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Ivo De Decker ivodd at moszumanska.debian.org
Fri Dec 27 12:14:59 UTC 2013

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      from  bd7c26e   Spanish translation update
      adds  446b0e5   Switch over to 4.1 branch.
      adds  c921bbe   Update instructions to reference upstream VCS tag.
      adds  790d1a1   prepare merging Samba3 and Samba4 together.
      adds  97e3422   Initial version imported to CVS (This used to be commit 65968b294351d2612d1bf94236d1fcbf853c494e)
      adds  ce9f591   This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r2, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches. (This used to be commit ba74bed6640366154ad7901c0ba87d140713f876)
      adds  0e8fd33   Initial version imported to CVS (This used to be commit 291551d80711daab7b7581720bcd9a08d6096517)
      adds  0db2ec0   This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r4, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches. (This used to be commit c8a46aca039f16b00bcd177ac2bb9962fdfff529)
      adds  3a5b9fc   updated README for new samba.anu.edu.u alias (This used to be commit 2b126502f46893ca2cd356ae896d611fc19d2c0a)
      adds  09960b3   added issafe() define for "safe" characters (This used to be commit 1d7fc598cd56fe6c85b2a75ab7c3cead61fc23ad)
      adds  d5cd0b3   upped version number (This used to be commit 3e2239aa59f1af438e812860bfdc0247f3ce1754)
      adds  ea4abcd   fixed a typo in the select() emulation code (This used to be commit 3f37b2db98cfc490a8ec99b8fdb1eaee00faea4c)
      adds  beee1b2   added sequent fixes (This used to be commit 21c7f21fd59b592023c16734731f61cff6f04aee)
      adds  6bbd0d7   use the new issafe() macro instead of isalnum() and strchr() (This used to be commit 79c65e66f8034d21b6c90fcdbd76601657f3c447)
      adds  089c5b2   move the dot_pos calculation down a bit (This used to be commit 45e2ffdc9c4334565e51c550b3a19a9bbb7037ef)
      adds  03aeb8a   fix a netgroup bug (innetgr() was being called with the args in the wrong order!) (This used to be commit 4419093d336bad30b194b959231fed04cbc8a1cf)
      adds  b2a31c9   - use issafe()
      adds  8098025   fix a dst bug, we had a sign wrong in the calculation :-( (This used to be commit 2cf4d958f454465f05c54f865cb77fa5c4cc620a)
      adds  5c90917   updates to wall.perl from michal at ellpspace.math.ualberta.ca (This used to be commit 30909756b16b2c78769a976809046af0b6a98b6e)
      adds  b2740f4   Changed to reflect new ownership by Microsoft (This used to be commit 37736c8c5e8223c3f39e9508cd508cb33a34f6b3)
      adds  fcfe002   removed obscene comment added by Dan (This used to be commit a7005f50d800174862a6b58727c7387e6d3581be)
      adds  52fc872   - close the listening socket in the child process when running as a daemon - exit with a non-zero exit code if open_sockets() fails (This used to be commit 83866f3c84bd53a68f4937dddf4903eee7a00aaf)
      adds  f9014ae   change version number to 1.9.16p2 (This used to be commit 03f93941b39a7135a7801a9108fe4e4bd8c6991d)
      adds  49f74bf   added some more support entries from samba-bugs mail (This used to be commit 934d29d07246b69ae171316d068196514c50a5fa)
      adds  7b7cef0   removed old -S option from nmbd manpage (This used to be commit 1db06d2a273756e52e4f32e672c2dc18a2b2a1e8)
      adds  d4168aa   documented -W option (This used to be commit c28fd9fe33f1c6445995d3b8a7bc45306bb5ad3e)
      adds  d4010fc   ignore some files (This used to be commit c64d3398dffcd7acbd4bcaeb661146e03feab42b)
      adds  3ae4d22   - handle CORE protocol better - handle case where director exists when untarring (This used to be commit 7d7bad70d3b6b37037ad96b34e17a927675cde11)
      adds  341a401   handle being passed a dptr of -1 to mean "close all open dir handles". Looks like OS/2 does this. It caused a core dump. (This used to be commit 4b2579daae0a9d78780476694fd395d97445e197)
      adds  11f7553   turn on KEEP_PASSWORD_SERVER_OPEN by default (This used to be commit d2676cdd0b44fc4fc825118e510bac2c3f1e40d9)
      adds  04af282   move quotas support out of server.c (This used to be commit 1ed5645a5d150de4e5e788c2389aa3cbe70a8faf)
      adds  90d21da   - fix a bug hanlding very log filenames - move quotas support to separate file - send keepalives to password server (This used to be commit f81295c7b4346759ac522ba610438a68204f1858)
      adds  efdeaf4   - added hostname support to smbstatus - fix a bug where -s would not be recognised (This used to be commit 03744dc0cd49a54b4dd30645a2b77007c9d19bdc)
      adds  2ef2593   made dptr_num signed to handle -1 from OS/2 (This used to be commit d2c5ab135ca7ee6366f5f8733440318a724a4378)
      adds  839ddb8   fixed version number (again!) (This used to be commit 52b5148221e57c122f0c4ed3f0b49d6d9b7fd789)
      adds  c9f9f6b   added QNX entry to MIRRORS (This used to be commit b00d86f2376e9a215250285a8b1766e9859f6067)
      adds  0b13d2e   Updated smbstat script with a better one, Paul. (This used to be commit c26a534541b96f939daaf9b35f805db2594783ca)
      adds  0c7092c   Updated references in doco to 'http://lake.can.....' with 'http://samba.can.....' and added a mirror site to MIRROR (This used to be commit 283f100501de69086379c36e6937d614f5143583)
      adds  d0977dd   Update the samba.faq file with what was current on the web site, there were a number of additions. Changed the faq version number to 1.9.15 to match current samba version. (This used to be commit 4002e4cf155f614751a8cd4af97d95ba12831d4c)
      adds  4c67f37   Made   chang blody comso: can't see what i'm writing... Made changes to reflect nimbus.anu.edu.au -> samba.anu.edu.au chage. changed reference to /ub/samba/change-log o /ub/samba/alpha/change-log Also added samba.faq.html to docs directory Paul... (This used to be commit d6f124a7ca1806230c374f871ba7fe17284b6042)
      adds  b479eaf   Changed more references of 'nimbus.anu.edu.au/pub/tridge/samba' to 'samba.anu.edu.au/pub/samba' The only reference I see now to 'nimbus' is in ENCRYPTION.txt regarding libdes stuff. Paul... (This used to be commit eee3a6f139c2a773979e4cd771e4567178805846)
      adds  e40bf31   Added check for something already binding to port 139 to TEST 3    Dan (This used to be commit 0e21388559aad147ea15c855dec5113a85ad1d4f)
      adds  b64f106   Updated general section to include more about current capabilities. Added references to samba-bugs, DIAGNOSIS.txt and the hypermail archives. Various other small changes.    Dan (This used to be commit 58950a05620a2248fed3ef11d0230238473e1b6d)
      adds  0905033   Added reference to DIAGNOSIS.txt. Deleted the claim that tridge reads all postings to mailing list. Removed arvidsjaur, other small stuff.    Dan (This used to be commit af463f82c5d5b2662f979b119f3c4b74e159486a)
      adds  3e8ddf7   General updating.    Dan (This used to be commit 2209de41df38f1bc6ac5b442b3b696b680fcf639)
      adds  fe1337b   added nimbus to list of mirrors (This used to be commit 234ba8569705009eed00ba044d6bb0459e506a7d)
      adds  4ecfd2e   cleaned up the way the max log size stuff works and fixed a potential problem with varargs usage in Debug() (This used to be commit 8d5a3156ce42198b2f3ca8753e208b08572cafce)
      adds  4513edd   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha2 (This used to be commit 875b2dfad043a43b915bfeee12532cf8b6cb690b)
      adds  0cb74d3   added comments about trapdoor uids (This used to be commit 2f793c48a9447955195620c891d30d93b518ee0d)
      adds  1956d13   cleanups to make thinsg compile cleanly (This used to be commit 39fbeb04ae938594c380d97ebe67c012fa0dd51a)
      adds  debd5b6   fixed a typo (This used to be commit 654c242045a70b600488a765eb46b6f79e484de9)
      adds  ec52001   handle errors from receive_smb better, and print error string (This used to be commit 7814eca4b22f909e75c3321d9a157c2228198c5c)
      adds  fd2a6d6   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha3 (This used to be commit 071c7690a259c76c7fd70608af22b81d0481d7de)
      adds  8ebd8a3   remove cvs.log from cvs, instead use the release script to copy it to the right places (This used to be commit d5613d3bf4649564040789473579c510a15408be)
      adds  5e1d10f   added this ages ago, but forgot to put it in cvs (This used to be commit 64c6a19923e43c8b0e3a3da4e56b0eb136f830d5)
      adds  1b87ef2   - added an entry on WinDD to samba.faq - added a sample smb.conf from Thoralf.Freitag at remserv.rz.fhtw-berlin.de - print the errno when you get a can't change directory error - added installscripts.sh from James_K._Foote.PARC at xerox.com (This used to be commit 48c6b86d4c580d62ef46132dc04ce2b1d14e21e8)
      adds  d8cf90d   comment out the code that tries to handle the NT bug where the 2nd passlen is wrong. The fix is worse than the problem :-) (This used to be commit 51e22c931078e0b612dbc9e20dc143c3aebf7eb5)
      adds  26e045d   add my private makefile to the ignore list (This used to be commit 3e9750cc2713da7c3d4beb24217f94c033e2fee5)
      adds  5873463   Lots of changes!
      adds  0966bf7   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha4 (This used to be commit 8a0a06cba939e91e2379d0c5367b8817e7328077)
      adds  81e3989   - moved the uid handling to uid.c - added setfsuid() support (for Linux) - started adding some of Lukes changes, just the loadparm and ipc ones so far (This used to be commit 72543810ce3eb5ea7b141f957edf38b4c46b1ea4)
      adds  a2c1623   a huge pile of changes :-)
      adds  5607ff3   add dummy quotas fn fix typo in reply to backup lists (This used to be commit bc4a2994377ab078d3d1a900f79fda9dfe4d0e6a)
      adds  a2641cf   Did more integration of Lukes code ready for the first release.
      adds  23903ed   updated the entry for Phillip Hands (This used to be commit 7f54e6b4606953e858a59b3d87640ed61f3a6332)
      adds  526cc39   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha5 (This used to be commit f5c493192eb744c8cd015a828b5fba311bee0093)
      adds  e38afbf   - changed some debug levels in clientutil.c
      adds  f6655e8   - remove some incorrect prototypes from server.c - formatting cleanup in check_master_browser() - removed unused code from nameserv.c (This used to be commit ed3ef2e47d5039077993c6addaf44dce2bb1e780)
      adds  4ccb55f   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha6 (This used to be commit ee330d60458c8f056b32dc3aa54a54ce6643186b)
      adds  a127ecf   add sunos private makefile to .ignore (This used to be commit 60a8a9c006f16186320fb13109128db35595523c)
      adds  19d1b1e   fix a bug that meant alpha6 couldn't compile. (This used to be commit 07288091c322fdb9f63889e84cfc57fa6cb5f613)
      adds  f6733fe   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha7 (This used to be commit dfb7fa3ae405f4e23f3cc9e4bbe93029981c99dc)
      adds  f57b053   added some notes on the new "interfaces" option (This used to be commit 8eb701d0d6483d0f5c6de3640b38f98128cd321c)
      adds  b9ae225   - added interface.c and removed all the references to myip, bcast_ip and Netmask, instead replacing them with calls to routines in interface.c
      adds  bb0a966   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha8 (This used to be commit 5a0d016b2432da9299d92b33d723534d91c8dcf4)
      adds  d160d93   - added predict.c, moving the routines from util.c
      adds  4eba893   - added comments to byteorder.h explaining how it works. - fixed problem with installscripts if srcdir is not set - fixed ptr init bug in interface.c - changed default lookup type in nmblookup to match nbtstat under NT - new quotas fixes for sunos and solaris (This used to be commit e775576f026d282473256aeac6fef65a85acd98e)
      adds  f78081f   patches fromk Luke putting in symbolic names for time constants (This used to be commit 79849b829314e5caf4f0f5b95e4a8a0c2c223f90)
      adds  b1228b7   moved MSBROWSE into nameserv.h (This used to be commit 90fa15c45f1859306dc3ceb47bb0bb3452490227)
      adds  bfbca5a   changes from Luke (This used to be commit 5269aa277c635cfda65a27fd1b2e587ac181e1c3)
      adds  75390b8   fixed the apana MIRRORS entry (This used to be commit f539b4bf6b47c1e22a688767001732abb6caaa0f)
      adds  3f6fb64   more changes from Luke (This used to be commit df44f10d7492679dabe3b998e7bacfebbc49ea5e)
      adds  97c01f6   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha9 (This used to be commit 32053cfa78fee6b549742ec1f6d240781b162a72)
      adds  e2eac35   updates from Luke to rename "domains" more accurately to "subnets" (This used to be commit 0a044c25abc363d8b202ff5d148259d624b92ea7)
      adds  de411c7   moved some more locking routines to locking.c, and moved replacement routines for broken OSes from util.c to replace.c. (This used to be commit 3ee9d45426a9b3b584d1ffb9f81af26790a83b4c)
      adds  b7ca915   documented the "max disk size" option.
      adds  7e3b4a1   got rid of a lot of redundent header files as we now globally generate prototypes automatically using "make proto". This is much less prone to error than the old method of manually adding prototypes (This used to be commit b551dc98f7cc194a5fc2e67a4ebae7fd67a01bbc)
      adds  a521fe8   a cleanup of the receive_smb() usage, adding timeouts in some places
      adds  53409e5   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha10 (This used to be commit a82ffca73e490f0fb9dbad43783ab55ac317a460)
      adds  292b2f1   minor patch to allow host announcements to remote subnets (This used to be commit e264a670e917102cfdbfce9ae76fbc4d548ddae4)
      adds  02657e5   demo of cvs - ignore (This used to be commit 1a30ade78e31c5ffa889eedc998771b1bb98c246)
      adds  912d4da   Added source filename to give crude index Dan 17 June 1996 (This used to be commit 5a72a6c8dfe3a0898db514c35a9d704c3627c41d)
      adds  dc38599   - change date as a demo for john - modified plp printing parser to work on my system (This used to be commit 9408f91e1b9a2482af96afe9df08e0a5fba60cdb)
      adds  ddc4fc6    - deleted reduntant blank line at end of file (JHT) (This used to be commit 7960522e18bb34cba4fbc6ef0d68485d484c9cad)
      adds  851ee41   Basic doc changes to keep up to date.
      adds  ed2639e   luke's first attempt at using cvs
      adds  70d59e9   added local and remote interfaces (didn't get done in first attempt) (This used to be commit c0b0139d1a7816b027b2f1cf107487a4508ed92f)
      adds  a853abd   first draft of low-level design documents describing the operation of nameserv.c and nameresp.c and their interaction with the rest of nmbd. (This used to be commit 875497d961fb7537ad850c97ba0bf4b1ed2121c3)
      adds  7a804a2   updated the NetBIOS code due to some bugs found by writing the first draft of the low level design docs. (This used to be commit 103012e5f2fac09598d60c4263c3a30992680729)
      adds  601281a   patch to fix NetServerEnum with multiple workgroup lists kindly supplied. it works for him. needs testing. (This used to be commit 546c49080707c0cbaa6bfc928102d52826867592)
      adds  ee1db51   updated low-level design documentation on nmbd. first draft of namework.doc and updated the other two.
      adds  7ca58ce   as a result of the writing of namework.doc, namework.c has been tidied up, some bugs fixed / documented and some discrepancies noted down (in namework.c as well as namework.doc)
      adds  07fcf2d   - moved the protocol defs in the client to keep sill C compilers happy - added change for cnum range in reply_tdis() (This used to be commit 609c3a5e1e3a8d9ba380a802ab3ecf6f47093846)
      adds  a7f497c   fix Makefile - remove Lukes private stuff :-) rerun proto generator (This used to be commit 98568862ca5f9f48b389a42633732de831331189)
      adds  9c77b8a   fixed conflict with global variable updatecount (This used to be commit ba478e94047cc4f92ae35a508c9e62855619e665)
      adds  f64bd08   fixed conflict between two variables called d (This used to be commit 38135c854e6b5d126939e226f815bb1a8d727f69)
      adds  ddbdce7   generated new proto.h (This used to be commit 05107be5660c31a7c07dee467d61c44ffdffaf3e)
      adds  9a08bb0   Started uninstall in Makefile Updated some email addresses (This used to be commit a7be82ee6e56481b907ab3672b214639ec63c9b5)
      adds  7812ff0   modified become_master() to a state-based system. becoming a master is now performed in stages: wait for each NetBIOS name to be successfully registered before proceeding to the next stage.
      adds  94b935c   namebrowse.c was using variable work uninitialised. remkproto'd proto.h
      adds  2285033   Changed install scripts so they don't have hardcoded values
      adds  4d314a9   Added uninstallation from Makefile, either in parts or total uninstall
      adds  b338bce   tidied up: code shuffling and documentation. created namedb*.c nameservresp.c nameservreply.c and namepacket.c added modules to Makefile, downloading dan's current version first :-) shuffled docs to match source created more docs
      adds  3545a9b   added the recently shuffled and updated source files missed in the previous commit (see previous log message for details)
      adds  9fdb312   sorted out various timer delay bugs: nameannounce.c nameserv.c
      adds  9d59ce1   missed nmbd.c in previous update. did a make proto
      adds  e5a0619   updated docs to match code mods from last two or three updates. done some more commenting of code to match docs.
      adds  a174694   Modified demo smb.conf to not have /tmp writeable by everyone by default. According to server-linux some people seem to be uncommenting the example [tmp] without thinking what it does  :-)
      adds  25b30c0   lots of changes to nmbd
      adds  201fefd   removed some debug stuff from luke (This used to be commit 1fd1d7c27c4be1eba0833c787d40f1217e63127d)
      adds  b6037f0   minor cleanups ready for another release (This used to be commit 153d324c7be345ae87f99e62123e9a7dbaf74aee)
      adds  90357bb   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha11 (This used to be commit b9d7b458b901ffb5ccf62c0e5bf461090ed6e0dd)
      adds  bcfba00   NeXT needs #define pid_t int in includes.h
      adds  847fe7e   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha12 (This used to be commit eae670a7ca9e233f778c84323af861a47eec6ad7)
      adds  241dff3   CVS: (This used to be commit 87cf3702c6ea82763d51ab729bf47646e294b1e6)
      adds  413db88   Sorry for last empty message.  Updated file to say that domain logons and scripts are now possible and to see DOMAIN.txt for more info. <pkelly at ets.net> (This used to be commit fd6c3dfffdb204ef75c1f235174da8e65b68f472)
      adds  124beb4   fix up problems with "smbclient -L". It now uses a generic NetServerEnum with no workgroup attached if the workgroup is "WORKGROUP" (the default in the Makefile) and uses the specific NetServerEnum (with workgroup attached) otherwise. (This used to be commit 6fa3468c9ba50a4de39e3bdc1c976f363fb6a412)
      adds  4bfbee6   minor debug output fix (This used to be commit c1415349acd7790eba236f26192a5098b5e26590)
      adds  a1ab08f   added a bunch of comments to Lukes docs. (This used to be commit e6282da558995c7e875b89c43e91d027c45caa40)
      adds  1c2ab21   added lots of comments to the docs that Luke wrote on the internals of nmbd. I haven't been through all of them yet, but I'm getting there :-) (This used to be commit 9e411f2c9044104df60022da316379bd27e98b56)
      adds  234b8c6   removed the remote interfaces stuff. (This used to be commit 51e5a1a546adf6ba36c7e4c3298c651cff7e15b9)
      adds  8d9143c   Some examples for printer accounting that I use with samba.  lp-acct is an example for a local printer off a samba server, hp5-redir is for a remote printer.  acct-sum, does the stats from acct-all.  There is an example printcap entry for the redirection of the printer.  Lots more to come!
      adds  1924f08   the client now loads the smb.conf config file so it can get the interfaces info, and the workgroup right. (This used to be commit fabd4230f17726743a0fde0a37ce3c09a3dec8a3)
      adds  6b680bb   minor cleanups (This used to be commit 7c8fd43b4e78f439406c3bb4478adf99ae17172f)
      adds  a7ed8cd   Lots of updating.
      adds  2b4b7b4   fix a bug that we've had for a long time where we don't handle EOF properly from clients, and end up looping like mad.
      adds  9bf4461   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha13 (This used to be commit 801fe1066e7bae8b49e7396b04efe1d7135bbb05)
      adds  3ffb30e   local_only NetServerEnum syncs can now be issued.
      adds  fa7361b   updated doc files to include a GPL header, with revision history in it. added created and tridge comments on first revision first kick-off in revision history.
      adds  26c4a63   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha15 (This used to be commit 043898aa851bfda3db23f558719a7aab2df478de)
      adds  b1bddd3   Tiny bug in doco reported to samba-bugs
      adds  cfc0d5f   jht spotted error in Domain announcements: the comment was being displayed as the NetBIOS name of the master browser for samba's workgroup, instead of samba's NetBIOS name. (This used to be commit b5fb0293b02e8fdc6ae07be52666ebe55df1bd4e)
      adds  bd7fa65   updating documentation to reflect code a little bit.
      adds  e4e73d7   updated comments in announce_server() to indicate that future work needs to be done on this function when doing an announce host to a remote domain master browser when samba is a WINS server.
      adds  d2e0d9d   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha14 (This used to be commit 32f495cf2261925ca3f0971eca6a6798584af653)
      adds  6d3eb88   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha16 (This used to be commit 6567bac5d13f32729fe51eba1e904268c6ee00be)
      adds  02b98a8   applying login updates from jim at oxfordcc.co.uk, sent in by lewis2 at server.uwindsor.ca. rest of this patch to follow.
      adds  5e94d5a   minor fix to write_data() for EOF handling (This used to be commit 3a7c2d9dfaf01e616adbc896dfc853a45c824170)
      adds  571e265   new docs for japanses extensions from Fujita (This used to be commit f8740429a5d524e672318cf23c18c0dfc0388d4f)
      adds  571fe7f   - added docs on new "printer driver" option
      adds  3963110   - sequent-ptx support from bressler at iftccu.ca.boeing.com (Rick Bressler) - machten support from Trevor Strohman (trev at figment.tenon.com)
      adds  7ef19ee   don't allow newlines in printer status messages (This used to be commit d84f5402fded4ffb9c2735fecaa47ec3d2c636c0)
      adds  4faf376   - add the 0x1c name for all interfaces if we are a logon server (This used to be commit c66ad071b7ff2dcdd7734b72670d181bb3ac6de7)
      adds  5ecbc42   doc updates (This used to be commit 94aa86a1e9aa5f6d6485884270ce62fc007cb812)
      adds  908b383   added the validchars package written by tino at augsburg.net. This package automates the building of a "valid chars =" line for any client DOS based client. This makes setting things up right for european languages much easier. (This used to be commit d0ce245acca9ae5797ef9f5c770d1fcd2d7b3373)
      adds  cd41e66   minor cleanups (This used to be commit f1dc2b93179ace36407bbb25c2c34c78087714bd)
      adds  fcbd379   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha17 (This used to be commit 16f10b333da0956cc501f77777957753d7e156b2)
      adds  d2be32c   disabled SETFS (which was only enabled for Linux) until we resolve a couple of bug reports that may be caused by it.
      adds  6475a91   fixed an obvious bug that meant that DosPrintQEnum could never work. Now we'll see if it works after this fix ... (This used to be commit 9735d7e8e2978ce17a001d7d5766faf382ff5788)
      adds  ebc96b7   changed "unsigned long" to "uint32" in several places (for IP addresses) to keep 64 bit machines happy. (This used to be commit b4aaec504ae66dc6a0f05d12529100cb62d47afd)
      adds  7ea7a33   added notes on the new FAST_SHARE_MODES code (This used to be commit e37a624cf93885a5b0e77d5ab41d4a5a0bffe668)
      adds  47673b3   - added FAST_SHARE_MODES code - added some named pipe code from Jim (This used to be commit c94866e9e44ea1eb72da06bc65ef1c032ae8e0c9)
      adds  e70b5b6   change email address (This used to be commit 28d797ac7dcbdabd382a5455fa1321831098df8c)
      adds  dabaa3b   JHT ==> Added a GOTCHAS.txt file	16/8/96 	Re: RedHat Rembrandt Beta 2 Installation Hint. (This used to be commit 138410633ba7642e7376a5e447a42fe324edaf09)
      adds  0b5a4b5   added Printing.txt and Tracing.txt (This used to be commit 7b925230fc39e3286470e40f5467cbb524f335c3)
      adds  5256666   SVR4 startup scripts from Timo Knuutila (knuutila at cs.utu.fi) (This used to be commit 57417cdaba60d718d5d57d5abe00bbe445769cad)
      adds  8508c95   added support for the Bull Operating System (BOS) (This used to be commit 46277e64a1bcfeff3715ebca3657ef4103ac4664)
      adds  5232f86   - document the "remote announce" option - cleanup nmbd.8 quite a bit (This used to be commit 525235135bdd6461b50ac2723f95f5a38686ecc2)
      adds  b990567   documented the new syntax of lmhosts (This used to be commit b2ca1f0c6148bf5a95bef0e71f32df0de3d6fbc2)
      adds  f63d4c8   - added the "remote announce" option - made the lp_string() code able to handle any length string - got rid of the obsolete lmhosts code, instead users should use "interfaces" and "remote announce". lmhosts now is just used as a IP to netbios name map - cleanup the inet_address() code (This used to be commit be2b67940302b2e63890cb865fe3948c2206ea91)
      adds  5dd45b8   fixed installscripts.sh so it no longer creates ] and [ directories every time its run! (This used to be commit f84199aad60c10a24f66a1270a6f7157600d0fca)
      adds  6afac1c   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha18 (This used to be commit 15c1c848506cdb9e8d19ee9f7c250b90b60b76da)
      adds  28177ca   - added support for Amiga-unix (based on BSD I think)
      adds  19935b7   changed the text a bit in Support.txt so that its clear that these people expect payment for their help.
      adds  82d7183   - started on support for 'Internet Group names' - type 0x1c NetBIOS names
      adds  118c43e   - updated load_netbios_names() to cope with new wins.dat format   it doesn't support loading of Internet Group names yet, but then again,   you can't create Internet Group names yet, so it's not a problem! (This used to be commit 960aad39ac7b9d8c9820fbf7c4cb640ba96a29d6)
      adds  663e659   - removed reference to my_workgroup() accidentally put back in nameserv.c (This used to be commit 8401ec875b5b13c3473921d103037f3294fc917d)
      adds  e351461   added a note about the homes share and WinDD (This used to be commit 0490dedfd8865a39733ad6886b76d5f7768df575)
      adds  efb8113   - made FAST_SHARE_MODES standard for Linux
      adds  1aedda6   - fixed wins.dat reloading (it wasn't happening!)
      adds  db70768   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha19 (This used to be commit 6e87add16f116e55880657c7723442ece35f79da)
      adds  18fab46   i wondered why there was a cvs clash on namedbname.c
      adds  6433c8d   a bunch of man page cleanups from a kind contributor (This used to be commit 6d82a8751221539ab7f56dd6dae862d985a6e0ed)
      adds  0c33046   - added "netbios name" option in smb.conf to make controlling the name that samba uses possible
      adds  e04c085   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha20 (This used to be commit ced17fd3cbea7c6490f0e7b0949cb60acc644ef8)
      adds  241ecbe   fix a bug in the new chaining code (This used to be commit 50ed940451e9d009f19e735074f8fcdb503f5c25)
      adds  cbfdcb4   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha21 (This used to be commit 07be656d3ed46dd4cd9cfaefff90300242984301)
      adds  7f38abf   add a bit more about the "trapdoor uid" messsage (This used to be commit 52af2b38fe91e4a993395bfc20a8ab81e6da04c1)
      adds  748d65a   - fix a bug in NetServerEnum where counted and total were not counted correctly if there were multiple instances of a name. This led to the infamous "not enough memory" error when browsing (but this isn't the only cause of that message)
      adds  dafaf62   - add NMB_REG_REFRESH capability to initiate_netbios_packet(). I think this is why SELF names were getting expired. (This used to be commit 2d0ec53c508aca53a5049c98339a15dff5b8e239)
      adds  1073bd6   - removed ServerComment and instead set the comment string in nmbd using the "server string" option. This replaces the -C option to nmbd (This used to be commit 9e0fab2ee6c89155e6ba6b2401a25de37cb89333)
      adds  39707ed   update "server string" docs (This used to be commit f496a4131ef0e9aacdd675805da93b4eb9542db7)
      adds  9a52c24   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha22 (This used to be commit e1d5205595eec8dcfe2b32e0e31722a902e0ed05)
      adds  c26d87e   give names more time when refreshing (This used to be commit ee7d8f7570ab9154b5f7d39dedf47232062c14d7)
      adds  cb6708c   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha23 (This used to be commit 50eb07559f750c458dcdf04a4068cd19c40a757d)
      adds  a2fa290   - new faxing doc from Gerhard Zuber <zuber at berlin.snafu.de (This used to be commit 48e623e2ea8101009586f09e8ee56d4529dc477f)
      adds  b5a64bb   - new handling of ST_TYPE bits, they are now consolidated much more in DFLT_SERVER_TYPE in nameserv.h
      adds  dd7aec8   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha24 (This used to be commit feca8d27ec8c63d7daa8e7e9cf13594c55086e28)
      adds  da0761a   JHT ==> Upgraded Samba to Windows NT Server version 4.1 	Just to keep ahead of the pack. 	Note: Really only done to differntiate our version ID from 	existing SMB Servers. (This used to be commit 6636c7b5b8e8a4ccf7f39450011ed864049a7cd1)
      adds  ac1f8b1   - remove the date markers from the man pages. I never keep them uptodate anyway :-) (This used to be commit 07b0cf29d345d2f880a45d8bcbfec8355f1f83ef)
      adds  044b403   - bit a bit manipulation bug in find_name_search()
      adds  66a1307   fix compiler warning (This used to be commit 5a6425c3cb6181c202f4575733db1c642eadb4bc)
      adds  4e67124   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha25 (This used to be commit eece931f6753b1a6506c67657c3c24459c7cab1e)
      adds  a782ffb   handle sigpipe better for server security (This used to be commit d87fdb3ee95b6640d5deef823f22e8d98350ca33)
      adds  5d39d23   update the docs ready for a new release (This used to be commit 1c62aa14cc5e43d47c9932d5c965ba834729e2f9)
      adds  3d088fd   - fix a bug handling readraw packets that caused the timeout to be 30 milliseconds instead of 30 seconds as was intended. Thanks to Paul Nelson for finding this bug. (This used to be commit 78f62c83be5df6b66aa0b5e83b2d290f97ce53c2)
      adds  27b2510   preparing for release of 1.9.16alpha26 (This used to be commit 03aaf9a705d190ac040aca82ffcd37d58b9b5bc3)
      adds  b189955   Updated Aquasoft Entry. (This used to be commit 461cbecdc9395bfa7051d7d78734348cc711a6d5)
      adds  a9d440b   Added descriptions of Windows NT Domain Control. JHT (This used to be commit c73965a1b8558211a58ee36768fca2c3579bed38)
      adds  59a43c4   Updated attribution list. JHT (This used to be commit 751596cc21e56db5962a8cac7dfbd8c229cd3d8a)
      adds  cebbbff   minor fixes to docs (This used to be commit ef3f5e57ae5091a66e73cfad2d0da2684cfac3db)
      adds  9155889   - add timeouts to connect() for password server connections. This makes multiple password servers practical. (This used to be commit 5c3e8326cc45d3cbd076475e445ce461a2bf7560)
      adds  135d4f5   preparing for release of 1.9.16 (This used to be commit 7e26006cc38594373d6baee41d3e20c30babe9c0)
      adds  86c72d5   minor doc fix (This used to be commit 0e37688745f00787fab0c10e257d0526395456a2)
      adds  69a458b   - fix client for pathworks 4 access - fix "connection already connected" bug in open_socket_out() (This used to be commit fcce452557a6f5cfc46972617ed6932bb7fbeb95)
      adds  ea1a09a   preparing for release of 1.9.16p1 (This used to be commit 6df471f6636694bcd741b61df8615858c5445f81)
      adds  5945be9   - fixed bugs in nmb response packet checking.
      adds  1c1d83d   Doc updates
      adds  8c41ad5   fixed dircahe bug (This used to be commit 050f941e21aeb57ab47ac9d29fb4acfceab45087)
      adds  9ad5a3f   removed all of lukes recent changes. I need to do a p2 release but can't test the multi group changes.
      adds  908771b   added debug info (This used to be commit 4a988021a2aceaa5fc0d4e5ba2802392a7141ad8)
      adds  83cc885   Updated to add the Windows NT password mechanism explaination. Jeremy (jra at cygnus.com) (This used to be commit fd428da77059ba722d29a07aec4a9b2aacff33a9)
      adds  a787988   Edited doc directory to remove anything that pointed to Karl Auer, since he is still getting lots of email. Also updated some of the PROJECTS file. Luke, you should do a quick paragraph or two there. (This used to be commit 5a50e3416940d93e3da981ac75c1feed89231847)
      adds  0a9cb73   Tyop.
      adds  70c07c2   Dan (This used to be commit 203f49a4e2b868c4afb7dbd96a83598d2f6d480d)
      adds  11d9539   - accept either NT or lanman passwords in tconX (This used to be commit b6c1c60d72e1625ca172b8f8eb07078413611468)
      adds  5a2f52b   - a huge pile of changes from Luke which implement the browse.conf stuff and also fix a pile of nmbd bugs. Unfortunately I found it very hard to disentangle the new features from the bug fixes so I am putting in the new code. I hope this is the last big pile of changes to the 1.9.16 series! (This used to be commit 20b6203dac4bbb43e4e7bea0b214496d76d679d9)
      adds  afd0846   backout all the changes to nmbd.
      adds  986edc0   - fix the EALREADY bug so connections to slow hosts with smbclient get through
      adds  f60dec7   Added a version of tridge's comments on numbering to the faq.
      adds  e23f2b9   - changed the umask handling. We now set the umask to 0 and explicitly set the mode on all created files. I think this is a better policy.
      adds  32e9d44   - added a new support entry - added THANKS entry for NEC (This used to be commit dff891e69d1fd0175f806e00d10ddbcbb9fc7b0b)
      adds  38087cc   - use workgroup from smb.conf in smbclient
      adds  c33d98d   - added docs on the new "fake oplocks" option. (This used to be commit 1303132113b24a3e84dd76efe1c664e0dffe5013)
      adds  e5893bd   I have fixed quite a few important bugs in this commit.
      adds  f615329   - added a mirror entry and added a new Support.txt entry (This used to be commit 975ddfd3099b9625d674ee862d4174d03ba7386e)
      adds  f3c7993   - replace the base36 function with one that works on more systems (compiler bugs were the problem)
      adds  f6c9fed   - use waitpid for ultrix - don't use wait4 (This used to be commit 2aa612d676e634a892fdc50349f5b72732f0e91f)
      adds  e8b17de   add DEBUGLEVEL to replace.c (This used to be commit b215a902062e82d0e05f48c3a7246514143af94d)
      adds  799172e   preparing for release of 1.9.16p3 (This used to be commit 47212791c2e71ddd57018a4bc01c2c8931d32cd8)
      adds  21cdd72   - added an entry to the MIRRORS list - minor fixes in man page (This used to be commit 733c7186576c752edb07e9768f7902edc1cc5a42)
      adds  8781e4d   - changed the default nmbd loop timout to 10 seconds (2 seconds was much too short)
      adds  dfa2b45   - continue when failing to load config file in nmblookup and smbclient
      adds  426d930   preparing for release of 1.9.16p4 (This used to be commit 13c3a05093ab49908f8357017051d680dbc633eb)
      adds  ec85f2e   - revert to old idle dir code (marty pointed out a problem with the new code)
      adds  2bb84ba   preparing for release of 1.9.16p5 (This used to be commit 952918bdd5fa05453dfa78f911c8d00110ab98cd)
      adds  681ce32   - updated the ENCRYPTION.txt stuff to point to the newer des libraries.
      adds  6dc1fe0   - correctly handle non-encrypted share mode session-setup. We were losing the username due to the recent "handle broken password lengths" patch. (This used to be commit b006cd6f911c045488bcdab260b03fd98cb08145)
      adds  0b031a3   preparing for release of 1.9.16p6 (This used to be commit fca0c5dc8e65e2f64a4b93a231603c4e2d091b2c)
      adds  c71c1ff   - set default printer driver string to "NULL"
      adds  eff62fd   netbios registration and release response packets were being junked. a BAD idea.
      adds  280525d   preparing for release of 1.9.16p7 (This used to be commit 998f8bae7234b39fa9aefcaa09795183911ec866)
      adds  fb42118   the response packets are being received (fix to process_nmb() worked) however dead_netbios_entry() is still thinking that no response has been received when the response_record times out for the registration with the WINS server. only print a debug message when no registration response is _really_ received from the WINS server.
      adds  b0cd2aa   Did some editing, got frustrated, started converting to linuxdoc-sgml (This used to be commit c9066072a64879a7f9f0581d9ce918e864c79fa2)
      adds  44df12f   code was added to stop samba from replying to queries for its own names (?! :-) lkcl (This used to be commit 92a3d0f3e18f7e50ea24053a989fd0096264c816)
      adds  4ec574a   wrong answer response resource record type expected, so the response packet was being abandoned. oops.
      adds  7ccb388   preparing for release of 1.9.16p8 (This used to be commit 09588edfec5ea29728a0166aaa109562cf3f1eca)
      adds  dc0d4d2   Jeremy <jra at cygnus.com> Removed AS_USER requirement for SMBulogoff. A valid TID (cnum) is not given for this call, which become_user needs if it is not to return an error. This fixes a specific case with NT4.0 which stops users attaching to a Samba server using a different account to the one they are logged in under. (This used to be commit c65a2cdd830bcda396ad6a0bd51a9b80c9d26a67)
      adds  99ad450   - fixed listproc mail address in faq - added printer driver section to faq (This used to be commit b8c397df87401d53315d472917802e47a9b11bef)
      adds  08d00eb   - added support for TMPDIR env variable - fixed fault.c for linux 2.1 - put back in the FIND_SELF failing code - cleaned up casts in encryption (This used to be commit 3af04f1580b2569c0a4f2549bf6352c7a25afa0d)
      adds  8a7c1bd   preparing for release of 1.9.16p9 (This used to be commit 526e597d3c7c3b05bb7a8584457ee0731c494ed8)
      adds  e010ad0   dealing with name queries and dns lookups etc. lkcl (This used to be commit 98cb371244fcb048ad13514140a4ea7243b2b039)
      adds  3340bdc   Added faq directory under docs. Translated the whole of the current FAQ into linuxdoc-sgml format. From now on we can change the file sambafaq.sgml and then run sgml2txt and sgml2html to generate the other files. (Home page for linuxdoc-sgml is http://sunsite.unc.edu/mdw/Linuxdoc-SGML.html. Does cross references and section management.) (This used to be commit 2fedc53b4ea38e482fea7e3296637d6e44e031b7)
      adds  186c119   debugged dns lookup / netbios name query code from yesterday. lkcl (This used to be commit 7c2f1da3773bac59ba0aeea7c0cac1134a74381c)
      adds  57d8802   debugging the dns lookup changes lkcl (This used to be commit 3f63dd6771ee1c4cd30049478ea053caefdc262f)
      adds  9bc6d7f   Changed definitions of prototypes to take uint16 vuid's not int uid's. Part of the change for Samba to return an index+offset into the registered users table rather than a raw unix uid. Added casts to required prototypes for function pointers in tables. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit ec2a3a1cf2220f6aace004d1808352f8e62a5616)
      adds  8c5c55f   Core of the changes for returning smb_uid's. smb_uid's are now returned as an index plus offset into the valudated_users table. The offset (100) is added so that an smb_uid of zero becomes an invalid value. All access into the validated_users table are done by removing the offset and indexing into the table. Out of ranges return NULL. Causes accesses into the validated_users table to be more consistant and controlled.
      adds  9467fec   Changed prototypes for accesses into validated_users structure. Ensured all smb_uid accesses are uint16's. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit b5e2d87179d0cd347da6feedb9ed9f3605f5a6c3)
      adds  2afda91   Modified all references to uid to vuid. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit a2b07e5562dda87b42d9447c0b29a7815bd3178d)
      adds  ddc18f4   Modified all references to smb_uid to be vuid's. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 5056672a3ad579fa900411534d7548a6fabc729f)
      adds  134c804   Added definitions for vuid offset and invalid user smb_uid. Added vuid to connections struct. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 555f6cda319559ebcb0b566f7f4042cf6a734e01)
      adds  697e463   Changed become_user to take a vuid as second arg. Consistent with other changes to make smb_uid an index+offset into the validated_users table. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 89675f8ae8f136fb587690b137f4413607d30c14)
      adds  f14a7c5   severe debugging session for nmbd. in fact, i'm surprised that browsing in 1.9.16 works at all!
      adds  5d55d4c   removed getdomainname() stuff and appending a '.' to the name in dns_name_search().
      adds  351b375   allowed packets coming in from 'unexpected' subnets.
      adds  c97bb2f   nmblookup was looking for 0x1b (domain master browser) not 0x1d (local master browser) names with the -M switch.
      adds  bc25ddf   queries for 0x1b names were resulting in dns lookups. not good.
      adds  724a529   increased debug levels for name dump to same as that for workgroup dump in log files. really verbose listings ought only to be shown at debug log level 5 and above.
      adds  7da995a   Set num_validated_users to zero if Realloc fails. (This used to be commit 57121e609e927d16389793c7969f5fb944c7669d)
      adds  1f076e2   updated tectronic's entry to include the new contact name, and info about them setting up the uk samba user group. contact: sam at tectronic.demon.co.uk
      adds  b02557f   Added Volkers fix for bundary condition. Needed as word alignment wasn't being taken into account in space calculations. (This used to be commit 2fd77d66c0e93b381466e40bd34680468ac8ec77)
      adds  b719173   Added in veto files parameter create by Whistle. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit d5659df9c23822766501397b8fbbffbce6842ea7)
      adds  0f22ee6   Added in changes for FreeBsd. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 074d28fcb61045891191b007b19a099301a94d16)
      adds  5b6f1e3   Added in veto files parameter created by Whistle. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 09aa77766c01fc172260cca217583331f93dc2db)
      adds  75e3bbc   Moved fcntl locking code into util.c to allow it to be called from nmbd code. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit d718f4fd30423fea957b14e141289739506656cb)
      adds  c95ed5b   Added in missing return statement. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 61dc3087a0fbe92d703d46722338aa9e06b56ed0)
      adds  6123627   Added -f option for lock file. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 0c8df4cef915ff1bead02e5dad8d761a614dfb62)
      adds  3eb2945   Added veto calls. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 8167becd333dc0fd4327e4c3f29e4d4fd1302bdb)
      adds  53a9501   Fixed quota support for FreeBsd. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit d1009c53517c3cfc536cb6436a702441c27be448)
      adds  d68e27a   Added -f lockfile support. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 84024a3df37df48865d6a53fbba0716d62819743)
      adds  9db489e   Fixed for FreeBsd. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 979acbc1096dda3f36f95eaed88de94931cfb164)
      adds  9654c57   Added Whistle veto file functions. Moved fcntl locking from locking.c to util.c jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit f2d481a2d3a9adca7c94427f291a379958c3c0da)
      adds  cd0c534   updated an entry for canberra.
      adds  13d32f3   added Adital corp to Support.txt
      adds  d613892   JHT ==> Added extensions for PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) support 	for Linux and other little beasties that use PAM. 	Source: ftp.redhat.com/pub/Incoming/samba-1.9.16p9.src.rpm 	Originally from RedHat modifications to samba-1.9.15p8 (This used to be commit 79145bad569c71a7485b40a74e91eb93b52d6392)
      adds  4bf19ab   JHT =>	Modified for RedHat Linux for DEC Alpha platform includes. (This used to be commit 40fa8d4be629ccffa93ba7d969f2684907a058fa)
      adds  ec696ac   spec files needed for redhat rpm building (This used to be commit 3ad345fa605c2b7d346cc3fab37175fb69eff846)
      adds  6847604   JHT ==>	Added just for RedHat support so I have a working copy of the RPM 	aware makefile to generate the RPM source and binary distributions. (This used to be commit d30c208c113143ad03810140823116f391c45f1f)
      adds  68f96d4   Added new entry. (This used to be commit e8a03c9ac2c9a2aaecfd6a485a9debaaa85abfb5)
      adds  f743ffb   Added patches from Paul Eggert. (This used to be commit 89526ed50cf6236211723170403899f0efd2d7ae)
      adds  5272019   JHT ==> Fixed typo in DOMAIN_CONTROL.txt, added Application_Serving.txt 	to help those wishing to run MS Office Application Servers. (This used to be commit 3ecc94a7a3daeb6cc0cf4df83c6179f09670b663)
      adds  8212827   JHT ==> Updated files in preparation for release of Samba-1.9.16p10 (This used to be commit 07d8294d93592e196b2b8e80e4ab7712b1e42f13)
      adds  43d414b   JHT ==> Ditto (This used to be commit a5b75840f2df6947fd7af2001b8a59c627327da5)
      adds  8bc7d6b   Makefile: Changes to split Solaris into Solaris2.3 and previous, and 2.4 and after from Paul Eggert. Makefile: Added AMIGA changes from Rask Ingemann Lambertsen <rask at k4315.kampsax.dtu.dk>. charset.c: Patch for Western European Languages from Josef Hinteregger <joehtg at joehtg.co.at> charset.h: Patch for Western European Languages from Josef Hinteregger <joehtg at joehtg.co.at> clitar.c: Patch to re-sync after read fail from (lost contributor name, sorry). includes.h: Pat [...]
      adds  4f78f67   JHT ==> Added for those who like to roll their own! (This used to be commit e63a9d60722a3f9d8d021c4786d1f550e26939d5)
      adds  586c627   Added an extra parameter for unix_convert. If present this is the last component of the modified pathname before modification. This is needed due to an exceptional condition in reply_mv when the filesystem is case preserving, but not case sensitive and the user wants to change the case of a filename. Code for this is also added to reply.c Jeremy (jra at cygnus.com). (This used to be commit cdafa35f9dba6eb0073700e3a214348c432a3e84)
      adds  869f24e   locking.c proto.h shmem.c smb.h status.c : Changed shm_ prefixes to smb_shm_ prefixes as shm_ is a POSIX.4 prefix. Updated fd code in FAST_SHARE_MODE code to work with new fd indirection. quotas.c: Fixed #ifdef not on position zero. Jeremy. (jra at cygnus.com). (This used to be commit c9a9d56642cc34369a42f48a28116e466240d303)
      adds  691632e   Added fix for file descriptor re-use failing when file_exists is false. Jeremy (jra at cygnus.com). (This used to be commit b587f18247537577764a1e28169bf6307ff292e9)
      adds  e6e7c9e   JHT ==> Updated and commented RedHat Linux smb.conf file. (This used to be commit 4430af3550a12f03bb9c953b32154924f88b0b06)
      adds  9e83cac   Fixed proto problem with lp_veto_files(). Jeremy (This used to be commit c43d192a361000f306622a28584cc87490070d48)
      adds  e7a1027   Fixed issue with null ypdomainname being used. Jermy. (This used to be commit 25175ce3113acad7fafb76e92f2f343d18ef4aea)
      adds  660473d   JHT ===> Prepared now for release of Samba-1.9.16p10 RedHat RPMS (This used to be commit beafb1ab79bcd1d7b0dd08e0c079bcc42c8297cf)
      adds  c918053   JHT ===> Prepared now for release of samba-1.9.16p10 RedHat RPMS (This used to be commit e6fa5669e99806f2b361f9f529ac6f08e51cac5d)
      adds  5ab7c2e   JHT ===> Guys, please check this out before release of 1.9.16p10 	I added it to answer the one-two-many time this matter has been 	raised to me. If you are not comfortable with the added info 	please zap it from the final release. (This used to be commit 8d6d31c002f67b6378fe060c9af9cecce51d4883)
      adds  2831c62   line 1960 - call to atexit - address of higher order function killkids not needed (address already specified).
      adds  98bf10b   util.c: StrCaseCmp and StrnCaseCmp terminated incorrectly, giving false answers when a string was partially identical.  this issue is still outstanding, and needs to be investigated further.
      adds  30ae26b   Fixed bug with NT and large directories. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit f0aa5e3ff05053224cffc8243237e7675e8b413b)
      adds  ab1b185   Fixed const definitions for StrCaseXXX calls. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit cbb59639659476054571d4bd18b5df55b0e11a2e)
      adds  f24c04f   Fixed up problems with CDROM filesystems (return EROFS) and also compile issue with USE_MMAP code. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 8e9fe58991c32817142aa2a6caec1df0c4fa4b08)
      adds  1fe69a7   Fixed my stupid typo in earlier fix. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit e9a8ccb36bc94e161fdf85c1de8310937710c92f)
      adds  cc55a88   JHT ===> Fixed potential PAM Security hole and second chance syndrome 	spurious warning message "Warning - no crypt available" (This used to be commit dc559428b85474ff4d80f37f421365a3910a8861)
      adds  2253eba   JHT ===> Beggining of fixes to RedHat config stuff - more to come!! (This used to be commit e7be06e6f0f19d018307e10aa866c1f62a671197)
      adds  5c63dbb   JHT ===> **** WARNING **** Only updated version to 1.9.16p11 	so I can test RedHat RPM builds. (This used to be commit fa1dff05d4a01be84638b4427ddc0e26b9c6166d)
      adds  ac96127   JHT ===> Getting ready for relase of 1.9.16p11 RedHat RPMS (This used to be commit a64064cf3086ff5cfba66145539abfaa36c9e323)
      adds  acb5097   JHT ===> Oops. Forgot about that renaming. (This used to be commit e857331c19fd29d332d56ac64efce5f285dc850e)
      adds  764d7b7   JHT ===> Oops again. Too quick - try again. (This used to be commit 7a6800cf9053dda2c7b0f1fe97f9ce996d4c16d9)
      adds  a513915   JHT ===> Added os level and activated max log size in standard smb.conf file. (This used to be commit fa7806124563638673f54c27f375a3732c4efc47)
      adds  087c162   Fixed incorrect offset into array. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 7c386c45b069462760b4a9c755959b67d5874cc1)
      adds  3e3fdde   updated preferred master parameter and added domain master parameter. entries kindly written by John Barker (johnb at tigerlabs.com).
      adds  2c57540   updated this document.  now, when we get browsing questions, we can say, 'ha!  RTSBSFSSM'!
      adds  e3aff24   first draft of NetBIOS.txt - WINS server and Broadcast NetBIOS name resolution / registration: what they are etc.
      adds  8839603   JHT ===> William Yost patches integrated to fix leading path on 8.3 	filename problem. 	Problem conditions: 		case sensitive = no 		default case = lower 		mangle case = yes 		preserve case = yes 		short preserve case = yes 	Problem: Win95 still writes upper case file names. 	Patches supplied have been incorporated into mangle.c and server.c 	but needs YOSTW to be defined for it to take effect.
      adds  c6311f4   Removed YOST code. Removal of leading ./ chars should be done in unix_clean_name in util.c jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit f9f1085c7db673f602f9de07670a9bbf3205410f)
      adds  25ca2fd   Added trim_string(s, "./", 0) to unix_clean_name to remove leading ./ characters. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 617370314ef0d19002243105f5c8a549e3397152)
      adds  8bd0dbb   Replaced YOST code with more functionally equivalent code that changes a bit less. Also added fix to tricky reply_mv case. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit f22ac13b1423186d463c9fc5b3588a3dcbd7bc1c)
      adds  2cf1902   JHT ===> Updated RedHat RPM Makefile - not really used except to generate 	the RedHat Makefile diffs. (This used to be commit a8b58121074bcc2ecce4a45a4346a6d13704b21c)
      adds  d557ec0   Fixed bugs in my YOST replacement code. Doing a trim_string in unix_clean_name caused directory names to go from ./ to "". This is now checked for, unix_clean name returns ./ in these cases. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 64a16d9c2aae0405437f28dbb00e68080c09a7a1)
      adds  cbc6c3f   Fixed inclusion of crypt.h bug when libdes is being used on Solaris only. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit c189ef38455653334b8414f30d0aeaa3ecefa202)
      adds  902a9a8   JHT ===> Trying to enable RPM build from non-root area. 	makerpms.sh is just type and go attempt. (This used to be commit 19edc76b97c77fb885f145b721c0fa1c75d4fd1c)
      adds  bbc3010   JHT ===> Hack, Hack, Hack. I just wanna get this spec file stuff right 	so I can build RPMs on a DEC Alpha on which I do NOT have root 	permissions. Argh!!!!! (This used to be commit 5f3a5d6f626326ad18c46efe2ce5448844f0ade2)
      adds  12b3473   JHT ===> Still mucking around with RPM building for RedHat Linux (This used to be commit 77568d945dba58f9611967ee06eef8efe79f7454)
      adds  e9a4f89   Fixed problem with renaming folder on top level share. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 7ba1cff9341b4094fddf1e2e529b1e5b79aea675)
      adds  f1a494b   JHT ===> Updated SV_TYPE defines in smb.h (added WIN95 entry) 	nameserv.h returned to original state. (This used to be commit e313de4619dcfde53db49ca4f7d6f78603504040)
      adds  f71717e   JHT ===> Updated default RedHat smb.conf file (This used to be commit 8851556da7b8795b69fa17cfd799ed328743e654)
      adds  df42b0a   Makefile: Added cleandir target. chgpasswd.c: Added patch from Roland Haag <haag at think.de> to allow              password changes to be done more than once. loadparm.c: Added entries for the "directory mode/directory mask parameters".             Changed default file mode to 644. proto.h: Added sys_gethostbyname. server.c: Added directory mode changes. system.c: Added sys_gethostbyname. trans2.c: Added NT_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL patch from Roger Orr           <rorr at csf [...]
      adds  3fa4f24   Added documentation for directory mode/directory mask parameter. jra at cyngus.com (This used to be commit 41a3919ac4d22923040bf5f30b3ba0a18b853116)
      adds  0fb4335   JHT ===> Set to 1.9.16p12alpha until someone thinks it's Beta prime time. 	To be set to 1.9.16p12 just before release. (This used to be commit 09d81adb9ef365003b1d9a8b5629a2a83fc27665)
      adds  da0a56a   Split maxxmit parameter into two : max_send (auto configured by the connecting client, as per CIFS4) and max_recv, which can be configured as the old maxxmit was. Fixes problems with NT directory listings when maxxmit is set very small. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit c2d5d1040a933987a0c39545bb5bf8e2fc400a87)
      adds  33548ec   added debug_nmb_packet() call.
      adds  5b0639a   added reference on CONFIG.POL being loaded from the root of the [netlogon] share, because i've been trawling through NT server help files again.
      adds  be687aa   added warning to admin people about [nelogon] share must be read-only, so people don't create their own batch files to stuff other users.
      adds  bd87bd4   added logon script and logon path parameters.
      adds  5d6fbd1   Fixed typos. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 29604e0ebfe0de97e669452ad1a8bf948a64777c)
      adds  3e88439   Added fix (lost contributor, sorry) for more than 10 parameters. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 79f0c550d2cbaf9ed815f4bf923f054063388a9c)
      adds  89f6150   Fix fro signed/unsigned problem with TIME_T_MIN from Anatoly V. Grabar <agra at sice.ru> jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit ed7e3a9347c93cf5736132f93d43472a3809c80e)
      adds  3e2f9c3   quotas.c: Fixed typo in #ifdef'ed compile. ufc.c: Added pre-declaration of _ufc_doit(). jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 7c690e020ffae9a56c678ae46ae87283a1aa92fe)
      adds  ab0bdc6   Added better debug for what kind of netbios packet we got. jra at cygnus.com (This used to be commit 4563d978feaed37aab78e62461026a79dbc50249)
      adds  3046a0d   preferred master option will force an election every 5 minutes if the server isn't a preferred master, and DEBUG(0,(...)) this.
      adds  b581d03   1) updated ipc.c NetUserGetInfo - load \\%L\%U instead of \\%L\HOMES    because the share must be browseable by a w95 client
      adds  510180f   updating documentation on:
      adds  9c209ab   added reference to thursby under section 3.1
      adds  35de5ef   missed some bits.  added some more on profiles - e.g windows 95 description of what needs to be done.
      adds  5f178fc   added code that checks whether the DOMAIN<1b> name is claimed on the local subnet _before_ going and registering it.  the reason for this is that i don't want to cause chaos by registering the name twice.
      adds  68068db   added jeremy's patch to return Node Status info type in a Node Status response, instead of always Name Query.
      adds  df4e27d   updated the entry on the MAC, because thursby do DAVE.
      adds  aaba471   JHT ===> Moved MAJOR_VERSION and MINOR_VERSION defines to smb.h 	Made version info consistent in ipc.c and nameannounce.c 	Added define for BROWSER_ELECTION_VALUE and BROWSER_CONSTANT 	(see do_announce_host() in nameannounce.c).
      adds  9f1d339   JHT ===> Blasted typos. BROWSER_ELECT_VERSION in smb.h should have been 	BROWSER_ELECTION_VERSION. (This used to be commit 377bfdecfcf618322004bfdcbdf9e520c0ebe8b5)
      adds  e1eb836   bug: when checking whether there is a PDC already on the current local subnet, on finding that there was no response, the (broadcast) ip address queried was accidentally being compared to the (unicast) interface ip address.  this would stop non-WINS-client nmbds from ever becoming a PDC.
      adds  a2bb924   become_domain_master(), become_local_master() and become_logon_server() weren't being called properly from name_register_work().
      adds  c0a0de6   compile errors. oops.
      adds  83329ef   finally!  doing a strequal() == 0 instead of just strequal().  too used to strcmp.  oops.
      adds  64218f9   Removed 'Richard Bullington' from support doc at his request... he loves the product, but can't afford the time. Paul. (This used to be commit c20096194383fa787c60410af3c7c3a16d25297d)
      adds  fd09f50   Removed old info on Mac support and Samba, left lukes addition, added more info on Netatalk and CAP
      adds  02e610b   name_type for name_query with smbclient -M name should be used.  that way, you get messages to the proper location.
      adds  20b5dea   Large changes from jra at cygnus.com. Mainly browser updates.
      adds  c1da1bf   jra at cygnus.com: Changed CHECK_TIME_MST_ANNOUNCE back to 15 from 1 (from test). (This used to be commit 0294ab7cbb2d3fa45c413d7caac86020f9806026)
      adds  6e44430   removed reference to subnet_record and work_record, as neither are needed.
      adds  da7b171   two bugs jeremy and i found while at sgi. find_workgroupstruct call in nameannounce.c should have False not True check_master_browser should _only_ force an election for its own workgroup, not other workgroups!
      adds  841f3e9   expiry of browser entries wasn't happening once the entry had synced.
      adds  999357a   name_unregister_work() using strequal incorrectly.
      adds  121c81e   added automount home directory support.  contributed by simeon at bangor.co.uk and a mini bug-fix by rob.nacarrato at sheridanc.on.ca
      adds  b9002b2   added auto.home parameters - contributed by simeon at bangor.ac.uk.
      adds  3377ecb   mod to directory mask doc
      adds  0f1f0ce   'The mother of all checkins' :-). Jeremy Allison (jallison at whistle.com) Wed May  7 1997: Update for 1.9.17alpha1 release - 'browsefix release' designed to make browsing across subnets work.
      adds  2e3dda7   Fixes for manpage from Bill Hawes <whawes at star.net>. (This used to be commit d4b64f5d5061908e640e177e192962b48a1b3543)
      adds  b54b581   Documented -b for brief option. (This used to be commit 5aa4f8147745872098cc0b4a6c88b2da50fcab4c)
      adds  441855f   status.c: Added brief option. Patch from ccctim at mailbox.ucdavis.edu client.c: Added translation of '/' characters to '\' characters. Suggested by friedl at mtndew.com (Stephen J. Friedl) charcn.c: Fix for iso8859-2 (Eastern European) conversions based on a patch from Miroslaw M. Maczka <elvisbze at polbox.com> (This used to be commit 27708a73cef690ea8aea0f3d82619eaed1fe476d)
      adds  ad30487   Updated Samba minor version so it announces itself as NT Server version 4.20. This indicates that the browsing code has been updated (changed). (This used to be commit 7d106024f172c8e6ffd3f355aceb0d867d74b3f8)
      adds  b24c38d   Getting ready for release of RedHat Linux RPM build for 1.9.17 (This used to be commit 15ec54b6c6ba3ba19117fb7ae5aaafa4345f0236)
      adds  3916ecb   New RedHat Linux RPM specification file for 1.9.17 (This used to be commit 29d82ffb07fc17595a8c72d4d4c6c05366645970)
      adds  b5bad6e   JHT sez ... Please pardon my dust, road works in progress! (This used to be commit 42c0420699b7451eb39498cb9be90baca8982cf2)
      adds  e896730   use NULL instead of 0
      adds  5495a34   namedbname.c: Fixed *nasty* bug that caused nmbd to spin and eat memory               and CPU whilst trying to become a master browser. Don't ask,               you don't want to know :-). nameresp.c: Tidied formating of code. nameservresp.c: Added debug value of IP address that is rejecting our                 registration. jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit c0bae276a99211c0c7149a5e4e801706870074fd)
      adds  aa86441   dir.c:	Fixed double slash issue. includes.h: Changed to ifdef FAST_SHARE_MODES. ipc.c:  Changed lp_workgroup() to myworkgroup. loadparm.c:  Added new shared mem parameters. Added Luke's fix. locking.c: Rewrite to do share modes better (both fast and slow modes). nameannounce.c:  Changed lp_workgroup() to myworkgroup. Added Luke's fix. nameconf.c:  Changed lp_workgroup() to myworkgroup. namedbname.c:  Improved debug. namedbserver.c:  Changed lp_workgroup() to myworkgr [...]
      adds  3576734   Updated for 1.9.17alpha1. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b1886349f7184500c9d540852abfcb790f9f38b4)
      adds  71e5f97   Added fix from Paul Nelson @ Thursby - smb_mid field could be corrupted if security = server. jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit 52da1897ce4428f5e2a6c0306aecb8109b43ebd8)
      adds  79fcd3d   Updated docs for 'local master' parameter. jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit 428ed15462e586295a767ceee5d1aebaa94ca3cb)
      adds  bd0d54c   Added code to make nmbd always lose elections if 'local master' parameter is set to False. jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit 1bcf6791c79b846e3702bd2f91322b7666a8f323)
      adds  2225f7c   Makefile: Turned on FAST_SHARE_MODES by default for a bunch of machines. nameelect.c: Fixed bug where we were always using our workgroup name instead              of the current one. jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit 42407a11ff876d7e1230fdce0efe26a10385e74f)
      adds  2861fea   Updated for new 1.9.17alpha1 release. (This used to be commit 564713baa2c16b25209f7d608a57ded2eab512fc)
      adds  73cf65b   samba.faq: Updated with info on 'Dave'. smb.conf.5: Removed reference to 'domain controller' being the browse             list collator to match the change I just added to             nameannounce.c. jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit 22243ffaa4f5400936f5cb5159b73abc559d9515)
      adds  109137d   Removed use of 'domain controller' parameter for browsing system as Luke recommends. jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit bad6ec12725d127482a3f5b3e9a9b624d47aeecf)
      adds  49f6320   README: Updated for 1.9.17. Andrew no longer listed as primary maintainer. WHATSNEW.txt: New file - the idea is that it is updated for new releases and acts as a first point for users who want to see if they should upgrade. jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit 9773d1df2db6131990bbcc678b1bb63bfcb2d02b)
      adds  5eb73ee   coding standards issue: should never compare a boolean expression == False or == True.  should always do if (boolean_expression).
      adds  36693ec   added veto files entry.  example lists files that DAVE (mac client) shouldn't show up.  not tested, but hey, what are alphas for? :-)
      adds  ccf4314   loadparm.c:	Ensure printer services cannot be read only and don't use share mode locking. locking.c:	Changed aborts to returns so not so drastic on PANIC errors. proto.h:	Removed definition of open_file as this is now never externally called. reply.c:	Changed reply_mknew, reply_ctemp, reply_printopen to go through open_file_shared. server.c:	Modified open_file_shared to be more robust and be useful for printer & temp files. 		Removed truncate option from open_file (n [...]
      adds  f172692   Added Bruce Cook - Synonet Corporation. and Volkers company. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4311ee0b2da2dabe3ce6e26c873c4df33c7a0680)
      adds  3ab97eb   charcnv.c:	Fixed silly bugs detected on IRIX. client.c:	Fixed silly bugs detected on IRIX. namedbname.c:	Stopped 1d names from being registered in WINS db. namedbsubnet.c:	Only register 1e names on broadcast subnet. nameelect.c:	Changed add_my_name entries. Forced host announces if we                 have less than 10 servers listed. Fixed registering 1b                 domain name issues. namepacket.c:	Added error message when dgram discarded. nameserv.c:	Added noti [...]
      adds  5c4776f   namedbname.c:	Added 'S' or 'R' flags to wins.dat to aid debugging. Forced all type 1e                 names to be added as namedbsubnet.c:	Fixed bug I intruduced - register 1e name on WINS subnet also.                 (thanks to Luke for pointing this one out). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit fbeaf146c0903f0939d1128af01cff8ea18a2546)
      adds  d98bea9   namepacket.c:		Block SIGTERM correctly - we can only take them at defined points. nameserv.c:		Fixup name release code - used when we are going down. nameservreply.c:	Relaxed check for deleting name - original code never deleted. nmbd.c:			Block SIGTERM signals most of the time - see comment on namepacket above. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 9f4e01224751134c2f7701e2aea87d06a79d77a4)
      adds  be810df   Updated changes made in text faq to sgml faq, more to come. Paul. (This used to be commit c601f86706e31c0cd331f2658cfcbf286f365582)
      adds  9b11bb2   Updated sgml and html FAQ. Paul. (This used to be commit be5c7253dab694bc98f3906e37b6ca29ae8e8cf2)
      adds  522fc5b   Updated txt faq.  Paul HMM. emacs... how do i quit... it's very dark in here ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CVS: CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (This used to be commit 7bf9582a288d670de3bba57eefe9419e44dd1e9c)
      adds  7be4b90   Updated txt faq again. Paul. (This used to be commit 1ef063375f2bb7c9332ad50c7f85bc153b138135)
      adds  094f7ce   nameannounce.c:		Made sure recurse flag set correctly. namedbname.c:		Made sure wins.dat updated when list changes. 			Changed to returning when 1e name 			queried. namepacket.c:		Made sure recurse flags set correctly. nameserv.c:		Made sure recurse flags set correctly. nameservreply.c:	Made send_name_response() static, Made sure recurse flags set correctly. 			Changed to returning when 1e name                         queried. proto.h: [...]
      adds  9276c29   namedbname.c:	Fixed problem with remove_name code that could cause core dump. Jeremy jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit 65f82fb153ef8b007d3f800a6e398545907ae95c)
      adds  3f067df   includes.h:	Added USE_SETSID for SGI. nameelect.c:	Added debug 0 comments so you know when you have become a master/domain master. nameservreply.c:Stopped SELF names from being remotely released. This still needs work. nmbsync.c:	Added debug 0 comments so you know when a sync is being done. Jeremy jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit b40d3bede60c8e040ee30c72d605a4950e1a8c8b)
      adds  5481963   loadparm.c:	Made explicit max packet now ignored. namedbwork.c:	Don't announce potential browser if local master = False. nameelect.c:	Raise debug level of comment to 2. proto.h:	Added reset_globals_after_fork(). server.c:	Call reset_globals_after_fork() after forking child. util.c:		Added reset_globals_after_fork() - should stop problems                 with % substitutions in children. (This used to be commit 77be0f710cc96441d966ab7b026a0d591b01ffb0)
      adds  1759cef   Updated for 1.9.17alpha3 (This used to be commit 70455bb4c85f68d6f0349d0ef92674b58c574e1d)
      adds  d822712   Getting ready for release of 1.9.17. Please note: These are in my early TODO state - not prime time ready!! (This used to be commit 693cf20f807543c637e260cecdfe956c43dd275a)
      adds  a811a79   Updated instructions. (This used to be commit dc43c29b3f861f8fac80be1091e06fac52a3ba81)
      adds  9b5af2a   FAQ Update Tidied up some entries with incorrect casing Added NT SP3 entry Updated list of ported systems Updated More Info entry with more web site details and list of all doco files Moved mailing list subscriptions to separate entry Removed reference to 'samba team mailing list' just in case people guessed Updated nmbd -C entry, indicating obsolete. General cleanup of document with indented lists. Added url links where needed. Web docs will not show urls but will l [...]
      adds  56adabe   Patch from Albrecht Gebhardt Albrecht Gebhardt - fixes domain logons. (This used to be commit 76647c0609773a190055f78486380218d6e080e7)
      adds  c6e63aa   Makefile:	Added quoata changes for Linux from Thorvald Natvig Makefile.RPM:	Added quoata changes for Linux from Thorvald Natvig charset.c:	Large changes to add multiple client code pages. charset.h:	Changed charset_initialise() proto. client.c:	Fixed message sending bug. Changed charset_initialise(). ipc.c:		Fixed #ifdef compile problems. loadparm.c:	Added "client code page" option. nmbd.c:		Changed charset_initialise(). Fixed lmhosts read. nmblookup.c:	Changed chars [...]
      adds  ca164ca   Added "client code page" parameter. (This used to be commit 6c361b961dae25fd0a30509afc83b08f9ff35f3d)
      adds  e14d99f   added an entry for samba support (hey, jeremy - i did it!).  it reads like the opening sequence for the A-Team, sadly.
      adds  2a33e58   charset.c:	Dropped debug message to level 6. loadparm.c:	Added "time server" parameter. nameserv.h:	Added "time server" parameter. proto.h:	Added lp_time_server(). server.c:	Removed incorrect | 0700 - this was a whistle specific change. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com). (This used to be commit 54dcca1240ec0a7f107f8a77e0893855015f9d29)
      adds  a3f1b24   Updated Support.txt - first responses to appeal for support providers. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com). (This used to be commit 72705c107a1a65049c688ad44d789b8a7451a8a5)
      adds  9942b09   Updated with latest appeal - we *have* to sort this into geographical areas soon. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com). (This used to be commit 18bb67de11f80ac978a2026ffa5a9dbcecba5083)
      adds  16c87e9   Fixed *really* stupid bug in register_vuid - only a problem on multi-user NT systems. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 6ca5c8ca3294cde56e28558bcb02c144225903d8)
      adds  740673c   More consultants.... (This used to be commit ac0095d0f91739ce0f365a3eade28728d4eb8a42)
      adds  5d5b075   added bit about going anywhere, on the 'CAMBRIDGE - ENGLAND' line, so that people don't look at 'england' and rule me out :-)
      adds  7f5c912   More consultants - we really need to alphabetize now :-). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 092a3df917c31a9db0a5cb4ae8deec8f9c261ab9)
      adds  f45d530   More.... (This used to be commit 84e36f48459c7fdf57319ad072e519dd37de3c8d)
      adds  434d26a   loadparm.c:	Added "force create mode" and "force directory mode" params. proto.h:	Added lp_force_create_mode()�and lp_force_dir_mode(). server.c:	Fixed application of mode bits to be regular across files 		and directories. smb.h:		Removed unused CREATE_MODE macro. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 2c928212500e1de27550d9fccb0939fd2e450515)
      adds  2654fd1   smb.conf.5:	Updated definitions of mode setting options. Added force 		mode options. Support.txt:	More consultants.... Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 5c17bc2581b50da8e0a072bcfd528d95eab93161)
      adds  f498d87   Sorted list by region (finally). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 2eb241e6fc8e050439dd0e448153d8cb45f99b56)
      adds  87c3e00   6 more.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit ed4b67f4952b3c5a39cae8cae1285d3aa885243a)
      adds  6ab091a   JHT ==> Just doing his thing again! Yuck! (This used to be commit ff4d52b239e16047a01e655a830e8dc9f9d06dfc)
      adds  94818ad   More consultants. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 74d29668eed397590d0a5c7460cb715d9331b4f6)
      adds  9e37076   shmem.c:	Changed debug to higher level uid.c:		Stop smbrun from deleting device files. util.c:		Added EAGAIN to known error list. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit c07db8d8e7e4a421501a08efe999e9ccd7337855)
      adds  b97e92e   2 more.... (This used to be commit 1e9f7b5d7456215b4b029fea2d9ff130b1fd0eaa)
      adds  1ec44b9   Missed one. (This used to be commit 8fedd203258c9cee0162de7eab7562ff4f833599)
      adds  4f6ad26   JHT ==> Spring cleaning. Please pay the rent! (This used to be commit c12a16fbcf35abfd17f7fdb469af1d10de22b659)
      adds  e61846a   JHT ==> Been playing again! Whooooooo! (This used to be commit 707172b4fb8ee39f5e0f30dab844eca27bc5362c)
      adds  f3f5abb   More... (This used to be commit 199fe63b1524833840b44ac708c2540272386d31)
      adds  fb1429c   client.c:		New print queue query code from Jeff C. Foster " <jfoste at wgc.woodward.com> ipc.c:			Added code for returning restricted lists of servers. loadparm.c:		Changed default for force create mode to 000. 				Changed default maxmux to 50 to comply with NT. locking.c:		Fixed silly crash bug with slow share mode code. nameannounce.c:	Added code for returning restricted lists of servers. namedbserver.c:	Added code for returning restricted lists of servers. nameelect. [...]
      adds  29ac182   namedbsubnet.c: Added code for returning restricted lists of servers. (This used to be commit d895094387a4f97a911f2c376baea53dc165c091)
      adds  738d296   added "hide files" option.
      adds  ce9baa3   made "hide files" and "veto files" into per-service parameter sections, instead of just [global].  this makes it easier to decide whether to remove the "hide dot files" per-service parameter, and supercede it with a default "hide files" value of ".*".
      adds  1599e41   Rolled back Lukes changes. Not quite ready for prime time. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit ed04ec7ab8b8e73b5442bdef03d5a3c994247b4e)
      adds  991765b   Fixed typos. 3 more consultants. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 7a8b7c5987975cd05a952c7184ddeb6ca97c412b)
      adds  594f8a4   Fixed compile warnings for FreeBsd & Linux. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com). (This used to be commit 93352e1aae9a1af7036cf56da820356cefe3698b)
      adds  6b7ca0d   Fixed wierd bug with lowercase accented character directories. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 1f0ecfe4fc612b214480f8b8462764964556ed5c)
      adds  fc39011   Fixes for UnixWare 2.x with shadow passwords from Warren Young <tkennedy at cyberport.com>. (This used to be commit 885b42b44752249c85bb924c9ceefa5b710225da)
      adds  e4619d3   Changed default for max mux to 50 in line with source change. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 3187a362c83056b1957aed75842c57f182c29dff)
      adds  751eb54   Updated in preparation for 1.9.17alpha4 release. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit eee09d1e57fa61544b52303202aacffa15e7caee)
      adds  f6384ec   Fix for deleting directories that contain only veto files. Needed for interoperability with netatalk volumes. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit e72a8513bccf77177f6fb6002057fee608947a32)
      adds  4a2cc7b   preparing for release of 1.9.17alpha4 (This used to be commit 16f6bf700f99357c7467d52b65de42ecff533636)
      adds  3e37f8f   Makefile:	Added DGUX changes for intel. namedbwork.c: Minor tidyup for election flah. util.c:		Fix for broken readdir detectino code. version.h:	Back to 1.9.17alpha3 - will be updated by release script. Jeremy jallison at whistle.com (This used to be commit 26635733a746dee2435da7ce228def5f2f292bba)
      adds  c9914c9   preparing for release of 1.9.17alpha4 (This used to be commit ef5ccde4760a5545c5dedf4721cb28cbe0163661)
      adds  21e0589   One more consultant. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit fcbd59bcefdc649ea9c2ff0418ee2d228c32ff90)
      adds  b4863b0   replaced the "wins proxy" to treat NetBIOS names as DNS names with new "dns proxy" option.  the "wins proxy" option should be used for broadcast only hosts, and isn't properly implemented anyway.
      adds  73ca9fb   added description of new "dns proxy" option, which defaults to yes. added warning of consequences of using dns proxying.
      adds  ee0acbe   added man page entry for "hide files".  updated "veto files" entry. both these options will do * and ? matching
      adds  1fe89d0   added, tested and debugged new "hide files" option.
      adds  bc4d8cb   missed one OpenDir() and two is_vetoed_name() calls, both of which take a service number as a parameter, in the rmdir code, when doing a recompile.
      adds  653896e   More consultants. (This used to be commit 826ee2a9a16b598764347a8a5fbfc22f6abf3ce2)
      adds  a67a697   Added explicit examples for veto files. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.comAdded explicit examples for veto files. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com)) (This used to be commit b45fc6388fb08a566f9c241cb89f5dd07a70b28d)
      adds  25eae02   Makefile:	Added AIX targets from Ole Holm Nielsen <Ole.H.Nielsen at uni-c.dk> chgpasswd.c:	Added Samba/GPL notice (for obvious reasons). clitar.c:		Updated Copyright date to include 1997 (for obvious reasons). getsmbpass.c:	Updated Copyright date to include 1997 (for obvious reasons). includes.h:		Added stropts for solaris. loadparm.c:		Changed comment for hide files option. nameconf.c:		Updated Copyright date to include 1997 (for obvious reasons). nmbd.c:			Updated Cop [...]
      adds  a5350db   JHT ==> Updating RPM build file, more expected -  so please ignore! (This used to be commit 4fd3f5e26695fb8f2756a72dc1318486c8bc3ade)
      adds  cec7995   JHT ==> Added copyright notations for my works. This is regretably needed! (This used to be commit c80111cdf54218f23b230dc91bd6d814e6a4afcc)
      adds  5828b37   JHT ==> Still getting ready for 1.9.17 release. (This used to be commit 84abac08419c6896d9b4f5c8340df6ad90ed9754)
      adds  22ed11b   JHT ==> The new SMB.CONF master file for everyone!! Yes! (This used to be commit efe20f981160f421b647ba2b57e77d02c57d6723)
      adds  cdb347c   Wrote man page for smbpasswd program as part of documentation effort. Finally added -a option (for Andrew :-). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit e20a5859bc3a06090777a9197163e2ec39be7b3b)
      adds  0378cd5   Added -a option (for Andrew:-). Fixed bug where users with "NO PASSWORD" couldn't change their passwords. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 87d17af0087fb0eced7628239b73e2c6cae774a9)
      adds  792771e   interface.c:	Fix for AIX4.x finding interfaces. server.c:		Subtle fix for filenames containing ':'. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit ee9f57bab25e5ee07fb2d384b8c416576401a6ab)
      adds  7c723f7   JHT ==> Just tidying up for Release. (This used to be commit 4e9b7c92f79e1b7bf68103fe378449178b86e315)
      adds  9a8c54f   trans2 query file/path info - unix change times being reported as dos create times.  now reports unix modified times as dos create times: the alternative is to report zero (unknown create time).
      adds  9bd1614   updating documentation a bit.  claiming NetBIOS.txt, adding copyright message.
      adds  d952004   made header consistent with other headers (Contributor: Status: etc)
      adds  adf19b8   added pretty printing of data section to show_msg(), for debug log level 10. data section output is now in same format as tcpdump (hex and characters).
      adds  136732a   counter loop % usage only worked if counters were an exact multiple of SMBD_LOOP time.  used >= instead.
      adds  5ca3126   Update of config files (This used to be commit 72ec68d22c23a1c65919147e63f51f6e39e69bb8)
      adds  f7f1be3   CIFS definitions for SMB_INFO_xxx etc.
      adds  0776dea   local.h:	Removed ununsed SHARE_MODES_XXX defines. Upped SMBD_RELOAD_CHECK             from 10 to 60. server.c:	Removed unused code (was If 0'ed out). trans2.c:	Backed out Luke's ctime->mtime change. I don't think it             is correct. Left the other fixes, though. util.c:		Changed veto/hide files separator back to '/'. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit b47121624c8824d3e1d8992cb950ebad52ba5c58)
      adds  010ed1c   Changed separators for veto & hide files back to /. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit ad090829c741ff737af7107a4919812db0f0591f)
      adds  6835bd6   Fix silly crash bug in FAST_SHARE_MODES (same bug as was in SLOW_SHARE_MODES - duh !). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit d38ac4f3a2fb47d3e2ca7d5f788130064502c6eb)
      adds  8b904f4   Makefile: Added krb5 option from Nathan Neulinger  <nneul at umr.edu> includes.h:	Added krb5 option from Nathan Neulinger  <nneul at umr.edu>, added SGI5 fix. password.c: Added krb5 option from Nathan Neulinger  <nneul at umr.edu> quotas.c: Added inode quote fix. reply.c: removed redundent code. server.c: Changed error debug to 0, removed redundent check. util.c: Added close_low_fd() to become_daemon - fix for rsh from Johnathan Knight. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This use [...]
      adds  612111c   charset.c:	Split charset_initialise() into 2 - a charset_initialise() and             a codepage_initialise(). Fixes problem with initialising dos map             twice. charset.h:  Changes to support charset changes. client.c:   Changes to support charset changes. loadparm.c:	follow symlinks parameter from David Clerc <David.Clerc at cui.unige.ch> nmbd.c:		Changes to support charset changes. nmblookup.c:Changes to support charset changes. proto.h:	Changes to support ch [...]
      adds  ce7ac13   Support.txt: Modified a consultant's entry (Italy) smb.conf.5: Documented follow symlinks parameter. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit ed6aaf2667c5cd731f8fce78163162817a18c240)
      adds  b95057c   Fixed bug with -add code that put wrong password in nt md4 field. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit aabb18953b5d026af3548610aa1ffd6ea2fd72e5)
      adds  b04cf2b   Added Australian consultant - removed Richard Sharpe duplicate. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 6b56ff1891d6c17025020713ac1682b1372f2243)
      adds  e677e4a   Added Canadian consultant. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 34f2c1d7b27bbd88da5bb2239ad4d60c8af7882c)
      adds  0cdc683   Removed lp_killunused() call from server main loop. This WAS A MAJOR BUG THAT CAN CAUSE IPC$ to be removed !!!!! Not sure how this one got introduced (but I have my suspicions :-). lp_killunused() MUST ONLY BE CALLED from reload_services(). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 937f0fbf87c4b66a947215ee13a69d1e19e4ff77)
      adds  a3de6a8   charset.c:	Fixed signed/unsigned issues. password.c:	Fixed problem with MS-Exchange services. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit e723dd3deec00a91568c5aa546374409ce7ba379)
      adds  7020afb   JHT ===> Getting ready for release of 1.9.17alpha5 	Please note that version.h has been updated!!!!!!!!!! (This used to be commit 271d12b5ddc372500feea8fec5678191ba4ebcf8)
      adds  15ae50c   Makefile:	Added UNIXWARE 2.x with shadow passwords from fja at extratech.com client.c:	Made prompt appear at debug level 0. Fixed strcasecmp redefinition.             Caused client to use set_blocking rather than making fcntl calls itself. dir.c:		Removed redundent snum parameters. includes.h:	Added SCO fixes. loadparm.c:	Made default 'files to hide' a null string. nmbd.c:		Removed O_NONBLOCK from pid file open for platforms that dont have it. proto.h:	Changed snum to c [...]
      adds  fad8b9e   Changed default create mask parameter to 0744 as per John's request. Tidied up mask descriptions. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit d9c331d79d3addae7b0b4cc3c7fd40dfa8903a9c)
      adds  0cc9660   Added consultant. (This used to be commit b2066a9c4c7af0d3ddecc42d10767376352ddd4f)
      adds  816897d   patch by glenn burkhardt to allow recursive excluding of directories. glenn at aoi.ultranet.com
      adds  1fa6244   removed definition of strslashcmp - now a static in clitar.c. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 83448e7a1176b68ed90532a69b4408cd579db8d8)
      adds  7950c5e   nameserv.c: split add_domain_names() into three functions:             add_domain_logon_names() - adds <1c> names on WINS and broadcast.             add_domain_master_wins() - adds <1b> name only with WINS server             add_domain_master_bcast() - adds <1b> names only by bcast.
      adds  834518e   loadparm.c:	Changed default create mask to 755 to support MAP_ARCHIVE. server.c:	Added check for MAP_ARCHIVE before we set archive bit. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit d21a166277776f6750b7bcc3c4f9073cce17eacb)
      adds  da0ca0a   Re-added shm stuff - keeps getting lost. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 4fad0a63aa6712775610f7d341ba243e6353ce3b)
      adds  bfdaaaf   JHT ===> Just playin' wif da RPM 'tings. Ok? (This used to be commit 4d9b2f48b737a3757a3c482d3d90cf0b9778260a)
      adds  7314126   client.c:	Added amanda fixes. clitar.c:	Added amanda fixes. nameannounce.c:	Removed redundent code. nameelect.c:	Removed redundent code. nameserv.h:		Removed redundent code. nameservresp.c:	Removed redundent code. namework.c:		Removed redundent code. password.c:		Prevented crash if getpwnam fails. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 760fe30353de66e8e6571f8ff4ec1064261b5428)
      adds  2bdf562   Added one more consultant. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 79815d66b9953b99686834e7c8aac36a163c0e13)
      adds  bf65e9a   Missed removing some redundent code. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 4135fdb32327b394e586173bb2d51b7b676b409e)
      adds  01d19fd   Minor text mods, mostly checking that CVS still works Dan (This used to be commit 632bf0dab06bccd082a9fc64a62ff7c99982d2b6)
      adds  75bbf35   client.c:	Minor change to cast parameters for DEC unix. clientutil.c:	Minor change to cast parameters for DEC unix. ipc.c:		Fixes to parameterise the stuff John wants. loadparm.c:	Fixes to parameterise the stuff John wants. nameannounce.c: Fixes to parameterise the stuff John wants. namedbwork.c: Fixes to parameterise the stuff John wants. nameserv.h:	Fixes to parameterise the stuff John wants. proto.h: Fixes to parameterise the stuff John wants. smb.h: Fixes to para [...]
      adds  f2b7e75   Made docs more up to date with source. Preparing for 1.9.17alpha5. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 148b7a2ee3f520f31793d25ebe164a147f2afdfe)
      adds  363b9a2   loadparm.c:	Added new netbios aliases parameter (code from Cisco) nameannounce.c: Code to announce aliases as well as our own names. namedbsubnet.c: Code to add the aliases to the server list. nameserv.c:		Code to defend our aliases on the namelist. namework.c:		Code to check it's one of our aliases. nmbd.c:			Code to initialise the aliases. proto.h:		Fixup protos. util.c:			Code to check it's one of our aliases. All above code based on code for 1.9.16p11 donated by  [...]
      adds  0b18a0f   smb.conf.5: Added netbios aliases entry. Support.txt: One more USA consultant. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit df99a780daedf138df82241d4534f103ce9729b1)
      adds  3b45a6f   Updated for 1.9.17alpha5 release. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 8f8b562015431fec661f5dc466cc2433f3d68955)
      adds  f04e656   Removed for 1.9.17alpha5 release. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit e144aa4f271c475a7dbbbb3d0eab4b29857be349)
      adds  e17a1e4   4 more consultants. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 0b7b87d51fef112d537ab93bae6c8f448fe65b6e)
      adds  b5114b4   Makefile: Added IRIX 6 target. loadparm.c: Fixed stupid static warnings with set_default_server_announce_type. password.c:	Fixed char -> uchar cast warnings. nameservreply.c: Fixed group fade out code. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit a2dd5c5a551547e83c707e63c0696c7724035501)
      adds  049640c   updated smbpasswd to take the password on the command-line. two sets of operation:
      adds  8df69f8   failure to register DOMAIN<1b> netbios name caused nmbd to exit (a call to exit()).  this is a bad idea.
      adds  1330324   bug in num. arguments detection that stopped the -add option working
      adds  1136114   updating comments.
      adds  b58a2c3   updated to include NT 4.0 Workstation profile setup.
      adds  9170cfd   spelling.
      adds  6fc2072   Faxing.txt: Updated. Support.txt: Added new consultant. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 331473769161fa8bc1703fc66d5cbe47885d120a)
      adds  9b41ada   charset.c:	Fixed bug with 'valid chars' param. loadparm.c:	Fixed bug with 'valid chars' param. nameelect.c:Unregister the 1b name from the WINS server when unbecoming master. nameservresp.c: Fix nasty browse bug where we were sending the query                 to the wrong ip address. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 927d1875f0c09fe7b2e1c1bc4b1af2c0b8de0f7c)
      adds  b65fdef   includes.h:	Fixed S_IFLNK for old DEC ultrix. ipc.c:	Finally :-) fixed responses to NetServerEnum2 when SV_TYPE_ALL         given. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 1dc37c83506a434840a04c49e423cd9d2223fab4)
      adds  ea4c755   connecting to IPC$ goes under the guest account.  the IPC$ share should be treated no differently than any other share (for any security setting: user, server or share).
      adds  8df3038   JHT ===> Just making sure any new tests do not announce as the last alpha! (This used to be commit f75e7ab927deebcf67626329f6233b87a779fbf3)
      adds  d567528   JHT ===> Fixed step numbering. (This used to be commit 55541e7478eb7a15afbb8c8abfebf50622eda724)
      adds  ed9e858   JHT ===> Just a little bit of rearranging the deck chairs - more growth space. (This used to be commit 71ddce78f3cba986bd5ab1bffa48726b8f012d59)
      adds  e5bed15   JHT ===> No longer needed here. Files moved to ~/packaging/redhat. (This used to be commit daa148c38467caea6f0c6dfe59a5f0ba6797e4bb)
      adds  c3453ba   JHT ===> Update only. (This used to be commit 3ede2a2b8caf8b44bf78f9b4307515dbf36b4ecc)
      adds  e9269c6   Makefile:	Changed for HPUX10 tidyup. includes.h:	Changed for HPUX10 tidyup. ipc.c:		Fixed bug where getting local server list from NT browsers would             fail. nmbsync.c:	Fixed bug where getting local server list from NT browsers would             fail. proto.h:	Changed for crash bug on SCO with USE_MMAP. quotas.c:	Added OSF quotas (patch from Bret Giddings <bret at essex.ac.uk>).             Rolled back solaris uid change - I think it was wrong. reply.c:	Changed [...]
      adds  800a28d   JHT ===> Tidying up for public consumption. (This used to be commit d6cecaac33ef86d2f44c6fbdcd0b752a12c6c4cd)
      adds  335959b   JHT ===> Added instructions for Windows 95 encrypted password change. (This used to be commit 422e55092f01505ba616ff9e03e36592bb66866b)
      adds  5c33579   Support.txt: Added two more consultants. smbtar.1:	Mentioned it is meant for GNU tar. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 9d7e75bdf568239af53d7162c2b207ea06ed4070)
      adds  c76dc7c   Fix suggested by "Christian Groessler" <chris at fast-ag.de> dir.c: Cause dptr_create to return -2 when failing on unix error. reply.c: Use UNIXERROR in more cases. server.c: Add ENOTDIR mapping to error table. trans2.c: Correctly determine UNIX error on dptr_create. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit de38a0b34fcd65fa3024300f978aa30eb86d854f)
      adds  46dbd8c   Changes to allow Samba to return the same error code as Windows NT. Takes care of the cases where a Windows program is parsing a pathname component by component and expects 2 different errors. ERRbadpath - if a component in the path doesn't exist. ERRbaddirectory - if a component in the path exists but is not a directory. Extra error code added to smb.h to support this. Code based on suggestions from "Christian Groessler" <chris at fast-ag.de>.
      adds  080dc53   JHT ===> More documentation for those who can't find the docs directory. (This used to be commit 9d3729b54847700ad48af1aba9d01ccbb3025ca2)
      adds  c026195   JHT ===> The title says it all! (This used to be commit 13ecc422b0b175c94dadb36a4586945ae83b563a)
      adds  aaca05b   JHT ===> Added a patch from Tim Small (UK) (This used to be commit a2ba15e2dec92c06eb51284e2a3071ef37850434)
      adds  7a72b0b   JHT ===> Just to complete Tim Small's add-ins. (This used to be commit 1f81a0a80bfbe147af0c29ca1093b255185e80a4)
      adds  bce14d3   Kanji fixes for upper/lower case conversion with sjis characters. Code from Takashi Fujita <fujita at ainix.isac.co.jp>. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 07f7e378c4839d0ca4bb79c8755481f4bf5637de)
      adds  3909d69   JHT ===> Added comment about internationaliasation and deleted dates. (This used to be commit 75a5e2d84cf1b5eef2d5122d8164fd3325fb1a7d)
      adds  d341dde   Removed the obsolete comment from the 'strip dot' option. It isn't :-).
      adds  1fdeed2   fix several references to samba-bugs at anu.edu.au which should be samba-bugs at samba.anu.edu.au (This used to be commit 19bae63e28bddcb605c95035ae15e1ff5d8f57db)
      adds  f959c29   fix some more references to samba-bugs at anu.edu.au which should be samba-bugs at samba.anu.edu.au
      adds  3e0b52e   Updated Manifest and DOMAIN.txt to refer to <your OS>_INSTALL.txt and describe the nascent new documentation project. Renamed INSTALL.txt to UNIX_INSTALL.txt.
      adds  652544b   Renamed from INSTALL.txt. Preparing for new docs structure.
      adds  ec8a81b   Changed DOMAIN.txt to try to explain terms like domain, workgroup, authentication. NT SAM is only one case of many kinds of distributed authorisation database. Domain logons, RAP etc should all work perfectly from NT workstations to Samba servers no matter what username/passwd database lies underneath (once the protocols have been implemented, of course.... :-) (This used to be commit 9dfdd47bb56b2a5418908f8fc4bd9f3e80df858c)
      adds  57d9e2b   - clarified dan s's clarifications of the difference between domains and   workgroups (domains are a superset of workgroups: workgroups have no   concept of security at all)
      adds  4c319ad   charset.c : Add mapping for code page 932 (KANJI). client.c : Fix crash bug. Add code to use BUFFER_SIZE for NetServerEnum calls. namepacket.c: Fixed cast. nmbsync.c : Add code to use BUFFER_SIZE for NetServerEnum calls. smb.h : Set default client code page to 932 for KANJI. system.c : Remove vendor specific code that crept in :-). util.c : Added #define to allow Samba to behave as Win95 when doing          KANJI case insensitivity tests.
      adds  1b8700a   More mods to DOMAIN.txt, preparing for meta-FAQ itegration. Dan (This used to be commit b9581f31412f73ce37e2bdcbf462d3d146cfc320)
      adds  607b1ae   Minor mods to DOMAIN.txt. In DOMAIN_CONTROL.txt made it clear that a PDC is just one (major:) vendor's idea of domain authentication. Added refs to pwdump where it talks about the SAM. Dan (This used to be commit 2681ae0efbdb250854b56e75b2655ef367a5d733)
      adds  28429a1   Removed samba team email address - replaced with samba bugs. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 320a739161dee082c53b59106df90e760bc41c0e)
      adds  41bbc5e   smb.h: Added error code used for OS2 WPS. trans2.c: Added OS2 WPS fix - but ifdefed out for now. Will turn on after 1.9.17 release. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 9d5d347686ca1c8a25088b882dcc5065b6d9c564)
      adds  90adbac   Way out of date. Dan (This used to be commit dc395e3515a4ef90af9e602be2bc0a6ce25627f6)
      adds  0bf791a   JHT ===> Documentation header updates only - inserting/mod Updates date. (This used to be commit 17a13828fd7a3284543eb319566da6c246808e6d)
      adds  bede27b   From Jacco, unchanged. Destined for Samba-Client-FAQ. Dan (This used to be commit c8bf8dfb93f7558a9974d79b7c3949849bff1b08)
      adds  1cc8103   Added draft cversions of the new Samba doco. Dan. (This used to be commit b5983092a6e63118564c6d1460b522ea8ef02c3a)
      adds  65d93dd   Updated for 1.9.17 release. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit f8316c1c159b44f1737ad976a562feb0dd1b0368)
      adds  c416e67   preparing for release of 1.9.17 (This used to be commit d84c84641b14ad264c33fc37aa9a1abdf3e04254)
      adds  81792cb   Spelling, refs to faqs, version numbersing. Dan. (This used to be commit effd8b81c4cbb03720d63686e56b80af6828a037)
      adds  8bcc60f   Added new MIRRORS.txt file at Dan's request This is really an updated version of the original 'MIRRORS' file. (This used to be commit 29a48b8ed5cf9a0511d6d7f8fa7323e6aa7292bf)
      adds  b4fd930   This file has been moved to MIRRORS.txt (This used to be commit 462d10370ad08d3f3c9a12a8122db1cb7f640430)
      adds  35df7e5   Advice about firewalls (step 1) and tcp wrappers (step 8). Dan (This used to be commit e470dd55612558ae6f308c0a871e3c01e7dea4f7)
      adds  50ffa585  More sites for the non-UNIX ports, plus ftp.gwdg.de (This used to be commit 09c6438bb66ff61eaebc08d578281f432e81e5d5)
      adds  e8aa1ba   Changed ftp site and docs info in README (this file contains out-of-date FAQ info and should be scrapped.)
      adds  ef0b390   added info about _not_ using \\SAMBA_SERVER\HOMES\profile - must use \\SAMBA_SERVER\%U\profile for the profile path.  documented default profile path changing to \\%L\%U\profile, so that w95 and NT can use the same profile directory: you cannot use \\%L\%U for NT profiles.
      adds  5c2d121   corrected it's (it is) documentation errors, when "its" should be being used.
      adds  38dc538   doing that irritating compiler clash warning with the protos for standard_sub and standard_sub_basic.  again.
      adds  7df4b93   Put back the smb_shm_ proto's that Luke keeps breaking ! Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 660a3ef70c36e6675c8cc63b97e9d251428f9b40)
      adds  7971fb1   charset.c: Added patch for client code page 852 (Eastern European) from            Leos Bitto <bitto at altec.cz>. clitar.c: proto.h: Fixed proto mismatch for strslashcmp(). Jermey (jallison at netcom.com) (This used to be commit c7a4647b7a84641f5fed6b67d45c241fff19c2b3)
      adds  22e4d4e   added a new type to mkproto.awk so it can handle shmem.c
      adds  45f9982   mangle.c: Fixed bug that caused string to run off the end of the mangled map. server.c: Changed comparison from dname to name2 - seems correct - don't know why           I changed it originally. hmmmmm. trans2.c: Made lanman2 code more similar to scan_directory(). I should           make the trans2 code call scan_dir as they are so similar. Jeremy(jallison at whistle.com). (This used to be commit 3909576849025ed21e5282abc892ae7582ee0275)
      adds  473c42a   includes.h: Make sure REPLACE_GETPASS are wrapped with #ifdefs. nmbsync.c: Make sure REPLACE_GETPASS is defined before including includes.h clientutil.c: Catch null passwords. Fixes for a nmbd crash bug found by Herb Lewis @ SGI. Jermey(jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 45c266baaea8755f1a3c0c4c7a87eb0752848ca2)
      adds  d956527   Oops. Reversed mangled map change made in error. Testing found this one. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit adf98469fc3f0969676bd454cfd143f8ef03ce48)
      adds  5740854   Adding codepage definition files and codepage file compiler/decompiler. Adding install/uninstall scripts for compiled codepage files. Preparing for dynamic codepage loading. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit e3fc9533bd87d0d520e3dac98261e42370907b11)
      adds  06dc98f   Makefile:  New program and support for dynamic codepage loading. charset.c: Dynamic codepage loading code. charset.h: Defines for file format. proto.h:   Updated. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 550e98f2d49a101654b3abde278a7f7edf347ed8)
      adds  f434139   fixed a bug in the printjob encoding/decoding. We weren't doing it for the print_ functions in reply.c, with the effect that you couldn't cancel print jobs from smbclient or from older dos clients.
