[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#538819: Bug#538819: Memleaks with samba/stable

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Tue Jan 5 06:43:11 UTC 2010

Quoting Nelson A. de Oliveira (naoliv at debian.org):
> Hi!
> Unfortunately I am having the same problem here (with version 2:3.2.5-4lenny7).
> Memory usage only grows, until the point that it makes the server unusable.
> I can try to help, if possible (as long as it won't interfere too much, since
> the server is used in production by 70+ users).
> The scenery here is very similar to the bug reporter: PDC using ldap.

The original bug submitter provided useful(I guess) information from
valgrind but, as of now, none of us maintainers found time to process
this and check with upstream.

I somehow bet this is an issue that got fixed later on by upstream. Of
course, someone focusing on investigating upstream's BTS for such
reported issues and the relevant fixes would be very welcomed if (s)he
can come up with a fix that we could apply to lenny.

Also, checking whether the same happens with unstable's samba could
help as well.

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