[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Bug#655595: roundcube: split /etc/roundcube/main.inc.php or provide includes/include directory

Vincent Bernat bernat at debian.org
Thu Jan 12 18:51:47 GMT 2012

OoO Lors  de la soirée naissante  du jeudi 12 janvier  2012, vers 17:42,
Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann at progress-technologies.net> disait :

> it would be nice if /etc/roundcube/main.inc.php would be splitted out
> into files covering the individual sections.

> alternatively and even better, a includes directory would be
> desireable that gets read after the main.inc.php file to allow
> sysadmins to deploy their stuff in there without needing to manipulate
> the file shipped/owned by the package.

> if you don't like the idea, feel free to close the bug.

Hi Daniel!

That should not be too hard to do. I will find some time to implement it.
Vincent Bernat ☯ http://vincent.bernat.im

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