[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#424629: Bug#424629: security upgrade broke permissions check

Christian Perrier Christian.Perrier at onera.fr
Mon May 21 16:19:55 UTC 2007

> > gpg: Signatur am Do 17 Mai 2007 11:10:17 CEST mit DSA Schlüssel, ID C0143D2D, erfolgt
> > gpg: Falsche Unterschrift von "Christian Perrier <bubulle at kheops.homeunix.org>"

Well, you're probably missing the Debian keyring on your
machine. 0xC0143D2D is definitely in it.


> > I'm afraid I don't really get all the needed information to properly
> > process this bug report.
> Didn't sound like that from the audit trail :-)

Well, I assembled the information later so it is less needed now.

> > Your complete smb.conf file would help 
> That's a bit more info than I'm comfortable giving out. However, it
> seems to me that "force group: +something" is really the only relevant
> option here.

In such case, you may change snesitive information. Quite often,
not having the complete smb.conf (at the minimum the entire [global]
section as well as the offending share section., is likely to make us
miss an important setting that might be specific to your setup.

> The users in question are in the "something" group, and also in the
> "other" group (their primary group being the username group). "Other"
> membership should allow writing in the directory in question (because
> everything in there is in that group and g+w); "something" doesn't
> (owner is a different user).

Yes, I finally figured that out and have been able to reproduce the
bug. It will be fixed in 3.0.25-6etch2 (currently being built by the
security team).

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