[DRE-maint] Lenny release team summary

Paul van Tilburg paulvt at debian.org
Sun Aug 10 15:19:07 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

I want to present you with a summary of things that still need
to be fixes for the Lenny release.  My main goal is to have all our
team packages in Lenny in a nice, consistent state and without
any important or RC bugs.   

So, if you have any spare time today or next week, please pick
something from the list and help us solve it.  Please coordinate
it via me on the IRC or Jabber so that we don't do any double

The summary (information gathered from QA report, PTS, BTS):

| Newer upstream available (7)
|             libdb4.2-ruby       0.6.2-3 < 0.6.5
|             libdb4.3-ruby       0.6.2-2 < 0.6.5                     
|             libdb4.4-ruby       0.6.2-1 < 0.6.5                       

Michael Schutte is working on it.  The libdb-ruby is already on 0.6.5 in
sid, not in testing just yet.  These source pakages should be removed and
libdb-ruby's libdbX.Y-ruby package should provide for a transition.

|             libinline-ruby      3.6.7-1 < 3.7.0
|             libjson-ruby        1.1.2-1 < 1.1.3
|             libnarray-ruby      0.5.9p5-1 < ffwt0.3-0.1.1
|             libsdl-ruby         1.3.1-1 < 2.0-alpha1

These new upstream can be ignored.  Please leave as is.

| NEW and incoming (1)
|             libcairo-ruby                     S #487204  pending        

This bug, severity serious, has been fixed in 1.6.3.  However, 1.5.1
is in Lenny.  I worked for months on the new upstream.  I'd really like
to have 1.6.3 in Lenny.  If we cannot get the exeception, then we have
a 1.5.1+bugfix in the branches.

| Ready for upload (1)
|             libgd-ruby                        I #472438  svn-released:pending        

All fixed and ready.  Except it segfaults on amd64!  I would appreciate some
help here, because we need to have this version in Lenny IMO.

| Packages with strange versions in the repository (4)
|             camping             1.5+svn242 > 1.5
|             libcmd-ruby         0.8.0 > 0.7.2
|             libopenid-ruby      2.1.2debian > 2.1.2
|             libpdf-writer-ruby  1.1.7+dfsg > 1.1.7

Can be ignored!

| Work in progress (2)
|             libgems-ruby                        #403407  wontfix        
|                                                 #485739
|                                                 #448639
|                                                 #405789
|                                                 #466189

All normal or wishlist bugs.  Though, a few seem "important" to me, but ok.
Two questions.

 1. RubyGems 1.2.0 is not in Lenny, I think it should be? Or not?
    If so, we need an exception.
 2. The libgems-ruby package doesn't seem to contain a 'rubygems' dummy
    package to depend on 'rubygems1.8'. Is this not a RC bug?

|             libhtml-parser-ruby

This package is not present in Lenny, can be ignored.

| With bugs (5)
|             feed2imap                           #456819
|                                                 #456820
|             hobix                               #475273
|                                                 #421379

All normal bugs. 

|             liblocale-ruby                   I? #470798

This bug should be severity "important".  Antonio and I agree that the
easiest solution would be to have it removed from Lenny and really solve
it well for Lenny +1.  Note that liblocale-ruby{,1.8} have no
reverse depends.

|             libxtemplate-ruby1.8              I #472430

Gotta work on this and straighten it out. Not much work though.

|             ruby-gnome2                       I #493063

A recent important bug, haven't investigated it. May be inreproducible.

That's it.  We should try to have it fixed by the end of the
coming week so we can file for exceptions with the release team.

Kind regards,

PhD Student @ Eindhoven                     | email: paulvt at debian.org
University of Technology, The Netherlands   | JID: paul at luon.net
>>> Using the Power of Debian GNU/Linux <<< | GnuPG key ID: 0x50064181

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