      adds  3fc24dc   added word count 3 support into reply_tcon_and_X (see cifs6.txt).  the only thing i couldn't do was get the chaining word count to point to the end of the smb reply, for the next and_X (not that there is one). (This used to be commit 54f11999d2113f2e88144ed63e23dd82b32e14a6)
      adds  918cc5f   use of recursion_available and recursion_desired flag in netbios responses. (This used to be commit 8235db6b4fbeced750c4c30edc84a61a35b39278)
      adds  e1e4b37   reply.c: Removed unused variables. Caught by gcc -Wall -Werror server.c: Fix for old DOS clients not understanding ERRbaddirectory - map to ERRbadpath. util.c: Fix for systems with no LOG_DAEMON facility. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit dadb1ffb4ca5222c0b62d785cd714d65cae328e8)
      adds  6e64355   One more consultant.... (This used to be commit 56e8e890eca736e43f26a72c32547dbfa73e5247)
      adds  8229021   nameannounce.c nameresp.c nameserv.c nameservreply.c proto.h : Removed broadcast and recurse parameters in the queue_netbios_pkt_wins() call - they are not needed as they should always be 'false' and 'true' respectively. Also fixed a bug with secure name registration (WINS server code). server.c: Finally fixed problem with error 267 being returned to Win95. It is needed by NT. This is a horrid fix and I would appreciate a better one :-).
      adds  f5302af   Fixed up determination of client type for PROTOCOL_NT1. Uses client capabilities bits in session_setup_and_X to decide. Made remote_arch an enum as well as a string, for easier use. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 99080705a2d0adcb25e1eecbe517a2fac2779baa)
      adds  ab68ac3   Fix from Frank Varnavas <varnavas at ny.ubs.com>. We cannot use the same name as the client to the NT password server, as NT will drop client connections if the same client name connects twice. Instead, synthesize a name from our pid. and the remote machine name. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit ebf9487a9a68c4d786449490627ee919622e6dbf)
      adds  d6fc4eb   This is really Herb adding the SGI packaging files. (This used to be commit 8fde65239d0a9462fb044670220cd3c63bd887cb)
      adds  72af2c1   added debug reporting to file listing / mod_time() checking routine. lp_file_list_changed(). (This used to be commit 727fcfae1b62bb509f0a9f5304dad363ef38345a)
      adds  4cbe451   One more consultant. (This used to be commit e7dba8a8c795f6aaa87d5e76dea6f36b63dc7dd7)
      adds  e7e49a6   client.c: Made sure myhostname was initialised before substitutions. status.c: Made sure myhostname was initialised before substitutions. server.c trans2.c: Moved OS/2 WPS fix. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 8a12b6a4f0feec712f5c4e02e21198c455b060ae)
      adds  e81c4e9   JHT ===> Just setting version to 1.9.18alpha1 (This used to be commit e462cf2f1b498ba9eb00d3d2f9c299e7624a62fd)
      adds  a26b54c   samba servers forcing local elections if they are not a local master. added check for "preferred master" to ensure not forcing an election. (This used to be commit f8afd4c4c131a75ce685016e84205082aadbdb78)
      adds  9e30eea   updated bit on kill -HUP to make it clear what effect this has, and its limitations. (This used to be commit 50a990b9d6d9e3de46298c5fbf2a81709760f85e)
      adds  aae64a9   Added one more consultant. (This used to be commit 594720c7f310cc6b2783d7601954687ba5e1c6df)
      adds  926f4d9   cgi.c is a simple set of CGI manipulation routines
      adds  c6d4477   some minor modifications to loadparm.c to support the necessary functions for wsmbconf. In particular added some more support routines (like lp_rename_service()) and make the dump routines take a FILE pointer rather than assuming stdout (This used to be commit 6d165016068f6c4e9eed8fae83a9f7ca0b34f85a)
      adds  646a721   add the stdout parameter to lp_dump() (This used to be commit 77f5bc87058dfb5c1b14e7cd8c6097a6bcb2c0cc)
      adds  6da700d   prototype updates for new functions (This used to be commit dbf662436031759b205f0140223da6a1d08c16df)
      adds  77df5c8   fix a couple of "declaration shadows previous local" warnings. (This used to be commit c30f6a74d0e6c256b1d46b28c1f31f1c1f3dd856)
      adds  30416c0   charcnv.c client.c clitar.c kanji.c kanji.h loadparm.c mangle.c smb.h util.c:
      adds  3469592   Added fix that means if connecting user sends guest account with no password they are seen as guest. Previous patch broke this.
      adds  58ec100   This is a written from scratch DES implementation. I couldn't find a GPLd implementation so I decided to write one.
      adds  33a003d   This commit does 3 main things:
      adds  5137b86   no longer needed (This used to be commit b04bc7f75e90a8150f7372d15f4f17fb0bb50ab9)
      adds  ddb2ce9   rewrote md4.c from scratch. This implementation should be portable and doesn't have any worries about RSA copyright. (This used to be commit a1569971663f01c245c145b18290d9dba965dc36)
      adds  552818e   - change a lot of occurances of errno to use strerror(errno). We can't assume all our users are programmers :-)
      adds  d55427c   - if the user already exists then ignore the -add command
      adds  9ae8fbd   unbecome_domain_master and unbecome_logon_master were announcing as "dead".  removed this. (This used to be commit d1f298cd529188c0cddb18e3a1bf8abb093b3c3b)
      adds  d6ed290   2 more consultants. (This used to be commit e9f460ef0da6ca72a0b61d1b15115ffb0cb4bb42)
      adds  72b02ac   bug fix in the new des code.
      adds  57c2578   - change generate_challenge() to use md4 instead of des
      adds  cda707f   add a cast (This used to be commit e712c6ed61abeae5ec2acf99f109ad81e7a19978)
      adds  6ce9192   change the encryption instructions to reflect the fact that the code is now built in (This used to be commit 82cfa6bb7cd5e5c7ad327787fb4cc72204118335)
      adds  6449fc3   Fixing assumtions that malloced memory is zero filled - making sure it is. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 59ee0d0c7ea166a3bf58ceb4c939217d6ff74498)
      adds  1590983   Added 'delete veto files' paremeter. Ugly - but the only way to allow Samba client users to delete directories containing Mac metafile information (.AppleDouble directories).
      adds  9951757   Added documentation for the 'delete veto files' parameter. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit c6e736283ec7558f8d5108c141e346cf0cc5742a)
      adds  a8064b0   JHT ===> Changed behaviour of logon script processing so that all macros          can be used in the logon script parameter definition in the smb.conf          Globals section. This fixes a problem reported by Jacco de Leeuw          where OS/2 does not see the %u variable. Jacco suggested using %U          but we really do want the user for the netlogon share session.          If this does not do the trick - well we eat our hat! Yeh! (This used to be commit a7716b2e [...]
      adds  1c7df32   JHT ===> More hacks! (This used to be commit 0b859fdfac07322f021dbb74791914e22f6b9884)
      adds  102fb71   John asked the other day about using the tar feature in smbclient to handle file paths longer than 100 characters (the limit of the normal tar format).
      adds  570a5be   added some debug stuff (This used to be commit 95184fd1ecdf5eea9c42d748db848210b7e863d3)
      adds  563cf6f   added timestamp to "Denied connection" message. (This used to be commit f28b14a86c22c3bad187ca57f03e13da795d4136)
      adds  501755a   Added arcfour code needed for SMB password changing. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 8bc3d13b3d66fc533d5bc6abf3fc9d5c67d0f286)
      adds  1aa8036   Another South American consultant. (This used to be commit eeb0e883536954adb090269a520a913b1676d59c)
      adds  a2d2206   Makefile: Changed proto: target to not include c files not used currently.           Caused proto.h to be from a sorted list of C files. arcfour.h: Added prototypes. client.c: Added username%password in environment patch from John Blair <jdblair at frodo.tucc.uab.edu> loadparm.c: Added username manipulation code from Peter McCool [SMTP:peter at qimr.edu.au] username.c: Added username manipulation code from Peter McCool [SMTP:peter at qimr.edu.au] mkproto.awk: Added arc4_key t [...]
      adds  7885239   smbclient.1: Added documentation of the username%password environment code. smb.conf.5: Added 'username level' docs. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit b588615b201fda404c09637b344e9823443ce396)
      adds  b3c6105   added code from Philip A Prindeville <philipp at enteka.com> which expands the interfaces option to this:
      adds  81eb442   Checkin to sync up oplock development code so that NT domain development code won't diverge.
      adds  6dd6b13   Makefile: Removed earlier errors. includes.h: Added INADDR_LOOPBACK define. locking.c: More code to support oplocks. proto.h: Updated. server.c: More code to support oplocks. Moved processing of an SMB out of process() into a separate function so it is easier to call from an oplock break. smb.h: Added oplock fields. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit f46dbaf08eb8e06a7545d2c19dce9e2dda9dcc78)
      adds  7766748   Added missing slow share mode offset defines. Somehow they got lost. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com). (This used to be commit ce9cdc2f6175e4a6195f8875360cd945ae60052c)
      adds  5a7b329   add error string reporting to clitar (This used to be commit 2c5587a6fe425b1cc57cf28e92e77ba84f08ce33)
      adds  cef5909   Adding Andrews buffer overflow fixes into the main branch. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit e7eb1f044d3101679dc7a118820ea5efe0cd837c)
      adds  d939350   Correctly rolled back interface.c (I was working on an older revision). This will now be the current revision. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit eb55ddd5bff1c6f95292215a8c53acb6bfdadeb2)
      adds  dff1687   Syncing up current oplock work in progress. #ifdef'ed out so should have no effect on other work. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 7e3d4c8b21f63a06d32605d230129e36883ad08c)
      adds  a5af479   Fixed you're -> your text that some pedant complained about :-). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com). (This used to be commit b11833f1bdecf1c3c3e5bc7494741605cba92a1e)
      adds  a0cd12e   dir.c: more pstrcpys. local.h: Add OPLOCK_BREAK_TIMEOUT. password.c: Fix for paranoia password server security bug. proto.h: Updated. reply.c: Oplock changes. server.c: Massive oplock changes - nearly there.... smb.h: oplock definitions. util.c: Add local message processing queues for oplocks. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 92f1553db2cdf6f32881eb984a87050cf3e4760b)
      adds  a8129c1   Changed consultant list. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 6dbe5ad80ff368efdd81ec92d71d7567595157f1)
      adds  5864551   OPLOCK CHECK-IN - oplocks are now *OPERATIONAL* !!!! Yipeee. At least as far as I can check in a short time :-).
      adds  c557bb0   Fixed problem with oplock_type being set with no port. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 90484db0bfe25a096def627f94be24f3fa243375)
      adds  c9cf77a   Modified some debug messages, moved from 5 -> 8. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit cb83c74a6ccfc44721af65b75625a949782c758a)
      adds  85097a7   change the semantics of hosts allow/hosts deny so that a global setting applies to all shares regardless of any settings on other shares. This allows us to immediately drop a connection if it does not come from a allowed host, without even parsing the first SMB packet. The next time we get a nasty security hole we can offer people the option of just setting their hosts allow line.
      adds  fbd5dde   Added debug message for oplock_break(). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 4f29dfbc791f1f08c8c44a6fbdd0bc31892455dd)
      adds  a69125b   change a debug level in reply.c
      adds  4438d7b   proto.h: Updated. server.c: Updated after netbench observation. Oplocks must be broken *before* share modes are checked, not after. Netbench seems to be working now. smb.h: Added offsets for oplock break time fields. trans2.c: Upped debug messages. util.c: Upped debug messages. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit bc4b70c566ed5fa926441fb64a0f756a6137d8d0)
      adds  2534e06   add "static" to a couple of functions that are only used locally.
      adds  2f7b040   locking.c: Fixed incorrect parameter count in debug statements. May explain            solaris crashes. reply.c: Added NT specific error code. Put oplock break code in correct place          in reply_lockingX. server.c: Removed unneeded error mapping stuff.           Fixed race condition in oplock code. trans2.c: Added NT specific error code. util.c: Added paranoia check in interpret_addr. Some core dumps         reported here. Upped fcntl debug levels.
      adds  c89eaa2   Making it harder for share_mode_entries to be left with non-zero op_type fields. Paranoia code really. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 21ecb46f56ac0f341803d0552c981e517d0322cb)
      adds  3c5998e   Race condition with multiple oplock break requests happens more often than you might think (reproduced here with 4 clients and netbench :-). Raising debug log level for report from 1 to 3. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 23eeab7aa2e9c935e1f48ce3449544c03c1c899f)
      adds  e722d70   nmblookup.c:   I've added a -r option.  When specified, nmblookup will attempt to bind   to port 137.  In order for this to work, the user must be root and the   port must be available (i.e., nmbd not running).  If either condition is   not met, nmblookup will default to normal behavior; it will try to bind   to a free port above 7999.  I also removed an artifact.  The -p <port>   option was being accepted but falling through to the default, which was   the usage mes [...]
      adds  83574da   JHT ===> Added Sun Solaris binary package building spec files contributed          by Tim Towers <tim at lorien.demon.co.uk>. Note: Not yet checked. (This used to be commit 332f78bbc945c327069e9c9e29c7137c8cbd5c02)
      adds  553093c   This is all the NT error codes less than 1000. I extracted them using smbclient+netmon
      adds  c549112   a little hack to smbclient to support extracting NT error codes (This used to be commit 0eb9a590430c328e6ebc46ff8ab05f181921769a)
      adds  b6a3fd6   a bit of bounds checking (This used to be commit d40199f4fe1344058267859820cb36b77a20442a)
      adds  5059fbf   fix some "shadows global" errors. (This used to be commit 25b7ada3587d1fe68164a2339d7f0fbcecf18e53)
      adds  8ebb7bb   packet parsing routines.  for use in SMB and Mailslots (This used to be commit 297d5ef46ccba99596610c4c6a09399af665f2cf)
      adds  87a3971   added structures readable and writeable by smbparse.c routines into and out of SMB or Mailslot packets. (This used to be commit 4b3f9b281b3b1c1064992d19fef1d782dc6f1ff1)
      adds  a193401   added some RW_XXXX wrapper macros with an extra i/o argument, to call XXXX or SXXXX as appropriate.
      adds  07cc8fd   proto.h:
      adds  29dfcb8   smb.h:
      adds  5e4bc79   processes LSA queries and responses to/from RPC data stream into structures. (This used to be commit 369f7d41d6ff6d2b9b8c1e0cac99d0f0d03410b0)
      adds  84e362d   updating lsa and smb parsing routines and structures. (This used to be commit 2f722fe289051558dbe77aeb0a830bb3ded10a83)
      adds  0e15179   Makefile:                      added lsaparse.c and smbparse.c lsaparse.c, smbparse.c, smb.h: more functions / structures. proto.h:                       the usual. (This used to be commit a1c718728c46ebf8916af8985b4dae4d099f4ec2)
      adds  8429cec   lsaparse.c smb.h: added 32 bit "return status" to the response structures. (This used to be commit 5bc75c6c626251dc8ba04ff4a83e81b92d93d2d6)
      adds  2e92be3   client.c: Changed shadowed variable. locking.c: Removed USE_OPLOCKS - now the default. params.c: Removed unused variable. proto.h: Updated. reply.c: Removed USE_OPLOCKS - now the default. server.c: Removed USE_OPLOCKS - now the default. smb.h: Removed USE_OPLOCKS - now the default. smbparse.c: Changed shadowed variable. status.c: Removed USE_OPLOCKS - now the default. util.c: Removed USE_OPLOCKS - now the default. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit [...]
      adds  1f7a84b   Finally ! Found & fixed crash bug with logging message when deleting invalid share mode entries. Thanks to berg at wienrg.aut.alcatel.at (Dietmar Berg) for the stack backtrace. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit db4c2cb50e11d252ff3ba0e0973767e909dd33bd)
      adds  1b83986   Removed samba.faq from the docs directory, it was out of date. All FAQs in docs/faq.
      adds  7bf4180   Oops forgot to run the sgml converters that one last time. All done. Paul. (This used to be commit 9a81cb171c178a85ecd045afafbce7d4b481344e)
      adds  754c280   More references to samba.canberra Mental note: always commit from root directory. :^o Paul. (This used to be commit 5a38eaac75a6bede2d946f69cf664d7ca3989b55)
      adds  89042c1   get rid of SIGCLD_IGNORE for HPUX. A user reported it causing lots of defunct smbd processes.
      adds  0235299   increase the debug level in the "added interface" debug line (This used to be commit b12b3626fd9ccc9cdf2111937b3ee344da361b1f)
      adds  a3b7bdd   pipes.c:
      adds  a9e1efc   JHT ==> Fixing blocksize argument. Patch by: Llyod Whiteman 	<lwhitman at stm2.nrl.navy.mil> (This used to be commit 67c1e87e8fda724da6dd3663641639167dd33a16)
      adds  577ae65   pipes.c:
      adds  fb27bc1   locking.c: Added fix for race condition in slow share mode code. lsaparse.c: #ifdef'ed out code so this will compile - LUKE PLEASE CHECK THIS. pipes.c: #ifdef'ed out code so this will compile - LUKE PLEASE CHECK THIS. server.c: Fixed last known oplock race condition. smb.h: Re-removed USE_OPLOCK defines - someone checked in an old version. smbparse.c: #ifdef'ed out code so this will compile - LUKE PLEASE CHECK THIS. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be comm [...]
      adds  ed61181   I rewrote the name_mangle() and name_len(). The interface is the same, but I've simplified the code a bit and added a few comments.  I tested the changes and the output is the same as that produced by the original (at least, it was in all of my tests).  CRH (This used to be commit 707d0ec388c0045938f367e1d17919bfc8637fea)
      adds  b0bdb42   ipc.c: Added ERROR_MORE_DATA error if client buffer too small. server.c: Allow admin_user on read only shares. I think this is safe but it needs looking at. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit cc50955a2760f1de7e80b91408a7c0806f6eb44c)
      adds  827aa6b   updating lsaparse.c and smbparse.c in line with changes to pipes.c and smb.h from yesterday. (This used to be commit 0b7049fae25957851a7f33d2bd500d8ecefc1ad5)
      adds  8871297   loadparm.c proto.h:
      adds  b270732   added api_lsa_lookup_sids() function (This used to be commit 35dd48740d8f733e7725813322b094b4679b31c5)
      adds  74113cd   Makefile: Split definitions for SGI4,5,6. includes.h: Split definitions for SGI4,5,6. pipes.c: Moved Luke's #ifdef to remove warnings. quotas.c: Two changes for FreeBSD and SGI. server.c: Quota changes for large filesystems. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit b8ff5543b9fa45095caa9f24aeb22a1dcc1cd308)
      adds  f404272   added a dummy function (space in front so make proto doesn't pick it up) to call the unused static functions in pipes.c.  avoids need to move #if UNDEFINED_NTDOMAIN about, to stop compiler warnings while code is being developed, but might be released as-is. (This used to be commit d7f41e3815babce58fa9901f076c2918666abaf9)
      adds  1042427   Put in fix for read-prediction extending files bug. Hard to test, can't get read-prediction to happen :-). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit fa69b3dda47d56e0c3ce1f4f284eac89d4b4bf56)
      adds  1cb2d37   This is my library of lists and trees.  My hope is to replace all of the hard coded linked lists that are currently used in Samba with calls to these modules.  This should make the code simpler, smaller, and (I hope) faster.  The tree code, in particular, should speed up processing where large lists are involved.
      adds  e5494e2   bracket some macros
      adds  f726e55   an implementation of the NT domain credentials protocol (This used to be commit dd6ac9b1eea3b0ace27fbd014b5ad4625c1fdf94)
      adds  228cef8   JHT ===> Added smbadduser contributed by Mike Zakharoff. (This used to be commit 135d054e831cd0f5962acc05d03b38360b73827e)
      adds  ad54a56   credentials.c:
      adds  5a3ea52   pipes.c:
      adds  7d82c24   moved the array macros outside of the CAREFUL_ALIGNMENT define. (This used to be commit d9fcf11aa04ff04dcbccd628322240f8324ae51d)
      adds  3dd03e4   added #ifdef NTDOMAIN.  added call to api_ntLsarpc instead of api_Lsarpc in ipc.c iff NTDOMAIN is defined. (This used to be commit 7bc4c4c27bf18ce3f632d230dc919ea341b5abb0)
      adds  f3f44f7   local.h: Fix spelling mistake :-). namedbsubnet.c: Stop registering 1x name unless we can be a local master. reply.c: Remove ERRbaddirectory code. server.c: Remove abort() - use exit_server() instead. trans2.c: Remove ERRbaddirectory code. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 76247228896d39312ba896fa229076be3271e2e4)
      adds  12f2c00   Added definition of oplocks parameter. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit f9df5ac008e368af86addee058f75c7e79ca74ce)
      adds  502a377   Added in oplock info. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 229b6c409240a8dca9172702b8fefb31aa3b13a1)
      adds  805749b   nmblookup.c: Added -A ability to do status on ip address. smb.h: Added defines we will need for NT SMB calls. trans2.c: Fixed SMB_QUERY_FILE_ALT_NAME_INFO return - this is only for short name returns (and only used when you negotiate NT SMB calls to boot !). Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 53915bd160eda8c099482ddcef74d1d7606e752b)
      adds  1ece349   fixed the log wrapping bug.
      adds  14aa3c0   corrected paragraph giving the impression that samba can be a domain master for multiple workgroups. (This used to be commit 37a8a5c4c69f051fa1b60f85db1f0ea6360bbba2)
      adds  ced71f2   After generating some discussion, listening to the opinions, and thinking it over, I've decided to move the tree & list code into a subdirectory. CRH (This used to be commit d8d063d29b52697070efb182d573d519e13c2e53)
      adds  aaeb11a   After generating some discussion, listening to the opinions, and thinking about it for a while, I've decided to move the tree & list code into a separate subdirectory. (This used to be commit 6fffcff57d20690546a545ddd95a5d3d2c329715)
      adds  33d8f5e   This is the ubiqx binary tree and linked list library. This library is being included as part of the Samba distribution. (Hurray!) (This used to be commit 3590a783338defa4ff1385b2d5bb095c5051ac82)
      adds  c5e739f   Makefile:
      adds  23cac10   I have to admit that I'm not very good at writing Makefiles. This one will simply create an object file from each of the .c files in the directory.  These could be linked into a static library, but I'm not sure that this is worthwhile.  If anyone wants to improved on what I've got here, please do!  crh -)----- (This used to be commit 5e521438292472c816527d4ee7c6dff7e3c217ea)
      adds  b94ddf0   ipc.c :
      adds  7f296a8   added lsa_reply_srv_pwset() (This used to be commit 0d043cfef289ee82287bb6014a164ba83ca87f30)
      adds  422c54f   added api_lsa_sam_logon() and api_sam_logoff().  that's it.  lots of run-time debugging, now. (This used to be commit 75f32987d8599d10b294dc4e0c0160eecda7296b)
      adds  7fcc737   the usual (This used to be commit 2ade5b2706b884fbca2a5794912280a58bc41a08)
      adds  ee31a4c   Updated mirrors, combined Sources and Sources&Binaries as our binaries are now with our sources. Have requested that mirror sites remove the old 'binaries' tree. Paul. (This used to be commit 453a543f2ab6b18d505ea6bfc749dc127ab602cf)
      adds  f0340f4   updated Sunsite UK. (Paul) (This used to be commit 15a987b9b84293e0c921388b63519e0cf320601f)
      adds  9160c85   namelogon.c :
      adds  13ff49e   JHT ==> Luke, your forgot to change the modified date! (This used to be commit 1e2fe7c0db0386cb6a007b11ceae53d04e9b8658)
      adds  b6dd030   remove { and } from the list of illegal characters in filenames. The CIFS3 spec does not list them as illegal.
      adds  ecd462f   Added Finland ftp mirror (PR#175) (Paul) (This used to be commit b1ba290f2ee8c4317e0daf7b6ae18caa82331cc2)
      adds  a26037a   added debugging macros (suitable eventually for use in tcpdump, hopefully) (This used to be commit 946d73cf838976b905550288cac3aea7c43959f6)
      adds  60575a8   ipc.c:
      adds  78f6bc4   updated rpc header reply: callid wrong; alloc hint a uint32 not a uint16. still doesn't get rid of the netlogon trans2 request with zero data. (This used to be commit 0cf67955f09d99c452bfc3fdde00dcea98e21db1)
      adds  db20ab9   getting somewhere.
      adds  95625a9   updated the "comment =" entry a bit
      adds  0b04310   align_offset() adjusted pointer to wrong location.  oops. (This used to be commit ba28678e3f673cd10d936f59ff0df6a852aca793)
      adds  6032ec8   JHT ==> Removed linefeed that caused problems. (This used to be commit 534b4c6d371eff6fdbcbcf5fafa3b79d3116b544)
      adds  2259e56   byteorder.h :
      adds  081dcc7   checked in a file with a compile error.  oops! (This used to be commit 28d96c7e6de19a28346d406ccc6fc8b00305903b)
      adds  369de02   JHT ==> Getting ready for 1.9.18alpha1. examples/smb.conf.default: 	added line "share modes = no" to netlogon share parameter list
      adds  2225fe1   debug info added (This used to be commit a3f96555b47265b8cd4d1f735af58375e2591d56)
      adds  a25205b   reverted a change made by Luke at his request.
      adds  fcc885e   debugging... no idea what i'm doing. (This used to be commit d7a9a02e0a9e1e791810c24bcfcbd39a6bd7dac5)
      adds  1035aa9   split pipes.c down into util, netlog and ntlsa. (This used to be commit 8fe02c239d70497af449ed0cdf1a32de10021ba1)
      adds  106410a   resolving some of the confusion over credentials. (This used to be commit 9d1f45ca6bbdeeef448ccb55e1275c6f9ec59820)
      adds  c87abfc   put a check around become_user().  doesn't authenticate the user, but doesn't quit the whole pipe, either... (This used to be commit 14f0c2ddb05a690e671efad8c47da9ff1e39c8ce)
      adds  8c3fedf   lsa_io_r_req_chal() - challenge is not 4-byte aligned after the unicode                       strings. (This used to be commit 717bcd6e3457f355583b4508d1f4edc9a52650df)
      adds  23c448b   another alignment of client challenge: this one in lsa_io_q_auth_2(). there are going to be a few of these... (This used to be commit 3db1fe79c300f17d087c85c7e768a8d11c0f7661)
      adds  cdd01aa   Added fixes for become_user braindamage. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 08afa51f5c80f3da983781774378bc1646c431d7)
      adds  9f6a10d   Broke my own rule about checking in uncompiled source :-(. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9fd056c91196746e09f220a15171f3c97791dcce)
      adds  657fc88   changed *(uint32*)(clnt_cred) to SIVAL(clnt_cred, ....) (This used to be commit 0056b154435e9d2a3fd2be37f7c3afd9e3fbfd87)
      adds  eadada9   docs/DIAGNOSIS.txt: 	Added comment right up front about "your server is being unfriendly" 	type error messages.
      adds  6084046   credentials, query info reply. (This used to be commit 9b095887df204393090d7da9a47508685ddd5163)
      adds  8fe499f   byteorder.h:
      adds  d4605d5   Added a copy of the LGPL to the samba/ubiqx/ directory. (This used to be commit 28de393878872081bac3a0b3ca82d915eae56701)
      adds  5ca38ba   pipentlsa.c :
      adds  f915115   Added a very small piece of documentation to describe the binary tree modules. (This used to be commit 781be1daac75092666c1753f21871f2923a6f775)
      adds  e3d56eb   First draft of a README file to explain the origins of the "ubiqx" code. (This used to be commit df3bafd0c488760b1909329c899102d92a2fe16b)
      adds  4a9e9a4   These are the ubiqx modules, as included with the Samba distribution. Updated the linked list module, which has new and changed macros. (This used to be commit 2181d929d1757aa523e7afaf0e8c232a51e68d30)
      adds  91e56c7   force the salt to be a maximum of 2 characters long in calls to crypt()
      adds  be73ce8   fixed a stack overflow bug in api_lsa_req_chal()
      adds  9d3cce7   fixed the freeze on logout bug. The fix has several parts:
      adds  cc0f55b   added loopback_ip. This is used to detect packets from ourselves (This used to be commit eb76fea411c5c3aa96b7158d02b49ed42ec7ba70)
      adds  54c3f7b   add the port number to a debug statement (This used to be commit 97d06dd05e952a134be26ec5998ec4b8d38991dd)
      adds  1860d62   the usual proto.h update (This used to be commit bdf3155418be02e2fe4daa1d2538f236be414e98)
      adds  df4afea   added srvsvc basic pipe, straight from paul's code.  does NETSHAREENUM and NETSERVERGETINFO. (This used to be commit 96b17b829fc787c15cd366eca604c09d68b5b900)
      adds  5619b53   Added ubi_sLinkList module which manages simple singly-linked lists. (This used to be commit e55a3dc94a824b61a7123b080705be2271268ee4)
      adds  d838452   smb.h smbparse.c pipenetlog.c :
      adds  359d42c   ipc.c: Adding Andrews become_root code to the main branch. locking.c: Adding Andrews become_root code to the main branch. pipes.c: Fixing the close_file issue. proto.h: The usual. reply.c: Move smb_pass into NTDOMAIN defined code. Fixing the close_file issue. server.c: Fixing the close_file issue. trans2.c: Fixing the close_file issue. uid.c: Adding Andrews become_root code to the main branch. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 16fd4337f79ce33f9105 [...]
      adds  4aedb4a   I got fed up trying to put the tree and list stuff into a subdirectory, so I've started to move them into the main directory. (This used to be commit 4691a94d3c657321d29231f062aed714dfe4ac26)
      adds  b525c17   This code manages a simple doubly-linked list. (This used to be commit a88ae60fc33e3598f46dfc38e930e261d5e06888)
      adds  50147ca   Made changes to the dir cache functions: - They now use the ubi_dLinkList linked list code.   This is not a big gain, I suppose.  It would be significant if there   were lots of doubly-linked lists in the code and I replaced them all.   The only other advantage is that the code is more modular, which   appeals to my own sense of order, if no one elses.  :-} - I allocate space for the entry structure and the strings in one go,   instead of using malloc() and separate  [...]
      adds  98f6293   Don't need it any more. (This used to be commit 905b2b9562a8c82696d38024ec42aa38ca990277)
      adds  c3ceabc   Moved the LGPL from the ubiqx directory into the samba root directory and renamed it COPYING.LGPL.  This is because the ubi_* files are under LGPL, not regular GPL. Removed the last few things from the ubiqx directory and deleted it. (This used to be commit 31d50db98bbb3b64400d432e386056f7963b7d8d)
      adds  69eea4f   fixed the problem that browsing breaks if you put quote marks around the server string option.
      adds  b676826   Added Michael Johnsons' PAM modifications <johnsonm at redhat.com> This patch has been checked over. JHT (This used to be commit c84a043f89ccba001597962cd03e2f2a634c4b08)
      adds  ae9b654   add ERRDOS/67 ERRnosuchshare to the client.c list of error strings (This used to be commit 1cccd7c519b8a706567477629bee70f7b7267b5c)
      adds  0d7bdcb   inside the auth 2 response bits, i wasn't storing the received client credentials for the calculation of the next credentials: i was storing the auth 2 calculated credentials.
      adds  820b704   dealing with some stack overflow bug somewhere around the use of deal_with_credentials() by moving important code to the beginning of the function :-) :-) :-).
      adds  eb7f4cb   smb.h :
      adds  4fe2399   added -a "append log" option (This used to be commit 4b7d51ffb8cf23662e0e58a785620a0652da5a7c)
      adds  d2dc777   document -a "append log" option (This used to be commit 51182b915268ed1af516090a6230fb8eee252691)
      adds  008b773   fix the handling of negative name query responses and the handling of packets with no answer section in general.
      adds  34e2b01   remove a spurious error message from nmbd. The message was:
      adds  f657f37   set the wrong info level (0x0C00 0000 instead of 0xC000 0000) so that nt got confused and thought that the server password had been set instead of refused.  this is for the SRV_PWSET response. (This used to be commit f9fbcad42ec20da56466054e1984e391d03b3204)
      adds  f3c37f9   smbparse.c smb.h :
      adds  9e46265   pipenetlog.c lsaparse.c smb.h :
      adds  545d6e5   make_unihdr() was setting the length to 1/2 the required value. (This used to be commit 4c99a083b9555b1ccf16faf0d4c1fba8f52bbb6a)
      adds  10087a6   Simply moved the #include for ubi_dLinkList.h from within dir.c to includes.h.  More consistent with current practice. (This used to be commit cb51c860b352fb9d07fb3298d0317274ba6c9925)
      adds  135add3   put the new example config file in here as well (This used to be commit b75580a6bd5a5607f6901915ae0f5357015bd274)
      adds  a0a28db   add a note about running testparm after modifying smb.conf (This used to be commit 92e7092af1daf9349ca9fb00cd27c0ddc21b37d9)
      adds  c336a2f   .cvsignore: Added make_smbcodepage interface.c: Added is_local_net(). locking.c: Added Fix for zero length share files from Gerald Werner <wernerg at mfldclin.edu>            plus a race condition fix for the fix. nameannounce.c: Made function static. namedbresp.c: extern int ClientDGRAM removed - not used. namedbserver.c: extern int ClientDGRAM removed - not used. namedbsubnet.c: Added code to make sockets per subnet. namepacket.c: Added code to read from all sockets & [...]
      adds  07c5077   After talking with Andrew added "interfaces only" parameter that turns off the filtering on the broadcast socket by default. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit db9aad07481f48c0fe2108d4ab0b2bc9b632816c)
      adds  4e49cb8   Fixed small typo. (This used to be commit 2b15116a9ab48381445a6b7fb4352f71bf8860c0)
      adds  0225c88   put the NT_STATUS_ALLOTTED_SPACE_EXCEEDED error in instead of 0x99. whatever that means. (This used to be commit ce54f3a7a965b0a9f888dc45d6f4633609d5ca08)
      adds  360676d   add a section on encryption and change the formatting a bit (This used to be commit cdf4aa565302df07b0232c52506ab77be968f80d)
      adds  30ed3b5   pipes.c pipesrvsvc.c :
      adds  baddbcd   Added comment submitted by Frank Varnavas. (This used to be commit 7d8c0b60f19fb503619e3bdcde7aaa144e56dcd4)
      adds  b0c1487   added the following structures:
      adds  54ffd7f   Makefile :
      adds  7aa5495   creating NetShareEnum parsing / reply creation.  compiles, but untested. (This used to be commit 0a191ee5047b2c81c7adb0554c39ec43d8690230)
      adds  0c1d45d   debugging the srvsvc Net Share Enum.  some padding issues; some string length issues.  it works! (This used to be commit 80523a3e83191c9e0b930fc71bd502a94a6f1b19)
      adds  02674ea   update the timestamp on config files in our linked list when we notice they have changed, otherwise we keep reading them again and again (This used to be commit 38c07fa932488542dbb687f8e0eca192d5f38a8e)
      adds  62b73f0   move calls to smbhash() inside smbdes.c (for legal reasons) (This used to be commit 9dfab27da3634539e99eb48c85dd5a64212e7005)
      adds  7d711a6   I am removing these from the source code in preparation for an upcoming 1.9.18alpha release. We can't release with this code in there as it currently stands as it might breach ITAR export restrictions in the US.
      adds  f4b4b3e   casting cleanups (This used to be commit ab849a97821c9e1f199eea8ea2ec477687bed947)
      adds  3e670e4   a major share modes reorganisation.
      adds  65ae392   Fixed Upper/Lower case typos. (This used to be commit 53a8a6ced58429886fef019a56c9059e0dcb6622)
      adds  423a7c4   util.c password.c :
      adds  dc9999e   removed home_share from user_info structure. (This used to be commit c59b8cee4721eeeb79f07f48ac17492530d4cdb1)
      adds  da4dbba   updated briefly to mention NT domain support as working, but experimental. (This used to be commit 9dc6fa1869b5be3c3032b6f7a1b3195292927040)
      adds  dd2cc17   Added DNS Proxy, Printing, [netlogon] share modes = no. (This used to be commit 7b3340c78dd9654d6f8e04196be6cd9e826daaf6)
      adds  67cf727   NTDOMAIN.txt:
      adds  6355a22   added copyright to headers. (This used to be commit 38287a59ae1d4053d4cd2f53a141a5c826c21efd)
      adds  246cd60   added description of parameters:
      adds  77a9385   added "domain groups" parameter, allowing you to specify the groups that the user belongs to.
      adds  79f4fb5   loadparm.c: Changed 'interfaces only' parameter to 'bind interfaces only'. Added             'dos filetimes' parameter for UTIME fix. locking_shm.c: Fixed typo (sorry Andrew :-). namepacket.c: Changed lp_interfaces_only() to lp_bind_interfaces_only(). proto.h: The usual. reply.c: Made filetime calls use new file_utime call (wrapper for sys_utime). server.c: Made filetime calls use new file_utime call (wrapper for sys_utime). system.c: Added Andrew's sanity checks to  [...]
      adds  a6929fa   Adding make_smbcodepage.1 man page. Updated smb.conf with dos filetimes. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit c4a4a9016ea5654c5d945a935e60d4f1f3b073e5)
      adds  ea92c8d   add some debug info (This used to be commit b22fa0d7e3d1158112e03f93a22232e719fe6003)
      adds  ac21902   get rid of the KEEP_PASSWORD_SERVER_OPEN define (This used to be commit ed484d4501e855f467ce2b3cfa63855acfe5e516)
      adds  8adc95a   This is a set of generic SMB client routines. I needed this in a hurry to fix the password server code, so I didn't use SMBlib. This code is fairly generic and uses a "struct cli_state" to hold the client state. (This used to be commit 3a0b5f06f42efdb522f1c5d3d9a4b4afabe03b40)
      adds  0891bb6   rewrote the password server code using the new clientgen.c client interface
      adds  6032872   some cleanups in the clientutil.c code.
      adds  c9ab32c   prototype updates (This used to be commit 2b976cb7ecf50c118bd15923f6500bb8d2e058b7)
      adds  4880c4a   added a note about which netbios name is use in server level security (This used to be commit f02672439554159ee49412731978286865418588)
      adds  8dba4c6   add a note on how to map usernames with spaces in them (This used to be commit 708399e23461f2cce869038ab99d5e5bb54e4a62)
      adds  3700907   Updating an entry.Paul (This used to be commit 1b056ddd9a787de902639b2ed85fe3953a750562)
      adds  0aa3935   fix the order of become_uid() and become_gid() in become_root(). This was a harmless bug but left log entries
      adds  8f13fb0   don't check lp_alternate_permissions() in the new utime workaround code. lp_alternate_permissions() is intended only to affect the display of file permissions, not what you can actually do with the files. (This used to be commit 454802d5922bf2b2c6df1f084e183611937ee5fb)
      adds  bb9ca7f   check for EPERM or EACCESS in file_utime() (This used to be commit afd7592ffd74fbc77f4b177b007291df95f418ef)
      adds  0083afc   damn, I spelt EACCES wrong.
      adds  efe9b26   loadparm.c :
      adds  79b3144   chgpasswd.c: includes.h: SCO changes. server.c: Added code in open_sockets to allow 'bind interfaces only' to           work as documented. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 46ac5928d9069af1dc60e9724f38e228dd578937)
      adds  7985bcf   WHATSNEW.txt: Preparing for 1.9.18alpha2 release. smb.conf.5: Added 'bind interfaces only' parameter. version.h: Updated to 1.9.18alpha2. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 7221e19d5ef4a242ce29d3148957c3e481456934)
      adds  cd8d758   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha2 (This used to be commit 27dbb81dd3ca44b45238d63f2ff3e8da429f9845)
      adds  a5351dd   The ubi_* modules are under LGPL, not standard GPL.  This README explains that. (This used to be commit bc2834c2cc7bda0c1e780d160a73c8b71bfe467f)
      adds  325738b   WHATSNEW.txt: Updated for alpha3. server.c: int16 -> uint16 fix for port comparisons in oplock code.           Needed for Solaris. version.h: Updated to alpha3. Jeremy (jallison at whistle.com) (This used to be commit 2d9645e99ba30a5cce4372ff80d1bd26c516ac34)
      adds  59759f0   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha3 (This used to be commit e4f6ec8c0e2c1ea055cdc811b19feccbc808fd0b)
      adds  988c73b   don't send any statistics in the node status reply (This used to be commit a5f52340a49bb2c4f2cdfa7b3c8b45cc5b0e9ec6)
      adds  bda8cac   updated tel no and email address for my entry. (This used to be commit da4b2bf466cfca31009e02f9b33227c0c4a048b2)
      adds  e5c3191   Implemented asynchronous DNS lookups in nmbd.
      adds  f20e6f6   shared memory code cleanups (partly preparing for a possible sysV shared memory implementation) (This used to be commit 8d1993c71a5d5d32636f62ba9b9a9009ec74d730)
      adds  2e8cedb   loadparm.c :
      adds  5897f04   Makefile client.c clientutil.c clitar.c nmbsync.c :
      adds  a947dff   Makefile client.c :
      adds  d38aba3   client.c :
      adds  5cd52a5   playing about, trying to SMBopenX a \PIPE\NETLOGON (should be a SMBopen) and then send a LSA_REQ_CHAL down it. (This used to be commit 473f21071fad603865358821b83df6b58c9a06a5)
      adds  10e186b   missed one of the files (lsarpc) in the touch and chmod instructions. (This used to be commit c100b39be9bd28498d6fda55eb2ed90af85cd3f6)
      adds  203c93e   general sorting out, from crashes generated by do_lsa_req_chal() in client.c
      adds  310536a   missed nmbsync.c when adding setup count and setup pointer arguments to cli_call_api().  sorting this for jeremy.
      adds  56214b5   commas in the wrong places... (This used to be commit 0ca7a64515065c0d8c47b38ee996901bd5e00020)
      adds  5557ab3   renamed static cli_setup_pkt() to static cli_setup_packet() because it clashed with the currently-used cli_setup_pkt() in clientutil.c (This used to be commit 25560cf40b997e400d16fa0c1380e5bc29c015a5)
      adds  abb255c   Big change to make nmbd code more readable/understandable.
      adds  a12f047   nterr.c :
      adds  be0f2e1   nmblib.c :
      adds  a60ad7b   default server_name if NIS server is unavailable should be the local machine, not a NULL string. (This used to be commit 5b15b17fc6da0e2b496822638edf566dedf3efde)
      adds  96d6187   updated to reflect the current state of play:
      adds  7809548   preparing for release of samba-1.9.18alpha4 (This used to be commit e24465890a2fd87fce4f88b97f7ad84a4cc34d7b)
      adds  1bdf2d8   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha4 (This used to be commit bf5b060bd9d210efe95b3529dfba98c5c49716e0)
      adds  3a25722   update SGI build files to latest source (This used to be commit f492bd51a61cbe6dd4f1971491b760fc7ebd2554)
      adds  390c1f3   Makefile :
      adds  027630f   sam logon query creation functions.  written twice because i deleted it. (This used to be commit 9eee8c2007bf4f7756f6d645a61055101d280316)
      adds  5493293   got the SAM logon request generated, and received a SAM logon response back. YEAH!
      adds  7e56b5a   added correct client-side credential generation / checking to the LSA SAM Logon query.  i think i even got the client-side checking of the response credentials right! (This used to be commit f14c111835e18e361468cc6a1666a02654afe743)
      adds  11ff512   oops! (This used to be commit 2119624010e599359f4829cce6800bb0c55d281e)
      adds  b370173   latest version (This used to be commit 48c4eec98defc2ade02fe7be1539367a53cbee98)
      adds  5f985d7   updated to describe smbclient work recently done. (This used to be commit afa790f14cc11b7be110d767e2395a819cf8ceb4)
      adds  326da27   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha5 (This used to be commit 1b17455066098104b9b0907a58195328c6467d71)
      adds  a342ff5   The browse synchronisation code in nmbsync.c now uses the clientgen.c code, which means we don't have to link with a fake getpass routine and we don't have a whole pile of global variables that really have nothing to do with nmbd and were there to keep the client code happy.
      adds  f8c0595   fix some casting errors in smbencrypt and some multiply-defined errors in clientutil.c (Luke, you can't just copy a global variable declaration from one file to another, you need to declare one of them extern) (This used to be commit 944ecbcbd47afcc20e2e408a06d57c7b8d0d86a8)
      adds  2058763   added -U option to nmblookup. This is similar to -B except that it forces the client to send a unicast instead of a broadcast netbios packet. This is useful for diagnostics. (This used to be commit 57e0fac61414c032df35c8a4c0ba4d3a9f55c5b8)
      adds  95b3b14   hooray.  hooray some more.  hooray a lot.  got the client-side working.
      adds  d807001   added mention of compile-time experimentational NT Domain code. (This used to be commit 800a7218bcdf3ce57af0ce0428f96d42edc1d188)
      adds  8047228   Fixed 2 oplock bugs:
      adds  464dc54   also disable read prediction in 1.9.18 (This used to be commit 0f15558efb26b7215540a588dfe8733e9346d407)
      adds  71d648c   change the default file permissions on the SHARE_MEM_FILE* to 0644. smbstatus now gets only read permission on the share files and does no locking.
      adds  8586dda   added LSA Open Policy query and response processing to smbclient (This used to be commit 16cc27852bf54999db4b0a3665b0743d9fe0e74a)
      adds  d94a4a6   documented LSA Open Policy Query. (This used to be commit f5c24c8d9c397d5a7a3f9d0f5dbfd204485f2662)
      adds  f868196   checks against file handle in api_fd_reply().  i don't know what error message should be returned, so i just let it fall through to sending an "api_unsupported" (This used to be commit 85d132da6756da0904fe894ea617b84e38e610ff)
      adds  13291ce   added LSA Query Info Policy. fixed a problem with byte ordering (doing an SIVAL of the setup parameters which was _also_ being done in the creation of the SMB header.  oops). (This used to be commit 541fb82895008cc30477019cdcafed9fdbbeac43)
      adds  44b6fa7   updated header to 1.9.18alpha6 (This used to be commit d4bf6deb5adea982913507ad5089929521274485)
      adds  2a8169f   updated to indicate reported success with NT 3.51 as well as NT 4.0 (This used to be commit 69777caec171c1eafdc6a4958a931efa06a9beab)
      adds  2391c5a   spelling mistake (This used to be commit 81374d30661fb3ad0271e7d2db9eecb7beb3d42b)
      adds  e6ee5fc   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha6 (This used to be commit 28ef0df30efd4011e6a782dc02474b6d4082d6de)
      adds  a030c93   Fixed ntclient.c so it would compile. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 598e98e5612250966696826a98de35356f8f03d8)
      adds  6fc83d5   Fixed bug where we are a WINS server but not a domain master browser. We were doing a name query instead of a name status. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4021a1bf553a20b518595f621f828d8279d05303)
      adds  aee261e   added LSA_Q_CLOSE and LSA_R_CLOSE (also to smb.h).  implemented in smbclient. updated Query Info Policy to report domain name and domain sid for info levels 3 and 5. fixed bug in dom_sid_to_string (idauths decoded wrong).  fixed bug in DOM_SID: subauths are 32 bit not 16. (This used to be commit 2f3cca23e2465ca6a3a31fda005af1fd74f6af92)
      adds  7c20ee0   refuse pathworks type R connect (patch from Stephen Tweedie) (This used to be commit c63fee2b282c8b53f87e63995384602b66a805a6)
      adds  c9fa24b   SYSV IPC implementation of fast share modes.
      adds  e06da92   define USE_SYSV_IPC on a bunch more systems.
      adds  ba4d965   define USE_SYSV_IPC on sunos4 (This used to be commit 6388da22eb95c8bfd3f17f5645bdaa16cfca0c6b)
      adds  e75de8a   lower the default hash size if SEMMSL isn't defined (This used to be commit 9f0be847fdbcf0f8bbd69de6cdf277ae0440bcda)
      adds  d6739a1   define semun for broken solaris sysvipc (This used to be commit 4db076e08bec525ee908a391b22fdc12cc66bc27)
      adds  c79e0ab   fix cast (This used to be commit af13f5e1788b6f81cfcdaeb85dc709458e3d4816)
      adds  9c717c2   fix for broken sunos4 includes (doesn't have SHM_R) (This used to be commit 6ca96782ace2258707f49d204726a00baef9d941)
      adds  f320197   need includes.h to compile on some systems (eg. sunos4) (This used to be commit 7d80e25bb422d841aad81c2b3d76039bba6c9f79)
      adds  79f6701   enable sysv ipc and fast share modes on OSF1 (This used to be commit 3480524e15aba50dd459ac5979eabb8974898e35)
      adds  d8e7942   smb.h smbparse.c pipeutil.c :
      adds  1260eff   Adding printer drivers patch from Jean-Francois Micouleau <Jean-Francois.Micouleau at utc.fr>. We can expand on this after we have tested it out. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fb81a77a63af2c2d524e5f5166024c34b83a0ea2)
      adds  86f4709   tired of updating Makefile - use perl script to generate it now (This used to be commit ce65e1f4cc91db533c26c3ccdba6d4dd3286d22b)
      adds  f0da0c5   removing Makefile and adding perl script to generate it form source tree (This used to be commit eb95385f65bb36528649e205f617a03dc8db2d97)
      adds  3c214a8   mention that Perl is required for build scripts (This used to be commit 9e51c248af8e7845b4ab477893fb07ab7840b7a2)
      adds  8f0316b   Adding Windows 95 printer driver code donated by Jean-Francois.Micouleau at utc.fr. New program, make_printerdef, plus two new parameters :
      adds  0f848f6   Adding PRINTER_DRIVER.txt docs. (This used to be commit 02fc5e756dfb71ad213aacf388563608fbaf7309)
      adds  db12131   Added "printer driver location", "printer driver file" parameters. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c739de26c286ad1c6e19896c7e9757bc584c7fc2)
      adds  ecb952f   Utility code to produce printer definition files from MS files. Part of code to support Windows 95 automated printer driver installs. Written by Jean-Francois Micouleau <Jean-Francois.Micouleau at utc.fr>. (This used to be commit 6e9f817414d6f7bdcb0ea64170d0db34b62651a5)
      adds  fe0a702   byteorder.h :
      adds  b925b3d   added frag field to make_rpc_hdr() function (This used to be commit 6b0e51929495582bc48a4d5fba24aa7c1f7caaf6)
      adds  4fd96fd   clean up the hash entry code a bit. Got rid of lp_shmem_hash_size() and made it private to the 2 shmem implementations. Added new shmops->hash_size() function.
      adds  cb6941a   - don't allow locking to initialise twice - check that it is initialised before de-initialising it! (This used to be commit 68ad7b91999216e5721207b5a79c3a66be7cf420)
      adds  87ea4b9   damn. We need root privilages to do semaphore operations even if we have done the semget() as root.  The problem is that become_root() and unbecome_root() are so slow!
      adds  a2cbf43   split ntclient.c down into appropriate modules. (This used to be commit 50d7e4d6f6b5d770742ee83523d6146cf51f8259)
      adds  0db5b8f   ipc.c :
      adds  ebafb1e   called dump_data() from show_msg(). (This used to be commit 89664898e2457de2986d515f6f476993ee1bbea2)
      adds  651a62e   updated to current version number. (This used to be commit 8eae5cc0fd2ccee1e34cdec5164d53f8afb9c668)
      adds  26f5e4f   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha7 (This used to be commit dceace804ea3efa8de6ab31fb44acdc10d46ed73)
      adds  520878f   ipc.c ntclientpipe.c:
      adds  77cc0d6   typecast in calls to print_asc() wrong (This used to be commit 4088683ee046783678d4f748ddb03b5907d00506)
      adds  1337b61   zero data parameter being passed to smb_io_rpc_hdr(), which couldn't cope. (This used to be commit c0137cd8fe1362beef9ce879cc558869bdf2edfa)
      adds  21fda98   byteorder.h :
      adds  4da6236   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha8 (This used to be commit 48548526e8bef3cdc6f5d202bb6c7849e7862e48)
      adds  cbafcc4   update (This used to be commit 9dd2fcae78042a2777f068d4a574605397402aad)
      adds  a275e5d   removed mechanism that created actual files NETLOGON, lsarpc and the like, which are pipes on the IPC$ connection.
      adds  15e1347   updated documentation as chmodding files /tmp/lsarpc and /tmp/netlogon is not needed any more. (This used to be commit be649198e61b2c2eed7b4a221bbd0bdbab074823)
      adds  6f36232   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha9 (This used to be commit 9212c93beefa83be349b250fe98b65e07d842038)
      adds  628d799   moved ubi_ modules back into the ubiqx directory.
      adds  397e1d6   Chris will be pleased to know that mkproto.awk no longer runs on the ubiqx files :-) (This used to be commit 13d90255928711c05d8e147081afa309b8abf1af)
      adds  f1093ad   Makefiles for libraries.  the dependencies aren't quite right, and i don't know how to sort them.
      adds  739a730   Makefile:
      adds  fcaacea   GLPL notice on the rpc_pipes/ directory (This used to be commit 808a0b1be700eaf074c113f45bb5febf02d41112)
      adds  3e0fb18   Modified Files:         ubiqx/Makefile ubiqx/README.UBI
      adds  55e2dc7   storing pipe name state (from set named pipe handle state call) in the pipes array. (This used to be commit 5335d5cdc4659f4676958f0399e2de29a117c133)
      adds  9fc5056   added a client-side "set named pipe handle state" function.  not known exactly when you call this (before or after a bind).  can sort that out later. (This used to be commit a64ba16db615f83739c147a521ccff3f7c42987b)
      adds  e77e5e6   blanked out these files, so that if someone does make proto, they don't interfere with the files in the rpc_pipes/ directory.
      adds  d5fdd84   - cleanup some warnings
      adds  f0b2473   removing the files that are now in rpc_pipes
      adds  48d07d5   this is now in the rpc_pipes directory (This used to be commit 642ef3c78ad6d1c75ac127ff2169a9081a1c1454)
      adds  ad5c8ba   no Makefile needed here either (This used to be commit 4d9cd22c9e885a3b1535ab4d80f0622121abc7a6)
      adds  23c6803   pm_process() never closed the file (a memory and file descriptor leak) (This used to be commit 0d9b0d0fffc2b11fe4897b8b99f321fc7d9a143c)
      adds  30c0469   OSF1 doesn't define union semun either. (This used to be commit af7700aa2e3c736f86ae3217a424dfb0910f5f45)
      adds  88bd62c   define NO_SEMUN for svr4 (This used to be commit a43fa71a5fa740ae8757989c4177f21d8193de94)
      adds  4400805   change from * to ^ in hashing of device/inode. Using * meant that if the device number happened to divide the number of hash buckets we would only use a small fraction of the hash buckets, which would slow things down. (This used to be commit 623ffd701f2f966875d396d8b2df74f0cf874cda)
      adds  bc5e2a1   Update file for automatically generating a release (This used to be commit 01df21c22d567a0cc6d69a03fd3246dcfd92217d)
      adds  03deca0   re-initialise the timezone on each new connection. This means you don't need to restart smbd after a DST change. (This used to be commit 2a50d5d5ed4ca7d2b546d7337ec88c527ec82689)
      adds  264b1e0   some locking code cleanups (This used to be commit 6d77311d6cecabafb86c02e26b30724425ef6208)
      adds  92fcced   don't use SEM_UNDO because of ridiculously small undo limits on some OSes. Instead add explicit checks for dead locks at startup. (This used to be commit 79858d610c37675b9dc56a949723053ac9b67620)
      adds  0024725   change a debug level (This used to be commit d8b896a90fb693187a11456e46971c873e9f0d60)
      adds  224c40a   a simple SMB torture tester. This will allow us to evaluate locking techniques more accurately. (This used to be commit 054e3b2ae3a8cfb98fde72becef9b05de34d2ba7)
      adds  6a0590d   set O_CREAT on lock file (This used to be commit 32fecea63b892e0a15c398cfc65d53c4ece74d86)
      adds  9b1b141   updating to latest version (This used to be commit 4525c3b6e57bcc7b878eb4194e21603f33e9d7ea)
      adds  c533c07   client.c clientutil.c proto.h rpc_pipes/ntclientlsa.c rpc_pipes/ntclientnet.c rpc_pipes/ntclientpipe.c :
      adds  87f045b   added instructions advising people to set up 1.9.18alpha as a Win95 Domain Logon server, with encrypted passwords *prior* to trying out the NT Domain Logons. (This used to be commit f39608ec065503920aafed9655178ce36e67f1f9)
      adds  18f3226   updated version number. (This used to be commit 4de4571855d8c9695035beaa3353bdd9c9a0eb78)
      adds  cc17cd3   mention of GLPL for the rpc_pipe/ directory (This used to be commit f49eb1e03780f7c5e6355517b8f6134c571be246)
      adds  8e873b4   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha10 (This used to be commit fa251b7eba48c9ef2d8d3d798ce5b99c8508c243)
      adds  87cada5   minor async DNS cleanups
      adds  60e8211   don't print the progress so often - it slows down the client too much (This used to be commit cc6e7706635ba4bf044ebd5a525113c1b2fd93e3)
      adds  4fe3b2c   to avoid any possibility of the pipe getting full and blocking we now only allow one query in the async dns pipe at a time. The others are queued in the parent. (This used to be commit f1004dd52adb29d088f0725e2c940ed44d3a764f)
      adds  d186100   fix comments (This used to be commit b3fd976b6c5c8342d04d87a7523864b09918d260)
      adds  56eece1   got rid of redundent rpc_pipes/rpc_proto.h (This used to be commit 1a454f818841bf016ff04fd70cd73a5964d56f2e)
      adds  4012c1c   convert the credentials code back to uchar[8] from uint32[2]
      adds  e67c2e9   fix some uchar/char conflicts (This used to be commit c164681dfe2ad9623a59f01eea914bf27d4801e5)
      adds  eebb68b   loadparm.c :
      adds  ab75bce   documented "domain hosts allow/deny" parameters (This used to be commit adf3119245148d517913efb549e8b88d5ba66b39)
      adds  16dea68   updated (This used to be commit 34325448542e307198635a15d5ff3bc895c24413)
      adds  73b4787   updated (This used to be commit f39fe3b62dd869f218bd8a2c66de7b91c0044192)
      adds  b26623b   Christian Lademann's contribution:  new capabilities in smb.conf.
      adds  083a3be   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha11 (This used to be commit cadd772df72aa13018ea6e909ed0d7e294f24b5e)
      adds  4039df6   added code that _uses_ arcfour.  arcfour itself, or anything remotely like it, has *not* been added.
      adds  cdc6099   Rolling back the files loadparm.c : to equivalent to version 1.67 reply.c : to equivalent to version 1.69 server.c : to equivalent to version 1.122 util.c : to equivalent to version 1.98
      adds  028679f   smb.h :
      adds  bd83f46   add NO_SEMUN for HP
      adds  52fa04d   Change to always register the WORKGROUP<1e> name as does Win95. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 313fdcd3e99e0fa2bd44b30545cf32e36cd13119)
      adds  ba5086d   no asm/signal.h for linux as this is not portable
      adds  3670f3d   change from %D to %m/%d/%Y in timestring(). This doesn't really matter as it is only for logging but it will prevent people from writing in to say that we are not y2k compliant after running auto-diagnostic tests. (This used to be commit b4e55cd4765085fc2465c6ff757094e05eabc51e)
      adds  ec35f1c   local.h: Added OPLOCK_BREAK_TIMEOUT_FUDGEFACTOR. proto.h: The usual. server.c: Added timestring() messages to oplock logs. Added fix           to allow file open processing to continue is an oplock           break message times out. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c45369217169fac261b32db71469c007db4b4a03)
      adds  bd529d7   following a cvs error, i am rewriting this monster-commit.  with bad grace.
      adds  36e5b64   ipc.c: Changing back arbitrary alignment change until I know *why* luke changed it. proto.h: The usual. uid.c: Fix crash bug when attaching with smbclient -mCORE. A vuid pointer was being used when it was null. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ff94f97cf2b0f62cbbddbfd3d126df7f4d649334)
      adds  f9bbcb3   Modified Files: 	mangle.c server.c proto.h
      adds  b9c6add   ipc.c :
      adds  0299049   local time discrepancies between the date on my computer and the date on chris' computer (probably about four minutes) meant that chris' commits didn't get downloaded when i did a cvs update.
      adds  a90d206   added two more sets of tests to the smbtorture test. The tests I added are ones that I know Samba fails. They are:
      adds  fbb57e5   a few more tests added, including one that tests whether the server understand the full range of byte offsets in locking requests. Samba doesn't (due to the 31 bit limitation in fcntl locking) (This used to be commit af1f408a05a42a7ec5c2f4cc5b67c08b3c6cf61f)
      adds  a81dd62   mod_smbpasswd() was junking the smbpasswd file... uninitialised variable warnings. (This used to be commit 1b0bd98bb3bfd3d8cd02e8983e825199e839ec05)
      adds  e357d91   attempting to mark up 32 bit error codes, needed for NT domains. separated out smb server-mode password validation into a separate file. added called and calling netbios names to client gen state: referenced section in rfc1002.txt. created workstation trust account checking code in ntclient.c
      adds  cc51294   byteorder.h :
      adds  77aec4a   Rolled back tree state to 11:59pm 8th November 1997 EST to remove problems. Jeremy (This used to be commit 4a36ac236c2ad634f05efcd0179875d09988614a)
      adds  c2d2a17   Removed pwd_validate.c as no longer in main branch. Jeremy (This used to be commit 5a4a936b2c1eb6659980c69f6d05b45b14e63735)
      adds  5c3f9f4   auto-create the locks directory on startup (This used to be commit a0ab8fe54c27d9f25266c5abfd60458827500dfd)
      adds  daa6189   Left global_oplock_break set while request to break oplock is outstanding to client. Done to allay Andrews' fears about readbraw crossing on the wire :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2fe8a730d9eeadca22ed1424014181e193ce3d52)
      adds  5b6d9d4   fixed a bug which caused nmbd to core dump.  The problem was incorrect parameters to cli_NetServerEnum() (This used to be commit 628d5895aa8a6add1a76bcf2561d01881b7c8c63)
      adds  30dfa00   added code to test the cli_NetServerEnum() function in clientgen.c (This used to be commit 4933ba49b55a9a438b006c977c7ab6f5960065a3)
      adds  9f80455   loadparm.c : Added "veto oplock files" parameter. make_printerdef.c: Fixed warning. quotas.c: Fixed irix root errors. server.c: Fixed oplock reference count bug. smb.h: Added IS_VETO_OPLOCK_PATH(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit c28487df63e29bc0f8d2ece876a07a2a076d4c73)
      adds  eb97fc7   don't do the mapping for group names if the name type is 0x1c. This allows remote logon servers when using a Samba WINS server.
      adds  689ed34   ipc.c: Changed reply_trans to use receive_next_smb() to cope        with local message processing. reply.c: Added check to reply_lockingX for chain after oplock break. server.c: Added receive_next_smb(). trans2.c: Changed reply_trans2 to use receive_next_smb() to cope        with local message processing. (This used to be commit f4ae644e13f2c4479dfc94c77c0a8295edf54086)
      adds  e4f9da8   fixed typo (This used to be commit 02721a9f1be6aed11a68b70c910056f054c64f67)
      adds  6a6653f   changed nmblookup to only set recursion_desired in queries if the -R option is used. (This used to be commit 4561b8242e12c63401d008e7fdb2442457bd366d)
      adds  31e8936   added some debug lines to the rename code (This used to be commit ee3042eefb47bbdbefc83ab3f0f407c7dea4d8a0)
      adds  e8f3f79   use LocTimeDiff() not TimeDiff() to ensure that longdate conversion is consistent (this is really just a cosmetic change) (This used to be commit 30b84bb68bfbfb022decc36c1b4869a39a06e556)
      adds  4e92c7d   Added in mods for new smb.conf "remote browse sync" option as posted to the samba-1.9.17 tree moments ago. (This used to be commit 2ee25cd117a116d0304960780d6c197f39d25a3d)
      adds  5a1c907   Just fixed a *serious* bug in nameelect.c to do with local master browsers. Once we have become a local master, we would *NEVER* stop announcing ourselves as such. This has serious implications for the new nmbd code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8e8d239d9e112bf1eb32f4ec1657ff505a34d934)
      adds  51f20ad   added true enumerated types in loadparm.c. Now we don't need all those "interpret_security" and similar functions. This also means that testparm produces string values for these enumerated types rather than an integer. This was done to make the web interface much cleaner.
      adds  ab3f446   the usual :-) (This used to be commit d6467d44b14f4bc683b839d520b4df38719bf2c0)
      adds  a5d239e   fixed some typecasts of (char *) to (unsigned char *) (This used to be commit c98ba8c748bd852ff609cec5510cd5a013f51fd2)
      adds  8d971f1   this new cgi code includes the ability to act as a mini web server, allowing people to use web configuration of Samba without installing a web server (This used to be commit b4e05c360e77cbf27a95920b613bfe6bc874ea1b)
      adds  8bf0f35   added a test for the NT SMBgetatr bug in smbtorture
      adds  74f06e4   minor wsmbconf and cgi changes (This used to be commit bca9c49e6f24c2ee79cbb9b6ebf69d6647146fc1)
      adds  a1c5442   test SMBsetatr as well (This used to be commit 2f29c24ba721e417828efca57011ed45892191a5)
      adds  c16d132   added some QPATHINFO and QFILEINFO tests into smbtorture.
      adds  931d015   added a SMB_QUERY_FILE_ALL_INFO test into smbtorture
      adds  ebe7c7a   added cli_rmdir and cli_mkdir
      adds  df46de4   Remind them to read the man page about needing to be root. (This used to be commit 9ccd76e64d396c5c7f1da7346196476ca9a21eb8)
      adds  e54a611   get rid of stat command (it is a hangover from an old experiment) (This used to be commit 8ced76c4c71c67c54bf0deedff5a7adfca04e4f3)
      adds  6c158ad   oh no! my favourite hack is broken. You can't do:
      adds  f822c17   fixed a very nasty oplock bug. We could send oplock break requests on files that aren't open if the file happened to close while the oplock was in transit. We would end up sending a oplock break request on another random file (actually the open file that happened to have the highest fnum). Then we wouldn't get a response, so smbd would keep sending and would actually flood the net with an infinite number of oplock break requests! (This used to be commit 0da20e0aecbf3 [...]
      adds  bca5c72   there was a bug in my oplock bugfix :-)
      adds  f4e60aa   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha12 (This used to be commit 9cac33a13dc7c4890628436b80f6cbd8361deab2)
      adds  7f2cd86   get_entries is an int not a bool (This used to be commit 84215c9b91f3c5130b172a3bbc83c7ddd66c5cb8)
      adds  7c025b6   pass the mailslot name to process_logon_packet()
      adds  cf9d07c   added a sent_oplock_break element to Files[] as a paranoia check so we can't sent a oplock break twice on the same file.
      adds  ec8e33c   use -1 not 0xffffffff in SIVALS() macros
      adds  7da2663   don't display locks for dead processes in smbstatus (This used to be commit c7df484ef6d746fb1f5b53007ee04fa54e5f2223)
      adds  15a6097   clientgen.c: Added cli_mv() (used in a recent torture test). reply.c: Changed reply_open_and_X to split out the oplock request bits from core and extended and if an oplock was granted only set the corresponding bit on reply. server.c: Added code to dynamically allocate i/o buffers in oplock_break (prevents recursion problems) , also made reset of sent_oplock_break explicit. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 16e55ee2b8be9a4210d8cf87691cdf42373759d2)
      adds  bea2394   the logon script example should use %U.bat not %u.bat (This used to be commit e57275dd193d648458293b25f0cc3c7179f26536)
      adds  365f1ea   dded error checking to scripts (This used to be commit b7e1265f106010e03d92575f4578162ec659994b)
      adds  ceb047f   remove stutter from closing instructions (This used to be commit 358fcbf2e4ca274d7ef34e3cac0bc7fd72732ec5)
      adds  00b5a07   fix for systems that don't have PWD environment variable defined (This used to be commit f67e21f73ffa3bbb1f3bffae709219c86be236f6)
      adds  c4aaa6b   asyncdns.c: Removed warning when compiling with -DSYNC_DNS. nameelect.c: Tidied up settings of work->ServerType when unbecoming things. nmbd.c: Fixed pidFile warning. server.c: Fixed pidFile warning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 94d53dcac5d06e48be5cea9d54625da795f62d20)
      adds  0e6a7ca   Documented the 'veto oplock files' parameter. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0263f333f22d2f7f90a155ff19915ff58929bba0)
      adds  7b10574   dont try getpeername() when Client isn't initialised (This used to be commit a32ca542ad294ecc3848ca511337a8cc994d67be)
      adds  c65bcc2   get rid of some things out of smb.h that are already in local.h (This used to be commit d55df52487ca6786f1635276b2787857a772219a)
      adds  7097597   HPUX trusted systems need to use bigcrypt() not crypt() (This used to be commit 979eaf9e9c4dd58f1371597585d4cd64841febd0)
      adds  6a012a8   the default GUEST_ACCOUNT should be here not in smb.h (This used to be commit 13c2f432d61381a055378d303dfc8806ea4eea42)
      adds  a53d7c1   changing the comment in find_new_file() to say why a base of 1 is used (This used to be commit 2b0f3fd14908411472be032ad09144cb71c55479)
      adds  f97a49c   add the null string to SMBsetatr calls (This used to be commit fbb2be050ded099741345a101ba13e6b12ebc823)
      adds  1463cb1   fixed the help message for -p (someone complained!) (This used to be commit c779ed654ec7d9f1fc870476a05d2294e8c0faea)
      adds  3e23d79   fix toupper(c) on a already uppercase char and tolower(c) on an already lowercase char when using code pages. Jeremy, can you confirm that this looks right?  It comes from PR#1992 (This used to be commit 157fde339695d3185ecf857187e981edd06a8b65)
      adds  bd1abc6   hopefully handle "ready and waiting" messages in print queue output a little better (This used to be commit 465edceecf86cafd225e5662b01242f87f0bd603)
      adds  cc12fc6   I'm slowly getting though the todo list :-)
      adds  11d7f4a   make the "printing" option a per share option rather than global. When printing to lots of different sorts of remote printers this is useful (This used to be commit 7a88bed4a5ca8afe1f2836f7f9a019db01bf998e)
      adds  69460b4   allow users to disable the NetWkstaUserLogon call in server level security by changing a setting in local.h or adding it to their Makefile. See comment in local.h (This used to be commit cc10fdf7583ec644850445ad96afd8b22b71e86f)
      adds  2b8247d   add a warning if the timezone is not a multiple of 1 minute. This should catch broken timezone files in slackware linux. (This used to be commit ce37bd9dcaeaf0c5e97845954342762ebaf43b10)
      adds  0aa493c   loadparm.c: Added lp_we_are_a_wins_server as an alias for lp_wins_support. Used by the new nmbd and just makes more sense :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7a2a45eae2e9a930d3243498d4e66cc2f5e4d370)
      adds  87df234   allow local_machine and remote_machine (%L and %m macros) to contain spaces (This used to be commit 93f0619e049d1598db0c3022aeccf33910b0550f)
      adds  02bc90e   change the "username map" option to allow the user to stop the processing part way through the file if a match is found. If a line starts with ! and a match is made by that line then processing stops. This allows better wildcard handling.
      adds  7a668a7   applied a patch from Norm Jacobs to allow "printcap name = lpstat" to use lpstat to obtain the printer list on systemV systems.
      adds  e94d563   put the default PRINTCAP_NAME def in includes.h not local.h so that it can see the SYSV definitions (This used to be commit e439115366804982af6faba75714dbe2626edead)
      adds  d3046ca   slight cleanup to the linked list handling (This used to be commit 97b62b347648411d034ab91845ae607eca4dfad6)
      adds  63a35dc   Makefile.lib does nothing, so remove it (This used to be commit 4800a02a92d9451d3bd51e7b9e366e4e60a3789e)
      adds  28f37ef   don't use free and alloc as structure elements (This used to be commit f7066355b00a169423b4f64f58567e19b52abc1b)
      adds  5000693   added optonal MEM_MAN code (This used to be commit b524c8da5141e3e030e14b3a0167fa5c7ae91396)
      adds  c81a3b8   got rid of the WRAP_MALLOC code - mem_man does it better (This used to be commit d9bb3a4eba9c630370fea0fa297b176fd2afb532)
      adds  bb97a6a   allow for zero size reads in asyncdns. These can happen after a signal (This used to be commit 8bac91a6e7a3601b093cb64e9cb3bcc1663fb4d4)
      adds  00fc025   catch signals in the async dns daemon and allow it to auto-restart if necessary (This used to be commit fa599067f074647a5bad2ffd0fce12ae0a4e43d2)
      adds  75c430c   Added one more USA consultant. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 83c2414baf236b68f5c2461d1ecde845ec280b3f)
      adds  56f8788   fix typo in directory name (This used to be commit 2e73fc0449beabc9658b3fe869e577a868af3c0d)
      adds  419e882   kanji.c: Patch from Anders Blomdell <anders.blomdell at control.lth.se> for problem with kanji sj_strXXX functions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bf48151e6ddfa72303be7eac9e156046d4fb5b5e)
      adds  7735e4d   While working on a general-purpose caching module (out soon), I thought of a better way to handle the node pointer array used in ubi_BinTree.  The change simplified the code a bigbunch.  It also forced updates to all of the binary tree modules.  CRH (This used to be commit db9898559f1493ade4478196b72663759bb18995)
      adds  155562e   fixed over char 127 problems with isupper/islower. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4ac95226fff8e48a0024e2beb78df662fcfeda62)
      adds  164c9db   Fixed bug reported by Gert-Jan Vons <Gert-Jan.Vons at ocegr.fr> with doing a dir /s into a unix directory ending in a ':'. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 273978b7d72955efcc0e0d9e87438b45f51c163d)
      adds  64f0348   This is it ! The mega-merge of the JRA_NMBD_REWRITE branch back into the main tree. For the cvs logs of all the files starting nmbd_*.c, look in the JRA_NMBD_REWRITE branch. That branch has now been discontinued. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d80b0cb645f81d16734929a0b27a91c6650499bb)
      adds  edc0554   fix a bug that sometimes prevented smbclient from connecting with protocol < LANMAN1 (This used to be commit 95ad2c284dad9c5042ac113eb7067a10531d34a1)
      adds  111245c   allow name_type 0x20 as well as name_type 0x0 in dns proxying (This used to be commit be8a40487c128947cead19a43cf2f983e9543305)
      adds  662eaec   give out file handles differently on each new connection because of a common bug in MS clients where they try to reuse a file descriptor from an earlier smb connection. This code increases the chance that the errant client will get an error rather than causing corruption (This used to be commit 677d7a5a13728d8207dd2e7092c98d026d2d4f3c)
      adds  95d600a   fix bug in log file specification (This used to be commit 9b77a642bd302b7aea2147d1cbcd61e310ccfd91)
      adds  5d4345b   nmbd_incomingdgrams.c: Fix bug with Syntax 5.1 servers reported by SGI where they do host announcements to LOCAL_MASTER_BROWSER_NAME<00> rather than WORKGROUP<1d>. nmbd_incomingrequests.c: Deal with WINS_PROXY_NAME issues - don't reply with that name if it's the same broadcast net. nmbd_serverlistdb.c: Stopped writing "Unknown" for local master browsers we don't know. nmbd_winsproxy.c: Deal with WINS_PROXY_NAME issues - don't reply with that name if it's the same bro [...]
      adds  16bf14a   Added Lanman announce patch from Jacco de Leeuw <leeuw at wins.uva.nl>. Also added code to stop old Samba servers that announce the workgroup name as master browser name when they are a local master browser. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3605da055737e2cc0fbfffe7772721943a5be8bd)
      adds  dfac756   Added new wins & lm announce options. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 847506a755fac3f97274a19c8a02a2a22f82ca13)
      adds  e9ef2a5   WHATSNEW.txt - updated for 1.9.18alpha13. docs/smb.conf.5: Removed unused NTDOMAIN params. Added new params. source/loadparm.c: Put #ifdef NTDOMAIN around unused params. source/nmbd_become_lmb.c: Removed check for workgroup name in lmb name. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5136c5ec119968b39e2cf9d7f3e6836d9286a51f)
      adds  b227775   Added 'missing feature' section for Chris. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a66c7ce2219d136205a7b355144be2c45ab88aba)
      adds  59fcf14   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha13 (This used to be commit 90b8675b88aa01ae912b5c8849ffb406ad976b95)
      adds  637c3ed   - handle ENOSPC in shmem init. - be a little bit more friendly about grabbing semaphores (This used to be commit 87f88708939a3b72b26716a0d6648c4ea2d14047)
      adds  efa661c   Missed terminating {-1,NULL} in an enum parameter list. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5ea3633445d49da7a71be51e008128b3bbfaef9c)
      adds  b80b6ea   kanji.h: Fixed problems with re-definitions of strchr and others on AIX. nmbd_nameregister.c: Applied fix found by "Eloy A. Paris" <eparis at ven.ra.rockwell.com> (don't re-use lists after you have freed them :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit bcfcc39a2752de0fb35b419d005bb1a86fd15fea)
      adds  b88f43d   Adding the cache module. I'll be using the cache module to replace the name cache in mangle.c.  The new one should be much faster and should require less memory. Another feature is that the cache size can be limited by the amount of memory used in addition to the number of entries allowed.  With the current cache, the default is to allocate 12800 bytes representing 50 entries (256 bytes each).  With the same amount of memory, I should be able to load over around two  [...]
      adds  42e0d9a   trans2.c: Forced trans2_findfirst to behave as NT does in error returns. util.c: Applied fix from Branko Cibej <branko.cibej at hermes.si> where StrnCaseCmp tests one character too many. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cb771b2667070cff8d6cf86998a11ba2e4977690)
      adds  bc83afd   Minor spelling, wording changes to intro (This used to be commit 0cbb60976a59effeda7d554a3962915dcb5f5c79)
      adds  7b33692   This may be a waste of time, but I thought if we keep nibbling at this it might end up being a curent announce for each new release. Then again maybe we should start from the one Jeremy and I did for 1.9.17. Just doodling really. (This used to be commit ae9cd0307e9562ca82bb62055df1aeef070c12d1)
      adds  d57c055   loadparm.c: Added fix for veto oplock files bug from Charles Hoch <hoch at hplcgh.hpl.hp.com> server.c, util.c: Added fix for oplock break requests blocking due to server being                   blocked in read call. Bug found by Charles Hoch <hoch at hplcgh.hpl.hp.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 209f894fdbcfbf7a7952b6228342b86e088a9582)
      adds  be71d43   client.c: clientgen.c: clientutil.c: clitar.c: Changed usage of receive_smb to new function client_receive_smb           except for one use of receive_smb in client.c. This is the           receive_smb used to discard packets received whilst in a           keyboard wait state. util.c: Created new function client_receive_smb that ignores session         keepalives just as the old receive_smb used to do. Created         internal function read_smb_length_return_keepaliv [...]
      adds  6f56211   Fixed stupid bug in read_smb_len where I was calling itself - now calling the correct fn. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c62aa0a7600269c2bb13b939857716a6ee0f34c1)
      adds  b6084bb   Chris' smb.conf parsing doco (This used to be commit 3f0ecaceb4adbb1f75c3b84fbd031596c37ec84c)
      adds  8105ad4   Put it in the right directory :~) (This used to be commit 49694879a0f96b75bb2ca5ec120a5867706afc90)
      adds  7a98737   Updates for 1.9.18 (This used to be commit 338407732d1473ab3682c6090db297e76d864b94)
      adds  74c807f   architecture.doc: Re-added since I lost it (sorry Dan :-). nmbd.c nmbd_responserecordsdb.c: Spelling mistake fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f5dfc8913bcce71f14b59c5ed8415b0f54b58e6c)
      adds  d1e796d   Fixes to compile under OpenBSD from "Todd T. Fries" <toddf at acm.org> Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3c9292505914e2119fa7b1973c9fbbe1742262b2)
      adds  d4979e7   Fixed security bug when 'force user' and 'user only' are set. Reported by Brian McCauley <B.A.McCauley at bham.ac.uk>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 00067800a25d6f5fe11e833a01d5a7a1e76dcc11)
      adds  08bd3b8   Fixed nastly little bug where client was sending open_and_X call with smb_mode (smb_vwv[3]) of 0x20 == DENY_WRITE + read-only-open. and smb_ofun (smb_vwv[8]) of 0x11 == Create if not exist plus append on a read-only share. This was mapped into the strange unix flags of (O_RDONLY|O_CREAT) - essentially O_CREAT as O_RDONLY == 0. We were checking the unix flags directly against O_RDONLY instead of masking off the open mode flag bits before doing the comparison, so this  [...]
      adds  6f42991   Backed out changes that attempted to address a pointer array using -1,0,1. Jeremy pointed out that there might be problems with this.  Darn shame. (This used to be commit ce9acc96a6cbc91f0a3f95221c3e8f801cbdb602)
      adds  5f38824   Bugfix from Branko Cibej <branko.cibej at hermes.si> - client.c had a workaround embedded in it for his earlier bug in StrnCaseCmp - removed this. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7cb4e4b099cef0be3a7440bd5feb8b3d0c3c5f18)
      adds  0c07774   Finally added the code Andrew wanted that will allow a Samba domain master browser to use the *<1b> feature of the Samba WINS server to get a full workgroup list. nmbd.c: Added timed call to collect_all_workgroup_names_from_wins_server(). nmbd_browsesync.c: Meat of the code to implement collect_all_workgroup_names_from_wins_server(). nmbd_incomingdgrams.c: Fixed comment typo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1a3ab3e84a415a6d0d9b4cafb3f0f6e8cbe3fa69)
      adds  5cdb60b   nmbd_elections.c: Added new parameter to dump_workgroups call. nmbd_incomingdgrams.c: Deal with announcements with servertype == 0 - these  are announcements that a machine is shutting down and must be treated differently. nmbd_serverlistdb.c: Exposed remove_server_from_workgroup as external.   Added code to dump out workgroups on signal correctly. nmbd_workgroupdb.c: Added new parameter to dump_workgroups call. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f7591109b968c66012af5e9 [...]
      adds  aef2c5d   Added SIGUSR1/SIGUSR2 handling. Sending nmbd/smbd a SIGUSR1 will raise the debug level by one (capped at 10) sending a SIGUSR2 will lower it (lower limit at zero). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6a3cb6f4b46129e4d799a24d34cdb9460ed8910f)
      adds  b4e0554   Added docs for new signal handling functions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 24fb57e7507338845c2075dbd6d86922b3f028ed)
      adds  7a6a0c6   Updated WHATSNEW.txt for 1.9.18alpha14 release. Added CVS_ACCESS to tell people how to use cvs to keep up-to-date. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8f721f8c1d758c6f9483145a1b39e9264c8011f4)
      adds  0712d15   preparing for release of 1.9.18alpha14 (This used to be commit d3a238e7ac452690bd35f399357b8795100f60a3)
      adds  7f49012   This is actually Jeremy, working as Herb :-). Fixed bug where, when server is shut down it would always do a lm announce broadcast of shutdown. This could cause other nmbd's to think that they have seen an lm announce broadcast and start doing it themselves. Changed to only send lm announce shutdown if admin configured it or one was seen on the subnet. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 64c8111574ff9fa00d5b43b146ae4d6f6bdf0565)
      adds  65a21bc   use _exit to exit a child (This used to be commit 992b1cbc143be910d9b8e65afdc82c43d33650a5)
      adds  ed2ed56   fixed a couple of illegal uses of scanf() in the nmbd wins code. They caused a core dump under IRIX when compiled with -64. In general you cannot assume things about variable sizes. In particular sizeof(time_t) may not equal sizeof(long) and sizeof(uint16) may not equal sizeof(short). There are probably other bugs like this. We'll need to check all format statements for use of %ld, %hx etc. In general these should not be used unless you have an explicit cast to the a [...]
      adds  b26a147   fixed another couple of minor type errors (they could cause incorrect output but not a core dump) (This used to be commit 4dc66214a0cdf16e48cca961914fae37b3762330)
      adds  1df19ae   a dummy change to shmem_sysv.c to try and break CVS out of a problem with the ntdom branch (This used to be commit 213c3a4ed27cdc689e941b9a6d70e02e8b7dedd4)
      adds  6e329c6   avoid the ~ operator in netmask operations as apparently it causes problems on some systems (eg. freeBSD 2.2.2). I'm surprised by this but the change looks harmless. Patch from fred at datalync.com (This used to be commit ae8151330deafb7abc5aa604e7c8c0b762e3aa20)
      adds  0a5073e   fixes to make_printerdef.c to generate a correct printers.def file changes to ipc.c to use new printers.def file (This used to be commit 52e275c4ccc1b7f0c2ef8d12d28065898a1c89c9)
      adds  32b1501   fix up perl script so it is a little cleaner and also works with perl 4 (This used to be commit 5b724c6551c963454fe4ce27cfc8756e0c76712d)
      adds  19d7833   fix printer driver rpc to prevent core dumps. (This used to be commit 0c82d139e3eb20a00016df30f33835ab5150ecea)
      adds  d018d7b   added timestrings to become and unbecome domain/local master browser messages. (This used to be commit 5e7e3d18b51e1eb949bc793d3106a17d8e65a1af)
      adds  b0e6cf3   added commented out sections for supporting automatically providing printer drivers to Win95 clients. (This used to be commit e414f4223208dffb464940da90d536add88183db)
      adds  153a95a   added printout of file list to stderr so you know what files you need to copy to your printer$ share (This used to be commit bdfa5c709986051e78198c68c5a90358fdfa780e)
      adds  974b6b0   added description of changes I made (This used to be commit 6b8f8005f2e04665ceefe4ad98587617ff2666d0)
      adds  c2201f1   fixed type in list of ignored files (This used to be commit ae50080b6a09b62fbca0260e07a1bca4cde139ff)
      adds  4bfffb8   Fixed type that referred to regedit.exe instead of regedt32.exe. (This used to be commit 6a55305070f7dfd8a615a7f2c6d10c171ff8f0c5)
      adds  8d50079   Added 3 commands: smbmount: This is a stripped down smbclient that communicates with the Linux 2.1.x kernel to supply authenticated smb connections for smbfs mount points. smbmnt/smbumount: setuid commands that do the actual smb mount system call after having done the appropriate security checks (This used to be commit ccbbc4e647ad900b215dae949d5bcd45671c68c8)
      adds  c271da9   the real source code for the smbfs utilities. Forgot to do cvs add first. Volker (This used to be commit 65406a546e15e53fcb0b724d0df3bc56a784edff)
      adds  bd33a35   Added manpages. Removed obsolete options from smbmount help message. Volker (This used to be commit 2d550d28cd9d3cdb6f72e1f387d9c65dbc1404ad)
      adds  984b47d   Updated french contact address. (This used to be commit 800510a852db046bf88a88c966c80d71b474f4ef)
      adds  c23ed62   includes.h: Added FreeBSD 3.x fixes. Added HPUX10.x fixes. interface.c: Added netmask fix. nmbd_nameregister.c: Fixed unitialised variable warnings. nmbd_winsproxy.c: Fixed unitialised variable warnings. nmbd_winsserver.c: Fixed DEC warnings. print_svid.c: Fixed DEC warnings. printing.c: Added LPRng fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 28aff043c4a3693a0c20e87c7ce11eb4bf285b78)
      adds  6e2aceb   Ensure that if we are in share mode security that the smb_uid field is invalid. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a689ca1ce5c3ffdc753dce329f51a8ede0592f29)
      adds  f5f4aba   Updated for 1.9.18 - just need a few more changes & it's done. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d0ae436de138e84fbbbbd2dc4f5617365d907f4f)
      adds  10f844c   Fixed an apparent typo: 2551c2551 < #endif /NO_FORK_DEBUG */ --- > #endif /* NO_FORK_DEBUG */ Chris -)----- (This used to be commit 954fc7e0d01443f4bfc7157f2dcba2187f6700ec)
      adds  13603f1   Final changes - ready for 1.9.18. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5e62a96e504f298b45dae904957029de91b3e3c4)
      adds  7841ba6   preparing for release of 1.9.18 (This used to be commit c3f725ad889650147cf5b931ca9f34836daaf942)
      adds  7bd96a6   missing a couple of binary files in the distribution (This used to be commit 84e2f7854769190816690f55bfd442e8bedc92fe)
      adds  89450e3   fix bug in version numbering scheme (This used to be commit 2e9f4b5daa74484cbc8c3dc929ab3ae42d663f9f)
      adds  0d1933f   docs/Support.txt: Removed consultant. source/Makefile: Added Volker's comment. source/nmbd_become_lmb.c: source/nmbd_browsesync.c: source/nmbd_incomingdgrams.c: Fixed userdata alignment problems. source/mem_man/mem_man.c: source/mem_man/mem_man.h: added smb_ prefix to stop namespace collisions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4c8af3bc9f43b2427609cbeecb7940b1753a9a1c)
      adds  5c65250   ipc.c: Fixed problem where we were not returning 'buffer too small' when NT sends up a mdrcnt of zero. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2a75519b8592948b2f35ecca040bd3f88bf89be5)
      adds  0e7be48   Following discussions with Cristian Gafton (Red Hat) we have decided to make PAM silent about it's actions. This reduced error logging for EVERY password validation request. Refer to password.c PAM section for further info. Fiels Affected: password.c (This used to be commit 7a1a8042dd005e26e610a16eaaa693f119b874c7)
      adds  b13a8bd   *** empty log message *** (This used to be commit a307b5155594a12ca978190cc9dec52e203e0fd3)
      adds  385e40c   *** empty log message *** (This used to be commit 440535a0c755cfb55ced8fe537e2251d6a30714f)
      adds  221fda2   *** empty log message *** (This used to be commit 7b031586ca33a381eb0e27f3557f43c2550df5f8)
      adds  96eed00   propogate my cgi changes to the main branch (This used to be commit 215c97e83ac74757cffb4f64176c80ddb845d65f)
      adds  08e0005   fix bug in search string (This used to be commit 04d2773a8e3b7c7dda33cd89b3042c868a1bb8dd)
      adds  28ba0fb   left out a piece of my last fix for inst package version number (This used to be commit 66899c27cd4b475bb7974c4d6de6ecb6764fb6fb)
      adds  195c36a   file srv_lsa_hnd.c was initially added on branch BRANCH_NTDOM. (This used to be commit d6354d60a1f96c0822a6345246d7b1cf52ebd391)
      adds  5dd1eb4   README		describe inst package version number correctly idb.pl		fix some permission problems with shell scripts sambalp		new script supplied by Alan Stebbens that can run setuid to 		properly print banner page for known users. smb.conf 	use new sambalp by default. psfixes.pl	remove - now handled by sambalp (This used to be commit 129aab955c069206109461e31f2b0244d8586908)
      adds  7ab9d27   reply.c: Added timestamp to attack warning. server.c: Fixed security=share problem where the vuid was still being looked at. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ab8d615fe2004c3ca93dd2978ba988ea89d7fd74)
      adds  fec28f2   Makefile: Added new codepage - 866. charset.c: Supporting code for codepage 866. clientutil.c: Fix compile bug in little-used #define. includes.h: Supporting code for codepage 866. make_smbcodepage.c: Supporting code for codepage 866. pcap.c: Fix bug for lpstat. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6040d7a39e5d5ab426905aa79b871df815fb9b62)
      adds  4abd141   Adding new codepage file. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 91155265db1f0916716bf8da10bfda4e11124c55)
      adds  4f9674d   reply.c: server.c: Test fix for NT worstation SMBmv oplock bug. smbdes.c: Addition of 'forward' parameter in preparation of allowing password change. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0b0b1fb122a52e67a8fdc77d013ad0b3bbb90d19)
      adds  1ea8cea   charcnv.c: Added codepage 866 support onto the file system. Patch from Max Khon <max at iclub.nsu.ru>. chgpasswd.c: Allow old RAP change password to work with encrypted passwords. Samba can now allow Windows 95/NT clients to securely change the Lanman password ! (But not the NT hash - that gets lost). ipc.c: smbdes.c: smbpass.c: Support for the above. server.c: #ifdef'ed out fix for NT redirector bug. util.c: Fix NIS bug with server name. Jeremy. (This used to be commit [...]
      adds  4b16f16   Added italian consultancy. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9e864db97050d35675a2629ad0fb3decbd72de8f)
      adds  c247cc7   Fixed bug found by Bernhard Laeser where we are announcing to the wrong DMB name. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6b3d4620c128fe1f77f579a451eac7f41a83064f)
      adds  12d50e3   fix problems with using inf files from HP for DesignJet 750C (C3195A) (This used to be commit 4e258eecf7088d78b285440ca87386987196eaec)
      adds  82ac976   fixed a few typos in the instructions and added a longer explaination for how the printers.def entry is constructed. (This used to be commit d9be263e598cbb10d2632247a82043aa19840012)
      adds  2d1ff64   Fixed send_mailslot code where src_type was always being set to zero. Fix found by Bernhard Laeser <nlaesb at ascom.ch>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 303b5a79c83246e1895f9478e187610addfd2862)
      adds  0b2e575   *** empty log message *** (This used to be commit 1e1b0c80f84657f89ffcd4132887cd9f8a26885a)
      adds  a7a312a   Added Romanian consultant. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 722dc838c754e9367cca5a3bd78bbb5d5871936a)
      adds  118213c   printing.c: Bug fix for lpng reporting. server.c: Large fix for oplock deadlock bug. util.c: Fix for oplock deadlock bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4cae830ab3a942b2f2868173a492d02f6332651d)
      adds  55f400b   This is *not* a big change (although it looks like one). This is merely updating the Copyright statements from 1997 to 1998. It's a once a year thing :-). NO OTHER CHANGES WERE MADE. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b9c16977231efb274e08856f7f3f4408dad6d96c)
      adds  66c668a   nmbd.c, server.c: Added #ifndef MEM_MAN around code that sets the SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 signals. This allows the MEM_MAN code to be compiled in and the memory debug feature to be used with SIGUSR1. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 43ef7e3cb5bb971ff6ddf8230b08995e55b7c6e1)
      adds  dc91f32   Changed phone numbers for BitWizard. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 76e467238f195d94c0afb67a2d3af3560f26d3a0)
      adds  74ef479   sync with changes to 1.9.18 tree (This used to be commit 175e85279df64a5bcfd5c3ecf50884bb970ab611)
      adds  458a678   changes to correctly use some HP printer inf files (This used to be commit ab894c3e1de582864ad9c0f6ae797b73b4c2ba41)
      adds  46c795d   Fixed warnings with gcc (assignments inside if statements). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1a9e25d3bc610a1d49241e2fe39530813d983882)
      adds  a215c98   Changed code that truncates salt after 2 characters so that it becomes HPUX specific. This fixes a bug with FreeBSD md5 crypt implementation that needs all of the password characters. It seems better to make this an HPUX specific thing. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 91a2b746d3fac261d4be3bd7afa3d5bb601b3d27)
      adds  4f650da   Added get_create_time() function to time.c. This gets the minimum timestamp associated with a file. reply.c and trans2.c then return this as the create time. Designed to fix problems with VC++ and others. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e3d5f6196d6eff707c78941696a368216e2a7410)
      adds  0c376c3   Fix for memory leak in loadparm.c - donated by Branko Cibej <branko.cibej at hermes.si> I checked this out and it looks ok - the bzero() in init_service() was overwriting the pointers pservice->szService and pservice->copymap that should have been freed in copy_service() the line later. This fix frees pservice->szService and pservice->copymap inside free_service() and sets them to zero so they won't be freed again. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0bcb00e2bad999df859fdff [...]
      adds  40dfc7e   Added log message so we can tell when free_service is called. Just in case of problems. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ee307df9ad1f03d7f8e515549902abd96dae72fc)
      adds  db5e1e6   always align both the parameter and data bytes on a 4 byte boundary in trans2 responses. I'm not at all convinced this was causing problems, because observations of Win95 show that it produces totally non-aligned paramater bytes and 2 byte aligned data bytes. We were previously always producing 2 byte aligned data and parameter bytes so we already had "better" alignment than Win95. lets hope no clients rely on servers producing unaligned data or parameters! (This use [...]
      adds  168fac6   *** empty log message *** (This used to be commit be395f4bce2863f4bd131793ea37f47f05e4151f)
      adds  b5eb689   get rid of reference to removed file (This used to be commit afafae133f32f33ae642662a7e9cbb427ce4691a)
      adds  e525e29   Fix from Charles Hoch (hoch at hpl.hp.com). Whne there is no data to send, setting the data alignment to a 4 byte boundary causes a few extra bytes to be sent. This seems to cause the NT redirector to *sometimes* fail. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f6ee3263dac960772024bf9009ad0ddce6d8f289)
      adds  8965278   Makefile: Fix for OSF1 typo. asyncdns.c: Fixes that went into 1.9.18p2 - allow unclocking of sigterm. chgpasswd.c: char -> unsigned char fixes. includes.h: AIX fix to get prototype for inet_ntoa. local.h: Tune size of shared memory based on MAX_OPEN_FILES. nmbd_mynames.c: Fix for nmbd repeated refresh bug. nmbd_responserecordsdb.c: Fix for nmbd repeated refresh bug. nmbd_winsserver.c: Fix for multi-homed registration optimisation. smb.h: Moved default shared memory s [...]
      adds  06859b2   fix bug when using lpstat as printcap file - remove space at start of printer names generated (This used to be commit 8f48a0571a4dda282bd3438e54a029400b7ca448)
      adds  2bce7ae   server.c: Added fix where, if all the file entries are being used, smbd tries to break an oplock to make room for another file entry. This works well with Windows 95 that seems to keep batch oplocks around for an arbitrarily long time. Also changed rlimit code to ask for MAX_OPEN_FILES + 10 (if allowed) as many systems use file descriptors for directory handles also. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1544d5a0f889d42696656fb18d2da1c1f8626b2b)
      adds  73647f7   Removed Brett Worth from Support.txt as per Bug#3833 (This used to be commit 9afe9d8897dbc2740dbba895186614cf1f1716ce)
      adds  eefff40   Added Newcast - UK Consultant to Support.txt (This used to be commit 3e438c8e7ac336c12d40b0be967b04b2ae6b39a5)
      adds  5546e28   A small raft of changes, I will sync up with 1.9.18 also. chgpasswd.c: Fixed typo in debug message. includes.h: Fix include for aix. kanji.c: Added cap_to_sj as inverse of sj_to_cap. loadparm.c: local.h: password.c: Added code for "networkstation user login" parameter. - patch from Rob Nielsen <ran at adc.com>. printing.c: Added further aix printing fixes. reply.c: Changed access time fetch to a function. trans2.c: Changed access time fetch to a function. time.c: Change [...]
      adds  99e11e1   Makefile: Added AIX 3.2.5. loadparm.c: Added "win95 bug compatibility" parameter. local.h: Replaced MAX_OPEN_FILES back to 100 from 10 (oops). reply.c: Fixed ulogoff check against uid - changed to vuid. server.c: Changed file struct save of uid - changed to vuid. smb.h: Changed id in struct current_user to vuid.        Changed file struct uid to vuid. time.c: Added "win95 bug compatibility" atime -> mtime return. trans2.c: Added "win95 bug compatibility" fixes. uid.c [...]
      adds  749b9da   fixed typo (This used to be commit a083cef78ba235cde22453d763a7f8caca8bbe58)
      adds  3e36ba5   removed old unused test (This used to be commit 88247f23c6b6f3a7972cee3ffc3a0f8d15a899e2)
      adds  892788c   ENCRYPTION.txt: Fixed typo. Support.txt: Added consultant. smb.conf.5: Updated with new parameters. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 71c70cf090b749827ae4186a6d389864708b7899)
      adds  6d488ae   Added fix for doing pq command (from "James J. Szinger" <james.szinger at yale.edu>). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7123405d6351cf6457adb1199dab3c6416bf9865)
      adds  c04291a   make the initial logfile names consistent. This should mean that smbd starts with log.smb and nmbd starts with log.nmb. It also gets rid of the "log." when using the log.%m construct as %m expands to smb before a client connects. (This used to be commit b7712a0a6d0afeef6239d5af61cba677eebb247b)
      adds  2beada8   Ding-dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead...... This is the checkin that fixes the infamous Visual C++ 'file has changed' bug. I feel *SO* good about that :-). charset.c: Added (void) to fix Herb's fussy compiler. loadparm.c: Removed "win95 bug compatibility" (didn't             like it much anyway :-). Added "dos filetime resolution"             instead. reply.c: Added the 2 second timestamp resolution fix that the song above is about. time.c: Removed unneeded  [...]
