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Mon Mar 29 23:06:26 UTC 2010

filled bugs in the Debian bug tracker and most of them have already been
integrated. So far it's working well: we (Ubuntu) should push more of our
patches back to Debian.

> >>> > I was reading someone's blog post about how the tomcat packages for
> >>> > ubuntu and debian are managed together out of the one repo (alioth =
> >>> > think) and it got me wondering.
> >>> >

We could definitely follow the tomcat model.

> >>> > is there any good reason why we need to have different package
> >>> > maintainer groups for puppet/facter for debian/ubuntu? Can we work
> >>> > together as a single group?
> >>
> >> From what I can tell, no... there isn't a good reason. It would make
> >> more sense if we worked closer together, if you ask me. Perhaps Mathia=
> >> may know something that I don't=BF
> >
> > Mathias ? Any comment? Is there anything Canonical needs to do Ubuntu
> > wise that we can't all sit down and agree on?
> >

Not that I can think of. It seems that the Debian maintainers welcome Ubunt=
patches and we should keep on improving our communication channels. AFAICT
things are going well on this front. May be I should send links to our pupp=
related blueprints to the Debian maintainer mailing list in order to share =
we're planning to do during each release cycle.

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