Bug#900856: enlightenment: Sound fails to work after upgrade

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.org.uk
Thu Jun 28 23:07:56 BST 2018

On 21/06/18 12:34, Felipe Sateler wrote:

> Patches welcome. If you decide to implement this, make sure that the 
> code is only active with a running sysvinit (ie, don't affect chroots).  
> It is not trivial, which is why I didn't implement it myself. You 
> probably need to integrate ucf to handle all the corner cases.

Patch attached. I haven't gone through all the steps of integrating ucf 
- the disable autospawn file isn't currently marked in the package as a 
conffile, so this patch, while it works in my limited testing, could 
still be improved on there.

LMK what you think - if you're happy with this approach and will 
integrate it, I can work on ucf integration as well.

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