[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Attachment file name displays incorrectly (wrong character coding?)

Horvath Andras han at log69.com
Fri Jan 13 09:56:56 GMT 2012

Dear Maintainers,

I'd like to report a bug and ask for help regarding a specific version
of Roundcube 0.5.4 that is backported to Debian 6. That's why I address
this list.

If this is not the right place to report the bug, please be so kind to
redirect me to the right forum instead.

When adding an attachment with extra chars in its file name to a new
mail on the web interface or forwarding an already gotten letter with
such an attachment in it and sending the letter, the name of the
attachment will be displayed incorrectly in the sent e-mail on the web
interface. As if the unicode character coding were displayed in a
non-unicode format. Something like:



In every other scenario the name of the attachment displays correctly.
That is, when sending from remote side from a mail client, or using a
mail client locally, the unicode file name will display correctly on
the web interface too. Only sending from the webmail causes the problem
after all - and only on the web interface will it have wrong char
coding. The other party gets the letter just fine.

I found 3 years old bug reports reporting similar issues, but those
have been fixed already. Those mentioned that the problem might have
been caused by the wrong determination of the system LOCAL.

PS.: CC me please, I'm not on the list. Thank You.

Thanks in advance,

Andras Horvath
han at log69.com

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