[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] RFS: tor-monitor 0.1-1

Sascha Steinbiss satta at tetrinetsucht.de
Thu Aug 27 18:08:47 UTC 2015

Hi all,

> There are a few things that I feel need to be done upstream:
> 0. The patch introduced in the packaging, and the manpage, should make
>   their way upstream. It makes no sense to me to carry these as
>   a Debian -specific delta, but perhaps I missed something?

No, that makes perfect sense. As for the manpages, do we want to have
the upstream build process depend on help2man? I don't know if there is
something similar built into setuptools, but some quick googling did not
turn up anything.

>   BTW:
>   * the manpage has a "circuts" typo


>   * I wonder why it's been statically generated once with help2man,
>     rather than automatically generated at build time. This seems to
>     be prone to becoming out-of-date, no?

You have a point. I didn't automate this too much at first because
'tormonitor --help' emits (most likely X related) messages that persist
even when wrapping the call in xvfb-run, messing up the man page. I have
now worked around this by automatically patching the generated result.

> * This looks mostly good, congrats!


> * Why do we need to create a /usr/bin/tormonitor symlink? Doesn't the
>   upstream build system install it the main executable into /usr/bin?

Changed this as it indeed simplifies things.

> * How was the upstream tarball generated? I see no debian/watch file,
>   so I wonder where it comes from.

I did an initial build after merging with the upstream tag, and then
imported the resulting .orig.tar.gz generated by gbp. If the team
prefers a different approach I'd be glad to follow it.
A problem is that AFAICS there is no publicly available source tarball
-- at least in the upstream cgit
(https://git-tails.immerda.ch/alan/tor-monitor/) the function to
automatically create snapshot tarballs for tags seems to be disabled,
leaving me without a href to look for in the watchfile. Do you have a
suggestion on how to write a watchfile in this case?

Anyway, I have just pushed my changes addressing the points raised
above. Thanks for the feedback!


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