[pkg-php-pear] deb packages looking for sponsorship

Fab Stz fabstz-tmp at yahoo.fr
Sat Jun 11 10:25:27 BST 2022

Hi, thanks for the feedback,

I pushed some changes.
For the others I still need guidance.

Le samedi 11 juin 2022 09:39:45 CEST, vous avez écrit :
> > Let's start with php-league-csv. It should be ready for a new review now:
> > * https://salsa.debian.org/php-team/pear/php-league-csv
> I notice you committed the templates from phpabtpl(1), do you intend to 
> push those packages in areas where pkg-php-tools is not yet in 1.41?

I personnally always work on stable, so 
I would need these files.
Moreover I use this source package also to build the package on gitlab CI 
which uses Ubuntu 20.04 (ubuntu-latest) which runs only version 1.38 of pkg-
php-tools https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/pkg-php-tools
I don't know if this package would be eligible for backports, but that could 
be an option.

> You should not install the testsuite (src/*Test.php files).

Is there a way to prevent their installation without listing in d/install one 
by one only the files to install? I haven't found any such thing except making 
d/install an executable.

If I exclude the test files from the package, will the autopkgtest still work?
I simply copied/adapted your templates from the wiki. So I'm a bit confused.

> d/control
> You don’t need pkg-php-tools in Build-Depends (dh-sequence-phpcomposer 
> is provided by pkg-php-tools since 1.40 IIRC).

So if one wants to build on stable it would still be needed, right?

> php-xdebug seems also useless.

It is needed by tests (in dh_auto_test), otherwise they would fail.

1) League\Csv\AbstractCsvTest::testOutputHeaders
League\Csv\AbstractCsvTest::testOutputHeaders needs the xdebug extension to 

> d/copyright
> This MIT license is called Expat in Debian.
> You don’t need the four first lines (license name and copyright) 
> especially since you claim copyright on debian/ with the same license.


> Source field shouldn’t contain less than and greater than characters.


> Copyright years do not match what is documented upstream in the package.

There is no year in the source files except the one in the License file. What 
should I do? Use the one of the license file? Remove the years?

> Running lintian-brush(1) will create debian/upstream/metadata for you.

Done, thanks.

> d/tests/control
> The purpose of autopkgtest is to test the *installed* package, so you 
> must not make a League directory and League/Csv symlink: it will force 
> to use the source (that’s only useful at build time since the package is 
> not yet built).
> php-xdebug is not needed either AFAICT.

It is needed by dh_auto_test, otherwise they would fail.

> The testsuite requires Internet, so needs-internet should be added to 
> Restrictions.
> Furthermore, buildd do not have Internet access during the build, so the 
> testsuite must be amended (e.g., filtering away the test or data set 
> requiring Internet) to run there (at build time, via dh_auto_test):

So, for autopkgtest, it will use the internet? But if I patch/remove the test, 
then internet is not needed anymore, so no need to add "needs-internet" ?

So for buildd which doesn't have the internet we have to remove the test?

For now I created a patch that removes the download of these files.

> There was 1 error:
> 1) League\Csv\AbstractCsvTest::testGetPathname with data set "external 
> uri" ('https://raw.githubusercontent...oo.csv', 
> 'https://raw.githubusercontent...oo.csv')
> League\Csv\UnavailableStream: 
> `https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thephpleague/csv/8.2.3/test/data/foo.csv`
> : 
 failed to open stream: No such file or directory.
> /build/php-league-csv-9.8.0/src/UnavailableStream.php:25
> /build/php-league-csv-9.8.0/src/Stream.php:128
> /build/php-league-csv-9.8.0/src/AbstractCsv.php:117
> /build/php-league-csv-9.8.0/src/Reader.php:50
> /build/php-league-csv-9.8.0/src/AbstractCsvTest.php:497
> I guess php-curl will become useless at build time.

It is still needed for the tests in StreamTest.php

> P.-S.: I usually run wrap-and-sort(1) to get an unified output, what 
> tool (or options) do you use (it doesn’t seem to sort the same way)?

What kind of tool do you speak of? It is likely I don't use any. I made the 
things manually.


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