[pkg-php-pear] deb packages looking for sponsorship

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Sat Jul 16 07:14:33 BST 2022


Le 03/07/2022 à 09:21, Fab Stz a écrit :
> Hi David,
> What about the other packages?

I just had a quick look at php-kissifrot-php-ixr.

   - Upstream-Contact is useless as is.
   - You could simplify it with just one entry for upstream.

   - Build-Depends: pkg-php-tools is still not needed (actually you
     don’t even need to use phpabtpl(1) to provide a template since
     composer.json has nothing in "require" except php).
   - Description: it should provide meaningful information about the
     package (currently, there isn’t).
   - Standards-Version: you don’t need the fourth component (minor patch
     level) and again, a new one is available.


d/rules: The phpab(1) call is the only needed line (without template).

d/clean: Only one line seems relevant.

   - /usr/share/php/IXR should be the correct install path to match
     upstream namespace.
   - /usr/share/pkg-php-tools/autoloaders/php-kissifrot-php-ixr should be
     provided so that phpabtpl(1) provides the accurate autoload.php path
     to dependencies.

d/watch, d/gbp.conf: Upstream provides no .gitattibutes, no test (I 
doubt the project made for “more recent systems (PHP 5.4+ ones)” will 
provide any soon, but https://github.com/kissifrot/php-ixr/pull/5 makes 
me think I could be wrong), so could use directly the upstream tarball.


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