      adds  7123107   Updated - removed "win95 bug compatibility" and added "dos filetime resolution". Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7ca827b6eaf948d57b8aefb09c6818371e1cd65b)
      adds  a093e73   Fix for crash bug with amanda - from "Michael C. Povel" <Michael.Povel at hub.de>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 735adfa01b7b2e540bb5476a77d6b689ca70852a)
      adds  990c843   Sometime after 1.9.17p5 smbclient stopped being able to do NetBIOS name lookups by broadcast and instead only does DNS. With the belief that this was not what was intended (I think it happened in the clientutil.c cleanup) I have added that capability back to smbclient by adding the #define USENMB into clientutil.c, and adding the required namequery.o into the object lists for smbclient and smbmount (as they now need it to link). If this was done intentionally let me  [...]
      adds  c57e8d4   Fix to make us compile cleanly with gcc 2.8. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0a535680077a9e436362fd7f1711f62b35317fa4)
      adds  c16d4ae   nmbd_packets.c: nmbd_subnetdb.c: Patch from Andrey Alekseyev <fetch at muffin.arcadia.spb.ru> to fix the fact that retransmit_or_expire_response_records() wasn't looking at the WINS subnet. server.c: Patch from jkf at soton.ac.uk to add %p (NIS server path) substitution. smbpass.c: Fix to stop parsing failing on non-valid lines. trans2.c: Fix for volume serial number code. util.c:  Patch from jkf at soton.ac.uk to add %p (NIS server path) substitution.          Fix for warnin [...]
      adds  834ef56   nmbd_incomingdgrams.c: Fix for typo. nmbd_sendannounce.c: Remote announcement was announcing to the wrong name ! nmblookup.c: Fix for substitutions not seeing hostname. testparm.c: Fix for substitutions not seeing hostname. wsmbstatus.c: Fix for substitutions not seeing hostname. util.c: Change read_udp_socket to use sockaddr_in rather than dubiously messing around with an opaque data type (sockaddr). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 776ccf5c0641b5aa300236c2612b5f2761d1179f)
      adds  cadfca4   Fixed bug where second response message was being printed with the wrong IP address. This confused a lot of people (including me :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0f4080d3f076db58917d13787a282e96ba59a053)
      adds  4680e65   Fixed bug reported by Janne.Harju at nmp.nokia.com. When used in broadcast only mode nmbd was not reporting WORKGROUP<0> and WORKGROUP<1e> names to a unicast node status query (although it was registering these names on the network). Also tidied up code in nmbd_mynames.c so that all known IP addresses are registered in the unicast subnet in this case rather than just the first, as was previously done. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eb71c5edcbb983ed4a1b0f57139bd66b671c67fa)
      adds  64095b2   Code to work around a bug in FTP OnNet software NBT implementation. They do a broadcast name release for WORKGROUP<0> and WORKGROUP<1e> names and *don't set the group bit*.
      adds  de3badf   Fix for NT redirector bug where deltree fails if the resume key indexes are changed between directory scans. This fix does what NT4.x SP3 does in that it stops using resume keys and returns zero instead. We now use the filename in findnext to continue the search in the correct place (as NT does). Jeremy. (This used to be commit b813fb22c4c1b0ee48667e99e82434d20266bbf2)
      adds  b3d9fe6   -N option still prompted for password in smbclient -L usage (This used to be commit 140fba461bc22f26055c13b04a084d2df16ac604)
      adds  45dab9f   Makefile, password.c, includes.h: Added KRB4 patches from Johan Hedin <johanh at fusion.kth.se> nmbd_packets.c: Patch for aliased interfaces from Daniel Haun <dhaun at ecf2.puc.edu>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 60f6302b1972e49159bf6e1a838e691268e4399c)
      adds  b4622c8   Adding example config info for the ISC DHCP Server, An MS Knowledge Base article contributed by an anonymous person, and adding Caldera Inc. printing config notes to Printing.txt. (This used to be commit 914b1626178aab30da07a14f14d04703106b95c4)
      adds  f0e121d   adding findsmb perl script to get info on smb machines on a net (This used to be commit 4adb00e41abbbaf6eaa014e6a599cb2c8b77d7da)
      adds  b7fb6c6   Change the multibyte character set support so that Kanji support is one case of multibyte character support, rather than being a specific case in single byte character support.
      adds  3fb9f9d   Adding Korean and Traditional Chinese codepage support. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2df47cf1bb3428fbaa8dcf45ec114ec3aaafae57)
      adds  f3eeb2f   Removed broken change I made to mangle.c (ooops. Andrew's original algorithm was correct). Finally (I think) fixed the mangled directory stack issue in scan_directory() correctly. Mangled & non-mangled names are now being checked correctly. Hurrah to Ulrik Dickow <ukd at kampsax.dk> who helped isolate this one. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 37f5f7b557aa59c7eba4a9f2f2f323d7cec62fc7)
      adds  35d67dd   Jeremy is going to hate me ...
      adds  6a37b24   allow for non-authenticated SWAT for demo purposes (This used to be commit 6e1237568b559c006ee5429308ac47e97cc4a1c4)
      adds  c03c56b   - remove redundent strstr()
      adds  49a5dd0   added Date and Expires headers in the mini web server so clients know what they can cache. (This used to be commit b6055e40bb91775a29b756640d95910a6f19814f)
      adds  0987de0   added a "home" icon (This used to be commit 60ef0b31a0e85164a89a70a4f0d4e675db25f35d)
      adds  c0b0678   added status page to SWAT. Similar to smbstatus output but in a HTML table (This used to be commit 8e4a412dba3dc6458651ea042096687b3fcfdc0a)
      adds  87d4fc1   Updates to all of these base level modules. Trees: Previously, the AVL node type was different than the node type used        in the BinTree and SplayTree modules.  It requires an additional        field to maintain AVL balance information.  I merged that field into        the base type (in ubi_BinTree.h) so that all three use the same        node type.  On most systems this will have zero effect on the node        size, due to word alignment.  The change allowed me  [...]
      adds  f7b48aa   This functionality was added to ubi_sLinkList, so is no longer needed as a separate module.
      adds  4c6230a   fix core dumps on Solaris 2.5 systems found by Orn Asgeirsson (This used to be commit bafc7768925109d0e8e87152054d37ec3f4e7fdd)
      adds  fdeea34   "For I have laboured mightily on Luke's code, and hath broken all I saw" - the book of Jeremy, chapter 1 :-).
      adds  e13f143   Missed fixes in NTDOM branch for doing readX via pipe IPC$. Allows long share lists to be browsed. Browsing *into* a long share name still fails, though. (Luke - you may need to look into this). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5299d1b49f2bfd6cf84a687548904206f4a18a41)
      adds  9302301   report the max size of raw reads as 65536 not 65535 (this now matches what Win95 reports) (This used to be commit a4c6884f43233d57a5f6465f67c4657dd061ae43)
      adds  4389fba   use FSTYPE_STRING not "SAMBA" for filesystem type (This used to be commit df62c80e1d04059905b8a3c5bf9073ba91331e99)
      adds  e8abdf4   add FLAG_HIDE to "config file" option (so it can't be set in swat) (This used to be commit f9f9fe67c7570f7585099a14c36bb3ff0291cdf4)
      adds  31ab0f2   these have been replaced by swat (This used to be commit f9ce87f8658920bd73ed9968723bd5c65a07b8b2)
      adds  dd43c1c   add swat to .cvsignore (This used to be commit e826790666a7fb4a39ecdbc8c8084d484a011a62)
      adds  e1f131b   use password_ok() instead of calling crypt() (This used to be commit 53dc8ea5e315abf9ee8d38ffdb8a3057df0235be)
      adds  2e68682   move setup_groups() into password.c so that swat can link without including server.o (This used to be commit 67bb8835c76e3efc43de55493971fe2402c0d709)
      adds  cc4e595   moved cgi.c and swat.c into a source/web/ directory. Note that you won't see a cvs add in the web directory or these files as I added them by directly copying in the repository. This keeps the history of the files intact. (This used to be commit abe0379cf99f63116ea6f61337134ad5c228f933)
      adds  540af9b   some initial help and images files for swat (This used to be commit d2376416d6350b22550ab56a590afd06d7c4d9bf)
      adds  e5edc3e   added an install target for SWAT (This used to be commit 1a87b2c2b61b3785b6a6597b220fec611c5872e6)
      adds  8e708b1   a brief description of how to install and run SWAT (This used to be commit 349500965c7e10cb073e50fe4d4b2abc19a3df18)
      adds  2ad8cf9   Fixed typos. Anyone else like to vet this? (This used to be commit 49e025d557bc2b2a3a8e9a33d6736ca3972287b0)
      adds  2207cdd   remove an unnecessary #ifdef (This used to be commit dfaa576d7e661b772daae602152239d8a1adce88)
      adds  b56333a   fixed instructions in installswat.sh (thanks to Herb again!) (This used to be commit 5e25c845c7c9fe3330cd84e84cfc9b08d77d8cc3)
      adds  914a0b1   removed a redundent return statement (This used to be commit 24e1539cd06a630334135f957720ed030ec4e894)
      adds  d5c1af5   fixed support for running swat via cgi-bin (This used to be commit 9dbfb16990954ee3518ce3bc73e067c82b653930)
      adds  0309230   another fix for running under cgi-bin (This used to be commit 6e2248532a063a83b682c967a65377488810f9eb)
      adds  bfd5df0   updated to give instructions on running via cgi-bin (This used to be commit 23a8588765af24544433fedeeb927a4f68cb1263)
      adds  b853469   another makeover of loadparm to support new stuff in swat and testparm.
      adds  8326dad   - added separators - added "view config" button (This used to be commit 486a059fe169baedc605ee9bc0a0ca5a4165fe65)
      adds  63e56c2   added another pathetic looking icon (This used to be commit 5b1fca9d3e995f2ea4dc2bcbef92c033463e9847)
      adds  a62ff80   prototype updates (This used to be commit a565ff605094ed5b05d82b59b7993a3088873733)
      adds  e2b50d0   if a local parameter is changed at the global level then propogate the change to all shares that are currently set to the default value. (This used to be commit b0e1183b2cbeb7a3150b7250cd19d14c9e5508b6)
      adds  c063e9e   added the ability to start/stop the server from SWAT.
      adds  e02b05b   new files to support starting/stopping the server (This used to be commit 087981009d57006ff80a0cf50891d4473f86f1bb)
      adds  41137a4   put in the longer welcome blurb (This used to be commit 181e59f46520aeacc9f160b69abec4cb182219f2)
      adds  31fbd27   updated blurb (This used to be commit 52417e37a1db850f97f0c81457d04d0e9796d7c0)
      adds  97cb03b   updated blurb some more (This used to be commit 1c0d4c80068e6da13f0b5140c3e99c41a81468d5)
      adds  3070005   added a background image based on Pauls SAMBA logo but manipulated a little with GIMP (This used to be commit 57f4dfcbf307ad4e261e59f0545d500b3bae71e5)
      adds  4dfe60d   a smaller background (This used to be commit bcec95740f96aa4a3b022f41e2167cc74afeea92)
      adds  69bb6f6   install jpeg files (This used to be commit 02cb3801d772cc056df3afb7028d9bd74c8553be)
      adds  d360320   - added the ability to kill off individual connections from SWAT (from   the status page) - split the claim_connection() code into its own file - fixed the claim_connection() code to lock the file when manipulating   it - always claim a null connection at startup - fixed a bug in the pidfile code (This used to be commit abd4a17e21d12be3d1747e94ceb1915abaf135e3)
      adds  08a6e25   safer killing of connections - it ensures the process is still a valid smbd when killing (This used to be commit 78675036e81e2cde7209d9e68956d71ef6661137)
      adds  86f5105   - claim the null connection after the session request to mak sure we   have the netbios name
      adds  7f5fad0   updated the images (This used to be commit bd0c390713fa5411999681d80b5057e6579fa414)
      adds  7a41823   changed the date formatting (This used to be commit 57aa1db47cda9c625cd1ef742fece14d14590590)
      adds  c4855a8   changed the default "keepalive" value to 300 seconds.
      adds  90cdd71   includes.h: Addition of NetBSD 1.3 fix, fix for HPUX 9.x, 10.x zombie problem. password.c: Fix for Thursby to stop Dave clients failing in share mode security (this was their bug - they were interpreting the uid field in share mode which is explicitly denied by the spec but it's easier for us to fix it than them :-).
      adds  2f13846   Adding mention of %p substitution. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d8e7e73f4d484c63be3055d215823610734361ac)
      adds  14d6ee3   Lint was complaining about the following typedef in smb.h:
      adds  c54af0f   Adding the same change as was added to 1.9.18 branch to add the "name resolve order" parameter.
      adds  09c0c6f   add swat to build package fix minor bug in findsmb (This used to be commit d21a4368d27c77b083ac30ae080649157255b9f7)
      adds  15cf7db   changed the default MAXSTATUS from 1000 to 100000
      adds  9803496   fixed call to execl() to get argv[0] right (thanks to Herb) (This used to be commit aaa4db4de3eb16d50d0263c8e69ace6217355f11)
      adds  8ffcec1   show full path in ps by setting it in argv[0] (This used to be commit 89a4dc6cf9175d5fcdd827d90e4fed26576a4570)
      adds  f912f5d   Fixes for the static data bugs & incorrect use of strtok that Andrew pointed out. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 734dde8d686827c387e17922fa6ac56af60780d9)
      adds  7a60caa   fix typos (This used to be commit c53ca2cc2fff39afc917c280196995fde159af94)
      adds  59d7006   - added "Full View"/"Normal View" on the "view config" page
      adds  f996885   this isn't a big commit, it just looks like it :-)
      adds  d56fc8d   when CGI_LOGGING is on log the host name and IP
      adds  e12cb8b   oops, I got the sense of the show_defaults parameter to lp_dump() wrong. (This used to be commit b92c3b13d74acb39cdbd2c70eab2ef081c344d5a)
      adds  c8c61ac   changed the method used for auto-reload on the status page to use JavaScript. This avoids the nasty inetd problem. (This used to be commit 9d9b13880963a0e3cf5213ce2a24c52f4a11a472)
      adds  78dd0fe   moved the refresh script to the end of the page so that silly things like a refresh of 0 actually work. (This used to be commit 4c04e1d2aea64ba0b53846c04235669eef0b28ca)
      adds  002176a   don't set the Expires header on any page generated from a POST. This stops the "POST data has expired" problem when using the back button in netscape. (This used to be commit 112cf61cb6c24b7ea6d2d9a3cf96f68bf1c44560)
      adds  da05024   Added SamOEMChangePassword functionality. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e02e3bcbbd4333113dde7bef47763fb229148007)
      adds  7abbf36   Adding the same changes to HEAD as were added to BRANCH_1_9_18.
      adds  4269286   Finally made OS/2 WP fix the default. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7cc7a65dec917071d5df04b711acaf8824f13dd6)
      adds  1ab10eb   Added MAXPRINTERLEN define in smb.h setting printer share name length to maximumof 15 characters. IF this needs to be limited to 8 characters again please do it in smb.h. (This used to be commit 3dfe0b135dd91864a81a5fadddc9151ac8812c6e)
      adds  5767ec9   added comments about printcap name (This used to be commit b916d225afd8137a04d48f376b549f1ae57d767e)
      adds  bee4067   Getting ready for first Red Hat Linux RPMs for 1.9.19 pre-alpha release (This used to be commit 4e424d0ba652bf9c5dfd3c44216b6145538cf821)
      adds  93b3c58   - added a check for broken RH5 include files. With the standard RH5 includes (ie. unpatched RH5) Samba gets file corruption because of the incorrect definition of the shmid_ds structure. Updating your RH5 installation of glibc-devel fixes this.
      adds  e0b8bc8   a pointless commit to check on a problem Luke reported with CVS (This used to be commit a947d9ceba9a00dc71e9cd7f8103e3559a931427)
      adds  4ddd855   Updating note thanks to comments from Franky Liederkerke. (This used to be commit 94d5b33559af82776b710083fc30040160bc7ebe)
      adds  5d7c837   clientgen.c ipc.c smbpasswd.c: Fixes for warnings (from Herb). quotas.c: Linux quota fix. util.c: Ensure smb_read_error is zero in all calls that can set it. lib/rpc/include/rpc_misc.h lib/rpc/include/rpc_netlogon.h lib/rpc/parse/parse_misc.c lib/rpc/parse/parse_net.c lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c : Modify Luke's code to call SamOEMhash().
      adds  1a26499   ypserver not available: AUTOMOUNT server and path don't work. fix: set default values to local server / path _before_ attempting to find the ypserver's auto.home entry. (This used to be commit 051ec104feaa48b9d147cc5479857c10915bdd26)
      adds  e2060b5   Fixed 'unused variable' warnings found with gcc -Wall -Werror. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6eca266fe5a3368ab207bdf8729421b57f47f22e)
      adds  242e7ae   Updated smbpasswd to allow root to add machine accounts, and allow root to disable users and set them to "NO PASSWORD". Not quite finished with machine account stuff yet, but everything compiles. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c66966ff00b0968f765e62b679279b7417988df9)
      adds  8c5c093   Added writing of '[XXX]' account control bits into gcos field when adding a user via smbpasswd. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 607c64fadbf8c33459444466630f676800cba5ee)
      adds  ff71b96   added check for one more error case (This used to be commit 6cba6919ebf65691d2fb6a880da038a6dff9f6b1)
      adds  a1db330   RFC1002 says we must put compressed name pointers in the following outgoing packets :
      adds  ab79f2a   Just fiddled with the README.UBI file. (This used to be commit abcc9705af3738bcba7dd23250703e5e8fd375d8)
      adds  b637378   no longer make smbpasswd setuid root (This used to be commit b14551d316c0d41daeaecbae3e30993e9fc1cca6)
      adds  811a075   Fix for is_in_path from "Steven Hartland" <steven_hartland at pa.press.net> - hide files was not working. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8d686f3b6b9008aad8c80bf2b1781a9c3359cc3f)
      adds  2dc1712   nameconf.c is a stray .c file that shouldn't be in the distribution. It's a left over. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f6bf7baebe4dc0813627c4d34b36820dccae94b2)
      adds  1edcbd3   smbpass.c: Made unknown accounts ending in '$' server accounts, not workstation. smbpasswd.c: Added code to count down from last machine account to add correct uid when adding a machine account. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0601a41993d6ea4fb2a186b7ca55b2f3a6f6a53d)
      adds  039761b   Added the ability to differentiate between workstation and server accounts when adding machine account types. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a402b5070f72d7a6948cc9885228efae16f6617d)
      adds  6cd35ce   client.c: Fixed problem where debug level on command line was overridden by smb.conf. smbpasswd.c: Removed bugs I put in yesterday (thanks Luke :-) and added error message reporting for remote password changing. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6a3394a285a250d1029cdd545dd0bf832284555a)
      adds  f52bb48   Fix for client generated core-dump bug where offset to readraw was so large that when used with -DUSE_MMAP it caused the unsigned subtraction to wrap aound and become positive - thus causing a silly memcpy offset. Thanks to "Michael St. Laurent" <rowl at earthlink.net> for giving me the core dump that allowed me to track this one down. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c9e066037ab222472085c4a0ecc8a39b337ad2aa)
      adds  a4156f9   chgpasswd.c, ipc.c, loadparm.c: Added boolean "unix password sync" parameter which allows the new change password code to change the unix password also. Defaults to OFF. includes.h: Added termios.h to FreeBSD to allow password changing. namequery.c: Fixed missing name parameters to debug statements. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4ac50c0f0aa5af084ddad89b1f9baf6c2c1ddcb8)
      adds  6f1fc78   Added remote machine and address to debug message in make_connection() function. contributor: <ado at flower.nci.nih.gov> (This used to be commit 7775b0f2aa43ee58f1a4f13004451235cfa157ef)
      adds  852dc76   Added extra remote password changing error codes from lmerr.h on NT. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 38391b51cd9e1e9fc7e4b77335ed2c7f6befc8c6)
      adds  2a0b087   Fixed compile-time error introduced by log message change. Added support for 32bit error messages needed for NTDOM code (was in NTDOM branch, somehow missed during the merge). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 188fb28d7be5d466c86a7464f951d08941d0021f)
      adds  5efec4e   the default for old style accounts should be workstation trust account, not server trust account. (This used to be commit f2d1e39a66155497880dc0b26200a85adfe7af68)
      adds  10fe54b   includes.h: Added semaphore fix for HPUX10.x server.c trans2.c: Added oplock deadlock bug fix. lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: Made code that changes machine account password the default. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3b56fbc11e9d1cb7d4930d9782238c2610cac30d)
      adds  c6db971   Rolling back machine password change code - this doesn't work (yet). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 66affb3dc301d71565d789c06f105da3bb1d65b3)
      adds  92e2ecc   cli_login.c :
      adds  d99d6f0   Updated Eastern European translation table from dan at feld.cvut.cz. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 84d858782eca2077cd0ce089b156938fa122cf93)
      adds  612cbb6   Patch from Chris Maltby <chris at softway.com.au>. His comments follow:
      adds  77e4dd2   Changed code to check NT password *first* - if it exists. The NT password is a higher quality password, and should always be looked at before the LM password, if available (sorry, Luke, just a minor change, the other changes you made were fine :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit c1367bf5336485ceafd7125f608dc923ecebd32d)
      adds  fd6dacb   We were missing a case switch in announcement processing - we were loggin a become backup request with debug log level of 0 - thus producing lots of annoying error messages.
      adds  f9c698b   Fix from Josef Hinteregger <joehtg at joehtg.co.at> for using character set = iso8859-1 with the new multibyte char code. Was always using sj_to_sj conversion in error. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e6a083451f8785fa1c00314a958007fe96fcc039)
      adds  724cab4   loadparm.c: Cause IPC$ comment to be evaluated at runtime, rather than load time (patch from "Marty Leisner" <leisner at sdsp.mc.xerox.com>. server.c: Patch from Josef Hinteregger <joehtg at joehtg.co.at> - string could be overwritten when find_service() called recursively. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cf15b3bd74a262e7af3d739a83ef7b43df4935e5)
      adds  0f8acce   want all of data in show_msg at log levels > 50. (This used to be commit 2245f4908ee3d33fd05f0a19abda89053cbfceb9)
      adds  db55744   Added check for getpwnam returning NULL. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 81cbfaacb11747830354f4a58be441015fe19ba8)
      adds  1af95eff  Fix to stop Windows 95 spinning on print queue requests when it gets an error message it doesn't understand. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 838e2fe2f76b20f34309c2322e3bd60817fef1fd)
      adds  3339f17   Added codepage 936 (simplified Chineses).
      adds  d228f3d   Missed compile error when compiling with KANJI=true. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c92bd807429627f18b54acc14a8a323a547bd01a)
      adds  7c57040   Removed unneeded proto symbol. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6ed3de711858fde6fa8085e9439aae3bbf6ecda1)
      adds  d1cc060   Added const cast to struct args to get rid of compile time warning. (This used to be commit 5d956abb4f4ed22671dfb1c7cb51489ab280463f)
      adds  9907a58   I removed a static string that was in there because I planned to do something with it some day.  It was causing gcc to cough up warnings (not serious ones, mind you).  Don't worry... It will be back! Chris -)----- (This used to be commit 46445421c5cbfb9597eccd2c9d222528e14ed768)
      adds  af80d8e   Makefile, loadparm.c, server.c, smb.h, util.c: Patch from stn at techfak.uni-kiel.de (Stefan Nehlsen) to get homes from the NIS+ map. smbpasswd.c: Tidy up of cli_state structure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fc2295e0f5729585fdb3ee47edb290851d4071c5)
      adds  31ae9c7   Fix for [homes] problem with security=share. We were still relying on a valid vuid to get the connecting username - this is *never* true (anymore) with security=share. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5d6f63a7e665ee19bd4508b2b40d497e9851b248)
      adds  e300c03   includes.h: Moved HPUX undefine of SEMMSL to where it actually does something. ipc.c: Added Luke's debug statement. locking_slow.c: Added FTRUNCATE_NEEDS_ROOT code for broken systems that need it (not sure what these are yet).
      adds  e0c21df   Changes to client.c support the need for directories to be processed by whatever action is passed to do_dir.
      adds  52b759b   smbclient.1 updated to reflect the new functionality and to document functionality that has been available for a long time. More updates needed ... people tend to forget the man pages when adding functionality. (This used to be commit 587624e1ebc668900600c0ac7f272e6f1b92685b)
      adds  9b5b34a   Oops, fogot proto.h. It needs to be updated for changes to client.c (This used to be commit c95097501a621a87c51d59407cce754be055558a)
      adds  7744a23   Updated to include possible cause of failed TESTS 3/6 as bad broadcast address. (This used to be commit 031f5b183e57b26a3401440cc3d8156c9771da2e)
      adds  c0c2353   Fix heaps of warnings when compiling with gcc under Digital UNIX. Include route.h and mbuf.h at a strategic point ... Wierd stuff really, because the Digital compiler does not complain either way, but GCC does. (This used to be commit 241fde3c713c91961b6bcb97ecb046ac2f3bb00b)
      adds  9e5870d   created from a really useful discussion about Win95 / NT profiles.
      adds  c032a9e   Corrected the spelling of my Surname. Added several postscripts. Extended info on Win95 logins to Windows NT. (This used to be commit 237f80b128def6d9ec903cfebe12eec82913964f)
      adds  5f7e1d2   support O_SYNC in opens for smbtorture (This used to be commit 000b871839e12065fc514f857ba205590a95b040)
      adds  b5f599d   if the resolve order is blank then assume "host" (This used to be commit d361a06fa14b899cf1bd697a9524b5a32f7bf204)
      adds  77da897   support O_SYNC at open time in files (previously we only supported it on individual writes) (This used to be commit ce017a233ba5c68e340e0d31634f9bd93118b20a)
      adds  fc9065b   some hacks to the torture code (This used to be commit 02786747ee6774f617d95b08a5c5912bf86e7586)
      adds  9a3537e   minor reformatting of debug messages (so people don't think there is a . on the end of their host names) (This used to be commit dd3fe9fb471a803747957a898693a5890d71e176)
      adds  3f1d618   Added additional comments from Bruce Wood (This used to be commit cd1e7eb8b13ed84dce740de92ef8620280430476)
      adds  f724cdb   As it says. (This used to be commit adf4b3ffd78dd99e593b4d9f34389d436b90fa72)
      adds  e40b242   fixed a memory leak in close_file(). Each time a file was opened we leaked memory equal to the length of the filename. (This used to be commit 30a347de74f7f8e2646b1853a9e5914320cee58d)
      adds  47ec2e0   Contributed software for Linux autofs support. (This used to be commit 883be3907778ee160872b0a0a023fc34e636774f)
      adds  cac6a06   Changes to allow Samba to be compiled with -Wstrict-prototypes with gcc. (Not a big change although it looks like it :-).
      adds  d5e0402   Changes include:
      adds  3f5d0ae   Fixed aggregate initializer problem for gcc. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e74428e4287cbc1557cc79d4930371cfaf3256d4)
      adds  49ce0ca   make it look for only the proper lines to uncomment. (This used to be commit c963ec8cc4bd311023ca4ad00ded4502989b7faa)
      adds  2a53d6f   Modified interfaces to getting smb password entries from get_smbpwd_entry (now an internal function to smbpass.c) to a more UNIX-like :
      adds  6de5509   Fixed some typecast and function pointer problems pointed out by a programmer in Finland.
      adds  041a292   ipc.c: Fix for printer queue spinning with Win95. nmbd.c: Fix for always overwriting log despite append setting. smb.h: Addition of last time password changed entry to account info. smbpass.c: Changes to support last time changed field in smbpasswd file. smbpasswd.c: Changes to support last time changed field in smbpasswd file. util.c: Fix for always overwriting log despite append setting. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eb4fe9ecdf539209efab07dc992447ea7370cf93)
      adds  e459b7d   Minor change to the wording.  It used to say "files with the prefix 'ubi_'" or some such.  Some future files won't have the ubi_ prefix.  -)----- Chris (This used to be commit 955a9f9199b468b72c4b828fed5b2903d0a5273a)
      adds  7b9a53b   reply.c: Fix bugs where debug statements were accessing the fd_ptr struct internals after Andrews' code had memset it to zero (this was causing core dumps). charcnv.c: Fixes for ISO8859-2 from Petr Hubeny <psh at capitol.cz>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit df8783ca76d543d200c743f515a185cfea2880df)
      adds  a406ad5   Just changed the date. (This used to be commit f430e4b0fa949d3010210fb9ab894b082388d032)
      adds  373d7c6   Changing of machine passwords now works !!!!!! smbdes.c: Added cred_hash3. smbpasswd.c: Fixes for adding a machine account (needs more work). lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: Turn on the machine password changing code by default (calls cred_hash3). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 50aa513b969c6e41911aeee8207b065f93af0beb)
      adds  f9a96f0   clientgen.c: Changes 'cli_xxx_' calls to use the following regularized parameter syntax:
      adds  6733e2b   includes.h: Added John's redhat fix for QSORT_CAST. smbpass.c: Added lock depth code so calls to pw_file_lock() can be nested.            Fixed codedump problems in add_smbpwd_entry(). smbpasswd.c: Removed all the code that manipulated the password file              directly. Now *all* smbpasswd file changes are done through              the interfaces defined in smbpass.c This should make              the life of people adding alternate backend databases             [...]
      adds  ec6fde9   Fixed bug that John found in WINS server code. When nmbd as a WINS server is sending out a name_query after a WACK, it needs to send a packet with recursion_desired = 0 (yes Luke, you were right all along :-). If it doesn't then if it's talking to itself then the query packet ends up back in the WINS server instead of in the client side code. Makefile: Changed proto generation to stop including NMBDOBJ twice. nmbd_namequery.c nmbd_packets.c nmbd_winsserver.c: Added e [...]
      adds  efb7174   Makefile: Added genrand.o clientgen.c: Changed to fill change password buffer with random stuff. password.c: Changed to get challenge from genrand.c server.c: Added #ifdef around O_SYNC. version.h: Changed to 1.9.19prealpha. genrand.c:
      adds  6babe8d   Added 'passwd chat debug' parameter to allow admins to debug their Samba passwd chat scripts. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5a995f4f75ffb0d55d6ceaa63a1209d230001991)
      adds  2beb8f3   genrand.c: Improved filename based random seed generation. lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: Changed to use generate_random_buffer(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 093d060a06d75c6ee5b1329d524334f4db97cba6)
      adds  2dee1ed   clientgen.c: Added cli_ulogoff() call. password.c: Added call to cli_ulogoff on successfull sessionsetup. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 77882f002b2a8203aad419e485fc885303d999a0)
      adds  c41f6c8   Added cli_ulogoff() calls to all the exit code paths in security=server. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 78d87a5bfdfc6d3f4428591d30294fe7d05d0f91)
      adds  76d3bc3   put server-side long dce/rpc code in main branch. (This used to be commit 2e1a08b28c1c0c9ea988a09067cd149926f25c69)
      adds  a63bcb4   improved the secret buffer generation a bit. It now uses /etc/shadow and smbpasswd if possible, and doesn't put it all through a 32 bit bottleneck. (This used to be commit 356ec24840da98f9e0b49b8eecb56aeec5ed848e)
      adds  8c7e457   many systems don't have /etc/shadow but do have another system for making encrypted passwords secret. For example, with secure NIS+ only root can get the encrypted password.
      adds  8584c6b   genrand.c: Improved generation of random values, more secure. loadparm.c: Started add of 'security=domain' code. password.c: Fix for security=server NT bugs. reply.c: Started add of 'security=domain' code. server.c: Started add of 'security=domain' code. smb.h: Started add of 'security=domain' code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e6bda112ebe0d41f54c4249b5c2e1f24011347e1)
      adds  da4e61e   Fixed bug found by Gerald Carter <cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU> where global myname was being overwritten incorrectly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a3e7cf1b8a2fc950d41f5f2d5318cf88874165cd)
      adds  a85f5bc   genrand.c: Changed SMB_PASSWD_FILE to lp_smb_passwd_file(). password.c: Started the initial code for domain_client_validate(). All             bracketed with #ifdef DOMAIN_CLIENT for now. reply.c: Call to domain_client_validate(). All             bracketed with #ifdef DOMAIN_CLIENT for now. smbpass.c: New code to get/set machine passwords. Tidied up nesting            of lock calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 89fe059a6816f32d2cc5c4c04c4089b60590e7e6)
      adds  002a47d   clientgen.c: Added rap error codes to cli_error, moved from smbpasswd.c password.c: Changed global cli -> pw_cli, removed strtok (bad strtok, bad :-) use in security=server, started to extend security=domain code. smbpasswd.c: Removed rap error code functions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0f00b8fce1a5cad7f8c212568fa33f09986e5bd6)
      adds  5baa991   We will need this new nterr.c for the DOMAIN_CLIENT code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 932b22cd495b9ce1ba03e5b91a50b314167255d7)
      adds  d5114f6   These don't compile yet - but they are the core code in what will be DOMAIN_CLIENT called code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ad81735fa1ce02937f6aae3d6518c1cd6156b090)
      adds  30675f8   Makefile: Added nterr.c into the mix. clientgen.c: Added nt_error as an entry in the struct client_state. password.c: Open the netlogon pipe. smb.h: Added nt_error as an entry in the struct client_state. lib/rpc/parse/parse_net.c: Added comments on net logon. lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: Added comments on net logon. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 899a9f0dce50c73e03c8da2ebe920957491c8ad7)
      adds  42058f3   cli_pipe.c: Corrected cli_api_pipe() calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2571ba0213c0630a96657fd6591e19adce1d9304)
      adds  9189005   ABOUT time.  dce/rpc long packet format now works, server-side. turns out that [it can be deduced that] microsoft ignores the SMBreadX offset, and goes by the SMBreadX length only.  this makes for a lot simpler code, in both client and server. (This used to be commit a8b641c027c8cce179455ac1f6fd0322a8ab017d)
      adds  e7ac866   This looks like a big change but really isn't. It is changing the global variables "myname" and "myworkgroup" to "global_myname" and "global_myworkgroup" respectively.
      adds  b8fff2c   Added SuSE packaging files.
      adds  22abe47   First version that compiles. Much more to do..... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 45393a19adb31820725fbdfaaf7ab64793fc9bc5)
      adds  d7cecb7   added NetShareEnum from Bartlomej Czardybon <czar at silesia.pik-net.pl> (This used to be commit 37cbc356741055d0660b80594117fa312d252b85)
      adds  b807469   Fixed checked in code that didn't compile. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5f258abf526243f753c3a64cde2e1f67e4d60b6b)
      adds  1a25f56   fix problem with output file not being properly sorted (This used to be commit d13678b079faf0da91b4ef582481fb987d377c8a)
      adds  d383250   This is the checkin that adds the security=domain functionality.
      adds  a8e7f80   password.c:
      adds  4eb37c1   add clean option (This used to be commit e21b3a527cc6a3a3b0dee12430bd78d9cc340ae8)
      adds  e305c2c   clientgen.c: Fixed null session setup bug. password.c: Stopped cli_nt_logout call (we don't have it correct yet).             Added Luke object-orientation fix :-). smb.h: Added clnt_name_slash to cli_state. lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c: Changed global_myname to clnt_name_slash where needed. lib/rpc/client/cli_netlogon.c: Fixed debug messages, don't check creds on error. lib/rpc/client/cli_pipe.c: Fixed debug messages, Added Luke object-orientation fix. lib/rpc/parse/p [...]
      adds  9017770   Makefile: Added files to smbpasswd.c. loadparm.c: Patch from tim at quiknet.com for static string problems. server.c: Setup global_myname. smbpass.c: Fix up locking. Add machine_password_delete() call. smbpasswd.c: Added provisional code to add to a domain. lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c: Fixed incorrect cred_hash3 call when setting machine password. lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: Fixed incorrect cred_hash3 call when setting machine password. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6 [...]
      adds  3eae1e3   Added patch from Bruce Tenison <btenison at dibbs.net> to allow encrypted passwords to be stored over time, allowing a smbpasswd file migration. Adds new parameter "update encrypted". Will also add to 1.9.18 branch. Docs update to follow. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5d3e874d780d595415cc27a7f5945fc2e694c3ac)
      adds  9aba1be   mkman - add argument for making html versions of man pages idb.pl - minor fixups for sorting of output file. (This used to be commit 4657367c5c80867fcd08e9bbe7557bc2ac770504)
      adds  20fa298   here is a first cut at a "fixed up" help file (This used to be commit 75298937a851573309cad66af9816010ad2bd9a7)
      adds  f601e6e   patches from jean francois: couple of minor bugs (This used to be commit 532b3956c66eda1b7e787b1c6906bcf574f66216)
      adds  38b8e52   Added bug fixes to clitar to ensure proper longfile name restores occur.
      adds  905261c   Rolling clitar.c back to the previous rev 1.22 as the current one needs fixing (sorry). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 50f75b11465ac45f1944ed613a65524ca4e60594)
      adds  a5cab2b   added definitions for "password chat debug" and "unix password sync" from the 1.9.18 tree (This used to be commit 228a2a0507494e0b13ed5c74488607811da20140)
      adds  19f76f3   genrand.c: SGI compile warning fix. ipc.c: Fix for duplicate printer names being long. loadparm.c: Set bNetWkstaUserLogon to false by default - new code in password.c protects us. nmbd_logonnames.c: nmbd_namequery.c: nmbd_namerelease.c: Debug messages fix. password.c: SGI compile warning fix, fix for tcon() with bNetWkstaUserLogon call. reply.c: SGI compile warning fix. server.c Debug messages fix. smbpass.c: Fix for incorrect pointer. Jeremy. (This used to be commit [...]
      adds  a2bddb2   Fixes for the %U and %G problems people have reported. Essentially, multiple session_setup_and_X's may be done to an smbd. As there is only one global variable containing the requested connection name (sessionsetup_user), then any subsequent sessionsetups overwrite this name (causing %U and %G to get the wrong name). This is particularly common when an NT client does a null session setup to get a browse list after the user has connected, but before a share has been mounted.
      adds  f714ff9   much faster pstrcpy() and fstrcpy()
      adds  b59916e   Real fix for clitar.c problems. Have now made all the right things static, and have done a 'make proto; make clean; make'.
      adds  4ff2a51   compiler warning for unimportant uninitialised variable (This used to be commit 81bf26309248b63cc7e167170a8b384c11126ded)
      adds  a1e1641   Added mksmbpasswd.sh to binary package (This used to be commit 94f31b95f708a4362fdcc697610d6edc9b72a5fc)
      adds  5fa8775   jean-francois micouleau's well-alpha code for ldap password database stuff! he's going to hate me for checking this in so early, but... (This used to be commit ad9ba0a1cbac5c4e6cbcbcadefe8f1df72231f74)
      adds  2b4d426   Rolling back again to the equivalent of revision 1.22, as the current CVS head branch will not compile. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 18a0a10dcb04733a2d7ba0e16d07ab7e6e2d54be)
      adds  b545090   loadparm.c: Added #ifdef USE_LDAP around ldap code. server.c: Moved %U, %G and %N into standard_sub() from standard_sub_basic()           as only smbd knows about usernames. Also fixes problem with calling           standard_sub_basic() from loadparm.c. smbpass.c: Partial tidyup of machine_password_lock() code - not finished yet. util.c: Moved %U, %G and %N into standard_sub() from standard_sub_basic()           as only smbd knows about usernames. Also fixes problem  [...]
      adds  346abce   smbpass.c: Fixed machine_passwd_lock() problems. password.c: Fixed machine_passwd_lock() problems. lib/rpc/server/srv_ldap_helpers.c: Oops - broke proto.h with dummy function. Fixed now. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d28427f21fff49da6b38c24625e3e2dae49a9713)
      adds  10a610c   Andrew redefines the free() function to do some memory management testing. He also suggested that some systems may implement free() as a macro (but I think he was looking for an excuse ;).  Anyway, I've added a function to mangle.c that calls free(). Chris -)----- (This used to be commit 95f7b03285c42e8f5573690939b79afc7e686908)
      adds  51f88b4   Fixed changed calls to machine password locking code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dfdc9b0b1e47717b83e54f1cf726e40122cf9baf)
      adds  d8d9f77   created "passdb.c" which is an interface point to (at present) either smbpasswd or ldap passwd, at compile-time (-DUSE_LDAP).
      adds  01df1ed   This should (hopefully :-) be the final fix for the %U %G substitution problem.... smbpass.c: Removed Luke's dire warning - as some of the functions in here *need* to be called externally :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1fd8d12ca414066acec71b33eb8a13e16c2acd3a)
      adds  b543829   moving gethexpwd into util.c, because it's used in both smbpass.c and ldap.c (This used to be commit abe261b2f5ea7036e7be6230876176d134ef4ee4)
      adds  b1ba33b   remove unused ldap functions: add stub start/get/endldappwent routines. (This used to be commit a827412effe75029622cc3c822b1d581dd374fda)
      adds  a4cc363   added first pass at start/get/end-ldappwent functions.  unfortunately, lots of information will be lost as these functions currently return struct smb_passwd not SAM_USER_INFO_21 or any other type of structure... (This used to be commit ad3097099cba524c9ec7c3ffc6d5647019efeaab)
      adds  4cc7a1b   Initial cut at the code that will do NT SMB calls. Not linked in, not compiled yet, just checked in for safe keeping :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 74565f0039be8ab02a501accad5e671e80733314)
      adds  9273102   smb.h: Supporting defines for NT trans calls. trans2.c: Paranoia bugfixes added when studying nttrans.c. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 94e70edef91c71703a7ebcdaf2b5a2bdce940a69)
      adds  4c13658   added FLAG_BASIC to some browse options for swat. (This used to be commit ce1af10ab44d5d16557ddfd28c58f1669c04e0b3)
      adds  51bc0c1   The globals section now shows non-default variables (like the view config section does) in the basic view. There is also a reset button to undo all changes you have made (that haven't been committed). In addition each field now has a "Set Default" button. Multi-choice fields are now select fields instead of a set of radio buttons.
      adds  6b70e2c   added extra fields to struct smb_passwd
      adds  965148c   renamed last_change_time to pass_must_change_time.  removed "if (bool==True)" and "if (bool==False)" code from ldap.c - a boolean test may not necessarily return exactly True or exactly False: True may be defined to be -1: you never know... (This used to be commit 9bf9752134a92b9a6e8895300d986cfa23547c03)
      adds  bb8706f   Se-submitting clitar.c/
      adds  45d32e5   added smb_grpid to smb_passwd struct (This used to be commit bcafdcda85581cee4b7b5ead4526c30851e461bf)
      adds  5d2d006   added proto.h to .cvsignore (This used to be commit 29eda8a00ad0d1036a14e2b1e30c7aeca846bbb2)
      adds  f503940   proto.h was being a pain.  use "make proto" instead.  check release and release-alpha scripts operate correctly when it comes to generating a release or alpha release. (This used to be commit 6f792502d714c4883fe0831068c4ac703e7029ba)
      adds  5e9cd44   Ho hum, someone deleted proto.h from cvs... re-adding. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6dde50738fcdbaae799101b84ab6b6270696193d)
      adds  9f57f01   clitar.c: #ifdef'ed out all the bits that were giving 'defined but not used'           messages. nttrans.c: More updates. smb.h: Removed stuff that didn't belong in the smb_passwd struct. Persuaded Luke        to use a new structure. web/swat.c: Fixed gcc complaints about shadowing global 'string'. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 61c1dbb9785ed1e6fe40f93c7cc65024884df6f5)
      adds  64a0f84   removed proto.h from cvsignore (This used to be commit beb56f083d6f9c557486f08b8266c53552684118)
      adds  27e91f6   move things around to get rid of make clean warning messages (This used to be commit d7975ef1e3f38e678ea20d3f86718b05f4fb1aff)
      adds  721814d   added sam_passwd structure: don't want smb_passwd to be "polluted". (This used to be commit d42dd371fa2ab690bf4261a735f03a7380479ebe)
      adds  839e47c   Updated OSF1_ENH_SEC mode password handling. This now tries Enhanced passwords first and if this fails trys Basic mode (ie: Unix /etc/passwd) authentication. This only happens when OSF1_ENH_SEC is defined at compilation. (This used to be commit 29462c8d7a241eb462b1583170a0b5f16096ea3f)
      adds  ffc88e2   changed to use slprintf() instead of sprintf() just about everywhere. I've implemented slprintf() as a bounds checked sprintf() using mprotect() and a non-writeable page.
      adds  3dfc0c8   changed to use slprintf() instead of sprintf() just about everywhere. I've implemented slprintf() as a bounds checked sprintf() using mprotect() and a non-writeable page.
      adds  c78cf0b   include includes.h in all the ubiqx files. I know Chris won't like this but it really is necessary (sorry Chris!)
      adds  b3cd947   don't use system functions as arguments to qsort() as otherwise you get stuck on systems with broken headers (like SunOS4). In this case use StrCaseCmp instead of strcasecmp (This used to be commit 1386c6e25a2cf05c5c48b7a5094db3b2a6f5a5b3)
      adds  f004d84   ldap back-end database development
      adds  0518067   add lp_domain_workstations() parameter.  this is a list of workstation names from which an NT user can log in from.  empty (default) indicates no restrictions.  exactly how this is enforced is unknown.  from past experience it's likely that the enforcement is left to the client to carry out... (This used to be commit 6b2f9ea68f5754ca6caaf685a9538ab404e1bab4)
      adds  05eb22f   reply.c: Added code to not overwrite sesssetup_user when in share level security and null session setup done. smbpasswd.c: Fix from Gerald Carter <cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU> to fix incorrect              use of pointer. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 69ace0760986a6e892cd5b25ca85930b65e38c45)
      adds  9141ace   password back-end database support
      adds  f888868   This is a security audit change of the main source. It removed all ocurrences of the following functions :
      adds  1dadc7a   a new slprintf() function. This one is totally portable but a bit of a kludge. It is a safe kludge with our current code but I would like to revisit it at some point in the future.
      adds  9118b85   retired this file: it's not actually needed now that passdb.c provides the interface point. (This used to be commit 27ba6fafc90d8de7107f39c848f1f34b021ed0a0)
      adds  d48e837   removed lp_domain_workstation() parameter (This used to be commit 80d6a3bb0cf3853aa51594cce888e6c0a6e6f634)
      adds  00d8e66   function comments wrong (This used to be commit da11063cbd23c376c4e1afaad647adcb989934eb)
      adds  785d23c   - removed ldap_get_trust()
      adds  ee9a618   includes.h: SunOS doesn't have strcasecmp, solaris versions prior to 2.6 don't             have vsnprintf. locking_slow.c: slight tidy. make_smbcodepage.c: Use safe_strcpy instead of pstrcpy. nmbd_winsserver.c: Use pstrcpy instead of fstrcpy. smbmount.c: Fixed reported bug. util.c: Removed old fstrcpy/fstrcat functions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f257d2e4bafd3944cca737699913a8d868279ca6)
      adds  ed4719b   we don't need a typedef for string (This used to be commit 9907296225e35548dadd70e1be5a06517b27bb87)
      adds  d636d65   initialise a variable (This used to be commit 1c052f8744c3f1f64638eb4c0ea7b0db39d50040)
      adds  4b587cd   test for overflow in nmb name parsing code (This used to be commit 204a939807d6fe66fcd721aabf7a88ee33eb23d6)
      adds  5b619d9   initialise some variables (stops warning) (This used to be commit 6074d09dbf7c9ae03a56773e6ff0a52a60cc75da)
      adds  329fe21   Fixed up HPUX entry. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a7afda2e4ecab226c90db023293f5d460e81ae2f)
      adds  a427650   chgpasswd.c: Added comments to #ifdefs ipc.c: Caused samba password changing not to be done if UNIX password        changing requested and not successful. util.c: Added string_to_sid() and sid_to_string() functions. lib/rpc/client/cli_samr.c: lib/rpc/include/rpc_misc.h: lib/rpc/parse/parse_lsa.c: lib/rpc/parse/parse_misc.c: lib/rpc/parse/parse_net.c: lib/rpc/parse/parse_samr.c: lib/rpc/server/srv_lsa.c: lib/rpc/server/srv_lsa_hnd.c: lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: lib/r [...]
      adds  bce6d41   namequery.c: Fixed SGI IRIX 5.x compiler problem. server.c: Added MACHINE.SID file generation - use lp_domain_sid() be default. smbpass.c: Exposed do_file_lock() as I now use it in server.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5bf17840ac7d65d08dd3fdfe8b789010488f6808)
      adds  05a8202   Fixed dce/rpc to use global_machine_sid (auto generated in server.c if not present in smb.conf). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e7c1100390b714bf2f489a9032156b0c9272e403)
      adds  ea92374   robert frank - some Next3 compilation errors detected. (This used to be commit da3d9602c71094df4dba0edd45ade71555f5e97b)
      adds  0923f9e   some pretty horrible formatting in standard_sub_basic(): makes the function unreadable and unmaintainable (This used to be commit eefeb61242449ea2a8d5f64e15d37f90789bdacc)
      adds  1096545   sync with 1.9.18 branch (clean up comments) (This used to be commit b924e378f82bfca23b47261a5d0991635b2962ba)
      adds  f8a4273   passdb.c server.c: Moved generate_machine_sid() into passdb.c for Jean-Francois           (who might want an LDAP version). Changed locking to free exclusive           lock as soon as possible to prevent contention. lib/rpc/parse/parse_samr.c lib/rpc/server/srv_samr.c: Changed last SID-as-string manipulation                            function to use DOM_SID structure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3b8f5aef57b4f37265c0403385053085f0df6f18)
      adds  bc69d08   util.c: Re-seed the crypto random number generator after a fork, so all         smbds started from the same parent won't use the same sequence. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d3f507d05df9d0dd313b39bc99ebf11451dc0120)
      adds  90e97bf   two scripts from benny holmgren which a) create NIS+ table b) populate it from private/smbpasswd. (This used to be commit 1acdd9fd6c391ad4871c55c0ba8f5b00076ba115)
      adds  d36a24d   adding copyright messages for Benny Holmgren (This used to be commit d7ed2ee35c76a19e93453c23b5e56874b72cc0e5)
      adds  1f94f63   first non-compiling, unused, mostly stub version of NIS+ password database. based on Benny Holmgren's samba patch (copyright acknowledged). (This used to be commit 2a87cf09572bd2154d4b373e1aa2171106e96da7)
      adds  c230ee1   some databases have search capabilities.  acknowledging this in design of passdb.c api. (This used to be commit 2dd01b7c70f7e1f3158bd4bc75459892007e5418)
      adds  5e1313d   Fix from "Gerald W. Carter" <cartegw at eng.auburn.edu>, we were copying from a parameter into an unitialized variable (doh !). Jeremy. (This used to be commit a3a0dc14c2f9f703963ade67f30dd6c40bbe7144)
      adds  94a39bd   Change getpwnam to Get_Pwnam(xx , True) to allow lazy matching in /etc/passwd. Fix from "Mike Black" <mblack at csihq.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0146883f8568de4642087bb769b0381c3217d792)
      adds  32954eb   Makefile:
      adds  a85b42f   oops.  pressed ctrl-z while editing the previous cvs message: this was taken to mean ":x". (This used to be commit 660206e816f9be708e09a1aad3b342b94e5e4f53)
      adds  39f3c0c   - renamed some of the passdb.c functions: they have a prefix pdb_ on them
      adds  648ceb2   received update from jean francois for ldap.c: he is doing add / mod functions (This used to be commit 381df1e52bfc97b80422de2703db8cb521dc47e1)
      adds  646ab2b   resolving compilation errors (This used to be commit dea0c06eec44a7c2860f97d8f23584d30e482e0a)
      adds  c7890d4   no include headers in ldap.c. passdb.c sam_passwd <-> smb_passwd conversion routines (This used to be commit 8082239c81dfed5e3cc34a4d0a4e7195398ae627)
      adds  4d63fdc   creating and using some pdb_init_(sam/smb) routines.  putting ldap headers back in (they had been taken out of includes.h because they are only local to ldap.c. (This used to be commit 98ab085b93fb25a4d9275c0d54a863fd9fae2548)
      adds  cffaf88   removed references to some of the smb_passwd routines from ldap and nis+ code, use pdb_sam_to_smb(...sam21...) calls instead.  this is a lot simpler. (This used to be commit d92f4e71c12ce5010f05fa7dd3918a48e7386d1e)
      adds  b40d52d   sorting out removal of some smb_passwd functions by calling pdb_smb_to_sam() instead, for use by nisppass.c (This used to be commit 2253ca407267eb161cfcd8b53dcc9848d9398f4c)
      adds  29644e4   linker errors with -DUSE_NISPLUS_DB - difficult to spot when you're not using nis+ on your system, so you get 100 linker errors... (This used to be commit e325d9a81039152e8c57f7fab6cf948d8e1ec7d3)
      adds  ffab547   chgpasswd.c: Changed back to getsmb... from getsam... ldap.c: Stoped dummy_function being prototyped. loadparm.c: Fixed slprintf sizes. nisppass.c: Fixed safe_strcpy sizes. nmbd_processlogon.c: Changed back to getsmb... from getsam... nttrans.c: Just a dump of new code. passdb.c: Moved stuff around a lot - stopped any lookups by rid. This           needs to be indirected through a function table (soon). password.c: Changed back to getsmb... from getsam... reply.c: Ch [...]
      adds  1188273   Abstracted all the crappy password interfaces through an indirect function table, selectable at compile time. This should make the code that implements all the password functions much cleaner, as it's now very clear exactly what a particular password database needs to provide to Samba. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 27ca536ad974242524c12f7100e419d9e7f9647f)
      adds  d9e4b23   Forgot to add the initialize_password_db() call to nmbd also. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2f9f0a88e8220575edb43a9945d0b60829efa840)
      adds  643e16b   Fixed signed/unsigned warning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6b6539cad8962f2913d892abae811afc72432678)
      adds  0a36b8d   ldap.c :
      adds  48c7034   removed "default" system for password database api: all functions must be supported.  there are some stub routines in passdb.c which can be copied into a password database api which do conversion.  the module writer can choose which of these to provide full support for instead of using the conversion routines. (This used to be commit d906ac5941fa22f93a38d65906b89a80f971b83c)
      adds  74ea6c0   oops - got some of the default (conversion) functions wrong. (This used to be commit b836581cda2b58d285245f71f2bc419c6ece4911)
      adds  73231a9   made mod_smbfilepwd_entry() and getsmbfilepwent() static.  they need not be exposed. (This used to be commit 61ab72b82b24006c69b573400f740ff73e742b32)
      adds  1b412a5   passdb.c: Fixed typo in coment. smb.h: Removed comments no longer valid. smbpass.c: Stopped dummy function from being prototyped. util.c: Fix for multibyte char problems with strlower, strupper and string_replace. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cd244b45a5d35fceee2a4034b0c6aabdb58871aa)
      adds  00516da   Fix to do NT wildcard matching. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 170070b9c793805df9f8629e70027f17b949425f)
      adds  bff8dd8   Fixed Samba's wildcard algorithm to be *exactly* the same as NT. You do not want to know how this code works :-). Jeremy (This used to be commit 7adbd2dfc1eda0e147b7ab4b5ff5e71f173794af)
      adds  fd4d5ab   Minor tweak for wcard compatibility paranoia. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5d8ef7d0f1ecb358c841f382fc48e6eccbe8e171)
      adds  67850c4   Fixed incorrect last arg to safe_strcpy in new wildcard code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 67007d98b9daf5cccf049cb836dbb989516eb0ce)
      adds  9c99863   dce/rpc net time command from jean-francois.  does not support timezones (This used to be commit 8e11d542eebe076d74ab264e22b87f7aed9bbe8f)
      adds  54706f5   fix slprintf for sunos4 in head branch (This used to be commit 4aaf8b6a8bc521e738840fe72708add251eaaccb)
      adds  1defdd0   jean-francois calling the right function for the "net t.o.d" dce/rpc support does gmtime() not LocalTime() now. (This used to be commit 64559e72f3028917059dbcafd0b3425266f7d567)
      adds  cf76b41   fixed signed / unsigned warnings spotted by tim winders.  also fixed unnecessary "address of" warnings. (This used to be commit ed0afe1e186ce53046e70d8a92103d4f59a2eed2)
      adds  cbb1ef3   Along the lines that Andrew suggested, I added a header called ubi_null.h. This header tries four different locations for a definition of NULL.  If NULL still hasn't been found, it defaults to ((void *)0).  All of the includes can be, essentially, overridden by defining NULL on the command line, as in -DNULL=((void *)0).  I have faith that this will avoid the problem of NULL being in different places on different systems.  If there is a system out there that doesn't  [...]
      adds  35c6557   printing.c: Fixed overflow by one problem in LPRng. reply.c: Fixed password length modifiers to always be done          is none-encrypted mode used. This fixes Samba for          people who are using non-encrypted passwords with          security=server. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 720b565349e3467bd81d6d863b9ac54237edd3cf)
      adds  bfa0139   Fixed 'revalidate' parameter so it's only considered in security=share mode. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7727f09ea9055053ed1d3e2af1069ddae245efb4)
      adds  a72bb5c   added:
      adds  d1d010a   Put a do_global_tests() function that will be expanded to test all the heuristics we know about for validating smb.conf file. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 76dec5b04e9c3b4b727bf9a44d31acf32b4b6b4c)
      adds  b26d9b8   Added a disclaimer regarding the changes Andrew wants. (This used to be commit f8d6aab70a02338c923220459eb12d17fa324e79)
      adds  6580fa6   Removed all ubiqx includes from includes.h.  So far, this was only a problem for dir.h, which I've fixed.  Andrew did not add includes.h to the ubiqx headers, which is good because it would cause internal conflicts within the ubiqx tree modules.  It's also bad because the definitions and includes that are part of includes.h are now in the ubiqx C files, but not in the header files.  So, if includes.h were to redefine int, for example, the new definition would be in t [...]
      adds  cf714c3   These two are not being used, and they would cause conflict under Andrew's include scheme.  Removing them works around the problem.  If someone does need them sometime (can't imagine why, since the splay tree is typically faster), let me know and we can work something else out.
      adds  cfc43a5   I've put the ubiqx headers back into includes.h, and removed them from dir.c & mangle.c.  This was possible after I checked the tree code to make sure that the tree code did not reference functions by macro name.  Also, note that the AVL module has been removed to prevent conflict with the SplayTree macro defines.
      adds  e298045   doesn't compile: don't care.  checking this in so people can see what's going on. (This used to be commit b7ccea8ee190a228cf479f325a2c8578e2bd90ce)
      adds  b4b42e7   add_nisp21pwd_entry() finished but not tested.  module now compiles. (This used to be commit c74d0defcf8e9fca326af190730439f6451f826a)
      adds  0f9d24f   Added more NT definitions, getting ready for nttrans code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 26c0176e104f7345f16f7fdb1115f32e6b0cfcdb)
      adds  684edc9   - created pdb_sethexpwd(), to be called from all pwd apis that need to   store passwords in ascii format
      adds  6a19bf5   more warnings, from Tim Winders (This used to be commit eb157d6da4719b415a1f5202364aa77f2596bc03)
      adds  ef46e64   i wondered why nisppass.c came up with a linker error "pdb_set_last_set_time" not found.  this gave me a clue...
      adds  863c787   added set logon, logoff, kickoff etc time functions. (This used to be commit dab9728a4376cc52d6e53b09b5f42d08712330d6)
      adds  1d16f75   smb.h: More NT SMB stuff (just defines). smbpass.c: Do *NOT* make this function static. It breaks the compile on gcc util.c: Getting closer to MS wildcard semantics. A trailing '*' matches         any trailing dot-separated components. trans2.c: Removed hacks that change multiple '?' -> '*' as this           breaks things now. trans2.h: Removed NT_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL - now FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL is defined           in smb.h. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 42a65511 [...]
      adds  9bd7e1e   loadparm.c: Added machine password timeout parameter - set to 7 days be default. password.c: Added code to tell server.c when machine password needs changing. server.c: Change machine password in idle cycles if it needs it. smbpassfile.c: Fixed up length calculations for machine password file. smbpasswd.c: Moved domain joining code/machine password changing code. lib/rpc/client/cli_netlogon.c: And this is where it now lives. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b8fedca619 [...]
      adds  8e914e5   removed "domain sid = " parameter instructions (This used to be commit 3bc0d700d1f2a63a8037370986b1f6111a38894c)
      adds  ad53f02   Newly re-written do_match and mask_match functions, with the help of Ums Harald <Harald.Ums at pro-sieben.de>, who has been testing our 8.3 wildcards with a test suite. With his new code for 8.3 matching, this is the test done (I'm quoting from his email)
      adds  459ecfe   Ooops - fixed Win95 crash bugs with earlier code. Jeremy (This used to be commit 6baeb4ad96bc58cf1bd53f6621067af8344c9556)
      adds  73e9350   latest messing about: probably doesn't compile; doesn't matter. (This used to be commit d455d194b7110d4bcbef58134d035bd55702b6f8)
      adds  a10b9ab   Adding Greek and Icelandic codepages from :
      adds  3c77f88   Added Paul Eggerts LocalTime patch. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6721c28ea6bdb5210836352bb5ffc43d787907fa)
      adds  c069bd8   This change ensures that only the processes/locked files that belong to -uUsername are printed when running 'smbstatus -uUsername' PaulB (This used to be commit da08e486871992043c2650e6aac304cd29ba693c)
      adds  3c116d2   point people at the main web site for a up to date list of mirrors (This used to be commit 553100a2baccc67f1c0e4a1df5b7dc0df9a79c9b)
      adds  ffe91d6   clientutil.c: Don't core dump if no controlling terminal available for password. passdb.c: lib/rpc/include/rpc_misc.h: First cut at automatic uid/gid to rid mapping. We can change this at a later date to make more bits available if neccessary. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 34f40474aba97118e1e80fe6259c686e46dc16b4)
      adds  1714adc   Changed the mechanism for including the Samba includes.h in the ubiqx code to something less hurried, simpler, and (I believe) more acceptable to all.  The ubi_*.c files all now #include sys_include.h which, for Samba, contains only comments and the line
      adds  c435955   ipc.c: Fix bug where we don't return the correct error code when client        gives a too-small buffer for share info. Fix from Gil Kloepfer <gil at arlut.utexas.edu> smb.h: server.c: Fix for a nastly little security problem with multi-user Windows NT           servers and Samba where the contents of the open-file cache can end           up being served out to users who shouldn't have access. This is some           *seriously* ugly code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit [...]
      adds  52c6976   It occurred to me that the samba includes.h file should be included in the header files used by the ubiqx modules, instead of being hidden in the .c files.  This would ensure that anything in includes.h would be "seen" by the ubiqx headers.  I also had to put an #ifdef around the includes for ubi_SplayTree.h and ubi_Cache.h in includes.h to prevent the header of the descendant type from being included before its parent type.
      adds  a1c66b0   includes.h: Fixes for NetBSD and BSDI. smbpass.c: Fixed irix warnings. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2caefb35ff56dba67968d04755d74238a38ba29d)
      adds  206f588   Fixed file descriptor leak in open_socket_out - this could cause nmbd to run out of fd's. Test case found by Eloy Paris. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9e2570317138cc6a7ffdc603564f863ff20139b8)
      adds  59e2992   added "domain admin group" and "domain guest group" parameters.  this is because "domain admin users" and "domain guest users" was overloaded.
      adds  1b85da9   had what would be a compile error if it wasn't #if 0'd out in passdb_ops (This used to be commit 2cb94eec59bdcc1272063637bbc8b7a5449fdc62)
      adds  28029c7   client.c: Allowed client to proceed even if it gets error 234 (more data           available) when scanning server/workgroup/share lists. ipc.c: Removed redundent definition of ERROR_MORE_DATA (234) we already have        ERRmoredata in smb.h Jeremy. (This used to be commit ae3510e9fb309be343e245d8460c1ceb8164077b)
      adds  88d88f5   loadparm.c: Did it ! Changed defaults for 'case preserve' and 'short case preserve'.             Also removed 'domain allow/deny' parameters. shmem_sysv.c: Added strerror code so I can see why sysV calls are failing. lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: Removed code that used 'domain allow/deny' parameters -                              replaced with a comment so I will remember to fix this later. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5f46c7c4b11a75f1ffbd806cde915b4bf28232db)
      adds  f3e2663   Cosmetic.  Added a cast to (void) to a call to add_name_to_subnet() since the return value was being ignored anyway.  SGI's lint said:
      adds  1c18542   Added code to generate
      adds  0725049   Added code to add the Samba names onto the remote_broadcast subnet, as NT 4.x does directed broadcast node status requests for the *<0x0> name. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8c6fe8870a72271a6acd1633efc362c59e283e19)
      adds  6d53920   proto.h   *Not* the usual.  I did make proto to add the #ifndef..#endif block.   Just to be safe, I did a cvs diff and found no prototype changes.
      adds  ae260b96  Moved the ubiqx stuff above nameserv.h so that ubiqx typedefs could be seen by the nameserve.h header. (This used to be commit 530b54b8a2234a72d7a12606bff38648e56c5c1c)
      adds  96bc404   This is a first step toward moving long namelists into a database.  I split the name_record structure into pieces.  The goal is that the key (the name) be separate from the data associated with the key.  Databases such as gdbm store information in [key,content] pairs.
      adds  75e909f   Fixed compile problem after make proto. Chris's reformating of the (rather long named function) find_name_for_remote_broadcast_subnet (moving the function name onto a line on it's own) caused the proto awk script to miss it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 17c758687f0ec6040633bc1815a52627b7e15f02)
      adds  e85295d   loadparm.c: Removed 'domain other sids' parameter. lib/rpc/include/rpc_lsa.h: Changed #defines for RPC calls - moved some, made LSA_LOOKUPNAMES correct. lib/rpc/include/rpc_misc.h: Changed DOMAIN_ALIAS_xxx to BUILTIN_ALIAS_xxx.                             Changed bitmasks for uid to rid to be 1 bit. lib/rpc/parse/parse_misc.c: Changed make_unistr2 to put length as given, max length as one more. lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: Removed 'domain other sids' parameter. lib/r [...]
      adds  1b86bea   I was wrong about the length and max_length values in make_unistr2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1d77728bbba49699a05eb70b685a4a97d7598122)
      adds  72bf410   De-coupled the mapping of a Windows to UNIX username from the Get_Pwnam username case conversion wrapper. It is now (very) explicit where we are mapping between an incoming Windows username, and when we are doing a UNIX password entry lookup, which may change the case of the given username. This makes things *much* clearer (IMHO:-) and will ease the adding of the 'groupname map' parameter, and the addition of the special 'jeremy' mode for Samba where unix users will  [...]
      adds  d4366df   I've replaced the linked list used to manage the subnet namelists with a splay tree.  For short lists, this will have no noticable effect.  As lists (eg. the WINS database) grow longer, the speed improvements should be quite dramatic.  This change is an incremental step toward replacing the in-memory namelists with a back-end database.
      adds  cd3de05   Minor changes as I've now discovered gcc -pedantic-errors. This does the signed/unsigned warnings I've been missing. Jeremy (This used to be commit 6d94e67624d1f2c08ac2e1c0eea23facd1e618f2)
      adds  b5e1fe3   Removed the "../" from the #include statement. David Mathod from Cal Tech is working on a new port to VMS and requested that such relative references be removed. Chris -)----- (This used to be commit 978c30791677fa8a48c1c8d34daaae52771b201c)
      adds  e6e4a63   Removed directory-relative include references.  This required that I add a -I$(srcdir)ubiqx to CFLAGS in the Makefile.  It might be better to create a UBIDIR value.  What would people like to see?
      adds  9a735eb   ipc.c: map_username is now a BOOL function. reply.c: map_username is now a BOOL function. server.c: Added capability to do map_username on service names           when looking for a home directory. That's what the           original code would do. lib/rpc/server/srv_util.c: Changed domain_ to builtin_ for                            BUILTIN aliases. username.c: Work in progress on groupname map parameter. Jeremy (This used to be commit fa95fae5eed95aff64f0a01825477610 [...]
      adds  860f674   This is the first, small step toward some tweaks that Jeremy and I have been discussing regarding the debug mechanism.  With this, I've added a macro that allows syntax like:
      adds  a32ad67   Groupname mapping code now lives here. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a70b929ec7b38855b7d09378536620c3f221cbe8)
      adds  5b5eb35   Makefile: Added ubi_sLinkList.o as the groupname.o file needs it. Added groupname.o includes.h: Added ubi_sLinkList.h include. loadparm.c: Added groupname map parameter. password.c: Fix HPUX big_crypt. username.c: New user_in_list() code. Moved groupname map code to groupname.c lib/rpc/server/srv_util.c: Added lookup_wellknown_sid_from_name().
      adds  39c13bb   remove .cvsignore as ignored file. This is used in my build scripts. (This used to be commit fb8b04be25d9b8c80719263acc6c4930686b3671)
      adds  644fbaa   Makefile: smbumount.c: Added fixes to compile under Linux. includes.h: Added SunOS 4.x QSORT_CAST fix. reply.c: Fixed user name mapping function for security=server, security=domain. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 21ca6bfb3ba3927efaf7eeff4325976d41489be2)
      adds  7ed5a18   client.c: Made -L do a null-session share unless -U user is specified. clientutil.c: Fixed NT session to add NT password. groupname.c: Added lookup function. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8216363e83fcdccfade70f983830b56b7e6546a4)
      adds  e31b4f2   Adding Christian Starkjohann <cs at obdev.at> SSLeay document. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9234df00e73980ed383cc77fcaa0a79d417900e4)
      adds  cb75782   Added SSL support from Christian Starkjohann <cs at obdev.at> This patch may not yet compile with -DUSE_SSL enabled, further Makefile changes may be needed. But it was important to get this code in place before I go off to USENIX. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 31e768369fdc61e07c59630c86c62239f3d3f3f7)
      adds  5bf9b18   CLITAR changes to overcome some reported problems and add Jay's changes (This used to be commit e1468dac0333eacea0a6f85f968e0a6d85af7f4c)
      adds  c2e2e69   Damn, forgot the proto file again (This used to be commit c63e679337221bbf15beca57249ff3306ebb0369)
      adds  bbd7ca6   clientgen: Added USE_SSL for client shutdown. clitar.c: Added 'Samba style' comments before string_create_s(). loadparm.c: Fixed missing comma in SSL code. util.c: Removed string_create_s(). Currently it's only called from         clitar.c and having it here as well as a static in clitar         causes the compile to break (Richard, please decide where         you want this function). lib/rpc/parse/parse_net.c: Fix from <anders.blomdell at control.lth.se>                [...]
      adds  c47cce6   Re-submit changes for CLITAR.
      adds  55da32f   clitar.c: Fixed minor gcc -pedantic-error compile warnings. passdb.c: Fixed stupid bug in read_sid_from_file(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e65efe3f78240a4fa1ed7931e96c6fb698d9d8c8)
      adds  8afebcd   Remove the copyright to Canon Information Systems Australia, as we don't want them to have the copyright.
      adds  9d001d5   Arrrgh, one more fix. Restores of long file names were broken ...
      adds  7fda0a4   The function add_name_to_subnet(), in file nmbd_namelistdb.c, returns a pointer to the newly constructed name list entry.  In most cases, this return value is ignored.  The two exceptions are in asyncdns.c and nmbd_winsproxy.c.
      adds  a6c94aa   Minor cosmetic change.  I up-cased internal #defines. (This used to be commit 1ce7d38d9f947d338f2587fa5afbe7536501edfd)
      adds  bc39cff   clitar.c: Fixed gcc warning with comment in /* */ code. nmbd_winsserver.c: Remember to free packet in multi-homed register code.                    Use correct query_name_from_wins_server call instead of                    query_name call in multihomed code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6e995802fecb4474003db55a69c9e1663737aade)
      adds  d8b0a8b   nisppass.c: Fixed incorrect parameter usage. nmbd_become_lmb.c: Add 'force_new_election' parameter to some functions.                    This allows the start of the election to be done *after*                    the demotion from local master browser is done.                    Also changed code so release of 1d name is done                    immediately to allow other local master to gain it. nmbd_elections.c: Ensured no elections are run until we have registered  [...]
      adds  fdb124c   Added code to do elections when told to do so. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a38d903d2016202d470f1405e593be3c20404d72)
      adds  06e42fa   nmbd_elections.c: Removed force elections code to bring into line with 1.9.18. nmbd_namelistdb.c: Added comment for Chris. nmbd_subnetdb.c: Went back to Chris's comparison code as with the make_nmb_name                  change it all works now. lib/rpc/server/srv_netlog.c: Ensure we return 'account disabled' for disabled                              accounts, rather than crashing. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4ab3d1682789319965a55edb37212b7671a743bb)
      adds  1829528   nttrans.c: More code towards NT protocol. smb.h: More code towards NT protocol. time.c: Fix for sco bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e53f4396ead540bcf9ecd18f3253e49216404a1b)
      adds  139a341   includes.h: AIX fix. nttrans.c: More NT SMB work. smb.h: More NT SMB defines. trans2.c: Change call response as I now have docs           on what the flags mean. #ifdef it with JRATEST           until I'm sure it's ok though. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ce2503fddd7ef9eed89e1a63fd834f13432a9cd6)
      adds  3daefed   chgpasswd.c: Fix from Peter Debus <pdebus at turing.une.edu.au> for Digital UNIX              password change core dump bug. nmbd_subnetdb.c: Make namelist_entry_compare() static. nttrans.c: More NT SMB stuff. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1925a29c6b355b8358ee99e5b876b6376aa7d628)
      adds  6491a95   nttrans.c: More NT SMB stuff. shmem_sysv.c: Fix for shared memory problems on several systems,               Second and subsequent use of shmget should use zero               as the size. Fix from Veselin Terzic <vterzic at systems.DHL.COM> Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1cd94b24592ca31ffae671acfd83b0d42b212cab)
      adds  efc2732   Fix for pidfile startup message. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 108284cc28d44ffea028209cf28b746008bdf455)
      adds  10ecd43   Fixed typos pointed out by Pekka Savola <Pekka.Savola at netcore.fi> (This used to be commit f0ca1afb77de83318d95ebad2a0477bc360cdefc)
      adds  3e7e42f   Updating Unix installation notes. (This used to be commit 4ffbdcbddff3094a8635527218f0f4a7974d8e4d)
      adds  73189b0   Updated in line with recent samba-bugs postings. (This used to be commit 11c1f090723878ada33b4f501af9a48112133fb4)
      adds  27ef657   Added as rapid config guide for cross subnet / cross workgroup browsing. (This used to be commit 023df8c04ec9c03dcd0ebc351b1cb3494db0dab9)
      adds  941e768   Updated the 'samba does not allow multi-workgroups & WINS' section. Still leave the info there, but add a caveat. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 160bcd5fccab7493a1a08e03af5492ed1e9accfa)
      adds  c21805f   Added Australian consultant. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 04733f455dcc960387b5fd56c7bb443f233f66e2)
      adds  5b11dbd   Digital UNIX does not seem to set OPTIND if there are no command line parameters.
      adds  7a2b695   password.c: Fixes to allow Win95 clients to have lm encrypted passwords             recognised. lib/rpc/client/cli_login.c: Fix debug comment. lib/rpc/parse/parse_misc.c: Fix for passing null pointers. lib/rpc/parse/parse_net.c: Send correct password lengths when called                            from Win95. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ad1848b35521b3d478ea3226db818a1edef78254)
      adds  3fc4dc6   Corrected info. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2d0c9baa17d5d298a3e9c22a8a5d2c77998cee18)
      adds  10dd9a6   Fixed (hopefully) last bug with username mapping. map_username wasn't returning true on a map which was causing find_service not to find a home directory. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 97209a29467699173caf79e1c81729eb2afedda5)
      adds  734d66b   includes.h: Fixes for QNX 4.x. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6055be064ec1e9416bb9a7cd97a11976fb336fb6)
      adds  8c1199c   Implementing more NT SMB functionality. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d34c91126049b7d3094455d407aa99a6d0452304)
      adds  ddf62bb   NT SMB trans reply code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 556254d72517c8a5bf70cafaf443df1675fe64d9)
      adds  b074c12   Fixed typos and reformatted doco. (This used to be commit 4a0cda25fd96e81da2502c3e0efd83d9a4c0ced6)
      adds  bacbe16   Fixing Oops. Thought I had added these - but not! (This used to be commit 3d15f9d297a0b03c7e0f2434c9d9457dece60c9a)
      adds  86de505   New version of the DFS_AUTH code from Karsten Muuss <muuss at or.uni-bonn.de> Jeremy. (This used to be commit cf7402c5325afd1f9a737facf285cb905702adb2)
      adds  769269c   Needed fix to SIGHUP handling donated by branko.cibej at hermes.si (I can't believe we've had that bug so long :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4d26757776af2aaba9cdaf4c956fab29bfde1599)
      adds  ddb7b8a   AIX patch from Michael Wojcik <mww at microfocus.com> adding detail to the AIX specific (and undocumented) setpriv and setuidx calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7a8d0a4ed4e07090bfe776b5544712274d2426e4)
      adds  1e4b026   Fix for bug PR#8294 reported by <detlef.lammermann at er.materna.de> - the Files array was storing the 'dos_to_unix' translated name, rather than the untranslated name. This could case problems when the name was run through dos_to_unix again. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5f4be1498f7c907a539fe9b5998dfbcaa9e20e20)
      adds  5ffb308   nttrans.c: More NT SMB stuff. reply.c: Broke out the internals of reply_mv so that they may be called          externally from the NT transact rename. server.c: Changed stat calls to sys_stat - found in code review           of bugfix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fb19dad88edfd7a5c7257a15afc9253fb41f4b99)
      adds  ebad427   nntrans.c: Fully implemented transact rename. reply.c: Added NT specific rename if exists flag to rename_internals(). smb.h: Added NT rename flag. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b398f7daf58459db6e8d3496502abeb634ac2183)
      adds  a5ddf08   Added strupper() function call to up-case the scope field in the make_nmb_name() function.  Database lookups (eg. gdbm) will often use byte-by-byte comparisons, so it is important that the case and padding are correct.
      adds  59d0744   loadparm.c:
      adds  7ade0aa   util.c:  I've added a function called mem_dup().  Similar to strdup(),          mem_dup() allocates the required memory before copying the          source data.  It returns NULL if memory could not be allcoated,          else a pointer to the newly allocated memory. proto.h: Rebuilt to add the prototype for mem_dup(). (This used to be commit 7f7e265ab457d046441d502d4b8447bc2c966675)
      adds  f1cd3cb   Makefile: Added CC=gcc to DGUX on Intel. Comment from ross at filmworks.com. ipc.c: loadparm.c: printing.c:            Added code from <Dirk.DeWachter at rug.ac.be> to implement print            queue pausing. New parameters are "queuepause command" and            "queueresume command". util.c: Added fix for mount options in autmount map. lib/rpc/include/rpc_misc.h: Removed duplicate pipe names for Jean-Francois. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 559a9bf2bbdeae3e76ba9178779c [...]
      adds  dc44d77   Makefile: Added nttrans.o includes.h: Added termios.h for AIX. nttrans.c: Working NT SMB calls ! pipes.c: Use strequal instead of strcmp. server.c: Use #defines rather than numbers. smb.h: Updated NT SMB #defines. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3e5cada9885059e9926eb6a56d350c4b1b53d245)
      adds  b61b50a   local.h: Added NTFS define if HAVE_NT_SMBS is defined. nttrans.c: Fixed issue with access DELETE on renaming files. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0fcf167af898a9c7a20fddc0d95c887477a22ed1)
      adds  18067a7   nttrans.c: Added FILE_EXECUTE to required permissions checked. trans2.c: Fixed up the SMB_QUERY_FILE_ALT_NAME_INFO code, now I've           got an NT client to generate it. It uses unicode without           bothering to check the unicode bit of course, but now we           can execute 16 bit exe's on a WinNT client from a long           filename directory (hurrah). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6c31be7d3ffff6a40bbbac6de53663fa707ac859)
      adds  471087c   Code added to fix the renaming of a directory under NT SMB calls. local.h: Changed MAXDIR to MAX_OPEN_DIRECTORIES - shmem size also tuned by this. dir.c: Use MAX_OPEN_DIRECTORIES. nttrans.c: Allow opening of a directory to succeed. Doesn't actually open            a file descriptor but takes a files_struct slot marked as an            fd. reply.c: Changed to close any outstanding is_directory files.          reply_close changed to understand directory files. server.c [...]
      adds  8668f6e   Forgot to increase size of files_struct by MAX_OPEN_DIRECTORIES in previous checkin. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7dfaca5d370ccb472d85416c623692ae7ec2176f)
      adds  781c9e5   includes.h: Added feature type USE_GRANTPT for pty code. chgpasswd.c: Updated to use USE_GRANTPT feature definition. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 953c5dbbae8c1370e5988619746b508f26cb0390)
      adds  f5866fd   Fixed bug found by Richard Sharpe. After increasing files_struct size by MAX_OPEN_DIRECTORIES for nttrans I forgot to update the code that enumerates the array. Created new MAX_FNUMS in local.h, changed all code that iterates through the files_struct array to use this. (sorry Richard). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 339b10222269d71c7a493cc08b7b1bfd35fd55fc)
      adds  06c0349   locking.c: Added lock type to is_locked() and do_lock()            as the code in reply_lockingX wasn't taking account of            the difference between read and write locks ! How did this            ever work :-) ! reply.c: server.c: Add lock type to is_locked() and do_lock(). util.c: Also added code from klausr at ITAP.Physik.Uni-Stuttgart.De         to fix problem with log files growing too large if an         smbd writes less than 100 debug messages. Jeremy. (Thi [...]
      adds  981e1b0   Updates smbstatus to have a -S and -L flag.
      adds  5a9f14b   To each list type, I added a macro that makes it easier to define and initialize a list header. (This used to be commit 3c133778f13f690e70b8b5b923e10b5fe561c812)
      adds  48a378f   Changed the definition of the linked list header used in the directory cache so that it uses the new ubi_dlNewList() macro in ubi_dLinkList.h. (This used to be commit 16f0ad0c913e2d5b0198409485c56ad4809ca077)
      adds  e6608b5   Converted the browser database to a ubi_dLinkList.  This should reduce code size, etc.  Also did a bit of work to add comments. Chris -)----- (This used to be commit d8b0a2104c05df957f0eb49c21388ec5a4858d98)
      adds  0fa2fde   Noticed that I was using the strlen() of a string that I had strdup()'d before testing that the strdup() worked.  Fixed. (This used to be commit 899d0d5de5dd9d080d5c4cb94874d4f939427d1b)
      adds  85474e0   Cleaned up some testing code and made it more "permanent" looking.  The NetBIOS name lists attached to the subnet records are now managed by the splay tree code.  I am still working on the WINS database as a separate issue.  Code is written, it's just a matter of incorporating it. CRH (This used to be commit 5ba96ddde4a4b2da2cc09190f5c6f0e633852f12)
      adds  1aa1389   chgpasswd.c: Fixed up debug calls to stop crashes if ptsname failed. local.h: Kept FSTYPE_STRING as Samba for now. nmbd_browsesync.c: Added bugfix from Matt Chapman mattyc at cyberdude.com                    - lmb_browserlist is now a struct ubi_dlList not a                    struct browse_cache_record *. server.c: smb.h: uid.c: password.c: Removed attrs code - it is not used anywhere. Jeremy (This used to be commit ef1af7fe6d5c58ae57b8e4efff0729e1a315da43)
      adds  7abcd05   loadparm.c: Added strict sync parameter. locking.c: Added code to deal with real open mode of file. reply.c: Added strict sync parameter. server.c: Added strict sync parameter. Fixed open modes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ed57b603b5c9333d588e62d774ad2be67e43ffd9)
      adds  83951dd   locking.c: Don't need to do map_lock_type on *testing* a lock, just on setting. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 17f68cc86cafbb04dbd9cc6ecc0aac7b911c9b70)
      adds  c48b3fc   locking.c: Print messages when we downgrade a lock. reply.c: Do the same mask expansion we do in trans2.c - needed for Win98. trans2.c: Make the mask expansion into a function call now we have to           do it twice. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7b3a9d6285cc0d1967155a68845e28c6296ecc67)
      adds  64578c0   merge from the autoconf2 branch to the main branch (This used to be commit 3bda7ac417107a7b01d91805ca71c4330657ed21)
      adds  8d42ee0   some merge cleanups (This used to be commit 1d655b7c64231b0aec0548bb90fc3dcc3f37791c)
      adds  ca26280   checkin configure again in order to get permissions right (This used to be commit e16c467303884277c8e6acb6bffe01a27c5e853f)
      adds  62b5ea0   still trying to get permissions right - CVS doesn't commit permissions changes it seems (This used to be commit 0cf6529341aa8023137222c94b0895ff555b8791)
      adds  c49c0c7   hopefully permissions are right now (This used to be commit e7b6e8ef618029e6b2c372afcbf3f158217b04bd)
      adds  fb1e22b   updated the UNIX install instructions to include ./configure (This used to be commit 8d916f3fdb8eeea179f25028adc2a60f2e4e9b24)
      adds  73dc987   removed some feedback request comments - we get enough email :) (This used to be commit 19aa9a1c95d357e1041e9a3ece89d7bb3cc6f6ac)
      adds  fb08c34   get rid of the runtime test for broken getgroups() and add a compile time test instead. This also allows us to get rid of the igroups element of a couple of structures. (This used to be commit 8b25fe734166b76ceebf8d9543c706ebe0fddc96)
      adds  310a1b6   added Makefile to .cvsignore in the hope that this will prevent people from committing changes to it. (This used to be commit a7d4e6697fb724def740b8bbfc3e88ae651cc20e)
      adds  13e351d   ignore the auto-generated dummy file (This used to be commit f4c629bde2bbcb0cfa4d6f5cb1aa7edddf569fac)
      adds  a957abd   test for a broken inet_ntoa and replace it if necessary (for IRIX+gcc-2.8.1) (This used to be commit ddffbcbcb1284b6ead5f7f7b6665ba2456c0071a)
      adds  87325d9   fixed a bug in the replacement inet_ntoa (This used to be commit 32bd7137122eedf44dbb092da5ae3106d8fe994e)
      adds  184cf56   updated prototypes (This used to be commit 0bdb51af3199eb32cd3da4c4b8d31fbed5d2ae85)
      adds  b08931b   fixed a make proto bug pointed out by Chris. (This used to be commit fc1947b52a37bf2c0739091f3dbd84c4a9781d93)
      adds  5371a80   fixed sin_len test for FreeBSD (This used to be commit 15b666a0cebb994b6ed96c75716946afdbfa2861)
      adds  555616b   added HAVE_FUNCTION_MACRO test (This used to be commit cae580ccc397ea33fdb24a777bdedef6e8271244)
      adds  7d5d83e   In addition to the HAVE_FUNCTION_MACRO test that Andrew used as an example, I also need to know if the __FILE__ macro exists.  I followed the example, but ran into two problems:
      adds  7284bb5   Makefile.in: Moved UBIQX stuff into UTILOBJ. loadparm.c: Added "ole locking compatibility" option (default "true"). locking.c: Changes to implement union in files_struct. locking_shm.c: Changes to implement union in files_struct. nttrans.c: Made opening a directory explicit (we have to).            Added create directory code for nttrans. reply.c: Changes to implement union in files_struct. server.c: Changes to implement union in files_struct. Added create directory  [...]
      adds  3a1fdf0   added test for getpwanam(). (This used to be commit 4eb28f7148f61a215ca644cbe704a4e8dbd83a77)
      adds  ebd415c   This is the checkin of the debug changes.
      adds  e6b8685   Debugging functions are now in their own module.
      adds  28900ea   As per a Andrew's message, I went through and removed the timestring() timestamps from several DEBUG messages.  The timestamps are redundant now that DEBUG() provides them automatically.
      adds  feb1629   I have fixed some of the autoconfigure problems.  I'm studying the diffs for the rest.  I've found that only debug.h seems to be out of sync (i.e., util.c itself appears to be okay).
      adds  8c372cf   This is the remaining set of changes needed to replace the changes lost when Andrew and I were both working with util.c.  I really don't know how I lost the autoconfigure changes (honest, I *did* run frequent updates).
      adds  4fa20eb   Fixing clitar.c so that tar to stdout works correctly.
      adds  f1abfac   I finished removing timestring() calls from DEBUG() messages.  Also went through and changed some DEBUG() calls to DEBUGADD() to combine output under a single timestamp.  There were too many timestamps.
      adds  103857e   One more minor change to the format of a DEBUG message.  I broke up a very long output line in become_domain_master_query_success(). Chris -)----- (This used to be commit 9b5d431661c55056c31bedf9ef3900f27e1c5292)
      adds  7448091   First implementation of ChangeNotify - this version only checks for changes in the directory modify timestamps. A better version will look at the requested client flags, and create a hash that represents the current state of the directory, and check against this instead. debug.c: Added lp_timestamp_logs() function. loadparm.c: Added "change notify timeout" in seconds (default 60) - this is the scan rate for a directory.             Added ""timestamp logs" boolean - d [...]
      adds  31c09de   More formatting changes.  Mostly converted some DEBUG() calls to DEBUGADD() so that we wouldn't get too many timestamps.
      adds  c0c057c   loadparm.c: Added "debug timestamp" synonym for Chris. nttrans.c: Moved common code into function in server.c            Removed left over debug level 0. server.c: Moved common code into function in server.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit 34ef55b7228155cef40cbdfcdc1fe623c1037bd6)
      adds  3aeadef   nttrans.c: Fix change_notify. Queue processing code wasn't changing to            the correct directory before doing the stat. Doh ! uid.c: Fix for performance in security=share mode. Invalid vuid meant        that in security=share mode Samba was always doing the become_user/        undebome_user pairs for *every* smb. This code fixes it, but tridge        should review for security implications. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c3663379fdcec487feea2e5d848ee012ee6c6baf)
      adds  a4b8724   Fixed memory leak when freeing ChangeNotify structures. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 996c5ac97a8d1443bc8abc59b9a10ff3aeb77389)
      adds  05e6d0b   add startswat.sh to automate starting swat with inetd update make scripts to use new autoconfigure setup (This used to be commit 737a58c1568fd76afe32a78895ee09b1543a595d)
      adds  c0e7094   forgot to remove -nostrip option for packaging. Makes inst package too big. (This used to be commit 8bf365a54a5aedbd1b2aa373aa6b26a9708d7156)
      adds  963e96f   added --with-nisplus-home option (This used to be commit 70000c21909a154344b489e8aa18a5868ff52865)
      adds  04c6cba   we have to have the test for -lsocket before the test for some functions (notably innetgr) to ensure we don't replace them if they are in -lsocket (This used to be commit d1212048903fff8725e501001ac84b019c21b939)
      adds  e63bae9   new directory structure in configure.in (This used to be commit 7067261760516c01c2dd4fa7f0a717e9c48e1554)
      adds  426de6f   the autoconf scripts are now converted to the new directory structure
      adds  27ff18a   these dummy files are needed for autoconf processing (This used to be commit be762dc3de6c1ef768790522dfe93007a61ce5d7)
      adds  87bcd55   added ignore rules for the dummy files (This used to be commit 687f76a17d6d3ebd33b4d9a848deef56f3c1f56a)
      adds  660743c   another dummy file (This used to be commit 251213898077a11d71b208434c65748f922d7e9a)
      adds  5a5049c   removed the if statements from the DEBUG() macro definitions.
      adds  35f815d   this gets smbd compiling and linking correctly with the new layout. (This used to be commit d08fa39cec5c71a9034dbf4241fc7e195f1bbaa5)
      adds  ea6a257   close to having nmbd linking (just a bit of repository hacking to go) (This used to be commit 34dd9b79457ab01637e0d7374d33cafe2f859c99)
      adds  19c9658   nmbd compiles and links. I had to do some ugly stuff, putting files in illogical places. Once I get everything compiled these will need to be revisited, but at least the new Makefile.in makes it really obvious what is out of place. (This used to be commit beef5341fc313249bf1117deccb9c21c510c4697)
      adds  723b9d0   swat compiles, with some even uglier hacks. we really have to do something about our dependencies between seemingly unrelated code. (This used to be commit 3ecfd271de5e6f7b4868800e7c06d51ed69278fd)
      adds  59e2e2c   a few more things compile.
      adds  65a29b0   the rest of the binaries now compile and link (This used to be commit 7fecc3d5a2fb641237f24a3f39c6556fde648a8a)
      adds  1c6f52c   fixed the installation scripts for the new layout (This used to be commit 60cdb83f3f6dfd7755e46254662245a82a8ef498)
      adds  89a6525   smbtorture now compiles (This used to be commit 12c8028eb45d3e274e3496da1a2e4f6d18c117fd)
      adds  bad66ab   moved username.c into lib/ so we no longer $(PASSDB_OBJ) in most utilities (This used to be commit 745d38bfe7a989a602d14b8a04757893ae40ba8e)
      adds  fa88efb   split the system password checking routines out of smbd/password.c and into passdb/pass_check.c. This means SWAT no longer needs to link to smbd/password.c (This used to be commit 90d93889d722670cbb517017531264630af759bf)
      adds  670c6ad   moved access.c into lib/ from smbd/ as it is needed by testparm. I modified it not to need any smbd specific structures and instead pass things from smbd. (This used to be commit 162141d3b3fcf53fbc6a1f18702df85c2b7f1781)
      adds  17fb3a2   Makefile.in: Fixed make clean bug with CVS directory in bin/. include/smb.h: Fixed bugs in Debug macro's with SGI compiler. smbd/trans2.c: Fixed bug reported by Zoltan Palmai <ZSPA at chevron.com>                PR#8903 where get_lanman2_dir_entry() could return a                mangled name as a resume key and call_trans2findnext()                wasn't doing the same. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9d010e721c27af1d9498fd1e147993ba8ac8b41e)
      adds  cd9bfc6   update for new directory structure (This used to be commit 5fc8b4a1d5d973028396b667daaa119d21f0c0f0)
      adds  9042aa4   Makefile.in: Added CHECK target back in (at Herb's request). Added              manpath in (although we don't currently use it). client/client.c: Added John Blair's fixes for "put -". include/nterr.h: Added NT_STATUS_NOTIFY_ENUM_DIR error code. smbd/nttrans.c: Added in devious fix for one-shot NT change notify bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4ac3091e57e9ab234b3c051333ba521a92defa99)
      adds  e107f73   make sure that a fault cannot occur twice. The new Debug1() code is causing seg faults on my machine and because the fault code calls DEBUG() it is looping!
      adds  ab1bfe5   fixed a nasty bug in debug.c
      adds  6a9170b   I've added a test for lp_loaded() so that timestamps *will* be output before the config file has been loaded.  Otherwise the default is no timestamp.
      adds  7938e49   Removed a stray semicolon in the DEBUGADD() macro. (This used to be commit efa67d6b2b6d4a1e007dba5f2f5da5aff723fe59)
      adds  392a9f7   strip out extra spaces from smbclient output that were added recently (This used to be commit 5f5562ff601b69c3f7629fa57ddd621e201c5806)
      adds  e1b1272   Cleaned up some lint warnings (functions with return values that were ignored). (This used to be commit 8fedcfc48da2741722b867bbb056a078901e7431)
      adds  a0082c3   I've come up with a different scheme for doing the DEBUG() and DEBUGADD() macros that meets the RVALUE requirement and doesn't use the (a?b:c) format that Andrew called "ugly".  I've added the new macros but kept the old macros within a #if 0..#else..#endif block in case I've missed somthing.
      adds  ea8631d   Quick fix for a small problem.  If you run 'nmbd -?' you'd get the usage message *but the daemon would start anyway*.  I've added a call to exit() in the default: case of the option processing loop.
      adds  b1778b6   include/smb.h: Removed dir_ptr. Not needed. locking/locking.c: First cut a blocking lock code. #ifdef'ed out for now. locking/locking_shm.c: Removed dir_ptr. Not needed. smbd/nttrans.c: More work on ChangeNotify - return is not an error and needs                 to be handled as a nttrans with zero params. Removed dir_ptr. Not needed. smbd/reply.c: smbd/server.c: smbd/trans2.c: Removed dir_ptr. Not needed.
      adds  fcb5437   fixed the nested comment - Jeremy, do you want that unbecome_user() or not? (This used to be commit 638ee7d265982ca95ae7f49e2a84431bdf147c21)
      adds  08feb74   I've added a dbgflush() function to debug.c.  Calling this will cause the debug format buffer to be written out (and reset).  fflush() is also called to force the issue.  I replaced the call to fflush() in client.c with a call to dbgflush(), which seems to have fixed the problem that Andrew was working on (i.e., that the prompt was not displayed when using smbclient).
      adds  5032122   Changed a call to fflush(dbg) to dbgflush(). (This used to be commit c626828471cf3d63dd74a4dd52b234f0aebd3fe5)
      adds  b067f0e   Debug output formatting change.  I'm trying to combine log lines that really should be together.  Chris -)----- (This used to be commit 8880fc58fa61edfd5a83cc75ef627b430b8a4437)
      adds  ce333b2   More blocking lock code - still #ifdef'ed out - under development. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c9695bdf2e22c3081841f116af37340308d447aa)
      adds  5a5b425   HAVE_STATVFS should be STAT_STAVFS (caused printing to break on IRIX). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 83c54b01ba6c891a0587a80aa083594ddda9a680)
      adds  b6808ed   return to old behaviour of dumping ALL parameters (This used to be commit aa5648ce833a13b202e4d3e5304494c3bab6855f)
      adds  510bcdc   move smbd/print_svid.o from SMBD_OBJ1 to PARAM_OBJ so that nmbd, swat, etc. will link when SYSV is defined. We may want to restructure this later and move this to param instead of smbd ??? (This used to be commit 3eff609b7a44c668ec866a2c978fcbe89a282935)
      adds  d0cd2fc   Uh... I'm checking stuff in.  Jeremy will by *so* pleased :)
      adds  c629b4c   Added the APPLEDOUBLE macro for the name of the directory containing a file's Macintosh resource fork (normally .AppleDouble under Netatalk). (This used to be commit 1313451f2161f69d33e7f1d41a1bf5615f61014c)
      adds  2ad339b   Added the '--with-netatalk' option to turn Netatalk support on at compile-time. (This used to be commit 2ba4b66a74cfe736cf2a64ba99b1ab3d83878fc6)
      adds  3cf6cc6   Makefile.in: Changed so that make proto will work with ldap & nisplus. locking/locking.c: Made #ifdef'ed out functions static for Make proto. lib/util.c: Re-instated old mask_match code for UNIX filesystem checks             only. Client calls use the new mask_match code. Changed the             name of the old function to unix_mask_match. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b68e756ff57622c6c74f28031d4be964d7b1c9bc)
      adds  2bb8f8c   define INADDR_NONE if not already defined (This used to be commit 7446540017e29827900981cab5ae3a2f9f7b3ce6)
      adds  58fb3c3   remove an unused variable (This used to be commit 6f9228b01131d0fad464971297393ccb8a15703f)
      adds  b9623ab   this is the bug change to using connection_struct* instead of cnum. Connections[] is now a local array in server.c
      adds  e13aeea   configure: Changes for extra headers. configure.in: Source for header changes. client/clitar.c: Fixed isXXX macros & debugs for gcc pedantic compile. include/config.h.in: Added MEMSET, BZERO, MEMORY, RPCSVC_YPCLNT, STRINGS headers. include/includes.h: Headers for the above. include/smb.h: Made SIGNAL_CAST POSIX by default void (*)(int). lib/access.c: Fixed isXXX macros & debugs for gcc pedantic compile. lib/charset.c: Fixed isXXX macros & debugs for gcc pedantic comp [...]
      adds  570f8e9   moved the printing related files to a separate printing/ directory. (This used to be commit d933a47be6fa7b5f161179fa11244aaba1051160)
      adds  c4a202e   some more dummy files to ignore (This used to be commit 571b522bec5bb8ffa4f726c695b57fa2fc04ee01)
      adds  37d5ba8   use user instead of this_user to prevent global shadowing (This used to be commit 76e523907c2ee51031341c3cef9e9f6b5b2d9dc4)
      adds  127655c   this checkin gets rid of the global Files[] array and makes it local in files.c
      adds  6a6e895   changed find_free_file() to file_new(). (This used to be commit 3daee29636dcb2d99a0e7c08179a098befae00dc)
      adds  a7acf10   server.c: fixed a bug in close_file() with the new files.c handling code bitmap.c: added bitmap hanlding code in preparation for increasing the           default max open files to several thousand (This used to be commit f573a65b67e7a57586fec57845598e49b157ee0a)
      adds  739d0b1   got rid of the Files[] array completely (previously I'd just made it private to files.c)
      adds  23294e6   added include of sys/resource.h (This used to be commit bf136b4fa8aeadcea8f65610148d46d093aba2cc)
      adds  6daa579   fixed some bugs in the locking_slow code caused by the recent changes.
