[pkg-php-pear] Bug#976811: Bug#976811: transition: php8.1

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Fri Nov 26 14:30:03 GMT 2021


Le 23/11/2021 à 15:57, Paul Gevers a écrit :> On 23-11-2021 11:52, 
Ondřej Surý wrote:
> Experimental is the ideal place to find that out. I does require 
> somebody to go through the regressions and file bug though, this doesn't 
> happen magically. I think David offered help there.

I’ve checked that all [0] packages with a failing testsuite using PHP 
8.1 from experimental [1] have now a bug (severity important, blocking 
the current one) about this issue.

0: *except*
   - php-horde* packages (Mike and team CCed);
   - packages not in testing (shouldn’t be a blocker);
   - packages already fixed (come on, refresh! ;).


For Horde packages, Paul already noticed many errors are “just” PHP 
deprecations, so using “Restrictions: allow-stderr” in d/t/control 
should at least allow to go one step further, even if we’re just hiding 
issues under the carpet for now.

>> And I would prefer if we roughly agree on a timeframe when we start
>> the transition to php8.2 - I can upload the 8.2.0~beta1 as soon as it
>> is ready upstream, so the ftp-masters have time, and keep uploading
>> rcN versions (this will usually take few months) and start the
>> transition right away when 8.2.0 is golden (December 2022). Would
>> that work?

(keeping that part to inform Horde maintainers in the mean time).


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