[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#424629: Bug#424629: security upgrade broke permissions check

SPUeNTRUP - Kai Henningsen Kai.Henningsen.caahafccbbdidd.S at cats.ms
Tue May 22 09:38:30 UTC 2007

Hello Christian,

Am Mon, 21 May 2007 18:19:55 +0200
schrieb Christian Perrier <Christian.Perrier at onera.fr>:

> --4652b713_4b2230d6_17ed
> gpg: Signatur am Mo 21 Mai 2007 18:19:55 CEST mit DSA Schlüssel, ID C0143D2D, erfolgt
> gpg: Falsche Unterschrift von "Christian Perrier <bubulle at kheops.homeunix.org>"
> --4652b713_4b2230d6_17ed
> > > gpg: Signatur am Do 17 Mai 2007 11:10:17 CEST mit DSA Schl=C3=BCssel, I=
> D C0143D2D, erfolgt
> > > gpg: Falsche Unterschrift von "Christian Perrier <bubulle at kheops.homeun=
> ix.org>"
> Well, you're probably missing the Debian keyring on your
> machine. 0xC0143D2D is definitely in it.

No, that's not a "missing key" message (gpg knows how to fetch missing
keys, and anyway then it wouldn't know who the key owner was), that's a
"bad checksum" message. In some other email client, I used to get those
from character set reencoding problems. (Well, you might call it "from
checking at the wrong point in the pipeline", but it happened whenever
there was non-ASCII involved, because reencoding failed to reproduce
the exact original signed text. That's what it signifies: whatever gpg
got fed was not the exact original signed text. And as I *have* seen
correct signatures, even with non-ASCII, with this setup, I think it
must be a problem at the other end.)

> Anyway...

> Yes, I finally figured that out and have been able to reproduce the
> bug. It will be fixed in 3.0.25-6etch2 (currently being built by the
> security team).

... I'm looking forward to that.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Münster /
with kind regards - Kai Henningsen

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