      adds  b590b27   - some tidying up in files.c
      adds  c5e2c88   I think it is pretty much decided that the next major version will be 2.0, so I've updated version.h to reflect this. I've put in "2.0.0-prealpha". (This used to be commit f1c67a00b8603bf1a9e6bef680c0d563727ba108)
      adds  f2d538a   some cleanups from the conversion of Pipes[] to a linked list. I also removed most cases where a pnum is used and substituted a pipes_struct*.
      adds  8978aae   much cleaner chain pointer handling for both files and pipes.
      adds  4a68715   converted the policy code to use a linked list and bitmap. This saves us a bit of memory. (This used to be commit 27da84b90df1f32e0d07acad04c72065b2005470)
      adds  983dc71   moved connection_struct handling code into smbd/conn.c and changed it to a linked list with bitmap format. (This used to be commit b7aaab1b6b2d2f72b2bb7c11f5c7bf081a6093d9)
      adds  69c6f162  reduced the memory footprint a bit by changing some large static int arrays to uchar (This used to be commit 01b642a3793a1bea0517370a9a64945fd86ddf02)
      adds  72ed704   added some optimisation for the case where the number of open files is very large. files.c now promotes a files_struct to the top of the list if it is used when it is more than 10 elements from the top.
      adds  4c5c26b   now that we have no global arrays we can start to split up the monster server.c without breaking things.
      adds  0922615   more splitting of server.c
      adds  c3effa8   this completes the splitup of server.c.
      adds  dd2e202   move soem variables from server.c that don't belong there. (This used to be commit f92475aa3cb3ade576c39c02c7996c949c42082a)
      adds  28788ca   removed some of the rough edges from the splitup (This used to be commit 722312c326d54849e2552327fcd88ac77257ad2c)
      adds  b935fc0   Fixed bug introduced by the recent changes where the chain_fnum could be overwritten in oplock processing code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 908a583b48e37c5e869216f4dc92d4a587ff1238)
      adds  1e68378   smbd/nttrans.c: Fixed bug in split off pipe code. locking/locking.c: More blocking lock changes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2ca4fc95a4227645f1009a057d46b58508846a92)
      adds  12de403   Makefile.in: Moved blocking lock code into smbd/blocking.c for link purposes. include/includes.h: Added nterr.h. locking/locking.c: Moved blocking lock code into smbd/blocking.c for link purposes. smbd/close.c: Added blocking lock removal to file close. smbd/filename.c: Tidied up unix_convert() so I could read it (:-) in preparation                  for the stat_cache code. smbd/nttrans.c: Added WRITE_ATTRIBUTES check. smbd/reply.c: Fixed multibyte char problem in wi [...]
      adds  3f153e5   Blocking lock code split out... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9cdb148ef56dc8f74891f5c6e9cae10142bd4c6e)
      adds  8487f95   added a test for a working setresuid (This used to be commit dbe333b590ef004ccbd31a14ad161d73139b2486)
      adds  8525192   testparm now prints a warning if the lock directory doesn't have 0644 permissions. (This used to be commit 10303a78d4b12a03166db89202759cd745c516c5)
      adds  dc76502   Turning on blocking locking code. NB. Blocking lock requests that are not the head of an SMB request (ie. are part of a chain) will not be queued - this will be fixed when we move to the new chain code. In practice, this doesn't seem to cause much of a problem (in my admittedly limited testing) bug a debug level zero message will be placed in the log when this happens to help determine how real the problem is.
      adds  81b580f   Fixes for the problem in blocking locks with file_fsp returning the chain_fsp on close (if you don't know what this means, consider yourself lucky - this one took a day to track down :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 193cb5382464173e99a538867a266d793f0ceab5)
      adds  60cf7ad   fixed a bug in trans2_qfilepathinfo() where we used the length of the basename of a file but the whole file name. silly error. (This used to be commit 6e00de7a1d3d5f9fa9bcc40db119fcb8602165c9)
      adds  cc32fc2   silly me.
      adds  1a5a571   and get the message right ... (This used to be commit 0d641d0cebfbd8cc6015d2361e088ce0410c5d20)
      adds  2aa4ae7   Fix "make clean" to also delete SPROGS. (This used to be commit 268cbede0fd909da1cb5bbc964244456f32006a6)
      adds  04c4ca1   Submitting the smbtar changes to the main branch as well.
      adds  7d65798   added a macro ZERO_STRUCT() which is useful for initialising structures declared on the stack. (This used to be commit f323af8fce54cd5d51c848aa7ea7be4dd3538f2e)
      adds  57f1129   use ZERO_STRUCT() to initialise lots of structures.
      adds  038e343   added new smb.conf option "panic action". see my samba-technical explanation. (This used to be commit c6899df44c34088a4d2bf1edc840320b0ba7e32e)
      adds  c8f34da   Adding first cut of the new Red Hat Linux packaging tools. Note: It is intended to extend this so that the release process produces all the packaging scripts, templates, etc. that may be needed. (This used to be commit 6e196841c618044d33da45d3de5371004a58e4c6)
      adds  541cd2a   don't attempt to answer QFILEINFO/SMB_QUERY_FILE_STREAM_INFO queries - if we do then NTws gets a BSOD.
      adds  7fe3a42   nmbd and smbd had different behavior with respect to log files.  nmbd would default to overwrite and smbd would default to append.  Also, the -a option (actually a toggle, such that "-a -a" would set the default) was documented as append mode for nmbd, and *overwrite mode* for smbd.
      adds  c8b2ee3   Just tweaking.
      adds  bce4d95   expanded MAX_LOOKUP_SIDS to 30 (I saw 21 in a packet) (This used to be commit bd9290c36c9993a994e485da0a81df926f8662e4)
      adds  3f3f47b   added ASSERT() and ASSERT_ARRAY() macros and sprinkled them liberally in the rpc code. (This used to be commit e6ce1c5b5a9f29d8fcbbd23019186ff5c600e795)
      adds  0e877bd   resource.h on FreeBSD 2.1 requires sys/time.h to come first. (This used to be commit e94ab03a4f97ff7ee7bb938245cf054a00f950fd)
      adds  8afc9c8   Changed ASSERT macros to SMB_ASSERT macros as some systems already have an ASSERT macro defined. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dbe6ad014a8b5dcbf17d7cd9865650c2e040d666)
      adds  5ae06b9   Added code to (correctly) ignore TRANSACT2_SETFILEINFO with SMB_SET_FILE_ALLOCATION_INFO. Office 97 expects this call to succeed when you tell it you do NT SMB calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 260e7e27401d863e9f580d4748c577334d9fc9d0)
      adds  2c06510   changed the default permissions code to do this:
      adds  085c66a   some smbtorture hacks (random IPC calls) (This used to be commit b32a346a1c50ba40224b8165e08e78867be2d376)
      adds  0d35fe8   proto changes (This used to be commit e4f81f4a230130f53857e3664e6d83ce252c207e)
      adds  44079f1   note that "alternate permissions" is deprecated in man page (This used to be commit 2af95650174ae02a9768fbbbf7c206e15bf18f79)
      adds  3131d67   added loads of pointless rpcsvc/ and rpc/ include files, all because rpcsvc/ypclnt.h wants a struct dom_binding.  knock-on include effect under freebsd 2.1. (This used to be commit d1005b5692e41660a2a7230231b0591aa0773485)
      adds  93e016e   Finally got around to updating the man pages for nmbd and smbd to reflect the changes made re: -a and -o options.
      adds  7bc68de   added a warning when loading a parameter that is deprecated (This used to be commit c8b0041570a1fb0be0318f511c6ba746c733cda9)
      adds  54499a9   took all the rpc includes back out until we can work out _why_ freebsd needs them and what should really be there. (This used to be commit c2bf18fb8d2fea5af86ba8cf5d92b1dc076dd7d5)
      adds  f1451f5   get includes right for systems that use getpwanam() (This used to be commit afe98165a261a740cd0ee88bf041d69721ec72e6)
      adds  520d24c   use a separate ZERO_ARRAY() macro instead of ZERO_STRUCT() for arrays. This prevents (harmless) warnings from some compilers (This used to be commit c2da46d1d0820a86e7f77506563cfe7f67b08fee)
      adds  74a2764   oops - added /usr/include/rpc includes. (This used to be commit cdc38c276d8344127c9edf35f24754c098a90754)
      adds  5e5e320   This is the stat cache code - seems to work fine (needs heavy NetBench testing though.... :-). Attempts to efficiently reduce the number of stat() calls Samba does. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d0e48a2d8072c3e77a57ac6a2fb5044c05f03b41)
      adds  d0cfc1f   Fixed stat cache statistics calculation. Oops. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d6a9087e7e626e6e07503dba38854b136fe70c23)
      adds  c077bce   nmbd would core dump if a large number of netbios aliases is set. The problem was a buffer overflow in process_node_status_request().
      adds  38142a1   This checking fixes the statcache bug that stopped NetBench from running correctly. Added new parameter "stat cache size" - set to 50 by default.
      adds  7731692   don't exit on a SIGPIPE (This used to be commit f18b4e95bffb25fa016dd6e7f9a128a9fc69466f)
      adds  4851470   got rid of calls to update_protected_database(). It was causing core dumps. It is gone until someone can tell us why its needed and what it does. (It was only used on OSF1 and core dumped there anyway!) (This used to be commit a564e4662711d384069757ce3ee5adcadc1b061d)
      adds  1778deb   added some defensive programming to nmbd. This mostly means zeroing areas of memory before freeing them.
      adds  c021867   changed the size of a char array in the userdata_struct from 1 to 16 to account for padding/alignment issues. Eventually I'd like to find a way to get rid of this construct altogether as it is a bit error prone and hard to debug.
      adds  a6c94d7   added a function zero_free(void *, int size) that zeros an area of memory then frees it. Useful for catching bugs. (This used to be commit 99782754f79f3795f81cbf57caeb0925f6a66c10)
      adds  98411c4   - zero shared memory before freeing it
      adds  56cbed3   allow smbclient to connect to IPC$ as an IPC service (This used to be commit 275679db29f2630a16cd5e9f4b5346ac834a484f)
      adds  5a44ce9   changed the format of the wins.dat file slightly.
      adds  36ca3e3   don't put two spaces at the start of lines if logging to stdout or not timestamping. (This used to be commit 70ed0ec202c50655e3ba99535b06ad918409051e)
      adds  3debe64   include our netbios names list and our workgroup in the wins.dat hash (This used to be commit f555a76df696a0625acc16fa365dc048e0c2447d)
      adds  179e8c6   changed the way that name query records are sorted in replies. They are now sorted by the number of common leading bits in the IP address with the address of the querying host. (This used to be commit 4460a1bc6aa7666d1c71d32ba73855d6ed32320a)
      adds  f04d5b6   we we have successfully done a query on *<1b> from a wins server and then obtained a node status response we need to remember the server name of the master browser so that other browse clients asking us for a workgroup list will get a entry for the master of that workgroup. (This used to be commit 601f995ffbfa0ee477ea628d92b9660d6bdd8cbc)
      adds  b295144   This should fix the zombie problem that luke noticed. (This used to be commit 425ccf9271ea44879d0940b9d95ae9b8f95aa092)
      adds  998db17   finished the asynchronous browse synchronisation code. It even seems to work (not a lot of testing yet though).
      adds  98b0faf   a couple of debug lines (This used to be commit 03d343ddf5ef672afb3cf1fa65f86eb2c0a48772)
      adds  ab4577f   added a dest_port parameter to send_mailslot() so we send replies to the correct port in environments like ip masq. (This used to be commit 7d455ee637b6ff70c95845f89d71573ca07b83f3)
      adds  61b5fd6   bounds check next_token() to prevent possible buffer overflows (This used to be commit 3eade55dc7c842bdc50205c330802d211fae54d3)
      adds  cc02213   cast the qsort to prevent warnings (This used to be commit 55333edd2eed33961ced4eb4b6898f5ca9ca1820)
      adds  055e3c8   set a maximum name refresh time of 20 minutes.
      adds  c98d175   updated the WHATSNEW in preparation for an alpha release (This used to be commit 2f09b68e52a3af712d86732ed674e1e616768d65)
      adds  60be7d2   fixed a comment (This used to be commit 560ed560f46e69255b6437e50ba0865b642c38b1)
      adds  af9e251   preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha (This used to be commit 70b8c9f05e96a3b3107e66ca32d532133bec8082)
      adds  36bbc13   preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 1 (This used to be commit d7e50f0111f6c65b9d6f8654684e7fc5a1e7ea32)
      adds  f8ad53a   I realised that my DMB<->DMB sync code has the property that the amount of network traffic grows as the square of the number of workgroups. It probably wouldn't have caused problems but to be safe I changed the code to use random() to decrease the probability of a DMB<->DMB sync in proportion to the number of known workgroups. This keeps the nice browse connectivity while making the traffic rise only linearly with the number of workgroups. (This used to be commit 685 [...]
      adds  9076947   if an address is ipzero in cli_connect() then do a name query (This used to be commit 0a5718b0aef29706be81a50f2ac2c5eb4c6fbb32)
      adds  5e20600   minor fixes to the DMB<->DMB sync code. We now get the dmb name from the local_master name on the unicast subnet if it is unknown. (This used to be commit 222b6d90e09288091028f5e0435f1d4a74153f66)
      adds  a2450e6   I looked at the refresh issue a bit more and discovered that Samba also doesn't switch to a registration if a refresh fails, instead the name is removed! This makes it even more imortant that a Samba WINS server accepts refresh requests as registration requests if the name is not registered. I've gone ahead and implemented this. (This used to be commit 07f825fc9491bb5adac047854e67c63f7757143b)
      adds  d2e0d0f   I added notes about the changes I've made to 2.0.0.  I put the change to nmbd default behavior (appending to logs instead of overwriting them) into the "Major Changes" section, but added a "Minor Changes" section for the things that wouldn't affect the running of Samba itself (eg., the splay tree for WINS and the change to DEBUG output).
      adds  693480a   configure.in, configure: include/config.h.in: Added stropts and poll. include/smb.h: Moved old typedefs of uint8 etc. into include/includes.h where                all the other defines live (changed them from typedefs to                defines). Other changes : changed from using uint32 to SMB_DEV_T and SMB_INO_T in preparation for moving to size independed (ie. 64 bit clean) device and inode access. Stat call wrapper comes next :-).
      adds  a5f8955   check that a valid pipe is passed before doing a pipe close.
      adds  296038d   fixed a bug in the base64 hanlding that led to auth failures for some passwords with SWAT (This used to be commit edcde70108ab643a29f3e0e0cc97609287da6e87)
      adds  7b07680   spruced up SWAT a bit - it now uses the new Samba logo at the top and a table to give it a little border (This used to be commit d35c6e80988d96049d4624b47ae9ea015edafc59)
      adds  5ac39c2   need to istall new files (This used to be commit c53ead308e941baa4524b9ec62d74290ce91503f)
      adds  6f53e20   Matthew is no longer wokring on SWAT (This used to be commit 8bd2cf0eb7533c3ec2d5767163ffdaf20b01bbff)
      adds  1855627   More abstraction of file system data types, to move to a 64 bit file interface for the NT SMB's.
      adds  80ec5e4   Missed one struct stat. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 03ae657a36c986ba4248b297e64ec7898a1914e6)
      adds  b68d65d   use /swat/ prefix in both inetd and cgi modes, to enable a static header.html (This used to be commit ddb788c24d043b18506138a7759b8128df1673aa)
      adds  054a7bc   changed ref to samba.gif to use /swat/ prefix (This used to be commit f297662d64da9423e3d2efc6c602e40613c4236e)
      adds  148691b   we are never interested in SIGPIPE so just ignore (block) it always. Don't even install a handler. (This used to be commit 72c383f4b7bcce5374632dc972df16ab0e2542b9)
      adds  0067ea1   Fix for PR#9497 - not waiting for child. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e817d836bba3aaf0f732d66bc5a4383a7f7005db)
      adds  0b5cc17   fixed a bug in the name mangling code. It implicitly assumed that mangling a name can't increase it's size which isn't true. (imagine a file called "L B" which mangles to "LB~XX")
      adds  ea1cd3f   we were setting the strings 1 too long in make_srv_share_info1_str() (This used to be commit 29e1e59db8035e0fd2c088a969fa17549ce1b897)
      adds  4acd373   changed the SMBtrans reply code to align at the same alignment as observed from NT. We were aligning the data before but not the parameters. This aligns both.
      adds  7bb86c1   Ok - this is the 64 bit widening check in. It changes the configure to check for stat64 and friends, and then changes much of Samba to use the data type SMB_OFF_T for file size information.
      adds  623a18d   More 64 bit stuff - now the fcntl locks are 64 bit clean. Nearly at the stage where I can expose the 64-bit-ness to the NT clients.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 422f1dd45074c0e28203aca5952e57bbe56676b6)
      adds  33bf29f   Fixed uppercasing of share name (pointed out by Jean-Francois). Jeremy. (This used to be commit dcce6b98d847d02148fb2ab15f8430b870e106bd)
      adds  83900f2   Modified dev_t and ino_t code to be 64 bit clean (including changes to oplock break message passing). I think that smbd/nmbd are now inode and offset size independent (at least for 32 bit and 64 bit systems).
      adds  1546ccf   got rid of interpret_security(). Thanks to Jean-Francois for pointing out it is no longer used (replaced by enumerated types in loadparm.c) (This used to be commit 88df8a8b25921389ee9d017b770bbae143cc51b8)
      adds  98f524b   Bugfix for leak in reference counted file struct. Added "nt smb support" parameter to allow NT SMB's to be turned off. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 63f65f5027d5022153fa2757b49c56829db1725b)
      adds  766aa4f   Fixed one more Debug problem with inode in non-64 bit case. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 94d63cc382ac0d8a523db98b93750225082b09b1)
      adds  e9ea36e   tridge the destroyer returns!
      adds  012e575   ahh, the joy of deleting large chunks of code that someone else has painstakingly put in :)
      adds  0cb85e0   some people are foolishly running ./configure from other than the source directory! This adds a new "trivial" test that makes sure that the autoconf tests are working. It aborts the configure run if not. (This used to be commit ead0338ad27f29f1abbbe9f6302d6bf633bf98b2)
      adds  f6044c8   some cleanups to use ZERO_STRUCT() and friends (This used to be commit 7b154dc4313324dfad6cf0117b8ce246bf12bf16)
      adds  f5e6f03   expand the sysv shmem test to look for semaphores as well as shared memory. Some FreeBSD systems have sysv shared memory but no semaphores! (This used to be commit 3f4959a065ed987a8254903a5aaf6234bb88ad5c)
      adds  b282840   added a configuration summary at the end of ./configure. It also aborts if essential functions are not available. (This used to be commit 5c7717f033f670f587b4a250d0a663cad30824e5)
      adds  fd33412   fixed a stat cache bug (the one found by Matthew Geier).
      adds  4fc5a74   add a "stat cache" boolean smb.conf option. (defaults to on)
      adds  03d8da6   Adding header and footer html files for SWAT, adding samba.gif file too. (This used to be commit c9a9fd131ba65cfde3a20d0ff5ff690064ef6c99)
      adds  519a6d5   added 0x10 to the frag length in the "bind ack". (This used to be commit 46301b1d2161317f56049934a9e7b658447b2c76)
      adds  6e0c276   Added back groupname map stuff removed by Andrew's "slash 'n' burn" tactics :-). Protected by #ifdef until used.
      adds  5de3c13   Copyright notices written to debug logs are now through 1998.
      adds  aab0323   Improved stat cache code by uppercasing any search name that gets added to it if we're in case insensitive mode, and then doing a memcmp rather than a StrnCaseCmp (which is *horribly* slow) on every lookup. Fixed bug with refusing NT SMB's (use *brackets* where needed :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 02b3fddce33a58a4db2102670b502fc0c6f45fab)
      adds  42edee9   fixed a bug in the wins database writer that caused the database to be written continuously rather than once every 5 seconds (at most).
      adds  ede44eb   smb.h: Removed fdnum from file_fd_struct. Not needed. files.c: Removed fd bitmap - not needed. Added code to do use arrays rather          than linked list - disabled by default but can be enabled to check          performance. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 069efc04545d5fdfc5c40467b8b7554ed5226a2e)
      adds  06cc91f   Added ssize_t to configure code. Got 'religion' about using size_t and ssize_t for read/write stuff as part of the code to expose 64 bits to the client.
      adds  27d0bef   Ok - this is the 'expose 64 bit to the clients' checkin.
      adds  9b20e5b   Ok so with this bugfix 64 bit file access actually seems to work :-).
      adds  cd5d4d5   Fixed problems people were having with creating profile directories (NTTrans/Create with Security Descriptor for a directory). It turns out the CIFS spec is bogus (what a suprise) and the 'is a directory' flag is actually embedded in the create_options field.
      adds  cabc8f6   Mapped correct open modes for READ_CONTROL access. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4a62b73633b8f8707a2961b355d4997f429c86bc)
      adds  20d3988   Removed hideous inefficiencies in old trim_string code. This was making calls to strlen() a profiling hotspot. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ffa450acddb7aec6a440ae3fe6032c109805d176)
      adds  e959f2e   fixed a potential problem with wins_write_database() child processes.
      adds  1eef953   fixed a typo in my last commit (This used to be commit 31b4048362c63ab19e9ef35453c3763eec8b8f2b)
      adds  d66a657   fixed the nmbd fork bomb. It was a silly mistake, as expected. wins_write_database() didn't exit after doing its stuff, so when it returned you had two copies of nmbd :) (This used to be commit 5e6488d4830016ea720a644c1b1ae25b336d3b8b)
      adds  c8e6aa6   fixed another potential fork bomb where the wins file becomes non-writeable for some reason. (This used to be commit 9edd43dcd6cc040416f11e00320c53682558fd8a)
      adds  730198a   preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 5 (This used to be commit 1c627b8f39e0a219ea333d39228a3edbcc8ea666)
      adds  25ebd39   configure, configure.in: Added fseek64 and ftell64. config.h.in: Added fseek64 and ftell64. includes.h: Added definition of SMB_BIG_INTEGER. smb.h: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER. access.c: Tidyup of dbug statement. system.c: Added sys_fseek and sys_ftell. Changed mode calls to use mode_t. asyncdns.c: Tidyup of comment. loadparm.c: Tidyup of set_default_server_announce_type() function definition. ldap.c: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (* [...]
      adds  ac9b687   configure configure.in: Added tests for fseek64 and ftell64. config.h.in: Added fseek64 and ftell64. includes.h: Added definition of SMB_BIG_INTEGER. smb.h: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER. access.c: Tidyup of dbug statement. system.c: Added sys_fseek and sys_ftell. Changed mode calls to use mode_t. asyncdns.c: Tidyup of comment. loadparm.c: Tidyup of set_default_server_announce_type() function definition. ldap.c: Changed (*getsmbpwpo [...]
      adds  b8b67f4   configure configure.in: Added checks for statvfs64. Last bit of 64 bit widening (I hope :-). include/config.h.in: Added #undef STAT_STATVFS64. include/includes.h: Added SMB_STRUCT_STATVFS type, Changed SMB_BIG_INTEGER to                     SMB_BIG_UINT and SMB_BIG_INT types. include/smb.h: Added flag defines from CIFS spec. lib/debug.c: Fixed one more mode_t issue. lib/system.c: Added sys_statvfs wrapper. lib/util.c: Changed trim_string to use size_t. param/loadparm [...]
      adds  1e17cbd   nmbd/nmbd_winsserver.c: Fixed printf style warning. script/mkproto.awk: Added SMB_BIG_UINT. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c22c40f0caa7d6a9e8120e6415fa728db708db3e)
      adds  6dfbe2f   include/includes.h: lib/system.c: Can't assume every system has a statvfs varient.               Return -1 for those that don't. smbd/reply.c: Fixed printf warning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 14c134e8316687aa5a4ee089c2acfa6428faceae)
      adds  8d6b713   got rid of some #ifdef LARGE_XXXX stuff and got rid of non-portable LL suffix from some constants. (This used to be commit 84956eddf32aa66c787ec76bdb60d2843fa7a025)
      adds  55c492f   fixed a usage of off_t that should have been SMB_OFF_T (This used to be commit 24ae7657011929fd3529caa909f3afe866186cd2)
      adds  b3b44e0   removed another use of the LL suffix. Hopefully this is the last one (a grep doesn't show any more) (This used to be commit c1bd188744b0df950f2e00550c25f7d3e148094b)
      adds  bc3766c   fixed a typo (LLARGE_SMB_OFF_T instead of LARGE_SMB_OFF_T) (This used to be commit 3e77d94cd2d693490265b60ad7c576a25902d8ea)
      adds  fdc07d1   added a SMB_OFF_T_BITS define, allowing us to get rid of most of the #ifdefs for LARGE_OFF_T. (This used to be commit 724b9508c2d15bafdad5912fce702108fdd4cac3)
      adds  c7da999   gto ri of a bunch more #ifdef LARGE_SMB_OFF_T checks by introducing a SOFF_T() macro for setting an SMB_OFF_T variable
      adds  d1a82e6   got rid of SMB_STRUCT_STATVFS. I don't think we should be defining structures that only apply on some platforms. (This used to be commit 926591067cd8646426ca06df0b00a1d6f6dd5752)
      adds  c198d4c   Adding rewritten restore code ... Old code is still there surrounded by a OLD_DOTARPUT. (This used to be commit 00ba54d4ee9ad875c5cfbee09d4b745df5f116ab)
      adds  2e6f6bc   oops ... I got the filenames wrong in my cleanup of the wins database save, so it started saving weird filenames (from an unitialised fstring).
      adds  6527cd8   preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 6 (This used to be commit 008697d151e54b141b062956cf521b04111073f2)
      adds  717f538   Fixed compile errors in new code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dbd8ce8a7053b6ea051e9bbdd0ddc27f1e0cb7c2)
      adds  184db92   configure configure.in include/config.h.in include/includes.h
      adds  31ebc95   Fixed problems with premature kernel oplock checkin code. The ./configure & build now seem to work ok.
      adds  7be02a2   Changed variable TAB to htab as TAB is defined in a header file on RedHat5.1 Jeremy. (This used to be commit 43ac52ad7a3c1da3c25a63d0458c87f9367453ec)
      adds  0ebdf28   Fixed position of LARGE_SMB_OFF_T definition. The SOFF_T define was being done *before* the LARGE_SMB_OFF_T was being defined, but SOFF_T depended on it :-).
      adds  11fe457   Now that Alexandre Oliva has explained the use of acconfig.h to me, I'm adding the HAVE_LIBREADLINE and other stuff correctly.
      adds  ac87559   Remove some byte-copying code in unix_format() that did nothing except slow down my benchmark :-).
      adds  fc82bd2   Small bit of paranioa. Ensure that if the incoming name to unix_convert() was a single '\' (the base directory of the service) that it gets translated to a '.', not a '\0'. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f74f39f45fa55c1768d6622a52c494328f22f50b)
      adds  b65bbde   Fixed changes in clitar.c that Jeremey noted. One change was correct, the other needed slightly changing.
      adds  bc97ab2   add a define for SMB_SEARCH_BITS and change comment on FSTYPE_STRING (This used to be commit 9c275bcd98cbbd9367d9b7a2204889fcefd74638)
      adds  93dfc79   added a per-share parameter "fstype" that allows you to select the filesystem type that will be reported to the client. If unspecified then it defaults to FSTYPE_STRING (currently "Samba").
      adds  5e634ef   3 changes:
      adds  f0dc663   lp_fstype() proto (This used to be commit ac48db7f2130c29a25185bc5450f94811cc54640)
      adds  81babe9   implemented du and tar -n (This used to be commit 23484508a86a59a71e54a1bcac3766ec3858142a)
      adds  e649750   major autoconf clean-up fix problems in builds with srcdir!=builddir (This used to be commit 1ffc3b807a3f80644c974b454ff5e6f68e89b546)
      adds  ac39ce3   replace getpass() with getsmbpass() if getsmbpass.c compiles (This used to be commit 9a5bdf5c1bef689fe0d6879949df869efbc34783)
      adds  242d068   Fixed up warnings in new client code. Note to coders. If using gcc please use the compiler flags : -Wall -Werror -Wshadow -Wstrict-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-qual *before* checking anything in to ensure a clean compile. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1daf424da6c5a346f672121d4b6fe5753250f464)
      adds  3b7cee9   look at the CAP_NT_SMBS bit in the client capabilities to determine if we should serve up volume labels as ascii or unicode.
      adds  aab2fe0   First cut at kernel oplocks. This should have no effect unless runnin on a machine that supports them in autoconf.
      adds  e4962b8   smbd/oplock.c: Use O_CREAT and O_TRUNC and correct mode flags                when creating oplock test file. smbd/server.c: Check for existance of kernel oplocks before                becoming a daemon. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b42779e17e754d4a2f75904e2187c9209e0a53f0)
      adds  474110e   Fixed data corruption bugs in clitar.c with restores.
      adds  0e091a5   Hoist by my own petard with warnings (forgot to set strict warnings in Makefile before compiling & checking in :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 05fb3c82a57549fba74016eae31b53de30417b3c)
      adds  500a474   nttrans.c:
      adds  e59d7a7   some changes to the autoconf support
      adds  e5948ff   automatically detect changes in the system type and exit, telling the user to remove config.cache (This used to be commit f123172c42b1f9ac73e57856e4ee8715fdfb76cd)
      adds  6de1659   check whether system type is the same as stored in the cache (full stand-alone macro, candidate for inclusion in the next release of autoconf)
      adds  921b171   Added a minor fix to clitar.c for a bug.
      adds  9e17c70   replaced one of the paragraphs describing nmbd problems.  could someone review this please? (This used to be commit dd718c26f7f4d3ef906e0829d27208f07f3ed619)
      adds  50beafd   removed function names printed out in debug statements (duplicated in DEBUG macro, automatically) (This used to be commit 2e4d681d17f6bc097881444a72317ff3bb089151)
      adds  f650b65   this fixes the last of the issues where USRMGR.EXE and SRVMGR.EXE were failing.  running these two programs on a samba pdc now work.
      adds  0c5dcf5   took out #ifdef'd code in make_samr_r_query_usergroups that copied DOM_GID static-size array, because it's malloc'd now. (This used to be commit 7776002218232c3ea0140d91c6033b7f9c6d3050)
      adds  d8f66be   qualifier name in session_enum was being assumed to exist.  if NULL, the name should not be read.  file_enum and connection_enum didn't do this: wonder why only session_enum had this bug? (This used to be commit 203a97e39e7ae7e5511f74dffea0778e7fa6db07)
      adds  dc36d87   Integration of Anders Blomdell <anders.blomdell at control.lth.se>'s smbpasswd changes. Not exactly the same as his code - several changes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e96747a8e3b9ea5a79c4258e55d7e8f3bf0bf193)
      adds  9f2edc6   Updates to the scripts for the new 14-char space format of account attributes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 32b6f6640d45b083ce35a8c11b1e6f23c19df62c)
      adds  95f99e8   I've disabled the conversion of null filenames to "." until we solve the win95 printing problem. I suspect it is a smbgetatr() problem with a null name (which requires special behaviour).
      adds  1631d3f   not needed. (This used to be commit 78b5c15121caa18f401cd7aa45d831ef93a5f7c2)
      adds  66d5d73   added rpcclient program (This used to be commit aa38f39d67fade4dfd7badb7a9b39c833a1dd1ca)
      adds  ff07b2e   added wksinfo command to rpcclient, which don't work too good. (This used to be commit 8d23da91cbd74a45a5b030688fd89d88a25738dc)
      adds  6fb5804   added in samr commands.  assistance in returning the missing functions, automatically removed because they were "unused", would be appreciated. (This used to be commit d0f7b0d915973ccb85409af3d6d951a716cd66d2)
      adds  c1bbd18   Moved the extra struct definitions Luke added to smb.h into rpcclient.h and client.h. They are still included from smb.h so nothing should change (or break) but this keeps the new definitions easier to maintain. This is similar to what I did with ntdomain.h Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2831e5c9c46e05ecd8c858fac2d93e8baa96d102)
      adds  4b9e094   rpcclient: got samr command "enumusers -g -u" working (This used to be commit 3a00023efedb34684bd45bd8a562f07a9880f1ad)
      adds  c9d26f9   Fixed unused variable warning messages. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 64ad5b4bb0f302703c9be1f76bd6211dc9871d19)
      adds  14f9495   Added missing display enum. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 535ac8a7c204a223a57d561bb12f1934b852a579)
      adds  5f7ee36   Makefile.in: Fixed bug with continuation line causing proto to fail.              Added $(PROGS) $(SPROGS) as targets for make clean. acconfig.h: Added HAVE_IRIX_SPECIFIC_CAPABILITIES. configure.in: Added sys/capability.h header check.               Added function checks for srandom random srand rand.               Added HAVE_IRIX_SPECIFIC_CAPABILITIES test. includes.h: Added #include <sys/capability.h>. ntdomain.h: Moved struct acct_info into here from smb.h smb.h:  [...]
      adds  1ea570d   Small update to clitar.c to omit warnings about servers not letting us change the date unless tar_real_noisy is True.
      adds  b053652   Added Kerberos4 support patches from Johan Hedin <johanh at fusion.kth.se> Jeremy. (This used to be commit 548634915f21f774b7efb06f138c8fb7bc089daa)
      adds  a377543   Fixed the problem with reply_getatr() being passed a "" name in reply_getatr, replaced the paranoid code in smbd/filename.c that replaces a "" with a ".". I am starting to think this code may well be needed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bdc3d9f52fbded4b1483af8be0059decfd4bad34)
      adds  6da95a6   changed the default filesystem type to NTFS (from Samba)
      adds  ecd8ca2   Fixed up more possibly uninitialized variables.
      adds  464f71f   wait_keyboard must still be defined if readline is not available (This used to be commit dc21f6c98267afef116a449468129c1d3a8e996b)
      adds  cf971f8   automated generation of .dummy files for each subdirectory; dummy.in files are no longer needed, and new directories will be taken care of automatically, at configure (or config.status --recheck) time (This used to be commit 237a8e5fe62d757c04b8207cbbee4df1470cfe4e)
      adds  2d87954   Make sure that WINS Server = in case we do not set a value in smb.conf.
      adds  c8c8958   The previous fix for WINS on the WINS server was wrong. It caused nmbd to exit :-(
      adds  3767424   Backed out that just as ill-considered change :-(
      adds  5bae71c   fixed the docs for "domain controller" parameter. (This used to be commit c11f1b9293f1b4d342285e26e39a90cf9dbabf63)
      adds  a97a4b8   made bad boolean values stand out a little better (This used to be commit 270f4b0f84167e378b4615af8aedb85970320b1d)
      adds  cdaa53e   Two changes in this ball...
      adds  cf3a974   Changes to test in configure if capabilities are enabled on a system. Changes to get Samba to compile cleanly with the IRIX compiler with the options : -fullwarn -woff 1209,1174 (the -woff options are to turn off warnings about unused function parameters and controlling loop expressions being constants). Split prototype generation as we hit a limit in IRIX nawk. Removed "." code in smbd/filename.c (yet again :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e0567433bd72aec17bf5a5 [...]
      adds  f58761e   Added fix from gildea at intouchsys.com - smbpasswd file could be left locked. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 71ab5c367cf54f4b821aaf056f283f48d7eb4638)
      adds  d455d42   idb.pl  add new argument to call to installcp.sh mkrelease.sh  use distclean target when cleaning before making packages (This used to be commit 2c6bbc2da72af4508aa8c49d003f211da5cbe5ae)
      adds  008fd97   Fixed problems found in lint pass over the old code by <cpeterso at microsoft.com>. These were the problems that still existed in the 2.0 branch. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3fd28812f75f2311a114ff905143634e3bbb1fac)
      adds  b8980c2   got rid of the memcpy() prototype and used includes.h instead.
      adds  4746a0b   Fixed stupid bug with "cd /" appending a "/" character to the path forever.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 14ee57f336100634993e7968ba54a441ac2813db)
      adds  e1d9626   Now have a better solution to the need to have smblcient find a WINS server if running on the WINS server.  As suggested by Andrew, we have a flag, in_client=False by default, and set it to True in the client.  loadparam.c checks this and sets szWINSserver to when in_client && bWINSsupport.
      adds  a42bb09   added WITH_SMBMOUNT (This used to be commit fe5721b9527979e6ac59d1e3e56544276a5777d5)
      adds  a2d7f76   get away with dummy and .dummy files (This used to be commit 90a8a02484a0897b053fd6531b7fec5d23098b6f)
      adds  6ec9f5d   optimize creation of directories in build tree ensure that bin exists when needed (This used to be commit 87b3e4347a5a394471f0d4f34f093ec2195dfd4d)
      adds  c393bb6   fix directory creation mechanism; the optimized version would not work :-( (This used to be commit 796475ad5ac2da409d1676d3ae6530654697028c)
      adds  e898fc1   added stamp-h (This used to be commit 078a4b564fe1511452bf0012c643646d4900d04b)
      adds  da0c1ef   Fixed bug introduced by me in dead code elimination. Bug was caused by multiple C statements on a line. IMHO this is a *BUG* and will be treated as such.... Fixed all such multiple statements in this file. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ea3ab46f12565ac6ccbb8c69825acedd3640ec12)
      adds  0ccf410   Missed one removed multi-statement line. Grrr. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7958787d9beffcd0f025c7a85469844d2e520ce5)
      adds  6ecd472   uchar / char typecast issues (This used to be commit 1a1d8d0483fc05765e6dcc2da00405e0ec7421a2)
      adds  c62031c   added in some pdb_xxx routines that are needed by nispass.c (This used to be commit 5212dd69d05a0d26dddcb4a0d9efca195436bfda)
      adds  282eb4f   missed the pdb_sam_to_smb function needed by nispass.c (This used to be commit b40a4e6385757cb8a44044a1437651954d6b1c90)
      adds  9066025   Got very strict about the differences and uses of uid_t, gid_t and vuid. Added sys_getgroups() to get around the int * return problem. Set correct datatypes for all uid, gid and vuid variables. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e570db46fc3a78e499523fd342e9a34cebb18998)
      adds  d60168c   Fixed warning in get_time_from_string(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e9b7ff0dece2252b28be1ed526f43ff2bdf86ade)
      adds  f82217a   Fixed extern definition of cnum in clitar.c Jeremy (This used to be commit 6c08f3b81c8039e458e0b27d6649060bf6cf6c13)
      adds  9a5f40c   Fixed uid->vuid confusion in smbmount (hopefully). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 60c2278e8c1941bca37f1dc000bd2c29a8c0c73b)
      adds  5a8458c   libsmb/clientgen.c: Fixed signed/unsigned compile warnings spotted by Herb. param/loadparm.c: smbd/oplock.c: Allow kernel oplocks to be turned off in the smb.conf file. smbd/server.c: Move init_structs() to after the smb.conf file is loaded - preparation                for making a "max open files" parameter. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6a261517a09b005f502a37941431308fa8bf2c5c)
      adds  5b4d94e   (Finally) implemented "max open files" as a global smb.conf parameter. Sets up the files array correctly - limited by the smb.conf parameter and by the max fd's per process as found by getrlimit(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit eca24bd24352c688cdf48c1ef14adb8ac353468f)
      adds  4828c1c   Removed a redundant include for "includes.h"
      adds  8883e74   Upped default MAX_OPEN_FILES to 10000 after conversation with tridge. As we're only using 1 bit per fd when idle it doesn't matter too much.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit dba55b2d3453bd18e1a0cb031d012733e5a214b9)
      adds  88460e6   set the default fstype for IPC$ to "IPC". I'm not sure if this will make any difference, but it is the right thing to do. (This used to be commit a655a8a0510b0277727205394b093c580280eb55)
      adds  d8f609a   lsa_lookup_sids command added.  severe debugging needed on lookup_sids code.  added "quality of service" capability to lsa_open_policy code.
      adds  864f545   Implemented directory-relative opens for NT opens. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 740784f9cf3d4f85eb71848a29b95d5db977d264)
      adds  85fcbcb   Fix another possibly unitialized variable ... (This used to be commit 351b9a0f8b6c071f395e082d5e1c98bda706106c)
      adds  53033c0   Fixed *nasty* bug in nt_lm_owf_gen() - this function was not ensuring a zero filled buffer before doing crypto stuff. See PR#10121. Beware of this ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit c42fb702b70f18dfe3b97ce7ea24c4ce4b3f890f)
      adds  eb7f62f   got rid of USE_FILES_ARRAY code (it was unused) (This used to be commit f15ece53162304d855bea4f329f3faed8813a831)
      adds  643e95f   makefile support for smbwrapper
      adds  7b463b5   a couple of mode for smbwrapper (This used to be commit 07dd2aedf1e8ad143669694b504554de74bbaa1d)
      adds  5b2bc01   use sys_stat() not file_exist() for codepages. (we don't want dos translation!) (This used to be commit 1dcefb3f8e1e8b407d7f45332262e1b04bc1d6ee)
      adds  9cd0324   added sys_getwd() (This used to be commit 688d19de50c01222c42f61f825fab93a7005f5b6)
      adds  019c8d2   several clientgen mods to support smbwrapper. In particular added cli_list() for directory listing and expended some other functions a bit. (This used to be commit 9bae21abaf3d69a204c6e617f06094303da4da48)
      adds  24bf006   the guts of the smbwrapper code. I may change the layout of this at some stage. (This used to be commit 3f34a3cac817de19d227c36bc792db8b2c3798f9)
      adds  495eedb   some changes in smbtorture as a result of clientgen interface changes for smbwrapper
      adds  c43c53b   microsoft is slowly fixing some buffer overflow errors in dce/rpc code (SP4). therefore, they are being more strict, first in the server-side code, and now in the client-side code.
      adds  bdbc959   - static function "create_new_hashes" was identical to "nt_lm_owf_gen".   create_new_hashes didn't zero the buffer for the md4hash: nt_lm_owf_gen   did, because jeremy sorted this out a couple of days ago.  call   nt_lm_owf_gen instead.
      adds  732d4ff   Makefile.in :
      adds  392cdc8   added capabilities ab win95 fields to client structure. Used for detecting win95 server for bug handling (This used to be commit 76b5c8243791358be1a4781ff2e6929e56d98887)
      adds  2abaffe   - remove .p files in make clean - added readlink support to smbwrapper (This used to be commit 4b5217f996fbc1bb679992068c6c4fa28677c37e)
      adds  4261ed2   updated prototypes (This used to be commit a42155f77a0156aa10adc9fd0070f3edab647382)
      adds  60efedd   - ignore *.p files - make msleep() non-static (This used to be commit 688a749484aa807075d2ce16d750c4f3494f3e55)
      adds  27e5850   - ignore *.p files - enable cli_RNetSharEnum - fix password handling in sesssetup for NT1 protocol - handle partial reads and writes in cli_{read,write} - added cli_getattrE - modify cli_qpathinfo() to swap byte order for win95 servers - handle temporary errors from FINDFIRST/FINDNEXT from win95 servers,   when we get a error we sleep for a bit and retry - return approx unix errno from cli_error(). Need to add a lot more   cases to this. (This used to be commit 715a6 [...]
      adds  65cfbc9   - ignore *.p files (This used to be commit 5328ecbc41daa3fe1adbf8dbe9db8180ae55da3d)
      adds  a139078   lots of improvements to smbwrapper. It now works with Samba, Win95 and WinNT servers, and correctly lists share names in /smb/SERVER/ (This used to be commit 1ea349728b8984bfe5cf5df41a87efbe17ff5ccd)
      adds  8a9fc22   ignore *.p files (This used to be commit e246a202306b8e4e7357057deb094b5a04b28408)
      adds  cce5f09   added unlink() and rename() support to smbwrapper (This used to be commit b85d96144728e8a29c7c1114462e28bf3b144b80)
      adds  909ca3a   added basic chmod(), chown() and utime() support (not fully implemented).
      adds  c0dd3c5   added lseek (This used to be commit 2fbb544d38f7824dc6272517bded4be952b073b1)
      adds  959005e   define O_ACCMODE if not defined (This used to be commit 48de03824ed33e9751bc9deeb22f1e1ef650b8cb)
      adds  bab2843   updated prototypes (This used to be commit 40af9fee1ac17bf329afcf1f0c73a92f03f183dd)
      adds  4fedb9d   - always open for reading (otherwise getattrE won't work).
      adds  d0fb78b   use O_ACCMODE (This used to be commit cc6270f327fdc998e5e3a2d8c3b50f33a29ec3c1)
      adds  4b760a6   added lseek() to smbwrapper (This used to be commit 752e90b24f37d4697b87c65a53b45799c21ecab7)
      adds  6291a9d   fixed a bug in name_len() (thanks to kooros at kooros.netrack.net) (This used to be commit f05f0a01cefbf19943a53c3307eb992d77238b51)
      adds  f651787   added lseek() support for directories (This used to be commit 67ca971b0b00b5256b0af2c1c5777c393f9cef0b)
      adds  13b431f   added a bit more to the docs (This used to be commit e040047c647df3991becbf2b45de785fc875d1ff)
      adds  03a0626   added simple device/inode number support based on a checksum of the filename (This used to be commit 5674fb4e9dc4d92213d763c8cecd26efc23a9720)
      adds  aa7aaca   added mkdir() and rmdir() support (This used to be commit ce748e5ea94380147a01de8235b343c7e2852bee)
      adds  4d9ab2a   support getcwd() in smbwrapper (This used to be commit d516ee383c287550a5953cf5ea1cd69cc957e1aa)
      adds  76aa53b   fixed wrapper for access(). This gets xedit working. (This used to be commit 3c839a523183c163db0d14cf1a3aac47ffafd496)
      adds  f2d8f11   fixed vi on smbwrappper (it was a problem in cli_read()) (This used to be commit 1dcc84b942d4669f978aebdeaf85ea609c2b732f)
      adds  86701c6   added fchdir() support (This used to be commit a42729dbf5414f54e5d623514533958c62ada5f6)
      adds  e63dc32   don't call functions that aren't there yet. (Luke had the code commented out in the makefile) (This used to be commit c626214e23738334ca5ea5f4f1a5180d3245231b)
      adds  8bca34d   fixed initialisation bug in rpcclient (stdout is not a constant) (This used to be commit 1388a6fe8ccd0b2fec8086feebc785b3a5de78d3)
      adds  8d4c732   fixed a authentication problem with non-encrypting servers (This used to be commit 06f1af12c37fc759e7315366dd4e82f4e96b042d)
      adds  1fa3478   drat.
      adds  a4a0c71   use __XXXdir() instead of __libc_XXXdir() (This used to be commit e28f55c0a3386cdb0185f5252b54d10d2c2a1710)
      adds  0e76d37   we need to do a load_interfaces() at startup to support broadcast resolution of names. (This used to be commit c0931b6770dd822f156f388f37fb5b4abfcad51f)
      adds  819a678   simplied the layout of the smbwrapper code. All those 3 line files were getting unwieldy (This used to be commit a59d4e93da2cb2bb61a632ce85af0888a87a03e2)
      adds  a1e10cf   use const char (This used to be commit 83b7bfa821b88f0826b348ec493141a324e12a86)
      adds  e2b4941   support a few more function types (like ino_t and off_t) (This used to be commit 758048f1e17db70daa4cd169d5c9b833f94279f4)
      adds  977d601   - split smbw directory code into smbw_dir.c - fixed a bug in the handling of multiple connections to different   servers (This used to be commit a9f9d8c3d8c18a5ab4c18c1348ee9c8d643880fa)
      adds  57a58f5   more smbw cleanups.
      adds  d71c04f   use dummy file descriptors opened on /dev/null to ensure that the smbw file descriptor allocation order is identical to the kernels. (This used to be commit 60a683465647932f7241ba9f92443d5e5294e20b)
      adds  5ade894   modified cli_read() and cli_write() to issue multiple outstanding read/write requests for large reads. up to max_mux requests may be outstanding. This gives _much_ better throughput and should allow smbsh to saturate just about any network.
      adds  f3db928   fix an error code in cli_error() (This used to be commit bbc891727e57172bf6200e10c32498776a77510b)
      adds  af4a13b   refuse symlinks to or from a smb path (This used to be commit 83e93d2a4493546cb481f5c8187c64207b5901d1)
      adds  832ca93   Added E Jay Berkenbilt's fixes (This used to be commit fcdc9bc2089822b02b30cd55054a60ed4e696e70)
      adds  944d7e2   set a default 16k client buffer size (This used to be commit cc1a0cf82b25e259c35f8accbb948814cc28a9ba)
      adds  52e5dbe   use CLI_BUFFER_SIZE instead of BUFFER_SIZE (This used to be commit 98f9bb94fcdd0195158eba0deaebe4679baea44c)
      adds  ce843e9   add support for dup() and dup2() (This used to be commit c5210cb0fffd406ef1809db8644b299bb661df4d)
      adds  6760e69   added support for printing via smbwrapper
      adds  a1b002f   add support for unlink() on printer shares in smbwrapper. unlink() will remove the job from the pirnt queue. (This used to be commit 7bd738c30a09a211fd14a8544309efeec17c66f5)
      adds  7c3c022   use *SMBSERVER convention in smbwrapper to allow us to connect to servers that we don't know the netbios name of. (This used to be commit 147d49dade3901835b5d60b02c495bea544ff5e9)
      adds  f2c43ee   support using #xx at end of netbios name to connect to the specified name type (This used to be commit bf409a40e21e44ec653d4d8fd34b52d0e7b64aed)
      adds  1970c92   support NetServerEnum in smbwrapper. You can now do a ls in /smb/ and it will list all servers in your workgroup. You can set your workgroup with the SMBW_WORKGROUP environment variable. (This used to be commit 64699810e2d94e8648a0a3341b1cc826d4e8bfd9)
      adds  40984f6   - modified resolve_name() to take a name_type - cleaned up resolve_name() (split into separate functions for each resolver) - if can't find local master then use #1B name - support listing of foreign workgroups in /smb/ (This used to be commit a4e607c17d1119925c9d0e1d05e0fe81e9a2d1aa)
      adds  3a82326   started basic support for solaris 2.5 in smbwrapper. (This used to be commit e5c7cabae4826bde819b94a48bc4674dcd69da21)
      adds  770acd0   don't list the IPC$ share in directory listings (it causes infinite recursion) (This used to be commit 8d74f7bfdc217e95a7e300d06c3bf4e8d4877a6a)
      adds  4f31812   fixed some stuff for Linux that porting to Solaris broke (This used to be commit ee349bb329498e6f5852c1bf21c48563d076dc88)
      adds  12112bd   warn user if LIBDIR isn't set right (This used to be commit 70c2eb1ed93f4691e73e8ab32d81f50ea8785e2c)
      adds  7677845   ignore .po files (This used to be commit 269a7938fcf7eddc68c40e3a8d3d47bdac48704d)
      adds  e34e25d   more solaris 2.5 fixups. It now seems to be working pretty well. (This used to be commit c4e450817886b40474cebdfc50c0c16fb4646baf)
      adds  b3ee6a1   drat. We can't include sys/fcntl.h because that gives conflicts. Instead use "01101" for O_CREAT|O_WRONLY|O_TRUNC.
      adds  11c5c17   Avoid the message `make: [.deps/.P] Error 1 (ignored)' (This used to be commit 9ba19d19ad348bc3be2fc9a2b7ac35b895c0d143)
      adds  06eaf71   bin/cvsignore: deleted, so that bin can be removed from the repository
      adds  dde4b88   we need to use __readdir() in preference to SYS_readdir for systems that use getdents. (This used to be commit c63ad1b69859653d67d4711b700015860680efff)
      adds  791b837   don't define creat() under linux until we get the CREAT_BITS stuff sorted out. (This used to be commit 86b66d92772d4a72b7b8c7f2d8d793533d7f6130)
      adds  02b6c4e   Speed up directory creation for the common case (i.e., it exists already)
      adds  4b6b992   some tests for stat64() and friends (This used to be commit 16e7b196344457218b4902a198e28751311973a7)
      adds  933db19   reran autoconf (This used to be commit 32695b1606c6198aca294ebe1436c98d2d698095)
      adds  901399b   tests for readdir64 (This used to be commit bdf02378c634e0d18f4f2de7a74b2f2fc5965e9a)
      adds  0531f46   this gets smbwrapper working under Solaris 2.6. Not tested much yet. (This used to be commit 6a1b346d98c10688f0995a6ab8fd155a77ead258)
      adds  93bbfce   added a function set_maxfiles() to set our file rlimit to the max possible and return the max. (This used to be commit 7a7b5ee1689b6be57752d176c7b77a2f1b453486)
      adds  e248b89   added pread pread64 pwrite pwrite64 and open64 (This used to be commit 2087e0ce89e113d3989deefdf79b22b2757e008b)
      adds  5d14f89   added 64-bit file support (This used to be commit 43ec91ac1fbf22f9a0150e1eadec5709a7d21050)
      adds  92b21b3   - added pread pread64 pwrite pwrite64 and open64 - fixed utime() for null tbuf (This used to be commit 9047bf59b402de40e520bfc2afa1cbfad5508f72)
      adds  ecb7ee7   handle ENOTDIR errno in cli_error() (This used to be commit f1d82e02ff7f2201de5fb13af4cadec648765017)
      adds  ca3d1b9   removed requirement of having a smb.conf for smbwrapper to work. (This used to be commit af58bf2ff8ddbf974dbafa36cf1b679226371e09)
      adds  601e5b3   rm object files created by mkdir probes make sure it works even if clobbering is not allowed (This used to be commit eff11b81fd4ac807cf89a56a04c5b26ee9cd8660)
      adds  d6da5e4   it's a bit dangerous to use rm -rf (This used to be commit 102e8c85ff1839103be947c20a4df93ab88bded1)
      adds  8327eea   just try to rmdir bin after removing bin/.dummy, in realclean (This used to be commit ef9eca92bbaf5e22765e562b3f4b0e2407a57206)
      adds  5081402   revert 64-bit file support; it's hard-coded already (This used to be commit f604fd1a8b34efb52531c57e68a3cf31319b9262)
      adds  f6b9f31   test for loff_t and offset_t to support llseek() on Solaris and Linux. (This used to be commit 386026930557584fda14f8cdc07c41d84d630b39)
      adds  f36d5c8   get type of callback right (This used to be commit 327eba774e5bb17a91f80617bd7359afe0c83f48)
      adds  4be0416   updated README (This used to be commit 507646d4e54665cb6ce5ba2aa35d72d95cdd8e81)
      adds  a2941d4   added Solaris 2.5 (This used to be commit 788992f58613f7f4fa0e9ce7087267dec75f2e51)
      adds  4e8b4a2   got rid of all assembly code and gcc special features. I'm hoping to get smbsh working with the normal sun compiler (This used to be commit c6ee915336e1533e1f4f10f14b3d57de01f8fe96)
      adds  9a98985   need to use SYS_open64 not _open64 for solaris 2.6 or stdio doesn't work right. (This used to be commit c185585dd917d6c157460e941e983b5e43d69f7a)
      adds  e88706f   IRIX uses -shared for shared libray creation. (This used to be commit a32eb93b0e572ebfcf726a0df7443b9afa149453)
      adds  94024ed   Added rpcclient and smbwrapper stuff. (This used to be commit 1638930839f295077778dc0af9b27343d452e959)
      adds  fab6d20   new file realcalls.c (This used to be commit 23f71b979ad7dcfbf461fa4f261ab9dbd0b602fb)
      adds  80ae082   fixed typo in getgroups code (This used to be commit 046e8a50219ca69ab326fa672c5fcb1ab3689b3b)
      adds  8190548   ported smbwrapper to SunOS4. It seems to work. pity so many binaries on my SunOS box are statically linked. (This used to be commit 541f1c421127334817b73388f4ccb9cc0841dd4e)
      adds  61d8534   handle systems that are missing either SYS_utime or SYS_utimes (This used to be commit 4379f0fe48a40e1ff6b343bbcff542efbda1f4f8)
      adds  a6c2a56   test for creat64() (This used to be commit 8aa6c16eeb96d6a66a2946f5048126f175f9f609)
      adds  62f2ac9   this gets it compiling under IRIX 6.4. Doesn't work yet though. (This used to be commit 0c8288a72c6d6f2774dd57a7107ad68c98e0d24a)
      adds  f151bf0   fixed Makefile for IRIX make (it doesn't know %.o=%.po, leaving off the % works) (This used to be commit 7c4ad07b5989feee6ab84eb7ff2fe2e76e1475a6)
      adds  bfaff8e   got smbwrapper working on IRIX 6.4. Things got a bit tricky, especially as the headers get the syscall numbers wrong! (This used to be commit a5405f1ab069a3123a819311a87ca84f2c5f0fea)
      adds  c378ac1   reran autoconf for IRIX changes (This used to be commit cbba700cb5f49fa6833a3326d7ad7c77bb76e3f7)
      adds  fe2681d   fixed a cast warning (This used to be commit 4093bb16d20b0057e07085f061bdcfb372c679c1)
      adds  c926d8b   new prototypes (This used to be commit 0a733ce59d3e77f8cfd6a8165beeb39c23b26999)
      adds  b79773d   - fixed cast warnings - ignore *.po32 files (This used to be commit 469474803d39ceec7155792d364787318708fb91)
      adds  a2297c7   fixed some cast warnings from "cc -64" on IRIX (This used to be commit 624097e8f4a104393865ee100e884f000ca3f6df)
      adds  217804b   ignore *.po32 files (This used to be commit 01de9a50e030da722076c67c235801c36c90bb66)
      adds  4473ce5   - keep IRIX cc -64 happy - fixed a chdir bug (This used to be commit 80d1c5118abaa99fe0f1c9d2089a81c9953cebad)
      adds  4980fcf   More yuck changes for Red Hat RPM production. (This used to be commit aa38a03961442e70e453f65c60f717765b4bea6f)
      adds  36ee523   - fixed errno return in smbw_open() - updated README a bit - fixed Linux compilation of utime() (This used to be commit 4bacf32755f8012110797f7aae2b3e1e0e2f537b)
      adds  b4fb4ca   rpcclient srvsvc commands. (This used to be commit 1a9a22c657c46648adaa98ac1fe394ce4bce11f0)
      adds  c2bcd64   the IRIX make is very fussy amount comment lines. If a comment line has a trailing \ then it continues the comment and wipes out the next non-blank line!
      adds  c7d3ad0   tell the user we are producing -32 code for the .32.so library (This used to be commit e9676812affbdaa0519415fff85d7e31383e7e2f)
      adds  01b838b   clean needs to delete po32 and .so files (This used to be commit 969eb180646977a01e6d44bde1e13343fd0fa1f7)
      adds  4af4045   set HOST_OS after canonical system test (This used to be commit fc602e5e26a2de94be6b5a5509b77876dc0fd7ff)
      adds  0f87638   use smbw_errno() not smbw_error() (This used to be commit be7ae2a4e75aab0a71be10eb39cef9434dedae2a)
      adds  6a60602   remove unused arguments from some static functions. (This used to be commit a9e0e5895a671910f315d9e45eca4fe419d815e5)
      adds  3d21f03   removed unused variable (This used to be commit b923bb2aae8aa13e8f6bd41d2f06dc016b559269)
      adds  ed75bab   added SMBW_PREFIX environment variable (allowing you to specify root of smb filesystem)
      adds  58f6c75   implemented attribute mapping and chmod. file attributes are mapped in the same manner as smbd. See the README for a full explanation. (This used to be commit 0a5dcddd3fa23081d7cd214acc32b8046125a74e)
      adds  4fe9c5b   fixed a bug in time setting (utime() call) (This used to be commit 2f4506a33c7015f2a176929d794c6c40f1433591)
      adds  fff618a   added a wrapper for fork()
      adds  404f14f   implemented unix semantics for rename in smbwrapper (This used to be commit a5c18f9c82f5f76b00ff29c5668b4f0d3e8d6bd0)
      adds  cbb25c7   fixed rename error code from NT servers (This used to be commit e7516901270a4a790a3e346065eb2be8ede16cb3)
      adds  f8a3e2d   using wrong cli_state in "security = domain" call. (This used to be commit 1c08cc2466f7bf615a3508e028f0b65f120d2e5d)
      adds  b960514   crc32 algorithm.  obtained from dr dobb's journal http://www.ddj.com/ftp/1992/1992.05/crcman.zip. copyright 1992 mark r nelson. (This used to be commit 73667141af2f707fe306a0fda4853d160e55bd97)
      adds  c07b2bd   dce/rpc (This used to be commit eb279cabd059603b6c8d9b74e4fd31c4ffe87593)
      adds  0cf1ea4   Added capability for smbclient to use the local WINS server on the same machine if WINSsupport configured (This used to be commit 1398feebbcb65a9e78b7084811bf9727b6d89682)
      adds  029144c   do an anonymous login if the username/password is rejected. (This used to be commit 0ee3e0c62378bdf7a8e145de0727ea85763af95a)
      adds  f931d71   put #if BROKEN_CODE around all the bits of code in rpc_parse.c that don't compile.
      adds  52d52a5   somehow "in_client" got included twice in two places. (This used to be commit 378290bfe1dc4965679495aab58be55e81ecf192)
      adds  117cb0b   added some comments (This used to be commit c81568a6934acab45702639c1c57aadb145f246b)
      adds  c61a011   added a document on how to port smbwrapper to a new system (This used to be commit bf1e257afb51f93e707bd7c1f75c8a2b35e69bed)
      adds  5e35eea   some changes for OSF1 support in smbwrapper (just preliminary changes, doesn't work yet) (This used to be commit ffa7d0461fa6628302ddf5590a42cca60ec8b90b)
      adds  749f3f5   fixed a bug in real_seekdir() (This used to be commit 699777a5c149d8608c834034d50b207d6da254b2)
      adds  6890744   fix typo (This used to be commit c4da5741f33f9108e01309a6734f16b1b854ea30)
      adds  39e9d06   reran autoconf (This used to be commit 50526c45ba7920b15b6947edc8bc714a00d80f79)
      adds  002a9fe   - no getdents on OSF1 - try a new method of handling prototype mismatches in wrapped.c. We   now try to disable prototypes! (This used to be commit 77aea37bb83f2b9ad541f851b003ca10b9811314)
      adds  d2856b2   test whether seekdir() returns void or not (This used to be commit 4dbfec81b2c67f2d36b26685a631001738d9569f)
      adds  d836bed   more OSF1 changes as well as changes to allow us to use the standard includes.h in wrapped.c, thus making porting much simpler (This used to be commit 6f2239c935fdecfefa89227c113df01e3957691a)
      adds  73b52ab   won't need wrapper.h anymore (This used to be commit 1918ea2991bef323fdb00912500961d60da17cdb)
      adds  7914f66   possibly use __sys_llseek() (This used to be commit ab49ffe37f11b28144a7815ada1d891b14ffbc2d)
      adds  853f923   detect __sys_llseek() (This used to be commit 2a25034b033d207b5ce50946f3d9c9fad2c3a153)
      adds  b73d283   fix the SEEKDIR_RETURNS_VOID test (This used to be commit ed0b43294a922dc24be87082fa22b45b0fa2af46)
      adds  465cefc   not needed any more (This used to be commit 4ea3f86f996c1c6acfbf0363e1a02ace4b4a302c)
      adds  829e72f   yet another attempt at making this stuff portable. This time I use minimal includes in wrapped.c (This used to be commit fd6a59d8ca0932d61a60b74485841001d4f8fd44)
      adds  c8450c1   return type cleanups for IRIX (This used to be commit 96fc2856bcb1424f69ecf513f7b685bec08dcb1f)
      adds  5e9ffa9   remoevd a misplaced comma (This used to be commit c1d2d4e27125cbd463f520d1109e7c7988b58222)
      adds  98af8ad   fixed __xstat() under linux (This used to be commit 15aa1b52cd78e9b59fa44b248267b9698a5b0d5c)
      adds  372c359   fixed facl() bug for solaris (This used to be commit ab5ed686f813c6294ca3eb9b800b3ad41a5a77c3)
      adds  6e77210   - updated docs to say OSF1 works - more solaris acl fixes (This used to be commit 8fc7bc0ee6919f2c1d438e924fbb8b44f87dee63)
      adds  8ed7427   more solaris acl fixes (This used to be commit 1ad5bc381ab00f0699f025cb64db7cb4fa102c13)
      adds  91ff83a   fixed fork() on SunOS4 (This used to be commit c506ffa527428897689dfd9ff48719208c47669d)
      adds  8adc7c0   use double for dummy arrays to ensure alignment (This used to be commit d651229ef3eb06035d015770c5ea018f33234ebc)
      adds  e7001e2   fixed a warning on SunOS (This used to be commit fda52c6fd1ff0c46948bff7156742dab1dd1eacd)
      adds  f4aff92   SunOS doesn't need any ld flags (This used to be commit f92383689a6ee62c71553f12c633f1aadb32065e)
      adds  b818ce6   we need realcalls.h in realcalls.c (This used to be commit 42765a654f9fe45160760e61a80d789279ee6198)
      adds  bdec84d   restore errno after smbw initialisation (This used to be commit f374706cbf654bdb33df3074cb1a8101af0201eb)
      adds  3d601da   compile to .po.o first then mv to .po in order to make the sun compilers happy (This used to be commit 6625b696469089138f0bd01ab966f30ba509dbda)
      adds  2fef8f2   dce/rpc (This used to be commit 34afa638f6f7bb145ec094510ac58f7a22dfc3aa)
      adds  eb37144   make proto required (This used to be commit cf4e2a601fe6b6c9980da87d51643b726c0de1dd)
      adds  4c172b5   return False _and_ a break in a switch statement. (This used to be commit e3f0f1ad9c2b81fd3489d858a9a98338001538c5)
      adds  cf115a77  added aclent_t autoconf test (defines as an int if it doesn't exist). this is to stop a compilation error caused by make proto putting functions that are wrapped in #if HAVE_ACLxxx code.
      adds  48b31ae   dce/rpc (This used to be commit 6677b888bdb45df00646eb7cc13005b9465ff971)
      adds  0dc8033   don't prototype the acl() functions (This used to be commit 9efbb21f35aca6f86ed3cb9c58ebec40e5d44b90)
      adds  08e890a   removed lukes acl check in configure (not needed) (This used to be commit a3339c111de9f82b6badaac8e6ef430d277c3afa)
      adds  fa0ff09   added some comments (This used to be commit e5ed0e6f96835c5b189368faf4555d07f1f6b19c)
      adds  ef2e37c   fixed a problem with fchdir() that broke "cvs -d" in smbsh (This used to be commit 6121f7c8c2d63fd12266327a6f2ac9a5e717dccc)
      adds  4750ce1   use 1 second resolution calls if possible (This used to be commit 349469221a84658048790d7567b4fcea43c0b759)
      adds  7e5f267   auto-detect the right flag for the compiler to produce PIC code (This used to be commit 5d92e003978f02e53c0886508ccefc8c24ec1bbf)
      adds  2475668   removed extra comma (some compilers don't like it).
      adds  60877fd   add "smbtorture" alias for building smbtorture (This used to be commit 230e4eb3dd9753899564fd6ec0e0291ee00be8c4)
      adds  788263b   - fixed a bunch of warnings and minor errors - got smbtorture to compile - removed %D from some of lukes code - Luke, what is %D? it ain't   portable anyway (This used to be commit 91597c12fb593f49b23c7cea5b64dbb89a0428b3)
      adds  a813f38   - don't generate 0 params in torture - handle 0 params in ipc.c (This used to be commit c0dc8e87f0d56444a8ddff0817a94065ca295847)
      adds  d0ca2da   added "permission obtained from John Erickson <jerickson at ddj.com> ...." (This used to be commit 0067e45d4194bd14549aac6e8f40a2ef19305716)
      adds  fa03e99   add missing targets that were added to makefile (This used to be commit 993c49a984fa2ae219f675543a1d0b6a7fbe043a)
      adds  3a4a2d5   fixed a warning (This used to be commit d4291d353b293bbc65fb0bf76c2d943733297726)
      adds  eaac401   really fixed the warning this time :) (This used to be commit 64692f292fc610b90de97a85101203946ce65bfa)
      adds  8043472   fixed a bug in the readline support (This used to be commit b0a69622509b450cb7724735c51d4b7173beac73)
      adds  809a9de   preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 10 (This used to be commit 0a8c03bb98498c10186dd12f1602f6e859465a8a)
      adds  d57d000   fixed bug pointed out by Herb. (This used to be commit 35a5e9ce4fd60806e652f221e25caa0664b69209)
      adds  40eec6f   preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 11 (This used to be commit 8d9c5f35225441384f69744bf8cda8115828ae2f)
      adds  6909350   dce/rpc (This used to be commit 62fdeef1b79c5c4c9bf0e860881651711bb80b9a)
      adds  4c2b041   Add a DEBUG to unix_convert (This used to be commit ac61a102473c7f23938368f9bfea494cd56344a1)
      adds  7c45b3c   Added code to convert empty file names to "." so we avoid searching the cache, but only if we are not on a print share.
      adds  00224e7   anders blomdell spotted an unititialised fstring causing strlen to go awry (ascii_p16) (This used to be commit 0b45c08ffad6f8b12c6fb2b184d3b5d52177cabe)
      adds  7559867   dce/rpc (This used to be commit 32d0f5e4a564686ad6b270dd24423ee49a81f223)
      adds  4e004a0   basic client-side ntcreateX function (hard-wired values except filename) (This used to be commit caeb99201a1471bd709b4e8f07c57e5caabf0795)
      adds  8158620   dce/rpc. (This used to be commit e0445419b2d50ae6efef36f4f295ebcfdbf1ad82)
      adds  abb67ee   signed / unsigned issues spotted by herb (This used to be commit 0b90442021aa3adb5ae7f09c53c9e54c7655d8c5)
      adds  78c1fd0   dce/rpc (This used to be commit 8a7ac4a25d177235a98c0f84f97ee50432fb6359)
      adds  827a9d8   dce/rpc (This used to be commit dfb48aab6153e53a5efd1f8ee518375cc584b101)
      adds  eb70607   dce/rpc (This used to be commit b0af7cfd9dea8d286f430c51456b5f67d5e0658a)
      adds  a0a37f1   Try to make smbprint a better behaved citizen.
      adds  21aed50   made smbsh a standard binary (This used to be commit aea466aef7127607884f484c5987b9a5e2e362aa)
      adds  7761e07   smbsh launch program is now in C (This used to be commit 784b1590c8c305d6876a14fcaa6fc17b9daac6d0)
      adds  9920820   use level 0 for DEBUG() of malformed password entry in smbpasswd (This used to be commit bff457b4a469c03977683c4521464c41f74db1ae)
      adds  935dc98   dce/rpc (This used to be commit 69f5f9f88935de1f63ffc9aa19c0629b395e66e6)
      adds  aede45b   script that defines some useful developer compiler options (gcc) and then runs ./configure.
      adds  948f81a   warnings spotted by ./configure.developer options (This used to be commit 29434bf195b438f4ab41a10ac5ce03f9c2d2ac2f)
      adds  1cdfdd4   unused variable in pipe_smb_write_X (This used to be commit cbc6ab6bb94dad7d71cfb71df3ee283831638e11)
      adds  c09647c   more warnings... (This used to be commit 8b9c0bad889d4f26987d87c54b4d8bf102af1744)
      adds  5a9a3ab   tridge, i had to put a #ifdef _STAT_VER_LINUX_OLD round a bit of code that didn't have _STAT_VER_LINUX_OLD defined.  maybe you want to sort this out properly... (This used to be commit aa9dd697d41ed5bed1bddab519ea80df9e6f21f1)
      adds  2a3cd67   16 changed to 8 by mistake in samoemhash. (This used to be commit ed6ffa4430e3ae6e0c9f49650f53ce79d12af28e)
      adds  ec32176   removed lkcl (This used to be commit 8ff4df1f0e528eb96a11c0de48b01f5745d08737)
      adds  bc747b8   set recursion desired for bcast name query (This used to be commit 53805112f1a301f77cda93b68e6fa3054895f20f)
      adds  fc7d3e4   config: Fix crypt prototype on RedHat Linux. include/includes.h: Fix crypt prototype on RedHat Linux. smbd/fileio.c: Fix mmap bug found by WinCE client. smbd/ipc.c: Fix WinCE wierdness with pipes being opened as \server\pipe\lanman smbd/password.c: Fix encrypted null passwords. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 475992730c0ecbf31c09b3518df2f0354cec61da)
      adds  ba22030   second implementation of crc32, used with permission of francesco ferrara <francesco at aerre.it>.  thanks! http://www.aerre.it/francesco (This used to be commit c48ee2bfbaec8a29b6c5da2a4e3d28937c9fb8e2)
      adds  a42afcd   bug-fixing against:
      adds  1cf3444   Fixed crypt problems on IRIX with prototype. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bdba1bcf2094d2b33dd74d3cfde61723dd7fc46b)
      adds  0d5ff90   getpwnam() failing is a serious error (corrupt smbpasswd database) (This used to be commit 18e628ac1516cbd9773608cb5a9f4b784cf4dd9e)
      adds  c404bb7   rpcclient interactive login (with trust account changing if you are root) cli_session_setup handles null sessions correctly (This used to be commit 60c0f22a4e84703467006dfe1971384a6294a9aa)
      adds  1bcbc67   trust password (This used to be commit fa86770d56fd4a3e280ee4f5685e29dee2a713fb)
      adds  070b334   trans2.h: Added Thursby MAC extension. smbd/trans2.c: Added Thursby MAX extension. libsmb/clientgen.c: Fixed smbtorture lock code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 514e52e4b4d6c7db7ebe2265e60c77b4f18d11b3)
      adds  c9ab92f   rpcclient ntlogin test (This used to be commit f69cf05ff56dffb313304964d5bf5e5aee2f40a7)
      adds  f3793be   Re-added code to tell the user how many open files they have. Needed for server diagnosis purposes... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 04d79a9ae515e7259277f9980552f1d61df239f1)
      adds  a6298e2   use the username GUEST if no other username is available (This used to be commit 59d99ad76cb2aa0f24467ed0df12d5ad50abff18)
      adds  62811de   - use large buffers for netshareenum - handle errmoredata a bit better - fix dev type from tconx for smbw (This used to be commit 2f39409dc1ef012a8a7d315572a489d15df186f7)
      adds  967dcab   only do the MAC extensions if we are a NTFS filesystem (This used to be commit 91d224735d1a4ef26d75d87e3b35d8d156b8998b)
      adds  d4a82ea   rpc client mods (ntlmssp flags) (This used to be commit 16256f86bf451535c7955b8f51a9b88fc33a8e4d)
      adds  27a819c   oops. (This used to be commit ff9e919b713f077e811b702db6ec20897a11d5a0)
      adds  5cb9917   setup_groups() - code clarification.  no functional change. (This used to be commit dae7c5ea9a139552e1722357172fa1ad0c4a7143)
      adds  3637ad5   cli_nt_session_open() encrypt arg removed (This used to be commit 63def717992695ed4a4933c2605abe26086fb8c7)
      adds  97f0c9d   made pass_check_smb() available for dce/rpc use. (This used to be commit 95e8a910c5d9ba0ef57669fb1256eaa932e0bb09)
      adds  b6993a8   !pass -> pass != NULL is wrong: !pass -> pass == NULL is correct.  oops. (This used to be commit 866e1018180a70ff2ffa39e6a5ce5f187eca2764)
      adds  71adb8b   strtoul replace with strtol (This used to be commit 4ebd2c5140e782ec43d9f7700bd588dfa52a16c7)
      adds  4865deb   strtoul removed, strtol used instead (This used to be commit d717d58c115fc5cf687af098100cf5adc0265afc)
      adds  56c5dc7   changed some debug levels (This used to be commit 121e321a12c5da5cb44ca1baece7e25c3ab7f943)
      adds  bad4e66   added maxfid test (This used to be commit 710027a88a62565fbbe9eb5787e924d019906841)
      adds  a785f8d   dce/rpc (This used to be commit 29434f496c18e816d864060d68f357aea6ef5de8)
      adds  4e621f6   oops. (This used to be commit fc1b7b9e75b029ffa93263766fe297d043c6d1df)
      adds  676cac1   Added man page for nmblookup(1) (This used to be commit 69c7b8e2af225f3711d601a136ad3dbc9aaa476e)
      adds  fc62d6b   Small tidyups for gcc in 'preen' mode.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 60dc1a4a00a22088d33369588b0d5eb292cf084a)
      adds  f6d91d0   add an option to enable/disable nt pipes (This used to be commit c161b2f850f124ac5f24968e7865a7d0eb68e23e)
      adds  b4ef754   check for lp_nt_pipe_support() in open calls (This used to be commit 44d901b3e040a520c4ad9089e68c566c78acacca)
      adds  691e2f2   redid proto.h (This used to be commit 20880966aafb2dbcdfbf979505a2d64a269dd9a8)
      adds  b8aec49   Fixed sys_lseek and seek_file calls so all returns are *checked* :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit b8b781191dd7d28944d87eec5fa0fbef798e289b)
      adds  f52b898   - added smbrapper/shared.o - added suport for C compilers that don't handle -c and -o at once (This used to be commit f1672d055716f4b701e22801cbf5cf5573081685)
      adds  f08565a   - don't use env variables for passwords and usernames (yeah!) - added a shared variable area based on a unlinked open file, and   implement a general get/set interface to it - cache hostname lookups and master ip lookups in shared variable area (This used to be commit 279cbe69efd75450113d2da0da5e67b29f3702b1)
      adds  48a3c12   removed an incorrect comment (This used to be commit 5abdb70e2a5cda2df444dfe5a9cdcb751be75ca8)
      adds  d5c190b   return the resolved IP on a cli_connect() call so it can be cached (This used to be commit 4e3f8ef41b8de25dec4c01d5532dca1b567be55a)
      adds  4ecf44d   prototype new functions (This used to be commit ae6e3d8f3820ee09988948ec0c1fa2214acd9b62)
      adds  9debf0b   improved session reestablishment (This used to be commit 5f96328d32e76785474ffd5cd73f8ddefc46d4f5)
      adds  33790c4   added command line options to smbsh (This used to be commit 9b249c075e53e6cf75399d60a6371648c03104fa)
      adds  01de603   - dce/rpc code
      adds  41e97c3   output password change messages instead of debug message. (This used to be commit b9e728a97be323e9221889a63ffa02cff5c99403)
      adds  ef234c6   oops (This used to be commit 7f8dfedfc0933713ab7d6de0763f8776e5805e27)
      adds  bd52d5f   removed my badly-done attempt at handling compilers that don't handle -c and -o at the same time.
      adds  c778331   add -Bshareable for *bsd* (This used to be commit c511a619750152db03897ea682713bbc98f71c6b)
      adds  60cf45b   smbd/nttrans.c smbd/trans2.c: First fixes for NT5.0beta2. That redirector                               has some *horrible* bugs ! smbwrapper/shared.c smbwrapper/smbsh.c smbwrapper/smbw.c: Fixed gcc warnings. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 76448d1d82a78520953c662afee0886122ce134b)
      adds  b19db1e   fixes for solaris (This used to be commit 235a8463b56107d97ee5523eed41967e8ccf27b6)
      adds  e2fcb18   new prorotypes (This used to be commit facd8d74e0cd0998ca5347ac5be14a6027460699)
      adds  ad64fc6   removed setenv(), replaced with smbw_setenv() (This used to be commit 72bce217ef474f056d8f6675667ec78d1772ff37)
      adds  e4678f5   fixed a connection bug in torture test (This used to be commit 2b892130dfc1938e93e69e490a8a9e9ed57a1971)
      adds  26b299d   use putenv() more portably (This used to be commit dc08f1a5c92e86c41dc03f6a4d10d5779f3d9c34)
      adds  2a0141c   oops, I ot the return type of putenv() wrong (This used to be commit 5b7b24d3f9a74b241f7e767de4a2bae601adf88a)
      adds  476d0fd   calls to prs_grow() on array structures so that data construction doesn't over-run buffers (This used to be commit 06cc6eaa50fa4b673d527e91740f9d2d2b16d367)
      adds  1ebeb54   some quite important bug-fixes i missed because i transferred the wrong smb.tgz file from my portable.
      adds  e094a36   Fixed bug found by John Blair where trim_string wasn't correctly trimming trailing multibyte code page strings. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dbdbce29f56d03f6abf1ee3d96ca2032e688dcbc)
      adds  8908738   dce/rpc.  bug-fix in ipc.c (introduced today :) (This used to be commit 48ff3e2429964404c8bf33ef625791147913a3c0)
      adds  d8f0e60   signed / unsigned warnings (found by herb). how do i switch on these warnings in gcc????? (This used to be commit 39db385a0c47c11adb6bf3bac89c4bb76f675049)
      adds  053d6c6   at the interop Isaac (at least I _think_ it was Isaac) said that if a MS client doesn't respond to a oplock break request then we might try resending the request.
      adds  9307940   fixing smbd encrypted rpcs (data lens, alloc hints, sequence nums argh).
      adds  4773506   signed / unsigned issues (This used to be commit bd2fc6bb85739cb8e7ed2254e2a553486daed054)
      adds  ac9be4d   oops! (This used to be commit 500e5536bee8ea8e58d5991bfab2cff923068926)
      adds  6e3af45   Fixed mainly signed/unsigned issues found by SGI cc in -fullwarn mode. smbd/chgpasswd.c: Fixed (my) stupid bug where I was returning stack based variables. Doh ! smbd/trans2.c: Allows SETFILEINFO as well as QFILEINFO on directory handles. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0b44d27d0b5cc3948a6c2d78370ccddf1a84cd80)
      adds  88a0a8c   Changed the debug calls to use the newer debug macros.  This allowed me to break up some very long lines in both the code and the output.  The change is mostly cosmetic, but should improve log file readability. (This used to be commit fc4e0148ebf8ea45e4410224218c0c987965d36c)
      adds  5b7df7a   added "start index" skipping into querydispinfo. (This used to be commit 3e6519da22628ea41025711718ec23b082ef02d0)
      adds  8c307ce   I received a bug report from Massimo Campostrini in Pisa.  There are a pair of "front-end" functions with the same bug each.
      adds  21e107f   the next dialog: user-groups.  it's not very sensible what appears, but hey: it appears! (This used to be commit 399035098f212e976cc0000a215e0705ebe78c05)
      adds  eadc5b8   domain aliases added a bit better: does local aliases if you query for sid S-1-5-20 and does (nothing at the moment) if you query for your own sid. (This used to be commit da40f26f4b2f7ce286076b4e39dffd76aa2ef8e6)
      adds  2356f46   Another cosmetic change.
      adds  1ee4993   libsmb/smbdes.c: #ifdef'ed out code prior to removal. rpc_client/cli_pipe.c: Inlined code removed from smbdes.c rpc_server/srv_samr.c: Fixed unused variable warning. rpc_server/srv_util.c: Inlined code removed from smbdes.c
      adds  1c75338   extern fstring global_myworkgroup should be a pstring (This used to be commit 89f6e05ce4cc21fd2e3c0e416e49383f7b56d1ea)
      adds  034a12f   Minor change.
      adds  cbd0b2c   bug fix in lsa_trans_names.
      adds  80f9201   server/srv_samr.c smbd/ipc.c: Changed global_myworkgroup back to fstring                               (as it is everywhere else). smbwrapper/smbsh.c: For IRIX n32 binaries, set _RLDN32_LIST not _RLD32_LIST.                     Exec users preferred shell is SHELL environment variable is set. tests/fcntl_lock.c: Added sys/types.h for systems that need this. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 50413d0d819d4f13e760ca8439c5bdde0898d63e)
      adds  6e25286   Tidied up Support.txt to be up to date with latest consultant change requests. Start of the big docs update .....
      adds  84866d4   Removed previously #ifdef 0 'ed code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7feaa13d02f84760d6857115ed253570f41911bb)
      adds  a0512ce   rpctorture command (This used to be commit b4ae65e2d0582274d67d02ea190f6d3d83b48594)
      adds  6f61253   Okay, this is really silly but removing one space from one debug statement meant that one hex dump would fit within 80 characters in lynx after HTML conversion. (This used to be commit c391f076f29cff917fd51d58598e1ad11048e824)
      adds  f0d3a44   enumeration tests (files, sessions, shares, connections). hey, you can see how many connections succeed while the rpctorture command is running! (This used to be commit c1bf8f109932a3387fa7b8b4265a3eda52d3e0a3)
      adds  9505676   torture debug. (This used to be commit 97609596647dea39c061bdf972411a86f7294521)
      adds  5d6ed11   include/smb.h: Added #defines for lots of things - makes our code a *lot* easier to read. lib/util.c: Fixed Luke's set_first_token() function - should return void. smbd/close.c: Move delete_on_close into file_fd_struct structure. smbd/ipc.c: Changed local_machine back to fstring. smbd/nttrans.c: Use defines for mapping share modes. smbd/open.c: Move delete_on_close into file_fd_struct structure, added code for ALLOW_SHARE_DELETE. smbd/reply.c: Use defines for mapping [...]
      adds  d6ad947   make the shared variable stuff slightly more sophisticated (This used to be commit 636182f18346af457f905cd784e68ae5d4f75d0e)
      adds  517806e   fixed problems with PWD - we no longer use the PWD env variable instead the shared variable area is used.
      adds  8c87f61   don't use SMBW_PWD_ENV any more (This used to be commit 252fe1e7014b2bf79a3abfa52fb77db9129074c7)
      adds  1e60cc4   don't enable smbsh/smbwrapper on systems where we can't work out how to generate PIC code (This used to be commit a66c56d70e7e663f3a19cbfcc2e704653d8fc9b2)
      adds  9bb7ac8   Reasonably large change to give us *exactly* correct NT delete on close semantics. This was trickier than it looks :-). Check out the new DELETE_ON_CLOSE flag in the share modes and the new code that iterates through all open files on the same device and inode in files.c and trans2.c
      adds  5a85f20   Fixed bug in previous commit where I was overwriting share_mode from one fsp with that of another. Not good :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 269bca2b3bbf5cae9fdf05d0405bfd80272da5d1)
      adds  a4b02a6   Fixed debug reporting in the changed code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d815e2d7a65c95ae71372b4fc8fe82f0202386dc)
      adds  2220178   Make the new code conditional on lp_share_modes() just like the code in open_file_shared(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8de02620ea8f45f6a700617911947467e7be46e1)
      adds  a0991ee   Updated paths. (This used to be commit 21e56ce707963507fe301b4feaad62964196aa46)
      adds  8fb0cd3   possible bug in change oem password code: replaced E_P16 and E_md4hash with a call to nt_lm_owf_gen.  if this still doesn't get the NT hash generated correctly then there may instead be a bug in mod_smbpwd_entry(). (This used to be commit 1c8c644210870fef7ea3eddf411b01a98f991fcc)
      adds  a9d1a89   set netlogon negotiation flags to 0x1ff, not to what the client requests. this is 0x4000 01ff on NT4 SP4, and 0x0000 01ff on pre-NT4 SP4. (This used to be commit 59cf9c00d91f9706d58c3d3000842eccb9d272fc)
      adds  6d99f5f   Handle the case where multiple smbd have the file open, some of whom don't have the ALLOW_DELETE_ON_CLOSE share flag enabled. Told you this was fiddly code :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 222d686a6cdbc2947e7201636ae80ef4c650a65d)
      adds  3acae62   added domain and local group structures.  names may have to be 256 chars long not 128 (fstring) length. (This used to be commit 1e96e14e790e733bbd182a828b0db8727fead2a2)
      adds  b0c360c   Unlink zero length files that did NOT exist at the point of origin on a do_get() call. (This used to be commit 98ba0b3a0a5074cf2b7adba407c5fd46f63c3f27)
      adds  f9881e8   Fix for -fpic rules (.c.po and .c.po32) when using --enable-maintainer-mode. (This used to be commit 552175fdcb78c79833464648b5ccdc91b935e69c)
      adds  4140f2b   make sure that apps can't close one of the internal smbw file descriptors by catching close attempts on those fds and returning EBADF. (This used to be commit 9d863fb1681a5b03696552e1d93fe339b4bae455)
      adds  fb556e1   volker was concerned about unique inode numbers and smbsh. This set of changes uses the unique index number from a SMB_QUERY_FILE_ALL_INFO to try to provide inode numbers. If it is 0 then use the hash of the filename as before. (This used to be commit 2565ccf9de9d5e80fdb5bcadbc7130faba386d95)
      adds  c90d22c   handle the case of an intermediate binary not loading smbwrapper.so (for example /usr/bin/man because it is setgid). (This used to be commit 85f639ab2ba72dda5a00cf11c8ee705f5a51ec54)
      adds  d9ebe8d   fix for John.
      adds  9d8c5c3   Packaging mods - make sure we always keep our config files and NEVER mv them to *.rpmsave (This used to be commit af36d39434eaf39817f9916be79dcf2817897ee2)
      adds  ec73178   Welcome to Pacific HiTech TurboLinux support. (This used to be commit 230c42ab64aafb69313d5a8f9773bbd2bc6d47f9)
      adds  0ab38b4   A little more tweaking and sqeaking. Now, will it work? Argh! (This used to be commit d42b641acba95f45ad204e64e80e30d5d96490e8)
      adds  4f2a6ad   added a couple more error codes to cli_error() (This used to be commit b2a7f85d597d4d2a71fd38d76aac0464d53df626)
      adds  46fcd85   report ourselves as HTTP/1.0 not HTTP/1.1 (This used to be commit b2210614e810c8e84c9a14a8e32e05f95d92479b)
      adds  8546b7e   Fixed a couple of issues with the SMB_QUERY_FILE_ALL_INFO query. Ensured offset was being reported correctly for 64 bit file access, ensured delete on close bit was being reported correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4332bc06c6604a3e14007eda4f40e6183a1f8526)
      adds  4099ab8   Added new German consultant. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 91b4f547eb0239b521bed57e840e34ccc65cfefc)
      adds  e498861   First part of YODL converted documentation. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c4fbf36ff7da29e001dc93829d4bc74d26aeec06)
      adds  ba91cb6   Here is the simple debug parser and the debug2html converter.  Still to do:
      adds  4586b87   added a vsnprintf() implementation from cvslock. See the notes on the license at the top of lib/snprintf.c
      adds  d3ced08   add ifdef for "long double" (This used to be commit ae1888529b00f1a98d2b76fec7f19684efca90c7)
      adds  03893a1   YODL conversion of make_smbcodepage.1 Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7ad30c43ba3108631ac1fb98a96a0d5d66fca36c)
      adds  528c3d3   amazing.  the improvements to NT continue, evidence for which shows up now as "RPC fault" if the UNIHDR structure lengths do not exactly match up to the length of the data stream.
      adds  f5400e6   debug string with no %s parameter.  oops (This used to be commit 22721b027139ffb7ff2625741b68701ba15fbb98)
      adds  b5bf94b   Fixed a few doc bugs in make_smbcodepage.1.yo samba.7.yo Added smbd.8.yo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 695b31d0664f2c52704c49b49e56223b793dfc00)
      adds  87168bf   Added info about parsing debug messages.
      adds  e04759f   Fixed a small bug in debug2html.  It wasn't properly checking EOF.  The current status is "it works".  I need to add some syntax error recovery and a usage message.  Basic stuff.
      adds  c6735a6   Not finished yet - added so I can check it out at home and work on it tonight (I hate my life :-( ). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 12cb7caa9a1161cb8135d7d8e9f345a5589d2578)
      adds  c0addd1   fixed handling of %.0f in replacement snprintf.c (This used to be commit 177b7b6b190c78ab59e19187d3221d23bb280911)
      adds  fb15277   use abort() instead of exit() in smb_panic()
      adds  838c5c4   fixed problem with snprintf.c and mkproto (This used to be commit 99430ce899c02b95ab3c577afff7f28c6d5c6c45)
      adds  3fcd6d6   Fix from thwartedefforts at wonky.org (slightly modified) to fix username overwriting problem in security=share. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 17621964344336c6303386c3c9e8a3e23b9e46e1)
      adds  94f7ce7   Quick fixes to fix the broken tree. Needed for my morning compiles. Chris - feel free to fix these things differently if these fixes don't work for you. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1f225abfbe6b021b589711c2e4c599a63050c5b2)
      adds  e3cfbdd   Fixes to allow this to pass SGI compiler in -fullwarn mode (with one annoying exception I'm still looking at :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9cade656e2db743cb6ee67bbb8b0f50e8e4c39f9)
      adds  e600deb   Added clear-out-structure fix for make_unistr2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2bce2cf6d83d9889d8b116f9d2ee254b7ceb4828)
      adds  bcd8d93   Move man page section from (1) to (8) for smbd. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 83aa193439253bdd8e5ad7961c1db5c9328f1780)
      adds  d6b7c2d   Added Cybernet systems. Also made it clear that USA is *North* America, and not the whole of North America (apologies to the bloke from Mexico who got upset). Jeremy. (This used to be commit f81f27d3fa4eee962d0c8e2d221905ca7c56e6d8)
      adds  7a03aff   Just moving things around a bit.
      adds  e81e3ce   Still moving things around.  debugparse.h will be removed from the include directory in the next batch.  Chris -)----- (This used to be commit 81f64d89924523279a2dcbe53d5355f3dd56b5ff)
      adds  f97ceef   I've moved the debugparse module files into the ubiqx directory because I know that 'make proto' will ignore them there.  The debugparse.h header file is included in includes.h, and includes.h is included in debugparse.c, so all of the pieces "see" each other.  I've compiled and tested this, and it does seem to work.  It's the same compromise model I used when adding the ubiqx modules into the system, which is why I put it all into the same directory.
      adds  377156c   This should have gone with the last batch.
      adds  70e8cdd   Finished nmbd docs, small changes to smbd docs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e7c754d38cf137be15b5b1109e6561eb9900f43e)
      adds  97d022b   yet another person asked me where the name Samba came from, so I put it in the history file. (This used to be commit 14927fa5da24aebcd015d07d5e3fb8b721aee829)
      adds  950e47c   some versions of Irix pass the HAVE__ACL test but don't have acl.h test for both before including ACL support. (This used to be commit 86743dfda446fddaffff7cbb57ca6b5901948ad5)
      adds  814ac70   clean up steps for making distribution (This used to be commit 3b2d25035e2f718532b4cfe2fd3342ddfcdb54c3)
      adds  54ebe3f   Tidied up option processing in smbclient - usage message now actually reflects the real options. Removed '-S' option - couldn't see what this was doing (seemed to have something to do with nt_domain_logon ?). Luke please check if you needed this code (code is only #ifdef'ed out and can be re-instated). Did this to make writing of yodl smbclient man page possible :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 97a14db75634b09dd272e9f59bc39c2b1eb52544)
      adds  6f06a23   nmbd.8.yo: More tweaks. smbclient.1.yo: Partially done... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 00c83ea4ab474c67e853dbf998710367b9272467)
      adds  0129c46   Fixed spec file entry that was causing the CDRom installer to generate a message claiming that package installation had failed when it really did work. The error was caused by the killall command being used where there is no /proc for it to work on. (This used to be commit 7eaf47853ea2f48702847c81a9ec7cd351a3079b)
      adds  3f5e7c9   Path change only. (This used to be commit 356e049a42ab5c72c7bc82ac17c3565d996ddc2d)
      adds  69154be   Added description of reason for failure of test 3 due to blockage of the loopback address. (This used to be commit 32bc55c09562cbc3560a42ddc3dbe3fad3f1b010)
      adds  610251a   modify dependency tracking code so that it: 1) inserts the pathname of the object file in the dependency file    (currently, gcc will only generate the basename) 2) the directory tree within .deps mirrors the source tree, so that we use    shorter filenames problem 1 was reported to me by Tom Angert <angert at bellsouth.net> (This used to be commit 274a2cff30f7325d1bc1647075a6c4f887e42e4f)
      adds  ce2a92d   Fixed bug (that I introduced when doing the "delete on close" work that caused NetBench to fail as the wrong error code was being returned from a getatr call. Change was not to set the unix_ERR_class global when you are not returning an error. This is a big of Samba internal folklore that is *important*. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a1923d465be4c63a40d55abb800cc9b16a4b87d0)
      adds  8fbb5be   Added html label() macros to man page sections allowing them to be linked to externally. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cc78a9ea31dae72c872b53a290dcf686a372df2a)
      adds  32217e9   looks like someone forgot to commit these... (This used to be commit 93b195d1e9490fb0e4310532fd15ab376f08aba5)
      adds  429cadc   Learned about the label() and link() commands and how to use url() to do cross ref links. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 783c32d08a4857f2e4f209473c30f9073a07b503)
      adds  e746555   do not print garbage just because someone does not want dependencies :-) (This used to be commit 7f3c96c5dae19b203bf79a88225768003d2f7516)
      adds  8851d1a   Fix suggested by Nicholas.S.Jenkins at cdc.com - connect to the password change server as anonymous - you don't need to have logged on as the user to do the password change. Doh ! (Why didn't *I* think of that one.... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit dd3bb250a6fb6020d32ea35d7a3d3301d7f9764b)
      adds  d84e2c5   Mode doc work (smbclient was *nasty*). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 866f47a7418b6fbad5ea0ad38ec950da9ef1d70d)
      adds  c675995   added copyright notice from Patrick Powell (This used to be commit d398ae487a3edbfefb980fe0abddca1e95f6f3d5)
      adds  04f2858   took out Lukes change as it breaks domain logons for Win95 clients (ie. it breaks Sues machine).
      adds  233aae2   don't core dump in smbstatus if we can't open the shmem system (This used to be commit ef9749798ab72a5e26f9cb5d0904266d6df70f8c)
      adds  502e2ec   removed comment line at end of file (This used to be commit 5e2fc8b7ccf4a9c8b0a2acf4bd752531ac6fa775)
      adds  c082539   client/client.c: Patch to tidy up file size output. nmbd/nmbd.c: Someone (a "yank" no doubt :-) Changed instances of "initialise" to              "initialize". Someone get that man an *English* dictionary.... :-) :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6279be7f96802bb132e5e18dd8c6912652296e70)
      adds  47f2e19   Fixed up html links - docs look better now (getting the hang of this). Added nmblookup.1.yo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8eb78a1fe5ff65f575cc1773b301e18be714d652)
      adds  ed19c2f   Tidied up VERSION section. Added testparm.1.yo Jeremy. (This used to be commit 30591654cd7a3e84ded379788c62b1b259136844)
      adds  890cc08   memory leak in SAM group code: need these to track it down. (This used to be commit 4e6b548b04b2ff982baf49ebd08e22180cd521b1)
      adds  926aeff   More yodl-docs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fc37a8852cacf4f80b571015c6e9adb2205f8587)
      adds  5900f6c   Tidied up references to samba (7). Added smbtar.1.yo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f55cc67dadc3c2ea3076755e308e3467083f1001)
      adds  01e0461   Makefile.in configure configure.in include/proto.h smbd/noquotas.c smbd/quotas.c:    Added quotas patch for autoconf from Dejan Ilic <svedja at lysator.liu.se>. printing/printing.c: Filenames with spaces patch from Allan Bjorklund <allan at umich.edu> utils/nmblookup.c: Fix usage() function. smbd/reply.c: Split out the security=server and security=domain checks into               check_server_security() and check_domain_security() to aid the               writing of the 'h [...]
