[Pkg-samba-maint] ctdb now in Debian lenny - samba-related packages in Debian

Mathieu PARENT math.parent at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 08:56:37 UTC 2008

On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 7:47 AM, Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org> wrote:
> Thanks to the efforts of Mathieu Parent, ctdb is now available in
>  the testing branch of Debian, which represents the future version of
>  Debian, codename "lenny", due out "at the end of the year" (you know
>  the drill about Debian releases, right?).

Thanks to your help, Christian, this was my first package, and it was
simpler than I thought. Thanks to Peter and Steve.

>  This is a good opportunity to mention the efforts of the Debian Samba
>  packaging team who does not only package samba in Debian (and Ubuntu).
>  Packages we currently have in Debian testing and unstable:
>  - samba 3.0.28 (3.0.28a RSN) : maintained by Steve Langasek and /me
>                                with help by Noèl Köthe, Peter
>                                Eisentraut and Eloy Paris
>  - ldb 0.9.2~git20080122      : maintained by Jelmer Vernooij
>  - talloc 1.1.0~svn26291-1    :         "
>  - tdb 1.1.1~svn26294-1       :         "
>  - ctdb 1.0.28+git200802191444: maitnained by Mathieu Parent
>  Packages we currently have in Debian experimental:
>  - samba 3.2.0-pre1          : same maintainers than 3.0.28

Since 3.2 is in experimental, we should think of enabling ctdb for it.
This is done with --with-ctdb and --with-cluster-support

This should not change anything until ''clustering = yes'' is set in
smb.conf (http://ctdb.samba.org/samba.html).

But I'm not that sure, because I don't have the knowledge to check the
complete samba source code.

What do you think ?

>  Packages being prepared:
>  - openchange                : work by Jelmer Vernooij
>  - samba4                    : work by Jelmer vernooij
>  Packages stalled:
>  - samba4wins                : from discussions I had last year at SambaXP
>  Please note that, contrary to a very popular belief, one does not need
>  to be an official Debian Developer, granted after months|years of
>  suffering in the New Maintainer Queue, to maintain Debian
>  packages. Jelmer is not a DD (yet, IIRC) and Mathieu is not either.
>  Also note that any (good) work done on packaging software for Debian
>  also ends up in Ubuntu, which may decide some potential contributors,
>  in these days where the hype seems to lie there..:-)...And, again,
>  contrary to a very popular belief, collaboration is smart and
>  efficient. Having the Ubuntu Hardy release manager in the team
>  probably helps...
>  I hope this mail bringed some useful information to some of you and I
>  secretely hope it will bring us mor econtributors..:-)
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