[pkg-php-pear] Laravel stack update [Was: The fun begins]

Katharina Drexel katharina.drexel at bfh.ch
Thu Jul 14 12:57:49 BST 2022

>> ( egulias/email-validator is considered too new [egulias/email-validator: ^2.1.10 <-> php-email-validator/unstable 3.2.1-1]. As I see no need to downgrade the existing package, this has been solved by a patch[2].)

>Good, thanks. I notice that the patch only changes the version
>numbers. Did you investigate to ensure that no changes are needed for
>compatibility? Especially considering that it's a major version
>upgrade (2 to 3).

I tested the asset management software with the newly built php-laravel-framework
version and the php-email-validator from the sid package. I could create some email
which arrived without any problems. Maybe there are some better testing options,
proposals are always welcome.

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