[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Libnitrokey Updates For Debian

Jan Luca Naumann j.naumann at fu-berlin.de
Fri Jan 3 11:56:36 GMT 2020

Any update on this? I would like to update the app.


PS: Adding Jan and Szczepan to the mail, they asked me some time ago 
about the progress of the Debian packages.

On 10/2/19 10:59 AM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> On Saturday, September 28, 2019 7:44:10 PM EDT Robin Krahl wrote:
>> Hi Scott,
>> On 2019-09-28 17:57:05, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>>> I have uploaded the latest (version 3.5) libnitrokey to Experimental.  It
>>> looks like there are new versions of both nitrokey-app and
>>> rust-nitrokey-sys that presumably go with it.
>>> I'd like to get ready to do a coordinated set of uploads to Unstable.
>>> It's
>>> not formally a transition, since the libnitrokey soname hasn't changed,
>>> but
>>> I'm not 100% comfortable with the ABI stability of all the changes in
>>> libnitrokey 3.5, so I'd prefer to do the packages approximately together.
>>> Please let me know what you think.  If needed I might be able to upload
>>> NMUs to experimental for testing.
>> Thanks for reaching out.  Indeed libnitrokey 3.5 changes the API and
>> rust-nitrokey-sys older than 3.5.0 won’t compile with libnitrokey 3.5.
>> Also, rust-nitrokey build-depends on rust-nitrokey-sys and does not yet
>> work with the 3.5.0 release.
>> I’ll prepare a new rust-nitrokey version that bumps the
>> rust-nitrokey-sys dependency.  I’ll let you know once it’s ready,
>> probably tomorrow.
> How is it going?  libnitrokey finished building in experimental, so I've
> updated symbols based on the complete set of build logs and am ready to upload
> to unstable when you are (actually both rust-nitrokey-sys and nitrokey-app
> would be uploaded anytime with a versioned build-depend on libnitrokey 3.5).
> I'll upload the library once I know everyone is ready.
> Scott K

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