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Sun Jul 17 08:21:31 BST 2022


Le 16/07/2022 à 08:14, David Prévot a écrit :
> I just had a quick look at php-kissifrot-php-ixr.
> d/copyright:
>   - Upstream-Contact is useless as is.
>   - You could simplify it with just one entry for upstream.
> d/control:
>   - Build-Depends: pkg-php-tools is still not needed (actually you
>     don’t even need to use phpabtpl(1) to provide a template since
>     composer.json has nothing in "require" except php).
>   - Description: it should provide meaningful information about the
>     package (currently, there isn’t).
>   - Standards-Version: you don’t need the fourth component (minor patch
>     level) and again, a new one is available.
See [1] below.
> d/rules: The phpab(1) call is the only needed line (without template).
See [1] below.
> d/clean: Only one line seems relevant.
See [1] below.
> d/install:
>   - /usr/share/php/IXR should be the correct install path to match
>     upstream namespace.
>   - /usr/share/pkg-php-tools/autoloaders/php-kissifrot-php-ixr should be
>     provided so that phpabtpl(1) provides the accurate autoload.php path
>     to dependencies.
> d/watch, d/gbp.conf: Upstream provides no .gitattibutes, no test (I
> doubt the project made for “more recent systems (PHP 5.4+ ones)” will
> provide any soon, but https://github.com/kissifrot/php-ixr/pull/5
> makes me think I could be wrong), so could use directly the upstream
> tarball.

See [1] below.

[1]: What about continuing to use the source from the git repo? I
initially used the tarball and then changed all the packages to fit the
https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPHPGroup/Composer guidelines which
suggests to use the git repo as source. I would prefer to leave it that
way which would prevent from having to do the change again later on if

I have the same opinion on the cleanup of d/rules, d/cleanup, phpabtpl.
IMHO it doesn't harm that way, and would ease any future update of the
package if it uses more features of composer.json or adds tests.

The other changes are committed. Waiting for your comments.


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