[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] RFS: tor-monitor 0.1-1

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Thu Aug 27 13:18:05 UTC 2015


Sascha Steinbiss wrote (26 Aug 2015 18:58:21 GMT) :
> I have migrated the tor-monitor package repo to the pkg-privacy
> project. Please feel free to take a look and sponsor the upload if
> you are happy with it.

Excellent, thanks!

There are a few things that I feel need to be done upstream:

0. The patch introduced in the packaging, and the manpage, should make
   their way upstream. It makes no sense to me to carry these as
   a Debian -specific delta, but perhaps I missed something?
   * the manpage has a "circuts" typo
   * I wonder why it's been statically generated once with help2man,
     rather than automatically generated at build time. This seems to
     be prone to becoming out-of-date, no?

1. Someone like sajolida or tails-ux at boum.org should review the
   strings displayed to the user (the POT/PO files hopefully contain
   the entire up-to-date list); sajolida, do you want to take it?

2. For i18n's sake, strings should be translatable on the web (e.g.
   with the same framework as what we're using for other Tails
   projects): Alan, do you want to take care of it?

Now, IMO these are no blockers for the initial upload, as long as
someone commits to do these while the package is waiting in NEW.

I had a quick look at the packaging, and here are a few comments:

 * This looks mostly good, congrats!

 * Why do we need to create a /usr/bin/tormonitor symlink? Doesn't the
   upstream build system install it the main executable into /usr/bin?
   Or is it because of --install-scripts=/usr/share/tor-monitor?

 * How was the upstream tarball generated? I see no debian/watch file,
   so I wonder where it comes from.


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