[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#488275: Bug#488275: samba and winbind: initscript miss 'status' option

Steve Langasek vorlon at debian.org
Wed Jul 2 03:54:32 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 10:34:09AM +0200, Tim Stoop wrote:
>> Note that procps is required for this functionality to work, because of 
>> the
>> use of ps.  I don't know that a dependency is actually warranted,  
>> since this
>> is optional functionality; anyway, procps is Priority: required, so it 
>> will
>> always be present in practice.

> Should the script check for the existence of /bin/ps? Or should I just 
> leave it as it is?

Well, if I actually pay attention, samba already depends on procps, so it
doesn't matter anyway.

Otherwise, I still think it would've been fine because procps is Priority:
required, which means its always installed - it's just not guaranteed to be
configured at any given moment.

>> Well, this means that no meaningful status will be returned if one of 
>> the
>> daemons is running but the other is not.  Concretely, this means it  
>> won't
>> return useful status in the event that smbd is started out of inetd
>> (RUN_MODE=inetd), or that 'disable netbios' is set, causing nmbd to  
>> not be
>> run.

> Checking /etc/default/samba is easy, but I'm not sure if I can reliably 
> check for the 'disable netbios' option. Any hints on how to do this?

There's an example of this already in /etc/init.d/samba.

Perhaps that check is worth refactoring into a small shell function at the
top of the script, perhaps not.

>> I think it would be better to first fix winbind to use a proper PID  
>> file,
>> then use code similar to that in the smbd/nmbd case.

> I'll spend some time today to see if I can fix that. I guess the -- 
> make-pidfile option from start-stop-daemon should be used. Will let you 
> know when I come up with something that works.

Ok, thanks for the interest!

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