[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Bug#851214: images attached to emails are embedded with task=1 instead of task=mail

Matt Carter matt.carter at skymesh.net.au
Thu Jan 12 23:51:24 UTC 2017

Package: roundcube-core
Version: 0.7.2-9+deb7u5

When an image is attached to an email and a preview is displayed under 
the email body the image is included using a link such as

which results in a broken image and roundcube throwing a 501 service not 

this was fine in deb7u2
the offending code in deb7u5 is the extra 'true' on line 93 of 
when this is removed the images display correctly as they did before

"/usr/share/roundcube/program/include/rcube_message.php" line 93 of 748

         $this->opt = array(
             'safe' => $this->is_safe,
             'prefer_html' => $this->app->config->get('prefer_html'),
             'get_url' => rcmail_url('get', array(
                 //'_mbox' => $this->imap->get_mailbox_name(), '_uid' => 
$uid), true)
                 '_mbox' => $this->imap->get_mailbox_name(), '_uid' => 

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