      adds  ba4135a   fix to some of the unicode string handling.  there are others pending in non-critical areas. (This used to be commit 6da2e15272e4a6a9994c36fc465b6115f95ac5bd)
      adds  9654a6f   Another one bites the dust.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 24106d28fb6d49e4da85077982f3259a6d1326b3)
      adds  ec66b88   More docs... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6a328b15420c4472398a754cb256ee172317bb0f)
      adds  5f4c35a   Added scripting option (-s) to smbpasswd. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4f87a8cf994d7f3287b0fd1720624bf705cfa1da)
      adds  41f6e00   Added Xrefs to smb.conf.5.html file. First cut at smbpasswd (not yet finished). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 15be62a66b836fc01387ad0084e52ef5894c36bf)
      adds  81d437e   updated this file a bit... (This used to be commit 2422100e857e1f540ba7afa2cc220ec6e13b9dda)
      adds  d12774b   Fixed up cross references into smb.conf.5 man page. Still working on smbpasswd.8.yo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0993db2240379a91c44894ef3d5f978a3aa00816)
      adds  cfc7c79   It turns out that yodl strips all spaces from link() and url() commands. This is a *massive* pain when doing cross referencing and will mean a change to SWAT when generating the help URLs. Herb is looking at that. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1f39207a8e16efe2199bef6a4851f3fe41d443ac)
      adds  6bb6efe   Cross linked all the command line options. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d239790fa704c9a385d7e9e055ca7454467d8bb0)
      adds  8080fb7   Added internal cross references for all man pages. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9dd09fdb643b70e5b46aeb9f6580128b7a68fe4e)
      adds  b9a7c99   Finally a man page for the smbpasswd file. Not finished but on the way... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit a5362b774df3ea30086e93c82fc773b52b1e5ca0)
      adds  00ec174   Very simple awk script to convert a 1.9.18 password file into Samba 2.0 password file format. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5a5dc248b5fc4f1b9234a15dbedd4e0c9068b15a)
      adds  0890fe0   Realise this needs to be without the '.sh' ending as we will be installing it in the BIN directory. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 75c79db9bec68b74d3b244f3d8184bd890ff33fa)
      adds  68d3842   Added scripts/convert_smbpasswd to SCRIPTS Jeremy. (This used to be commit 60553b3dc295d0df3ce42ad81a26edb45e234021)
      adds  d722946   Finished smbpasswd.5.yo. Only "the beast" - smb.conf.5.yo left to do... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit eee9bb5e026730dbf60946ac2145658546ad379b)
      adds  227936c   Sync up changes to smbd.8.yo and nmbd.8.yo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 889f26a5bceb99dc0c703060e8dbb51776b06492)
      adds  42a6727   Changed build root to launch off /var/tmp instead of /tmp. (This used to be commit c16f051a40ff9d2ce15539ff7d4d177e0cb6de97)
      adds  fa164d9   check return value of locking_init() (This used to be commit 0efac70f756dce4c92744fc59b68b528f6984dee)
      adds  099dae5   don't bother trying QFILEINFO/QUERY_FILE_ALL_INFO with win95 as it totally screws it up, giving garbage for the size fields. (This used to be commit 86f98e0607e8a05ec026b919cc974c1c934b6882)
      adds  8c3dcf1   split string and unicode string routines into these files. these are *not* going to be added into the Makefile.in yet so they still also exist in util.c. (This used to be commit 3f5feda6749dace6bc51fb0e02b16d2b72a930b8)
      adds  613860a   util_file.c:
      adds  d91a7b3   the start of the start of the SAM database API (This used to be commit 3eacd3013cc909e6e731a1a42f0aa7f202673bb9)
      adds  90ed609   The start of a long and ugly process... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9722a98f8f24ef528b02bfb42f53ef9d07e62aa1)
      adds  ff63eca   Useful script to extract all parameters out of the loadparm.c file and sort them into global (G) and service (S) parameters. Useful for keeping the smb.conf docs up to date. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e8c5e033083440818cb559c61bcf5f9baec511ea)
      adds  675e923   More updates... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 222829885cba9ccb8af0e9df232fd5d614cec1ad)
      adds  4bd1feb   lib/charcnv.c: Improved debug comment. libsmb/namequery.c: Fix to remove 2 second wait is we are doing a unicast                     and got a reply. smbd/dfree.c: smbd/noquotas.c: smbd/quotas.c: Fixes from Dejan Ilic <svedja at lysator.liu.se> for the quota                code. utils/smbpasswd.c: Fixes to allow smbpasswd to be called from swat. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b5981c0149ad8c6f13ea87db450080616538b5d5)
      adds  53abed1   grumble, grumble off-by-one unicode string fixes, gonna stuff my other tree with cvs clashes when i cvs update on the group code grumble grumble (This used to be commit f8b229d187cea2e3820d71697346fc9f0cd8bf88)
      adds  fd650b3   Keeping it safe. NB. This is *not* yet finished and will *NOT* yodlize correctly yet. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a240cd458df93140b00cb3dd0254f4bd8c8bb133)
      adds  dd1e5ff   Up to "domain master" and still going... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1037bf6bb778bc54bad67f367de37bfba303bd53)
      adds  c6d7369   Save your work as you go... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit f733534147c332f35d44f1f427d70dafe7225340)
      adds  91d710e   Up to "magic script". Jeremy. (This used to be commit 74d675202d7354bb0327bb13c6e8cff60a4530d7)
      adds  4cdd75b   Up to ole locking compat.. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c03d5b746115da33e0a736c50d74a2de047f6bc3)
      adds  9ec8f5f   Packing it in for the evening.. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1362ee3b5ffce865343043096a4ee8c27a927e1b)
      adds  f758066   Fixed lppause and lpresume docs. Jeremy (This used to be commit 92a46856f4133f17739c1c813be2da61498c1276)
      adds  548b417   codepages/codepage_def.936: Updated comment. param/loadparm.c: Removed "networkstation user login", "domain controller", and "domain sid" parameters. passdb/passdb.c: Removed "networkstation user login" code and changed bug test code                  to only check once for a bad password server. This will stop the                  complaints of many "bad login" audit records in NT PDC logs. utils/smbpasswd.c: Removed check for "domain controller". Jeremy. (This used  [...]
      adds  8c62b28   converted smbclient to use clientgen.c rather than clientutil.c
      adds  ab521a1   I talked to Dave Miller and he thinks that we should have TCP_NODELAY on by default on OSes that support it, given the network IO pattern that Samba uses. He doesn't think it will cause problems. (This used to be commit 15016aa024854ca56ef20d1f29f54f9698a1911b)
      adds  748fe7a   split socket util functions into util_sock.c.  util.c NOT committed and util_sock.c NOT included in Makefile.in.
      adds  e4f974c   Makefile.in: Removed rpc_server/srv_ldap_helpers.c per J.F.'s instructions. client/client.c: client/clitar.c: include/client.h: smbwrapper/smbw_dir.c: smbwrapper/smbw_stat.c: smbwrapper/smbw.c: lib/util.c: Converted all use of 'mode' to uint16. smbd/quotas.c: Fixed stupid comment bug I put in there :-(. printing/printing.c: Fix from J.F. to new code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bacd3e9d2036a804e73644a28fc498f229c8446c)
      adds  2561e06   smbclient.1.yo: Documented Andrews changes. smb.conf.5.yo: Up to "print command" Jeremy. (This used to be commit cb23417503dd2c3e8370757943daca78f3b598b6)
      adds  5c3295c   Default for SMB_PASSWD program was set to smbpasswd ! This explained the problems John & Andrew were having with smbpasswd. This would cause the smbpasswd to be changed *twice* - this the second decrypt would fail. Changed it to be "/bin/passwd" and changed the name of the macro to PASSWORD_PROGRAM to make it clear this is not an smb password changer. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8c1625365479f12fa544d83e1a9f72a548398108)
      adds  6d3d5be   Up to "read size". Jeremy. (This used to be commit 941f1fcdb9d32600c14d1a533fbadda9d9c33cf7)
      adds  e4dfd67   Updating the password script and documenting password sync stuff. (This used to be commit 2479fc2238757a64979903a8d79eeb14d99c7b29)
      adds  c22f10c   Up to "socket options". Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5ef2e9f911c13940ed4b27d7586dc05216c0e3a7)
      adds  313d8ef   util functions split into relevant modules, first pass. (This used to be commit d448906e68cec5019fa83f7d31b862efff41e2da)
      adds  1e1c2ec   rpcclient registry commands. (This used to be commit 36fcb4a6e643a05d06a2a273d74318fee7f2c647)
      adds  5e7cdb0   oops! (This used to be commit cad5b1f1fb03e7b064040b7c5bef5cd86dd0e1ba)
      adds  84934fb   Done all the ssl docs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit aa2c424f5a2ee2ce3309da6491a149269014fb5f)
      adds  375e538   include/local.h: include/smb.h: param/loadparm.c: Made GUEST_SESSSETUP run time selectable. Horror of horrors :-). printing/printing.c: Added J.F.'s latest fix. rpc_parse/parse_misc.c: parse_reg.c: rpcclient/cmd_reg.c: rpcclient/display.c: SGI compiler signed/unsigned issues. smbd/reply.c: Made GUEST_SESSSETUP run time selectable. Horror of horrors :-). utils/testparm.c: Added extra test. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9668a5ef50be2e6b575f9989e87ee2ff8da5ac1d)
      adds  8be9397   make sure we build with SGI compiler (This used to be commit 433525fd321a768eada4eecb2f8a12f367bae001)
      adds  10844fa   This is finished but still doesn't compile in YODL. I'm checking in now on the "save early and often" principle. I'll check it in again when it passes yodl2html and yodl2man. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 06c44a0fe20bc4b9c211be99536c30a2dc385a01)
      adds  c098e44   registry modification requires a "sync" or "refresh" on the parent key. opcode 0xb added to do this.  a likely candidate name is "RegFlushKey". (This used to be commit 5e9567e3c7d4ee8624a448fcccfcd8003913dbbf)
      adds  75ca9df   rpcclient registry key delete command: "regdeletekey". (This used to be commit 20987b6105d42f3404ff009cc27e73a1823cd495)
      adds  abac745   Finally it compiles with YODL !! Jeremy. (This used to be commit d0303b22e56ab6536c50a4cb7a7cb453f4af43a5)
      adds  3735045   Fixed a broken link. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 918071dc9a9829d6577f183bfd8aa348053b2e37)
      adds  73cd96e   Updating changes - now move to yodldocs directory. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 98192a996ae5c77c7bd02d522a76d2dd65a4ceff)
      adds  07eb913   - renamed open_policy to open_hklm.
      adds  d90f25d   Added manpages/ to source path. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0f7977ef74af1cbb7e92df8cb1b5545247056b52)
      adds  edf630c   renamed unk_1b to flush_key (This used to be commit ddfdb6534671a0e9bbbefe555a92925d41abaddf)
      adds  58cbefd   registry delete value command: "regdeleteval".
      adds  2655254   Adding YODL docs maintainer script. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f04c2b4deeaee7360b5757de8eb7cb019d886e46)
      adds  af60ba3   First version of HTML docs generated from YODL source. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8f5f0bffc6af97e1f382cb3baa03ccecb0f151c4)
      adds  6412277   First versions of the man pages auto-generated from the YODL source. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 00241b15fa8ccd21e1b43726ea131a189c14074e)
      adds  7668dc6   Forgot to add these new (auto-generated) manpages. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8d4e8498df15926bffbcf537c80643451ca76002)
      adds  b94520e   Makefile.in: Added target for makeyodldocs - not used by default. rpc_client/cli_reg.c: The perils of cut-n-paste coding include using variables before                       they are initialised :-). script/makeyodldocs.sh: Remove the intermediate files. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 88031bca5c528157ef2fe1d976a245b186ff8959)
      adds  fadde42   swat.c	updated to use new yodl generated smb.conf.5.html file for help added smb.conf.5.html to swat/help (This used to be commit 9f250a80c66fb3e2b9039218771f0b4d5088a0ae)
      adds  6d04a7d   new directories for man page sources (This used to be commit 555b11f9bc557d7a00aca7aabe9e2536d3936cbb)
      adds  caa86e2   Swat now uses the auto-generated smb.conf.5.html. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 798fa22d37f117ff4842ce1ca108625539391d82)
      adds  51acfa9   Added code to copy smb.conf.5.html to the swat help directory. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3b2a32293b9da7bc6acd4dea3e54d98270495853)
      adds  9ec90e4   Added link to YODL url. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 791b9bddee45e604c71b27dcd8c1f4c30c4aa397)
      adds  0e09fba   makeyodldocs.sh now works with the bash shell (This used to be commit a41defc36756eef0054f66dcbd46890453ad5ae3)
      adds  9f14f28   changed syntax of registry commands so keys can start with HKLM or HKU. sorted lookupsids command (This used to be commit 13a0ee851fe0ce9acddfe57f9aba19fc78085c39)
      adds  16a243e   Fixed two debug prints. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 74530677d5301abd2da5bcdcb1fde6e6f903ad70)
      adds  60a91a1   clearing up security descriptor (This used to be commit abdc9d790b7d27b70aaf88451f5c82c99c94ca6e)
      adds  49d5a67   Fix from richard.kettlewell at kewill.com for leapyear bugs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 751856a09d4fa112ce2fedd963b42ae5f63c89c1)
      adds  1d6dc49   Updated Manifest for 2.0. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fea0d80fb5a9ca0c2a5d9e85c64d3e05036bad70)
      adds  dcea9c3   new swat icons (This used to be commit 08f3946b4c990b739f704b5db52a54dd253095b9)
      adds  6559aa1   added password change functionality to swat (This used to be commit 06d4026cf1521766b52766193774f1fd8dd70c81)
      adds  4dd4f17   Added needed flag for swat password changing
      adds  e35207f   security descriptor info, provided by jean-francois (This used to be commit 719382a5579e8798812bbccd14a4c1ffd9003f7a)
      adds  8cae908   add an empty STATUS..LCK to install so swat doesn't complain (This used to be commit 41541a4c93555d076b1e78caae117d1fa3ae2277)
      adds  bd41f98   Updated smbd links. Added first cut at swat man page. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 87f06c973a2d61f8b57c3cd74f1b8f0cd65c4ffb)
      adds  14039d5   Added swat html & manpage. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cce693135e146c9f4c9243f3dcb5091c46d1fcdb)
      adds  86a62c4   oops! (This used to be commit 22ef5160bf79b968f5bdd3393535177b9d30e178)
      adds  676aa11   Added file to describe how to join a domain. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7e13bf012b41ec202bf4f93a8c257315a338ea26)
      adds  e41bada   Added text and html versions of DOMAIN_MEMBER doc. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a0f9145d6fcf10f30f745601ee1dc7618d4ffb01)
      adds  f49b994   rpc_server/srv_netlog.c: Fixed crash bug with ACB_PWNOTREQ. script/makeyodldocs.sh: Added code to make text docs for non-man page YODL docs. web/cgi.c web/swat.c: SGI compiler warnings fixed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 80e0f7e1071f032c5004aecb01a91d1397e6a161)
      adds  f9584f9   J.F.'s latest printer fixes plus his gcc -picky fix for web/cgi.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit bd4e2972f50cafd932a5c915cdeeef7eedda07cc)
      adds  01ceb5e   changed is_root() to am_root() to prevent clash with variable names. (This used to be commit 52f47b8d2ef5ee64e2f8dcfeb6840071e57904d1)
      adds  c291ef9   Changed the welcome comments to look more like a release :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 81d00bc147787e5f2a5c2586c6cd2b48468c03f3)
      adds  85dde8c   Added enable user button. Fixed bug where log was always printed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 43ddc857793ffe507017fc989d60403e33e2ada3)
      adds  84c10df   Added an index.html for the html documentation taken from the web site.
      adds  b0a2e2e   Added the security changes suggested by Andrew - become the user that authenticated to swat permanently (if not root). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7d55bf379177a4a448e39577ae0af603d5e958f6)
      adds  deeae49   WHATSNEW now vaguely correct for 2.0 :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2903e18e4a529f447732c246fde0362566c563da)
      adds  5d5ed98   Someone else is already doing this. (This used to be commit 41970a40c35eaea9d89be7cb5a2b612b2d06530c)
      adds  aba85cb   Fix fd leak in error condition in grantpt code case. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 22df2dae30b815f1c86bd21ac0ccf02da5b85eba)
      adds  f08caf6   Updated to at least some semblence of reality :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit b070281a0ef0a0c420ccb17bad50c521b912df46)
      adds  10a9add   Moved some code (NTLMSSPcalc) out of smbdes and inline for paranioa resons and my own piece of mind... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 45131501f23ce1eec2f23fe2c1060cd5a2736ec9)
      adds  d85dcf8   largely rewrote smbpasswd so that the code is understandable. This should allow us to call a function in swat rather than piping to smbpasswd.
      adds  4f368d8   char -> uchar fix (This used to be commit badc0f229a2940560b56aafde9824f1b4bd0f7c7)
      adds  29e36b7   extracted the password change code from smbpasswd and used it in swat instead of opening pipes and other horrible stuff. (This used to be commit 49bf19710345a59a2d17cd449be1a132885ed821)
      adds  c287a82   fixed demo mode (This used to be commit 530a98022e5207772980fc7d286547686713927a)
      adds  27d9656   show all buttons in demo mode (This used to be commit d076daaaf8690ae0b1ff9c8782619e518f868109)
      adds  6bf01d5   handle null usernames (This used to be commit ee60d9a289f8d94f8e4d8405f7b41690b891bbb1)
      adds  887fa6c   remove my name from welcome page so I don't get mail about it. (This used to be commit 450a19e96bfebeeb8e3c4029830c77b33f4786f9)
      adds  fe7090c   no longer needed (This used to be commit fb6a79ea3a79d54099ec57715db17a7935130e9f)
      adds  1ab463a   security descriptors and registry. (This used to be commit 9814ac8a65f4d8333527976f1d227e8cd3c2c8ce)
      adds  5b863af   cleaning up conflicts between group code not yet committed and changes from yesterday by me, jeremy and andrew.
      adds  fe085f5   spelling corrections and such-like. (This used to be commit e03ce164b00d59e8cbd76472635f2517ef7f0768)
      adds  c9a8856   spelling.  added line about command-line tools equivalent to nt admin tools. (This used to be commit af44cf1fcf5c3f673baa8f7c4f1e24556754f659)
      adds  83698a8   minor update. (This used to be commit d0d0196af55cad00cbdebd8c80941f42e667e199)
      adds  97a4f87   formatting (This used to be commit c17b0bb7c25ca9a6faf7cb0282c993232f2560cc)
      adds  a413a74   remove .po and .po32 files from inst package (This used to be commit 600e599c43b85fc8d844490e59dd7b17f136c016)
      adds  7e71258   changes from John Sygulla for changing remote passwords (This used to be commit e3fc90d0b5b21d49615c951a475d85f15fa01271)
      adds  597c5a6   jean-f. sent me some S-1-3-0,1,2,3 SIDs and names.  S-1-3 doesn't exist.
      adds  1960082   clear trailing / from directory names in idb file (This used to be commit f06bed256dfaf56bcfc1982df1d8bf8fe559f53b)
      adds  609f348   include/kanji.h include/proto.h lib/kanji.c: Added const parameters in string wrappers. printing/printing.c: Added OSF1 fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9d05d80f811426f83a975d28e64c5d6b10574c25)
      adds  3a334e3   Fixed smbpasswd so that enabling a user who already has a password doesn't require a new password entry. Sets the 'enable/disable' code back to being symmetrical. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fa068a6db8da154903fb97a843f261592fcb684a)
      adds  959f32c   Use spaces not tabs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6fbf01471d8dc76f8909d851c531fec3d79521d3)
      adds  d30b6ab   .cvsignore: Removed old entries. client/client.c: include/client.h: Added some debug messages that the old client used to 		  generate. These are needed to make scripts such as 		  'findsmb' work - there may be other changes to keep 		  backwards output compatibility. Do we need a -old-client-compat 		  argument ? libsmb/clientgen.c: Fixed crash bug where malloc'ed data wasn't being 		    cleared - corrupted malloc chains. web/swat.c: John's changes to get rid of "gh [...]
      adds  69487aa   Fixed missing parens in tt entry. (This used to be commit 86dfde31d966ba44cb554036a6232faa05e3a9f4)
      adds  9091870   Commiting tt fix. (This used to be commit 10093ae5fc6e375340fd904e41a37bcdc1191d93)
      adds  1411620   smaller images so they fit on one line of a 640/480 display (This used to be commit aa47ef998abf713ec44187592c91d7a5335bb814)
      adds  afab965   missed one (This used to be commit 6bc94f08cc927fc4901464f982b3300b631eb945)
      adds  c1bf51b   please remember to check that code compiles before checkin! (This used to be commit 88c90ec65c1a764dd7b13d9fb5ce700027f40cfd)
      adds  2c7f6da   security descriptors. kanji const char* warnings. (This used to be commit 06abdfd68e1d7fa8741afc3f56ec7a13b5fa4ccc)
      adds  aeac471   changed the fonts in the images a bit to be readable at a higher resolution (This used to be commit 688a7e5751109eec5d52ed67710502d43db6800d)
      adds  ed6872e   no longer needed (This used to be commit 275d22f81c9b8a04dd11ccc8733c62f48f270965)
      adds  ea2fa33   Removed code that used printf/fprintf in password changin libraries. Now passes strings instead. (This used to be commit 48af29bcc9e8094de6ba057a52dbae3c80ea7a05)
      adds  dfac418   we don't have any jpeg images any more (This used to be commit ae5f174ef163734c61c0d30b32f5564cfba02666)
      adds  e5d9a4f   %\ is an interesting printf argument, but I prefer %s (This used to be commit b93f686655e871d7bfec9c7601cf3c175008041a)
      adds  0cbb756   fixed compile for FreeBSD (This used to be commit 78e63e17c59de68200308641dce7c413520a2980)
      adds  31c4953   sids in rpctorture changed from fstrings to DOM_SID (This used to be commit bd09e00112fd371aa070b5b47f1d4e27137a7f2e)
      adds  cb265db   security descriptors (This used to be commit 9412edfd4c11a26e4ef290839375e3959cf70a7e)
      adds  2164685   include/smb.h: Re-added zero pointer protection to ZERO_STRUCTP. lib/util_sock.c: Added strerror() calls to getpeername failures (which seem to be giving IRIX trouble at the moment). rpc_parse/parse_sec.c: Changed use of ZERO_STRUCTPN to ZERO_STRUCTP which again does zero pointer protection. smbd/quotas.c: Fixed typo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b62f008974c96e0302d6c146cf49bc2045bef005)
      adds  2db96e3   fixes for OSF1 compilation (This used to be commit 5be3c37f50eac35cad3eadf0d24e7a4ee04c075e)
      adds  5e4d4de   ZERO_STRUCTP does not check argument for NULL. ZERO_STRUCTPN _does_ check argument for NULL. (This used to be commit 0be34ca1402f95506680caa3461e94d4ae54bb7d)
      adds  d900634   use ZERO_STRUCTPN (checks for NULL) not ZERO_STRUCTP (doesn't check for NULL) (This used to be commit 70ac9dbcecdf4be92638a24f096e4a8807997498)
      adds  60a1257   Problems found by Herb. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a5555bd3b744417674d62d5891e1d5dbe32008ff)
      adds  43a3692   oops - ZERO_STRUCTP() issues again... (This used to be commit 2908ccd14d1aa4ffb7d09714bae78cebb7eee755)
      adds  d3e6aa6   ZERO_STRUCTP not PN (This used to be commit ff8667c8801a59c80c33b43f033d23f3a0fd8313)
      adds  3a31d50   LOCAL_GRP and DOMAIN_GRP are return types (This used to be commit 887063e421d476fe2c2f6809750af3bfb020a85c)
      adds  9c3cbb8   Fixed timing window created by daemonize function.  Smbmount was going daemon before the mount was actually completed.  This caused weird problems when used with autofs such as empty directories on first listing or files which would appear in "ls" but would return "no such file or directory" under "ls -l".  Note to Volker:  Initial attempt from CIFS conference didn't work. Had to move daemonize function inside of loop after ioctl. (This used to be commit 2f456be660b4 [...]
      adds  8336dbd   need 32 bit status codes to be negotiated because of STUPID dos "error more data needed" message gets treated as a serious error code (which it isn't) so the client code terminates. (This used to be commit d9b59580dcd5076d3027e364964dcd624300fe45)
      adds  e623b71   reverted includes change for FreeBSD as it breaks IRIX (This used to be commit 24b2bf1741366045eca02cbd09e3283531d28422)
      adds  8fc1504   Makefile.in configure configure.in include/config.h.in: Changes for DGUX and UNIXWARE. groupdb/aliasdb.c groupdb/aliasfile.c groupdb/groupfile.c: Don't use snprinf, use slprintf. include/includes.h: Fix YP problem. include/smb.h: Fix ZERO_STRUCTP. lib/util_sock.c: Added strerror() in debugs. passdb/ldap.c: Don't use snprinf, use slprintf. rpc_client/cli_lsarpc.c rpc_client/cli_pipe.c rpc_parse/parse_sec.c rpc_server/srv_pipe.c: Don't use snprinf, use slprintf. script [...]
      adds  98db88e   Change to beta1. (This used to be commit 26c3ff2bcb225f65002620fec07aa6423477e6d9)
      adds  4758c5f   Updated for 2.0beta1. (This used to be commit 566e92027f0c7d61a7de7a25ed9469ca801846a8)
      adds  ddc6296   Added packing release script. (This used to be commit a77d40ee7147207174cde4c7a0f775e588e5a6ba)
      adds  eaf9944   ran spell check and other minor tweaks (This used to be commit 7d8ec97b451721cddbb859415490d65c41e8afe2)
      adds  c54656e   Added --with-smbwrapper to configure lines in spec files so JohnT's scripts work ok. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9dc2502382f17c2bd1794c92ad0f4862a76b84e8)
      adds  c2ea4dc   Fixed makefile problem due to change from SMB_PASSWD to PASSWD_PROGRAM. Thanks to Michael H. Warfield <mhw at wittsend.com> for that. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6c2a234ac9b4bbef3886c9aa4a198776a0bee6c8)
      adds  744c34b   Fixed munging of sample file in man pages. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9e1ff71faf558addfabe038e3bf45ee694ea4a0b)
      adds  24ca89b   Removed acconfig.h configure configure.in include/config.h.in: Made smbwrapper not made by default. nmbd*: Changed all calls to namestr() to nmbd_namestr() to fix broken FreeBSD include 	   file problem...sigh. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9ee8f39aed8772a05c203161b4ae6b7d90d67481)
      adds  87900ce   missed a .B (This used to be commit f213352c3de6a23d1b5c92fda6404a3116db1279)
      adds  74c66b1   removed information on installing via cgi (This used to be commit 08fd7032584bf93a92b71ea7d5f73d2da75c8bb0)
      adds  5be7ae4   remove code that allows installation via cgi
      adds  f616831   allow all user to view the config (This used to be commit ab35d99e52225b0e9f519903ae99e575075187e7)
      adds  57d4977   - new prototypes - much as I hate doing it I've removed the "commit changes" button for   users that don't have write access to smb.conf (Jeremy insisted) (This used to be commit 8e8ab4df1fe77dfcae73a34f4de174afe09cd695)
      adds  2b67f7e   prompt for password on smbclient -L (This used to be commit 1558f34a878d6fea0cc745a7fcec04f79f7e50ff)
      adds  3bb3f2d   Update for 2.0beta1. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 598d0255d40da29ebab3d1a3c9eb66ba654db7b5)
      adds  54a4ac4   Updated from smb.conf.5.html Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6f37d151d87d7ab4475ef552abb9183464203093)
      adds  2a28d20   Fixed problem with smbclient issuing '*.*' to NT server when an NT server needs '*'. Win95/98 doesn't care either way :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit a0adae90cadd7702f8263c97d4495fa093e713e6)
      adds  328b91d   (Hopefully) correct patch files for RedHat & TurboLinux. In fixing this I have learned more about RPM than I *ever* wanted to know.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 765989e4151a5f8dd48353d7c1b175092717947e)
      adds  fedc62d   - handle servers that don't support getattrE (ie. NT) - use * in clitar instead of *.* (This used to be commit 2d9335fe2a6fc3bb6687360c99d8fc69cb2d555a)
      adds  c800cda   Fixes to get the manpages from the right place. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0e3bfe5f2860066aa07bce7a691f7af682c73949)
      adds  c57ab78   fixed setmode in smbclient (This used to be commit c58f4965100692d8edcd613a341df9e2ad88cfa0)
      adds  3ba68d0   automatically uppercase server and share names (win95 won't handle lowercase share names!) (This used to be commit dddf1d8522707b828cac466c4a9ab2807d098573)
      adds  9315d3e   Fixed swat packaging & man page packaging. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 178d1bd61b3a622adc48b6423fae1db815cae3da)
      adds  3a4cce6   support.txt is now maintained solely on the web pages (This used to be commit 73b662069cb12bd77eae13a36a8b855abc01594f)
      adds  6b989ca   Added first cut of the new packaging scripts for Digital Unix. Note: This will be extended for all other OS's so that it can be maintained by the samba release scripts. (This used to be commit 0f98a2fd58aee1dac4d0f4098a2e690dfaf5ba27)
      adds  62725d1   compile with optimisation by default on all compilers
      adds  00ae36f   change ROUNDUP to SMB_ROUNDUP to prevent conflicts with system macros (This used to be commit d9d44d98ec719b7fc6d5b0fc35bf8727f4cd0372)
      adds  29cc8b8   Updates to handle glob.h - was causing problems on SCO 5.0.4 (This used to be commit 5f7d9d4656eb501e14b98f4ae1990a791c7901e3)
      adds  13d0b57   fixed lmhosts parsing. We were using sizeof(name) where name was char* (This used to be commit 67ba0b1ce335bc80e1c33fa28458ec9ebe5f446a)
      adds  7ce840a   Updated packaging files (new for Caldera). (This used to be commit 721a257c941a62508015c0939df40662f8da9a93)
      adds  7491c29   Added Example binary packaging instructions. (This used to be commit 4c60314b050324b356f38f648f2730cb1d39be4c)
      adds  933b3ac   Removed smbwrappers from build specs and from installation specs. (This used to be commit c444cba3bef6cdf80dd33b3b5f23ba0a34d5482a)
      adds  590432a   Reviewed file permissions and removed other execute on samba start/stop script. (This used to be commit 2dde295da0e387cdd5c20a0bec72f9316f4d80f2)
      adds  8a22f36   Set sticky bit on /var/spool/samba. Further security review. (This used to be commit e31c61c29eb126680c78d6d02dc11827b39a064b)
      adds  0b2e842   some fixes for IRIX 5.3 builds (This used to be commit c2b63b90825316151f3ffc8dbae45609062c0a73)
      adds  67d5258   add some more comments and clean it up a little more. (This used to be commit 73e4b91a9d152eb3d56997c9108d536d38e3c07e)
      adds  f4447df   Added fixes for machine accounts. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7aa644c2f996433f8ec125bfd4221aec49bece2b)
      adds  31739a0   O_EXCL fixes for printing files & oplocks. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4ca71c90985b1c88d92bdd0f9079a4afc263dc46)
      adds  3b4a9ff   Makefile.in: Re-added quotes round ROFF call for DGUX. script/installman.sh: Make installman ignore ROFF argument if it is "". smbd/oplock.c: Move location of oplock test file to lockdir. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6c25a3314243997508b0b2da4bfa10bb979e9c10)
      adds  c1af0b4   Moved PRINTCAP_NAME from smb.h to includes to allow it to be tuned per system type. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c1a3346547d887bfd2402a6b0bcc185680eb4470)
      adds  b7c4cd9   Fixed missing NULL check in tar op. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6db04cd4622289dbdbd0c6d4d084baa8f84c40c2)
      adds  74d539f   - group database API.  oops and oh dear, the threat has been carried out:   the pre-alpha "domain group" etc parameters have disappeared.
      adds  0c7aa2e   swapped username:uid:[groupridlist]:[aliasridlist] to u:u:a:g (This used to be commit 2f456ed92ffbf596945a9ec800c373495fc4e38a)
      adds  5ae9b41   make_uni_hdr() reverted accidentally with a -1 on username length (This used to be commit 7da1b0bb511e6c5e44ab83759914134cf91f6f78)
      adds  4e8eaa6   somehow this file got missed in the groupdb commit. (This used to be commit 06da8e49f1cf5d6b954f586f6720ade1c5b8de74)
      adds  bb5bea4   lookup_alias_name() %s not %d for sid_str (This used to be commit 2a98135bbc759ab334d76cce98ea673871445db1)
      adds  7687618   Added the same open()/fopen()/creat()/mmap() -> sys_XXX calls.
      adds  157fe90   Changed Makefile.in to use autoconf prefixes.
      adds  490439d   Fixed NT modify timestamp issue. If a client does a modify timestamp on an open file (which will do no good at all on UNIX :-) then keep the modify request pending in the files_struct and apply it at close instead. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 92a7a86f0e0255e3812dd35bebfcd653091514ae)
      adds  a491ec9   Fixed problem with HAVE_NETGROUP being used on platforms that cannot support it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7a6f25ac4ab0f0bef7a66f26004c15120248ff66)
      adds  15b2035   change to new prefix path (This used to be commit 64b2ffc679b39f1654c5dcd36276bcb9e6c553b4)
      adds  8b1e358   Updated packaging files in line with restructuring of Makefile.in (This used to be commit 05f2d78c8ee1dc0516d9e1076e0954ee2c2cd4b2)
      adds  bb9622b   Fixed crash bug which was assuming that fd_ptr was always non-null (which is not the case with open directories). Jeremy. (This used to be commit c154b1601f5891d664fc538ec8874fa8ef2061e6)
      adds  9579b98   Added OSF1 changes to HEAD (-lsecurity etc.) groupdb/groupdb.c: Fixed compile error caught by IRIX compiler. utils/smbpasswd.c: Fixed SunOS optind, optarg problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 30af39ae1edf51d5d06a1764982e5df431c142ac)
      adds  e204f1d   Changes to make the default prefix /usr/local/samba - as it was in 1.9.18p10. acconfig.h configure configure.in include/config.h.in: Fixes to DEC OSF1. libsmb/nmblib.c: Fixes to nmbd jumps in scope names. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5ad77769be85e6727319afb0f02e5d94c2f9f16f)
      adds  7356315   update testparm with -s option so it doesn't require a carriage return also allow specifying [host hostip] without [configfile] updated man page (This used to be commit 85fbd401026e7f1464c9a125cbaa505b768f8a10)
      adds  d174f2c   smb.conf : explicitly state "printcap name=" and "security=" parameters idb.pl   : change default behaviour for installation of config files. (This used to be commit 36928da28ca84fa64cd7b0dd66cab879e307911c)
      adds  17590be   Sync up with 2.0 code. Added HPUX autoconf changes. Added "gross hack" printer code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1ef6d3bd63722afe9c376793a6ea72046d1a0602)
      adds  d5015ef   Makefile.in: Added passing of CPPFLAGS into Makefile. configure configure.in include/config.h.in: Fixes for AIX4.x. AIX *will not*                      enable large file support of *any* description unless                      either -D_LARGE_FILES or -D_LARGE_FILES_API are defined.                      I chose "-D_LARGE_FILES" as this leads to cleaner code...
      adds  a44db4a   wrong directory path for smbd and nmbd (This used to be commit a33b4f623f196ca7e8056454b9212fe0ffa389c2)
      adds  4af961f   Fixed stupid blunder where I renamed getpwanam to getpwnam. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b02d21a73d7f098c5599c606abbb5c92ea4ba13e)
      adds  f22b817   acconfig.h configure configure.in include/config.h.in: Added -lsec and -lsecurity checks in a more sane way. rpc_client/cli_netlogon.c: Removed correct bits check to see if this works with an NT3.51 PDC. rpc_parse/parse_samr.c: Fixed compile warnings. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 34d8f4b1c4d59ab3c009360fc67eef9361dd859b)
      adds  ab1ab1c   Instrumented hack fix with debug level 10 statements just in case :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 10f51b85722141f99ffecc3f19a39de108400828)
      adds  a97baa5   smbd/password.c: Added *SMBSERVER fix is name is too long. web/swat.c: Changed '?' to help. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 631913ea856926a77304692c74a1bd27faead179)
      adds  a0c6af0   use bindir not sbindir in Makefile to ensure that we don't break existing setups (This used to be commit e97cbd6912a58d4985c2b8a649cfe6982809892d)
      adds  bb5fab7   formatting change (This used to be commit 94fc7fe3afa1dc5547050248738eb697c1eeef59)
      adds  58e14b7   add a error code when failed to get lock (This used to be commit 05696b4bbfb66bfdbdc19f395efe062ac890bc41)
      adds  091a92e   try to use *SMBSERVER to connect to password server if the first session_request fails. (This used to be commit ab2370e7ac770f1e32b8d726ab955457fcc8c2d7)
      adds  42e9616   make SWAT obey the global "hosts allow" and "hosts deny" settings. any attempt to run swat from a host that is disallowed will give an error. (This used to be commit fe4ef4bbef01aed75807c884249ca8efa5de4140)
      adds  634f6c7   Added changes to smbtar submitted by Sandy Whitesel
      adds  f120a81   global change from samba.anu.edu.au to samba.org (This used to be commit 42d2509c9fab5c774fd33b9d4b5bd1ee125479c3)
      adds  025c021   use http://samba.org/ not http://samba.org/samba/ (This used to be commit 7cb1470eb3db60c37dc108e8537634d08b1cf740)
      adds  fd15338   deleted some old DEBUG() code that wasn't used (This used to be commit bdcee2557bd243a1bfbde3353ebcfe3d82bf9fc5)
      adds  8757254   changed string_sub() to replace " ; and ` in the inserted string with _
      adds  7359268   replace ' with _ as well (This used to be commit e93491953a2555401a372de74ac2aee0cc44cb88)
      adds  4cee587   unix instance of group database API (This used to be commit e76f593b3572ac881f1aa1fb3326d8b7169b0078)
      adds  a5cbb4a   remove / add / attempt to stop remove didn't work. (This used to be commit 82b6292dff38f4e22ee8feab1b54504b95d705fa)
      adds  367c7e4   someone had added code to convert rids to rids, assuming that the rids in the file were gids: they are not. (This used to be commit 8af860394fa3251a26285c8c96c9e4093346f20b)
      adds  db24da8   cvs is acting wierd. (This used to be commit 10e4cbd2647eb629b60b0060fa184212a89e54f2)
      adds  eab235d   cvs being STUPID (This used to be commit ba78b5932a1ed3f7c07720703b9131234f035689)
      adds  5694edc   unused variable removed (This used to be commit 16ac5c89b7417a6aa2596c5c7fbb1fa7542accfd)
      adds  244c9f7   remove unused variable (This used to be commit 30b3f339f8d55c2d3a4cbc380b7f12eb040bf381)
      adds  d73f8e5   cvs being STUPID (This used to be commit 22802195ed544b6042d791b34e704d608bbdfd84)
      adds  d75712e   get rid of __wait boring warning, caused by rpc/clnt.h (This used to be commit 0fdac4b42fb55a26cdd73d6d5f4a3017d1b4db46)
      adds  f516cec   re-added includes for yp_prot.h and yp_clnt.h (This used to be commit 53339b63897f51913fef183fd3b4565dad2ffad1)
      adds  9829ee9   re-added ypprot.h and yp_clnt.h (This used to be commit d50238823411f07d5db112843d9a1e3a84c7dbd7)
      adds  e5d6ffd   yp_prot.h and ypclnt.h correct: ypprot.h and yp_clnt.h wrong... (This used to be commit c89642ff3fa0c0bc2bca62304db0282676e0b649)
      adds  83e4139   uninitialised counter (This used to be commit 403f53d696d17f34dd1afc035a72eda792dd20ea)
      adds  a4cfbed   Fixed -Wall -Wshadow warning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 81b90208910528a4ace683f30e39c54d8cfa12b7)
      adds  51b8565   Fixed oplock test path spec bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 252dd8b8929adbdff9917395d4f8caad2d7882b2)
      adds  49e158f   initialise not initialize... (This used to be commit b67d66a1e9d879cd5960380c94422c0af8dedaad)
      adds  0c9df3c   jean-francois pointed out problem with "lp_domain_role()" code, you could never be a PDC. (This used to be commit 2bcc540af80c37b8032a23d6d0045160a7c40e32)
      adds  ced486c   sorting out difference between aliases and groups in the cases where unix groups are not explicitly mapped.
      adds  bbe6ced   added "domain group map" and "local group map" explanations. (This used to be commit 6c4cf9ea4ac9bc441236d4e823d5fa1e7a487c26)
      adds  a2e3532   updated from yodl (This used to be commit f057b2e7a2e6d6d1a2e9e24f4bb20d38bf6af9a2)
      adds  60dc5d1   oops, forgot to rename smbfilegrp to smbunixgrp. (This used to be commit 6de2b03d1c6714d63c6dbe7a417fb442e95ee0d9)
      adds  9257ab7   clearer debug comments (This used to be commit 06b9100c1c1590bad392a8d9bdd79a6c554a3cac)
      adds  c9b2f20   fixing domain join and domain login problems (This used to be commit 90a24664318da97a6e8cfe4622a8573c0e3cbe5e)
      adds  73106d9   added file from 2.0 branch (This used to be commit 8ec972ba6c274076b46081502acef256a70d1a38)
      adds  59d4087   LsaLookupNames client call (first used as lookupnames command in rpcclient). (This used to be commit 68342a29a892e515cf2b22d759476d61944bcd59)
      adds  bfc38ff   Makefile.in: Added maintainer mode fixes. aclocal.m4: Added AC_LIBTESTFUNC. configure.in: Fixed -lsecurity -lsec problems. client.c: dos_ fixes. groupdb/aliasunix.c: Dead code removal. include/includes.h: Added default PRINTCAP_NAME. lib/genrand.c: dos_ fixes. lib/replace.c: Added strtoul. lib/system.c: dos_ fixes. lib/util.c: dos_ fixes. lib/util_sid.c: Signed/unsigned fixes. lib/util_str.c: removed bad const. locking/locking_slow.c: dos_ fixes. printing/printing.c: [...]
      adds  9a0cb06   fixing group database issues (This used to be commit 591c63e3e1e3201ddcd7582585b652fb848d80ca)
      adds  5ebcdba   yeehaah got users to be included in S-1-5-xxx-yyy-zzz's local groups. now need search capability on S-1-5-20, which will need argh, a "group database API" on S-1-5-20, and the ability to add BUILTIN\Admins etc to "local group map" argh. (This used to be commit a24f6eb00ba7486479cbcf7fadf5456521c56179)
      adds  b20fc00   we have a problem: resolution of "Primary Group RID" which we assumed would only be a domain group rid.  it can also be a local group rid, which causes us problems in attempting to turn a unix gid into the correct rid (domain group or local group).
      adds  6ff1453   updated SWAT README to remove cgi-bin instructions (This used to be commit baa43fb17b04b7945456514e01682e5dca5dfe99)
      adds  b70700d   Replaced ZERO_STRUCT() with ZERO_STRUCTP() in cli_connect_serverlist(). Fix by Matt Chapman <m.chapman at student.unsw.edu.au> (This used to be commit c44b418d6fd16a257af21f6b5b29b1cdf26015b7)
      adds  1de47e3   got rid of a dangerous message command example (This used to be commit bfca6e6a9d06742ea4ef36f1faac57eb0419b2d6)
      adds  8e18009   re-ran yodl (This used to be commit 98b72722c8c221047d890f9b7b1d51f16fdac705)
      adds  05045be   install all html docs in yodl help directory (This used to be commit ed4d1062b2655d59f6904344e708aa53af235ad5)
      adds  89058f8   better layout of password options. (This used to be commit d3fa0dd7a80a8d20e2d9db0b5ca24988059280fb)
      adds  270edc9   - removed smb.conf.5.html as it now comes as part of htmldocs - changed swat welcome screen to have links to all Samba html docs instead   of just singing the praises of swat :) (This used to be commit c830d893f1f7eb176dc1fb7de0a4efc748fd1423)
      adds  b90966d   make the help links appear in a separate window, so you can read the docs and do configuration at the same time. (This used to be commit 386a3bfd337f4b248f6c88b9c98b9d6471cc9b25)
      adds  9ebe82c   Now uninstalls man pages from correct source location. Fix by Andrej Borsenkow <borsenkow.msk at sni.de> (This used to be commit 5c0e31982e8eb1c93bc77925e59be65798f2dbad)
      adds  2675fa4   Fixed typo. "Browsable is an acronym for browseable. (This used to be commit 8de177b05a1043d4416e8f673e499cd403bb3522)
      adds  6192fea   don't allow ".." in service name when doing "default service" processing. (This used to be commit 702263bba555a1d7c7999d40e5789b7e920dbce4)
      adds  534e6a2   removed include of net/route.h because it prevents compilation under SCO 3.2 (including it also requires lots of streams stuff, making it a total mess).
      adds  30038de   weekend work.  user / group database API.
      adds  5337389   "retired" two modules to preserve their cvs history. added their replacements, added sam password database API modules (This used to be commit b1d1c1337c69c6f6bf25ab932a1a6a757e3ea2ae)
      adds  f30539b   enabling optimisation switches on some compiler warnings (This used to be commit e717b898405fdcd0bb7787394961589aa62cacc3)
      adds  130e971   cvs getting it wrong.  again. (This used to be commit 776abe3fe52748b9d2939ff77f8a39155894b952)
      adds  868b22f   updated smb.conf - have not done a yodl2xxx. (This used to be commit b95b2b5d44ad9f998a6f422132b854593de20f04)
      adds  31044dd   - adding builtin[alias]db.
      adds  7f63a31   andrej spotted problem with connect_serverlist (starts off assuming a connection succeeds...). (This used to be commit c0efc35b27d50c40bc04bfd9fb1d61ea5d32bde5)
      adds  013ff4d   builtin alias password API (This used to be commit 58c0f0a77c396a6021596c84d4a30b1c9a4b1419)
      adds  b31c528   another attempt at a fix on connect_serverlist()... (This used to be commit 603c5f6df8c525f30d00da912d408b98378ea538)
      adds  0712a56   moving rpc/rpc.h to after netinet.h (This used to be commit 3257b72c6e2722a6de6b40b4c16e934c02a7c508)
      adds  da7a6d4   	Earlier fix for smbmount timing window was the wrong patch. My bad...  Earlier one was the patch from the CIFS conference that didn't work, this fixes... (This used to be commit 12739f0456e9f707a361bce2fa01b0baaae182d9)
      adds  0a02d17   missed out endit()s, ta andrej. (This used to be commit 37a6acf43ca308647bee66f1e68a43d641b77f6f)
      adds  dc879e9   pwdb_initialise() in the wrong place: must load smb.conf first.  thanks phil. (This used to be commit 4b5bd4e18cee72aeb76909cf85b1f932393fcfc8)
      adds  279923e   passdb.c now calls getpwnam() which returns results in a static buffer. a call _outside_ of this was _also_ calling getpwnam.   the calls to getsmbpwnam() were therefore overwriting the static buffer. (This used to be commit c5ba5fa6feab2884a23b8bcb5dcb349ee1a7c139)
      adds  c6ad04b   attempting to fix "domain user map" up, but it's a bit complicated. i may simply go for a response in the NetSamLogon returning the unix username, forcing the NT user to appear to be a unix user, however even that is fraught with implications.
      adds  67638b8   adding some samr parsing calls (group / alias adding / deleting)
      adds  2d6525f   fix to domain_namemap (domain, ntname wrong way round oops)
      adds  308da9e   hm.  removed the "if failed to map nt name to unix name, fail tcon call" restriction and "domain user map" seems to work.
      adds  e2d5123   andrej spotted that entries _not_ in domain map user were being refused. modified map_nt_and_unix_names() to never refuse a mapping (returns void now not BOOL). (This used to be commit faffcb3c8955dcea3987e2978dc34b4dba580167)
      adds  04e382f   rpc_samr.h parse_samr.c srv_samr.c :
      adds  b3c1bae   fixing smbpasswd to link to smbd to obtain domain sid (This used to be commit bfb75e58ced1082d3bb7d6b3f3367d50a0ca26ea)
      adds  5dd26da   query_aliasmem code.  it works (hurrah). (This used to be commit f7f2516df46dde1671235f788f7689c93d9395ae)
      adds  08cdea5   check server role before doing nt user to unix user mapping (This used to be commit 9d4e810e7dd8d6d80b47204636f9a37774f95455)
      adds  f768238   ok.  unix-nt mapping code issues
      adds  51534a4   adding group member code, made a start.  found that the group members' rid is needed not the name (see DOMAIN_GRP_MEMBER) decided to go home. (This used to be commit 9337049dfc98becfa74522d418dae64a97c7a304)
      adds  87f4eea   Updated HEAD branch version to 2.1.0-prealpha in response to a user complaint about confusion because both the HEAD and SAMBA_2_0 reported the same version info. (This used to be commit 195b860b46b78a6a2dd83909477dbc2e9af8f845)
      adds  137f9c7   string_to_sid was using next_token() this is bad as it stops you from being able to use next_token() outside of string_to_sid calls. use strchr instead (This used to be commit 1c478ca1723558cc5dde693b4abacb56bd98cd43)
      adds  1bf1423   issues spotted by andrej: %s\\%s not %s\%s (This used to be commit 779a7aa30d4b8a3c8ca1d817a3fd9886c0437def)
      adds  6c94b45   trailing backslashes spotted by andrej. (This used to be commit 9266137fcb87b6e4b2cc45a55341ebaa69c594b7)
      adds  7c55f66   removed check on name of domain having to be right, etc etc. (This used to be commit a74b6dcc76794c1fe350d6906f156fdf5189e18b)
      adds  90ce7b9   ERRmoredata is an acceptable error code, it is not an error. (This used to be commit 9bce7340d60a49594f67cc3c6cc6119b33a5358a)
      adds  78df0fb   added rid and sid_name_use to DOMAIN_GRP_MEMBER, for use in group member query.
      adds  364025f   spotted the mistake in group_info1 parsing. (This used to be commit e39c0c76ae52bbd4539f8f254e78566a5511efc1)
      adds  4473599   updating smb.conf from yodl (This used to be commit da442218c5990aab75525bc519b5ed37ef54cc4a)
      adds  6429d68   jeremy's going to do me in, again. jean-francois' going to get annoyed, again. andrew's going to threaten to take cvs access away, again.
      adds  404b7b4   adding group parsing: add/modify/delete/add members. (This used to be commit 13a656b0e5c73e157b222765fb57a1bdafc67b80)
      adds  04452b0   jean-f spotted bug in test for existence of MACHINE.SID and SAM_NAME.SID. (This used to be commit 81be1e60764d380adf47737552659854d94ca626)
      adds  8d08fb7   jean-f spotted race condition on generation of sam sid, from starting nmbd and smbd.  nmbd is now client: smbd is solely responsible for creating sam_name.SID (This used to be commit 50fa4822df679b4d54b5a868179594ec087e811f)
      adds  f378751   moved get_unixgroups it will be needed by the unix instance of the group DB API (This used to be commit ef58e48bc9af338ed6c734205d4faf82371284ac)
      adds  b99dc80   create domain group command (creategroup) added to rpcclient.
      adds  32167ed   added createalias command to rpcclient (This used to be commit 4771d5451b49375cc2fd4246d7d746b0d03cd5ba)
      adds  0ea1262   Updated version info and date in document headers. (This used to be commit f8b811bcda0976c05e0490fb3198a6079e544c55)
      adds  3e21974   Updated packaging files from 2.0.0 branch - NOTE: Not yet operative. I will update these when 2.0.0beta3 has shipped. <John H Terpstra> (This used to be commit a6d3601cc687b59afb346502488a2e74f2f737a9)
      adds  cf0ea87   - renamed do_samr_xxx to samr_xxx - renamed do_lsa_xxx to lsa_xxx
      adds  89c5649   - oops, i got "add alias member" and "delete alias member" swapped.
      adds  8891f8c   fixing "addgroupmem" and "enumgroups -m" commands, samr_open_group() needed a flags fields as you get 0x0000 0010 and 0x0000 001f unknown values for different purposes, no-one's going to tell us what they are and i don't CARE! (This used to be commit aabb4b3bc5119ef317b5697ae6fcf5d36c2d474e)
      adds  7cbd3bc   added delete domain group and local group and delete domain group member. (This used to be commit bf15343def5b95ce4387ac4357674aff31431194)
      adds  8554959   Sync up critical kernel oplock bugfix. I don't want to lose this.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5287f3d19b7d8e76970f1ce1abfd95b7341434e5)
      adds  99a84ce   replaced the icons in SWAT with real icons (This used to be commit 26fd660e30d632624c3c804d9e73178d75c7855d)
      adds  84ba7b4   fixed pidfile handling to check for a lock on the file, so we can be sure it is a samba process that is running. (This used to be commit f7ad78e369ebf2f4d31e8259e3e1fdd4c087b037)
      adds  6374149   oops - lock test was the wrong way around (This used to be commit 783d4b3477fa9e363aa1f7524bd060019648ab0d)
      adds  149d11c   fixed a link to testparm.1.html (This used to be commit 7e9b687de7fbb34a2736030dab31a9df73a75073)
      adds  312f4f3   - lib/unix_sec_ctxt.c
      adds  9c848ec   removed nt_pipe_fnum from struct cli_state.  need to be able to call LsaLookupSids etc from within SamrQueryAliasMembers, for example. fnum is now a parameter to client functions.  thanks to mike black for starting the ball rolling. (This used to be commit bee8f7fa6b0f7f995f71303f4e14a4aaed0c2437)
      adds  e12592e   sync with 2.0 tree (This used to be commit 44d962b73634c3e43973b35c1f02aaff6edc5981)
      adds  ba0cdbe   first attempt at making unix setuid/setgid code that is independent of cnums and snums. (This used to be commit 657f46edfbea852309505f5e3065506127eda6a2)
      adds  54529fb   bugs in rpcclient.  add_aliasmem uses a DOM_SID2 not a DOM_SID. (This used to be commit 8a85d7abed317fd06e3e0026d4b9e088311eede4)
      adds  699bae8   matthew chapman's ldap code, to date.  plus docs! (This used to be commit 2c438c86cbb38833b3abd4fbead6324687633b25)
      adds  801d625   issues spotted by herb. (This used to be commit 57e025494692b1e54d4d83192e6c15d4d1454353)
      adds  8e25981   updated for Matt Chapman's ldap code (This used to be commit d11859041d4ec828b2262282cda98a021129d008)
      adds  4447b6c   added text and html versions of LDAP.yo.  smb.conf.5 not generated yet because there were parts rejected from the ldap patch file. (This used to be commit 4f85105578fdf74d883f185f983e608112fe823b)
      adds  e50ab2b   fixed warnings (and potential errors) due to integer overflow when creating locking masks (This used to be commit 5e2844d5edb15de29b976d2ff077ffbe012b860c)
      adds  656a756   Matthew Chapman spotted that smbpasschange was assuming the existence of a private/smbpasswd file, this will not be the case for other database APIs.  removed startsmbdb and endsmbpwdb calls because add_smbpwd_entry() and mod_smbpwd_entry() don't need them. (This used to be commit 8b36c7c08ffa408506c35219e6453a595cbc3a4f)
      adds  4323fd4   added ldap files by Matthew Chapman. (This used to be commit 2bc031e8fafeafdc58c6a8056597b647d00657ae)
      adds  8308c00   adding srvsvc pipe. (This used to be commit d06d6369942828ec89e90f99bd0d0d3f91d61d13)
      adds  0125141   compilation warnings due to missing (void) in ldap_close_connection. (This used to be commit f11eb4165836ce8d15a453d37c4e07913562d778)
      adds  3cca46f   ldap_getpw() also needs to be (void) (This used to be commit f36cf3b6a70d0a91bce923ab51780d20d69e3bd6)
      adds  4ce4838   Adding George's Mac extension include files. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 60c3e2f14d5c31fd1fd7aebf7196ac186e31d8f1)
      adds  5f084c2   Adding George's Mac extension code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b993081db1d371b8f0d16db23a46a2d5fedcc9ef)
      adds  7135fb0   adding "Service Control Manager" commands to rpcclient. (This used to be commit e5ee965f8d8452ab694bc5d88e474c4b91dce5b0)
      adds  cfba976   removed the SID stuff from the head branch as well.
      adds  1f989cd   need to initialise global_myworkgroup (This used to be commit 501617307f3b9bbad76406d00b1bc82f5cb479a6)
      adds  74576a4   adding some enumerate services code, client and server. (This used to be commit dacf5b152bf74cc3ee9a816911384a5eb0e77afa)
      adds  58a0cbc   oops, util_pwdb.c appears to be included in PASSDB_OBJ not LIB_OBJ. (This used to be commit ca10eb44909e66a07dc7f88b0a740390f9ec3922)
      adds  a971a74   bugfix in smb_err_msg (This used to be commit 870bccb174337dec5cc14a5e7740662de56e629c)
      adds  3cc7e29   adding svcctl parsing code (This used to be commit c6f2f58c74cd79d84ec4a7802882da07a9af80d4)
      adds  41daca8   %U substitution should be unix user not nt user (This used to be commit f4b8a283065a7c1ae233a0ae01ac76f32fea6b31)
      adds  d4385df   trying to track down issues in get_home_dir(). (This used to be commit 2cce78aa00f31b79d51aaf46da72019b926e8226)
      adds  254470c   added sid_name_use array argument to lsa_lookup_names and lsa_lookup_sids. (This used to be commit 0b2095e092d747f741e78a3349f0b81a72811629)
      adds  e67a8d9   server_cryptkey() now calling cli_connectserverlist().  stupid microsoft idiotic *SMBSERVER connectionism added to cli_connect_serverlist(). also added check for protocol < LANMAN2. (This used to be commit c2bcb3a286f22ed4f0f55da2a3eb2bff17906fb1)
      adds  5377f7a   on Linux force fcntl/mmap based shared memory and on other systems force IPC/shmem based shared memory. (This used to be commit ef5f752a4ae818d9c739a064410a02fa48a477e3)
      adds  dc003d8   A while back, Andrew and I talked about making the debug parsing code a better "fit" with other Samba code.  This is a small first step toward doing what (I think) we agreed to do.
      adds  d973a10   and in head branch:
      adds  3e70393   Fix bug with nmbd running wild due to recursion in retransmit_or_expire_response_records(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit d5f05b4faef50e7cfc0ed05a87d92e14102106c6)
      adds  d5791b8   Fixed tar recurse bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7be5c8e8f734a2bd8f4e3c38b7f94c501ad35a19)
      adds  a7e4be0   Added some debugging to clitar ... (This used to be commit b75af70990c3a9eaed9e3537b79e8e66a0ae8286)
      adds  ddfe1d3   Fixed problems in debug code because I did not compile first :-( (This used to be commit 47e36bed8fc3cec3a63087f30d680f2431bcfe55)
      adds  e566f0e   Updated makefile-path info contributed on the samba-technical mailing list. (This used to be commit bd3770235dd417d06e47d1ba16bcedc8a94e9ff9)
      adds  a8e2698   lib_sec_ctxt.o not .c (This used to be commit 2485b8e706a2d0358f075dcb8b03bc75fa122ee1)
      adds  edc708d   adding start of remote lookup for domain member role. (This used to be commit 090512e18770bab9222a30e68dee83d1612eca10)
      adds  0504d69   fix for potential lsass.exe crashing due to negative response from LsaLookupNames being incorrect.  this is a bit wierd: why would the lsass.exe on the nt _client_ crash due to an LsaLookupNames response from a samba _server_? (This used to be commit a15a3f95f2a14ab164ca758e2145444a803190b2)
      adds  475e2c1   Changing to PHT standard SPEC settings. (This used to be commit bf2b97f5905419cdfe43b0f0f1f3b7b85881711a)
      adds  13ab117   Modified packaging-prep script to remove use of "rm -f *". (This used to be commit 1d9540bfc00381cd86f47e5673d902352e9f4b55)
      adds  7bf6e4d   Sorry that this is going so slowly.
      adds  4738aa2   First go at documentation for debug2html.
      adds  8cb7947   While writing the man page, I realized that it was a bit silly not to accept command-line parameters.  I've added that capability.  Of course, the man page is now wrong.  Sigh.
      adds  a75a4da   Updated the docs to match the changes I made to debug2html. Chris -)----- (This used to be commit fcbdf5fe9790298d519b678ff3a6121641c1e6d9)
      adds  7ff9823   fixed an uninitialized variable in lookupsmbgrpgid() and lookupsmbpwuid that was causing a SEGFAULT in smbd. (This used to be commit cabc7e739cb6a6c8dfc4b6988a8ef5837e3312d2)
      adds  b86b8a3   Fixed the "You password will expire in 0 days.  Would you like to change it now?" message when you login to a Samba Controlled domain.
      adds  c35bf45   Finally committing my LDAP changes.
      adds  837601c   Fixed typo in srv_samr.c where samr_add_groupmem and samr_del_groupmem were the wrong way around. (This used to be commit 2b6f4818858d422399321064245a36be1dba9738)
      adds  2cc7865   eclass != ERRDOS && num != ERRmoredata is not the same as !(eclass == ERRDOS && num == ERRmoredata)
      adds  8dac09c   A small change to clitar.c (really, I promise :-)
      adds  e10503d   Added load_interfaces in smbpasswd to allow name resolution by broadcast and multiple interfaces. (Jeremy already committed this in SAMBA_2_0). (This used to be commit f530e289c6f69961c51511e0220fdd886fbd2c78)
      adds  b4e3400   In security=user mode we must allow cli_connect_serverlist to connect to our own smbd process, rather than complaining about a password server loop. (This used to be commit 63d7822b9d87d085194de6895d3e271cedcd3c9a)
      adds  775bff6   Adding first of the fixes for SSL.
      adds  9a00d10   Fixing up configure to properly support ssl (This used to be commit 524c4d2978f8b951708ad30316e3d69ed1c39b75)
      adds  444dc51   More changes to get SSL working with 2.x.x
      adds  f5f913b   Putting back the -p flag in smbclient.
      adds  0637d46   compilation errors due to addition of smb file handle parameter. (This used to be commit 03967986ec6a92785b92fefce9e27b8bb088ea85)
      adds  4af8d7a   - got client code cleartext passwords working again in cli_session_setup.   needed this for some tests.
      adds  4423c27   Fuss fuss fuss.
      adds  f6c6464   set_port warning / unused / global/local variable overlap issues
      adds  0504064   Service Control Manager - service enumeration. (This used to be commit f4dd8f6b566961890b2933b7a413241bf9b93797)
      adds  deb61cb   returned cli_session_setup to previous behaviour.  added a couple of validation checks and also added capability to send plaintext passwords. send "ntpasslen" of zero to do this.  sending same plaintext password for pass and ntpass arguments will result in previous behaviour of encrypting password if server supports it. (This used to be commit 17f4c5a785cf20901bcb76510e5ea9b0a6928115)
      adds  92aca8b   error code cleanup (This used to be commit 61c40982d6fde34729dc6850cf3372482392f4c9)
      adds  6b7e1ea   rpcclient "Service Control Manager" svcenum [-i] command. (This used to be commit a022710f1e3996ecbe6bbe035e1df0bc4c050b34)
      adds  2060131   uni_svc_name not uni_srv_name (This used to be commit 14080a564a24f8f35cb8711b912c46f7243cd723)
      adds  5a9859c   removed encrypt-password code pre-cli_session_setup(), session setup fn decides whether to encrypt password or not. (This used to be commit 6d14db6a6c101e86b3c62d5098a05d29ae4e9cd8)
      adds  9b5043c   fix for enumerate domain users (bug spotted by sean matthews).
      adds  f5ac863   Ok...  Yet another round of fixes for smbmount and autofs.
      adds  90b7084   Added init_nt_time function which initialises an NTTIME to -1. (This used to be commit e1e3875057bed830fdc0aaa9c85f04a1479fd64a)
      adds  960c760   Fixed a domain functionality problem where NT clients would start endlessly repeating a network SAMLOGON (hoping it to change, hmmm...).
      adds  c80c2e0   Initialise NTTIME properly in make_reg_q_enum_key instead of using unix_to_nt_time hack. Seems to me it's ignored anyway (dummy return buffer?). (This used to be commit 1e3873111faf352ef14a098eff250b505ab0b800)
      adds  1cf9521   Must set password length to 24 after we encrypt a password. (This used to be commit af83778abc5fae0df53ed1874181e33bc8de8d94)
      adds  68a1171   comma after DOM_MAP_USER removed (This used to be commit ce1ae86cbd8dec18ff981d1fce05ed660e263f38)
      adds  8fdc846   Minor change to bring smbmount in the main branch in line with some bzero to memset changes... (This used to be commit 1cb8fcb33bb9e930d8f3cba4cc1ba5aa880c5f8e)
      adds  07948f3   server type announcements modified to include the "role" of the server: domain member, pdc, bdc. (This used to be commit d95bb252f838b3612f5eba5d2b61d7b38b01f5ef)
      adds  fe609d8   multiple dce/rpc PDUs failed to work after ntlmssp update was added. (This used to be commit f082f07e764c04b75b6880f852b80faec86f1b1c)
      adds  1153f00   cache unix groups so that two-level getgrent calls don't occur. (This used to be commit f7dfa55a2e191ae780d399026bce48f68cda4bf0)
      adds  f61fc89   corrections to get data stream for 2nd and subsequent pdus copied from right place (forgot to subtract 0x18 header bytes) (This used to be commit 5b9a7278da4a25ea217f914c8daae31238fa5cfe)
      adds  91403ea   %s not $s (This used to be commit 62118e15fed8c9a7e13705842d0ae59669a2dd8f)
      adds  ceef08b   initialise my name (used in %h) prior to loading smb.conf files. (This used to be commit ed128c38a88746ec7822d598e72f0106a30a4af7)
      adds  6d698d5   iteration of sam passwd entries was an order n-cubed algorithm due to resolution of unix name to nt name being unnecessarily _inside_ another loop. (This used to be commit d455c9d2c9f60289d78d0331228f5922152070bf)
      adds  37c9693   reload_services needs to be called prior to init_files but after get_myname. (This used to be commit 9ab81caa065a0e08368fc9137d42ed810fd4b817)
      adds  99a9b0f   UNICODE byte ordering issue: typecast to uint16* replaced with SSVAL() (This used to be commit 9084b7e33dfe717bd8d5604ee71d137e3baef0f5)
      adds  bfff648   Fix for NT BSOD problem. There's no reason to have two "NT usernames" running around anyway.
      adds  3b12477   pwdb_smb_to_sam was not returning NULL for nt name so that pwdb_sam_map_names() was using a "blank" static string instead of a NULL pointer for nt names.  NULL means over-ride, so the nt name got left as "blank".
      adds  748f296   removal of the use of unistrn2 function: replace it with unistr2_to_str which is more appropriate. (This used to be commit ac72fe1ab3d10f64a5945ccbd4ed3817e30f9f7b)
      adds  96983a1   when multiple independent large rpc calls come in on the same pipe, prev_pdu_file_offset was not being re-initialised to zero. (This used to be commit fcaa1214412f5a417a648d4da5c4332f75f59f57)
      adds  4cb18cd   groups and aliases being "manually" added which do not necessarily have representation in the underlying database: removed this code.
      adds  7a65924   Having Well-known Domain Groups ("Domain Admins/Guests/Users") returned under SID_NAME_ENUM 0x5 instead of 0x2 (Well-known group instead of Domain Group) was making it impossible to view these groups from USRMGR.EXE. (This used to be commit 3072044134eadbf46350b32c1ed0703681b0d590)
      adds  8b6b6b5   use jeremy's versions of the UNICODE routines. (This used to be commit c5109ff782be8774db47a92b48ca6335ec8d6065)
      adds  a71d268   uninitialised pointer being freed if lookupnames failed.  oops. (This used to be commit d77de868588b6291353fa7a426b6e5da4b5f2c49)
      adds  f02321a   refinement of random ipc$ SMBtrans torture test.  send requests, and don't wait for responses :-) (This used to be commit c1d65e906054297e42d6d177194d3b9ab16c7e35)
      adds  0e402f1   enum dom users buffer was 0x80 not 0x8000.  must fix "enumeration" code as you need to make multiple enum dom users calls. (This used to be commit b5396d3c6de4b8cb0e981bab10367e5838f78a53)
      adds  c6d16ee   the UNICODE issue... (This used to be commit 73db80f34183324845407b00f58462ff2d7b47ea)
      adds  f38bfc7   UNICODE issues. (This used to be commit 6a437cfb33f24913e0c1f8484c0b08ef317e513b)
      adds  fd96929   UNICODE cleanup (see lib/util_unistr.c).
      adds  2b82920   Cut and paste error. (This used to be commit 9ea91d89d2a1baa67f5143ecc08eb60c93213242)
      adds  4f20234   const issues with byte mod / byte read macros. (This used to be commit 98ecb88704c3db26de8b548f4f1526f23401a161)
      adds  b8082d0   const cast issues.  [p.s - tidy work, matt!] (This used to be commit dad5baef194b18c674c0d908a0e0714c0a1aefa4)
      adds  cbbac54   	Fixed a glibc glitch in smbumount.c and reenabled some debugging in smbmount.c (This used to be commit 4b4a706213032ad49a0653e80721bac5f6284f90)
      adds  3a0818c   Folding into Samba-2.1.X tree documents added to 2.0.3. (This used to be commit 1041d53ec246debac0050bdc7e9a6cd72e9ecf49)
      adds  e588ffd   Added caching of user password if it was entered via getpass.  We were already caching the password if it came from the command line or from the environment. This completes the set and deals with the bloody nusance when reconnecting a connection after we have gone daemon...  Grrr...
      adds  0baa42b   Always null-terminate strings. (This used to be commit b314430b2102e47529b093b1b98b5b6f3b6ea74f)
      adds  2737f26   Always null-terminate strings. Also some string length and sizeof(pointer) corrections. (This used to be commit ce24191939b82985d09eabe945199f38b0fea486)
      adds  78314c2   bitmap to strings (This used to be commit ba5919bcaefa792bae503c7ab19d4b7bbf9bb954)
      adds  52fb07a   rpcclient shutdown command (This used to be commit 59f081069a58f6a070ed6016c06153d5e695da93)
      adds  894a824   Got to the bottom of another weird one...
      adds  b52903a   problem been there for months: reg_r_info not aligning after string buffer. (This used to be commit 66e2787ab7db72fb654b995280b294738e77e50a)
      adds  0cfca57   last unix group not being listed.  spotted by jacques sansdrap. (This used to be commit 2d5fc5c7cf2086c396c853c13a3409bfac77d05c)
      adds  5c5f544   samr_lookup_names "none found" error needed corrections with empty lists. (This used to be commit e164b5080ca966de4227277f7ac031bc96d056ad)
      adds  1e71ecd   added jeremy's new c++-like code for parsing of security descriptors. (This used to be commit ec1b7000fd88c5a08e438c7033f60e49b9ec44a8)
      adds  05f772b   Win9x user level security.
      adds  7f88bf7   Added "lookupdomain" rpcclient command. Not particularly useful currently (you can do "lookupdomain MYDOMAIN" and "lookupdomain BUILTIN" and the results won't be too surprising), but it will come in useful testing the new password database code I'm working on. (This used to be commit d1cc33bcb61305cc9a6e21886237fa291eda9427)
      adds  869f986   Return either STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW or ERRDOS/ERRmoredata depending on whether the client supports 32-bit error codes. (This used to be commit cb5428308d6978f7bd76c1b878dd4a43135a274d)
      adds  30e1b45   referred reader to NT Domain FAQ for more info (copy of update to 2.0) (This used to be commit 644cda5d807d875c956e71a6e49d65c2d7f0d61e)
      adds  2dd4c98   improving syntax / useability of rpcclient "shutdown" command: rpcclient [-m messsage] [-t timeout] [-r or --reboot]. (This used to be commit 8b859797aaa1b88cb1a932fed97b4c3ea2dbdde2)
      adds  236cea4   Benjamin Kuit's MYSQL SAM Database implementation. Copyright (C) Benjamin Kuit <bj at mcs.uts.edu.au> 1999. (This used to be commit fdf61e1dabc2c977ee5cf1e9d60e3380f19840da)
      adds  81f866d   added <mysql.h> autoconf test. (This used to be commit 511ef8a58ccfc04d0744f28753bb48d848851980)
      adds  00d86cc   Benjamin Kuit's latest mysql mods.  issue with "make proto" needs to be resolved. (This used to be commit d59a2e669aed7ee33fdca8b8ec126b1c0a984981)
      adds  caa34b3   Benjamin Kuit's mods. (This used to be commit eb63fbdb68f1189593e68272e05d7ebf76652c4c)
      adds  feff9c6   oops, put -DDEBUG_PASSWORD in wrong place. (This used to be commit 4e89fbb7d9c2c8e776ab0a819cbf1a1294f07c1b)
      adds  3e99124   spelling mistake, #ifdef'd out for non-developers (oops!) (This used to be commit 167b0b20e33bef4af5deaff961937dd5fadf481d)
      adds  26c0806   Bejamin Kuit.  #define MYSQL and MYSQL_ROW to void iff <mysql.h> not found. (This used to be commit 188d9a75edb41e8a0cc0ea6e17c9497771cf3b96)
      adds  76ebe05   oops, accidentally committed clear-text password reading last week. (This used to be commit e0b5a866ce2628a5e152af3ef817ee3124e60500)
      adds  269f11b   pass_check.c could receive encrypted password: printing it out as a %s results in garbage.  with no password length argument doing dump_data( 100, password, strlen(password)) is the next best alternative. (This used to be commit 073c8652c13408b883fc73203e5558b1a9a64d62)
      adds  8cf03d5   - todd sabin spotted bugs in samr enum dom users / groups / aliases code:   last count (probably an ENUM / resume handle) should always be returned   even if there are no items being returned.
      adds  b6db424   reverted access control flags in enum commands. (This used to be commit 97a0b24955b45e434e34510f65afdde7bfdf3183)
      adds  5db0050   oops, IS_BITS_CLR_ALL() macro was wrong! (This used to be commit a32a6f64b187e82f88eaccb6a2a88902be5cc4e0)
      adds  aecbc5b   oh dear, it's this one again.  removed check for MAILSLOT\NTLOGON because it's wrong.  i've seen a packet from nt client on MAILSLOT\NETLOGON with appended undocumented unicode tacked on the end and the response contained undocumented unicode tacked on the end. (This used to be commit 74c7d626cd85189c902489d220c3eca30a4b1bb1)
      adds  a3c6e96   mods to allow inter-domain trust accounts to be added to SAM database using smbpasswd command. (This used to be commit 62d499f83256c6e8b3308dc4bd8e9f5df873b14b)
      adds  60bfe38   alignment issue in UDP SAMLOGON response. (This used to be commit de290627f06915d420d37d2a3ac2f736c4cf8d74)
      adds  a18c6ba   Greg Dickie spotted some wierd memory corruption problem with group database enumeration. (This used to be commit b0381bb262f51fca916fb951fc0c7e54a58e2dd3)
      adds  2aadefe   Greg Dickie: spotted bug where smb_nt_passwd could be NULL. (This used to be commit d8946f1cc7b77b06f346344ffdb4772e6d225396)
      adds  6a4239c   static password space needed. (This used to be commit 5b1d0789007bfcb09326643eb271746cee386846)
      adds  0aaf5a3   check for exactly _one_ key: for USRMGR.EXE. (This used to be commit 478d9ddfcf59e3d847d83947c8d4f0bf84f26833)
      adds  6e88171   new "domtrust" test command.  r&d into inter-domain trust accounts. (This used to be commit 65b0abe8b7594ff6c662da86dc2e35bd83a2d13d)
      adds  c4241b5   cli_setup_creds new arguments added. (This used to be commit 5fa3a3f710cfd3a51641d560a96bd08f92afca32)
      adds  f37d96a   Stefan Walter: spotted *p_group == NULL which should be p_group == NULL.Stefan Walter: spotted *p_group == NULL which should be p_group == NULL.Stefan Walter: spotted *p_group == NULL which should be p_group == NULL.Stefan Walter: spotted *p_group == NULL which should be p_group == NULL.Stefan Walter: spotted *p_group == NULL which should be p_group == NULL.Stefan Walter: spotted *p_group == NULL which should be p_group == NULL.Stefan Walter: spotted *p_group == NULL [...]
      adds  a6fa61a   Don't forget to make proto. (This used to be commit c95520eae9eecc2ec0a347dc0212d6983c5c7f2c)
      adds  517aade   Added SVC_QUERY_DISP_NAME (corresponding to the GetServiceDisplayName API). Needed during preliminary part of SAM replication. (This used to be commit 03e722cdf502491d09d4c5eb9024d837ae10ab32)
      adds  7f91362   alignment issue for UDP SAMLOGON response. (This used to be commit 9d01e9d86a8d22a283a8377a12bb175398547d78)
      adds  7f02de4   Stefan Walters: purify spotted rverf should be alloc'd to 16 bytes not 8. (This used to be commit 4bb74fcc714fccac791ce86c8882d19d704b17a1)
      adds  5a6db49   SAMLOGON query - alignment issue is beginning to get to me. (This used to be commit baf55934dc5118f8c423fe05c0e4b8d7c018fa14)
      adds  e8ac69c   Adding LSA_OPENSECRET (-> LsarOpenSecret) and LSA_QUERYSECRET (-> LsarQuerySecret) on client side, including rpcclient command "querysecret" for others to play with.
      adds  eb82f27   Changed hard-coded number of users/groups in SAMR_QUERY_DOMAIN_INFO to MAX_SAM_ENTRIES to prevent truncation of user lists. A proper implementation is not important right now. (This used to be commit 900238a66153c276d63780e3264651089291d185)
      adds  f7eaf17   Added SVC_START_SERVICE rpc. An NT PDC will attempt to start the NETLOGON service on its BDC's prior to initiating SAM replication. For now just return success. (This used to be commit 113d03a38a34e5c4115dab59349078093bcd4888)
      adds  60d6321   matt,
      adds  6cc71c5   double-checked the return results from new querysecret command, corrected my corrections :) (This used to be commit 082109369b981713f68c13053b6419686f69ef26)
      adds  fda1942   Beau Kuiper: provided patch so that passwords could only be changed by root if the ACB_PWLOCK bit is set (on a per-user basis).  he also added an extra smbpasswd option so that this bit can be modified from command-line. (This used to be commit 534fe319d9de8da2ed7e911dbba3c7df08193efa)
      adds  b5a5236   Implemented encryption algorithm used for a number of RPC buffers. (actually, decryption only currently because I need to get some sleep).
      adds  55bce9e   querysecret now shows the real, fairdinkum, decrypted secret :-) (This used to be commit 5951e16a1134a559abefdd400e7a17627338f368)
      adds  f19e894   valid_pol in lsa_query_secret() needed to be initialised to False. (This used to be commit 96e358a2f00ac603c95bc922e488ea2b64aeb829)
      adds  bd76e02   going to start adding inter-domain trust logons soon. (This used to be commit f9f594c03e220a0d902c5c3c5835948348b19fee)
      adds  7a3e8ad   return type of nt_decrypt_string2 set to BOOL. (This used to be commit 674e4a3a73cd601c647a5069e2af943a6321ac06)
      adds  5aeb58c   const char* instead of char* for input (This used to be commit b51574174c5bbc554eb1c697cb22b2b73af44306)
      adds  19e22bc   value->enc_secret not value->secret (This used to be commit d6cee14f8049471b14337681cbeac115958fbac0)
      adds  da4cd4f   added a "createuser" command. (This used to be commit fefb4bf19181714cb73414febd6ee2ec10356cbe)
      adds  2a34b22   Ensuring return status is aligned in SAMR_QUERY_DISPINFO response. (This used to be commit 1e17c2529c5162ea79fe2331ca2162ffb98bd6c2)
      adds  a4bc522   The line:
      adds  5380636   If a buffer pointer is NULL then its length_is() attribute should not be transmitted.
      adds  8031001   Another UNICODE issue - this time BUFFER2 was being transmitted incorrectly. (This used to be commit 73730f6004c7eca1d852a569dede94095a396dca)
      adds  3fa7f64   #if defined(HAVE_MYSQL_H) || defined(WITH_MYSQLSAM) should instead have &&. (This used to be commit 1143fd4297b946d4ffd3c6ca104188cdcb48fac8)
      adds  f7f7189   Same infinite loop bug as I fixed in SAMBA_2_0, but I just spent half an hour tracking it down in HEAD so I'm going to commit it here as well. (This used to be commit 9a482aedb2c4eb7439e2edc092642d315d2a595b)
      adds  99020c9   ERRmoredata is informational and should not be treated as a hard error anywhere. (This used to be commit 71b861f7468d7950bedb61dd18a4b9d830bf8628)
      adds  877db70   Fixed a typo where the RPC header mem_buffer was initialised as 0x8 bytes long rather than 0x18. Rather nasty, I doubt the client ever worked for multiple PDU's. (This used to be commit 90b6fce780c8dff37a389493be0568923b189ff0)
      adds  6b9cb3a   dynamic memory allocation in samr enum dom users.  works with 849 entries now. (This used to be commit 103557e26b071bf1e65e025ef5a52ccdbf483d02)
      adds  22ab158   Fixed LSA Lookup Names. There were a few too many NULL pointers in a negative response, which tended to crash lsass.exe. (This used to be commit 6d03f61d2536630968007958345cf44a42b03584)
      adds  cd7c530   removed 2 unnecessary args from make_uni_hdr. (This used to be commit f84dede27e16a5f02ee6d02fe2d16f2661c65470)
      adds  d4de2b0   matt, you had removed a "pointer" from DOM_R_REF structure which made it possible to fix lsa_r_lookup_names, but forgot to add that pointer in to lsa_r_lookup_sids, where DOM_R_REF was also being used. (This used to be commit 9092368af8adbf412c71af7216365e926593d54d)
      adds  1ad002b   NULL pointer handling in nt_lm_owf_gen (This used to be commit 68841eeb64df5958a90a6471fd17e6e56fba7c67)
      adds  43a4600   SAM database "set user info". ----------------------------
      adds  fa01e87   added SAMR_USER_INFO_24 info level to samr_set_userinfo.  this is used by "Welcome to SAMBA Domain". (This used to be commit 4aed18b5e1e2309c0f6931fbfdd604b01cb9498a)
      adds  1db113b   * client/client.c (dir_total): use SMB_BIG_UINT * client/clitar.c (ttarf): ditto * * lib/snprintf.c: support long longs; adapted from Cloyce D. Spradling's patch <cloyce at headgear.org> (This used to be commit 29581f8486e221f41669c2ca268c282f36a496ce)
      adds  3b07eff   fixed issues with "Welcome to SAMBA Domain" for when admin user/pass is used to add workstation to domain.  unix account db not modified: only SAM password db is used. (This used to be commit 129a9a4d4b74897ed753a697a3aed9b194c25568)
      adds  754be76   SMB_BIG_INT dir_total incompatible with %d: must use %llu (line 446) (This used to be commit 1cece2124601fad6f5f9e3e16c4b0848ec9be249)
      adds  068e77c   "User Manager" - create user + change password now work. next problem: user group adding not supported so an "access denied" message is reported instead of "ok" when a new user is created. (This used to be commit f5f61bd477b4910cb90675c926381342c30a5b16)
      adds  6ce4aaa   added SamrQueryDomainInfo call info level 0x3 for kix32.exe support (This used to be commit ac070dfd39bfa9b60680855585155ce528ab7691)
      adds  d963fb5   use double instead of SMB_BIG_UINT for dir_total and ttarf (by tridge, merged from branch) (This used to be commit b482ac8fc4948ead79be8dd08c8386449f12e5f6)
      adds  a8aff59   declare ttarf as double, as in client.c (This used to be commit dfcfeb743a7667c9dedf3d2b04587c497af12893)
      adds  d330c90   Ken McDonell from SGI was interested in adding some profiling capabilities to Samba so that Samba could talk to the SGI PCP (Performance Co-Pilot) apps.
      adds  4c4d72e   new files needed by profiling code (This used to be commit cae71af4536ff8bd15080f22f9a559f72ff44c68)
      adds  0309a98   Added configuration parameter 'vfs object' to specify loadable object file containing a VFS implementation. (This used to be commit a7af7193e3c38d1303919b31a73eea77d0dfa92f)
      adds  9e07150   Added struct vfs_ops describing virtual filesystem operations.
      adds  9d4b570   Use VFS operations for file I/O. (This used to be commit 20bfa71c951a6e6018aafbd43946d1e0669feacb)
      adds  d4ba8a3   Use VFS operations for file I/O.
      adds  5bdddf2   Use VFS operations for file I/O.
      adds  10858bb   Use VFS operations for file I/O.
      adds  afc00db   Call VFS initialisation, share connect and share disconnect functions.
      adds  6d5ef2e   Use VFS operations for file I/O. (This used to be commit cfddbdb62485256a947a30e04c753200451cbe1c)
      adds  a107d80   Wrapped up all VFS disk I/O functions for portability.  I remember tridge telling me why this needed to be done but I have since forgotten.  (-: (This used to be commit 6e607ef760bd2c0eb3ac31252601ab30de626270)
      adds  e2cd60b   Wrote VFS initialisation routines.
      adds  bbff2fa   Added smbd/vfs.o and smbd/vfs-wrap.o to object list for smbd. (This used to be commit db60aa209c43126d61a798dec69d4f4f5cbcaf37)
      adds  2cda53b   #ifdef'ed out functions obsoleted by VFS:
      adds  6001bd4   Use VFS operations for file I/O.
      adds  5cf21e6   Use VFS operations for file I/O.
      adds  0ca4ce8   Fixed up incorrect calls to read_file(). (This used to be commit 17d007daa3d1fa60501eae1eecfc2d0f88c1692e)
      adds  51c4b55   Updated for VFS merge. (This used to be commit f40a1339620f50a6127362b8156cc738dc9da5f5)
      adds  06ab791   Fixed spelling typo in Kerberos configure option. (This used to be commit e8fa4fbf8b5a0d5c76745f51751e85f2ec462b41)
      adds  38b6de5   Documentation for VFS construction. (This used to be commit 753596246ceb7e06f5f8c4f169251a89b464b54c)
      adds  69ae790   Disable VFS routines if no libdl available. (This used to be commit cbfd8a8990b4d06d0c866274e7d28e4a5e384686)
      adds  a419419   Use VFS I/O for stat_cache_lookup() (This used to be commit 5ece1fcffbc5a5062c02edf6f2ecb405c2a2f43e)
      adds  4085fb0   Fix incorrect conversion of fd_attempt_open() calls to vfs_ops.open().
      adds  44784f6   Under IRIX, a void function may return a value, even if that value is void! (This used to be commit e15da6882426edd39ff7fdcd47f1be30c053d4ec)
      adds  bc973ff   Dejan Ilic: spotted "NETLOGON" bug, failure of NT_STATUS WRONG_PASSWORD. (This used to be commit 2f02a083b2f766d2f3d3f410377da7f552739345)
      adds  bc40376   Changed calls to strncat() to safe_strcat().  Fix from SAMBA_2_0 branch. (This used to be commit 2d2c5ae7cd610b0d97151f90ad5ac7f4e41e514d)
      adds  06c7ec8   Forgot about closedir() function for VFS.  Hoo embarassing. (This used to be commit c1cbe07c0391c36066b068fdd42bf1aa40259a5c)
      adds  ab0d0a6   Always do a compile before CVS commit!  )-: (This used to be commit 0f37e900fa0744573754796916abf967fee05ea2)
      adds  e6ea3cc   Fix for endianness problem reported by Edan Idzerda <edan at mtu.edu>. A BUFFER2 is really a "unibuf" in my terminology and we should treat it as such. (This used to be commit 7ef76320b79b3ca4e04dcf809ac6388b6c47a3d8)
      adds  53f0cd9   Mainly BDC-related changes.
      adds  373ea63   Mainly BDC-related changes.
      adds  68e1888   Mainly BDC-related changes.
      adds  a1d6f07   Mainly BDC-related changes.
      adds  9af6e69   Put this back after it dropped off. (This used to be commit 5feb10ef1330d87fca34cc5400c124dcfce7db4f)
      adds  94928d4   Modification to compile under egcs 2.91.63. (This used to be commit d04c530836202ca2277176341261b3ac78f4956a)
      adds  1c71256   Incorrect length (number of unicode characters rather than buffer size) passed to ascii_to_unibuf in make_buffer2 was breaking User Manager. (This used to be commit c518cef78d53a76451e5ea0ac93d75930306fa47)
      adds  7930cb0   Fixed rpcclient's samuser command. (This used to be commit 60a8b478ac6c96e6cc6f1f2a299ac2200e19fc6c)
      adds  9c2520e   Trying to improve DC location & browsing performance for the average user who doesn't know what an LMB or DMB is.
      adds  5be247c   Allow "Yes" and "No" as well as "True" and "False" in the three-state enumeration. (This used to be commit 4ed67ccf1cdfd064cf2b2949020feb5afcb76b9d)
      adds  069f1b5   Fix compile warning in nametouid(). (This used to be commit deb6dfb4e0c975a93a7bb3f93265c678eb35bd76)
      adds  bc68588   Removed unused vfs_read_data() function at the request of tridge.
      adds  a32c926   damn, new files need to be added to the head branch first, I've told other people this before then forgot myself :) (This used to be commit a116228d37fdd18979caec6765394e79be49fa99)
      adds  388a408   fixed a typo (This used to be commit 12d55d208a04b6466035be425173f20c24be094a)
      adds  4c5c9d6   open_socket_in() takes a different number of parameters in the head branch. We need that merge soon! (This used to be commit 5fb06c603efe08ea64da602de848b79fea6505c0)
      adds  1fa178f   Broke out of smb.h
      adds  1e1a52b   Changed arguments to fsync() function to break dependency on connection_struct. (This used to be commit ee6f826ccc0897a4538f6f9a560127c54a4c4038)
      adds  287476e   Broke out vfs structures to separate header file.
      adds  b710067   Changed the way a VFS is initialised.  The vfs_init() function is executed from the VFS object file and it returns a pointer to a vfs_ops structure.  If any of the function pointers in vfs_ops are NULL, then they are replaced with the standard disk functions.  This should allow disk-related VFS modules to be easily added.  I've written an auditing VFS module which logs various calls (connect, disconnect, mkdir, rmdir, open and a few others) to syslog in a couple of p [...]
      adds  c1d60a9   Added dummy connect and disconnect VFS operations to avoid the possibilty of NULL function pointers being called.
      adds  025493a   Rewrite of VFS initialisation routines. (This used to be commit acc1c9e49cd40a600479a1a586d314b42e2cdf77)
      adds  9837c86   Make proto for VFS init changes and VFS fsync() stuff. (This used to be commit fc53314032ddfb6c2baf128399f43b42316417eb)
      adds  7fe5ba7   Adding scheduler control pipe (\atsvc), client-side routines, and rpcclient command "at" (compatible with NT's "at" command - see rpcclient commit) - useful for remote NT administration. (This used to be commit cf30a472f702d7b50c3a85e2cf2f55b46a2bd452)
      adds  2bc0641   Added new define NT_STATUS_MORE_ENTRIES = 0x105. (This used to be commit 52b4fd5b55c22deb691124b743ae9d3beb33b39e)
      adds  16758a4   New rpcclient command "at" for NT scheduler control, a slightly improved version of the NT command.
      adds  efd4ae2   Adding scheduler control pipe (\atsvc), client-side routines, and rpcclient command "at" (compatible with NT's "at" command - see rpcclient commit) - useful for remote NT administration. (This used to be commit 568c40cc65e46590ba1e9850662934f1a28bd83d)
      adds  de0c233   Adding RPC spoolss code support and some new low-level printing functions.
      adds  be552ca   rpc_parse/parse_misc.c : defined a new BUFFER5 struct include/ntdomain.h     : added rpc_spoolss.h include statement include/proto.h include/rpc_dce.h      : added definition of RPC_ALTER_CONTEXT request &                          reply param/loadparm.c       : 2 new options for NT printing support and some                          changes to initial values in the LPRNG case. rpc_parse/parse_prs.c  : added prs_uint16s() rpc_parse/parse_rpc.c  : added SYNT_SPOOLSS_V1  [...]
      adds  4d24845   use /dev/urandom not /dev/random in head branch.
      adds  d6ba458   md5 and hmac_md5 (This used to be commit 5777c1fb12edca8e57e9d5911428f70db2cf9a62)
      adds  89d51ca   added server ntlmv2 false/auto/true parameter, defaults to off. (This used to be commit 209944dabc764c6ea0c471e7868306c7d8d020d4)
      adds  e3a888d   Adding "time" rpcclient command which displays the remote time. Also added special "now" time to the "at" command, e.g.:   at now /i cmd   ; pops up a command prompt (This used to be commit f456dcf08ec96c631f5e6f2e857115d4bbf94d1b)
      adds  60c211a   Added a new command to rpcclient: eventlog <log> where <log> is System, Security or Application. That's a crude equivalent to the eventviewer.
      adds  9ac0388   Changed the RPC api definition now first arg is a pipe_struct
      adds  4e5bf48   last part of RPC api change.
      adds  d58b440   alignment needed after unicode string names in password change. (This used to be commit e66b6afc699593789e7a8372ddaa407c320cd15d)
      adds  c6e5eb5   added 2 more (unknown) NTLMSSP negotiation bits (This used to be commit 0ddc301b690abfa5fafbf2eb9a65fefc1ef58afb)
      adds  150645f   Jani Jaakkola's "getpwuid() / getpwnam()" hash-cache-hack (This used to be commit 899fc053c50448db65092d9f25fea99433cfb29f)
      adds  48c3765   clean-up of cache-getpw-hash code needed (make proto showed up loads of functions that should be static). (This used to be commit 06fce76e535f151ff819210faf39dd77b9fcae08)
      adds  798fdf4   Fix compiler warning.
      adds  94a4094   had to move day display names into lib/util, to get rpctorture to compile. (This used to be commit 8c80742e4e5604bc667314e51c47924efd65df49)
      adds  f84a04c   the times in sam_user_info_23 may not be in the right order (This used to be commit 34e623d607b45bce09ab2f98f3735cfbf5538dbf)
      adds  810d9a1   variation of random SMBtrans2.  random delays in between reconnections increased.  size of large random buffer decreased.  number of reconnection attempts increased. (This used to be commit 980a7b11f3dabce561a0ed02041695451bfeb391)
      adds  c2919e4   Avoid a symbol conflict with /usr/include/sys/vfs.h under AIX. Thanks to Steve Noyd Jones <noyd at u.washington.edu> (This used to be commit 117d369aed6576b5932d3f973a64ca8b6ed921dc)
      adds  99e42c0   Some more BDC-related fixes, mainly to the NET_SAM_SYNC RPC with respect to alignment, missing fields, etc. - it should now work correctly. There is still the problem of decoding the private data field. (This used to be commit c3c25e762fbc30d5663323f23449c913f2ce4b0e)
      adds  6aa63bd   Fixing core dump bug with unix password sync, caused by a NULL connection_struct in a call to OpenDir. JF, you fixed a similar bug in printing/nt_printing.c, I think your fix is incorrect as global configuration files should not go through a VFS. (This used to be commit 0e0c310a3ea102c61e74b604bcc793a82554a828)
      adds  b097ddb   Bumped version number in README to avoid confusion with SAMBA_2_0 branch. (This used to be commit 341cf8aa8ee9ba10e8777d21dbbb31769f710692)
      adds  042213e   Use ${1+"$@"} instead of $* Reported by SATOH Fumiyasu <fumiya at cij.co.jp> (This used to be commit 6cd8d68965734ac24effde927c689f7d5202cde1)
      adds  eaa085e   Hived off debugging code from smb.h and put into debug.h (This used to be commit afe5be3cf62b90100861e2433ea885f5d6f8708c)
      adds  731c7f2   Moved code that changes the pw_passwd entry (i.e shadow password and weird unixware stuff) into _Get_Pwnam() to fix a memory allocation bug.
      adds  cae1936   Modified to cope with functions that return a const something. (This used to be commit 56738ec5263edba23d8337dde27e7da45ec06490)
      adds  74e19e5   Return a #error if no functions could be found to wrap around. (This used to be commit 36f9ce7993adc5a26e808842233108f28b8fdebf)
      adds  0132160   Return a (void *)0 instead of NULL in readdir64() wrapper. (This used to be commit d78224a7d27097fa00d9e2a7b02efd7383d833ff)
      adds  76f2829   make proto (This used to be commit 44f19b5062d0dc7beef8fa9a1c10c9ab6be5cae1)
      adds  0c927f2   Fixed most memory leak and big-endian bug in the spoolss code.
      adds  0f6896b   #ifdef'd out hashed_getpwnam. (This used to be commit 1d2557cc27b146aa88f70d4b973fd2178f90718b)
      adds  07afc54   debugging of NBT messages added. (This used to be commit ceb20adb3c924818201fa8992e19e82f45b40710)
      adds  cae3620   safe string error reporting functions (found a potential buffer overflow of a pstrcpy into an fstring). (This used to be commit ac0060443de800fec9042b69b299ff2e9128a31c)
      adds  f63e807   safe string version of nmb_namestr. (This used to be commit 250621b3cec5fc463d348432d1d0ff5fb59e7a29)
      adds  1dc6c6c   use nmb_safe_namestr. (This used to be commit de9a38b0bcb5adcb6e502f2200d3e84bdcbdfc48)
      adds  73891ca   improving authentication code (tidyup). (This used to be commit ab1a6aa42db5217f025941fb5107436556bc23b7)
      adds  8e14594   smbclient modified to use cli_establish_connection().  smbclient therefore now uses improved authentication.  smbclient now "broken" for "scripts" based on DEBUG() output.  cli_establish_connection() requires modification to support old scripts. (This used to be commit b0539d43407cb2b0bab7977908de09b21b145218)
      adds  c31d597   removed old code/comments. (This used to be commit bc8c46bc088298d6247830b673790032e59d7f6a)
      adds  89517ed   many small bugs...
      adds  8c19a3b   patch from michael stockman <pgmtekn-micke at algonet.se> to provide a static struct passwd in _Get_Pwnam().  _Get_Pwnam() is responsible for malloc/ freeing the string pointers to this struct passwd, NOT the callers of _Get_Pwnam(). (This used to be commit 41f071642dce994335e0ef180fa2d2503e216393)
      adds  f922d25   oops, set password lengths to a boolean value. (This used to be commit e6d43ddb1bdb249f93dca65180964a61d281935b)
      adds  ec71174   smb_password_ok() checking incorrectly whether lm password exists. when lmcompatibilitylevel=0x2 on nt sp4+ clients, lm# is not sent. (This used to be commit e655e68474dd0234b49c23a07d9cb8bdd8f6016a)
      adds  e71801c   reporting failure to accept ntlmv2 (only) with down-level protocols (LANMAN1 and below). (This used to be commit be7b978249ddb5e2e94aa160a360fecbf51f016e)
      adds  7672761   use of safe_cli_errstr() and cli_establish_connection(). (This used to be commit b60eb8c9fc61bf207ab3600eec3ca722403c4d19)
      adds  7be65db   added jeremy's sys_getpwnam() and sys_getpwuid() routines from 2_0 tree. (This used to be commit df756f37230bcc47ef6a2067b6ddd8a0e2a125d1)
      adds  a0b0fa7   using jeremy's sys_getpwnam() call in the more critical area: Get_Pwnam(). made sure that hashed_getpwnam() has the copy-passwd-struct-wrapper around it, too. TODO: replace all calls of getpwnam() with sys_getpwnam(). (This used to be commit 436a89145524d3539b3a247f98c1e71f0616dd70)
      adds  527820d   oops, refused lm when ntlmv2 was true not false/auto.  oops! (This used to be commit 6b4b24d2208b1b076dfc2f7202917ca0acaeb398)
      adds  264459d   added debug reporting to pwdb_sam_map_names() and pwdb_smb_map_names() (This used to be commit baab30815238a803badeafa1ed8f029d7782242f)
      adds  15291cb   use of dos_mkdir() in generate_sam_sid() should be unix mkdir (This used to be commit 16371d8fe130f89bedebc63fdc4bf0f6f993f309)
      adds  019d80f   issues with pwdb_sam_map_names() and pwdb_smb_map_names() returning NULL. found by Bertl <bs at vpnet.at> (This used to be commit 389c17a225884b39d097dc0851a794d3669fdc31)
      adds  55c0c85   allow safe_strcpy() to pass 0 for max length of string, resulting in no effect. (This used to be commit 47e54d049a4de3c2154b1e5edc3234b88bcc065f)
      adds  a424da8   Ignacio Coupeau <icoupeau at unav.es> suggested modification to ldap search. (This used to be commit 7d6337641703884a5c6914ca6e292d67ea0c803b)
      adds  820c382   fixed problem with NULL ntpasswd parameters causing crash in static cli_calc_session_pwds().  this code used to be inside cli_session_setup() itself and worked on non-NULL local variables. (This used to be commit 7aff19ba57fd91572da7cbe16f118d11226590e3)
      adds  60e08bd   Hived off string routines into a separate file. (This used to be commit 4929513f1376d72409c1e5a39f723d1d2bd81dc0)
      adds  59bd1de   Put back in GNU readline support for smbclient accidentally trashed by tridge in the clientgen.c to clientutil.c conversion. (This used to be commit 26d66071fbac2c46445153c214bb13d587a67b49)
      adds  6919a92   When making anonymous connections, must pass pointers to real nt password and password length variables not constants. (This used to be commit 236022071f2f6df0c583fd88d9802d9b3ea6f73e)
      adds  d244f2d   Partial GNU readline support for rpcclient.  Only command line history and command completion implemented. (This used to be commit 795fa6a5185d9e245541a44a971a3fb588168c1e)
      adds  4820c47   NULL pwdb_xxx_map_names() parameter can be passed here (which is a bug anyway!) (This used to be commit 91d5bda9ad22c922a918f0942dcbff04202b9991)
      adds  50429f6   anon passwd connection: passlen=1; ntpasslen=0. (This used to be commit 12ee037d44a603ce50982d5b90e08c30339de750)
      adds  8f14047   Jean-Francois Micouleau's rewritten DFS patch, originally written by Nigel Williams.  despite the data format being *exactly* the same as NT's, this still doesn't work yet.  more work needed. (This used to be commit 270981960bb5aab52d2f8e494827101ece6729c4)
      adds  ac61e4a   lengths of NT passwords when "encrypt passwords = no" can be completely random.  values seen can be as high as 18255.  this fails the check of <= 24 which sets NT password length to 0, effectively ignoring it. the <= 24 was removed in reply_sesssetup_X. (This used to be commit 98d43b20dc4df72ddbfaeb34581222adc53d15dd)
      adds  d9a18c8   Jean-Francois Micouleau's rewrite of Nigel William's DFS support (This used to be commit e6116c40d4d0473a7412e82791afd9f44e4905a4)
      adds  d2b2dff   dfs parsed string length was being set explicitly to value "6", overwriting the correct length. (This used to be commit 5d1fad53c2bdfef63930e0b9d5cc460c9740066e)
      adds  0ad513f   renamed getfilepwent() and endfilepwent() to getfileent() and endfileent() as they are generic "file line-by-line" reading routines.  lines with "#" at the front are ignored (as comments).  this code started out as the password file reading code. (This used to be commit ef6df590fdf65a6d94b343998bac3a4d48ae07e0)
      adds  c553c01   removed strncpy() (This used to be commit 4bdff2748956a61f12a92e19a9af98c7b9668e8f)
      adds  1f33d5a   code from bertl to allow remap of default built-in names to anything. parameter is "builtin rid file". Copyright 1999 Bertl <bp at vpnet.at> (This used to be commit 80d36778432d42eb265ed9428f27a27250ba5e08)
      adds  92b8937   added %d %d to error message, try to track down the uid / smb_uid mismatch (This used to be commit ec918ba144e7c1bd1689007143ca2b8bee604768)
      adds  2b354d7   dfs issues (This used to be commit d9ada8b55d539e555d25298e0a308ea952e2807e)
      adds  939f6d6   more dfs stuff.  this looks like it's going to be more appropriate to use the vfs tables.  at the moment, i replaced all calls to unix_convert() with unix_dfs_convert().
