MoarVM 2015.05 needs mentor approval :-D

Paul Cochrane paul at
Wed Jun 17 11:40:05 UTC 2015

> Great.
> > - I take some minutes to update debian/README.source to explain how I
> >   manage the source and patches with git-buildpackage.
> Good work. I did not know about "gbp pq"

Agreed, awesome stuff!

I need to find some tuits to document this stuff on the wiki...

> >   I had to revert a commit since it modify upstream source directly
> That's the weird part: yesterday, I succesfully built moar with the 
> modification done by Paul. This should have failed. I don't know what's wrong 
> here.

Yeah, sorry about that commit.  That was probably from when I was learning
the ropes from a couple of months ago.

Then again, if it's *not* some commit from a couple of months ago, have I
done something that I shouldn't have?

> > It build here in schroot using sbuild for Sid AMD64 and i386.

I can confirm that it also builds for me on Jessie amd64.



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