tdb* in samba or tdb-tools [was: Re: [Pkg-samba-maint] r813 - trunk]

Christian Perrier bubulle at
Fri Jan 6 06:11:53 UTC 2006

CC'ing Marek again....

> Samba relies on tdb as a core part of everything we do.  It is as you
> know shipped with every Samba version, and is fully supported therein.

OK. So, after re-reasing this thread, I now have a better

Noel first activated including the tdb tools provided in samba
upstream. These are maintained and well maintained.

However, some diverted version of these tools are also provided in the
tdb-tools Debian package. Those are considered outdated, at least in Debian.

So, we actually have two questions:

1) the package which will provide the tools should conflict with
   tdb-tools. This is currently "samba" itself

2) shouldn't we ship these utilities as a separate package?

2) is more or less induced by 1) because keeping the utilities in the
samba will force us to make samba conflict with the current tdb-tools
(which is what Noèl did in r813)...which will render the tdb-tools package
more or less useless (which it is right now, though) if we assume that
TDB tools without samba are of low use.

2) triggers a question: what name should we give to the new package?

My own opinion is that we should pick up the tdb-tools name, after
getting agreement with its maintainer, unless some very good argument
raises up to keep the current outdated tdb-tools package in Debian.

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