      adds  7c29698   work-around for win95 NULL session bug: NULL password actually being placed in data stream before username / domain, whereas NT doesn't do this... (This used to be commit 44e6d4c1b0b6ae54e76e96471b40bb784c8b3c8c)
      adds  13407e6   add Windows 2000 version of Plain Text Password registry entry (This used to be commit 1a0e378a6fa146c4282101ee84b7d01adea82f50)
      adds  0262b2a   copy of password struct needed to be made prior to calling copy_passwd_struct found by Bertl <bs at vpnet.at>. (This used to be commit 93298bca1c573532c5250c84bac39cf9214ba3b5)
      adds  6593041   check to see if copy_passwd_struct() ever receives its own internal buffer as an argument :-) :-) (This used to be commit 0d1f5e5a6d1cbceda3be3d5626842116e6e91809)
      adds  33ed805   NTLMv2 check being actioned when NT password response was only 24 chars. added check to ensure response is more than 24 chars before bothering to do an NTLMv2 check. (This used to be commit 7a58895ff26fcad09ee45de99086739bf5761fd9)
      adds  848823b   Avoid multiple ``Updating dependencies'' messages before .deps/.stamp is created (This used to be commit 407eec63162a18ef23312ddc3adb4fa0c0b2c25f)
      adds  77fe46b   Make sure that the stamp file is newer than configure.in Not a problem unless --enable-maintainer-mode is specified, and, even then the probability of encountering a problem is minor, but so what? :-) (This used to be commit b0a59e90c543d9112c2049e3116493fb6e5bc76c)
      adds  d037268   use pstring for at command instead of fstring (This used to be commit 43d3d2336f0b3c3e332d5abc476223a45592f6c6)
      adds  46ce0d4   comments requested by jeremy as to why NT/95 NULL-password distinction hack was modified. (This used to be commit 50f7bd8a9c47d073bbde66ae26e9f71f030afc4c)
      adds  6a5a4e8   BDC support. (This used to be commit 2331aa32ab36c3ee5fd8cfbe972e57299939e33d)
      adds  ae0d771   Tim Potter spotted compile error: matthew had added BDC support to smbd, which i didn't know about! (This used to be commit 30620b93e5c476ba7bf09c459ab4b7bea3f67642)
      adds  49f3842   Moved a whole bunch of macros out of smb.h and into their own #include file. (This used to be commit bf61fdace8cdf71dc3ab40795498a8bfd0d3b9a0)
      adds  3c95cd4   Added service name to vfs_connection_struct.
      adds  f809734   Pass VFS options defined in smb.conf to vfs_init() function. (This used to be commit 8cde172a77a1582c0af2e685097c53ba5f302a4e)
      adds  331ab45   Copy service name into vfs_connection_struct. (This used to be commit 19242cd44e059d90e91f1c27bfb45899ce5de26a)
      adds  1aef4d7   Support for arbitrary VFS options in smb.conf.  Options are of the format 'vfs option = name = value'.  It would be nice to get rid of the first equals sign, but that would involve modifications to the smb.conf parser.
      adds  0108188   make proto (This used to be commit 50be413a9fa90dbfce31c8e6ae4b8c452a4cb7ce)
      adds  0091c77   BDC support. Algorithm based on previous work of Jeremy's. (This used to be commit f0c71a804dc869a73eb6af6e0ac9f4fb64dd1f68)
      adds  30beb2d   BDC support. Added synchronise_passdb function to update accounts in a BDC's smbpasswd. Improved rpc_read, which was still somewhat broken for multiple PDU's. modify_trust_password must initialise cli.pwd (pwd_set_nullpwd). (This used to be commit 4783ac3968df1c5c8aa0b6ba9144df8b01ae0b99)
      adds  61b9204   BDC support. Fixing and clarifying SAM_PWD structure. (This used to be commit 8e36b07a0e8e7ea8b72e1b9e3b747795b2685e85)
      adds  d0d8596   BDC support. (This used to be commit 05a2687b7c3a8c29ea4807b14f928213892509ec)
      adds  8f54fdb   BDC support. Added -S (Synchronise) option to smbpasswd, which calls synchronise_passdb. (This used to be commit 21c92d24977015f0368480f44f67366f7c412343)
      adds  f05928e   'export BEANS=ham' is a bash-ism.  For those who don't have a symbolic link from bash to /bin/sh, the correct form is 'BEANS=ham; export BEANS'. (This used to be commit 569aca445a22ccc3805a5dd5e1fc893011f0a147)
      adds  d300fc3   commented location where lookup_sids(), a direct call to the password database API, needs to be replaced with over-the-wire (actually, tcp/ip loopback) to smbd.
      adds  73a0c9f   Jean-Francois spotted bug in use of file_modified() routine submitted recently. (This used to be commit 717af2d55d4f964c0449a1e502b6e77d1c3f3f30)
      adds  f2e0bbf   renaming AUTH VERIFIER to AUTH NTLMSSP VERIFIER.  ready for adding another RPC authentication system. (This used to be commit 1a211bafebad8c63d98b5ef275a6272013527c65)
      adds  4bff267   - enumprintprocessors and enumprintmonitors added. - getjob (level 1 and 2) done. - better handling of getprinterdriver (level 2). - added workaround to print PCL files.
      adds  2c146b7   Fixed quoting/escaping bug in example code. (This used to be commit 5e0994b8bb960fe754e889c797bd91e64be946f1)
      adds  80d714e   close socket issues: - ssl close from cli_reestablish_connection() not called. - ntlmv2 fall-back to ntlmv1 failed. (This used to be commit fdc275353de85fde0c348320e4d64ba66365b73b)
      adds  ebfa9fa   attempting a connection to port 445 first, followed by a connection to 139 if this fails. (This used to be commit 5f821e65015c27f5306c3a707841cd0228509974)
      adds  9c59351   bug-fix in connection to port 445.  cool!  it works! (This used to be commit 062b9302c1c7a21df74571ead5f89ce002820d53)
      adds  8598bf2   reverted jeremy's c++-like security descriptor modifications as the simplest method to get rpcclient's reggetsec command working.  the buffers passed as arguments in do_reg_get_key_sec() do need to be locally allocated not dynamically allocated, as two calls to reg_get_key_sec() are needed.  on the first, the server fills in the size of the security descriptor buffer needed.  on the second, the server fills in the security descriptor buffer. (This used to be commit b [...]
      adds  6bcd191   changing debug output message reg_io_unknown_1 to reg_io_close. (This used to be commit c4901f595193f73b0c248d9315d3bbf547a5dafc)
      adds  93a1aa7   reverted lookup change.  from ignacio. (This used to be commit 5b8961a9d4ef6c8188062aaca7f42151ff9684ae)
      adds  fcf0300   Some compilers want (void) instead of just () in function declarations. (This used to be commit c086c7ab94d676e22801bc78588c116cf2e5a4eb)
      adds  8592314   Fix for Win95 not being able to find PDC (for User/Server Manager, and password change requests), from Michael Stockman <pgmtekn at algonet.se>. GETDC on \MAILSLOT\NET\NETLOGON necessarily returns less information than the NTLOGON version. (This used to be commit 8a603a8793cb067cd06edc3d73d0b35c427ed5ed)
      adds  dde7593   pnum should be a uint16. (This used to be commit 41cb8b0ba071ef73bf00130ec863b592c16d359a)
      adds  ad000ee   spelling mistake. (This used to be commit b8ac96cd9c8efaf0e07651657f878a2dea127290)
      adds  fc13cb4   added some usage info for rpcclient. (This used to be commit ec11bbaf54764e50687c96ce0979d7aeebe18cb0)
      adds  e055972   patch from Michael Glauche to list connections from STATUS..LCK. (This used to be commit 91a66dd5c3a551691fbf91e782cb6ff16dfea37b)
      adds  0cf1de5   adding lib/util_status.c to Makefile.in (This used to be commit f1fdf4c3911e7b6c8f8fe8076fec3b67ff666e18)
      adds  7a0595b   use read() instead of fread() as fread() fails on redhat 6. (This used to be commit b1025d499ba81233634daf78c3345b9620f9b3a6)
      adds  06b4627   patch from Michael Glauche to call get_status_connections() instead of reading STATUS..LCK direct. (This used to be commit d794e2eb51b94a334ddb1d1b0775ebf4cef048db)
      adds  07d8c3d   added back test to exclude unused connections. (This used to be commit 6218d986c7cc9d8789b340adf1ca9a07ddc18a9a)
      adds  f221bfa   debug info display (netbios layer). (This used to be commit 5c974cc4a4cdcb9fd3fe01e93aa577b81cf2d18b)
      adds  3d4b2c8   event log update (This used to be commit bcc1212b07c71256fad93d82a996fa86b27db250)
      adds  d2d6144   event log update, netsessenum, netconnenum update. (This used to be commit 819af560745b0bec7bfb9067dd9d9d6cfabb1555)
      adds  f4e9828   display of session enum info (This used to be commit e0713cf9332e562d1b41a794b8044e05aeb2b937)
      adds  b3f5929   patch from michael glauche to add session enum code into smbd. (This used to be commit e90e38c66d51dc1808f716c016299b1604636ce9)
      adds  48324fa   Don't print out a message in svcenum command for the ERRmoredata error. (This used to be commit 92ebd8f12ce4997e77eee22c3bb0c599daa44500)
      adds  49b7c8c   Removing a stray return, probably inserted during debugging, which broke NetrShareEnum. Be careful what you commit Luke... (This used to be commit cc27dba003d2f2ebcf05d01a750d3ee9350b0eb7)
      adds  53b4095   added experimental del_groupmem and del_aliasmem commands that were not being called from rpcclient.c
      adds  42fdd41   improved "dominfo" rpcclient command (This used to be commit 65a54b6e16c40ec40727547593154b341d98fc83)
      adds  501acbb   added call to samr_query_groupinfo in enumgroups command (-m option) (This used to be commit e2a72e2c64d6aad37d0c0f94d36f4fdadd3bd6cc)
      adds  736c507   debugged enumgroups -g option (This used to be commit 1cde47ba6a6409e0ae178ca9f44be2123bef0f9d)
      adds  58f8159   matthew chapman identified 4 previously unknown samr functions. (This used to be commit 001b53866c819045bc52330cad5746e1a2f7a4b1)
      adds  7f8f5e1   bertl <bs at niggard.org> patch for making samba listen on port 445, just like nt 5 does.  cool! (This used to be commit 727e1421b2c0f8c72c428776593498103304082b)
      adds  178ad93   allan hourihane sent log 100 in which showed that some really old code for lsa_close response was messing up.  fixed by calling lsa_io_r_close() which i've been meaning to do for over eighteen months. (This used to be commit f9a0ea09486b18a130ce1a1e5381ca61e0293c75)
      adds  856a3e2   oops, port 455 instead of 445 (This used to be commit 4e5eac18d0d9325c8e524fb53b4e049f0893fae7)
      adds  ddf3369   - initialising mach_passwd_file locks to zero (prev. uninit.)
      adds  85f0d0b   using #define report (This used to be commit 7fc2ee2f96b79e77039e141c2d2be9598465e5e6)
      adds  827599c   restructuring (This used to be commit 9d74161a9204da90d3024c2a86d59fefd516ff07)
      adds  6bf6b0a   added rpcclient SamrQueryDisplayInfo command "dispinfo" (This used to be commit 6c98d6c9aae64016bfe7727cfe12762967eb5a84)
      adds  7e1e6de   oops. (This used to be commit 5c551e63f22e341e1d7be547f7d14d24234ecf27)
      adds  29ba13f   wow!!!! this one's been here for two years!!!! alignment issues in smb_io_dom_query() where the string name could mis-align! added a call to prs_align() after the domain string name. (This used to be commit 1d05d2c959f41fffb9a85d161b9b64c957ee90e7)
      adds  6875b37   use DEBUGLEVEL not DEBUGLVL() (This used to be commit f9f8aa72a502f075615402ea7d58a8c0e2ff0638)
      adds  b9b4c1d   #defines for port 445 to SMB_PORT2 (This used to be commit a8d4560e0064a67a234eae89a564b79d2426d9a9)
      adds  701f9ed   reading in smb server domain name from SMBnegprot response (This used to be commit 25025f450531c66c0fd9f7eed886cb288d76d025)
      adds  0a6eac0   testing for attempts to get more info levels into samr_query_userinfo (This used to be commit cc19d5cc5c20665beb3b7c5fcf7787d54e37ea71)
      adds  f1c2fdb   split matthew's sync command (only currently called from smbpasswd) into a separate module (This used to be commit d99eca020a255022dbc71f3671127343d75db59e)
      adds  1e3490d   Fixed an annoying bug in the LDAP code. Attributes not present in the LDAP database were being initialised using unix_to_nt_time on -1, rather than -1 as an NTTIME (which is very different).
      adds  31160de   use gecos field to fill the full_name don't overwrite backend values with defaults values.
      adds  4952c11   Whoops ! Being over-paranoid is not good.
      adds  13266d5   Alan (alanh at pinacl.co.uk) found a nasty bug
      adds  7b88001   Correctly handle the dependent files in the printer_driver_info_3 struct
      adds  0490365   Don't duplicate forms anymore, just update the definition. Many memory leaks fixed.
      adds  ed5fbd7   don't leak printer handles, don't coredump when adding forms, and a small non obvious memory leak in the rpc buffers
      adds  748ccce   add description of -P option (This used to be commit d3dd8cdc1210fa4523eeed3c1034b4da93410ee1)
      adds  0db243b   memory problems associated with when lsalookupsids returns NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED. (This used to be commit 9a43a2551186de02b6cf06a5b84c9591a66c1817)
      adds  860688f   error-code checking in lsa_lookup_sids.  anonymous connections for domain info.  adjusting net_srv_get_info function. (This used to be commit 42eb916fae0d377f8908dfc42b332e6a53c4e2d9)
      adds  5b38ad7   permissions on SamrConnect changed to 0x02000000 (maximum allowed) (This used to be commit cbc646b1d8ce73d1d8167887cbfdab3cad4f11a4)
      adds  65ce93d   splitting dom info into sam_query_dominfo function (This used to be commit 39c367b8e9932f64fa774b807e14416f97254312)
      adds  eb92685   David van Geyn spotted that ulong is not defined on FREEBSD, not supposed to use ulong use uint32 instead. (This used to be commit 16dd94db1fd2ed8ed7d240c5aac5a481b64cd26d)
      adds  cba7662   - added rudimentary CAP_UNICODE support because i thought it was part of a problem i was having.
      adds  09e6f6e   adding CAP_EXTENDED_SECURITY support in a hurry last week.  forgot to deal with linking issues in other binaries (This used to be commit 57f95a01988fb4035b2e4448f4fd3ef0d652c106)
      adds  dcea4bf   stop over-runs in reading / writing data stream. (This used to be commit 144fd01f37bde420234ca474014b0f378d9f8975)
      adds  81711b9   const issues (This used to be commit 858f79b362dce8aa06013533209bc982cb99d33d)
      adds  8f7898d   According to params/loadparm.c, the "case sensitive", "casesignames", and "short preserve case" name mangling parameters are local options but the documentation says they are globals. (This used to be commit 61d540715936be1c3cb17920023b0f35b228d329)
      adds  415f841   removed unused static wait_keyboard() (This used to be commit 8cb6163b068812340a6360241d0ee9372c3dbec2)
      adds  896ecb4   return results on prs_xxxxx() and all xxx_io_xxx() routines. the whole task is not complete, yet.  xxx_io_xxx() routines that _call_ xxx_io_xxx() routines not done.
      adds  df71b9e   renamed args due to global "class" variable (This used to be commit 7b3666f01c743ddf599d432a5bcae4408ca73865)
      adds  c941cb5   oops!  srvinfo 2 command caught bug where strings in containers assumed to exist.  not good! (This used to be commit 2af635f8b7f346d49d778dd39acb6563156e77f1)
      adds  65df690   renamed "class" local variable to avoid global clash (This used to be commit 134cb4cdff43192a3039a6cce23f331c80fd1990)
      adds  003f736   adding error checking in parsing code (This used to be commit 4c98d71ebd3f1cdaef664d46c998c864af34632a)
      adds  63fa96e   added prs_struct "error" member, set and checked when prs_struct data is handled. (This used to be commit b4ba49c5c114764247802bd8b0a6dbc0a7f5c2a1)
      adds  a433966   Bringing samba-2.1.x samba2.spec.tmpl file into line with samba-2.0.x release tree. (This used to be commit 62593d39a5ba9f590989a4e40f7200d4af55b73d)
      adds  c05be70   initialising enum dom users mem and account name ptrs to NULL. (This used to be commit 6f933fb359e7efc7b685e537b95bdadd6e131727)
      adds  bb6de2f   oops, added wait_keyboard back, but _this_ time wrapped it with HAVE_READLINE (This used to be commit af05710d0b1b73929dee42bb0424c63c48e358f5)
      adds  87d92a1   need status codes from cli_net_req_chal() and cli_net_auth2(). this format is what i would like _all_ these functions to be (returning status codes, not BOOL) but that's a horrendous amount of work at the moment :) (This used to be commit 02f240604241367f146b26934ad1a1b2563430de)
      adds  748627d   use DEBUGADD instead of DEBUG: clears up some of the more verbose trash. (This used to be commit 63431997eefb785d0c9fd357f6e58441b7e1733d)
      adds  6af79fb   split modify_trust_account_password into a separate module. (This used to be commit 479fc93bd03fb961dd1e8093a911cf0a3be7071f)
      adds  6f9105c   various.  debug levels changed.  nmbd doesn't need libsmb/clienttrust.c. samr_lookup_rids() moved to a dynamic memory structure not a static one limited to 32 RIDs.  cli_pipe.c reading wasn't checking ERRmoredata when DOS error codes negotiated (this terminates MSRPC code with prejudice). (This used to be commit 8976eca2db43576c32069dcda017e8777048e007)
      adds  52fed79   turning some of the rpcclient functions dynamic.  this is likely to break a few things... (This used to be commit 4b06f303235d36903b6e9f55ee45b987d98256b0)
      adds  45b794b   the dynamic memory alloc blood-fest goes on... (This used to be commit 134b20e2a7b5ddfa4cc9bf100de5025c7b98f594)
      adds  8e1f542   one of those wonderful moments when running against a different MSRPC implementation (NT5) when you discover that your code is trash. samr_enum_dom_users(), samr_enum_dom_aliases() and samr_enum_dom_groups() all take a HANDLE for multiple-call enumeration purposes. (This used to be commit 19490d8b4fb8a103f3df4e6104f6f22937b0c518)
      adds  2adba4b   the new CAP_EXTENDED_SECURITY code needed to support NTLMv2.  also removed switching on CAP_STATUS32 from non-CAP_EXTENDED_SECURITY code (enabled for test purposes only) (This used to be commit 96d8e14f50fda8047d209fa0b94b98a95ce51f21)
      adds  fdf6383   signed / unsigned and typecast issues (This used to be commit 6e22bf912cb981d91834c63098d41f5f8abaa594)
      adds  5612824   - typecast malloc / Realloc issues.
      adds  9d890f2   cut/paste code from smbclient for wait_keyboard() function.  oops. (This used to be commit c25560ba43bd1b53d79456cbceab954aa3bb1dac)
      adds  ea65920   adding extra parameter back in to trust account functions (trust account name). restoring opening S-1-5-20 in sam enum users code. (This used to be commit 1be877114e2e958c59e6516dacf22d3fb5a4240f)
      adds  1298a3d   created samr_query_groupmem() function from existing code. (This used to be commit d2d5a853f8f34a0c3d5920540beb971a33f5276e)
      adds  9a5b975   no CLIX, no !HAVE_READLINE blah blah.  argh. (This used to be commit de69f3ef77f55f13e41b8f1e10d22b2746c4b105)
      adds  050121b   rewrote api_net_sam_logon() to be a little clearer. (This used to be commit 3adc31083b5308e983e057c7b942242209d74f59)
      adds  2222a30   rewrote samr enum groups code a bit. (This used to be commit 3f99ab77203da2eb80b7cedbda88cb03640d427b)
      adds  640012d   removed samr_* variables from info struct. (This used to be commit 4d5b860802528a9d74c2722dc996d6d8fd0b51ef)
      adds  c7c77cb   restructuring samr client code. (This used to be commit a78607b5dbf0fca6a22ab41195f465474578ee39)
      adds  326b011   restructuring sam enum dom groups code to do multiple calls to sam_enum_dom_groups.  enum dom aliases is still left to do (dom users already done). (This used to be commit 8d181924cedb7a2d34a0b40cee600494665fe923)
      adds  902b53d   cli_nt_setup_creds() returns uint32 NT status code not a BOOL.
      adds  97993e4   using higher-order-function in enum groups as a test.  makes it really useful for doing things _other_ than just "print me". (This used to be commit 229313de7dc734a6c77e9000e654b0c289053fa6)
      adds  3d096e1   added HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT MSRPC open call.  reg_open_hkcr etc.  supported in rpcclient, regenum HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT or regenum HKCR to test. (This used to be commit b0aa933ef4c0b58840430cf3b3cb3cbeb5c7f704)
      adds  d0fd259   more reshuffling of enum groups code.  more higher order functions. (This used to be commit 497d4231723576390b10f5ea8704bd0af88d76ab)
      adds  a8b8b8a   using #defines for function prototypes (This used to be commit 4a44cccf4401e0ce01303459011ac64805c53561)
      adds  243feaa   rewrite rpcclient sam enum user code to use higher order functions. (This used to be commit b794ff213009fbcf6a4767e3361501291cdc065d)
      adds  bcf1c31   rpcclient regenum key client code rewritten to use higher order functions. (This used to be commit 6a759c57dcb851aa19d1d4156249a3df112aefd0)
      adds  8ba1c74   added gnu readline command-line completion to the regenum command. (This used to be commit 50890516fdefe6db6cdadbf5b7a487aadf7796ec)
      adds  090d51c   messing with command-line completion.  it sort-of works to be able to enumerate down a key tree, but it's a serious fudge.  oops. (This used to be commit a5e805806aab627e69fcdb9fee7170b00710108b)
      adds  431d0dc   Updating build specs for TurboLinux 6.0 and later (This used to be commit 6e3b8a62b95c3dd7b6938ae45f4df8f573c5125d)
      adds  eae9b12   general, drastic improvements to rpcclient.
      adds  4cda1d2   NetServerTransportEnum parsing, client-side and rpcclient "srvtransports" added. (This used to be commit 37f4aac06fec3fbb34ed40d1010829b2e1f28558)
      adds  e7b5412   connection info level renamed to transport info level (This used to be commit 1c3a6f9822e06c676d93db6ea3d84a3b9b71fad0)
      adds  dbda980   added svcinfo <service name> command. (This used to be commit c243231d8596a732aba69179ff8f3882e7118297)
      adds  ce31503   command-line completion for new svcinfo command (This used to be commit 5ca07721ba1f71d831ca89851e9fc23a41f40194)
      adds  e7a9b39   added yet another rpcclient command: svcstart <service name> [arg0] [arg1] ...
      adds  7726985   Fixed typo which was preventing the omission of seconds in the 'at' command. I *love* this scheduler stuff, it's so useful! (This used to be commit 5cb124806dbaa08b659fd8bdf67a9b06436d3d20)
      adds  92892c0   added rpcclient svcstop <service name> command.  gnu readline command-completion works. (This used to be commit 926fe6273a8cd9550838ecdfca276f915c92031b)
      adds  de573ca   rewrote rpcclient enumaliases command. (This used to be commit 492fdaaf2009e7d7e840323357a333fdf9c4d2e1)
      adds  7032daa   added lsaenumdomains command. attempting to get blood out of a stone^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H querysecret to work, it keeps returning access denied. (This used to be commit 953fe6ba9454fa4b8e69426527eca37b011f76ac)
      adds  74224aa   const char* issues (This used to be commit 11ecec8457a51588a1b55b7f35dec28fe94c0594)
      adds  dcc037c   yet another attempt to get lsaquerysecret working. (This used to be commit fbeceec5016c634136cdbb14423e25992d9521e9)
      adds  aa77f20   dynamic mem allocation in enum dom groups and enum dom aliases (This used to be commit baa789fabc45e62889755802fd8ec8c9191fe767)
      adds  7011570   free up memory allocated by enum dom groups / aliases (This used to be commit edb49e754b66ecb59685234338a96d48a53f0161)
      adds  37983b9   added samalias <aliasname> rpcclient command (shows info on alias) added samaliasmem <aliasname> rpcclient command (shows members in alias)
      adds  c015b02   three types of array-creation / array-deletion functions:
      adds  59a7e6c   had to move unistr2_dup(), unistr2_free() and unistr2_copy() into util_unistr.c in order to get bin/testparm to compile. (This used to be commit e718ce9c4a3598483e38b8c32bdf2924593edc1e)
      adds  dc963d7   dynamic mem allocation in net_srv_transport_enum() parsing. (This used to be commit 6b919ebb4ed8c0082d8bffb299766bff9e718faf)
      adds  83f2465   created msrpc_srv_enum_tprt() function by massaging cmd_srv_enum_tprt(). (This used to be commit 3f9455c535607090103a371ff96051a5ce32e461)
      adds  cae821d   adding experimental set user password command to rpcclient, it returns error wrong password against nt.  ???? (This used to be commit b3f16e6b5aa5ba1b6afa38ad698646c8e765ec90)
      adds  fe83833   samuserset <username> -p password.  YESSSSS :) you have to use "ntlmv1" at the moment (i.e set client ntlmv2 = no). (This used to be commit f52504c553becc64b89d546a57b1bd9cf1bc5b5c)
      adds  710922c   rpcclient example scripts / programs. (This used to be commit d63f73cacae64abf029c1ecb83fa99c45b6636c2)
      adds  0d7f983   This is an experimental program to shutdown a  group of NTws in a Samba domain via rpcclient.
      adds  32dedee   experimental spoolss rpcclient commands (This used to be commit c86edef90e7c96d5a99be29e2d2a3679ed26d97d)
      adds  bd64671   spoolss openprinterex / closeprinter client-code. experimental spoolopen <printer name> command added.
      adds  0f18ca7   added rpcclient spoolenum command.  enumerates printers. spoolss_r_io_enumprinters doesn't decode strings correctly as printer_info_1/2 code has only been written to write structures, not read them. (This used to be commit 135eaa977385cdd5f572a51f654f14d893347d7b)
      adds  4dbd1c1   fixed string function for reading in printer_info_N. (This used to be commit 0249ae50ad8135cf3fd11a3b85f771f2347fcb29)
      adds  514be1c   added command-completion printer enum code. (This used to be commit 6947f8fac7d6d643a265fdcb56b2a390b9a9a1c0)
      adds  2c3fdea   missed mem_grow_data call (This used to be commit 681cbb9ec1310fa81f4da40ef0cfed92500b5f4e)
      adds  23dc6eb   horrible code to do SMBwriteX / SMBreadX for large MSRPC reads.  ARGH! (This used to be commit 0f9d661ca2560e88a04bc529ba41ac4cf1579fa4)
      adds  6fce41d   Fixed typo in automatic printer install share name.
      adds  21d1d4a   const feeding frenzy (This used to be commit 6d27c5f32dab7607398ae907eadb1c27a416da0d)
      adds  c6e3fc5   const feeding frenzy (This used to be commit e0eb390ab3e2a0cce191e78ea4ff90d088a8895c)
      adds  702b085   preparation for doing a spoolss enum jobs command.  had to rewrite spoolss_enumjobs parsing code to do read / writes not just writes. (This used to be commit bc659a09f9103eee9616279e27fafacf89dcd9b9)
      adds  97398b4   riccardo sibilia spotted line 1884 has uint32 group_rid[0] not group_rid[1] oops! (This used to be commit ea1d5af105cc0df8d6523d0a734827ee47e1f58c)
      adds  826ad16   debugging rpcclient spoolenum and spooljobs commands.  oh, did i forget to mention, there's a spooljobs <printer name> command, and it uses command-line completion?  prints out NT print jobs really nicely, too. (This used to be commit e6e5caf16c8d120f0c11fa63061f2786098e3357)
      adds  4c479f0   split array-handling functions into separate module. (This used to be commit cc2ce2b755b12cb3d97522aaee69b93309571abc)
      adds  b231d2f   - added DCE/RPC "fault" PDU support.
      adds  98ee99e   added rpcclient "enumdomains" command.  enumerates names of domains for which a PDC is responsible.  typical answers are: <Name of Domain> plus <Builtin>.
      adds  089b57b   added server-side samr enum domains.  fixed some parsing issues, server-side. (This used to be commit 60b0840106a6f5c283a8339428f3cfeb62398355)
      adds  8a84d00   Changes to implement NET_AUTH based on NET_AUTH2, to get Win2000 happier in joining a Samba domain. (This used to be commit 70274b5253182f3541584ecd844f07376a3d3df9)
      adds  774d2d7   Shirish Kalele <kalele at veritas.com> noticed that NT workstations are sending anonymous NTLMSSP user credentials to set up \PIPE\samr. added anonymous NTLMSSP sessions. (This used to be commit df5ee2bd427ccd5fcf27fd3c366e06e037bc4f1e)
      adds  01e6155   oops, mistake in parsing command-arguments.  repeated calls to next_token() should not have line to parse as first arg.  oops. (This used to be commit 3273bc068d0e0a8eefc92f9b21db47f239b76d21)
      adds  82f1f32   added another dummy key so that NT5 can check in the registry whether password changes are allowed or not.  *dur*!!!! (This used to be commit b51fa05c820c4629b278dc294ad0a405ee470a6e)
      adds  6b56ebb   added two new params: "trusted domains" and "trusting domains". these _may_ not actually ever get used, as trust relationships really need to be established with shared secrets, and you need to get the SID of the trusted and trusting domains, so this may have to go in a private/xxx.mac file. (This used to be commit 71f12138679251a9ebcada35969d9baea286a3e9)
      adds  cc8df5c   attempting to get nt5 wksta to join domain.
      adds  ccc8585   added regqueryval command (experimental) to get reg_io_q_info() and reg_io_r_info() working properly.  previously they weren't well understood (well, they were the first of the registry functions i did, back in december 97, ok??? :-)
      adds  a394a4a   updating reg_value_info() parsing code to take BUFFER2 instead of just a char*.  now copes with multiple types. (This used to be commit 3df7c903c5b70f336294a95ad864aedbacf544b0)
      adds  e3b2f27   added samuserset2 rpcclient command to test ACB_XXX bit-setting on samr opcode 0x25.  _yet_ another failed attempt to get nt5rc2 to join a samba domain.  what _is_ it with this stuff, dammit? (This used to be commit c3913f8ae272c496fc4519141accf01ee9f1e49e)
      adds  4245278   set "key does not exist" response to reg_query_val() (win32 status code of 0x2).  [p.s. getting REALLY bored of this nt5rc2->samba domain stuff]. (This used to be commit a8801942f72b2394a54e4a46546029fac70efeed)
      adds  da517a3   responses to UDP samquery go back to SERVER<00> not DOMAIN<1c>, the request name.
      adds  1c6c4e7   added \PIPE\browser plus experimental brsinfo command.  you wouldn't believe the XXXX that MIGHT be involved in getting nt5rc2 to join a samba domain... (This used to be commit 569babb3935950c1b64396955541abf276cc1d92)
      adds  161c11e   - bug in nmbd registering DOMAIN_NAME<1c> to WINS server; recursion   desired flag MUST be set in any NBT UDP packets sent to a WINS   server, else they will go to the WINS client side of the NT NetBIOS   kernel instead, and will get trashed.
      adds  eb8c70c   - surprise!  the number of UNICODE strings that didn't have alignment   after them is incredible.  how did we get away with this for so long? (This used to be commit 3152bde7d855d189f6f8ab9e6291828579cde2d0)
      adds  3365a2f   The First Necessary UNICODE String Support.
      adds  e182045   nt5rc2 falling over because the LsaQueryInfoPolicy() response _must_ have the string max length = string length + 1.
      adds  01072b7   added an rpcclient man page.  wow! (This used to be commit a46b33079fdcdbbbd622002cb790e20ed25ccd03)
      adds  69fb70b   yodl update - rpcclient (This used to be commit 9eef1817f8f29c2d69832806b394658cf2cce5e9)
      adds  963bb84   adding some command descriptions behind the rpcclient commands. (This used to be commit 3a6900ad7ba0719806d05ae90bbf8b3323ee551f)
      adds  8e9bb53   oops. (This used to be commit d8d1daff6f84e95b9e34ec96ed6bd6ccc0ea9623)
      adds  5b6e24e   yodl update (This used to be commit 28a63ac24d7d2344f005440ca099b255be04521b)
      adds  8702a73   explicit reference to tell people that rpcclient doesn't work with Windows 95.  i can just imagine some people saying "it dunna wurk on my box at home", and me having to reply, "i dunna care". (This used to be commit b31de1640728ebcdc87cdb887cd74a288e180ed7)
      adds  4768283   adding bits about SAM database security, and what the SAM commands are actually for. (This used to be commit f973195b5cf9631bdb0206bf0fd16e23d5e70e4e)
      adds  ef8ced0   dynamic memory allocation i added a month ago: forgot to ZERO_STRUCT() some of the server-side stuff.  Realloc() was being used, so it Realloc()d some random area of memory.  oops.dynamic memory allocation i added a month ago: forgot to ZERO_STRUCT() some of the server-side stuff.  Realloc() was being used, so it Realloc()d some random area of memory.  oops.dynamic memory allocation i added a month ago: forgot to ZERO_STRUCT() some of the server-side stuff.  Realloc( [...]
      adds  a56bea3   doing a code reshuffle.  want to add code to establish trust relationships. (This used to be commit 3ec269b402ba6898d905ea1029c427e1b645faf4)
      adds  24a069e   modified domain_client_validate to take trust account name / type.  this is to pass DOMAIN_NAME$ and SEC_CHAN_DOMAIN instead of WKSTA_NAME$ and SEC_CHAN_WKSTA.
      adds  27b8df4   attempting to establish inter-domain trust relationships.  modified smbpasswd so it can be used to set up inter-domain trust account. (This used to be commit 99ec0620c3bf4af96440c684f880d414659de2e9)
      adds  387cc18   oops, #ifdef'd cli_shutdown out, as the fun has _already_ started: NT refuses to play nice, and establish a trust relationship. (This used to be commit 98c42764fba365d612a8ae4b3172b03367066112)
      adds  4629acd   moving create user function into msrpc_samr.c (This used to be commit e885027eb705ab13c2800b8995661accad841643)
      adds  4081147   adding user session key into network netlogon response. (This used to be commit c73f6b0d02fa7700319ba696f54296006167e5d1)
      adds  680dcc9   hmmm... have to add client-side support in domain_client_validate() to _use_ user session key. (This used to be commit be6a6b13939798a9c7242b38864f0ce842391a74)
      adds  dab1a12   you know what?  this sort of thing makes me laugh.  hmm, what functions have we got.  and what data do we have.  hmm.. i wonder what the NTLMv2 user session key can be... hmmm... weell.... there's some hidden data here, generated from the user password that doesn't go over-the-wire, so that's _got_ to be involved.  and... that bit of data took a lot of computation to produce, so it's probably _also_ involved... and md4 no, md5? no, how about hmac_md5 yes let's try th [...]
      adds  32b9508   implement server-side generation of NTLMv2 session key.  YESSS :-) (This used to be commit 1092b4f6fbdf3770c0dab756b982a562def1738e)
      adds  aa12f3e   okay :)  all cmd_() functions now take int argc, char **argv :)  that means that some commands need more work, as they still use next_token(), the use of which i wish to avoid.
      adds  48a4df7   moved two more commands over to getopt. (This used to be commit de360d1e908b4e2e77cd028b19f3ccd07903a4dd)
      adds  bb876dc   another one (This used to be commit c1ba1bfd68fa96937decad8f1d7421daad6e30fe)
      adds  288a505   another two. (This used to be commit b0f8ef6168d04d55d53fc2d02df5f54176e4f893)
      adds  1ed8653   another four next_token() removals (using getopt instead) (This used to be commit 3e76ca9b172e1a6886e714d6a36453f30ff3e771)
      adds  c5a6d0c   the last one.  that concludes the removal of all next_token() calls from rpcclient/cmd_*.c. (This used to be commit ca803c17fa51ace5f2b99b09f5c59893f43ba70d)
      adds  4c4af2b   shuffling msrpc code around so that it can be used independently of rpcclient (This used to be commit e88e7d529b5bdf32ac3bc71fa8e18f6f2a98c695)
      adds  7bd8fd1   adding svcctl 0x1b function (This used to be commit d5869df3716fec21d3a4237dbf5d2417d3350e11)
      adds  14713d0   oops!!!! wrong command!!! (This used to be commit cbbfef6d2a5335a6daa4fe09ea2d73197417894f)
      adds  6b91ecb   attempted a svcset command.  password is encrypted / messed up, therefore command fails. (This used to be commit 9193f0eff56399e9bc09787dbe785b603886eaa3)
      adds  511b2d6   oops, freed argc,argv arguments twice. (This used to be commit 447143be81acbbcc148211183a512d4cab347ac7)
      adds  d7889cd   rewrote policy handle code to be generic (it's needed for client-side too)
      adds  2752e37   WARNING!  MOVED rpc_server/srv_lsa_hnd.c TO lib/util_hnd.c CVS UPDATE MAY ISSUE WARNING ABOUT lib/util_hnd.c MODIFICATION DATE BEING IN THE FUTURE.  CVS CHECKOUT A NEW REPOSITORY MAY BE SAFER. (This used to be commit c26e8a6ac59934ae580077df937439c2c538dbdb)
      adds  f8b82a7   first stages of removing struct cli_state* and uint16 fnum from all msrpc client code.  the intent is to hide / abstract / associate connection info behind policy handles.
      adds  2803a72   ok.  *whew*.  this is the first completed part of the restructure.
      adds  a70a462   service control manager API completed.  svcenum -i works, but does not do so twice.  possible memory corruption, revolving around getopt(). (This used to be commit 7cacf8bd026f1ee274f1d352c68cf79cf4f3b499)
      adds  ac4dd24   registry API moved over to new format.  reg_connect() is the top-level function, which takes \\server_name.
      adds  75bc100   cool!  completed a samr* API that _would_ look like an msdn samr* api... if microsoft bothered to publish it.  actually, there are good reasons for not publishing it: people might write programs for it, and then those programs wouldn't work on nt5, for example... (This used to be commit 8ce93b80d3b4e1c1e28aa1dde38cdef184eff3c1)
      adds  30e8faa   previous commit added an abstraction function that didn't even have struct cli_state, uint16 fnum into the code: rpc_hnd_api_req(). modified cli_lsarpc.c to use this.  the rest is const issues. (This used to be commit c1ea396de21309c4cf19fd92f2573f5257c24588)
      adds  5e3bc78   this file manages client states associated with handles. (This used to be commit cda25778816f6d74f02c7e7c85e455b40e80bad2)
      adds  9b68305   whoa.  _major_ restructure of rpcclient.  fixed some buuugs, created a few. found out that getopt() _must_ have optind set to 0 before reuse.
      adds  4c92992   bug-fixing registry commands and the rpcclient "rpcclient" command. the rpcclient "rpcclient" command allows user options to be reset (e.g the username / password) _without_ terminating rpcclient. try this:
      adds  015dc12   enhanced samuser command to do same thing as enumusers command (-g -u -a) except with only one user.  done by sharing same code. (This used to be commit 4e029d50fcb9148f2d65c6be2703b1003e68cec7)
      adds  d4bf1ca   remove use of client_info lsa_info_pol. (This used to be commit 2dad9d912dbc6c4a14af63715821a51c279584c6)
      adds  3fc5ec7   further abstraction involving client states.  main client-side code is pretty much independent of SMB client states, which will make it easier to add other transports. (This used to be commit a1ff7e8fc3129ba4a04722f977bc2d3725d13624)
      adds  b9b04af   modified cli_connect_serverlist to take server list of format \\server_name \\other_server etc. (This used to be commit 4fd4aeb57455792bd8eaf81f8fa45bca6bd3e2e2)
      adds  4a6761a   using "abstracted" cli_connection, got \PIPE\srvsvc commands up and running again. (This used to be commit 6b67d6164dbfda3ba690d86597ae560b7e5c7584)
      adds  9fef73c   updated \PIPE\wkssvc commands to use new abstracted connection system.
      adds  e4a2e8e   removed do_ prefix from srvsvc API (This used to be commit e4e5743a407b60c3695410eaf3df4ca3de4a870e)
      adds  c80b858   this one's a handle-based one (missed in the first round). (This used to be commit 4c3556fae73c60693355f95f48ac63834ba4dd10)
      adds  ad1e5fd   moved browser command brsinfo over to new abstracted connection (This used to be commit 601d217f44ea1ce3735b9267b6f829b472a982b4)
      adds  70b218b   moved at command over to new abstract connection system.  matthew, you initialised dest_wks _after_ using it in at_soon() :-) so i fixed this :) (This used to be commit 0aaf0c9c80b4a506955065e822a356b1c43a5ac5)
      adds  9720774   well, i stuffed up the spooler commands. (This used to be commit 7a696330586b9ad5157b0c1ab249cc66e9accef7)
      adds  89c4e7f   cool!  spooljobs works!  this surprised me very much :-)  helped to specify \PIPE\spoolss instead of \PIPE\lsarpc... (This used to be commit 4e92090016badc78ae6532f0eb57af6bbdb789bd)
      adds  dbc916a   renamed PRINTER_HND to POLICY_HND. (This used to be commit 8b92be25bd7d630a18c36bcd5d983386d6cd1d53)
      adds  e302cb2   first attempt at getting \PIPE\NETLOGON working.  it's pretty horrible. (This used to be commit 44dd3efa6380544e9a515e91960f9271498cefaf)
      adds  44334ac   ok.  got ntlogin command working.  argh, it maintains a connection to the remote machine, because i don't know what to _do_ with it!!!!
      adds  0d44ff9   attempting to resolve the issue that multiple servers often specified in parameters to connect to \PIPE\NETLOGON. (This used to be commit d1986ade30bdcac1f49707221a3e5a5ae597ce62)
      adds  1bb4c6f   sam sync - one of the files that use multiple connection server list to \PIPE\NETLOGON. (This used to be commit 2ae9ee148582cc0ba9e067be3d6338079aea49a1)
      adds  8d06606   this is going to sound _really_ weird, ok, but i had to implement equivalents of NetUseAdd and NetUseDel! (This used to be commit 86f4b1d3cc3887c4bb7bd6433f5f932f7db1b88e)
      adds  a43bdad   bug-fix (This used to be commit 1abdf9a45ff2e1d903a08891fbec0794349a9546)
      adds  4ced973   ok.  this is where it gets interesting.  client states are now maintained by cli_net_use_add() and cli_net_use_del().  MSRPC connections are established with cli_connection_init(), and automatically unlinked with cli_connection_unlink.  client states are _reused_ by cli_connection_init. (This used to be commit 0fcd8ce0967169362bd126a28aa309401abdf17d)
      adds  4435c7e   added failed connections to the net use array, even though they'd been freed / cleaned up.  oops, dat bad, cos they get freed again when u quit. (This used to be commit 3c4a6256dd790413ce96d208689e13c649787c4c)
      adds  7e42174   split display.c into modules. (This used to be commit 5b5719d6a08130db1062bfa24123cedcdc692bff)
      adds  6ddfc68   sys_select added one more argument (read, write selectors). (This used to be commit e4d92ff9dfc51735e6932748f66a7c20b2c1cb6a)
      adds  106fe88   1) when no domain used in ntlogin test command, should use default one    from previous lsaquery command.  over-ridden from DOMAIN\username
      adds  d9cc4c3   improving createuser account command to be able to add workstations and then set a default random password. (This used to be commit 7846818432a93295651c8c67445a2d6a0f3b21d8)
      adds  86ac6fa   fixing joining to domain plus something weird going down with nt logins... (This used to be commit cef258f1c931ecb7c2dda9d5c9977153e4c1dc73)
      adds  f6c5f75   damn, that took a while.  nt login password was being stored incorrectly in private .mac file (oops).  ntlogin test now works. (This used to be commit c98c66690683965612e9631d77c2dff91ec8a872)
      adds  720ea1e   make sure domain and name to generate trust account .mac file are upper case. (This used to be commit fbfb350bdf17e84b512b745527886d942904b67d)
      adds  c15b95c   cli_session_setup() now takes an extra argument (host name).  hey, what the heck is a cli_session_setup() call doing in here???  this should use cli_establish_connection()server! (This used to be commit fa054c96c62ed0f0a0c6649a7ad7a143fe09694b)
      adds  a76fee7   more cli_session_setup() calls.  what the heck are these doing??? they should all be replaced with cli_establish_connection().
      adds  a2e135d   added net use (actually net -S srv -U user -W dom) and net del (actually same as net use but with -d and -f) command options (This used to be commit 586db87ea31ebb1b090527f61a4989461f626b1a)
      adds  bd4bea6   clearing up connection-related stuff.  password credentials were messing up.
      adds  10b82d3   improved enumdomains added -i option. (This used to be commit 50dc709fa95e86ebe2b3132176241cb3a2cc4e36)
      adds  e9b8c77   default SID map now reads in "trusted domains" from smb.conf. (This used to be commit f0946d1ccafeb5f541935b41f2d54bcbc06797ed)
      adds  ddfe795   oops, pwdb_initialise() called unnecessarily from here (failure to read trusted domains may cause rpcclient to fail). (This used to be commit 12e2b973216c0798a939f68220b0e6a60acd5c01)
      adds  7aebbb9   need a domain resolving function, but get_trusted_serverlist() will do. this is horrible. (This used to be commit 9df973fe711f322075d86d6792d6c0b8539c1d00)
      adds  5988d0c   added get_any_dc_name() function. (This used to be commit 455e17dbb7d451b462004f302f5c68770f17b65e)
      adds  98e28ee   cleaning up: removing those horrible references to server list functions (cli_net_use_addlist()).  needed originally because there was no get_dc_any_name() function. (This used to be commit 3a2b920ea2e6704b2574f404e1e41c7cfc0f96b2)
      adds  b96e4e4   domain_client_validate() no longer takes serverlist, it calls get_any_dc_name(). (This used to be commit e21367c0ebdc5e202cdc39d50950bff089bf67f8)
      adds  848ed55   new get_any_dc_name() function allows lookups of trusted domains from lp_trusted_domains() parameter, so trusted domain logins should work, right, if you put user = TRUSTED_DOMAIN\NTuser in "domain name map", right?
      adds  69683dc   promptline undefined (pline) (This used to be commit f33e4ca930f8299c00f861215c5231eef9ecef94)
      adds  7d01f96   cool!  a unix socket smb redirector.  code based on smbfilter and ideas from ssh-agent.
      adds  6eebe18   smb-agent improvements.  added -D (daemon) option.  smb agent is restricted to connections from the current user (socket is created with current user uid). (This used to be commit 5af076e4b7ee13eebe0b89748e3f5a1ef21f8c73)
      adds  5db56cf   i always get caught out with non-gnu-readline code mods :-) (This used to be commit a47cc6447036d0a8b8e3e096d7b51a37d10d3325)
      adds  c2a3b11   starting "connection reuse" system in smb-agent.  added version number which isn't actually used right now :-) (This used to be commit d54a64ae3ab7cdc1ac67fb49f7255e6a106d624e)
      adds  0ca1f87   argh!  smb-agent redirection client reusage is a nightmare! moved smb-agent over to a single-process model instead of fork() in order to reuse client connections.  except, of course, you can't do a select() on the same socket connections!  argh! (This used to be commit e9e5a34de8e8f9a69e817aceb8c16284334d4642)
      adds  8a8a7da   argh!  you wouldn't believe what i had to do: use the mid (multiplex id) to redirect multiple socket-based connnections onto a single client state.
      adds  f521205   jeremy is going to hate me for this.
      adds  4097989   trying to make redirector agent code same base. (This used to be commit 9ba9df453abab1085b5537580b1da87d1dcdb7de)
      adds  4503221   nmb agent memory free problems (This used to be commit b4306cbf06f70dd9d2760bb005e15059d6f904f0)
      adds  9b44e11   more similar agent code (This used to be commit 2c778313b8c2b4535f16e11aea81a61edb3b2d45)
      adds  f6077db   cool!  created higher-order function table for agent redirection. (This used to be commit 7bb2e55d0d3a00a97bba99ebed722a4adf84093c)
      adds  c41205e   even more cool!  nmb-agent moved over to new vagent style, too! (This used to be commit 49c157eae4bb24164f0f976d1bf6cf0cfc068863)
      adds  97913d8   argh.  trying to get the nmb agent code to filter out "self" packets. (This used to be commit 84d7cc63239ea67481f6382da58d0678a21011fb)
      adds  ddda772   argh!  how horrible!  spent ages working out why packets weren't being received properly when a UDP "retry" occurs.  it's because reads and writes must be interleaved / matched.
      adds  854f35e   created create_pipe_socket() function. (This used to be commit a3af3b4312144943413894b18b5845b56474ebb5)
      adds  92bc7a4   first version of msrpc agent redirector code.  client-side only. (This used to be commit 5e5a1dceee0b6088822697284d3e0af04d197477)
      adds  7c53f15   reenabled retry_time (commented out accidentally in name_status) (This used to be commit bf9422832c335c8d283273eb1d0008ac15cd3531)
      adds  a0ba234   the first independent msrpc daemon - lsarpcd.
      adds  4ab9d91   ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!
      adds  6b22909   parsing code for transferring unix and nt security credentials over-the-wire. at present, a unix password is missing from the unix credentials, but is not _actually_ expected to be needed.  weeelll... maybe :-)
      adds  6281c5d   moved sys/un.h to after sys/socket.h.  done a gnu autoconf around sys/un.h (This used to be commit b2ea37a8f1a28a825719b46354a1244b359aca2c)
      adds  d45f5cf   jerry spotted that get_domain_sids() was being called with the wrong arguments: get_any_dc_name() was being called with a server name not a domain name.  oops. (This used to be commit 631814302d6992138cfe024ba7bd456cc7e0d3bf)
      adds  12ca139   OK.  This code works on a RedHat 6.0 system.  However smbpasswd time out of sending the session setup on Solaris 2.6.  No idea. I'll work on it some tomorrow.  This is to fix the "Unable to setup password vectors" thingy.
      adds  0ce128e   delineation between smb and msrpc more marked.  smbd now constructs pdus, and then feeds them over either a "local" function call or a "remote" function call to an msrpc service.  the "remote" msrpc daemon, on the other side of a unix socket, then calls the same "local" function that smbd would, if the msrpc service were being run from inside smbd.
      adds  4f8a245   final part of "first" phase converting over to msrpc daemon architecture. done a minimal amout of clean-up in the Makefile, removing unnecessary modules from the link stage.  this is not complete, yet, and will involve some changes, for example to smbd, to remove dependencies on the password database API that shouldn't be there.  for example, smbd should not ever call getsmbpwXXX() it should call the Samr or Lsa API.
      adds  f627672   changed function name of get_home_dir() to get_unixhome_dir(), to stop clash with gnu readline library.
      adds  3db52fe   first pass at updating head branch to be to be the same as the SAMBA_2_0 branch (This used to be commit 453a822a76780063dff23526c35408866d0c0154)
      adds  32a965e   2nd phase of head branch sync with SAMBA_2_0 - this delets all the files that were in the head branch but weren't in SAMBA_2_0 (This used to be commit d7b208786590b5a28618590172b8d523627dda09)
      adds  92a036c   Unicode conversion fix in Japanese environment from Motonobu TAKAHASHI. Jeremy. (This used to be commit decc6ebca29abd78754c275352de58b0de2e2aa5)
      adds  173f7e6   util_sec.c from 2.0.6 (This used to be commit 955d187139365d16f3fca1abd3853ca4e49f244c)
      adds  9564ab8   interfaces.c from 2.0.6 (This used to be commit 4e1458b8c161f87339eba251c2179946d3b0405a)
      adds  20aba76   interfaces.h from 2.0.6 (This used to be commit a3d7ec0c9d06f18e656da354e2fec57aaf395fc5)
      adds  f6cf850    printing/print_cups.c from 2.0.6 (This used to be commit 452776a5a7951c84437e424874ff110fc56296db)
      adds  e983ca6   lib/fnmatch.c from 2.0.6 (This used to be commit dadad3ed675c8ec141abef7836f64de9da13b14d)
      adds  a0b9e3e   client/smbspool.c from 2.0.6 (This used to be commit 599a7e7f9e73fb7c0da960b46f16990991e9424e)
      adds  5919c86830 update version to pre-3.0.0 (This used to be commit c3a30ce459d1e535b4aa9a39311e000a4474dbb8)
      adds  418ba29   more files from 2.0.6 (This used to be commit 4a205795710010c58ae14bcb950912727c4de466)
      adds  ce39444   added basic nsswitch support - this allows you to use a "wins" entry in a /etc/nsswitch.conf hosts line.
      adds  80a1808   *Finally*. Correct patch to fix timestamp problems from Paul Eggert <eggert at twinsun.com>. I wish I had written this one :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8f93c08881c22d121c7337d11de070e2b8f7ba33)
      adds  7b39ef2   Fix from tulipant-gergely at dbrt.hu for returning incorrect error code on user auth fail. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 886ad59d798175f037ea9249dcefa78660e4992a)
      adds  e004340   Fix based on code from monyo at home.monyo.com to fix multibyte continuation issues. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 023f90e7664d358ddf73272597e75041f5413e9f)
      adds  c2c42b8   first pass at the database code for Samba. This also includes a test suite and a very simple tool for manuipulating the databases.
      adds  0c4b1ea   this was left out from the 2.0.6 merge (This used to be commit 7067aeecabaea8a35f7a27de4b44f1e11afd07b7)
      adds  69d24d8   first cut at using the tdb code for the connections structure, the SWAT status page and smbstatus. It made the code _much_ simpler, I wish we'd done a database module a long time ago! (This used to be commit 4951755413c11d4c5b9af4699a6e622056d52433)
      adds  4e1291a   converted all our existing shared memory code to use a tdb database instead of either sysv or mmap shared memory or lock files.
      adds  488115d   changed message is connections.tdb doesn't exist (This used to be commit 835b9881c0f04d766545d5e9d2926fbaf8bec904)
      adds  3da55bf   changed %g to %3.1f to be friendly to our poor snprintf() code (This used to be commit 6d506ee641a3e3dc9e1d3b3bbb78fe11b9326c70)
      adds  d171864   expanded the tdb documentation (This used to be commit efb4fbcca876ec661af0d72d4df2f04f36d4dd76)
      adds  44dc314   Changed MAX to MIN in SET_FILE_BASIC_INFO as recommended by "Michael C. Adler" <Michael.Adler at compaq.com> as this breaks the least number of programs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2cf408772f7b763a484fdd893da28999c8f9d025)
      adds  8177fc7   Added new unicode functions - not used yet, but are the basis for the internal unicode conversion of Samba. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 302412df64aa4b6572b13ef61dfd68c3f8ebbb8b)
      adds  4b37a2c   when no shares are returned the *shares pointer must be set to null (This used to be commit 84fe2337c701a52c6dc5cd8c1f6e9050478703f1)
      adds  02496ae   Ok - we now have the following functions for UNICODE support : unicode_to_unix() unix_to_unicode() unicode_to_dos() dos_to_unicode() wstrlen() safe_wstrcpy() safe_wstrcat() wstrcmp() wstrncmp() wstrstr() wstrchr() wstrrchr() wstrtok() Jeremy. (This used to be commit ae34e2589ac32b7144607b77bd0d42bc74b42aff)
      adds  30cecd8   added some paranoia code (This used to be commit c547ffa9e9ce68a77f63591b37b690a83a956348)
      adds  e7851ce   First cut at unicode sys_xx functions. Now to start moving upwards..... Jeremy. (This used to be commit b5eb009cc3cfd1adc044e91911d59acdb54c30cb)
      adds  ecfee3f   fixed a bug in the handling of tdb version number upgrade (This used to be commit ed7541668e9bc98ae9daf55f817d2de04345e660)
      adds  fc4e722   improved error message in case the lock list is truncated (This used to be commit f4ecc5a8e39ee69c59123b7b3ffbd081f69824ca)
      adds  5b3096a   include/includes.h: Trimmed down unicode directory entry to be POSIX complient. lib/system.c: Trimmed down unicode directory entry to be POSIX complient. lib/util_unistr.c: Added wstrdup(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit ca64f4ab00c6d54022ba9bd4b869523566a242d7)
      adds  c23a552   fixed locking code (This used to be commit 1f5dc924044fb54b10ac8884d4df1e15902de8be)
      adds  681e50c   Unicode upper <--> lower character map. Needed for wisXXX functions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a42cf2036f30e6a6892c274ed3da192b3bb8d0ef)
      adds  8dc6098   Awk script to create #include C code from unicode upper -> lower case map. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e59fe73f19cdb207db55ea4ba0073f48af2e440e)
      adds  63ca6ea   Upper to lower case map table for unicode. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 82421e93c09790a7e38014c42f8402db5cb827e3)
      adds  7c51c5d   Samba now includes a full ucs2 upper to lower case (and vica versa) map table. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d7b72d4cbfb6bd1925abc7f95c1180d3d65856a5)
      adds  3a3afec   Added wtoupper/wtolower. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2e03ed62542152264ca5315b9ee9bb045b7f0b03)
      adds  f0161cf   Fixed range checking in unicode to multibyte function. Oops. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 61e06c44b47834ed297aacee6d59c40796b4ffb5)
      adds  d6a5878   fixed more locking bugs - all seems OK now (This used to be commit 584537961b6134a50089d37328a21c617bc6547b)
      adds  4a85b76   a useful locking tester - it uses lots of simultaneous writers (This used to be commit 3b3fdd8661cc10057823be4c594e40ca615ca704)
      adds  211697e   Converted most of the functions in lib/util_str.c to smb_ucs2_t equivalents. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1ba42aca2163c534f6be4e4a733604e3dffe0ed8)
      adds  7a0bc53   - optimise tdb_store() a little - prevent a free of an unallocated pointer (This used to be commit b35b5c63886823bb8b8d8c5c29ccc7b315a7de30)
      adds  321983b   show test result in ops/sec (This used to be commit 88a146ab04d65fc306569044dc00907a374fac51)
      adds  9a781a8   - added tdb_flags option to tdb_open() - added TDB_CLEAR_IF_FIRST flag to clear the database if this is the   first attached process. Useful for non-persistent databases like our   locking area (this will also make upgrades to new database layouts easier) - use lock_path() in a couple of places - leave connections database open while smbd running - cleaned up some tdb code a little, using macros for constants (This used to be commit 00e9da3ca577527db392aced62f02c69cfee8f4f)
      adds  8b1229c   updated docs (This used to be commit c199ec9543d0d84bd5ea29078887684f708c9637)
      adds  5105c1b   don't close the database after each claim_connection() (This used to be commit d5ceb2972b65c261cfb04b6dcccb3ace9f2238a7)
      adds  98b1c56   fixed active shares display (This used to be commit b87d1442db86165d983007dd58647c88ac702abf)
      adds  c0ad729   drop the alignment to 4 bytes - this makes tdb more space efficient and doesn't seem to affect performance (This used to be commit 1fb293732ed65deba6958000a9f6de7900e21f5c)
      adds  5747880   added the unexpected packet database (unexpected.tdb) this means "nmblookup -S" now always works, even with broken servers the database stores all unexpected replies and these can be accessed by any client. while doing this I cleaned up a couple of functions, and put in place a better trn_id generator. in most places the code got quite a bit simpler due to the addition of simple helper functions.
      adds  8ae3366   the bulk of the unexpected packet handling code is in here (This used to be commit 771f610f0d0223fea815771c9efe40d00e4817f4)
      adds  d705b62   got rid of mem_man yamd is much better, and doesn't require any source code changes if you haven't seen yamd then take a look at 	http://www3.hmc.edu/~neldredge/yamd/ its excellent! (This used to be commit 25b13f8b79d648188036f027f45bc78ec117cc88)
      adds  8d1d27b   ignore a few files (This used to be commit 8767334d8a44db5cb8abf084d185dae6e32db062)
      adds  632b4f8   added suppport for unexpected udp/138 packets
      adds  fbd17c8   simple mods to add msrpc pipe redirection.  default behaviour: fall back to using internal msrpc code in smbd. (This used to be commit 8976e26d46cb991710bc77463f7f928ac00dd4d8)
      adds  7434c1a   Fixed getgrent() recurse problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b5420f6152d5df415231cb3fdf614542dbbd7db3)
      adds  528399a   oops, must use read_data() not read(), as read() may only provide part of the data stream.  read_data() is a wrapper to guarantee receiving exactly the requested number of bytes. (This used to be commit 90c27b7bffa9b2121eaed0e07931830c3ba308d7)
      adds  ac9c699   using read_with_timeout(), min data size 16 bytes (DCE/RPC header), max size of SMBtrans response, timeout of 10 seconds.  read_data() _certainly_ doesn't work, as you don't know what size of the data is going to come back that needs to be fed back in the SMBtrans response.  yes, oops :-) (This used to be commit 70d6f7635776bba98c9c09405eff6c2087dac590)
      adds  794aafe   Added "crap" fix for rotating string buffers. (Increased to 20, added #define). Andrew - please fix this properly when you have time :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8515bdb39c603864246d3a4ff2349fa76b0bd86e)
      adds  437c68b   use a minimal hash size in the unexpected packet database. A large hash is only useful when we fetch by key, not when we use tdb_traverse() (This used to be commit e154f041e8ec8b1097d4a0c727c68d217effba34)
      adds  1f438ff   lower the default hash size a bit (This used to be commit 51ed6e8cec47642641e6b26682fd6f25624b19ae)
      adds  5e9f559   implemented talloc() as described on samba-technical. This fixes the lp_string() bug properly.
      adds  c4914e2   client/client.c: I18N fixes. smbd/dir.c: Reformatting comments. smbd/ipc.c: New password change code for Win98. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9e90122afd1b6a7cf38660fc3bc3aa8e526bf08b)
      adds  5983a77   Moved check_plaintext_password() into smbd/chgpasswd.c from smbd/ipc.c. configure configure.in include/config.h.in: Added <sys/un.h> autoconf code for Luke's UNIX domain sockets code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 210d61db08136122f51a93428607fccd582c9e7d)
      adds  eb87c3f   Fix for renaming directories on OS/2 server. Fix from John Janosik <jpjanosi at us.ibm.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b3c0dd72339b2004684b1650c8f7832577bc44b0)
      adds  8bd94c1   Re-added "dfree command" functionality that was described in the man pages but was not in the code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f4898a1f16a2dbc25d062b0088d6c589a34c93a0)
      adds  cebc237   Generic wildcard matching fix from weidel at multichart.de. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8b790cf3e21dd415e1daba24f5eba219e824cdc4)
      adds  20bd653   Fixed spurious error message when doing a 'put' of an empty file. Jeremy (This used to be commit 9ba8ad1d3d4559fdf6695a18c99e83a1d37c9ac4)
      adds  f0a3883   Removed unneeded #define. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c33b6d2aba63027408bd9895d2fedfc82f69a8f0)
      adds  e91ceac   - patch from Rusty to neaten up the code a bit
      adds  112faa4   don't require readline (This used to be commit 2dbe70da8db548b3423c6c0de0f282fdf82f0fad)
      adds  102e44e   don't use strcpy (This used to be commit bf9b1328c5843eb217eff4ca05645498de2def82)
      adds  171da4d   this looks like a big commit, but it isn't really :)
      adds  d759a5f   added "netbios scope" docs (This used to be commit ccb6e36d65e48ae08585d8905b975e601bdfcb2b)
      adds  1dac1ec   remove scope parameter here too (This used to be commit c78deb1d229bd301be483a256f1fd2047cec6120)
      adds  dd9e807   always restart nmbd and smbd when asked, even if they appear not to be responding. They could be stuck (This used to be commit 8728c0bc94743935cec28caa83d93833ea3aa6a6)
      adds  3c37bfe   netbios scope is a DOS_STRING (This used to be commit e42b629baa15bf9328945d641d780fc4c7b3ffe0)
      adds  e9ddcee   the -i options are gone from nmbd and smbd - use the smb.conf parameter "netbios scope" instead
      adds  6e8548a   fixed a comment (This used to be commit 32f29c490e6265c8a383ce771943f937c49bfabc)
      adds  faa302c   Fixed deny mode bug : : If a file is resident on NT and the first user opens it read/write with DENY_READ then a subsequent : attempt by a second user (running under Windows 95) to open it read/write DENY_NONE fails. : Under samba 2.0.5a the second open succeeds but the file is write only. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 974af581fe428fd0233c2516b16a5132b0e1b583)
      adds  fab3e0e   smbd/mangle.c smbd/negprot.c: Tidyup of static initializers. smbd/server.c: Fix -l option. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d120f22fefde21b38e43ea5ad0180bf27304d2eb)
      adds  e9a8562   Fix minor typos in the yodl for smb.conf.5 and fix minor English problems :-) (This used to be commit eeb9482f0816558f22e47b1ea4c4272453d467ac)
      adds  5b7f0c7   improved the error checking (This used to be commit 2a152998a1489dead0edadb06f78b0ad6ede1a3a)
      adds  6ba295c   added a DENY test that tests deny mode handling. It produces a matrix of 324 lines (6*6*3*3) of all possible deny mode behaviour. This allows us to compare with NT. We currently don't match :) (This used to be commit 2071105b439e87cb1c7c3a8c1b2046441eb46270)
      adds  e8b5cb4   cli_open() wasn't handling DENY_FCB or O_WRONLY correctly. After fixing that I needed to use O_RDWR instead of O_WRONLY in several places to avoid the silly bug in MS servers that doesn't allow getattrE on a file opened with O_WRONLY (This used to be commit e21aa4cb088f348139309d29c85c48c8b777cff5)
      adds  f2fc3a2   fix a error in access_table revealed by the new deny test in smbtorture. We now exactly match NT for normal files. We still don't match for *.exe files though (This used to be commit 3f7fea58e8da6d98acadaabf0498ea2e88ea5678)
      adds  c01663c   extent smbtorture to test with both an exe file and a dat file (This used to be commit dd2ce575047eb57288bff11669512132fd347fda)
      adds  735ee07   don't treat a packet as a oplock break unless it is a request, not a reply! (This used to be commit 45b8f1c92cf7ecae35240e72741e5ac952587c58)
      adds  0af00ed   I'm currently designing a new locking system (using a tdb database!) that will make us match NT semantics exactly and do away with the horrible fd multiplexing in smbd.
      adds  8433aa4   modified smbd/msrpc credential transfer system.  user session key is *missing* from samba cvs main, therefore it is set to all zeros. this will cause, amongst other things, administrator-changing-user-passwords, and setting up new accounts, to fail, as the user's password can only be decoded with the session key (in this case, the administrator's usr sess key).
      adds  ec5b304   Fixed bug in unix_mask_match() that caused veto files not to work. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f5fedf80bce84dba1468631202337077511bcd25)
      adds  8f4e672   Fixed pointer arithmetic found by IRIX compiler. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 20d72e8959fc800836369e4c970f7cb84b95ac9a)
      adds  50be4e1   Fix problems with broken libc fvct returns. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6b61f2fe66a62082fdab998ec7bbb1184b9583d7)
      adds  a2dac5f   Use slprintf not snprintf. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b0a5ba9e01e71a64c7e693b6bf3f9bd499d3e095)
      adds  1e2f92a   Added utmp fix from David Lee <T.D.Lee at durham.ac.uk>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 95d37a1d25d56316c80eec54aea1f358cd621d4c)
      adds  6d81c60   Added missing #ifdef for WITH_UTMP. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 465c5a830827b82f0535d4507b3432c2df6de658)
      adds  08685f6   added locking/brlock.c, a byte range locking system (This used to be commit 67b7b2a5a68fd22222bd54771c779f752ff59917)
      adds  e18a2ca   defined br_off as a type for byte range offsets. For now I've set it as SMB_OFF_T, we need to do some autoconf changes to generate a 64 bit int whenever possible (eg. long long on 32 bit i386) (This used to be commit 09dbe8bccec244c8ea0893a7d8ca4fe85d5420f7)
      adds  0704684   new prototypes (This used to be commit 671e52cec2f254a11f9dcef9ef692afa3b86c679)
      adds  415e3c0   added Enosuchshare and a lock_type enum (This used to be commit 6927aa19052baba2dcfcdec7564dad1a17f4c562)
      adds  6bad53f   the lock routines now take a enumerated type for read/write locks, and we now don't pass the lock type at all for unlocks.
      adds  6c2a1fd   the bulk of the new byte range locking coode
      adds  826446d   changes to reflect the new syntax of the locking calls. (This used to be commit 44117df2c908d473b3e1a1020b22af6d584809ef)
      adds  cdb8c99   greatly expanded the lock4 locking test. we now pass all but one test - that should be fixed soon. (This used to be commit 23bb936e1fdeab2ad697ed946c945ef5ce87357d)
      adds  2afd5d5   some more work on the byte range locking
      adds  3a6c206   Added "inherit permissions" patch. Fixed locking bug found by Andrew. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 38dffd360dc2e44bfc9e751f017e24f81ff0f2fa)
      adds  7cd74b0   Updated docs for "inherit permissions" fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4fbc7358d21f541b7a6e27f768a88007bf390da5)
      adds  82af221   we now pass all byte range locking tests
      adds  7bc1cc7   damn, Solaris already has a "enum lock_type"
      adds  1359195   casts and defines to make solaris happy (This used to be commit 77cf152c02b445f4b6e9de393936dd6e54e6f442)
      adds  012be9e   Added HP change. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4914d2f161b6a82789f3a9decccb636fb21264c5)
      adds  86da0e8   HP changes for registry querying. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fd8582cc0a751618f4699f435d561f5de54bf7f4)
      adds  94bdf05   useable_space does not include the alignment offset calculations. Bugfix from Marc_Jacobsen at hp.com. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eb06c199163232453e2d9ca50d00765c90f8f3e2)
      adds  0cbae6f   make a br_off a SMB_BIG_UINT (This used to be commit 0751a0ea4cdb7f5db0aa6f359dd3e4f744fc0689)
      adds  5eae2ea   make string_init() static use string_set() instead, to avoid the bug Richard discovered (This used to be commit fdcbf6b52d8373bf8f35718a9649788415c23342)
      adds  33157e9   fixed a formatting error (This used to be commit 10d9d81e8b7eba588526a5d479be74ce8f86fc55)
      adds  54e1176   added code to allow traversal of the byte range lock database this is used with "smbstatus -B" to dump the lock list (This used to be commit 5f022629146701e6d543f77007dc944e4277ab0c)
      adds  b3b634f   use string_set() instead of string_init()
      adds  2d96e58   rewrote the access_table() code to get it right for *.exe, *.dll, *.sym and *.com files. I still find it incredible that SMB treats file locking differently depending on the file name - that is so ugly it stinks.
      adds  8cf023f   a consequence of the access_table() fixes is that we can't treat DENY_DOS and DENY_FCB as the same thing anymore (the difference matters for *.exe files) (This used to be commit 8f3ff09283db87083a81a943909ae047cdd9e48b)
      adds  48ff3b9   proto update (This used to be commit ab492d46942e9c43e6b61a04f9db75d9fc3f40d6)
      adds  2513cd5   use GET_DENY_MODE() macro instead of the bit shift (This used to be commit d72c98a931ff05a7f8b74b98cd7ebd025a87d249)
      adds  446f2ae   as obelix would say "these romans are crazy"
      adds  b09e4c3   use GET_DENY_MODE() macro (This used to be commit d9c3e0e61f315ad4d9c3ea6bb6acc8500befe6b4)
      adds  6389b81   renamed DENY to DENY1 added DENY2 test that checks all 648 deny combinations for the case of two opens on the same connection (This used to be commit 01d4c4784dd26bdfc9883907b3170e8b0ea0cd6f)
      adds  62b02ca   made access_table() a pure logic function - makes it simpler to apply maths to (This used to be commit 0ad62f128d1c26b8f7e71bc045c6f4a584f8d374)
      adds  4e15be9   fixed some typos in access_table() which, amaziingly enough, make no difference to the result. (This used to be commit 9e28b7220bc293e386fec30c2d2e7e401b61b1f7)
      adds  34edb1b   SAMR_R_UNKNOWN_38 is 3 uint16 params (4-byte aligned) followed by status code. (This used to be commit 55035b8984c135ddd2c4e3be18caf8833975841d)
      adds  4f48264   test for pre- version numbers (This used to be commit c1f25dbf996de50f486a165b314119e9f4ae0419)
      adds  ea9909c   Added Herb's swat fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fa3d91de8957c932f02205f9257dd3e47892a43d)
      adds  d85e6f2   Moved Herb's global -> local changes to HEAD. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bdb2ff6a38f55a66fa7e142f30442899193805ee)
      adds  d91bfab   made cvs main up-to-date with samba_tng, with addition of process id to msrpc loop-back interface. (This used to be commit adbf97c0a93149e17496b002ecc8ecdb3f360ed5)
      adds  43f1d80   we need -lc when making shared objects or glibc doesn't do its magic binding for stat() (This used to be commit b52e60d5685b6ce9e581b5598b2725a4bf88ab06)
      adds  014bdf9   tdb record read error return check fix from Dave Airlie <airlied at samba.org>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 82c99dc8d8bc79e88f0db651f04fc23508195a51)
      adds  b5e7e42   First set of speed improvements from Ying Chen <ying at almaden.ibm.com>. Inline several commonly used functions as macros. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fc0219c7cc4b83e6db17d5b3be70d74fd7971089)
      adds  d867b86   Second set of inline optimisation fixes from Ying Chen <ying at almaden.ibm.com>. Stop makeing function calls for every use of skip_multibyte_char. This function is called several *million* times during a NetBench run :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e5a3deba46ea2d4cb49a6c4b73edd766fe8b5a5c)
      adds  ace4006   Added hash-based stat cache code from Ying Chen. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b62a1bd6328f5894ae1a2fef3ef6fc66304ade52)
      adds  451dcb3   Fixed code page conversions of messages outgoing/incoming. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 84b045cbc8b337f1e23f200af433ac9d265a22d4)
      adds  40122f6   Modified auto alignment of ud[] struct on stack to be declared as an array of pointers. This should cause alignment on a correct boundary.. Spotted by Darren Reed <darrenr at telnetmedia.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 91f4d0675333d7c5d7bb5ff077faaf83e1fd9bfe)
      adds  ebfef23   Fix from Motonobu TAKAHASHI to sort code page parameters first. Needed when reading the rest of smb.conf. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 171bef4d95390c1a74591fb06327cc993360a764)
      adds  21df01f   Wrapped popen calls in HAVE_POPEN - needed if we are to add the env patch. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 94c075faee88538e48d1898f1694500b8a5d4c8b)
      adds  230f81b   made "enable" and "disable" the default "lpresume" and "lppause" commands for SYSV instead of the lpc commands (since these are BSD commands)
      adds  71e83b2   Pass arguments to ./configure (This used to be commit 6e9ab5157842700adc895a6ae0bcf0927bc43588)
      adds  1afd542   system_name not server_name (This used to be commit e9da53012011b30cab80074fdc55e624ede97979)
      adds  fdcdfe6   file srv_netlogond_nt.c was initially added on branch SAMBA_TNG. (This used to be commit f25bffada9b65236adbece7284a699c37af74f6d)
      adds  18b31bc   Some strange CVS weirdness happening here.  I had SAMBA_TNG tags in my head branch CVS/Entries file leading to lots of fun and games.  )-: (This used to be commit bb07eceddb0552ff17ba9db94ae81f58226be4b5)
      adds  04f7d80   Busting up of source/include/smb.h into smaller pieces which can be #included by VFS modules without bringing in too much other junk. (This used to be commit 13a2cf80f65156e725a5716e62a4c44e70f5340f)
      adds  0696c8c   Added .dummy file. (This used to be commit 71fc4dc7917d5c4782f61640c5b7681732742766)
      adds  f3772fe   Added smbd/vfs.o and smbd/vfs-wrap.o to smbd objects. (This used to be commit d91bfec537cf9959b47ad1cd470e18a6ddcbda6f)
      adds  71604bb   Add -rdynamic to LDFLAGS if libdl found. (This used to be commit 4c14a343d10bbddd69a1dc5abc9d4f64cf75dacc)
      adds  3d9a9cb   Comments to use vfs_* functions instead of dos_* unless really accessing files on local disk. (This used to be commit b55f63da7e6a3c306ce668c77ed63a41d33240db)
      adds  6df7bfb   Added 'vfs object' and 'vfs options' smb.conf parameters. (This used to be commit f872518972e7942e31b5ac5150d7ed8b0fbcf641)
      adds  16bb009   Mega-VFS merge.  Yeah baby!
      adds  bc48e6d   make proto (This used to be commit 8855d7346d0c15ecada2fc092e360b58ccf161fe)
      adds  7960132   Backed out -rdynamic linker option.  It seems to be GNU ld specific. Need a platform independant way of exporting symbols for dlopen(). Perhaps this is only needed for certain platforms anyway... (This used to be commit 8b26be1e82d329c9ea8a1d6a71e5e9f440eb93ac)
      adds  ae76961   Put back lots of missing calls to dos_to_unix().  Thanks to aono at cc.osaka-kyoiku.ac.jp (Tomoki AONO) (This used to be commit 176c405d2702a4245561ff56c8eac3c754a0dea3)
      adds  bbe275e   1) added void* state argument to tdb_traverse.  guess what!  there were two places i found where it was appropriate to _use_ that third argument, in locking.c and brlock.c!  there was a static traverse_function and i removed the static variable, typecast it to a void*, passed it to tdb_traverse and re-cast it back to the traverse_function inside the tdb_traverse function.  this makes the use of tdb_traverse() reentrant, which is never going to happen, i know, i just  [...]
      adds  1546a4c   Hopefully these changes will actually stick. (This used to be commit a2782097db258a164bf43d814e8832a27d0eb3f1)
      adds  3b6298b   Fix some compile warnings. (This used to be commit ccbd936211d4bfc8687cef78405ae58127289d13)
      adds  c473ca6   After 3AM, it's getting hard for Luke :-) (This used to be commit 61c970b10adc37412722a6ee54b166d41ed0a071)
      adds  ebbb007   Fixed compile warning in locking.c:traverse_fn() (This used to be commit eefc8972217e5a700b90f13ab040a0919f184d23)
      adds  427a3ba   Fix some more compile warnings. (This used to be commit 507624dbc0a1a9e1df72a6b8de45038e86a9e5b1)
      adds  868c81e   Added check for SGI IRIX brokenness with semaphores when using gcc. Code from Don Badrak <dbadrak at census.gov> Jeremy. (This used to be commit 773d6e504b1ac97f0d8136002ace2c0c0771a163)
      adds  6a6749d   First commit of the spoolss code to the HEAD branch.
      adds  59ac32c   Jeremy can you check lib/util_unistr.c for codepages support ? I added 2 UNICODE <-> ASCII functions which _don't_ honor codepage support.
      adds  195e3d4   spoolss definitions.
      adds  b7ef313   spoolss include definitions
      adds  cedf91b   make proto ...
      adds  07fd3b3   Hum, I should remove my gloves when I'm in front of an xterm :)
      adds  27ce49e   Moved over lib/util_sec (with added fixes) as the HEAD source seems to have drifted a little. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ebcdb4afee04cc3b94e60b1de86c2b534d4e233e)
      adds  74f0d16   added masktest to head branch, in preparation for another assault on the wildcard handling code (This used to be commit 3f77690dade57f4ae9da7196b0aa7a3a43afcc46)
      adds  94d68eb   update masktest for new make_nmb_name() syntax (This used to be commit 3609e835d4f938190f43b958403978c892b4bc9b)
      adds  2768aec   Defensive programming for cli_error(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 94ed74d5b09d6f28b47b2855c4e4a1dc5c2108d3)
      adds  f452de7   Correct for for core dump in smbpasswd with cli_errstr(). Jeremy.<F4>plit the test for NetBIOS name being *SMBSERVER. (This used to be commit 34b0e2acb050e384c132ddfb50ec84157fb430c6)
      adds  fe05c85   Fixed wildcard match bug with '****' with smbclient. Found by Andrew (damn him! :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit c8ca70f99ee2eae5e29ddf0dd4bc231fbcd188f2)
      adds  181aa19   file ntdom.c was initially added on branch SAMBA_TNG. (This used to be commit 1f7964f29b9bcc92517e10c4f47c56fb2de5c9ab)
      adds  dacbb15   the beginnings of a fnmatch() based wildcard matching routine (This used to be commit ef256de9d9a204cf91fe8b636d07400cd0648d1e)
      adds  89c3cf8   damn, masktest now needs the mangle code from smbd
      adds  9d59503   Ooops. Fixed stupid typo with missing ! in cli error code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0babc4baea62aa40e8698ab88b3a95d514c001b6)
      adds  74ca35e   Not enough args to DEBUG statement. (This used to be commit 156f438bce607236b2d91c28f3dbe8559e048738)
      adds  13ac8fd   Return "Invalid tdb context" instead of crashing when tdb_error called with NULL tdb context. (This used to be commit ba9f24c0964054f22cd8f0de32cfeacb88b4800c)
      adds  8688933   fix the reply of rpc_alter_context OpenPrinterEx is now decoding correctly the query most of the EnumXXX use the new_buffer struct. check the (un)marshalling return code.
      adds  3cf31a1   Added replacement functions sys_popen and sys_pclose. These are based on the glibc source code and are safer than the traditional popen as they don't use a shell to exec the requested command. Now we have these functions they can be tightened up (environment etc.) as required to make a safe popen. It should now be safe to add the environement variable loading code to loadparm.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit b52e92b09d4ca3b66e534f520468dee27065d048)
      adds  4175061   Added "source environment" parameter from Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at wdr.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f29847cbeeb0109f1fa61e9851e8cb0689b5228d)
      adds  f89a1e9   tdb_traverse() now takes three arguments. (This used to be commit 2d3e2f8877fb8eb21b4ccf4d7a56f1c625c71780)
      adds  4feb854   Make proto. (This used to be commit a12ebc50be4384750b10bf0c391adc967cb096ff)
      adds  8b45838   Added support for SO_REUSEPORT for systems that have it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 377515cf9624720362c0b76969b9381d9972a13f)
      adds  590d92c   More checks for passing NULL tdb contexts to tdb functions. (This used to be commit 7faa70d254549e60520de1ed1112d41fe9a4d77c)
      adds  c988b69   Updated docs for tdb_traverse. (This used to be commit 8cbc7dfa031cb66d1f011705b6bd76d56c68cae5)
      adds  92bf37e   Don't assume that the (files_struct *) passed to fd_attempt_close() will be non-NULL. (This used to be commit 02f845e54351ec57ee873a8ed887285552c6ecab)
      adds  1a27ef1   Fixes for Eastern Europe code page. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0ec82d661a27a02322e5c8da20a18f33bfb24a3e)
      adds  8dcac9f   Fix for reporting file system attributes correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 801ed2389b97f921aa855513696d304c542fda04)
      adds  0e00421   more rewrite ...
      adds  ed95d8e   Fix for crash bug from Paul Tyler <pct at ansto.gov.au>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 89aa4d8ca9cc9e8e6dd4566076c0cace8b82d838)
      adds  f732446   richard got the short request for GETDC right (hooray!)  win9x _and_ nt now work. (This used to be commit 27ef1789267c7af70071ac9b1d216b4dd745578a)
      adds  9db96b7   lib/system.c: Fixed gcc warnings. nmbd/nmbd_processlogon.c: Use "True" and "False" instead of 1 and 0. Others - preparing for multiple pdu write code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9f879ec396230deba34fbe5e82d8a65f92137c54)
      adds  1f28a34   Multiple-dot scope handling fix from Greg Bowering gb at pobox.com Jeremy. (This used to be commit 693a582c23599bbdd45adb30401b1162e44fd274)
      adds  f3319f7   converted a couple of bzero() to memset()
      adds  6601887   made dynamic the Printer struct. No more limits :-)
      adds  0f1eee5   client/client.c: libsmb/clientgen.c: Fixes for Win2k smbclient browsing. Other fixes implement smbpasswd -x user to delete users. Also allows swat to do the same. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9f6ad046761adecafba59040baa3abc9f0959e65)
      adds  badee62   rewrote enumprinterdata. still a bug in it but reproducing it hard and borring.
      adds  fd3acf4   added enumprintprocessordatatypes now NT is happy and the "always send data in RAW mode" is checked
      adds  e4de0e5   Added tdbtool to .cvsignore list. (This used to be commit 2892f6e534d5084b50287bf3859be74d52978cb7)
      adds  676df39   Allow tdb databases to be created "in memory" without having a file associated with them.  tdb can then be used as a hash table data structure. (This used to be commit b345c0a1058bcde7689bb9566535e9f1c46ee173)
      adds  7969180   Modifications to tdb_traverse() arguments to remove compile warnings. (This used to be commit d64456b5889f0ee3a8c2108c13789540bfc3d90c)
      adds  0a77ae3   Oops - put back filename argument to tdb_open(). (This used to be commit 110ec9923bd2ad729d63f129514f3f1de76de9c1)
      adds  1f6f8c2   Makefile for tdb directory. (This used to be commit 60ae73c257e84aa128954f0cf5cf59e7996c68d9)
      adds  f429162   Fixes for strange Win2K attempts to auto-inherit ACLs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 41e37c51816ec048952ada1513c62f2689589001)
      adds  4fb0143   Fixes from Luke, back-ported from TNG to Win2k. Correctly return FAULT_PDU on unknown rpc calls. Win2k now correctly shows the owners of files. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 066898689f496dc655c3f0a553ac5e884e078022)
      adds  9fd3d39   Check for null tdb context in tdb_exists() (This used to be commit bbacdb834f9c8f8c34368664def42dabe78d90c9)
      adds  7260655   Fix for Win2k unicode bug where doing SMB_NT_TRANSACT_CREATE it uses unicode filenames whilst *not* bothering to set the unicode bit. Nice :-(. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ccddf4d92e4b1af6076692c21247a838498201fc)
      adds  50444a0   Fixed smbpasswd crash bugs found by Giulio. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 54440428e5dbf5c1e673e881d3a9364e64ad2ad7)
      adds  2792106   Added new codepage from Ded Marazm <DedMarazm at mail.lv> - MSDOS baltic rim. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b8b98d50588a68a8001f4f7eeb09d0d19e232d13)
      adds  99be80b   Off by one error in detecting Win2k unicode bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4971e8b44ac38806f6fc0b3bd22d3ccafd1f5d4e)
      adds  d82ea9d   Fixed bugs with -x smbpasswd entry. Thanks to Bruce Tenison <btenison at dibbs.net>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c7695c66774225248978ac9ca2615762a0d449aa)
      adds  4569595   Update last changed time for new password entry. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a8ccf1d9532cdf623342c968f51f1d89f89d728a)
      adds  ea1c3cc   Correctly full buffer smbpasswd i/o streams. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7b222ed713d47241822323970214326b6a8e67ac)
      adds  5eae8c7   Tidied up fchown code, error reporting. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8e3239440dee6c6f50d26b70f7db46bef2a87a2d)
      adds  78d7ba5   changed prs_unistr to parse empty and non-empty strings the same way. fixed typo in SPOOLSS_SYNT some cleanup of unused functions wrote make_spoolss_enumprinter and make_spoolss_openprinterex for rpcclient as I'm trying to keep in sync the parsing code between HEAD and TNG.
      adds  0f987d7   fixed enumprinterdata.
      adds  fd69e4a   Enumprinters level 1: reply *exactly* like an NT server BTW, found a little memleak in it.
      adds  3958c39   added a tcon test: make two tconXs with the same user/pass, open a file with one of them and try to write to the file with the other. (This used to be commit f8d3ce0419aee44e4d5efe1257ce4b27f7511ceb)
      adds  952799d   dded Microsoft Dfs services. * added a new msdfs/ directory under source/ * added msdfs sources under this directory. * modified configure setup to add a --with-msdfs configure time option
      adds  4e6e454   Corrected DEBUG messages. (This used to be commit a2d62cd30a25e745c4df7ecd6675babc853238f4)
      adds  18465ec   Fixups for Win2K security descriptors from the 2.0.x branch. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d22d4482b5e170f352dbfde5b37fc4d4e0eb0a49)
      adds  6bb92a6   Big update moving the multi-pdu support from 2.0.x into HEAD for JF and the printer functions. Also tidied up some header includes and got the order right so you can now do a :
      adds  7f7c2e2   Not used. Functionality folded back into rpc_server/srv_pipe.c (where it originally came from). Jeremy. (This used to be commit b9bc7e8cb6255f2973f680678f93978f17489938)
      adds  25ac965   computer too slow to compile with debug info (100mins), but i need all the warnings. (This used to be commit 3f1d5f7c41a69d1249978c84c84ee4c80abf6cdd)
      adds  adee6e0   indent went wrong.  grr. (This used to be commit 525338e80766fe3dbcc4a64db8e957ae63c5e9d6)
      adds  32811ab   restore the spoolss pipe as Jeremy replaced srv_pipe with the one from SAMBA_2_0 :-)
      adds  115d98e   removed unused variable
      adds  e0ebb76   getprinter level 0: was to short, found most of the fields, undocumented, undecoded, nothing in MSDN, but now it works :-)
      adds  83ee937   you know, when you do a cvs commit, you _really_ expect it to actually work. this explains why j-f wasn't happy. (This used to be commit c51e38214a5323d0aa9b6dcd948a76ddc29f5305)
      adds  5e22394   Fixups for compiles with gcc flags -Wall -Wshadow -Wstrict-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-qual Partially implemented rpc daemon redirect (needs more work). Jeremy. (This used to be commit a462191698fa589ceac4afd14c652adf699eccad)
      adds  d56e342   Fix for names with spaces and some I18N filename issues from V. Fyodorov <V.Fyodorov at VAZ.RU>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4673aa1a4b133338715059174813b8e29d093972)
      adds  0307b23   Cleaning up the warnings from configure.developer. Found that Jeremy had already made some of the changes. (This used to be commit ca02d9f8219265f80fe11236c8c146db1dbb1ae2)
      adds  f2d86ad   Cleaning warnings from configure.developer (This used to be commit c48579a4fc6c17126712f3a9a9c5212063a6a24d)
      adds  d50abde   Cleaned up unused variables, returns from non-void functions etc. (This used to be commit 6ce72c37429c3fc0629fdbd5f5656f07970a8e4a)
      adds  7b97d05   You *must* use O_EXCL when using mktemp (security issue). Glad this code never shipped :-). This is not a problem in 2.0.x. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a0c302f4d03ab07d697115fa8520d0cb0b2ba616)
      adds  741dfef   Fix stupid logic bug in detecting start-of-pdu in writeX on pipe. Found by JF. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8315583694249278c57948406c1f48e2128f2b08)
      adds  3848759   Added standard shell command thing using '!' as first character. (This used to be commit 829e645f62ffa16041c0cc126174d6fe8f63a2f0)
      adds  530a01c   moved #endif to end of function to compile when dfs is disabled.
      adds  79bfb14   parse correctly getprinterdriver2 found a stupid bug in enumprinters fixed some memleaks found a coredump in enumprinterdata getprinterdriverdir responds correctly now.
      adds  6e11f21   Interim fix for LPRng. If a lpq parsed line start with a space, we skip it, to prevent false status return value.
      adds  bf5f8bc   small fix for addprinterex at level 2
      adds  3e07f63   Cleaned up call_trans2getdfsreferral for when MS_DFS is not defined. (This used to be commit 2b99318341a3f3a3ac138fe96ad271726bf1552c)
      adds  7d2a8cd   Cleaning up call_trans2getdfsreferral. Instead of a #ifdef MS_DFS in call_trans2getdfsreferral()... , now using a generic call leading to some #define problems.. hopefully I've corrected the last of them. (This used to be commit b5a489fbb808cc7c8ff2338344ef2dae8e351e44)
      adds  c5fbb29   oops ! forgot smb.h in last commit added info level 1 parsing code for addprinter(ex)
      adds  01d8857   include/smb.h: smbd/negprot.c: smbd/reply.c: Fixes to recognise Win2k. param/loadparm.c: Put debug timestamp parameter back to correct default. smbd/nttrans.c: Fix to detect Win2k unicode bug with transact create. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bb100352ab2f98fab3978008d269920e03efcf6d)
      adds  1915667   Adding libtool support to HEAD branch.  We're going to need this for various things yet to be merged from TNG.  The smbwrapper stuff should probably be ported across too. (This used to be commit b183c24220154b33fbb1c1712d1ef819ef4e1290)
      adds  08607c3   Fixed parsing issue with HP printer defs reported by HP. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 035272e6bcc8c43bf4521e4a20b0c35b0901e904)
      adds  321091a   Fix from NAKAJI Hiroyuki for a trailing '\n\ in asctime. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 87df97c9365a185e4ea6bac7b832b8cf38144624)
      adds  5b9130f   use proper parameter names instead of alias names clear lppause and lpresume commands since they don't exist on IRIX change spool directory (This used to be commit f6404f0b55dc0d098c1ad951d84093d3e763b28e)
      adds  1362d33   use parameters to minimize changes in samba for irix release version (This used to be commit 2b0d05d81c485707e3e6727a38d5782ec6d9ce7e)
      adds  4d43977   fix a bug in enumprinterdrivers
      adds  a36d737   removed extra arguements from make_nmb_name calls (This used to be commit d97f5d57d07b03c1df69099625b9d3faabe3f605)
      adds  e601c02   Fixes to add "paranoid" option to popen. Checks some basic things. Jeremy (This used to be commit 3b8cbb10de322fd7a1063fb5b681790b10d24ab0)
      adds  0958f44   Fix from christoph.pfisterer at rwg.de for large directory listing to OS/2 server. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ce1c36541255b51ae429e530c0ebf016009ab84e)
      adds  d1ac0e9   Added preliminary user list code from HP. Needs to be made dynamic and backended with a tdb database so the list can be shared between multiple smbds. ToDO.
      adds  2864ac5   indent update to make t easier to see setuid mods in TNG.  some code from these modules i had to leave out (nothing to do withj setuid) (This used to be commit 96717211edcc389daa4494907251ffb79ffa56d9)
      adds  b89b75a   added the following message to all dce/rpc client/server code, except the spoolss code (it's cut from TNG) and the smb-dce/rpc interface code that jeremy has been working up to TNG-functionality.
      adds  253e4ee   disabled code from HP that replaced get_sampwd_entries() with get_passwd_entries().  get_sampwd_entries() calls the generic SAM pwdb API, whereas get_passwd_entries() calls the Unix database explicitly.
      adds  c90a455   disabled the getgrent() code recently added that returns all unix groups as NT aliases.  no allowance is made for possible clashes with some unix groups that may be mapped to NT groups, not NT aliases.
      adds  8f16201   acconfig.h configure configure.in: Added check for UT_SYSLEN for utmp code. include/byteorder.h: Added alignment macros. include/nameserv.h: Added defines for msg_type field options - from rfc1002. lib/time.c: Typo fix. lib/util_unistr.c: Updates from UNICODE branch. printing/nt_printing.c: bzero -> memset. smbd/connection.c: Added check for UT_SYSLEN for utmp code.
      adds  6814d0f   Correctly convert from little-endian UNICODE to dos_codepage when doing secure file create. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 90134dd13721f60d4fb05ce9434b65e95ff09629)
      adds  6149297   rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c: Added checks on mallocs/overflow checks on all prs_xx calls. smbd/connection.c: Fix from David Lee <T.D.Lee at durham.ac.uk>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 53721fbc7d2a986cf999b8f031a2d9003c0dccae)
      adds  da2da10   load smb.conf and interfaces in masktest (to allow for netbios name resolution) (This used to be commit f007531742f5570d5b9b8cb20cab19cd1ab1bfed)
      adds  b18791b   merge from tng ...
      adds  4e7af2b   when doing a "secure nbns" wack response and check with owner for a multihomed registration we were sending the packet to the wrong host! We sent it to the person trying to register rather than to the person who currently holds the name. That means we were not secure and we could allow two people to register the same name.
      adds  3a290ce   rename static reload_services function to reload_nmbd_services because it clashes with other reload_services definitions. (This used to be commit affaf9c5411e533a77621574d356e886eea93465)
      adds  4acd40e   moved nmblib-specific code from util.c to nmblib.c. (This used to be commit 1b9077a1d5295bc8522b83ebed2d41d5dbd28a27)
      adds  61302f5   fixed the hanlding of recursion desired when sending packets from nmbd. It does NOT follow the rule that packets to the wins server have rec_des set (I know that we have postulated this in the past). Please don't screw with this unless you do careful testing from WinXX clients.
      adds  6570b48   the final part of the nmbd merge between head and tng - this gets the GETDC stuff sorted out (This used to be commit f6b56ae93e47a54317f2711533ec8208d5cbc8a9)
      adds  18bc76a   changed the definition of dos_PutUniCode
      adds  0583c25   Fixed crash bug in new handle_netbios_name code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 26963f2f8ec923991efecf6ac177fb17e7a924b0)
      adds  aaa8aad   Moved common code to set parameter offset field correctly oout of 'if' statement into main function code path. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f15ca0d9273d718534ba2fdd2ccd14ab90a95c8b)
      adds  b546035   Win2k will only accept volume labels in UNICODE. Fixed.... :-(. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 676db02f1cd7cb81c58cbbdd3bc94da17dad5227)
      adds  1bb5664   damn, the test was the wrong way around for short_resuest (This used to be commit 1ac46c40118fce9443141ce19506d124a873b73d)
      adds  84b1640   More Japanese filename fixes wrt VFS code from Tomoki AONO <aono at cc.osaka-kyoiku.ac.jp> (This used to be commit a9b628ebaa90e464366d0284226753f31439af9f)
      adds  6ca0ed9   rewrote getprinterdriver level 3, now correctly handle the dependent files. A number of memleak fixed some error return values fixed.
