[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Bug#785333: Bug#785333: broken contextmenu due to jquery

Sandro Knauß bugs at sandroknauss.de
Thu Jun 4 07:16:05 UTC 2015


Keep in mind, that Debian only say, that there must be the source code 
available at building time. For javascript this means, that an unminified 
version should be availabe in the source. Javascript is minified by building 
the package, because this makes sense in termes of performance.

The point about including 3rd party source code to an project has different 
issuess. One is security. If someone finds a security issue in jquery, than 
this will lead in a update for jquery. But who takes care, that the internal 
copy of jquery is updated? Also duplication work. Looking at copyright, 
stripping out non DFSG parts ( see the +dfsg in the jquery name), ...

> Wordpress manages an embed tinymce

well yes it is possible to embend code, but for example because wordpress 
takes "the easy path", jquery and tinymce are that old. So if they would use 
an internal one, than we would have recent versions of these, and you woud not 
have to complain :)



Am Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2015, 22:56:05 schrieb Kurt Fitzner:
> On 03/06/2015 9:20 PM, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > minified javascript is (clearly) not the "prefered form of modification",
> Wow.  Just wow.  Un-pretty-printing a script makes it a binary.  That's
> a whole new level of, I'll call it dedication, to the letter of the
> law.  I applaud the committee that came up with that little gem.
> >   Full stop. cheers, Holger
> Ok, roger out, deep breath, I'm mostly calm now.  So this bug is
> lingering because of how "difficult" a build process the minification of
> javascript is?  Honestly?  I'm being punked, right?
> Ok, well, here are a few solutions:
> 1) Ship the unminified "source" (I can't believe I'm catering to this
> "minified" javascript isn't source madness... calm.... calm) in a source
> package.
> 2) Don't minify jquery for RoundCube.  It's client-side JavaScript, so
> it doesn't give a performance hit for the server.  The performance hit
> scales across every client.  It's like crowd-sourcing the solution to
> Debian's madness. <perspective>The extra few timer ticks of computing
> time that running the unminified script will cost every computer that
> will ever run it put together will be less than the computing time
> already consumed by us talking about it.</perspective>
> 3) Do both.  Except without the "source" package.  Simply ship the
> actual unminified version right alongside the minified version in RC's
> packages.  You can even make it an install-time decision whether to soft
> link in the minified or unminified version.  Not even Stallman's Beard
> Trolls could find fault with this approach.
> The problem that lead me to this bug was with a RoundCube plugin.  When
> I figured out it was a jquery issue due to the linked in system version
> having replaced the shipped version, the response from the author was
> "oh ya.... Debian".  How about we just the the right thing™ and fix the
> issue by shipping RoundCube the way its authors of it intended.  And by
> that I mean functional.
> The last step (and I pray to Ian, Debby, Turing and the Great Stallman's
> Beard together that everyone who reads this bug report in perpetuity
> does this) is to send a total nastygram to the non-ovo-lacto-GPL-vegans
> who are coming up with rules that have long left "out of touch" in the
> rearview mirror.  This level of anal retentitude does nobody any good.
>          Kurt
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