftmailer upstream version looks ready).
> Good to have that pointed out, thanks. I've added it to my checklist
> for this upgrade.

Well now that I’m looking at the right place, I can see that the current 
development branch of php-laravel-framework actually depends on 
php-email-validator ^3.1, so I also intend to upload php-email-validator 
3 to unstable in sync with symfony 5 (unless you actually intend to 
stick with php-laravel-framework 8 for bookworm, but then, my previous 
request stands ;-).

>>> My plan was otherwise to wait for Laravel 9 (LTS), but that's
>>> targeting Symfony 6 even. I'll see how feasible it'd be to patch it
>>> for Symfony 5 compatibility once it's released.
>> OK. I didn’t find anything about Laraval 9 in the upstream VCS […]

> Upstream's "master" branch has the "9.x-dev" alias. Unfortunately, I
> think they're going for >=6

Right, looks like it. No idea were I was looking the other day, and 
thank you for correcting me.


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