[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#424637: [Samba] samba-3.0.25 on Debian (Debian bug #424637)

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri May 18 07:30:51 UTC 2007

> > That sounds like
> > http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=424637, I'm afraid.
> > 
> > Not much hop yet...there is nothing in that bug except a kind of proof
> > that you're not alone...:-|
> The error indicates that the packages were not built
> to include krb5/ldap/ads support.  Just a packaging issue.

Further investigation confirms this.

The i386 version of the samba package in Debian was built without
Kerberos support. Indeed, this build was done by me and this is what
was uploaded to the Debian archive. *That* build is the one that sucks
(for a reason I can't explain yet: I built as usual, with pbuilder in
a chroot).

Packages in Debian unstable for other architectures are correct.

If I rebuild the Debian package on my machine *now*, it is also
correctly linked to the Kerberos libraries.

We will probably solve this with a binNMU on i386 (Debian jargon: we
will ask the autobuilder to rebuild the i386 package). Waiting for
Steve Langasek's advice....

For people who are hit hard by this and still want 3.0.25, I have put
locally built packages on http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/samba

8ae56e88e4334f024fa94f30535fe1e7  libpam-smbpass_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
92b3aec20e62401404dd623abb0deed6  libsmbclient_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
ef48e8cada483d4851d7cd3867aae8bf  libsmbclient-dev_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
a4be9761f93ee61645a9fe4d2d4fb0b6  python-samba_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
d1a29e45bcb20c16a970f88950c43458  samba_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
ca419eca1fa8624c997ed186ba33b95f  samba-common_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
a217f0a1e0316d089f5a79cc19fc1fa4  samba-dbg_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
da0b37c7438668400c2d1b8f73d493e5  samba-doc_3.0.25-2_all.deb
4df17aee3ef6a5ecfa116fb2caa905b2  samba-doc-pdf_3.0.25-2_all.deb
d1c9f67fbb0841b624acfc220138e9b3  smbclient_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
30494629044a9b863c20278b12c8e712  smbfs_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
afd86362acd52920105ca720e970e76a  swat_3.0.25-2_i386.deb
fbd592ca08b2b55306894c486f41cbd4  winbind_3.0.25-2_i386.deb

Please be aware that the -2 release is likely to prevent you to
upgrade to further official versions of the package. I rebuilt these
packages in a hurry. You have been warned...:)

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