[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#454112: Cleaning out winbindd PID file

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Thu Apr 17 09:29:23 UTC 2008

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon at debian.org):

> I don't think this correctly handles the case where start-stop-daemon
> /fails/; we don't want to remove the pid file in that case, we want to leave
> it in place since that indicates the daemon is still running for some
> reason.
> Looking at it, the current samba package probably also does the wrong thing
> on failure... probably a bug introduced with the LSBing of the init script.
> :/  But that's a separate bug, no need to introduce a bug in the winbind
> package too.

Hmmm, OK. Do you think you can come up with a proposal for this?

ACK for the wrong assumption about consistency being needed....

And, I'll try to find a moment here to nag upstream people about the
neede to clean out PID files when the daemons are stopped..:-)
(the bug is already reported upstream)

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