[Pkg-samba-maint] Merging more Ubuntu changes?

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Tue Dec 19 06:59:04 UTC 2006

Quoting Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic (mom at ubuntu.com):

>    * Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:

Many of these could probably be merged back after the release of Etch:

>      * debian/smb.conf:
>        - Do not show the version number by default

I tend to agree with that one. Seeing all these "(samba x.y.z)"
servers on my network is annying..:-)

>        - Comment out the default [homes] shares and add more verbose comments to
>          explain what they do and how they work (closes: launchpad.net/27608)

ie not sharing homes by default....Any comments from other team members?

>        - Add a "valid users = %S" stanza to the commented-out [homes] section,
>          to show users how to restrict access to \\server\username to only
>          username.

Sounds fair.

>        - Change the (commented-out) "printer admin" example to use "@lpadmin"
>          instead of "@ntadmin", since the lpadmin group is used for spool admin.

Sounds fair

>      * debian/panic-action:
>        - Alter the panic-action script to encourage users to report their
>          bugs in Ubuntu packages to Ubuntu, rather than reporting to Debian.
>          Modify text to more closely match the Debian script

We could maybe make part of this script more easily configurable for
CDD by using variable parts that could be setup in /etc/default/samba

>      * debian/samba-common.templates:
>        - Set default workgroup to MSHOME

Well, the current "DEBIAN_FANS" we have sounds a bit childish to
me. However, I'm unsure abnout the choice of "MSHOME" by Ubuntu...

>      * debian/control:
>        - remove typehandling
>        - add update-inetd to Depends

Should be investigated. 

>      * debian/patches/VERSION.patch:
>        - set SAMBA_VERSION_VENDOR_SUFFIX to Ubuntu

Will remain..:-)

>      * debian/samba-common.config:
>        - do not change priority to HIGH if dhclient3 is installed

Interesting change. To be discussed

>      * debian/samba.init:
>        - use of PIDDIR instead of hardcoding it

We should adopt that one

>        - Munge our init script to deal with the fact that our implementation
>          (or lack thereof) of log_daemon_msg and log_progress_msg differs
>          from Debian's implementation of the same (Ubuntu #19691)

Ubuntu specific

>      * debian/rules:
>        - remove type-handling

Should be investigated

>        - properly clean on make clean

Would be interesting to know more about what is not clean

>        - do not install mount.cifs and umount.cifs as suid

Well, that would be a regression for our users. Should we ask a
debconf question about this ?

>      * debian/patches/ubuntu-auxsrc.patch:
>        - some auxilliary sources (undocumented in previous changelogs)
>      * debian/patches/ubuntu-fix-ldap.patch:
>        - fix LDAP backend, see Ubuntu #1905, Debian #274155

Seems to be mergeable...

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