MoarVM 2015.05 needs mentor approval :-D

Paul Cochrane paul at
Wed Jun 17 20:07:57 UTC 2015

> >> >   I had to revert a commit since it modify upstream source directly
> >> 
> >> That's the weird part: yesterday, I succesfully built moar with the 
> >> modification done by Paul. This should have failed. I don't know what's wrong 
> >> here.
> >
> > Yeah, sorry about that commit.  That was probably from when I was learning
> > the ropes from a couple of months ago.
> >
> > Then again, if it's *not* some commit from a couple of months ago, have I
> > done something that I shouldn't have?
> AFAIK, any modification to upstream source must be made by patches in
> debian/patches, otherwise building the source package will complain
> about modification to upstream source:

hrm, then I probably need to revert several commits in the nqp package.
Sorry for the hassle!  I'll clean it up as soon as I can.

The funny thing is that I was getting build errors (in nqp) with the
upstream sources and the patches (after merging upstream into the master
branch), however after I'd updated the nqp source to that in the patches and
committed (in master), then `debuild -uc -us` ran properly (i.e. I wasn't
getting any errors about locally changed sources).  This is probably because
I wasn't using dquilt when creating the patches, which I just learned from
the link you mentioned.  This then begs the question: are you able to build
the nqp package correctly in its current state?



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