[DRE-maint] Lenny release team summary (important! read this!)

Paul van Tilburg paulvt at debian.org
Sat Aug 16 12:36:51 UTC 2008


This is a small update.  I removed the parts that I flagged as "to be
ignored for now" in the previous summary.

Note that I am leaving for a conference with a few hours and I won't be
able to deal with the still pending tasks.  Could someone take this job
upon himself?  We need to have everything solved by the end of next week
IMO.  I will be back August 25 and until then probably without internet
(it's not a hacker's conference ;)).

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 05:19:07PM +0200, Paul van Tilburg wrote:
> The summary (information gathered from QA report, PTS, BTS):
> | Newer upstream available (7)
> |             libdb4.2-ruby       0.6.2-3 < 0.6.5
> |             libdb4.3-ruby       0.6.2-2 < 0.6.5                     
> |             libdb4.4-ruby       0.6.2-1 < 0.6.5                       
> Michael Schutte is working on it.  The libdb-ruby is already on 0.6.5 in
> sid, not in testing just yet.  These source pakages should be removed and
> libdb-ruby's libdbX.Y-ruby package should provide for a transition.

Status of this work? Anyone?

> | NEW and incoming (1)
> |             libcairo-ruby                     S #487204  pending        
> This bug, severity serious, has been fixed in 1.6.3.  However, 1.5.1
> is in Lenny.  I worked for months on the new upstream.  I'd really like
> to have 1.6.3 in Lenny.  If we cannot get the exeception, then we have
> a 1.5.1+bugfix in the branches.

The 1.6.3 upstream is in Sid now.  A release block exception should
be requested.

> | Ready for upload (1)
> |             libgd-ruby                        I #472438  svn-released:pending        
> All fixed and ready.  Except it segfaults on amd64!  I would appreciate some
> help here, because we need to have this version in Lenny IMO.

Still need help here.

> | Work in progress (2)
> |             libgems-ruby                        #403407  wontfix        
> |                                                 #485739
> |                                                 #448639
> |                                                 #405789
> |                                                 #466189
> All normal or wishlist bugs.  Though, a few seem "important" to me, but ok.
> Two questions.
>  1. RubyGems 1.2.0 is not in Lenny, I think it should be? Or not?
>     If so, we need an exception.
>  2. The libgems-ruby package doesn't seem to contain a 'rubygems' dummy
>     package to depend on 'rubygems1.8'. Is this not a RC bug?

More bugreports were filed, mostly related to (2).  This needs to
be addressed.  I am sure it is a RC bug now (grave -> #495320).

> |             liblocale-ruby                   I? #470798
> This bug should be severity "important".  Antonio and I agree that the
> easiest solution would be to have it removed from Lenny and really solve
> it well for Lenny +1.  Note that liblocale-ruby{,1.8} have no
> reverse depends.

The release time should be asked to remove it for Lenny.

> |             libxtemplate-ruby1.8              I #472430
> Gotta work on this and straighten it out. Not much work though.

Handled by Gunnar and solved in Sid.  A release block exception
should be requested.

> |             ruby-gnome2                       I #493063
> A recent important bug, haven't investigated it. May be inreproducible.

More grave/important bugs were filed!  One of them is another
"objects creation during garbage collection phase" problem.
Sjoerd suggested that he has a few patches for this.  These should be
applied and tested.  Afterwards a release exception block should be

Finally, I have noticed there are a few packages of our that should get
a release block exception, but I haven't created a script to determine
which of our packages have a newer version in Sid w.r.t. Lenny.  If
someone could do this and check if we need to request exceptions for
them (because they fix severity important or RC bugs), I would be

Kind regards,

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