      adds  c475ab5   split addprinterex in preparation for level 1 support and to stop it coredump.
      adds  9966573   Cause nmbd to ignore loopback interface when constructing its interface                                                         list. This is done by default when interfaces are probed, but if someone explicitly adds to the interfaces line for smbd, then nmbd would start to try and register names on it. This was not good :-(. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cc3ad825214686ad03dd4176d0c55290d1de6221)
      adds  0d9d264   Fixed bug found by JF where if the amount of data to return in the prs_struct was small enough to pass the SMBtrans max data test we weren't setting the "more data needed" error. I was fogetting the RPC_HEADER_LEN.... I now check the correct length (current pdu staging area length). More printer spool enum stuff works now. This bug does not affect TNG. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1c9d2c016a78b0ed11dc68adeabb709903444837)
      adds  332013e   Added check for LL suffix to long long ints needed by AIX 4.3.x compiler to allow successful build. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 567713a07c089ab3ebb4c9b96087777de154b601)
      adds  3daa0cf   I finally got sick of configure being run automaticaly when I run make clean or in other situations. That then screws up options I pass to configure and is generally annoying.
      adds  772ab75   Fixed spelling of Andrew's name.  (-: (This used to be commit b912fb7dd239ce18a9b2e4ffaf1785d32899dc9f)
      adds  6b201d0   Fix for coredump in testparm. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c4c06650dd2407919213e5393ae501815a10c4f5)
      adds  0c4e40b   samba-bugs -> samba. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8fb9843c40d5e8942006089e61dc9e709c9c8cc6)
      adds  15bb28c   IRIX include fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3a39acd3535647b0f28f51eea29573d5cb1eb9be)
      adds  42796c4   fixes for broken IRIX header file merged from 2.0 branch (This used to be commit 351b25727e69864f06f363c1fce1ab04f3f2ca77)
      adds  a49d86c   Additional fix for nmbd and interface. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 715fa7ea8cf00d72c868bed420c28a29011f53a1)
      adds  68b1382   Fix for spoolss code from Alan Hourihane <Alan.Hourihane at pinacl.co.uk>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 33aa541e89ebe2e6a7c1808cea6dc7128bdb0587)
      adds  576c970   Hmmm - unicode codepages need adding to HEAD. Thought that'd been done ? Jeremy. (This used to be commit efbb327ff94aeb4ee18a73b169007dfe8a139b02)
      adds  d6981c2   Fix for compiler warning about invalid structure type. jeremy. (This used to be commit 58a16e2718e6400fe9f20d61990818f2d146042f)
      adds  ba0a53b   Removed unused parameter vuid from rpc_server api_* calls.  For the very few functions that need to access the vuid, it can be obtained from the current_user global.
      adds  16d53e8   Snuck in some whitespace cleanup while I was visiting these files.  (-: (This used to be commit f249dc041f3f3bdb1adaa41271236ffdb2447475)
      adds  9d5ddab   Removed strange optimisation (paranoia fix maybe ?) that stopped smbd from returning '.' and '..' in a top level listing of a trans2 directory scan. NT does return these entries. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7325059a0940909ddd98b32d62423700545ef87e)
      adds  2d15c34   Change to vfs API. POSIX states fsync should return an int, not a void. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6c442d68afae4140e28b770343a900b5ce510b4a)
      adds  6fc9ba3   Added strerror at debug level 0 on file create/open fail. Helps catch problems. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a25891f52491a3aed89302704ba24df832aedf0b)
      adds  dc2d154   changed all the status code to ERROR_xxx instead of NT_STATUS_xx which are wrong in the spoolss case.
      adds  974cf7d   off by one error ...
      adds  d598f54   JF - you might want to look at this patch.
      adds  a5ef1a7   Improved clean target. (This used to be commit facdfd319de59be4dd9b500202d33a2f3853c2c6)
      adds  bfbbd1a   Added *.so (This used to be commit e6d11483e2187d8f794f38f5687758f2a2f0b0e6)
      adds  b61dc7f   fsync() returns an int rather than void. (This used to be commit 26972823cf66aa8c4e61af9b208707c11c8b8ac6)
      adds  154596c   filled the architecture table (useless for the moment). fixed GetJob.
      adds  aac823a   Modified interfaces and added checks around *all* *alloc calls so that errors are returned on memory allocation failure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9a118cd4a2b03146b341eeffb62144a2d29b574c)
      adds  f4274fe   utmp compile fix from peter at cadcamlab.org (This used to be commit c0562a02c345c3eb7d9a26b85bef454355023ba3)
      adds  d97c3e4   don't echo warning messages twice (This used to be commit 64a3fd2bc5d84494a4aba044dc73ece4ef82dcd5)
      adds  0017655   split out the lpq parsing code into a separate file printing/lpq_parse.c
      adds  df72a6a   removed the read prediction code from the head branch. I think the idea is fundamentally flawed anyway and it has been disabled for a long time. (This used to be commit 08de67ced40d563ee468f40faa81a88f12a1ecc1)
      adds  c7d3912   got rid of the file_fd_struct structure completely.
      adds  b36ea9a   the first of a bunch of changes to code with getting rid of the fd_ptr element in the fsp
      adds  c304369   rather than doing print file open processing in open.c we now handle it in print_open_file()
      adds  689ec46   the bulk of the changes to get rid of fd_ptr and move print open handling to printing/printing.c
      adds  1e66881   new prototypes (This used to be commit d9130377b297a7a12e953e11bf5d484d48e772e0)
      adds  2733f53   initialise fsp->fd to -1 (This used to be commit 5257ff5d67632922a64266ad2ce5d5a38c701cbc)
      adds  4379d35   Fix for soft quotas not being set from            Norbert P�schel <Pueschel.Norbert at Walzbarren-VAW.ne.uunet.de> Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5480ecf24bc7c97f25a5a6aee7e24eba7e87a458)
      adds  416fa53   added checks to open both \\server\printer and \\server\share.
      adds  cdf2230   two minor bugfixes for SCO UnixWare. The first is to catch SIGPIPE so that putmsg() inside their send() doesn't kill swat and the scond is to open /dev/null to replace stdin after we close that (This used to be commit d35bbe56bc9e3e5896b2ebdf33ff6468a0432e1f)
      adds  03630a9   added a cheap and nasty skip_unibuf() fn to allow easier merging from TNG
      adds  2fa9226   finally got sick of the "extern int Client" code and the stupid assumption that we have one socket everywhere
      adds  5f6ccc6   new prototypes (This used to be commit be7ecd0977734174645c1389836a657f62375db8)
      adds  55fa163   some updates to the process logon code to reflect lukes latest research plus some cleanups (This used to be commit 1682faa1b0e95fc5acdf9b10da80a6515f8772cd)
      adds  17ea0bd   add an align4() function (This used to be commit 7969f4dccbc5a506ef58b9270a08f8f70d9006f7)
      adds  420099f   add a comment (This used to be commit 0da440c8fe365fd53c313e9dc62dda7e40916d62)
      adds  ca08514   prototypes (This used to be commit 04bee56160d95cdf971dd2e2c05e1b7482e0fbe9)
      adds  f6be38c   include/byteorder.h: ALIGN4/ALIGN2 macros. include/includes.h: Added SMB_BIG_UINT_BITS. lib/util.c: Removed align2/align4 - use macros. libsmb/namequery.c: Use ALIGN2. locking/locking.c: Replace do_lock, do_unlock, args with SMB_BIG_UINT, not SMB_OFF_T.                    Needed to move to hiding POSIX locks at a lower layer. nmbd/nmbd_processlogon.c: Use ALIGN2/ALIGN4 macros. smbd/blocking.c: Replace do_lock, do_unlock, args with SMB_BIG_UINT, not SMB_OFF_T. smbd/re [...]
      adds  2311eca   The latest open() code changes broke the NT directory opens. Detect if a read-only open on a directory was done and return an EISDIR from open_file(). Changed interface to fd_close to return error. Jeremy. (This used to be commit df4302f3911447fcebe9342f6cbf3b89bd3bafba)
      adds  9bb3efc   The changes made here broke NT security descriptor returning to NT clients. We need to talk about the MACHINE.SID/<WORKGROUP_NAME>.SID mess..... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5bdaa043f015771cccdc9413c37232ab4a3e2e8e)
      adds  a110c7c   Bloody typo ! It should be & 3 , & 1 *not* &~3, &~1. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 83734b67615382d08c3f302f90a94a0eb836c79e)
      adds  4743965   Andrew made it faster :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit f2a775d3fb605587d3ce134dec7a895de1fe562a)
      adds  e1083ea   Roll back to using static MACHINE.SID after consultation with Andrew. This code will be removed soon and a SID auto-generated from (probably) primary hostname and never stored in a file will replace it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fbfe94a799cda7f728bc920d4f0655d4f537e3b6)
      adds  afd40c8   Ensure that CHECK_FNUM rejects fd == -1 correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d2fff2596ad1585fc6a5e033fe8410fe5438a57b)
      adds  f5da747   logic for domainsidsize is if size is zero, there's no sid, so don't advance over it and 4-byte align.
      adds  8316237   Code to map tdb locks onto POSIX. Mainly placeholder code at the moment, but the structure is done enough so that Andrew can look it over and give a yea/nay decision. Jeremy. (This used to be commit db96f83e34a139f47776fcbb5c1624fbf9d9943b)
      adds  96b3bf3   Implmented mapping of lock offset/count from 64 bit MS ranges to either 63 or 31 bit POSIX ranges. Code to get these locks not yet added. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9c3b9146a3baff4b2e403ae8fac6c48df1b7e642)
      adds  a018d6b   Removed "ole locking compat" parameter (no longer used). We now get/set/check POSIX locks, but I still need to code up the close fd braindamage... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3de058bd43976853b0ed2b6b5529e2a3a08909eb)
      adds  019bab2   Typo - missing '}'. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0216d81f061ee599a798fdbf25625fbbbd88ef08)
      adds  a130656   rpc_parse/parse_rpc.c: Changes from TNG (thanks Luke) for NTLMSSP parsing. smbd/reply.c: Fixed typo in debug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c2aa6d66b3ca2a1a6dde8e9a1f6e761d98be517a)
      adds  e52431f   use interpret_addr2() instead of inet_aton() (This used to be commit f65c6ec6db8e05685c719e23d7b06b3452fbbb4e)
      adds  067b341   Ensure sign&seal work. Data len must have RPC_HEADER_LEN removed, but offset should not (rpc header already consumed). This fix does not affect tng. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 018ec4fdd937994824f53cb956cea1ade9690f97)
      adds  ce5e230   Log file check patch from Mattias Gronlund <Mattias.Gronlund at sa.erisoft.se>. Modified to do checks in timeout processing not in main loop. This (IMHO) is the correct place as (a) we are already root, and (b) it is guarenteed to be called every 200 smb requests. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c3794fd29fdc4e5a0dbd725cdc24fe210934caf2)
      adds  a4e5373   use open() not fopen() on codepage files.
      adds  4b78506   a quick hack to reduce the size of the unicode map table headers from 3MB to 250k.
      adds  88460f2   don't need this monster any more (This used to be commit 180312c4a6a92ed4b80691d7febade3ef02c8595)
      adds  b8c5121   use macros for table boundaries (This used to be commit a82a5acff2ad2120f5480f0cb08550e95d80c59e)
      adds  f77d9a2   added standard_sub_snum() function for modules that don't have a connection structure (This used to be commit f35fe3b4a175161128341fe30a61437c560180d1)
      adds  4a12fb7   The following series of commits are for the new tdb based printing backend. This completely replaces our old printing backend.
      adds  837887f   the fsp needs a jobid in it now
      adds  95ddbb8   the new file_lines_load() and file_lines_free() routines. Very useful!
      adds  5711f1f   the bulk of the changes. Also split the loadparm related code into printing/load.c so swat can get it without linking to the backend code
      adds  8a91379   JF and Jeremy - please have a look at what I did to the spoolss code. It now uses the new printing backend.
      adds  54de56a   the changes to the main smb code
      adds  4367a3e   added tdb_get_int() and tdb_store_int()
      adds  b062fe0   - put the job status in english not french!
      adds  99acf45   added helper fns to change from internal status codes to nt spoolss codes (This used to be commit 8af879b3f513e7e8ca5f63848d22824b05e68398)
      adds  2c80622   use some symbolic names for print queue status (This used to be commit e8418ab73667e011b15e00a844240723ff4a8cd6)
      adds  7ee1c90   improved the error handling and added queue pause and resume (This used to be commit 5f5b79c9264510f5851ad1d6f3ce9e2b15e4a0da)
      adds  d79a8c6   removed old comments (This used to be commit 9f49d17d4cf904034ce3718626450dc25541b420)
      adds  37c0312   added fdprintf()
      adds  6684245   got rid of all the FILE* calls in the NT print system.
      adds  83170b3   got rid of FILE* in the unix name mapping code (This used to be commit 92f85cef8b4c283374edb726ff0b4999a2000b2a)
      adds  19f946b   converted a bunch more functions to use a fd instead of a FILE*
      adds  8d7e498   converted a couple more functions to use a fd instead of a FILE*
      adds  bb28f06   moved standard_sub() and friends into a separate module (This used to be commit 030ec8e71f9ef533b5d6aece01e67d357e23b7d2)
      adds  9882566   removed some obsolete configure tests (sysv ipc etc) (This used to be commit e8905a557a342ba3604a61663c6ff24887a9fd46)
      adds  d99bec7   got rid of some more old configure tests and includes (This used to be commit f137648504362479143d50477fa38ebf7147968b)
      adds  483e61b   When parsing a dfs map for a service, see if the mount points exist that stand for token junction points in the Dfs. If not, create these mount points as subdirectories of the service directory. (This used to be commit 3b79df24687afce4780884b7a784661f69752fe1)
      adds  bcaf121   Corrected minor parsing errors. Not adding a Dfs junction to msdfs.tdb if it doesn't have any referred paths as parsed from the dfsmap file. (This used to be commit 462ea8b7fdaa528c3e9bfaca4fdd031888157124)
      adds  9ff0323   ReadDirName calls vfs->readdirname calls dos_readdirname. replaced with readdirname.  ditto for OpenDir and CloseDir. (This used to be commit a0afe0d5f8378463b1e47cd779aee3af98c1940a)
      adds  75731f8   fixed some crash bugs in the nt forms parsing (This used to be commit e505a6ddf3df37ca485cae117c53fa96d736f897)
      adds  db0631f   don't parse blank lines (This used to be commit 8b1afe7e1af0a62244632e0a58b9e513ab4366f0)
      adds  7b1c539   updates from the TNG branch (This used to be commit 36fb5bc72fc6c0de719205ea34f497bfa0c4082f)
      adds  4217c93   locking/locking.c: Fixed placeholder code for POSIX locking. printing/printing.c: Cast tdb_delete to (tdb_traverse_func) to stop warning.                      tmpfile gives mirror warning. smbd/groupname.c: Remember to file_lines_free() on exit. tdb/tdb.h: Add tdb_traverse_func typedef. Jeremy (This used to be commit 204ca1195c86499bd9beb273ce573db7a56ccead)
      adds  d2db520   Sync up with 2.0.7 w.r.t. guest users. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8a99d824c0e9a43c8a8c81140f8c9005c7e2621a)
      adds  6126823   - got rid of the "passive" option - cleaned up the standard_sub_*() calls a lot (This used to be commit 2c2d95d77d3667eaa9252506a82b9054b0d0e01c)
      adds  59f992f   patch from luke to split out lanman code from ipc.c into lanman.c (This used to be commit 95246a8432e04bcdeed962d1a6112dfd90518941)
      adds  f074d6e   split fsusage() into a separate module (to fix linking problems with spoolssd in tng) (This used to be commit e2eacdd74c369fbbcd118148149321e36f3d0010)
      adds  b7a1d19   use sys_fsusage() not disk_free() in printing.c (This used to be commit 763704f78fc44976b2d977e8a08ffdeb727903c4)
      adds  6259f51   This is a *big* checkin that may break some things, but implements the new open mechanism Andrew & I discussed.
      adds  d384e18   fixed uninitialised snum (This used to be commit 14251aab2ec00aa7f3e6a6e791e78732cb5a9eda)
      adds  f7608e8   fixed overlapping strcpy() found by insure (This used to be commit 1106fa7f24d229c3877263b7a7dde359556435e6)
      adds  6723954   don't copy a null groups list (This used to be commit d0fc1675df35e65488a19d7f5929792fba347b07)
      adds  f1867dc   return NULL for a zero size memdup (This used to be commit 9416b58b9c2ff898cdae2cb81ab1e150ef9f0e89)
      adds  f930ec6   if using insure then don't close fd 2 (This used to be commit 1c6322473afcf9065fa25777d1b0627f133af3f6)
      adds  9e3f457   fixed a prs memory leak (weren't freeing input buffer) (This used to be commit be7186b0dd2779fc9f98b4c9f77874ef3ded37d6)
      adds  71499fb   avoided a memory leak in the ubi code by deleting a mangled cache entry before adding to ensure that we don't ever add a duplicate entry
      adds  d44ae9e   insure caught an uninitialised memory reference - ensure it starts as zero (This used to be commit 53077295b76487a6eafc6b14b69a91074a02aa35)
      adds  c389bd2   trick to get full stack trace when using the free version of insure (This used to be commit bb9b3e03deebe23cf3fe10c2cb9b67a730e086a2)
      adds  7fcdb8f   fixed two uninitialised memory references (This used to be commit e4ddd1a4a96b7f723d3d92e4334f4033e1dbc8a8)
      adds  943471f   split fsp specific routines out of printing.c to fix linking problem in TNG (This used to be commit 82df25b28b94b0041676fb433e0e677acb544579)
      adds  a32420e   Makefile.in change for split of printfsp.c (This used to be commit 980a81651a043f2281f6a8b863d31438212b584a)
      adds  31446a9   check for a valid snum when running a printing command (This used to be commit 381ddb464fd0da671d567177f1ded10f67952692)
      adds  b1686a6   we can't pass a fstring to a routine expecting a pstring (This used to be commit 8af70f288723e4597bc8639fc0cbec44af2e50c7)
      adds  b2461e9   split out standard_sub_basic() again to fix a bug where %p was being substituted in the loadparm code and thus leaving lpq with no printer (This used to be commit b7c7a4d564d36885aa7c3efb2a87caec470df7fe)
      adds  cc229d7   fixed a memory leak I caused last week with my lines[] changes (This used to be commit 4c889d08aed3cebba54abbc96f28a2d1c545a4b5)
      adds  6d667ad   fixed another spoolss memory leak
      adds  d0e9a0c   another fstring/pstring fix (This used to be commit 91ed7d8ffe8208d06191c64f5332954ec6bf75da)
      adds  2d96983   don't close high fd's in smbrun when using insure (prevents closing error fd) (This used to be commit defbedd198f02f7bb9af70436f5a25ab754b5fb6)
      adds  a069d4d   fixed a locking database bug - it was actually harmless except that smbstatus could display the wrong filename when files change dev/inum after a rename (This used to be commit 990b16fcf7af74f376db157a3e5de7bb68c1a4a1)
      adds  d315f69   more pstring/fstring errors found by insure (This used to be commit ba1931bb6596b538549e712cb8898b1ed19f5adc)
      adds  e5b79f3   moved the INSURE hook into util.c (This used to be commit 8c726b9764bac0bc95cf9877e172c9e1262e576d)
      adds  f044222   fixed a parameter bug found by insure (This used to be commit a559a8066fb162c4da0a5046c49a105eabf131d9)
      adds  befb7a1   fixed another memory leak (This used to be commit 780713f67a848ade49c523cda96015ab46337cde)
      adds  73417c0   moved INSURE hook into util.c (This used to be commit 2fba24ef0e4cae64c5a179370c83d8bbf4e70bb8)
      adds  e4f8301   use an size_t not a ssize_t when checking for out of bounds errors (This used to be commit 044af3cf977e3172b3b1ce3f71457d5b0a4fc1b2)
      adds  b76e942   dump in a binary format (This used to be commit 41af3232dba90832684ad8260ce0bb05e077cb02)
      adds  e82dbfc   Now that fsp's are created on successful file open, the structure member fsp->open is no longer needed (if an fsp pointer is valid, then it's open :-).
      adds  644f22a   Added the code that keeps fd's open across a close if there are other fsp's open on the same dev/inode pair with existing POSIX locks.
      adds  84f65e6   don't qsort a list less than 2 entries (This used to be commit 6faa3c23ae6d8aab52f8d6689e04bde9b3029804)
      adds  4a57f97   fixed a memory leak of devmode in spoolss
      adds  59c8a60   fixed a memory leak in nmblookup (This used to be commit 49865ea06c96b01a5e5dec84d64b78bf26129be3)
      adds  dce954d   added TDB_MODIFY flag - patch from from luke (This used to be commit 90b574296e06cd6ed4fedc1e5a8ae412a5e78b45)
      adds  858e63c   split clientgen.c into several parts
      adds  00e3fe1   moved trans2.h and nterr.h into includes.h with all our other includes (This used to be commit d7cd7c88fdabb01d9e40ae8a657737907a21ac37)
      adds  e4d3827   Added the hard code :-).
      adds  65ec80c   quick hack to get smbtorture working again (This used to be commit 2d37c1f98f45646546ee76743f9df90b1c0b01ae)
      adds  2be9392   file ntdom_config.h was initially added on branch SAMBA_TNG. (This used to be commit 2a097e7b62441b5ccb90fa1d4a8b57ed6ee83fd0)
      adds  03699e7   file winbindd_ntdom.h was initially added on branch SAMBA_TNG. (This used to be commit b040be5ef967a9149cd6a4955b8e0404152e9f15)
      adds  c4af7ad   Tidyup of smbecho. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4a4b7a994bbe327216f736133edc51cf9a351716)
      adds  3d9141d   Fixed range check on writeX. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9cde198108439358e99128fa9a1b3000e33f5414)
      adds  e3987ff   Fixed crash bugs Andrew pointed out with LOCK4 smbtorture test. Was miscounting posix locks, plus was not taking into account the case where other_fsp == fsp in the 'move locks' case. DOH ! This code will be re-written anyway :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5278ec016cb24d8263fe6e7c1d389f466270ef24)
      adds  3d3c503   Did the rewrite Andrew wanted where all knowledge of POSIX locking is removed from the smbd/open.c code. We now use a dlink list of structures indexed by dev/inode to store all pending fd's for close. This could be rewritten to use lib/hash.c if this is discovered to be too slow in use. Andrew, please take a look and let me know if this is what you had in mind. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0487841120a7584da9a2b83b9574562c415d7024)
      adds  36db78f   Fixed subtle unlocking bug when a file is closed. We need to store the smbpid used when a file was opened in the files_struct. Else we use the wrong global_smbpid when we are closing the file and trying to remove the brl locks - this causes the brl locks to be left when the file is closed as the samba_context check fails. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2746e5602e493e5b022764b4b839eb4d2f14363b)
      adds  4b60a33   Ok - this is more subtle than it looks :-). When a file is being closed, once it passes the fnum and tid tests then the locking context should be ignored when removing all locks. This is what is done in the brl close case, but when you have outstanding POSIX locks, then you cannot remove all the brl locks in one go, you have to get the lock list and call do_unlock individually. As this uses global_smbpid as the locking context, you need to make sure that this is set  [...]
      adds  be828fc   Made changes suggested by Andrew review. fd_close now calls fd_close_posix() directly. set_posix_lock/release_posix_lock() now handle the reference counting. More changes due when this gets moved to the file locking/posix.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit 239abd48f049c6a8d2bbc0636eacf347ab77588c)
      adds  f8e5696   Added optimization where we are single opener (don't free POSIX locks). Jeremy. (This used to be commit a2deb91128d59ad04f4ec858ffe4e30f2afb0edd)
      adds  1f7d96e   Forgot to close when "posix locking" is set to False. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b812f09ba8ef074c9ff0747ea03a1e33f1ebbe71)
      adds  ea9b2ed   Added tdb_get/set_int_byblob, which takes a size_t len and then implemented the tdb_get/set_int string functions in terms of them. Will be useful in storing POSIX pending close records (which are ints but indexed by dev/inode pairs). Jeremy. (This used to be commit d69e4c6a48746459f973144393529b1f40680d2f)
      adds  b39cee0   Added info level 1005 to netsharegetinfo (is the share a DFS root) Added dfs_server announcement in set_default_server_announce_type() (This used to be commit 99d07e13520b04d99999938d259d56fa65c8a8ea)
      adds  46e84a0   Split off of POSIX locking into separate unit as Andrew requested. Done so I don't lose my edits... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 31a57be658f3fa3569a552e9c5d30174f5a51649)
      adds  9a5eb06   Ok - this is the *third* implementation of this (third time's the charm :-).
      adds  46d6693   Moved deletion of vfs handle into smbd/conn.c as it was being done too soon in smbd/service.c (file operations were being done after the handle was closed).
      adds  74ac259   Removed tdb locking calls (picky Andrew...:-) (This used to be commit 6bded3b74e974b97d54acf9289f4cf812e2b1af7)
      adds  c0e1c65   put tdb utility functions in a separate file (This used to be commit 77009422a075300e5c07a3e75806a7dac47e2113)
      adds  71e7974   YIPEE!!!!!
      adds  700f724   - removed all our old wildcard matching code and replaced it with a call to ms_fnmatch(). This also removes all the Win9X semantics stuff and a bunch of other associated cruft.
      adds  3727e4a   changed masktest to test the internal algorithm against one server, rather than 2 servers (This used to be commit 0e63b4b36334aeb6de6691436b82e1d9784b1541)
      adds  814f37a   we don't need fnmatch.c any more (This used to be commit e23f43e7d3d2a068f527baa63a31f7fe4e60e79d)
      adds  aa6040c   some cleanups (This used to be commit 95f6c0f84ab9f3649ddf53ac2ca5261448af2383)
      adds  23c0cb0   added cli_list_old() to allow for old style directory listing from masktest (This used to be commit 8a5c8cfa0ede1d119bf9013e321a497beefd4dda)
      adds  eaabef5   - get the findclose code right - handle broken NT response to trans2 findfirst (This used to be commit 64f91a7a98fe9aaf176e665677e751e4e03d4c3d)
      adds  565cc66   fix handing of ascii_to_unistr (This used to be commit 385b1844b60beeb9db5f412a452816444e25cb83)
      adds  34cd425   fixed our smbsearch code. We now store the mask with the dptr, this turns out to be essential for a correct implementation (there ins't enough room to store all possible masks in the status return structure!) (This used to be commit 38f5e133670ada6e5799a16cf1a0e2e3ee1d9afd)
      adds  0f35ded   go back to ascii in SMB_FIND_FILE_BOTH_DIRECTORY_INFO
      adds  cb6327c   removed more cruft from our old wildcard matching code (This used to be commit 4a15924ffe36ed37ec193a0ef5a0487238edc311)
      adds  481ca7c   handle the special rule of *.* for old style listings when old_list is true (This used to be commit cdf4c4c812086d6e7cdc0436f5e31c420dcfb3e5)
      adds  2fb2ae1   fixed parsing of broken NT short name (This used to be commit 9e4b3529455840f11940136dd55c641d89b46961)
      adds  29ba16f   fixed dptr_wcard handling (need to use strdup) (This used to be commit 0bab0300748a22b4b861fa443be2014bcd7b348c)
      adds  05cb346    - added some error checking  - removed the VTP hook in smbd (This used to be commit 09355fcd50e6c9c0c81e5f70ab9b7ff88aa897bf)
      adds  99fbf5c   added TDB_INTERNAL, TDB_NOLOCK and TDB_NOMMAP flags.
      adds  3cc5f0d   fixed typo (This used to be commit 5341597de6772027034cad7dacbdbd6d2108332a)
      adds  bfb9c3e   allow a DEFAULT_PRINTING to be specified in CFLAGS (This used to be commit 80ebb0ad5499745f988921eceb4584b43ef9aaf1)
      adds  5fb473f   handle tabs in printcap files
      adds  830a9e5   locking/posix.c: Fixed double-free nasty crash bug found by insure. utils/make_smbcodepage.c: utils/make_unicodemap.c: Insure 'make install' fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3b25f7368be3877e9ad27498bc9451ec88d4b07f)
      adds  693ffb8   Added sys_fork() and sys_getpid() functions to stop the overhead of doing a system call every time we want to just get our pid. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 148628b616b5c29ba6340d65fc3ddbcabba6e67a)
      adds  ba020b0   Moved uglyness needed in fcntl locking (64->32 bit mapping, NFS errors etc.) into locking/posix.c, where it is needed. fcntl_lock in lib/util.c is now very small and clean. Added (*lock) op to vfs layer. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 46092ee1410faa4e3c143d80a960a8adaa19d7fc)
      adds  f6dec4d   fixed a memory leak (This used to be commit d4743ec0be419565c805fbc5ba2680c6ad5fe36d)
      adds  c39e2e6   fixed a memory leak (calling hash_table_init twice) (This used to be commit 610fcef4d33db2b62e6298bdb68546a2411d03b1)
      adds  88a9795   and yet another memory leak - this one in the client (This used to be commit a85ae6e0ae39530a96e8b86ab868cfd7ea5bc967)
      adds  32d5416   split the username in the vuser structure into a separate userdom_struct. As the name implies this also contains a domain (unused at the moment).
      adds  59fa2db   added support for deleting printers into the spoolss system (This used to be commit e72a5718537b84409fc20ff21951b1d1ab24d97f)
      adds  d009301   Implemented the last (I hope:-) part of the locking puzzle, the reference counting when Windows downgrades a write lock to a read lock, then reference counts the unlocks to match the locks. With this code the POSIX unlock isn't done until the final Windows unlock. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6eb4fb6eef367f68169d6ec1c816226b1ad9f110)
      adds  a7a4f4f   Fixed wild pointer diff found by insure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 158d9cada8c12725981d495faf8ed9f5d4306e23)
      adds  ee42e49   merge 2.0 changes (This used to be commit 7b3afe300b1ef54f7daa0f2dce6fd8c256e04b37)
      adds  99352a0   Insure uninitialized memory read fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 577ddbfbec857dec3ade811f735ec6b183566435)
      adds  37a6e44   Added read overlay write lock on same fnum test to locktest2. Added locktest5 for locking stacks. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 65399ae1f058886b8779a01fb35fe3080cc3c145)
      adds  20ce61c   Fix for stacking locks in brlock and POSIX. Windows only allows a read lock to overlay a write lock on the same fnum. When overlaying read locks onto a write lock, the number of locks is counted, and the first unlock removes the write lock and downgrades this to a read lock. Do the same when mapping to POSIX. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 74d42644e6e52808037975e909aa56c850838b76)
      adds  1d3d724   added a nasty lock testing program
      adds  c6230f6   - clear dead locks at startup
      adds  380d02c   improved the lock test program (This used to be commit a0a3931c6e5824121bf4a8d075ef24b9b70e8aa1)
      adds  f6bcf3d   Added range info to the panic message to track down the bug with locktest. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 91f038356b7efa04cf4bfa5e6afd8b144b6b4ad5)
      adds  0d917c6   Fixed silly bug where I wasn't checking for matching fd's in closing a file. This caused smbd crashes on SIGKILL. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d4dcefd12d14df112f083c312acbea0196bc5c23)
      adds  756798d   Fixed the bug locktest.c found, it was an off-by-one error in the non-overlap case. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 65150c408a5254215de89c8c774c33c4d011c2c0)
      adds  8c19fa8   Fix based on Elrond's code to reduce the store size on removing dead records. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 09e92a61a966d09f543ba541ddb3240cc4718579)
      adds  7de6b04   unicode code pages are detected as compiler intermediate file so set to nostrip (This used to be commit 5e7bc9c3e705cfaa12bd0071a873c79e2097a5a0)
      adds  05a28f1   Fix for debug statement crash. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 57bf92d90147b207664152d44ce4bfb5235dc7d8)
      adds  82e6018   added ability to present lock tests (This used to be commit 3fc6a467fc3dfd2a59d4509ec52172d2dd048c80)
      adds  1246072   fixed a uninit memory read that insure found (This used to be commit 43fe5b98b4514d59e1c4bbc54a628cfbd771fc4f)
      adds  e6bc1dd   found a much simpler case that kills the posix locking (This used to be commit b703cecf81dc62234171eaaa4c0cae448f144e1f)
      adds  a5da647   added -A analyze mode to locktest - it can now automatically prune the list of locks that cause a failure (This used to be commit 0beee59432f17f90a1c4c2c68a7ea6022b5d0908)
      adds  6ed606c   if the stat cache is off then don't initialise it (This used to be commit cd5dcd9e659a7255f03eb496c0202986375e73a6)
      adds  9faf18a   fixed message text (This used to be commit 99e522023eae7cf1a88e5de50f2b09df3ea318d3)
      adds  876dd8d   more locktest improvements
      adds  a7820eb   need LOCKING_OBJ in locktest now (This used to be commit 89e71994450f479a0f3839f192d868924626fc84)
      adds  f3a861e    - use full_name instead of real_name  - got rid of guest map code in lpq parser (This used to be commit 8e53f781d3cf6a7007764916a0d8e8f1abea1f66)
      adds  420d7e0   an even simpler example of NT gettings its locking code wrong. This one doesn't even need two connections to the box, just two file handles.
      adds  0236a14   added a test for the NT byte range lock into smbtorture (This used to be commit 7cfd45cc56e01a20a122c7742dc7e6a4ed59415f)
      adds  f74ea2b   parameterize the lock timeout (This used to be commit 98ad4095ccc8d0349d05e6e9223eaad057029626)
      adds  f6844e0   a minimal change to get appliance mode to work with winbindd
      adds  fffeaf5   Updated to fix overlapping problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9bdfe0f5023988962f8a8b4d847de7a0ee27f85c)
      adds  0454694   rpc_server/srv_lsa.c: Bring into sync with 2.0.x. rpc_server/srv_pipe_hnd.c: Bring into sync with 2.0.x. smbd/blocking.c: Improve blocking debug reporting. utils/torture.c: Added check for NT locking bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e8ff6d3fb5537c39611a5784bf7216ae812acd27)
      adds  c784586   example of broken posix lock behaviour (This used to be commit b3999f3b20d470b9c873b297e7aeb043da61588d)
      adds  a6280d3   nasty hack to print posix locks (This used to be commit efc9752f1e00b38abe3b5d3a98627a9fe6122bc4)
      adds  8ea45ac   make debug easier to read (This used to be commit d64bb07f0ad0efa1a20015b620ae33fb082b1e44)
      adds  044b569   make debug easier to read (This used to be commit c14a2616441b2f3357a081c6dbae7d5b677e5a12)
      adds  091c970   Two fixes. Added missong logic & case in lock split code. Fixed range split into two, as DLIST_ADD has the wrong semantics... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 82681edda14dcc3d58bb303cfac5452072de67df)
      adds  a12b2cd   Fix for read_file() returning -1. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b899943658bee90994b416aa6caff0ee7cab5f28)
      adds  c7ddaac   Fix for crash bug in OpenConfFile() if no smb.conf exists. (This used to be commit b531ddb2657e9eac1c1e9f32344b67c3963ce30a)
      adds  3f9fe64   add new release notes chapter to samba for irix package (This used to be commit e2de1cf2221f56a5ee3537664d211cdcdfe74785)
      adds  652d98c   Fix for dual unix_to_dos conversion in readdir from A.V.Shutko <AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru> Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1152f2ed008dbfa7e2b1cb9719d31575e7d05b89)
      adds  6d9ce38   Fix for uninitialized memory read in brlock code. brl_locktest now needs to correctly set the fnum, as the brl_conflict code looks at it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit df87259a356b91989604a10b3691480dcd16cf3f)
      adds  5612f6a   signed/unsigned fixes so we can handle a lock base close to 2^32 (This used to be commit 0ce2ca5ccdd0e2e7711dcbf66b72a183b2692cfe)
      adds  2684f50   fixed a vfs crash bug (This used to be commit 76da586396c85b6614579b9234eec34f57c12ffe)
      adds  12a38a4   added winbindd options in head branch, so it is possible to combine branches (This used to be commit cd5e2494279792f8516947a63bf313f8142a52c0)
      adds  b903665   Initial version of winbindd manual page. (This used to be commit dbe26556e70bf1b3d5770b4fd21e146650e82a91)
      adds  722a4bf   Added winbindd parameters to smb.conf documentation. (This used to be commit 1d3bd3c486bf9f6b6c9d5f6207f591f465517e1e)
      adds  2958dfc   added secrets.tdb and changed storage of trust account password to use it (This used to be commit 88ad00b82acc4636ab57dfe710af08ea85b82ff1)
      adds  1684d53   Someone :-) forgot to add secrets.c to HEAD. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ac40971f30e00a93fc5e138bfd1afa05cd8dea4b)
      adds  c33b0a6   Fix for VMS platforms from "John E. Malmberg" <wb8tyw at qsl.net> Jeremy. (This used to be commit eb281324fa409296bb3f29c9b7c59b2337fadc0d)
      adds  225fae1   the beginnings of a description of how to setup a Samba appliance (This used to be commit ec2b77e97d8beaee9d2352411da01b302d0875c3)
      adds  d4cd465   Added tdb_store_by_string() and tdb_fetch_by_string() functions to store data with null terminated string keys. (This used to be commit d58146321b6fe50e1cc1a73da80c3d2e8c3412dc)
      adds  6bf1c3a   added some rules for winbindd and pam_winbind (This used to be commit 6c5d139844334191f78257fbc9f01d0fa0c2bcf0)
      adds  32cb066   brought the winbindd code into head
      adds  17747d7   brought across some rpc header files from tng (This used to be commit db241a0b09fc38916db3b1a30aa493910d22567b)
      adds  fe7f54b   don't attempt to build rpcclient in the head branch (This used to be commit 1b6d01e1152d1ac64e3b1f721227d06061982112)
      adds  c23e01d   the beginnings of a new scheme I've working on to allow an easier head/tng merge.
      adds  6841ca0   fixed some winbind cache bugs (This used to be commit 3cac3ccf047ce9a5c28916f9a2b1b3d38741e373)
      adds  4c061ca   - use smb_gwtpwnam() in another couple of places - don't call add/del user if the scripts are empty (This used to be commit 43860215d4d16cb1bacdc77f1c46c54e4c54abd7)
      adds  4fb6ca6   This is reall Jeremy commiting as Herb at SGI labs. Fix for "socket operation on non-socket" error in log.smb on HEAD branch startup (server_fd not initialized to -1). Jeremy. (This used to be commit ebb4f76550062b0ea2005a2b8842641a2c91f528)
      adds  f7089e3   Fix for check_kernel_oplocks looking for the var directory before it may need to be created. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6bf74da8b84a22aaddb0fbb160f02621abba01ba)
      adds  e522de4   Using a structure for a tdb key can lead to insideous, hard to find bugs. On 64 bit IRIX, structure packing means that a struct { SMB_DEV_T dev /* 4 bytes */ SMB_INO_T ino /* 8 bytes */ }
      adds  c88222d   Fix for misunderstanding of fsync added when vfs layer was done. Samba was doing fsync's (bleagh). Jeremy. (This used to be commit f9a52cadbf11f7afcef754a59d783964a2edb5bc)
      adds  21b85b2   Use a prime for default tdb hash size - this makes a difference ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 400906e6421c150b591b4bf978a641d5aaf8fd09)
      adds  6cf96ff   - add some reserved space to every tdb, this will be   used for semaphores and future expansion - update tdb version number to 2 (This used to be commit 5e04885b86791e6ef8b4a316e64d56c6eb05f35d)
      adds  ddc9b8b   more merging
      adds  49a0e6d   more merging voodoo
      adds  15c1b76   patch from Dominik Kubla <dominik.kubla at uni-mainz.de> (This used to be commit 9c598e571decb449607042ba9628f68de9b45043)
      adds  277932c   remove autoloaded printers that are no longer in /etc/printcap when we get a HUP (This used to be commit 23f16c5ce60f76633458cc21b2d260d347b1b459)
      adds  a3d897c   formatting fix (This used to be commit 3e710f660253fe6fa5c0ed7435ec66a2ed908b28)
      adds  bbc16ef   I found a better way of handling deleted auto printers (This used to be commit f838707820175f97db82fc32f124c3b69b051e6b)
      adds  e48b4ec   fail a print start on a deleted auto printer (This used to be commit f1f92bf4da75ec6fccd34b07719d642196665258)
      adds  e86cba2   check for sighup on each packet - otherwise it can take a _long_ time to reload services (This used to be commit 0fb4ba4e037f25b8b75bcae0ecb1d9b43f0f9e5f)
      adds  85c1f5f   proto rebuild (This used to be commit b396dbb1a7a498f9e815f914aa391ccf6f635e20)
      adds  b3d4c0c   when creating the database zero the reserved space (This used to be commit a5ca60f62bea988e74e2827fbb848770ac5ae444)
      adds  a71d9b2   treat a blank "password server =" line as a "*" if in domain security (This used to be commit 5a617c013cce65434d315dc33279a4bc28dc63de)
      adds  4f21301   in head as well ...
      adds  1c0cfff   updated appliance Makefile (This used to be commit bfa14cff8c0a1a7a18cb649dc33d5aabc9cd53ac)
      adds  43a3faa   - changed smb_getpwnam() to use winbind style usernames - finished ntdom -> winbind rename in head (This used to be commit ada483cb56453afc6df4ec4be18bfe5e943c7150)
      adds  5dfa33b   Fix from David Collier-Brown - sys_select return was not being checked. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a9c4371a2dc27e499ad6d35af1b598a4af0026c8)
      adds  2c97831   Ho hum - forgot timeout case. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 597ecd724e0d4ac7c19eb9fb85b3c9910bbfb114)
      adds  612738a   lib/util_unistr.c: libsmb/clilist.c: rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: smbd/trans2.c: Changed unistr_to_ascii to unistr_to_dos - do codepage conversion. msdfs/msdfs.c: Removed stub unistr_to_dos. libsmb/pwd_cache.c: Removed obfuscation functions as they don't do anything and 					don't add any security. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1ed146467e764e6a81d8f78cd58fb5765ebf5d21)
      adds  28d8970   Check fstat return for error. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c54e77b1f9defce3d6c2e530e0fb460c2b0c54c2)
      adds  afab0b2   an imcompatible tdb format change (sorry!)
      adds  c6cc5ee   Initial version of appliance spec file. (This used to be commit 1be483c90b8f59cefdaf05594564882d99f0fbd3)
      adds  88b6a63   Changed all references of ntdom to winbind. (This used to be commit 2463f689022812067ef54a8ff0d2346c60e3f451)
      adds  f248d16   HTML version of yodl doc. (This used to be commit dce11c9cd1638f2bd4b762e309a2b2e630d8ba01)
      adds  42e1369   Manpage version of yodl doc. (This used to be commit 810726a33b97ef57b8d4bde215fc9f829f59f3c8)
      adds  afa4f02   updated the appliance README (This used to be commit 0e29eef8374e7bf0002acbd04d5438c5c1690c44)
      adds  ebd73f3   use our primary domain trust account for trusted domain authentication (This used to be commit db90a4b9609a980fa2f4328d38a0d2c60a1384a0)
      adds  190d4f9   add winbind manual in SWAT welcome page (This used to be commit d8515aa8878480d44efa17e674bcad29387ad76f)
      adds  dd8c8b0   use gcc not insure by default in tdb build (This used to be commit e20ef3c082f2448587f7d9002d57a897ecde092d)
      adds  dd8f9b5   fixed a problem with appliance operation (This used to be commit acf9286e82b851e25ee863f673bff713a38002e7)
      adds  307467b   fixed a typo (This used to be commit 938a7510f4af58f40b200ae733b2ca7b65740078)
      adds  53fa6d9   added winbindd man page to spec file (This used to be commit 9cc81b62886ff2f6b72632c550a808889d8a47a3)
      adds  75859d6   simple build script for appliance rpm (This used to be commit 40b8095a9a367d2fee1e58d12affc5883d4adc0a)
      adds  93866d0   Nuked changelog - use cvs log instead.
      adds  bb3e54f   don't install winbind man page twice (This used to be commit 6e81ba8bace4d966ab53d29c49782a81f669ba24)
      adds  60c0451   fixed error code for buffer_too_large in trans reply (This used to be commit a0a556a36b8ad0f14f97a1b7ccc5d429bf8f950e)
      adds  7bc8077   exclude CVS files from rpm build (This used to be commit 14fccd68fa2f3ea38dba8da512386f334129fcd1)
      adds  ad701cc   fixed tar command line (This used to be commit b022e6ab9785588fd4123ae4d819936fb5bfdbdc)
      adds  68685b2   added packaging section to README (This used to be commit 535e33adaff8cd329ed73243f26114ac3c649365)
      adds  6d2f06f   updated appliance Makefile (This used to be commit 6a89e07f0443cc48b80b22bdec6e18ab764d43f8)
      adds  a17db82   build in /usr/src/redhat (This used to be commit 11328f27816160d77934fb9b2409263f442e4f42)
      adds  7738941   use "winbind separator" in tng as well (This used to be commit 0189af544244d7d20e4042cd1238f370968cb7a9)
      adds  4cdc54b   While we're all making incompatible tdb changes, I changed the implementation of tdb_{store,get}_int() to store the length of the string key + 1 so the stored key contains the trailing NULL character.  This allows normal string library routines to manipulate keys.
      adds  5379476   compile with -O2 (This used to be commit 5e2a0b3cb9be19596e9885371b3dc96fc8fda1b2)
      adds  479c735   use "winbind separator" option for domain/user separator character (This used to be commit 6cbb826b154e61085fd651116caf472d4d438c1d)
      adds  053322d   fixed two uninitialised variables (This used to be commit eefb36f130f79f2f2c6cfb58c1646aa6ce4303be)
      adds  75ebfc6   Merge from TNG. (This used to be commit af5ded9f17addb4bc89ecb762b9b99d2f99463ab)
      adds  3012925   Added mention of the CUPS option for the printing parameter
      adds  69a26b3   - added example config section to winbindd man page - reran yodldocs with newer version of yodl (This used to be commit faa3f49430775fd1bd327237f369f7b5df6fc0c6)
      adds  d55b849   Added signal handling section. (This used to be commit ad5447220032b7f80251e0a5123f7f96b496ffcd)
      adds  0806cf7   added spool_io_printer_driver_info_level_6()
      adds  fa659fe   Added unicode_to_dos_char() function to address converting single UNICODE characters to one or more DOS codepage characters. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eefbfb5e16fcf40f335edc840a49f837f6b64111)
      adds  b3373e9   changed uniarray_2_ascarray to uniarray_2_dosarray (This used to be commit 4de7202da478baf232c93cc9b8d845889f1d2bab)
      adds  54a447f   rebuilt proto (This used to be commit 7722d248ac0b05e74e4f621e70bb71027a9cd845)
      adds  5c3588c   this is a awk based code generator. Very primitive at the moment, but it was sufficient to generate info level 6 of the add printer driver for spoolss
      adds  0599563   preliminary support for unions (This used to be commit 57a6cb52e6c646cd8a3d25f10f65a65e12d22a24)
      adds  feb3afb   renamed the harness program to vluke (for "virtual luke") added a couple of sample .prs files (This used to be commit 70f68209dae0fb94196a30e7404a9ed5bdc2286c)
      adds  4198633   Added code to do a one-way migration of the old DOMAIN.MACHINE.mac file into the secrets tdb. Also restored check for password timeout (this seemed to have gotten lost). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9493e10de3d1c73b246a9841d4b5bb01838c265f)
      adds  b7f9a27   removed old files ready for new awk parser (This used to be commit 6790d6c589620f4d0f7aa67a3253c52b0b36c0f7)
      adds  b7022e9   vastly improved awk based code generator now handles recursive function definitions, unions etc it is sufficient for some basic types like UNISTR2 and BUFFER5 to be defined in the *.struct file and used successfully
      adds  13371c4   moved *.tpl templates into templates/ subdirectory (This used to be commit 6aa51dc1a569358935190526960ac80b7b53dd91)
      adds  62a24c4   add uint16 support, start to parse more of spoolss (This used to be commit 05fa3ea50ab384ab8eebad87a538b3301ea65fa3)
      adds  414caf8   make prs_dump() store up to 100 variants of each msg type (This used to be commit 0e7819bb4562a840ecb9b7ef12706572b6b60202)
      adds  378ec58   add prs_dump() at the top level rpc switch this gets us examples of all rpc messages sent to us (This used to be commit ce3dd8db6d3cf6bfdbd695f6e32f60488c9073ae)
      adds  a36a146   added grow_size to prs structure (This used to be commit d8c988694cbcd037c43480a623c2fbc37f2df7de)
      adds  421f549   use grow_size to determine size of dump (This used to be commit 968b381cd348bdd6fdb092d7911c0bc9b992eba1)
      adds  ba35f79   align at the end of every structure parser (This used to be commit f6353bf12212aeb30e0daff52904bf2f71ec141d)
      adds  0277809   need to allocate the union pointer (This used to be commit c75919a7b9c616beda298e2ae507433731bff20a)
      adds  1076cfd   addd grow_size to prs_struct so we know how much data is actually in the buffer (This used to be commit 725889869ca2eb66000efe8a77cde52d9737a814)
      adds  bb01686   update grow_size in prs_grow (This used to be commit a42da205361bb70778913c8bd9facbb6b9a24937)
      adds  b599ae9   don't call prs_dump() here (This used to be commit 87d9bac3a1b9eba15259abdfea85cf94b3630561)
      adds  e2e33eb   call prs_dump() on every input and output packet so we have plenty of data to work with (This used to be commit 839ab0e33255be37d72c113c2e09baaa34d50ce4)
      adds  32a7cf9   started update to handle arbitrary arrays note: this code is currently broken. (This used to be commit 15646ebd84ee4e63a251c87800677f3dd2ae6971)
      adds  b27886a   passdb/secrets.c: Fix typo in comment. rpc_server/srv_pipe.c: Use accessor functions rather than diddling with structure internals directly. smbd/process.c: smbd/reply.c: Remove READ_PREDICTION #ifdefs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eba825ff030a175bd271caa6f543379dfdbbd646)
      adds  4fb2e2c   Added fix for Win2k ACL query code from Shirish. I need this back ported to 2.2.0. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 74851a481efedd15f59d5da15db7078dc4ce5d20)
      adds  ad9a3a1   Added Shirish's reg changes to HEAD. Sync up with 2.2.0 backport. Also added prs_xx error return checks to new code in rpc_parse/parse_reg.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit a148cb996297ed34342660f82ef0e66773d40500)
      adds  210f11d   Check error returns. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 919d49b58ad8213c0e89948f560d816b20312bb2)
      adds  6519461   The new msdfs implementation that uses symlinks to point to other servers. Very intuitive.
      adds  466338b   Removed extra unistr_to_dos prototype from msdfs/msdfs.c (This used to be commit a70c7b9aeff737a807f2348c219aa815705e4218)
      adds  f3a3a05   another awk parser update we can now handle arrays of structures, pointers to structures, pointers in unions etc (This used to be commit 1df80cd1e8475b6b2fe7b80b6c9089692ab7691b)
      adds  128026c   added the ".trailer" type, to mark where a packet turns into a trailer this now gives us enough to parse complete function calls, including the return values (This used to be commit ca8f1e92adf3603ad15f73277576cc9178bb4d74)
      adds  058ecd8   take the sructure name to run through vluke on the command line (This used to be commit 03fbe1b1514774c9f3c4d553ca3b5b019ba0b11f)
      adds  9b86339   the vluke program now takes a structure name on the command line (This used to be commit 6a3e7ba4f0716eb414daba4ab8aae974db4deba0)
      adds  8114e7f   a useful script, just go "./build foo.struct" and you get a full vluke program for all structures in the foo.strct file (This used to be commit 77ceb6a3c11f16fd82b852d65fa9e836faaf1812)
      adds  91b736d   Synced up srv_samr with HP changes. Added error checking to original code - what a concept :-). All this code will be replaced with TNG stuff anyway, so not a big deal.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit b090cff4b5fcdef01fc553e6359627bb2285d68e)
      adds  a71519c   Cutover from 2.2.x - missed in merge. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 87c4d46abe82855dd23c94397c3fc8e245b3778a)
      adds  0f75bfc   minor parse updates (This used to be commit 2e0a39204ade323c52847ce9783a987a81c8013a)
      adds  2b15e8a   Updated VFS examples to use ftruncate() and lock() functions. (This used to be commit def0da145aa8b804b75b0f35bdd4a809a2a806fc)
      adds  c560164   Fixed bug where mallocd size of prs_struct could be larger than incoming packet. Ensure new alloced memory is zeroed before use. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1c3193aa1c1137734dc34ef2e6d62abb0609c30e)
      adds  ba2f726   - added typedefs - added parse error checking - made parser more flexible (This used to be commit ab0beaf3573471fab1fda3358987b337811f99b7)
      adds  6738591   added primitive define macros started converting matty's srvsvc.idl to a .struct file (This used to be commit cf8d4c42e259d65d4d16c91316acc0bad71ff177)
      adds  0fc755d   started converting matty's srvsvc.idl to a .struct file (This used to be commit 85a341002c00044168346888cb46e354ab81194b)
      adds  ec6c547   error check in vluke.c more conversion from idl to .struct of srvsvc (This used to be commit 83b787f57e8e97ee4d3782e76c3fd003ed567885)
      adds  819c154   Fixed bug I introduced last night (sorry). Now truncate incoming prs_struct buffer size to exact size of incoming data to prevent read overruns into slop space. Jeremy. (This used to be commit aa1a4f46da9584240cd6cee6fb652aa73e77015c)
      adds  7b49e6a   Changed name of case_sensitive in mask_match to avaid gcc "shadow global" warning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 36629d2a934fe61e68f87c5d2faf67158b365ae6)
      adds  74d677e   Added the NETDFS pipe to allow remote administration of the msdfs symlinks on the samba server. (This used to be commit 15e7d8f6c5cddf6ce409ee2505744250d181ec34)
      adds  943340a   more aparser stuff - we now handle everything but the idl headers in srvsvc.idl (This used to be commit 5f1e8422d0ebc589cdfe95f1001a8e55cb60af4a)
      adds  69519df   Modify NT driver heirarchy to fix HP bug with duplicate printer driver filenames :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit adb6ad812a4d897ee0c0712cc06d1ff8553fa093)
      adds  6c52c1a   Added -W workgroup command line option.
      adds  3cbaf59   Fixed bug where file access was allowed on IPC$ share. Return correct error codes on invalid share name. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 420d6bc4809cef9d74354175d0fa956ab4e8ac3c)
      adds  295b2d3   Did a proper fix for the file access on IPC$. Denied all pipe opens on trans2 open calls as we don't have the pipe open response coded up yet. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8142e27c9c32aba5a7dabc48a676b93cf680151b)
      adds  fb66b3b   torture test:
      adds  7fd62a2   use lp_workgroup() use \\ in front of filenames (This used to be commit 9c64f47c164e6ac31a27940fffb415b0b47cd089)
      adds  8af41e0   Routines for driving smbclient from DejaGnu. (This used to be commit fa6a360abeb324d6b4383dbb1bb717fc270aff81)
      adds  1f37fca   Environment variables for single server test scripts. (This used to be commit 82ff52ee86f87e5105f51257479b8b9dc98310a2)
      adds  c29b72c   use lp_workgroup() use \\ in front of filenames get short name via a separate trans2 level 260 call (This used to be commit 5fd4dbf72e317bc47ab11b0b3f2e15d0c58879c8)
      adds  efc723d   Test wildcard rename function. (This used to be commit a9133e2df038c73d3e9f1ffec7628dbde289085c)
      adds  aabf523   use \\ in front of filenames (This used to be commit a92f8c8620272bcbdd73741b8e87f8d5fac45b49)
      adds  2962a4c   Testharness for masktest program. (This used to be commit 4a14b16cd16289a46f9562e927679ef8ca2dcdfc)
      adds  a95efec   a fairly big change in spoolss. got rid of the forms, drivers and printers files in the nt drivers directory and instead use a single tdb
      adds  bbc94eb   Test various operations on ipc$ share. (This used to be commit 5b3fcc303d939e750126dd44e7efb5dd73c8d9df)
      adds  68239f3   a fairly big change in spoolss. got rid of the forms, drivers and printers files in the nt drivers directory and instead use a single tdb
      adds  722c86a   a fairly big change in spoolss. got rid of the forms, drivers and printers files in the nt drivers directory and instead use a single tdb
      adds  7f2b42a   got rid of lp_revalidate() (This used to be commit 8dea95e62c7f4723cd4b71c1b03c613386392c49)
      adds  9eee36f   added tdb_pack() and tdb_unpack() (This used to be commit 6c15495b3087c04890af77149c39e823596bb4dd)
      adds  b0953a3   Fix to return buffer output properly. (This used to be commit 6d50bb36a68c34c5fea1193fd6f170160e16e76f)
      adds  5711e0a   Test transfer of large random file w/o corruption. (This used to be commit a9790f19612513b667c348d628ab3bf88ec1178e)
      adds  5ca89e3   Start of test blurb. (This used to be commit cb9d9e4f89d55466c32f7cf7ae73f0d4aea6d36b)
      adds  9514925   added -u hide_unlock_fails option (This used to be commit fc8c460a618c25ffa46ab808a241dab466d2666b)
      adds  d87a20e   we don't do "revalidate = yes" any more (This used to be commit 289d3cac38ae271175697f98d3eb01a21f3678a7)
      adds  aedd865   new prototypes (This used to be commit d38092d5a6ca10a4d52214a88f0b99f5922bd108)
      adds  89a532a   removed lp_revalidate() (This used to be commit fba5886a05ba64b4633d4a9f3e5cb0687fb4b20d)
      adds  0fca981   2nd evil simultaneous read-write test.  forks.  one writer.  others are readers.  writes between 1 and 20 bytes.  reads as much as possible. compares.  repeat until end of buffer (fixed size: 131072 bytes) reached. (This used to be commit 26f51a7abbfa9bd9051969dffaebe3cdf9e93c8f)
      adds  d29f8af   minor fixes (This used to be commit 4d00314ec5b056101b05c38cc68dd4934c83c825)
      adds  9c4079d   Fixed misunderstanding found during CIFS conference. Overlapping lock ranges (not just included lock ranges) should be handled correctly. UNIT test still needed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 07872298e3ee8b4b50b69cb4e49b88635792128e)
      adds  8a86541   Changed MS_DFS to WITH_MSDFS throughout. Fixed trans2 calls on IPC$ to let dfs referral calls through. (This used to be commit e0965a80bdca5239886b11ef55dc29fed261bfc0)
      adds  3808642   Fixed last remaining instance of MS_DFS to WITH_MSDFS. (This used to be commit d4e2e595661857f40a40ce32a1b6dc4725e6c3b3)
      adds  9646e6e   Compile time warning fixes and a time_t -> uint32 conversion fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 80a0079b2f993159ef35b02ba5c70ce9d8096879)
      adds  f3c44fb   Fixed memory leak in RPC parsing code. Problem in prs_set_buffer_size() was Realloc returns a NULL when newsize is zero (equivalent to a free()). We were returning a failure here without resetting the buffer_size or the data_p pointer in the prs_struct. And we weren't checking for a failure from prs_set_buffer_size(). So realloc's to zero size were not reflected in the prs_struct: memory leak. (This used to be commit 590d9ece8449b1feecfe1aa13e61bcd8fea4e5bf)
      adds  fae1164   move srandom to after connect so random stuff in clientgen doesn't change seed (This used to be commit d9322d01e0ac09852924eb6059ecf116e75ee398)
      adds  a0e1930   fixed bugs in fdpass tests (This used to be commit ee4f6335adb2a781eea7e1f6b520d79ea1197427)
      adds  5c6a786   cifs parser. (This used to be commit 96fd33b8982d4d7ff1eef6f2ef836381d443b143)
      adds  a65dead   security descs in spoolss.  needs parse_sec.c nttrans.c broken. (This used to be commit f9f2a04fdb7b2af1cfe5bf26ec6f0d955ea948b9)
      adds  5469564   fixed nttrans.c (This used to be commit 06cd46b0ec10b32af54edd8256d2fdbec45e1371)
      adds  682cccd   unistr_to_dos not unistr_to_ascii (This used to be commit f46c4fe876a0cabe7044ca30c17e6c217d618635)
      adds  e01fb48   bug-fix from tim (insure).  dummy fn call for andrew to fill in. (This used to be commit 1e3c0ab29d178fe58add32672301ac497d43a3fe)
      adds  b673d5f   dummy trash in secdesc. (This used to be commit 56c2dbbf813e1dc120d199b173fd462c658572a0)
      adds  afab649   uninitialised variable "list" (This used to be commit bf33b10a43a42c3ec5dbfdc713869c4aeb452aef)
      adds  b6ecd4f   fixed call of firstkey/nextkey to traverse driver database (This used to be commit 11010f946af4d60d88bed450692e43c6a7860ab7)
      adds  6ec1ae3   hack to get setprinter working, level2, null sec desc. (This used to be commit 3f976e713924a2fa47194ae3edfa3f1592e4cf1c)
      adds  1f220f5   SMBlockingX (This used to be commit 9f9a9a69b6660eaa14ff3954c78f8e08ae3b0b87)
      adds  9fb4575   fixed return from nt_printing_init() (This used to be commit 7e13ba75444eb82b257a7a3578aa30ae2f52fe1a)
      adds  76c1e15   SMBtrans and SMBtrans2, some of it. (This used to be commit 42c7f3797f50598150448be162ec0ee556287505)
      adds  2f3dbef   SMBtrans response. (This used to be commit cff62bb10aa8d897bf48119f959d426d9052bc23)
      adds  712a30e   prs_give_memory in wrong place, also poss. was losing mem. (This used to be commit 9805e17cd0ce427c329a8b5a8318d5f75227e283)
      adds  5f7c40f   getting and setting security descriptors on printers now works
      adds  d7d030f   SMBnttrans.  modified io_uint8s to return address of actual data instead of a copy, on unmarshalling.  removed fstring, made it io_string, did same thing.  io_string() and io_wstring() should be wrapped in a STRING typedef which is bit-switched on FLG2:Unicode. (This used to be commit 7db13bd53807f65a16442d2765a9d2f7ab792b4f)
      adds  469764b   SMBntcreateX (This used to be commit 7e3fe77ab25cf0bde7950e0702b7e25a82b33b18)
      adds  782c05f   optional (0of or 1of) with "[+]" semantics. (This used to be commit 55a3e4b5922eff4110970a2ed2372c431ac70918)
      adds  7babec5   SMBulogoffX (This used to be commit c919f803434a138f48eb26f122fc09425eb24d58)
      adds  ccf0ac0   more SMBtrans, SMBnttrans stuff. (This used to be commit d8d15b275592e3a4e60ac502f4672672534e1fc7)
      adds  6270753   debug output to /tmp. (This used to be commit f9077e50cba5c7c3e6cf7739888120d8cc757c7c)
      adds  b38aa95   moved notif_y_table struct to spoolss_nt.c only used there. #ifdef'd driver-code out with define RELIES_ON_SMBD_SPECIFIC_CODE because spoolssd doesn't link with smbd/*.c (find_service("print$") is not possible). (This used to be commit 726c359d1d9f1fc8227ca920c888d2f040170e0b)
      adds  4a0635c   #ifdef not #if (This used to be commit f0229102fe337213cd53fcb0a3d7e2ba786470b9)
      adds  2d06649   fixed a couple of bugs in the driver return code (This used to be commit 8695cb0023597fd118241a431eeeddc559484465)
      adds  0c396ee   fixed return error code that had 0xC with not enough zeros (This used to be commit d859de2870d6524f4ff58a059469fe65c1b37940)
      adds  38b32fb   don't free a driver structure from the stack! (This used to be commit d241f1dcaf612881a428dd578b97383d02a4d3c3)
      adds  82db6b6   don't build cli_reg in rpc client library until we merge that from tng (This used to be commit 0cc59cc2c63bceeda0bc6f44dc65f10f81ebda8d)
      adds  85295c5   init_unistr takes a const 2nd arg (ps: I hate const) (This used to be commit 7030b7f06a8784469562562aa346d0c2918734d5)
      adds  325cf05   updated proto.h (This used to be commit 9f02ed6ccf17c60386d19592fa2585987c768153)
      adds  140523d   lp_server_role() + use in srv_reg. (This used to be commit 82e47e268ca33dd7e692c5e6d0571428307b5287)
      adds  1f69f80   more templates. (This used to be commit 4d50d3526249276e1d2eb039cb57011e7cdae867)
      adds  a6e52f2   make proto (This used to be commit 62271c30f415cad71aea9edfd578f0b7ab42fb42)
      adds  6c9f6b2   don't return a passwd struct for usernames that don't belong to us (This used to be commit 2740a80e30cbf512d51ba76684905a904c2fddf7)
      adds  5b5f41d   fixed some more crashes this introduces some memory leaks that I need to fix later (This used to be commit 2170d72d508ab8fb63a1da3024395f8fd6011cfa)
      adds  badb7fc   Fixed LsaQueryInformationPolicy level 3 to return primary domain info. Domain SID is saved in secrets.tdb upon joining domain.
      adds  23d7056   if the tdb stored driver isn't formatted right then return a default driver (This used to be commit 48bf12d23ee39ccc7c19363012abd48f43dfac11)
      adds  d500cbb   messing about. (This used to be commit 9c6f2d75d848a280f25f2377130953ecd824b7b1)
      adds  e67aa6b   space in front of lp_preexec() causing make proto to not detect this fn. (This used to be commit 3a1ebfa080fa5b26c9d0e7573cbd4bd4c239f182)
      adds  2a4ce0f   The functionality in this file has been moved into smbd/unix_acls.c in order to make the acl functionality regular (we can have smbd/posix_acls etc). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9adb9399df27c5c1d7fec04f80d49e5476200738)
      adds  a811ade   Fixed interface between new ACLS and nttrans code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 400263245b4e5344b496c5de52a659f040206798)
      adds  6c96a55   Working UNIX -> NT ACL mapper. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f09c53f6b15e96ab1d306c044cbdcd086006c977)
      adds  e743e2b   Changed interface to set_nt_acl slightly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4534eae405f952d4b93e445571fc487e66a7541b)
      adds  cc22d7e   Changes I really don't want to lose whilst CVS is playing up. Dynamic changes to spoolss code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0a5e7a8f31c26fe80db5398a441a1969a8882845)
      adds  1365442   More stuff I cvan't afford to lose. I'm realizing how dependent I am on this bloody CVS link.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 864e7bde0e804edbb2425b9c4c7ff271553f8169)
      adds  f0080e5   Getting back to a compilable state (not there yet but close). Added patches for random -> sys_random. Added set_effective_xxx patches for AFS code. Memory allocation changes in spoolss code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c2099cfb033c2cdb6035f4f7f50ce21b98e1584d)
      adds  61ab5b4   Back to building. Now to test with insure. Added some frees needed to stop memory leaks. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eba31e4e802120c9eb8c4688f521b4de9cb91f5c)
      adds  b9fedcb   param/loadparm.c: Looks like someone ran indent on this ! passdb/smbpass.c: Insure uninitialized memory reference fix. printing/nt_printing.c: rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Insure memory leak fixes. smbd/unix_acls.c: Shadow ref fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d175d3ebefc053e9badd91ca5f2d8bd03eb6705d)
      adds  8ff6458   More insure found memory leak and corruption fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3cdcfa6325b9cd2d7f7c90c4b2d1c6ec73fc2f6d)
      adds  01c4ecd   Fixed null pointer indirect in addprinterex. Still working on problem with extra directory layer in NT drivers. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 48a80318269c832e702678237e86ba55c10444f1)
      adds  2472ab1   More memory corruption (leaks etc.) fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 71a0621f552083880e89923055e8bd14d0b1b82f)
      adds  c7d0975   More memory leak fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4e7b6b20eabe02f1ab74254607178ba35e61c9ce)
      adds  0cc1389   More memory leak and PANIC action fixes. This is *horrible* code :-(. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ac383bb765ea606fc1105aa91470fcdf453d9335)
      adds  5a5540f   rpc_client/cli_lsarpc.c: Removed unused variable. rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Fixed more memory leaks. smbd/nttrans.c: Fixed shadow variable problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f0a7540831181d3a47e7f8ce8be55a36a2f2aba1)
      adds  9888108   moved secrets handling into secrets.c (This used to be commit e49550b975dd407a1a8538c9885e036e400b7714)
      adds  8431208   added %J and %T to run_print_command() made the run_print_command a varargs fn (This used to be commit b9f2cf459322fb3f10844f9441633c7bcd6ed151)
      adds  da44845   moved secrets fns into secrets.c (This used to be commit f890bcf06786e7c63bf76fad2fd46d287a99a270)
      adds  cbeb0aa   moved secrets fns into secrets.c (This used to be commit 16355a9c66a2bdab1feb8914a40bbea5272bb170)
      adds  2a24646   fixed some ptr declarations (This used to be commit 7a670f5f3b627543bf776fc9698a2b5d46c110a3)
      adds  bca956d   new protos (This used to be commit e00c162f72303d94854c6033c1f91a1d7b9e0a27)
      adds  5a0d520   someone forgot a ! (This used to be commit 29fa2e1d99235bc15b2916c404b46012eb77b7e2)
      adds  dbf004b   added a MANGLE_DRIVER_PATH define to chooose whether we stuff with the driver path do a rename etc.
      adds  ad26771   fixed the pack/unpack of the devicemode we were being bitten by uint16/uint32 mixups (This used to be commit 1d37f76953534f7bf9d8890dda30c7e00cbb024c)
      adds  0090b4e   added some debug code to track down pack/unpack problems (This used to be commit ac9cdab33cddcc5ab00fc21ba79f416f5a9687e7)
      adds  7ed09de   some printer parameters are getting corrupted, possibly by the client possibly by smbd. Reset them so printing at least works while I try to figure out what is going on. (This used to be commit 70476d6767a571460fa375fb1dae884df77ca143)
      adds  3ca34cc   sec_desc_size() needs to handle a null secdesc (This used to be commit b152d75ea677d4025dcaaf3ae9009db0979dc402)
      adds  d48c727   no space was being reserved for the security descriptor in the parse buffer (This used to be commit 417a88fc6a8406ad4244e8cc1317cb7163b07cc0)
      adds  dcecbc5   we no longer need the code to cope with setprinter having corrupted data (This used to be commit c602b703a05b94748a890add751f47fc6b539c60)
      adds  9297228   added -O (use oplocks) option to locktest (This used to be commit 56ba49382fbdbe5672c3a72faaca21f20a53752b)
      adds  def5fee   Someone wrote a man page for smbspool - how nice! (This used to be commit bac7a72f47ffb8456e39ad2dedfbd22c04a03f7d)
      adds  55e0505   Copied across NT_Security documentation from 2.0 (This used to be commit 6f07da3b9146e880df3290e664a28f904ac252eb)
      adds  c35ea64   fixed a off by one bug in ntforms read from the database (This used to be commit 1c5f70821981e961b81c31f5c83bb56c08ef5018)
      adds  bf302c5   Updated samba appliance example. (This used to be commit e42f2fc397ab195391a6f78452782efb89ebf0cf)
      adds  6c178b3   Forgot attr entry for private dir. (This used to be commit df690273312fd5b6f3041298bf9763948d842811)
      adds  7df31cb   added locktest2
      adds  2db93dc   don't ue nasty /proc/locks hack by default (This used to be commit 62d72dd67ba41b90fefc4308139cd488b3fcb3fa)
      adds  f87246d   simple increment bug in uniarray_2_dosarray (This used to be commit 6506e6f47085beeaa6588a361a220ab21fc32aa6)
      adds  6d8c131   Some tidyup fixes (memory leaks etc.). Still no progress with the "no driver" issue. I'm banging my head against comparitive packet dumps right now... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 03cd4aa1443acd958593f37c61ff9c90a43c660b)
      adds  84aa9ad   Create elements in default, not in read. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0d681ea252e0cf7fdf57d316d2bfe7caa9b4fbf5)
      adds  ad53b64   fixed!!
      adds  798670d   fixed sizeof() typo (This used to be commit 1da9c5531a8e26dc63b31a27fa73e0932278acb4)
      adds  d253db1   Memory leak fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 34b63896ab1543936d6b9b382ef6727a161b6bf2)
      adds  0164047   Fixing get/set of security descriptors. Removed ugly hack for NT printing. Fixed up tdb parse stuff memory leaks. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8ef41f31c53e14ad057d883810a1cd2301fede2a)
      adds  b2eef91   Cause printer SD's to be displayed correctly (full control). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 341d07c516865bdd9be99f98cd0754d12b25f9c0)
      adds  6d38ba7   Moved tdb functions that access parse structs into parse_prs.c to prevent builkd breaking. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6c7adeab0f92844ecefbcb923d0d4763d4c3eaa5)
      adds  bda48b3   - changed HAVE_KERNEL_OPLOCKS to HAVE_KERNEL_OPLOCKS_IRIX - added autoconf test for HAVE_KERNEL_OPLOCKS_LINUX (This used to be commit 0368f68529a9244663c199068e95d1a1d93152fa)
      adds  6ac5383   make_sec_acl was passed pointer to static array ace[2], oops. (This used to be commit f3502d846c99c77b13ce75977f5dc79cc1a3506d)
      adds  1bdbb4e   added se_access_check. (This used to be commit 6de329f6bf9c26e132869cf43d4976d4881e285c)
      adds  84d4009   added a NET_USER_INFO_3 struct to user_struct.
      adds  1be8744   Bringing these up to date with what I've got on my site.  The fixes include the change that prevents 'insure' from becomming confused and issuing leak reports.  Some minor speed fixes.  That sort of thing.
      adds  ce17aac   Again, just syncronizing.  The a function name was changed in the sll module but none of Samba uses it directly.  The macros are used instead so the change is hidden.  Good. (This used to be commit c5d7ee506da31bbfbd6775c2dbcd121a44de794d)
      adds  28555ec   include/smb.h: Removed NET_USER_3 struct from user struct. It doesn't belong there (yet) 				as there is no infrastructure for it. Replaced it with a dynamic array 				of group SIDs plus a user. passdb/passdb.c: Added setup_user_sids() function. This is where the lookup should be done, 				eventually calling winbind. smbd/password.c: Changed to call setup_user_sids(). Removed spurious DEBUG(0) statements. smbd/reply.c: Removed extra parameter to register_vuid().
      adds  f5a4d08   Fix for map_share_mode to allow desired access of zero map to stat open. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b0242080fe464e71815431559fe54d109e0b92f2)
      adds  a62d17d   Change from "David S. Chappell" <David.Chappell at mail.cc.trincoll.edu> to make "printer driver file" a share parameter. This fits better with the new NT printing subsystem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7afb68461f3938a647a6c48689293af8ed36ccb7)
      adds  c3487b0   reverted jeremy's changes that removed NET_USER_INFO_3.  will you please not just undercut work in progress, thank you. (This used to be commit 86d440a88c948727bfcfedc694c52c58f9687d8b)
      adds  eee003d   started adding support for relative, plus options for autoalignment so the same parser generator can be uses for cifs and rpc (This used to be commit c7829fa0d87081d9b3f33468527583e3b763916b)
      adds  ad98207   dynamic allocation of NET_USER_INFO_3 gids.
      adds  979f509   free NET_USER_INFO_3 gids when vuser invalidated. (This used to be commit 2f056c2aadd2e16d89b66aabd1c166ab8d5abd76)
      adds  09ea9ea   split some of the irix kernel oplocks code into a function (This used to be commit 6b888d600d95e2595c3f79494edcc55e88e2980d)
      adds  698d2e8   some templates needed for the new aparser stuff (This used to be commit e13089b040d5df4e611a120ec7fce20757dc196a)
      adds  844d3b5   the Linux F_GETLEASE value has changed (This used to be commit 2a3c994a96dc96f379c4cffbcc3ca314c3d6d292)
      adds  15cf0e8   clean up oplock capability code ready for Linux code (This used to be commit 70dcc791b45ac64fc536ef449e4e6b53b2b68fd4)
      adds  0288a64   untiltime should be 0 by default to cover the whole 24 hours.
      adds  e58682e   do some standard_sub_advanced() in api_net_sam_logon on lp_logon_xxx(). and if you have unix realname=yes, you get the gecos name when locking the station.
      adds  03e0164   Luke, I am moving the code back into passdb/passdb.c, this the correct place to do this, not in smbd/passwd.c
      adds  eab8f3c   Fix from Elrond for hash table corruption. Should fix stat cache bug (I sincerely hope :-). Thanks elrond ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0d59e8c6bf49e06f11b386f9d805474771365f52)
      adds  891bdd0   (Correct) fix for desired_access being zero in map_share_mode(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit cc447fbe3cd77d57e18c3d1dff94a95d6032c311)
      adds  a9a5121   continued the split of the kernel level oplocks code into a more modular form. In this pass I added oplock_irix.c and added a "struct kernel_oplocks" that describes a kernel oplock implementation.
      adds  52cb056   continued the split of the kernel level oplocks code into a more modular form. In this pass I added oplock_irix.c and added a "struct kernel_oplocks" that describes a kernel oplock implementation. (This used to be commit b5ceab810292602ea9a81696c20a781c16b706c2)
      adds  26848a3   a first pass at Linux kernel oplocks support (This used to be commit 3253085d9883a181c04b9c9ecf7d0ccdfbcee88d)
      adds  4ec7597   parsing code for reply[open|close]printer in preparation of the event stuff.
      adds  8843a63   Linux kernel oplocks now seem to work, but need a _lot_ of testing
      adds  0fb1dbe   fixed Linux capabilities handling
      adds  a4ba9bb   a better test for oplocks being enabled in this kernel (This used to be commit cc0e919fdcb116c8f9688a4f5d7803fc8d7f9588)
      adds  6db12f7   split all the change notify code out into a separate module smbd/notify.c. All the data structures are now private to that module.
      adds  2b37fd8   fixed comments at top of module (This used to be commit 02577ab7d275dfb49e104f3358cb3caa66b3b09e)
      adds  6de513c   fixed a bug in BlockSignals() for systems that don't have sigprocmask() (This used to be commit abf06fa90ba49f6a1ec5458d056f8b8cf20b6512)
      adds  b2d01bd   totally rewrote the async signal, notification and oplock notification handling in Samba. This was needed due to several limitations and races in the previous code - as a side effect the new code is much cleaner :)
      adds  c8de9b8   enable the Linux change notify code and change some notify debug code (This used to be commit c6be511fcc1be79619a0184f03d4c33dbfe12f04)
      adds  60785b5   Created manpage for wbinfo program.
      adds  5dc6184   forgot to checkin select.c (This used to be commit 719bc2f130393a55058f5c45ca6fbd30a78de2dc)
      adds  b793017   always use the DN_CREATE mask (NT expects file creation always to cause a notify) (This used to be commit 20a06b7fb7c855e874b79b86251d597e7797b3c0)
      adds  b821b0c   fixed the change notify bit definitions (This used to be commit 17d3c3a14885a42889d69459e7b3af7040a45499)
      adds  bf575bf   use DN_ATTRIB kernel change notify attribute (This used to be commit 9f542484d11b7b908d3170b702b3bad82ba71525)
      adds  ec33db9   added -L switch to tell smbtorture to use oplocks (This used to be commit 73033d0803317c7de017cac7f7669f4afb08e7c0)
      adds  33179a9   add some brackets (This used to be commit bf67721ef5cc6d5ad1762fca320ef612025b4593)
      adds  b50ca09   allow posix locking database to be opened read-only (for smbstatus) (This used to be commit b9d78738bb30da3d989dfacc95cfde529f2afca5)
      adds  e281246   allow for lots of connections per server (This used to be commit 4bbc218922d2b1f40d50a611a389c9956851050f)
      adds  cf868f3   argv parsing fixes (This used to be commit 502751cc62df7395683dc45d15887535baa5656b)
      adds  f169856   proto update (This used to be commit 7d0f9258589c2856dbc54a10ee35c26201d16f41)
      adds  898c5dd   Removed a patch that Andrew had added because 'insure' was incorrectly reporting a memory leak in the cache module.  I've modified the cache code to prevent insure getting confused, so the patch can now be removed. (This used to be commit 50599b0fa2b78109e3bd2cf50007dc69c4059955)
      adds  30fdd20   If I use nmblookup to search for node ZOOB#1B and there is no such name registered within the search space, nmblookup would report
      adds  31e83ab   ZERO_STRUCT() of info3 structure before using it. (This used to be commit efe7f818c927a925f2dee1ef4f6040c137e0c84e)
      adds  1896c72   fixed autoconf test for kernel change notify support (This used to be commit 92d0382c9e1d6d31e6047ca3d78523a3204d36f8)
      adds  cc5502a   allow the notify implementation to choose the select timeout change (This used to be commit b1441d9622609af5ef598c5e1e1f5af438dc0731)
      adds  3bf8d26   Merged parse_domain_user() from TNG. (This used to be commit f64ac9d9068901862290f7b25874156d6f0d4d73)
      adds  9ee5756   Merge from TNG. (This used to be commit e5cb97dda89fe23612b75861232591e4831733e0)
      adds  e868d0b   #include nsswitch/winbind_nss.h (This used to be commit ce40ba9fba62d4debc43ab53b8564fc24d1f9e3b)
      adds  7b89d2b   Changed server side lsa_lookup_sids function to look up SIDs that we are not authoritative for using winbindd. (This used to be commit a39cdffb141a8e4188b00dfb6eb3317f134cddda)
      adds  a08b01d   Added nsswitch/common.o to SMBD_OBJ1 (This used to be commit 6c743427dfa2fbd6f3ab47991165db9e705eba20)
      adds  2c3cd9e   Removed some debugs. (This used to be commit 6faa963b232b4c4d883c1b346c73b2f2b6da6370)
      adds  b41b1da   add -d debuglevel option (This used to be commit 448f21325f8ff53f3ff5e45c22e07f7164529bc9)
      adds  f94f053   added support for kernel level share modes. These are a (small) hack, I suspect we will either get rid of them or do them properly at some stage. (This used to be commit fabe1f350e1fc58db33d22cebd38652950697ced)
      adds  c528569   open files with O_NONBLOCK when available. This is necessary to prevent possible deadlocks with kernel leases and harmless when kernel leases are not used.
      adds  9857703   use the right MMAP flag (This used to be commit a2f5977ac34d02cd64acd0022cb5bc065eab713f)
      adds  28be43d   - use read locks when possible - don't use as many locks on a store (This used to be commit ee12b10d21022287baf4432d1df743c4b28223b2)
      adds  fac26f0   support both read and write locks inside the tdb (This used to be commit d0a1f96e0f699f8e3ceb0e0d826423cd643803e7)
      adds  a72f277   Simplified server pipe implementation by changing arguments passed down through to the individual pipe api calls.  Instead of passing two prs_struct pointers, we now pass the pipes_struct pointer which contains the former information as well as other useful stuff like the vuid. (This used to be commit 96addba216bad2189120d78f5531d5caa6f37880)
      adds  ea29458   Simplified server pipe implementation by changing arguments passed down through to the individual pipe api calls.  Instead of passing two prs_struct pointers, we now pass the pipes_struct pointer which contains the former information as well as other useful stuff like the vuid.
      adds  bc21403   Simplified server pipe implementation by changing arguments passed down through to the individual pipe api calls.  Instead of passing two prs_struct pointers, we now pass the pipes_struct pointer which contains the former information as well as other useful stuff like the vuid.
      adds  e83ddf6   Simplified server pipe implementation by changing arguments passed down through to the individual pipe api calls.  Instead of passing two prs_struct pointers, we now pass the pipes_struct pointer which contains the former information as well as other useful stuff like the vuid.
      adds  5824ae2   Pass the vuid from the connection_struct to the printing back end functions. (This used to be commit 6120d03200ed6d89640332aedc75172bdf77e2a0)
      adds  a1a0f7e   Added print_access_check() function for checking printer security descriptors.  Currently returns True (plus debug output) which should not affect the behaviour of nt or lanman printing. (This used to be commit a9b4710e649e887e07d68c1bf826e00c9811e4ee)
      adds  ccc3289   Call print_access_check() function from printing back end. (This used to be commit 979e083d3dd844b98b03108e636dfe11ae157fb0)
      adds  206273f   Added some permission constants that are set for NT printer security descriptors.  These seem to be made up of the standard and generic access rights rather than object specific access rights. (This used to be commit 07099fd4464eca2b5f061ef25309f41b8ab5e00b)
      adds  0630db5   Changed function prototype for pipe api functions to take a pipes_struct instead of two prs_data pointers. (This used to be commit 73e4466fc30fee149f51a5aa45c26beb783306c5)
      adds  a72c9e2   Pass the vuid from the connection_struct to the printing back end functions. (This used to be commit a8975d6e226e7271f60d5487243301db3c220d87)
      adds  8b5be6a   make proto (This used to be commit b3f2946d3958ef92ad7d30a52d00bcfd50229388)
      adds  7448a6d   Whoops - dodgy make proto. (This used to be commit 87cd080441a924afd57d03e86c926a60c4416967)
      adds  9b305b1   Forgot pipes_struct conversion for api_samr_enum_dom_aliases() (This used to be commit 66372765e7c3f85240d54894547a150351426d5f)
      adds  db2f46d   more update. (This used to be commit ac91ef30932e3e472a16c4c756f6dfddc1b18487)
      adds  c89f1ae   reverted lukes changes in param/
      adds  5e06151   Paranoia changes to ensure that anything touched by a signal handler and the main code is declared as VOLATILE SIG_ATOMIC_T. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b737c784e34b0e1af014cb828ef37d5b6d73c3e2)
      adds  a69d476   Fixes for IRIX kernel oplocks and systems that don't have nss.h Jeremy. (This used to be commit 711f15ac230092bac000e63f99e8dfaa4a644847)
      adds  69c75c8   Fixes for Win2k "add printer driver" INFO_LEVEL_6 was wrong, also some memory fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2a9e645cbddef1cddc5c978310b7efed492758d2)
      adds  68b4dc2   Changed default printer driver to "" from NULL. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 54bf7c12b89005f0fb7d82108e8403d89931e422)
      adds  159aec6   A neater way of solving the S_ISSOCK, S_ISFIFO problem.
      adds  a7b5b10   fixed two minor bugs in new sys_select() (This used to be commit 5afc5f503144c81ebc6139719fd88335fd30f4ad)
      adds  f9e9f98   lib/util_unistr.c: Removed ascii_to_unistr() as it does no codepage. 					Removed unistr_to_ascii() as it was never used. printing/nt_printing.c: Removed "DUMMY.XX" files. rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Use dos_PutUniCode() instead of ascii_to_unistr(). 							Attempted to fix the "return value" size code based on J.F's 							comments. This needs looking at. Jeremy. (This used to be commit de99011bf3b2a23bd1854a047382a107aaeb9c68)
      adds  eecab5c   Changed enumports to show printernames as ports. In line with 'the grand plan' :-) Gerald & I discussed with HP. More changes to follow. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 193a248beda99103c73a0b0ea5e2fbcbb516ce8e)
      adds  3396a1d   just enough to get rpcclient to compile.  Look for #if 0 blocks around a few unimplemented functions.  Also had to add cli_reg.c to Makefile.in
      adds  8005c83   I've been working on refactoring some of the mess that is the become_user() code.  This code is now implemented as a stack of security contexts, where a security context is defined as a set of effective user, group and supplementary group ids.
      adds  2186537   Removed save directory argument to become_root() calls.  Probably most of this stuff doesn't need to be done as root anyway. (This used to be commit c3cad0ff6482784f95fd54ba51ee5be2354bb95d)
      adds  dbc0b86   Call init_sec_ctx() instead of init_uid().
      adds  5d7c2db   Added smbd/sec_ctx.o to smbd objects. (This used to be commit 11897939bcc073a24ff25c915beec7418a0bccfd)
      adds  dd4c090   Moved some static functions to sec_ctx.c
      adds  2a1dbb0   Delete OriginalDir stuff. (This used to be commit 3d0f1845c8cefccfabcfd35694264c1e5f52c3af)
      adds  d2e6912   Added MAX_SEC_CTX_DEPTH (This used to be commit 2bf21395ba4999d0392d6f54093ddc8861323ddd)
      adds  0c4d1e7   make proto (This used to be commit 2d3312249b3755e46d913dd40325b85db4aae62e)
      adds  c4f74dd   Tests for new security context stuff. (This used to be commit 85a68bc449a071d21e03ad4f54c1e784831a9bb5)
      adds  0e4a583   Added return for become_authenticated_pipe_user() function. (This used to be commit d0f55e04c9400481e4a981431715e167a8246e45)
      adds  6468c75   Added parenthesis around definition of PRINTER_ACE_PRINT. (This used to be commit 0dbc680e34922557a7b4ad62e898002218fa94b3)
      adds  e1b9e7c   Removed unused variables. (This used to be commit a75e738211e744adb966bcbc24371554c9642220)
      adds  be7ad00   Got a bit carried away deleting things. (This used to be commit 211391d88e10d94edcc81b83fefcadb4a905ea56)
      adds  096127f   Some compile fixes. (This used to be commit 4d0c09cb4f17b60ab99767d3e61f2ad50c6c5c30)
      adds  d4f652c   make proto (This used to be commit 927b7772a1246d60bccdf79cdb1f054c449c6bb6)
      adds  a90b7ab   Test harness stuff for compiling things. (This used to be commit 0af2a1ea69fcdf21243fc7e9a9de8914817d4880)
      adds  8a62ee4   Don't return a value for a void function. (This used to be commit 66fd7da08ffbb3673925e8816f06f8983363036b)
      adds  5dd2bd5   lib/util_unistr.c: Off-by-one fix for dos_PutUniStr from John Reilly jreilly at hp.com. Memory leak fix for new sec_ctx code (sorry Tim :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit edaf49c66d5a5ccf6689b358c301e208599a468f)
      adds  a8c21a8   Fix a malloc of zero problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2aa21db960666736331b18956422b7c13aad0f0f)
      adds  ec1c58f   lib/util_sid.c: Uninitialized memory read. rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c: Added note about prs_align when marshalling a SEC_DESC... rpc_server/srv_lsa.c: Tim - your changes broke the display of the 'everyone' group 						when doing file access with no winbindd running. This is a partial 						fix - more when I have analysed this more. rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Fix for the 'change driver' problem ! Hurrah !
      adds  bdb98d9   fixed size alignment in talloc (This used to be commit 064cdb7ee69bff3af12d1e0b3c3b59207c594681)
      adds  990b8e5   Fixed display of "Everyone" in SD's. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3c7fdaa576c09dab2e4de78ed353b1fa1d65a40d)
      adds  36fd386   Changing drivers using the properties page works - but only if getting/setting security descriptors is disabled (as it is in this code).
      adds  8980d53   Removed extra uint32 field in auto-notify reply. This fixes some spoolss.exe crashes but there are still more to work on. Jeremy. (This used to be commit aa49dc037fa4e7b00d1a33619da5450a4eda1b9e)
      adds  774b06e   Tidy up current spool code - added some JRATEST ifdefs to allow experimentation with what is making spoolss.exe crash - may be removed later. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f3fe384dc39ce49c639a7adf35179a50cb86abf0)
      adds  7d9b43c   slightly saner defaults (This used to be commit fae3acc574c6e78121e6a1d464b67a15fb025304)
      adds  d52d29f   simpler configure test (This used to be commit 7752c14c313bf9b565828181647fb71457167d92)
      adds  eed5e03   Fixed oops with missing MANGLE_PATH directive. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fb6b5a964512dec37f85f8de39c0c06f702aabbd)
      adds  41cffa8   Updated documentation for wbinfo and winbindd. (This used to be commit 8b814d1bb188f7d657fca6014d0b50d2bbc1ab1b)
      adds  f08e3c3   Added more args to smbclient wrapper - there's probably a better way to do this. (This used to be commit 8de200ecbcc3b5b257354a8f51ebefad4cabdb73)
      adds  1230fe4   Merge from TNG. (This used to be commit b46fc0ed040ff24bb4e348904fdb0e9788364837)
      adds  55f9dc2   Removed unneccessary ()'s afer &'s that made it look like we don't know how the C language works :-). Jeremy (This used to be commit d47329649d4f92a52acac7de256d9d9b0afc33c8)
      adds  104217f   Found that the minimum priority is 1 and not 0 on NT.
      adds  2d2b6a4   reverting Jeremy's changes to enumprinterdata.
      adds  04f0b0d   Re-ran autoconf (This used to be commit 2003c11c3e1635fec4702f5a704b5ce9b0bc3f64)
      adds  877c91b   Renamed generic_request() to winbindd_request() (This used to be commit d9041958558fc8e3c7b0491eb0f7e45bee9d19c5)
      adds  098b7b3   first pass at merging rpcclient from TNG to HEAD.  You can get a semi-connection and a rpcclient prompt, but no functionality there yet. Will be a few more days on that.
      adds  8d429db   first pass at merging rpcclient from TNG to HEAD.  You can get a semi-connection and a rpcclient prompt, but no functionality there yet. Will be a few more days on that.
      adds  33f6a1d   first pass at merging rpcclient from TNG to HEAD.  You can get a semi-connection and a rpcclient prompt, but no functionality there yet. Will be a few more days on that.
      adds  efc9413   first pass at merging rpcclient from TNG to HEAD.  You can get a semi-connection and a rpcclient prompt, but no functionality there yet. Will be a few more days on that.
      adds  f048209   Some more sec_ctx changes.  Modified some fields in the pipe_struct structure so authenticated pipe users can have their unix groups set when become_authenticated_pipe_user() is called. (This used to be commit 55c9bf124dc661df43bfe582ef14b1297aeaf0fa)
      adds  b8262b4   driver_info_6 had a prs_align() that should not have been there.
      adds  53e0629   the dummy field in driver_info_6 is before the driver version and not after.
      adds  e7b5aba   Merge of wbinfo program from TNG. (This used to be commit 659e4d88ff9dbf1fa9cd8904470c4a8d02d8674b)
      adds  8a72991   Bracked unbracketed macro arguments while looking for another bug. (This used to be commit 873774e36dfc877727133a86fbc2c2ddc2d563cd)
      adds  16e4503   got smbw to compile again on Linux (This used to be commit 614fd4119ce5aa37acd03321dc6ef263ae16bdc5)
      adds  d0f1bca   added -L option (This used to be commit ae80ca637cd4de6d18f995a4b6e1e1e21ab63581)
      adds  da74939   wrote a little sample smbw program build using "make bin/smbw_sample"
      adds  a7f6c0a   don't need shmem any more (This used to be commit a81371a4fd6f7972b054bea90428d1d2fd6d1d22)
      adds  c125444   the smbw sample prog (This used to be commit 0afcc0d3368472ed4b49167dc4b7d907b0ccdc25)
      adds  4b25fff   new protos (This used to be commit bd323fa503b1ad7ab9ca35b2f93774541b02e8e3)
      adds  01f7ba6   Moved lib/util_seaccess.o from LIB_OBJ to SMBD1_OBJ as it is only used by smbd. (This used to be commit 539c32fa423bee9be34eeda96fad5398f7cf982b)
      adds  648f084   Changed checking for WINBINDD_OK return value instead of NSS_STATUS_SUCCESS when looking up sids from winbindd. (This used to be commit 79fb877bf13ba462ad0a878d8975f8b5183e3ea3)
      adds  dc7b20a   Make prototypes for functions returning an enum nss_status. (This used to be commit dac9c934ac3932fb9870417e8f712a880dd25e45)
      adds  084af3c   Added global_sid_NULL S-1-0-0 to list of global sids. (This used to be commit f49905e74c6e3891b5816b136fd1d0d77c392e2f)
      adds  d4081ac   Pass pipes_struct rather than vuid down to startdocprinter, setprinter and setjob spoolss server commands. (This used to be commit f35745137451f769a0723cb0665ba0b9d4801ad8)
      adds  d01839e   Pass either an authenticated pipe or SMB user in a current_user struct down to the printing back end functions. (This used to be commit a2751a269e05d5e46d4b22d6082a5898cdb4526f)
      adds  cfc7266   Rewrite of se_access_check() function.  Added comments and fixed a bunch of bugs.  I think there is a problem though with the permissions granted when SEC_RIGHTS_MAXIMUM_ALLOWED is passed as the permissions requested. (This used to be commit 27d821913c87dddd44a0690f4b191c9d2445817e)
      adds  f1ccd14   Include nss.h if present or define enough values to allow client access to winbind. (This used to be commit 669bd8dc1ab4690cf21310fe0310f1716e4a0197)
      adds  34abda0   Moved printer ACE mask values from nt_printing.h to rpc_spoolss.h (This used to be commit 9245af1ea18babae09a92af634428a63ec55438e)
      adds  9644665   Moved authenticated pipe user details into a current_user struct. (This used to be commit 3c4a5f624bfa69eb81d998530d9227e158edd109)
      adds  957aa91   Implemented NT printer descriptor checking.  Yay!
      adds  75dd5b5   Don't check NT permissions when printing from lanman. (This used to be commit e84607eedf3be454f8f709c70cafc5ded4ea951d)
      adds  7e7d059   se_access_check() tests. (This used to be commit bba912cad8dfcef3dbc1db020304ab29fd71d5cb)
      adds  89eafd3   printing/nt_printing.c: (From JF) use the driver name - already given to us. printing/printing.c: priority needs to be 1 not zero (found by checked build). rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Log invalid handle access, also print out if this is a different 							pid handle. This will help track down client access after a connection 							is closed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4ff949228c40b6abb2008df8db985562ac2895d2)
      adds  9de93aa   More rpcclient merge issues:
      adds  d2b40a7   More rpcclient merge issues:
      adds  a3deb50   Just a few changes due to bringing some partial files back from TNG to HEAD.
      adds  119f965   Quick change to short-circuit WINS queries if the WINS server returns a Negative Name Query Response.  We should't wait through the timeouts and retry twice if we've been told "No Such Entry". (This used to be commit 2bbd16903db02aacb729d1ad140056b180e2a776)
      adds  8c0bb0c   Added some useful debugging stuff.
      adds  541303d   Fix for passing NULL pointer as an array parameter in domain_client_validate() (This used to be commit 3ee111bff78826a5ee419554d4ef2b2b2d3ae7aa)
      adds  5af3532   Spelling fixes. (This used to be commit c1d242f1dd5b6addbe5d2df22e4759f6682fd9ef)
      adds  78a4848   Re-instated lanman printing security checks (oops).
      adds  520bb0d   make proto (This used to be commit 5f355a24430dcb260de52e8a0ca21e80cae53089)
      adds  6429937   Moved winbind client functions from various odd locations to nsswitch/wb_client.c
      adds  b561c18   Fixes for various compile warnings on Solaris 8. (This used to be commit 898a483cdab1ed7d8ff902c0dc0e0620440ae4cd)
      adds  709059f5f Added wbinfo and .libs (This used to be commit da67a5099ebfb68172c1c419103665f571e82157)
      adds  64db201   included a a new prs_unistr().  Is currently #if'd out (denoted by RPCCLIENT_TEST) in order to not break anything in the smbd code (and to give time to review it).  Originally written by JF. In effect, this checkin makes no changes to parse_prs.c at all.
      adds  997e113   Fixed a bug in parsing the command line.
      adds  1c8c1c0   spoolenum commend (when compiled with the new prs_unistr()) now works.   :-)
      adds  b534844   make proto (This used to be commit ae85cc43fec26be6184e863569a94cab0afc425a)
      adds  445e92e   Ensure correct driver paths are returned in INFO_2 struct. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7a95c289cd0b4615d2a5aa8a148c767b57460ffa)
      adds  9f12613   Add local fallback for name lookup if no winbindd running... Jeremy. (This used to be commit d85deb9e4e9c9784006292d3cb5a6b7b408ff972)
      adds  5d8a5d9   Allow name lookup to fail and fall back to using the "Everyone" SID as SD owner. Allows smbd to work without winbindd running. Check for security implications ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9bd64da1e26a1b4a2df2b0537feb604a40762bb1)
      adds  9ab8dfa   #ifndef RPCCLIENT_TEST 	use old prs_unistr() #else 	use new prs_unistr() which handles UNMARSHALL #endif /* RPCCLIENT_TEST */
      adds  5301a09   Typo.  It said "DEGUG" in the comments.  I dunno how to degug, or gug for that matter.  crh (This used to be commit 6ee63ecfa5f9c984f51c15597a50e085ab722e87)
      adds  8edb496   An improved version of the Negative Query Response fix.  The earlier fix only did a short-cut on an rcode of 3, which is 'name not found'.  This does a short-cut on any non-zero rcode.  It also puts out a DEBUG message (if DEBUGLEVEL is >= 3) detailing the error.
      adds  5813ecf   - The printers are indexed by the sharename in both get_a_printer() and add_a_printer() now.
      adds  6c2242e   we are now sure the printer_info_2 timestamp is updated everytime required.
      adds  9e2b107   Uninitialised variables. (This used to be commit a895868912a24589de3a904ca537cf3367a645bf)
      adds  f349448   Don't return winbind groups or users when responding to samr_enum_dom_users and samr_enum_dom_aliases commands.  Unfortunately the algorithm for determining winbind groups from normal groups is simply to check for the presence of the lp_winbind_separator() character.  )-: (This used to be commit 363a9c45bf0a7d3266ccdf4eeb0b9f5e3d38389f)
      adds  fb7a24d   adding more spoolss command into rpcclient.  They don't all work currently.  More to come later.
      adds  7a88bb6   make proto and a few changes to ntdomain for rpcclient printing functions
      adds  02fd5b0   Fixed a bug in cmd_interp.c where if user%pass was entered on the command line, the password would still be cached in memory in plain text for the lifetime of the rpcclient command line session.
      adds  2c46a26   removed prs_data(), prs_free_data(), and prs_realloc_data() as these were unneeded and replaced by the real functions already in HEAD.
      adds  c27ec4b   removed references to loopback RPC connections. added a few more kfunctions from TNG for rpcclient
      adds  5af82b6   cleaned up access to prs_struct variables.  Replaced all calls
      adds  8213b96   More functions merged from TNG for rpcclient.  They don't all work currently as I have to do something about the policy handle caching issues.
      adds  6a9db25   a few changes to Makefile.in to clean up dependencies for rpcclient
      adds  2755ad8   reverted a some previous additions. Removed msrpc_local struct
      adds  333c23c   Lots of changes but no real progress in functionality. more changes to remove the ncarpc_l_* stuff.
      adds  7599f51   I committed this change to the cliffs archive a while back and have heard no complaints.  ;)
      adds  c9dc687   Added some debugs.
      adds  da1f8dc   Renamed a parameter in init_request() function.
      adds  53c9165   Renamed arguments to se_access_check() (This used to be commit 714b50b47dab46f5cdde49d7c200b353c2e0398a)
      adds  ba7b78f   Moved access check for nt_printing_setsec() up into rpc function.
      adds  3733229   Allow job owner to delete own print job. (This used to be commit 90b1857c81627e587a7395ee2bdb51b26ea46512)
      adds  de71b95   make proto (This used to be commit 4443a8b6e698a6572152e575c41dfb760b9888a9)
      adds  2bf0823   make proto (This used to be commit df0ef98d7ed41899ce97d20163ab49081347ae83)
      adds  8453b27   Initialise current time to time(NULL) in add_a_printer_2()
      adds  873c036   Free security descriptor after access check in update_printer_sec() (This used to be commit bc5f9c00be5b8c2f6d258f0c95ed3b4fc0201b87)
      adds  d39eaf1   Reverted changes from rpcclient merge - contains memory leak! (This used to be commit dea06ad7a554089a7394cdcb6bf5a766e8e8a6c3)
      adds  9665d3f   Missing var. (This used to be commit 5c1c5622269c54dca89eb178ca25981ab7928e75)
      adds  2089176   Fixed some more SPOOLSS functions.  The following functions work now:
      adds  17dba7e   Fixed some more client SPOOLSS functions.  The following functions work now:
      adds  05fdec7   grab functions that return RPC_HND_NODE (declared in include/util_list.h)
      adds  695e596   I really didn't like the way generic arrays (lists) were implemented in util_array.c so I wrote a smaller (and simplier package).
      adds  2de59a3   fixed a bug (my own) in create_ntc_from_cli_state()
      adds  a1bd676   Fixed some more client SPOOLSS functions.  The following functions work now:
      adds  2a922bd   Added lib/util_list.[c|o] to Makefile.in
      adds  6f9afd1   remove util_list from LIB_OBJS since it broke smbd build (undefined references in link).  This is a quick fix. I'll resolve things later.
      adds  2637bfe   rpc_parse/parse_prs.c: Removed extraneous ()'s. rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c: Fixed the security descriptor marshalling in a INFO_2 struct. 							for some reason SD's should be done inline after the info2, not 							as the last buffer marshall. rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Removed extraneous ()'s. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f038a24e9f624fdb04cd52769d45783248ce8a38)
      adds  ac56d8f   Removed the sanity check on the WINS SERVER parameter because it simply checked to see that only one server was listed.  As I am working on an enhancement that allows multiple servers to be listed...this was a bit contrary.  ;) (This used to be commit 1b718f67675e52520f193a8c71c110246e70723f)
      adds  b35f21f   First cut toward adding WINS server failover.
      adds  3c9e410   Instead of handing back a string (which might be a DNS name or an IP string), the wins_srv module now hands back a struct in_addr when it's called.  It caches the IP address once it has been looked up.  The IP is cleared (and must be looked up again) if the 'wins server' parameter is reread, or if the node is marked 'dead'.  A dead node will not be re-tried for 10 minutes (per a #define in wins_srv.c).
      adds  5c162bb   Code from John Reilly <jreilly at hp.com> to add tdb lookups into the Win95 printer driver download if looking for the default driver files fail. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1192d867c4e863471f9bc12afceb68a23ba2142e)
      adds  9f040cc   Modified the patch to look in the tdb *first* - thus allowing legacy text filed to be ignored when an upload is done. Modified to code to goto err on problems, simplifies it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9157a6ab2646c035a731d53aa3be010488ccf51a)
      adds  58221bf   Fixed unitilized secdesc pointer which was causing spoolgetprinter rpcclient command to fail on shared printers.
      adds  fca31d8   readded util_list.c (just to the RPCCLIENT_OBJ).  I need to split the file up i think.  Later.
      adds  c0dcf94   make proto (This used to be commit 1246728eb9013948d17ad44263501d1e1bb49e8f)
      adds  e5c5b27   Added functions for enumerating ports on remote print server.
      adds  92708e3   Added EnumPorts() and fixed up some problems with the other spoolss client calls.
      adds  fe245e2   Added EnumPorts() and fixed up some problems with the other spoolss client calls.
      adds  74a9323   * Added EnumPorts() * Fixed an off-by-one bug noticed by JF in GetPrinterDriverDirectory()
      adds  9f5e9ac   make proto (This used to be commit e4af400ed6580c04bcaf3a28fe8aeaa0cdbd4dcf)
      adds  78bbcec   Fixed open handle code in printers - 3 functions were always being done in order - moved them into open_printer_hnd(). Added saving of comment field. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a0ee774fe92e5d0bc84d1d6729e8c538c67e8aba)
      adds  affabf1   Test for reloading smb.conf after SIGHUP.  Needs to be run as root. (This used to be commit db54e72d2f67b07d42bff16c64fbadf0d031e365)
      adds  47f8f8e   Run main server loop with sys_select() instead of sys_select_intr().  The main daemon was not catching sighup and reloading the service file. (This used to be commit f026a897e9296a71fb5c4d5f6e1b4d3287689bde)
      adds  ac70155   Tidy up code to add printer. Always index in tdb by sharename. This is beginning to come together... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 614bf56186b5836020a7813855a5108da0ee8433)
      adds  b401759   Fix for mounting a printer as a share.  Not that there's anything specifically wrong with this, but Samba is fooled by the client into thinking the printer is a file share.  Files copied to the share gather dust in the spool directory and aren't printed.
      adds  5a5ef18   A rather big change set ! (listed in no particular order)
      adds  fcbf694   Added some error checking and returns to the new 'move' code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0bd88d304cd773e0bbf3e6f7fedcb3b544d41cbe)
      adds  5a98f9c   if the sids are not the same pointer and either of the sids are NULL then the two sids are not equal (This used to be commit 9ccf3b1dc5baf0e00d032d8b932ab0fb5b1e11b1)
      adds  48a3e00   some initial code for AddPrinterEx() project.  Most is ifdef'd out 'cause it's not all written.
      adds  904a24a   make proto
      adds  bc22ae0   Fixed up error checking and move printer file code. Fixed a memory leak. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5130dd0f8b80aed5fb3c0df290b627057cc9b825)
      adds  a4243b3   Fixed memory leak in modify_trust_password() (This used to be commit 7145689bf55b9f3100632badac486fde30ee4972)
      adds  c89cf81   Fixed memory leaks in _spoolss_addprinterdriver() (This used to be commit 1f49788442b0d1264c70166e727b8588b936e6ec)
      adds  18db051   Fixed memory leaks in root and non-root password changing. (This used to be commit f3a4f81a5e51e411f1c7c6245597cca01e9ad5b2)
      adds  1e3a550   Found out that we are crashing spoolss in enumprinterdata.
      adds  134a4b8   if no comment in TDB, use comment from print share.
      adds  5ec1642   Ok - this is a *BIG* change - but it fixes the problems with static strings in the RPC code. This change was prompted by trying to save a long (>256) character comment in the printer properties page.
      adds  642ae91   fix the devmode.orientation being set to 0.
      adds  3cc9e1a   remove warnings
      adds  b58ebd1   Fixed read overrun in init_string2() (This used to be commit 4ab75143c4466ad0ea8443512dd5ade449d72462)
      adds  5dbd300   Adding files provided by Klaus Singvogel of Caldera (This used to be commit ab6d01bdccf3106c00563173bfb3e3b3d7c3a64c)
      adds  8a2a1ff   Updating for Samba-3. (This used to be commit 183d55b2ae38305f68ca677f6d413a54bd122394)
      adds  2e16038   Adding missing smbsh.1 man page source. (This used to be commit 856a3773dcad4a8665e097a07e7bb992ffea4c74)
      adds  c46e6a5   Adding missing man pages. (This used to be commit 25091dcf7c194b450e95e2a673423d2d0ad7f272)
      adds  693fba1   Adding Using_Samba book back to Samba-pre3. (This used to be commit 9f5f8ad21d9c7f5efb69abbe08ee2e34b787e68b)
      adds  cf15238   Adding pages oopsed. (This used to be commit 7df53b821132f334d0752b757778818cae634d46)
      adds  a6ef985   More work on rpcclient...
      adds  f9d3ff9   More work on rpcclient...
      adds  2759822   make proto (This used to be commit 38b07395566a2c114ccda173fb0fe88cf7683588)
      adds  49fcb30   Added John Reilly's enumports/addprinter/delprinter scripting code plus the fix for the Win9x printer drivers. Changed command names to add "command" string on the end for some consistancy with the other scripting commands. Added '%P' option to tdbpack/unpack to store long comment string. Made port name be "Samba Printer Port" if no enum port script given. Fixed prs_uint32_pre code to cope with null args. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 902ada63799cf27924c72e24e7593a [...]
      adds  55ff9cb   Save & restore the port name correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c0648c981edef2a29b3a22a7d08aa226ca724e95)
      adds  d95777a   Added print job substitutions for %{printername}, %{sharename} and %{portname} from the NT printer tdb. Also added checks for time restrictions before allowing a job to print. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8cfb55e81abebf0354e6d470ed68bbac1d6560ad)
      adds  7f36df3   Tidyup removing many of the 0xC0000000 | NT_STATUS_XXX stuff (only need NT_STATUS_XXX). Removed IS_BITS_xxx macros as they were just reproducing "C" syntax in a more obscure way. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c55bcec817f47d6162466b193d533c877194124a)
      adds  17dcd9a   Started to canonicalize our handling of uid -> sid code in order to get ready and fix se_access_check(). Added cannonical lookup_name(), lookup_sid(), uid_to_sid(), gid_to_sid() functions that look via winbind first the fall back on local lookup.
      adds  468af19   Much though I hate to admit it - JF was completely correct. I cannot now reproduce the bug I had with adding a printer driver, and PrintMig.exe crashes if I use my SD code but works with his. I stand completely corrected :-). - So I'm reverting to his code as it works :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit d6db29be98f717a9038b5ac1ff492c70ce2e92a7)
      adds  f873999   Added an NT_USER_TOKEN structure that is copied/passed around associated with the current user. This will allow se_access_check() to quickly do a SD check without having to translate uid/gid's to SIDs. Still needs work on pipe calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e28d01b744b3dbd33e0e54af4e7f426fa8c082b8)
      adds  06e4f11   Fixed up the user/group contexts when using authenticated pipes. Added a become_root()/unbecome_root() (push/pop security context) around the initgroups() call to ensure it would succeed. Hmmm - I wonder if this call being done as non-root might explain any "group access" bugs we've had in the past.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 06a65972e872f37d88b84f22ea714feebd38f6c0)
      adds  553579b   In cli_error() return ENOENT when an ERROR_INVALID_NAME is received instead of the generic EINVAL. (This used to be commit a290107aee01a85ca1ef5565f23c8f00e18e98c2)
      adds  394795e   After talking with Jeremy and JF (and staring at packet traces between NT <-> NT), I've come to realize that UNISTR2 strings should be NULL terminated.
      adds  4003a1c   clunky support for calling AddPrinterEx().  The code currently reports that the call failed, but the printer shows up on the remote NT client. (note this is the client side call).  I've botched the return value somewhere and will fix that today.
      adds  05e169b   make proto (This used to be commit 6bdb7d5c9787bd16e851f5c751d952c4df8ccc5b)
      adds  e2031ab   Added my course notes. Had asked Jeremy some weeks ago. It's german language, feel free to remove it again.
      adds  b3b5122   Fixed up se_access_check() to use the token list from the user struct as the SID list. Now to go through and tidy up the algorithm. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1f7300df6713a6728feb1600ca7e62fc213232fc)
      adds  4fabc1a   spoolss_addprinterex() was adding the printer and returning the correct handle, but was deleting the connection to the server. Doh!!
      adds  dd3479d   make proto (This used to be commit dfd6b51bc7fb61d25af3074c386ce51cf3bc86f4)
      adds  48b4749   Adding build system files for Caldera OpenLinux. (This used to be commit 8de3786f5ad473aab90bb3fbf7e6ca2714f91751)
      adds  754f021   Adding build file. (This used to be commit b87c47cc8638a1930e55a45a126a778b188ce688)
      adds  139dcbb   Fixed bug in init_unistr2_from_unistr() found by Elrond. Thanks :-)
      adds  cfb5d7d   removed the for() loop to copy the buffer in init_unistr2_from_unistr() Replaced with a memcpy()
      adds  8705fbc   it is not my day it seems.  :-( Fixed missing )
      adds  f296a8d   All changes related to rpcclient...
      adds  3a123d2   cleanup in init_unistr2_from_unistr()
      adds  d5e17b3   make proto (This used to be commit 74074072cf244d221f8f9b09302d0cbc85d689d4)
      adds  0cabe32   Changed the sec desc access checks to match the spec. Needs testing. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5a4a7cd4727df5d1b5e71d343e776c7df52dc515)
      adds  b4d1e19   Added SID "Everyone" S-1-1-0 as always matching if present in an ACE. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b3a1038ac1bfb0c32e64f6cb26e5e46fbda794a2)
      adds  04de6d0   Found the sec_ctx_stack overflow - a become_root() should have been an unbecome_root() - typo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ebb160663ed55e44e44f1c3d17eb077a32c2ffb9)
      adds  0d7df3e   fixed help string (This used to be commit 16afa46797a4cdaa6e3b668caf6d910c08bec9b4)
      adds  0756908   Fixed AddPrinterDriver()
      adds  db24453   added printer admin option any user in that list can do anything to a printer (This used to be commit 7b5912be150dd590d6195be40b0976305b8716ba)
      adds  64f6dd8   add printer admin docs (This used to be commit 1342f2e5be28d1582ab39ec837392fbf9e721014)
      adds  fadb15d   got error code right for printer update/add failure (This used to be commit 0d00d2ec258b36d73e865f06d5d11745d7cdafa9)
      adds  e3048cf   Fixed memory leak with NT tokens. Added debug messages to se_access_check(). Added FULL_ACCESS acl to default acl on printers. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7507f6f408cf8b0f8d7e2b3da54ce5fb5ef5343b)
      adds  a08d444   More work on AddPrinterDriver() and AddPrinterEx() client RPC's
      adds  86833bb   make proto (This used to be commit ad74885e4730da2a15ff00e13f490f3f0b1be10d)
      adds  92a54ac   Fixed bug in new printer access check code. If PRINTER_ALL_ACCESS is changed in the ACE's the same thing must be done in the desired access or they will never match. This took me a while to find... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 066520979b2b5d967e6e1d77f16185a5fb19dc0c)
      adds  8e0e319   Needed to add the SHARED attribute bit when creating a printer on a Samba host.  Also needed to add an option to pass the share name (printer name) on the command line.
      adds  0a86b83   talloc returns 0xdeadbeef when asked to allocate 0 bytes
      adds  f488740   Deal will NULL UNISTR in unistr_to_ascii
      adds  2f9a0f8   deal with allocation size of 0 in prs_unistr when UNMARSHALLING
      adds  60084f5   code formatting cleanup
      adds  7ce5aac   working on the unmarshalling of dependentfiles to a DRIVER_INFO_3 struct.  Not wuite there.
      adds  536a055   Working on spoolss_getprinterdriver() as it does not display all the dependentfiles.
      adds  1e46bde   Removed requirement that sid have an owner before being interpreted. Thanks to Elrond for pointing this out. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1d9a5494f8214b8d6171073f4090687a8535d78c)
      adds  1e823bc   Tidied up security rights definitions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e466c863f5540e13776f4477b6d58e3fbfe7276d)
      adds  137b7f8   Added "add_printer_hook" call to update printer for Win9x clients. Patch from John Reilly <jreilly at hp.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 76a5713bd3fad18ec60d12fc3f965f3e9717c159)
      adds  295d684   Fix case where volumename could be returned as UNIX charset or DOS codepage depending on where it came from. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cfbf78085d48671e5be382e7486953a85a893be1)
      adds  726e7e2   First shot at actually *doing* WINS failover. If libsmb/namequery.c:name_query() times out while doing a non-broadcast query, I mark that WINS server 'dead'.  Note that I don't try the new WINS server.  I think I can get that working too.
      adds  f679578   Fixed the problem with UNISTR marshalling in a buffer5 struct. The smb_io_unistr() code called a prs_align, this was not being counted in the size or taken account of in the offset calculation. Fixed size_ calculation to always return a size a multiple of 4 and also set the offset correctly. This fixes the problem I saw and will hopefully fix the problem HP reported. JF please check this change. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ceba9f3dcdb4bddae17ec0024692c9074086302d)
      adds  69fc669   Updated by Patrick Powell <papowell at lprng.org> (This used to be commit 3361c144f5ba2a87a469436f670ab35189021d49)
      adds  50cef4f   removed (void) typecast from SMB_ASSERT
      adds  95496b9   reworked talloc() to in order to help track down invalid memory access.
      adds  cf023a7   fixed unistr_to_ascii to deal with NULL src strings
      adds  74f2fc4   FIxed some unmarshalling problems with relstr and unistr arrays
      adds  2ca88a0   fixes to prs_unistr UNMARSHALLING only.  Problem was due to talloc's of 0 bytes.
      adds  13913e2   removed the prs_align in spoolss_smb_io_unistr()  (JF, please check) as it was throwing things off when parsing buffers passed in SPOOLSS RPCs
      adds  e2bb077   fix for new_smb_io_relarraystr() and new_smb_io_relstr() to use spool_smb_io_unistr() as this does not call prs_align() befrore parsing the UNISTR.
      adds  a19339b   minor formatting fixes.
      adds  becf055   jeremy,
      adds  d2d0745   hey, jerry: turns out you _have_ converted to get_safe_nt_errmsg!!! [got confused with which way dirdiff was going :)].
      adds  83424f6   restored IS_BITS_SET_xxx macros. (This used to be commit bc065f9597654666e2f26ec046e058e44247d6e3)
      adds  b5f75af   NT printer permissions test program. (This used to be commit 9af82423d2e5c6f873a906097a56c8ac6c5f8297)
      adds  7ed3fca   fixed a few bugs in new_smb_io_relarraystr(). Marshalling code path now uses spoolss_smb_io_unistr() also caught a NULL pointer case.
      adds  3628c65   Merge. (This used to be commit 604f6a34effb8aeed7701345a4219749a6a97892)
      adds  d8464d4   Reverted the change Luke made. Removed IS_BITS_SET_XX macros. Do not re-add them. These macros are unsafe as they are not understood. Change all TNG code using them to correct '&' and '|' please. IS_BITS_SET_ALL was being used in cmd_interp.c when IS_BITS_SET_SOME should have been used. Jeremy. (This used to be commit be4e5eeb4f808c1d8ac4030e8886a83a37914c57)
      adds  0631c6e   Tidied up extra ()'s. Jeremy (This used to be commit f94f37dcab2bc2b68e2b6b4ca440ad53a60e8117)
      adds  aa3802b   Merge of uninitialised variable fix from APPLIANCE_HEAD. (This used to be commit 20a7fefee8c85f02f6a0e2a02c0df04a8b22b7cb)
      adds  02e3b4a   fixed error in [public] spotted by Ron Alexander <rcalex at home.com> changed to read only = yes
      adds  a705af1   fixed typo.
      adds  2ba82c0   fixed unitialized struct bug in enum_users (whatever it is called)
      adds  4620c70   - fixed memcpy bug in copy_unistr2() - init_unistr2_from_unistr() does not NULL terminate   the buffer
      adds  a9b2a40   hack for unmarshalling unistr's on machines with BIG_ENDIAN arch I think we have a lot more of these bugs lurking (i'm fairly confident of it).
      adds  82149af   added comment for my own memory purposes
      adds  150d8c6   Fix for Win9x driver downloads when information is stored in the TDB.  See the message I posted about this on samba-technical
      adds  7c3ca83   changing some debug message levels
      adds  40cc8e0   getfileline() - line with length of zero -> filebuf[strlen(filebuf)-1] is NOT ok. (This used to be commit 24e0c8ef70dc59bfaaa113c3d44befbccbcba15f)
      adds  f77c277   fixed initialization errors (again!)  I must have forgot to check these in before.
      adds  0136927   fixed an off by one error where I was tromping on memory when initializing a driver_info_3 struct.  See spoolss_addprinterdriver()
      adds  7e5fd8f   oops.  must return "" string and length zero when strlen(filebuf) == 0 (This used to be commit d3bc7cca99e47ce89035a03022d7c3ec69e01636)
      adds  d8ad8a0   Fix for safe_free freeing static strings. From Robert August Vincent, II. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bd844fcd3023ab956eb7ab369475955a88bcca14)
      adds  af0071c   Patch from John Reilly <jreilly at hp.com> for not processing duplicate files when moving printer driver to download area. (This used to be commit 6e0c9079c385a4f0e61d9f1b1e0351bc4dbc3151)
      adds  641d9e8   Added code to do SID to uid/gid conversion. Needed for ACL support. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 81c5380f91839b6416c8a42739dadf00e7388528)
      adds  b3addf7   Documentation on NT_USER_TOKEN. Requested by Sander. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e203324d4a3b9aac99ed0b22cbd8c373461919dd)
      adds  f03879e   Tidied up some error returns from printing calls. Still need to map UNIX errors to NT error for print job failure returns. Patch from John Reilly at HP. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3514b5bb8fffd78e3647425d93b74e2e6291bafc)
      adds  42e8f41   Modified to use sid_to_uid and sid_to_gid. Now ready for POSIX ACL code.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 28586c1dee18d99e0e0999ab1a945a33ce33c371)
      adds  ebe8a05   Updated file with version in TNG. (This used to be commit 156e17dea48962bca98a3f7d1e876eb6047ebc8a)
      adds  e1b9b33   - fixed the %U macro so that the old (and documented) semantics work again. This got broken with one of the substitute.c updates a couple of months ago.
      adds  c79b92b   Replaced "\\MAILSLOT\\NET\\NETLOGON" with NET_LOGON_MAILSLOT constant. (This used to be commit 5764e84c0e01fa4d6ecba410542f6f5c63b9eae6)
      adds  ace6739   vfs write data fix. Fix for name matching in addtosmbpass Jeremy. (This used to be commit 85738b7ee1ea6d88999d6aedc51a2daf545cb8b8)
      adds  bbc7918   arrgh.
      adds  4ff15c3   made reopen_logs() always re-open logs, not try and be smart about not re-opening in some circumstances. This fixes a problem where a HUP does not re-open logs and leaves the log open on a unlinked file. (This used to be commit f99f028c77482e591741df2a3da7f036f7409a68)
      adds  9e1f9a5   yipee!
      adds  d12f3fe   Merge from appliance branch. (This used to be commit 567b0095b1b8393b3b1e32533aa2860ab3dbfa47)
      adds  8b889a8   Oops - missed a file. (This used to be commit 5aed84b74981a4f4fcc4d466ef03178eff22ba85)
      adds  66cc978   Merge bug - still getting used to dirdiff. (This used to be commit cb717b4a2bb55eb2ff008e59203ebfeac6c5ab9f)
      adds  87591d8   script written by herb for reporting which smb.conf parameters are in loarparm.c but not supported by SWAT.  I just thought it looked fun. :-)
      adds  fda1cf6   fixed typos spotted by Ron Alexander <rcalex at home.com>
      adds  0c5bbb3   added a little description of useage and output format since this gives more info than just what parameters are not supported by SWAT. (This used to be commit 7db533cb47a0d9bc88219dbe48e96ceed45a65a1)
      adds  7d93eb3   smbd/password.c: Fixed typo in Tim's new code that caused insure overrun error. smbd/reply.c: Fixed lowercasing UNIX character set problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2b6e3ed7a6447d40d9dd7e9b5c286b1aabe4730d)
      adds  9e30985   This doesn't compile but is a placeholder for moving the UNIX acl code over to POSIX acls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a2829febe12513d26534c4977c2f41f480f4fa0e)
      adds  2fca4a1   first draft at rpcclient man page for HEAD branch.  Taken heavily from the man page in TNG.  Updated for newer spoolss commands.
      adds  91f243f   added the -A <authfile> option for allowing the reading of user name and password credentials from a file.  Designed for use when needed to passwd credentials between scripts
      adds  e0d0991   make rpcclent by default.
      adds  4326894   needed to use strwicmp() in smbclient code, so I moved it to util_str.c and made it non-static
      adds  28c07a5   added -A <authfile> option to smbclient for the reading of username / password credentials from a file.
      adds  92d1e90   fixed previous bug spotted by Elrond in get_printerdrivernumber(). Thought I had already committed this.
      adds  ae149ff   added a #define for SPOOLSSGETPRINTERDATAEX.  Although we do not support the RPC yte (win2k specific), I added it for documentation purposes.
      adds  a86ae84   added -P (for no prompt) and -A <authfile> options
      adds  f0c8bcc   make proto (This used to be commit d59623dd92aac7de73d27dd6c64df57bfd0d4010)
      adds  3b33053   missed removing the static declaration of strwicmp()
      adds  d407579   Implemented AbortPrinter() from Gerald's Win32 test code. Just purge all possible printjobs from that printer (I think this is correct). Added error code returns for print_queue_XXX() functions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6d081a9017f87f59b7189ba507e211db01c40af5)
      adds  6e150a7   Fix for bind interfaces only sometimes picking the wrong IP address for a name query. From Steve Langasek <vorlon at netexpress.net>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9890740121ae7bd7a0196bbf946c6f8c82aa7f6e)
      adds  177b962   Added vfs_unlink call to ensure vfs is used on unlink from client. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 38fc56c8434c427335cf264c4b27420c5ad47566)
      adds  c77bf3d   Fixed error returns for moving printer driver files around so generic "Access denied" isn't always returned. More fixes found using Gerald's wonderful Win32 test progs :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 67b9d40e3df19523714430cb4457717575f2a61e)
      adds  b26e3d2   Fixed overrun write error when using debuglevel > 50. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3d9b163655f684f2b98aa72f976379cee869db05)
      adds  bd5e70e   Removed compiler warning. (This used to be commit 2d23607bb0fe3d93809b3a194f9976b01ece8768)
      adds  22fbda6   fixed "admin users" option with new security code (This used to be commit b69c5de6bad9fad3aed1280e7d12fbfed276a16f)
      adds  288ea15   make sure a couple of variables are initialised (This used to be commit 155c7c37398f5f9457ea249ded74f425b90ac9a0)
      adds  fa810d4   Implemented DELETEFORM tested using Gerald's Win32 test code :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 596c21a2af0309ce43a5e52a343a671036d05ebf)
      adds  e5e43b5   Fix for swat to return correct MIME type for text files.  From "Ron Alexander" <rcalex at home.com> (This used to be commit 061e5e50523913a26bc86bd816c4e26a37a832c7)
      adds  08e73ef   -U% should be an anonymous connection.  Fixed bug where the password was being set to "" instead of NULL.
      adds  bfa7517   Fix from John Reilly @ HP for my typo with the parameters being reversed. Ooops. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8317d70a35086c5539e67d60cbcf937b6ce0932c)
      adds  a3a2867   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD (per Tim Potter): 	- make proto 	- addition of function to convert from errno values to NT status codes 	  (source/lib/error.c) 	- purge queue done without full access permission will purge only the 	  jobs owned by that user, rather than failing. 	- unlock job database tdb before sending job to printer 	- in print_job_start(), ensure that we don't pick a jobid with an existing 	  temporary file that may be owned by another user, as it cau [...]
      adds  d644d44   Implemented GETFORM tested and working using Gerald's Win32 test progs.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 55ed0a9b0c91159c0fc4282c2171d9ced74a302a)
      adds  a1f66a8   Fix for the SID history problem when using a Win2k domain controller with security=domain. Also fixed to dynamically allocate the SIDs and GIDs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2b1f66eb82f05fe0b85ac5b4916e32847b8de675)
      adds  061fc96   Fix from John Reilly for double free of printer struct. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c15b7e41e170ced4e4de2e08f6fba860f51e66ac)
      adds  b27571e   Temporary fix to convert from level6 (Win2k) to level 3 (NT4) for driver download files. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1c9ac94c941aac5f6d309a094e4f741d523dbfb0)
      adds  45d30f7   Hopefully this should fix the primary group permission problem. (This used to be commit 2f33ec41ac1d3243340455b6c3a6cea22d267f14)
      adds  6ef7bf0   Added code to return NO_MORE_ENTRIES when trying to determine size using "NT mega hack". I think this is the correct thing to do but JF should also examine the. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 29ba3a2cdf7f6fbcf0be41b75d76c04007cd4651)
      adds  8808c4e   Fixed the printerdata code to return NO_MORE_ITEMS if a size is requested and the parameter index doesn't exist. I think this code can be simplified considerably, but JF needs to check to be sure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4d792e6bcb7bef640c2c4e3054ed8839d8fc86f4)
      adds  f4ae5a6   Win32 API is explicit that EnumPrinterData returns ERROR_MORE_DATA not ERROR_INSUFICIENT_BUFFER when working out what space is needed. This fix gives us the same return that WinNT does. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a87f6277b1faa1ea492f31add4ce33556bdf3695)
      adds  912ecf7   Fixed typo where docname was being checked for datatype - was causing STARTDOCPRINTER call to fail. I *love* Gerald's test code :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 43192370f31c7cc71d1f72449a067573adad3ebc)
      adds  588d802   Fixed up get_a_printer_driver_3 so it looks in the tdb using the correct key name for a driver info. Version needs to be adjusted in the same way that it is adjusted when the driver info is stored in the tdb. AddPrinterConnection() Win32 call caught this one. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 54cab7dd3b7c1ad3a01692447f80134518772486)
      adds  e0f9de0   Implemented DELETEPRINTERDATA (tested with Gerald's Win32 progs). Jeremy. (This used to be commit fb48efaf830626f6ef05b88f5f8a74b932ceb257)
      adds  3689e4f   the first cut of the internal messaging system.
      adds  fe47e8e   a simple test program I use to test the debug message system (This used to be commit db1ec05f89071cd1ae4b190dda843b38e2d97cef)
      adds  0b2e454   debug messages now work for nmbd (This used to be commit 6a503f95b10f6661b089f30f2b5ffebead32685c)
      adds  692fe0c   Fix for malloc of zero bytes found by insure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2916790859acc56e582056774b02d4a33cedeaa4)
      adds  d836024   Fixed memory leaks found in enumprinterdrivers code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e08b521559a824da09b0b73a04e462c573c42b06)
      adds  06eeb3c   much nicer message interface. We now register dispatch functions, allowing new bits of code or vfs modules to register functions without impacting on the messaging code itself.
      adds  a19836a   we should not lowercase the username we receive in reply_sesssetup_and_X(). The getpwnam() wrapper handles the case munging operations later.
      adds  f0ce4f7   - changed the msg_type to be an int instead of an enum so that it is easier to add new message types to messages.h without breaking old binaries
      adds  df89b48   - fixed some memory leaks in the messages code
      adds  55c3abe   fixed a race in the pipe() setup in sys_select() (This used to be commit bb0f769272d8a8bd527053746b468bca797e1663)
      adds  072d391   spoolgetprinterdriver now returns "Windows NT x86" and "Windows 4.0" driver information.
      adds  7ec53a1   With John Reilly help tracking it down - fixed a *nasty* bug when authorising logins. If a user connected to a share as guest, then the snum was getting flagged as "force guest", meaning that all subsequent connections to it, even under a different vuid, would be bounced to guest. This explains several very hard to reproduce access denied bugs, and as the NT client also has bugs in that it will sometimes erroneously use guest instead of the correct vuid on an IPC$ co [...]
      adds  043860d   Fixed error return when printer is PAUSED - should be returning "Pause". Jeremy. (This used to be commit 41d03a118c9981fc2159f37cd5ed4684e1d36037)
      adds  3e67587   Fix for enumjobs infor level 2 which caused smbd to coredump. Uninitialized element in struct. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9e1fbb0c2f1d2ad0c907f1e902e44ea7af214b57)
      adds  f622de8   Updated manual pages to point at http://lists.samba.org instead of old listproc address. (This used to be commit 0d7f81633157d6028a47488020862fe24a648546)
      adds  6ab4544   Added missing break statement for manage documents check in print_access_check() function. (This used to be commit 318ead783c842f2a557207690afd522b3d28e077)
      adds  c1d25bd   Added time check test before allowing print job. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0249de4cd91d72efb344e9fb05e2be2cb3f03945)
      adds  a5ac83d   When creating a print job entry for the printing backend, use the Windows username rather than the Unix username.  The Windows username will then be shown in the port monitor regardless of the Unix username used to spool the job. (This used to be commit a15e610bb34636448cb30e590277c53e7f9efe1a)
      adds  7be9a4f   first cut at smbcontrol program. It currently allows syntax like:
      adds  4aae2b3   don't show equivalent enum options in swat (This used to be commit 52074960971995580a03647ac5c638043eb8f5e1)
      adds  ed65308   Added SIGHUP when printer deleted as well as added. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 79c94f37d0434150d84858e67c8677650106d76c)
      adds  94028a5   Ensure old DACL and SACL are preserved if the new SD is a 'set' only. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 29f41d0d95661fbc31ae1d9669fd7fb439169f90)
      adds  d41db5d   First draft of new printing doc describing the SPOOLSS support in the upcoming 2.2.0 release.
      adds  ded142d   Added a gew more mods by Patrick Powell (lprng guy)
      adds  cb55856   fixed typo
      adds  5064234   Placeholder for some forthcoming documentation
      adds  ccddd11   Move towards getting W2k p&p to upload NT4.x drivers. Still doesn't work - not sure why (JF - a glance at this would be appreciated). Removed code that JF objected to with enumprinterdata. Added translations to/from level 6 - but Win2k still not happy... hmmm... Jeremy. (This used to be commit e5d98ba9e97eb16337ff6c49f799e130844ae72e)
      adds  244c296   Fixes from JF as I didn't understand the string array sizing code correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 63a7d0fc359ab7cb2ece74dff0ee25f6bb9fbe36)
      adds  a2c8297   in a printer_info_6, driver version is 64 bits long and there is a 32 bit padding before.
      adds  df72a14   Removed emacs backup file from repository. (This used to be commit 807f22412e2738bb6323e43a2da6c942017621ac)
      adds  06e2871   Modified test.h generator to return error if structure passed to vluke doesn't match any known structure names. (This used to be commit ce70fb5800a875ea755c96bc214033c5e9d81081)
      adds  13904f5   param/loadparm.c: Fix based on Damian's code to stop printer scripts getting overwritten. rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c: Tidyup to call function for relstring arrays. Win2000 now does "Add Printer" successfully !!!!!
      adds  7a3795d   Fix to allow a timestamp of zero to cause an instantaneous changenotify scan - then call this from renames. This allows instantaneous update for W2k renames. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 07dffc4ee931cbc61197e2da277df9c404a77469)
      adds  0fc271e   Some code moved back from TNG - updates to LSA stuff. Not yet used but will be needed soon. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f0aa8f9314c837fe39b6d1b0c41d5cfae2e4098f)
      adds  b774aa4   Adding fix from Jim Vopni <jimv at metrics.com> to ensure jobs are closed before a printer is closed/deleted. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f0c16f7228d6923b11ac521aef986960a1d0c0b4)
      adds  d31a72f   Optimization (noticed by bloody Andrew :-) to stop directory scan ever being done if any of the directory timestamps were changed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 915152ed981e8e537d15fd4b80b3c3d10ee86bff)
      adds  233bc00   printer notify code.
      adds  5be845a   Changes from John Reilly to add a parameter "show add printer wizard" that allows Samba to turn off the display of APW (hmmm. This should probably be a share specific parameter, I'll fix that in another commit). Also a few small changes to JF's code to fix compiler warnings about missing return statements and also change '//' comments (C++) to /* .. */ comments (C). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0a9ccc99b335650d235eb747d803d059f7828fd7)
      adds  dda54bc   added NEGNOWAIT.  sent to secure at microsoft.com (This used to be commit b21179331802aace566671dcff6db22cdf4b3e81)
      adds  5691723   broadcast printer notify message to all clients. We now have printer notification as on NT.
      adds  ad81f44   fixed IRIX compiller error message (This used to be commit 908da12d5f24ea076db6627ef0d4407e1cdcd014)
      adds  7489aa1   fix for IRIX compiler error messages (This used to be commit f2549db1ce6527c3e378e9f9210c70be5de93762)
      adds  670d498   fix for IRIX 6.2 compiler error (This used to be commit eecee22bf1ab6e22e5e989b51d522fcf587aa48c)
      adds  e8fbf2c   ignore smbcontrol in bin directory
      adds  8c93ddf   samr unknown 0x32 is in fact samr create user. so renamed and tidy up of the server function.
      adds  b43b2e4   Restructuring of the code to remove dos_ChDir/dos_GetWd and re-vector them through the VFS. All file access/directory access code in smbd should now go via the vfs. Added vfs_chown/vfs_chmod calls. Still looking at vfs_get_nt_acl() vfs_set_nt_acl() call API design. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f96625ec124adb6e110dc54632e006b3620a962b)
      adds  efe9922   Fixed stupid introduced bug found by "Jim McDonough/Boulder/IBM" <jmcd at us.ibm.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 563f8b09a810446c658bf58303b5fe998d27bec9)
      adds  1ef79db   Removed annoying unecessary debug message. (This used to be commit b1a893b74114ee4ab6a295ac0cb0e8fdccda3f53)
      adds  b06d83c   fixed samr_create_user(). we now correctly parse the query and the reply. And we create the disabled account. That means we can create user and trust accounts remotely !
      adds  d6a73c3   Added comment on JF's new code. Removed ifdef in passdb/smbpass.c as this was not correct. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1a3f7ecde2ca031b2f93a079f75822354fe241a0)
      adds  dbaeb84   Removed a line by mistake... Jeremy. (This used to be commit dcbdff7a4d6442ca8f9e1aa6fcf65c196c2f22bf)
      adds  9e03969   Fix from John Reilly for forms ordering problems. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 837839eb3d0fae7fef5d61593862a2c1b00d6a07)
      adds  6f1fe1f   Missing from HEAD and 2.2 - terminal server reg config. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f5b5b9f287de343d9eb61817ef99499408f1a019)
      adds  3f35a78   added cli_lock64() and cli_unlock64() (This used to be commit 91f0a3cc2f59a49f6ce8550e7d07b9b01e0b285f)
      adds  941d82b   fixed a harmess mixup of bitops and a boolean (This used to be commit 0e0f3dc577ceab540be6505a86697b14a2136b9f)
      adds  e600c12   use the 64 bit locking interface in locktest (This used to be commit 1ece7f1ffd7d0b61d6acea03819fb857ea556b4b)
      adds  3edcc8c   added a hack to get 64 bit locking working with the broken fcntl() call in glibc 2.1.95. This hack only gets enabled if you define GLIBC_HACK_FCNTL64 (This used to be commit d8b9ec741cc57b5f3dd1b3ef782a7baed402beaa)
      adds  910e8a5   new prototypes (This used to be commit 3e77bf2117c43d3202774df24debc91f61d88733)
      adds  2c01353   new man pages (This used to be commit 8a7d6c8e91ecd57f2693be7d697d8231c8d339a4)
      adds  641d922   utils/smbcontrol.c: Fixes from Herb for interactive use. printing/nt_printing.c: No C++ comments please :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit dd9f668108215f18240458fc33bf872a6fc9e6be)
      adds  7de0b55   Missing null termination on printer changenotify message caused insure error. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3733d29ce678c71ef2ee8b600e547765d8d8ea9e)
      adds  e26d096   Added debug so if zero length messages get sent we successfully remove them (this can happen if smbd processes are shut down at the wrong time). Jeremy. (This used to be commit c1de97f96b8c5ad8e5f01a0d17c6387733769442)
      adds  2679fa3   Memleak fix for cache code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1ebe54666b0fc6f224f17036063dfe0ef7ec9147)
      adds  3ad2ee2   utf-8 and EUC3 patch from Hiroshi Miura Samba User Group Japan staff. mkdir high bits patch from Robert Dahlem" <Robert.Dahlem at gmx.net>. jeremy. (This used to be commit b40191d27180ab1e59935086073c4d312552f717)
      adds  c5ca95a   Fixes from Herb - compiler warnings. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d9d3668fa322cbed36ca3393d8268bf0e5255e8d)
      adds  6692d09   Fixes for the fact that UNICODE sizes are no always 2*no of chars when in multibyte codepages. Fix from Hiroshi MIURA, Samba User Group Japan staff. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f2f373df67a3c6b0bd431c19e3494d45ef0a263c)
      adds  23f78fd   Adding Herb's compile warning fixes to HEAD. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d131ad1ce3f6e72e295f865a463f8dcbfa6f8d42)
      adds  4248374   Made re-init of stat cache explicit rather than being hidden. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b0c40236bb4381fec0e812c20e5f8c09ebf005f9)
      adds  46fa359   Fixed compiler warnings. (This used to be commit ec7f7e350dc1dfa757436cb0efe777c3e0719877)
      adds  f0af8ac   Added uid and gid to push_sec_ctx() debug. (This used to be commit 2817b6cc8af3edbaa63b5db67689ab94cb240d4f)
      adds  f0873c2   Spelling flames.  (-: (This used to be commit 178e6971005505d2debd74b761ecfaa982336a53)
      adds  a4cd501   fixing prs_unistr2(). For the special case of an empty (but existing) string.
      adds  fde7328   someone forgot to update proto.h :-)
      adds  bbd7f7b   Herb's fixes for profiling & compiler warnings. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7914e9351abb5271ebb4990c3b1fe495d15a4eda)
      adds  94c63f6   Vector get_nt_acl/set_nt_acl via vfs. POSIX ACL support should be added above this layer. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b90af886a951b7b049ed7a42e6d99c332e43897b)
      adds  a6f31d6   Fixes from Damian at Cisco to tidy up some tdbtool issues. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 623bfa6c935e2e3acb3145bfbd490758b34d2c70)
      adds  56d5142   Fix for null passwords being allowed bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d4d55488397832df35b558564c263a307b0bb629)
      adds  636f146   Restructuring of vfs layer to include a "this" pointer - can be an fsp or a conn struct depending on the call. We need this to have a clean NT ACL call interface. This will break any existing VFS libraries (that's why this is pre-release code). Andrew gets credit for this one :-) :-).
      adds  14a8906   Inlined many of the vfs_XXX calls as macros for speed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0811d080abd374f47c7c3c8a1ef007e443e5b79c)
      adds  08657e5   global_myname is actually a pstring. (This used to be commit e451fd346105d5d34354ff9141d445b5f1a82e0a)
      adds  ba00796   Herb's warning fixes. Also the POSIX locking fix. We now use our own vfs layer to do get/set acl calls (hurrah!). Jeremy. (This used to be commit dfe77c7046cbd65ee52aea7439f21503c1eac41d)
      adds  1126775   Proto update. Also fix from John Reilly @ HP for not showing APW with W2K. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 698288cb9de316527c0c2a271e18c920578f9930)
      adds  1929bcb   Fixed error return messages needed for NTTrans CreateDirectory. This patch allows the standard W2k recursive mkdir to work against Samba. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 947102784360c65d51441457bb54aa28d2b4452d)
      adds  81275cb   Print socket options - patch from Dave Collier-Brown @ Sun. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c18d6f8701c8e6ca03f9fff79cf28c842b3b5ff9)
      adds  9c6acf4   Fix from RFritz at lbl.gov for Linux ECONREFUSED async errors on Linux. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dd804fdb96ff49645647787c197a61a6515a474d)
      adds  74d4a3b   Added Herb's fixes to HEAD. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4862d2ab1163310d844b929fb17239b4f4cb1a99)
      adds  077c41c   Fix for printf attribute from Mattias Gronlund <Mattias.Gronlund at sa.erisoft.se> Added "codepage directory" patch from Peter.Polkinghorne at brunel.ac.uk Jeremy. (This used to be commit e49566c2e21fcd16980e5110495645c5ae5a36da)
      adds  f601ecd   Fix for yp_get_default_domain from Neil Hoggarth <neil.hoggarth at physiol.ox.ac.uk> Jeremy. (This used to be commit 44ed8abb2a9f2197b18565dd23a2795faf8fe241)
      adds  5d4f5cd   Integrated support for NT and OS/2 lpq parsing. Code from Jim McDonough Infoprint Manager Development Linux Technology Center IBM Boulder
      adds  8582d42   Ensure browse.dat is written and read in UNIX character set format. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 279d0ec656b03f9266e38b013f16b69e7571c0d5)
      adds  75c346e   added samr_set_user_info and info_2. cleanup of create_user cleanup of rid/sid mix in samr. now we only have sid.
      adds  5ad18c7   more cleanup of samr
      adds  33170cc   sys_popen got damaged when converted from FILE * to int fd I think. Patrick Powell kindly pointed out the bug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1f156b2420b7ecf1266e650efc3cee55362e29dd)
      adds  4d968ed   Missing conn parameter missed in vfs rewrite. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4eecc63be5bd11590972ee4f446b7a80d46a713b)
      adds  43b2bdc   I introduced a bug in my last commits. Hopefully nobody noticed :-)
      adds  96e27b1   Fixes to allow wins.c to compile to allow building of libnss_wins.so. (This used to be commit 3fb2e94c4430c570639c0e4d1caeed3a19bbd09b)
      adds  d2f07bb   don't use gets() ! (This used to be commit e4ea0a5975d3539803c78cac2229550a6e89c4b4)
      adds  2a9ce69   added tdb_lock_bystring() and tdb_unlock_bystring() (This used to be commit ca443210c84575d39e60c38a7a12d037386d0e38)
      adds  2d33e87   got rid of tdb_writelock() and instead lock a chain. tdb_writelock() is conceptually flawed (This used to be commit 6e4a3585521b7e5928298bd0f1418ff9fbcacfb4)
      adds  11d999f   a netlogon enum trust query doesn't have a function_code at end. a sam_user_info_24 doesn't have a uint16 at end samr_create_user also creates the unix account now samr_set_userinfo changes the password.
      adds  c5906a8   Just in case anyone thinks that Win ME is not freally just a facelift for Win98/95
      adds  afe321b   Added debug so we can see how winbindd converts SIDS. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6696bf203c90dc20c00b47737f5ea1d9b8e23d75)
      adds  d508794   Fixed nasty size wrong bug spotted by the eagle eyes of JF :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 443293a06530d0a5421b39d9a6a224d6ae316bd3)
      adds  30dbac7   Fixed Realloc memory fragmentation problems. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5518f59976ecac796a85db959cb9e8cc6c4d3504)
      adds  e8912ba   Fix found by Andrew to stop local/remote printers being confused. check_printer_ok was causing SETPRINTER calls to fail. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b41cc5fea7409d07529adad44f0cbba5c764591c)
      adds  cdb71ca   Fixes to periodically scan printing.tdb in idle time and occasionally on exit. Needed to fix printing.tdb from groving to 300Mb+ if being driven by smbclient clients that never ask for status... (effective DOS attack :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6581066b93a674fadf6f9b92441428d2cc8b4a02)
      adds  e9270d6   Remove lpq as root fix - do this in print_job_start instead as part of print queue length processing. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e85a0fadd8dcf608822819f00f15569713518806)
      adds  26a4a34   Fix for growing printing.tdb by adding check on job creation. This also updates the printing.tdb db version to 2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 13395514c632341e7be36eb9589011bb0949b075)
      adds  4498212   Fix to avoid calling getgrgid for no reason. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b057a7349b2d6420f96a6ebc31822da66b39fe6c)
      adds  7c4c781   Remove duplicate group initialisation function.
      adds  cbee552   Don't initialise groups twice. (This used to be commit 15d7f16bdc2ff4f2ae82871eb9f318ba45cf4d1c)
      adds  c72f94d   Modified initgroups to provide a get groups a user is a member of functionality.  This is much faster than inverting the group database.
      adds  8719c27   changes to sync with 2.2. tree
      adds  9dc817c   sync with 2.2. tree (This used to be commit 8586624815f70a4448c001f14e74eabc96dd4d04)
      adds  76aab4a   Renamed WINBINDD_INITGROUPS constant to WINBINDD_GETGROUPS. (This used to be commit 5f3cf2eb78bfa6fb00890d449d38e9f13964712c)
      adds  fbe838f   Try this again on the right machine. Adding files for PCP samba pmda (This used to be commit 8ad653f9ebc60c6807c1552425fa83218f6a15d4)
      adds  9a872fb   Converted to call lib/wins_srv.c:wins_srv_ip() instead of lp_wins_server() when looking up the WINS server address.
      adds  2cddf13   Simple cleanup, but I also changed the value of the dlevel parameter passed to open_socket_in() from within the open_sockets() function.  This has some effect on the way port numbers are assigned.  Basically, if we use the -r switch we are saying 'use port 137'.  If we can't do that, there should be an error message and a failure.  If we don't use -r then we simply select the first available port.  The way it was working, if we selected -r and port 137 was in use, wi [...]
      adds  cd6a6bd   Use sys_setgroups - systems with broken getgroups need this. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c7c90c83372df53eac0f3779dffedd4b28c8c757)
      adds  9393207   Fixed %d printf with unsigned long arg. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 448ff58fd5a88b1fdadfb9a8e0bc5f38b707a4d3)
      adds  d81a598   Turns out we do need the pwnam check as on many systems the users primary group is not listed in the groups file... Jeremy. (This used to be commit b1cb7bec51963ac2ddc62dd1abbf8f8fa4351f9b)
      adds  ca4acd5   print source PID in PONG and debuglevel message. Allow request debuglevel message to go to any dest. Put timeout for commands that expect a reply.
      adds  7a42a9d   use macros for incrementing profile counters (This used to be commit cae5eeb16e81b6aa95c68223268513c32aed7056)
      adds  53ce2f7   lib/messages.c          add debug print for receipt of PING and                         REQ_DEBUGLEVEL messages utils/smbcontrol.c      allow "q" to exit interactive mode. Exit on error                         from message_init. (This used to be commit cda8c0439113dcce02a681b0aaddf69326c0ec9a)
      adds  d57dc01   update man page for program changes (This used to be commit 1ddfec32562f755f3f4ca4dde54af6a5a2e99978)
      adds  2a2a93b   allow "master" smbd to call message_init so it is not killed by messages sent to it's PID
      adds  c56301b   Ignore SIGUSR2. Terminate nmbd if we have no interfaces. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 580e2e044cfd1d011d9f28f0f49ef60ca6ba8d32)
      adds  a7f8d8b   Fix to allow smbd to call winbindd if it is running for all group enumeration, falling back to the UNIX calls on error. This should fix all problems with smbd enumerating all users in all groups in all trusted domains via winbindd. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 54a1ae815b3ebcc7ab98bf0a2a39719ae3b2d5ea)
      adds  330d678   Fix to allow smbd to call winbindd if it is running for all group enumeration, falling back to the UNIX calls on error. This should fix all problems with smbd enumerating all users in all groups in all trusted domains via winbindd. Also changed GETDC to query 1C name rather than 1b name as only the PDC registers 1b. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5b0038a2afd8abbd6fd4a58f5477a40d1926d498)
      adds  8c7f2fb   Fixed merging mess. (This used to be commit 7b8c03de1fd1461d4c65c0d7100f9519e08d1b24)
      adds  85643cd   last part of W2K support.
      adds  6d475b7   Added David O'Neills fix to HEAD (hmmm. how did this compile... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e222057140edb3f14d76e54bd6e744919f50b4df)
      adds  359048c   Fixes to get ms-dfs code to compile with the new changes. Jeremy (This used to be commit d712b5b071eff89eca547678cd1652263708abfb)
      adds  090f1bc   get rid of $Revision string - sync with 2.2 branch (This used to be commit 192b088a4649c2b6b27bd30ae47d1228f9c86092)
      adds  4287b41   Added documentation for winbind enum users and winbind enum groups configuration parameters. (This used to be commit c76dfab559003c9194f519cb89869d191cc0d6c0)
      adds  60661e1   Fixes for io_q_setprinter rpc parsing. (This used to be commit 1b86b9139e87cc4c4a6675ceeda307b91eaa1482)
      adds  282930d   Merge of rpc parse buffer underflow debug code. (This used to be commit c8d88713d9f7a646eb3b8e76bdd0250a3b89b722)
      adds  f0bd621   Bug report that on some systems extended characters are being returned as negative values from the mygetc() function.  I've modified the return line so that it should return values in the 0..255 range for legitimate characters.
      adds  ecd90a0   Renamed WPrintQueuePurge to WPrintQueueCtrl as this function can purge, pause or resume a print queue. (This used to be commit 9998518a69c67c1540266549c69fca977a89acde)
      adds  7b0a62c   Removed null user checks to enable lanman print queue pausing and print job deleting. (This used to be commit e40a0e2f52326199264d622c4f11877f20e4ebce)
      adds  abf0550   Ok - this is a big patch - and it may break smbd a bit (although I hope not). If you encounter strange file-serving behavior after this patch then back it out. I analysed our stat() usage and realised we were doing approx. 3 stat calls per open, and 2 per getattr/setattr. This patch should fix all that. It causes the stat struct returned from unix_convert() (which now *must* be passed a valid SMB_STRUCT_STAT pointer) to be passed through into the open code. This shou [...]
      adds  849f0d0   Fixed missing bracket on debug statement. (This used to be commit 9328bc7b8a7d43ef0da47413f314f9943ea98847)
      adds  4e1d306   Merge from appliance-head (This used to be commit 6d39df7cf84d391bb4dd55d9a26f9f5a6368f46f)
      adds  bbce6b4   Fix for vfs_fstat() crash with new stat code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 979aa01e011d433328af0ead7644f47d0cfadf13)
      adds  d199eeb   Fixes from David Lee for utmp handling. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 70cecfefc8e876871b29ff8d5fa9226db0e98153)
      adds  e833a83   Small change to process of joining a domain with samedit. (This used to be commit 7c3518c55eeff0a962c367438cb5d67044698825)
      adds  af33ece   Yeah - not setting getwd_cache to True as default, that'd do it for a 5x performance hit..... :-) :-). Jeremy. PS. Yes this was my fault for everyone who wants to throw rotten fruit... (This used to be commit 4f5bbc38ce492baa6e2b4d94758e9247756ae9ba)
      adds  888643b   Removed erroneous +1's on length of unicode domain names for various functions in the \\lsarpc pipe. (This used to be commit 30bb3f2df97662c6547c7994ce50efe9abf37968)
      adds  72626a7   added some clarifications.
      adds  2094856   John Reilly @ HP (who is a wonderful human being and *definately* needs CVS commit access :-) has written a simple routine that peeks inside the MS PE printer driver file format and can tell if a driver is W2K or NT4.x. So we can now correctly return the driver version number. Hurrah ! JF - this is the code you always wanted ..... :-) :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit fd17374e6d888813f4ed7142480cf93b8a16bfef)
      adds  7b1cf88   Fix for uidtoname not returning DOMAIN\name but just name. This caused printer_access_check to break in a domain environment. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0fc1a461504f87c145f5f91189bd767989c488f2)
      adds  0b06813   We already have a perfectly good next_token() function we should be using instead of strtok - this fixes a bug with NT users with spaces in their names when using winbindd. Needs to be added to the other parse_lpXX functions (currently only added to lprng parsing code). Jeremy. (This used to be commit c3e4ac9a2db32c40ce330de0eab4bc82ef4fd579)
      adds  f3a20ba   Even when looking up a users groups via winbindd even if the lookup for the list of groups a user is in succeeds via winbind, we must allow the lookup of the group name -> gid we are checking if the user is a member of to go via winbind or /etc/group - as it may be a group on the local box we are checking against. This is a subtle one..... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4ffda462b97e4f35c6d050c579dfe3e3b64e2c9f)
      adds  01e0d38   TDB password backend support written by Simo Sorce <simo.sorce at polimi.it> Marked as an experimental compile time option (defaults to off) for now.
      adds  b5ac72c   Sorry JF - no billable hours :-). I fixed the "stream of events" problem with PCL drivers. The problem was we were updating the changeid on every SETPRINTERDATA/DELETEPRINTERDATA call. We should not do this, we should just update the 'setprinter' called count. We update the changeid on calls to SETPRINTER/ADDPRINTER/ADDPRINTEREX etc. Also fixed the correct returning of the create time on printers. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 521f09829fd329f87b3d19e8871e2b989c98a58e)
      adds  9a8749d   Added John Reillys patch for error code returns from clean_up_printer_driver_strunct() calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f81a2a03bf435e65e7484ab021f86a8a4f62b656)
      adds  2e62e34   Rolled back find NetBIOS name of PDC/BDC code as a temp fix. This code works :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4f66eda11e0dc15ff04893da7b7d6e578a30c4dc)
      adds  2347923   Fixed silly bug in dup2 code found by Kenichi Okuyama at Tokyo Research Lab. IBM-Japan. Co. Jp. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9c2272e056aef741c4b86f9a247c3534944d9eff)
      adds  1cb4440   David Lee's utmp patch (finally). Thanks David ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit b809a2d0c81c54e917ccc0c99b3e70ea8d7ceab1)
      adds  e2d1dd4   Another patch to fix cli_reestablish_connection from Kenichi Okuyama at Tokyo Research Lab. IBM-Japan. Co. Jp. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 06f5da5d4bf044969364afe0298347811fb4ae91)
      adds  c33d0e4   Patches from John Reilly @ HP for print job time bugs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0eb7f2d514317882684e9c0c51d46b1ac1eb2568)
      adds  80dcdd1   proto.h was out of date. (This used to be commit 63e4f629163babc1dcba8a419ae432057e46f6f8)
      adds  ff6f0c1   Call standard_sub_advanced() after lp_logon_XX() calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d5be2334d4fb007e39565b771cbe68e338a7fe68)
      adds  dc0b6384  Fixed double btyte-swap problems with bigendian architectures. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c96a77957be49418b62e401db49235a11d711217)
      adds  d4959bd   Only use prs_uint8s on marshalling as we know we're little endian. On unmarshalling use prs_uint16s. Yes this sucks :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3d68257850be66c26074a43d92eb9c3c8ffaf04e)
      adds  cd8525a   Merge of comment repair. (This used to be commit 7712421910b12fd64cf90100e4495669bec67c2f)
      adds  71daef8   Added smbsh to list of ignored files. (This used to be commit 3ff75e92ad2f663d1306048d132daa486ae02d96)
      adds  ae7911e   Added a authentication hook to smbwrapper which allows a (username, workgroup, password) tuple to be provided by another function. (This used to be commit 644c78d64a6d7b7e44414c579de660321a0a6b34)
      adds  698f034   documentation update and general description
      adds  9e70ba7   Remove CGI logging code. Make username/password lookups take the same time. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9698f746858f0f2b37ec6494fca990e958d97cb7)
      adds  ab9d1e7   Added Using Samba book reference back into welcome page. (This used to be commit bb552f7eaeb87d1d09704122da756d3d3e21697a)
      adds  cbe839f   Sync up with Tim's changes in applience-head for SACLs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6b94273fc61b26e83c8d791bc626fd52055ef293)
      adds  5073d11   Fix for admin user being ignored. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f0dcc39d34202ed67d778ff40166856d4c2ad87b)
      adds  34b397f   Merge of printing improvements/fixes from appliance branch. (This used to be commit 8e163eac33e8f407de00c318d3de29fcfbf2b8a7)
      adds  61b659f   Fix some compiler warnings. (This used to be commit 852de9226d50ccac71ec1691052a6e395283ca56)
      adds  a6ff0d2   Merge from Tim - don't reinsert UNIX job if already exists. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a33c395c98d80f620257fed480d5824fc609d9c9)
      adds  f68bbb4   Added documentation for printer-notify smbcontrol command. (This used to be commit fdf6a5c76abc38e16cb7ee3f31512bfc1f639651)
      adds  5ba7235   Fixes for sample VFS audit code from "Brad Sahr" <bsahr at macromedia.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5d6dec3a94f496651a5f0643ab228c975911e6cd)
      adds  aae30b6   Added a VFS version return to init call. Allows smbd to fail an init if versions don't match. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b29ff816734c0424f69124feb316da13f2e094f7)
      adds  6d36eda   Added a VFS version return to init call. Allows smbd to fail an init if versions don't match. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d0fbb4f5d999abade8930cc6fff231a2af6cccfb)
      adds  0042bf3   Fix to the "known/unknown user" difference patch from "Ron Alexander" <rcalex at home.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7a698c1f23ea8740755c544f631789848a360e42)
      adds  7185f5f   64 bit fix from Uros Prestor <uros at turbolinux.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9a5471b3e861aa864ffff5fc87ac2681de7b0068)
      adds  8a190a9   Merge of printer security descriptor, info level and printerdata comparison changes from appliance branch. (This used to be commit ae087bdf312806e08848695cad70a943bb3d71b9)
      adds  e5225bf   make proto (This used to be commit 6ced1bb8b92101e11c53467d0380a97b840de7c7)
      adds  de8def5   sync with 2.2 changes (This used to be commit 0edc78937f4c92a0d18bba9a433a1bc2b00ce9b8)
      adds  dd2f6f4   Merge of latest round of printing fixes from appliance branch. (This used to be commit 8fe17fd59488814cdbe9abcfe53ab2627901e421)
      adds  e1cc6c8   More merging of printing stuff from appliance. (This used to be commit 18fa724a7969666dd5aa176af187054abc94bfd3)
      adds  29cb8c1   make proto (This used to be commit 88a2d224f1c3ca09abbad7f33b0e93bdf503da4e)
      adds  1d3747e   Merge fest!!! (This used to be commit 87775074b22bb969c3585556e2a86ac4c7d4b0d4)
      adds  3adc0e7   an attempt to get the handling of fields in printer info structures consistent. Still working with Jeremy on this, there is probably more to be done (This used to be commit c4bb9c598cf9781d48bc123a8cbbed9c2049bf89)
      adds  be6a317   restructure PCP metrics (merge from 2.2 branch) (This used to be commit dc725c2256ff5f3d8ac37fe33cfa1685194f7f46)
      adds  9de4f58   minor update to help file (This used to be commit 99b764e1c7d508e0caf2ffa82f279dff4fbb5aac)
      adds  acc31cc   added more explanation about the required permissions (and authorization) in order to add printer drivers to a samba server.
      adds  3c33006   Fix from John E. Malmberg <wb8tyw at qsl.net> for -1 return in interfaces scan. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4d25a53c36ad2c33cc2ecaf1486e18f1536eff95)
      adds  c190077   printing/nt_printing.c: use getpwuid not smbgetpwuid. Canonicalize printernames. printing/printing.c: Insure fix for malloc of zero. rpc_parse/parse_misc.c: Enusre UNISTR's are zero filled. rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c: Correct INFO_6 - differs between pre-releases of W2K and shipping build. rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Canonicalize printernames. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b17e23a8ff2b44540726968355a4b7e26f244f3b)
      adds  6cc6a4f   rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c: Updated comment for old version of W2K. tdb/tdbutil.c: With varargs uint16 is cast to (int). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 98764c5df9f363780427a423ead0913f7b2a0905)
      adds  108f86d   Added Tim's changes to lock DB during update. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f25b5798b8610de9748ae90ea1bf813b125f517d)
      adds  c97023b   Merge in Herb's changes from 2.2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 24d76c5fbda29d89c96d7c22193ec2eb93ad3887)
      adds  20838bb   Merge of Herb's profiling code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3be056c71aa8e0a4ba70d397107199004bdb7d3f)
      adds  8f338ee   Fetch authentication info before actually using it. (This used to be commit 600eb0eb0036631b7e6d8aa7cddbc378368c002c)
      adds  9fede0d   Large commit which restructures the local password storage API. Currently the only backend which works is smbpasswd (tdb, LDAP, and NIS+) are broken, but they were somewhat broken before. :)
      adds  8993ee7   Tims fixes for non-local lookup. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 38e04c43cc2ce8479b8cc3ff0f87d3d150d9af83)
      adds  f77ceb6   Fixed the cut-n-paste bugs in the new passdb backend code that leaked memory. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 55c6acce26a26af68149865dafb42e5a03b497e0)
      adds  e0bcc7f   printing/nt_printing.c: After long soul searching and making both Andrew and my 		life a misery, here is the only possible null driver fix we have found. 		This *SUCKS*. rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Correct printername search. Correct portname reply 						Correct attributes reply. Removal of unused temp variable. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 06e71c9f8be20b84e33e143c3d0b7904225efb45)
      adds  f9680a4   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD: 	- merged Tim's vlp (virtual lp) test program.  Enable it with       -DDEVELOPER or by using ./configure.developer 	  (source/include/smb.h source/configure.developer 	   source/printing/lpq_parse.c source/param/loadparm.c 	   testsuite/printing/.cvsignore testsuite/printing/Makefile.vlp 	   testsuite/printing/vlp.c) (This used to be commit fbcf83140da1823e74f63227f0a95d07c6e76764)
      adds  47dc568   - fix "declaration of 'time' shadows global declaration" warning. (This used to be commit 92ff07132b3834b469ad7bb73d6e714b175a12af)
      adds  4bce271   Merge from appliance head of JR's changes for driver versioning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cdbd2e99775642dc2e92004be9014bf38a92d80f)
      adds  e8d43bb   Tuyrn debug timestamps on by default. Add Tim's lpq race fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d43405bc47c95bf8c906035cba23bf95d252d13b)
      adds  14355a6   Uninitialized memory read fixes. open_file_shared takes a DOS pathname, not a UNIX one. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b2b59b93ff1c5bdc43b099e2db1ee86fe8514152)
      adds  6f58dd5   Ok - fixed a bug in our levelII oplock code. We need to break a level II on a byte range lock (write lock only, but Win2k breaks on read lock also so I do the same) - if you think about why, this is obvious. Also fixed our client code to do level II oplocks, if requested, and fixed the code where we would assume the client wanted level II if it advertised itself as being level II capable - it may not want that. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 213cd0b5192307cd4b0026ca [...]
      adds  4a205df   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD: 	- add empty README file for vlp.  Blame Tim.  =) (This used to be commit 0ee469f566dbfdac1769fefbb5e61ce39d267872)
      adds  9df3d64   Fix from Jim McDonough @ IBM for OS/2 clients. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f571e1efd01c7b1b500a833df3bd074a8c4c65ec)
      adds  fb71f4a   Fix for plaintext passwords from Pat Sandfort @ HP. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b8753b92fbeb1d6768d0559e12ff2aa1d0148419)
      adds  cdac096   Fix for a problem with the new messaging system. If a sender is using the messaging system as a notification mechanism, and the speed of notification greatly exceeds the speed of message recovery, then you get a massively (>75Mb) growing tdb. If the message is a simple notification, then the message is static, and you only need one of them in transit to a target process at any one time. This patch adds a BOOL "allow_duplicates" to the message_send_XX primitives. If s [...]
      adds  2add922   use process_exists() not kill(pid, 0) (This used to be commit 30048cff12e03c95ef43ba4ee16af1df2de9dbc8)
      adds  7c8e73e   the duplicate checking code will cause unaligned accesses on non-intel processors. Fixed. (This used to be commit 64d38c24100cb3409b38b9923734f2a6202bdc2a)
      adds  826c2f9   Fix for incorrect break using wrong offset when updating a form. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 365c76e39d2397a12ac6785a51c4d1529527a356)
      adds  901c322   John Reillys fix for de-registering broadcast names (NT doesn't do this). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 245907f2affb530237809b81b8748f7f0a1e4502)
      adds  29e6b9c   Delete queue on empty. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6e18a2aa58bc485e3c803ff357acc1b7fe6d95e1)
      adds  9770a81   save and restore errno in select (This used to be commit 34f0379096d0701c74a51c51649ffe4cb1a24291)
      adds  08036f0   support smbcontrol sending messages to itself (for testing purposes) (This used to be commit 5dfae86dab50fba1890d0ce33fa9d68f12bc0bfa)
      adds  475fb71   Fix for memory leak when adding driver. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eeab4e0290f9df84025e91c85d27b21e0c02781f)
      adds  0de5569   fixed the problem with messages not getting through
      adds  5f8ff60   we don't need the separate lp_status() connection records any more (This used to be commit 209e20365e562371aafafea301b4ffecc3d4c3ed)
      adds  ac4d277   Fix from John Reilly for equivalence tests. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b456274a7ba22d512bab5ede979cd9363398825b)
      adds  2bd3a43   Fix for updating of print queues changed from a local box. Essentially, this makes sure that the change messages sent to ourselves are handled synchronously w.r.t. other smb packets incoming. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 78a13074455618308d048d1c69f62e660988eb90)
      adds  2130ced   Fix for off-by-one StrnCpy. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 63cafb34b39443d03d17ae01b47adc0926b05fe2)
      adds  0dcbafe   Another large patch for the passdb rewrite.
      adds  eb2f9f8   make proto (This used to be commit e0a02249d394a530d911d9b650c6eb56c188a6d8)
      adds  14067f9   combined 2 if statments which used the same condition
      adds  7254a66   Don't forget to convert into UNIX character set before calling winbindd. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 00cd72c385f1e5d075dbacf834b68769b5ac38f3)
      adds  6003be4   ADDPRINTERDRIVER info level 6 fix - this is dynamic depending on a field in the struct - that's why it was so hard to find. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0ab6eb01b0d15e5eb744333d2bd79c27451f50e3)
      adds  a69a1a8   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     - Add code to test equivalence of private data in NT_DEVICEMODE (This used to be commit 684981851ffa3b51e78a6fd5960e219823eb90d5)
      adds  b935b96   Free talloc'ed memory from the main smbd. Patch from Rich Bollinger, Elliott Company Jeremy. (This used to be commit e041b144b2c7c6c9fdd6cd20256a197876aaf353)
      adds  af85ca5   o fixed logon script problems (wrong len in reply to net_sam_logon for   a few strings).  I was the one who broke it obviously.
      adds  8d26523   Tar fixes from Craig Barratt craig at arraycomm.com. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cf05709ec394d6cac14577c033d658bdc4506208)
      adds  efb7bb3   This should fix Office failing to print to "FILE:". Jeremy. (This used to be commit a08b08f7782234f26b2656a229007a411c6fb521)
      adds  fb3daf3   fixed a potential locking deadlock in tdb (This used to be commit 03453e2ae557d7fa119338b71744822093d2f38a)
      adds  a1c3f33   Removed unnessesary init. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2a797f9aa26b2d0c703b9d67f6e1ec97e4f408d2)
      adds  120f3af   Fixed messaging so main smbd can get lib/message.c messages. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 349d58fb5758cebc5a8575f80103150b8cd0a080)
      adds  0f1c800   passdb/secrets.c passdb/smbpassfile.c smbd/server.c : Actually *use* the code written to transition from an old DOMAIN.MACHINE.MAC file to secrets.tdb. printing/nt_printing.c: Fix case insensitive name lookups for driver files. John - this should fix the Win9x/WinME problem correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8f3332a9acf413ac5d12053ca5c52733a4e946cc)
      adds  a149c6b   Ran DFS on Linux and found that readlink() on Linux does not append NUL to the link read. So add a NUL.. (This used to be commit 04ebcf954c7568fc16ff4a75b31715d6b0a34aa4)
      adds  e28ad8f   PDC docs, made from DocBook source, comments ? (This used to be commit 551a0eebb7c2d71bdc2b340c4d6244a840ac6958)
      adds  366bf69   include/dlinklist.h: Added '{' '}' around DLIST_PROMOTE so it can be used as a single statement after an 'if'. Tracking this down took 4 hours from my life and ANDREW I WANT THEM BACK !!!!! :-). include/smb.h smbd/password.c: Fixed the bug veritas reported with realloc of the validated_users array growing without bounds. This is now a linked list as god (Andrew) intended :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 346f2f9206b9b4ed123e2a61c0a48de630397b8a)
      adds  6f044d9   First Release of the DocBook 'source'. (This used to be commit 6cb727c033822e3e5ff3edc532457df8258beefd)
      adds  0e84103   alignment issues.
      adds  9455844   Work in progress, doesn't compile. Adding the POSIX ACL mapping.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit bcac4ede7608a91643f5fcd034f6b273a45b5c7a)
      adds  8c0a288   Keep syncing up POSIX ACL work... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8f0062b873b2f4e8b27bb937ad213c4aa29443a7)
      adds  36390f7   Code to read & return POSIX ACLs as NT ACLs. Close to test on Linux. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 52e9311bc2a837d1f4791f36c3477c430f841378)
      adds  7d7c9a2   Use lp_codepagedir() instead of CODEPAGEDIR when loading the unicode map. Found by Joseph Cheek <joseph at cheek.com> (This used to be commit ec74fdc631fbd5f0b5450df02acb9cd98c153823)
      adds  afa1a5a   Run configure script using dirname of $0.  This allows configure.developer to be run when the build directory != source directory. (This used to be commit 697e8e6de50ca4d1a37ec89330a6916429fd9a89)
      adds  38a585c   Allow zero length smb.conf files. (This used to be commit 46007a541cd2497c14659a10ba24a6d0a375ac5a)
      adds  d546f55   fixed messaging bug - use strlen() instead of sizeof() in key length (This used to be commit 1d63160c751fa968e3a7618d1feb84a9feaa13dc)
      adds  e23067a   change the split threahold for the free list to prevent freelist fragmentation (This used to be commit b64e1ae69314ae110c548f57810c34e620d57075)
      adds  040de36   Added print_freelist command. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ee89ca9e68abb23fc26cd1378e02e56d0d725e55)
      adds  996bcb5   split the RPC_PARSE object into two pieces. The first is included as part of LIBSMB and the latter is used by parts of samba that know about the pwd backends (This used to be commit 3420b52da5957b5bbf0704d1e386349a061f86cf)
      adds  0f17130   - added client support for nttrans calls - added a cli_ function for querying a security descriptor on a remote file (This used to be commit e21994ff9d512d1c9d6d360e930809b135df4cf7)
      adds  83bd929   a prootype program for querying/setting a security decsriptor on a remote machine
      adds  8568167   new proto (This used to be commit 2f21a0b10007056d0c359a0edb869f47c897ee7c)
      adds  bf0f2ea   make sure we don't duplicate object files (This used to be commit 976b9f6264c1a5af996777ff1d71db0f762cfa9b)
      adds  c93f686   added basic ability to dump remote file acls (This used to be commit c6c90dc8e163d874748e2020cc140134cffcfe32)
      adds  4fee254   getting/setting acls now works. The SIDs are still numeric, the next step is to support usernames etc (This used to be commit 6cea1647fcbc6f5a903c691273dcec44fcda1fc4)
      adds  3b22b74   - better parsing - started to add non-numeric support (This used to be commit fd4c03aef692cd8ef9a29b60a4d66fe898430317)
      adds  1fac52f   changed an error message (This used to be commit f9f14a4293cecb738f733c6c845275619f7bec40)
      adds  dc3251b   cleaner parsing and default handling (This used to be commit f8dbd2b799545a8e1e33eceb6739b5b606cdc4b9)
      adds  efcb07a   new protos (This used to be commit 0a990f02d0e25c0f854d6caa3e9c3bc7329697c7)
      adds  0cb1c51   - added help - added add/modify/delete/set as separate operations (This used to be commit cb324b53c61ee7e4bf0aa5d1fb773672a2674c0f)
      adds  88fcc1b   Fixed some debugging code. (This used to be commit 369a378b3390b060a676c67950f020c4d147fe6d)
      adds  a4c1172   - with -D only delete first match - fixed delete bug (This used to be commit 1e0d5f069592ebce58c35e95b0dcdbc5516dd268)
      adds  0884d6a   fixed SACL bug (This used to be commit 077ee4a7ac7fa8f274269bfc5130d5abff9f35e0)
      adds  d93d218   Reformatted to look nicer on 80-character screen.
      adds  0e494d7   no longer pass the type to make_sec_desc(), instead the type is derived from the other arguments (This used to be commit 9ec4b1fa48fbae937fdf78db06005a7b0cd52d89)
      adds  af4649b   new proto (This used to be commit 27c676cb3b43344ce4ceb167322c98027b9c1e4e)
      adds  6399b62   fixed acls set bug (This used to be commit 44524958ed3a0d56b0504b044bf640ceffebb704)
      adds  9b8a930   c++ style comments are NOT allowed (This used to be commit 8b3c1f4455b7db440911960298f772c4db3d8112)
      adds  576a106   signed/unsigned warning fixed (This used to be commit 71adecd163b13169d359b69f61e8e70e2f140277)
      adds  ca784bb   in cli_session_setup() accept usernames of the form DOMAIN/USER or DOMAIN\USER
      adds  e9a4389   document -U change (This used to be commit 309fab281d569f325615dd2ae71af554b88601c9)
      adds  5092ad8   removed SACL support (as it doesn't work with w2k if you ask for SACLs) (This used to be commit 52b27d75e12eeeb52b3a93952900809c2ee0b992)
      adds  252e3ba   Mask value now displayed as READ/CHANGE/FULL for standard permissions, or RWXDPO for special permissions.
      adds  3a01ece   fixed indentation (This used to be commit b7a1c00bed5f0650783c8d7397c11aa2ac59aa04)
      adds  3d43b2d   fixed setting ACLs on directories (This used to be commit 117956ecb1878f09708a5dc76ec81ad3cfa8d809)
      adds  92abcbc   Removed lsa lookup warnings (I'll remember).
      adds  54100ba   Added some cli_errstr() calls. (This used to be commit faaa71a032bc27d073c39da42fc2928ea3226698)
      adds  d931013   pass the desired access into cli_nt_create() (This used to be commit a2d07994e0376a8d530d262573c96710bdff2236)
      adds  723c9b8   fixed the parsing again and got setting acls working with w2k (This used to be commit 374d08be6443738d6a450801866fd6e046322e2c)
      adds  3eee762   added a comment (This used to be commit 032442802f73948e3af2c86fee0d58f82e47f673)
      adds  d7a502f   fixed a typo (This used to be commit c9e4dea1cbcf6aa748f5cb10f226345dd2f1adbf)
      adds  5257200   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     - clean up yodl doc for the -U changes, update man and html versions       (docs/yodldocs/smbclient.1.yo docs/htmldocs/smbclient.1.html        docs/manpages/smbclient.1) (This used to be commit 3483be1d76fe0dae770bdf8ad97bab81645e5fbf)
      adds  7e97367   Remove C++ style comments (This used to be commit 80c192244fdb07e8e9cf4c0376bbea60dde244a0)
      adds  1218b41   Added sorted freelist neighbour merge code to stop tdb fragmentation. This needs TESTING !!! (It passes tdbtest of course :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7ae54a93e756d927419242adf35f46e91e974573)
      adds  1cd8538   Fixed one tdb_read -> rec_free_read call. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c9884e16fc2d13dd62c5a43633c9a38dadc9822c)
      adds  7e4c472   Changed to sourceforge tdb code. This includes spinlocks (so we now have a --with-spinlocks option to configure, this does mean the on-disk tdb format has changed, so 2.2alphaX sites will need to re-create their tdb's. The upside is no more tdb fragmentation and a +5% on netbench. Swings and roundabouts.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9dea7b7c257db487f8ced7dad3fce92fba03ea91)
      adds  b2d1c4f   Sync-up with appliance-head printing code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fe730614d70b331ec7b1a909940395c9713ea8ac)
      adds  b881a55   Moving to abstract API interface (sys_get_acl() etc.) to allow system specific ACL calls to be dealt with elsewhere. This file will eventually be able to replace the old UNIX acl interface. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b27cac77628a4b332b529115b0854c71f9eea374)
      adds  1f6fc39   Fixed compiler warning. (This used to be commit 5e81151e53300a8c58adca09d02d0b075a13c322)
      adds  b9df5ca   Update required after changes to configure.in (This used to be commit 644aa834e59fc9be9f3c785213729af787b5f90c)
      adds  0293259   Make smbd/posix_acls.c use abstract interface. include/smb_acls.h lib/sysacls.c: Added as interface definitions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8359375bba5b3ae24956f66b066dedf11d3583df)
      adds  a58ca91   tdb_unlockchain() no longer returns a value (This used to be commit aee52c7acf138f8fd651aeb3d9bef79f99d1a2a9)
      adds  4cf7fcc   Fixed compiler warning. (This used to be commit 6553f1d02792d81987dda51af76b4fc06d73a787)
      adds  6e9eb6a   tdb_chainunlock() no longer returns a value. (This used to be commit 2c9704c3db4014ca43b4b13160b9f53ff5f36e3b)
      adds  bd54bcb   make proto again (This used to be commit 746e03dce81429b9a06ce95929eb605cf5b0833d)
      adds  a1f4e6e   Print debug if domain_client_validate() cannot fetch the trust account password (say for example if the tdb file format has changed).  (-: (This used to be commit 447fbb38a857a7e97cf2a99022576521c71a4512)
      adds  dcad05d   update to reference new documentation in Imprints
      adds  21acc6b   added documentation for 'private dir' parameter (This used to be commit aa9c9fec9dd5a7b4f0ae23a6a8815e4b53a4fa98)
      adds  b6e03bf   added passdb editor (rough form with a few bugs) Should work with all backends.
      adds  c09b1d1   updates to the tdbsam implementation.
      adds  e899f04   update for new pdbedit tool (code from Simo)
      adds  70922b9   Cause smbd to use the new posix_acls code, not the old unix_acls code. Currently does exactly the same thing (returns ACLs the same way). This code is written to try and get a POSIX ACL via the abstract sys_XX interface, then fall back to providing a UNIX based ACL if the calls fail. Seems to work. Next step is to add a --with-posix-acls to configure.in and then check on a POSIX ACL system that a complex ACL is returned correctly as an NT ACL. Note that the ACL set ( [...]
      adds  423227d   Working code to read POSIX ACLs on a Linux system using the bestbits ACL patch from http://acl.bestbits.at/. configure support needs more work (just assumes correct headers at the moment). ACL writing needs adding. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6ae63e502e6adf3666a34aa87860c74e106fdb84)
      adds  34402b7   Added undocumented -t command for testing parsing of acl entries.
      adds  028b197   Added smbcacls binary. (This used to be commit b380c3b9cc07031e7ad608d7582615cd3ecd249a)
      adds  607c384   First cut at a manual page for smbcacls. (This used to be commit e5defa412874661f5012fa03cba2d854748884c2)
      adds  c312111   Added better configure test for POSIX ACLs. Fixed stupid typo in sysacls.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit da6ae57501e3cb971e82eac5bb05efcd9cf443ae)
      adds  0d658c3   Fixed bug with tdb_next_lock failing when reaching then end of a hashchain and the next hashchain is empty. Jeremy (This used to be commit f3b5e2a172a777e1c3bbf6ac72fe5c7cdb8324b3)
      adds  cf5b719   file_lines_load/file_lines_pload can now optionally convert unix_to_dos() on read. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 76b8dd376d13eb4469417be217c966d54d333367)
      adds  be7e02f   Fixed bug with Win9x/ME where drivername was being returned incorrectly in one printq case. Now goes though common function. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e9f48c9cec960b6190fb7a2485c9476640863071)
      adds  269acfe   Fixed *very* subtle statcache bug where invalid stat state could be being used if last component lookup failed, but was found in the directory scan. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7055fa0bc43f6e2b3f04b8901fccea80d59bf490)
      adds  2e79da8   Removed compiler warning. (This used to be commit 6d3bd1d80635d91e9590bcf093662259090ea6da)
      adds  00ac8b3   Compile fixes for changes in make_sec_desc() interface. (This used to be commit 7b896697d134eb4fad1ceef5cdd2dab2b5980187)
      adds  8d8791e   Added pdbedit binary to list of ignored files. (This used to be commit f98e0d7b17edd627e704fc7e73534e1278d82fb0)
      adds  cf94436   Modified argc passed to rpc_client cmd_* functions to include argv[0].
      adds  3478427   Port of lsa_lookup_sids() and lsa_lookup_names() rpc client functions from TNG branch.
      adds  693f23a   Cosmetic fixups for large file support message. (This used to be commit 671be482212634b9c1de40891032180fbc1d49ba)
      adds  e159211   Removed a dead function. (This used to be commit 4c8ce7af4625bd2a47006fa4b3cf9cb40d62841a)
      adds  0f1ead1   Removed unused auto (IRIX compiler warning). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 63e2ebc4272cd8bc52ea80e1e12996ab273b8ea4)
      adds  316cfee   Added OLD_NTDOMAIN to remove warnings about undefined functions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f4c32a75e6e60eae6078449478d04ff22373d817)
      adds  f3a0da8   Fixed compiler warning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e6a1a1e444631f0d674f33b5b8d1d71435de0511)
      adds  407b48d   Fixed typo causing coredump in file_lines_parse. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f575f4d67a5b45e47c29de30f02901c55cef4621)
      adds  f449a59   group rid assignment cut and paste error
      adds  2364d59   exposed the broadcast name resolution routine outside namequery.c (This used to be commit 7d1d867acdc0f316d8de787e1f7fa27667ec4a6a)
      adds  452d050   added support for browsing the list of workgroups at the top level in smbw (This used to be commit 8f97d59186ee3b52f623d30dfb7b195ec721ec0c)
      adds  0961ed2   new prototypes (This used to be commit 2258a62365e6fa3f08fd3b911e13b391515eaa46)
      adds  9e9961d   Added Tim's fix for read-only crashes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cfc62fecdf4c5579ee643df3e701cf6f1fe553ee)
      adds  4d56f4f   return NULL instead of return False in char *prs_mem_get(); (This used to be commit 71e5e802b78b22af9be7d3e84e869f311937e542)
      adds  ea4a0d5   new version of Get_Pwnam()
      adds  b646d3f   type for client_info struct (This used to be commit 2c03b91d6041082bba6ba4322ed41b4378af7ef3)
      adds  c9d38e1   code review of rpcclient
      adds  a95ccc2   Adding in debug for SD's. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a19f936b644fedc4c59ada5f12172abed9894910)
      adds  ccb5cbf   Fixed very subtle bug returning correct error on an open, when we have a choice of invalid share mode and access denied. We must return the access denied by preference, but also remember to break the oplocks... This is needed for multi-user MS-Access. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7eb7241442ea0f1e065b009c3cccd5821b89a8b6)
      adds  6033774   Fix for short names not being returned correctly with non-mangled shares. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bcf0a5c316ee8cf333d9d838b041e44a11cb5f1b)
      adds  93e98d0   subtle bug where files which missed the stat_cache but were added to the cache during the look returned a blank stat struct.  Made weird occurrences such as...
      adds  71acf4c   Extra part of fix that Gerald missed (sorry). Jeremy. (This used to be commit ebf754400f443452948020d68e29f597f1b2d60c)
      adds  4c639ca   Sorry Gerald, I think the original code was better (plus safer as I'm sure it's working :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e18c104ee35d00dcbe2e73e6c9699300a3947364)
      adds  57fcae4   Owner always has READ_CONTROL and WRITE_DAC access. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 05fcb124dfbb1a257828e9dc6a7793fc3dc73c4b)
      adds  276364e   Removed the special casing of SIDs in se_access_check. This is now done (correctly) when the NT_USER_TOKEN is *created*. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 27d72ed1cf8ece2bede812341279ba5a7262ace4)
      adds  20ac3fc   Merged in Tim's changes : Removed static limit of MAX_LOOKUP_SIDS in rpc server and client lsa_lookup_names() and lsa_lookup_sids(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9e9c71c8b3194b7cd02fea0b6a000d4f2940d905)
      adds  90a7d7d   Compile fix for new arg to create_nt_token() (This used to be commit 806185ca8cc8d28f16745a1db9427f52eb8d22e4)
      adds  b9c9e5d   Fixed some accidentally reversed patches. (This used to be commit fa604bc85ea6989c794747f668be8a4e62527b79)
      adds  65fd1be   Fix error string. (This used to be commit 73b237e639717019c596954c745b7e4d038ddc8c)
      adds  cbddae0   Better error checking for ACL parsing.
      adds  76dca9c   Don't print out the security descriptor type as it is automatically calculated by the new make_sec_desc() function. (This used to be commit 6fd5dc81458317e106f5ea24958cefe4146c90a6)
      adds  d21325d   more fixes from Simo.  Also fixed the password expiration field in the tdbsam to never expire (we don't support this yet).
      adds  ae7f083   Brief documentation on using the virtual printer code (This used to be commit 03dd90ab923ec88cdada8c5d725d9482bd9826f2)
      adds  4089011   Fixed processing of dfree script (was truncating). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1e719a807669876b4d11f4653e9712f25fcba20b)
      adds  cade42c   Fixed bug noticed by JF. se_access_check needs user SID as first in token. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f0d7867801e3f78bfc55fdb36ca965e35457f51b)
      adds  a56ca9e   Added support for SERVICESF shared variable to change configuration file used in lp_load(). (This used to be commit 4d80ee4f41ac3d61579c9cf23cb815d7fe5da5db)
      adds  0835c70   Two tdb bugfixes. First one - ensure that traverse lock is moved before deleting dead records, else the record is just marked for deletion, not actually deleted. Second, ensure allocated record is marked as "in use" before free list lock is released, else other processes in the freelist merge code may try and merge it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dd959fa325c5df8ce0407d8debea76602c8e71cf)
      adds  e43671c   Wrong length for unistr2 in init_q_lookup_names()
      adds  6de135b   make proto
      adds  ed6f6ca   Server side changes for dynamic names in lsa_lookup_names (This used to be commit 5c5c3a8a08efe8c2f36a55b1383e9d3dd9eca4a5)
      adds  16e0534   Lightweight rpc client library.  Uses only routines in libsmb and rpc_client/cli_pipe.c
      adds  56ee3e2   Convert names to sids when modifying ACLs.  Convert sids to names when displaying ACLs. (This used to be commit 5001bbc64be62af1597eb334e5b530b415d62a6b)
      adds  d18fb4a   Add libsmb/cli_lsarpc.o and rpc_client/cli_pipe.o to LIBSMB_OBJ.  Not so sure about the latter...
      adds  06ba5ec   OK so I shouldn't have added cli_pipe.o to LIBSMB_OBJ. (This used to be commit a724850eb83e61450f112c0b2e6e3492c2a72863)
      adds  55b162d   I think it's time to go home. (This used to be commit fde66badf143cde40af35e86d55acb48dc754cdd)
      adds  5c67f8d   Added proto definition for new RPC calls. Added printing fix from appliance-head. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f4c7f9ddb906b67ee4397e7707309356085476d1)
      adds  2e87e6e   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD: 	- trivial typo in definition of enum_printing[] 	  (source/param/loadparm.c) 	- fixed printer status display bug.  When no jobs existed in queue, the 	  clients were not properly notified of printer status.  This caused 	  native tools for pausing/unpausing a print queue to not work. 	  (source/printing/printing.c) (This used to be commit c533e77f1912618230a938458980a9339924fe06)
      adds  3b7ef4c   inverted dword value
      adds  237e747   Cache lsa connection and policy handle for resolving names and sids. (This used to be commit 09d2d972fd6f70bdf62f25936494968ef597b98b)
      adds  478ffc4   Updated smbcacls documentation. (This used to be commit bd87398b5a9421add8db8b455d02ccd6b2624f58)
      adds  624431c   Renamed parameters and variables called acl to the_acl as it conflicts with a Solaris system call. (This used to be commit 5e547ddcb526be5562db9213c5b36e505e735a2e)
      adds  57779c6   Updates from appliance-head. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 15ae2c335b52e34c06d8f4f9ebad28078292b208)
      adds  1fc3e43   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     - add some debugs for comparing two security descriptors.       (source/rpc_parse/parse_sec.c) (This used to be commit 505a8a2277f2bc761bd2b170fafbcb3afd982d92)
      adds  369f5fd   Fixed memory leaks in lsa_XX calls. Fixed memory leaks in smbcacls. Merged in fixes from appliance-head and 2.2. Fixed multiple connection.tdb open problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0a40bc83e14c69a09948ec09bb6fc5026c4f4c14)
      adds  a18ade3   Fixed memory leak in JOB_INFO_2 code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d0d31eead3367485bbac684d881839029010975d)
      adds  89af6fd   lib/util_unistr.c:         rewrote unistr2_to_ascii() to correct a bug seen on SGI boxes.
      adds  99c2693   Added lock backouts on fail. When chaining together long lines of bloody "if" statements, which should logically be separated, and one of them allocates memory, remember to *free* it *WHETHER OR NOT THE IF STATEMENTS SUCCEEDED* !!!! Yes I do consider this a bug in the coding style of Tridge, Rusty, Tim et al. :-). I'm just pissed 'cos this took 4 hours to track down even with an insure error report stating me in the face and also Ben Woodward looking over the code wi [...]
      adds  fb82ab7   Never free anything in the rpc_parse/prs_XXX functions. Do it in the enclosing function. lib/util_unistr.c: Check lengths *before* reading source - prevent uninitialised memory reads. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ce4f461965c872fbfc9fe5f6b98aed58bb3dd67a)
      adds  a57a6da   Documented -C and -G options to smbcacls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 89708be73ad8829ee2e9637db2e2be6493493396)
      adds  8325948   Added -C username and -G username that allow a user (usually Administrator) to change the ownership or group ownership of a file to any arbitrary user from the UNIX command line. This will show the people who quote NT manuals at us about how this is "impossible" how their operating system really works :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 12f88c9ba731bdded626b9d011cfc8d2ba09010e)
      adds  8372087   Fixed chown/chgrp setting from smbcacls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 43ca0d991cc6489be16722a7ea89e01a42f2ca2f)
      adds  862b835   Streamlined exit path.
      adds  452102d   Merged Tim's fixes from appliance-head. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 26f873540c2299600cb80eb059fcdaf70ec82473)
      adds  cc4870a   Added query info policy call. (This used to be commit dcea2a4bc0503822667b73d19c4f0a59b15715a5)
      adds  667b411   Fix typos in new group sid check. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c48e95297e63c8b6f0c6686e5bcfa52229710dbc)
      adds  b578b4d   Cast prs_alloc_mem to correct type. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e0931cda809e4bb48bd97cad6d7ab5fb6dc53eb2)
      adds  e28f0a1   A couple more UMR fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a83702c99f1ecd6e68f8c178b20823fce6d4c6c6)
      adds  ed7ecca   Split the one sys_acl_free call into sys_acl_free_TYPE calls, to allow easier wrapping of non-POSIX ACL interfaces. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1a31b4eb082b23d60e3d9040b3c0110eef1f9385)
      adds  0f95385   Split set_nt_acls into owner set (which uses chown) and permission set (which currently uses chmod) in preparation for ACL creation. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0f39895ab007a7300aed6c011c487593ee8c91f0)
      adds  7bf9d8c   Fixed bug found by Gerald. If a Samba server joins a domain and is set to search for a DC to authenticate to using the "*" syntax than ensure that for the first hour after the password change is searches for the PDC using the 1B name not the 1C name as domain replication may not have occured. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c25533de9918ed9b0c79fd039e11d1b79f513db0)
      adds  abb9a2d   implemented a much nicer name_status() interface. It now returns a list of structures rather than the dodgy parsing code we had before
      adds  4ac52fc   Removed uninitialised variable. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 56a93567a106f25e87df093e1861f6bdd1d3196a)
      adds  d15bef8   Cleaned up SidToString() and StringToSid() exit paths.
      adds  b37ac37   Replace magic number with constant. (This used to be commit 1a228868cf14418894b798f19955df3276bd1089)
      adds  8fd4d9f   Added a cli_nt_create_uni() to do a ntcreate&x with a unicode filename, regardless of the settings negotiated in the flags2 smb field. (This used to be commit c4476c6315a6e99dd4a1d0e3185a0d17c073205d)
      adds  855bcea   Some systems seem to only accept a ntcreate&x with a unicode filename despite samba negotiating ascii filenames.  Retry with unicode pathnames if the ascii version fails.
      adds  ca727bd   Don't call string_to_sid after cli_lsa_lookup_names() fails.
      adds  7b82fa6   make proto (This used to be commit a1ea59c9afb930b2084f175e72ac99ef314314a2)
      adds  21f0dc9   merge from appliance head (This used to be commit 4671a313775f052ae949ba441db7e0060bed0b75)
      adds  2db833d   If extra arguments passed make yodl docs for these files rather than *.yo (This used to be commit b57fbcca06c7a69863f69628745f8fcbc13419bd)
      adds  f634516   Documentation updates for smbcacls program. (This used to be commit f9450cd7b7352a206dc05d8ad2a7b86a2586b892)
      adds  1459f10   Return appropriate exit codes for various situations:
      adds  b0a2196   merge from appliance head (This used to be commit 393c5f14e0858dcb3d6cb26eb5643b520c2c9686)
      adds  b87c484   First pass at the libsmbclient code ...
      adds  8f5d55e   The line was:
      adds  83a1605   Fixed -d option for rpcclient. (This used to be commit 44c5eb4def9a264f660b2398d28b72f54e6547e6)
      adds  39f0f11   Comment out unused generate_name_trn_id ... (This used to be commit fb5798e1d9eb518f85e30680883c0460141b245d)
      adds  8425895   Make the use of generate_name_trn_id conform to the usage elsewhere ... (This used to be commit 46a3a56ecf411eb885aee2892e12d3846ce32ad6)
      adds  e86cbff   Return EACCES for bad password. (This used to be commit 143006d32f0a0d339b870741b811ec49795b7099)
      adds  8bb17e9   Return an empty directory for a stat on a share we aren't allowed to connect to.  This gives a permission denied when a cd is attempted, but not a permission denied in the directory listing one level up. (This used to be commit 9255e526244578e092abc306491d5862469da775)
      adds  79ad192   We only want to mark mailslot packets as loopback packets if they are to the DGRAM_PORT, since we want to actually send those to other ports.
      adds  b6cb83d   Add a new file clidgram with routines that are used by the libsmbclient code.
      adds  92ebc81   I need a callback arg for cli_NetServerEnum and cli_RNetShareEnum, so I had to modifiy any routine that calls it to pass NULL and so forth.
      adds  23807f2   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/Makefile.in         - changes to ctags and etags rules that somehow got lost along the way.
      adds  e70b103   Added extra argument to calls to smbw_share_add() (This used to be commit d006e6adca0548dad334d871c5d440b1d32ac879)
      adds  dca808c   Needed a callback arg on cli_list ... (This used to be commit d45e667a74fc2fcbf69c4819d480269c03dbfae4)
      adds  b6e811b   The latest changes to libsmbclient ...
      adds  fbe0299   Merge of documentation updates to HEAD.  These got missed somewhere along the way. (This used to be commit afad150bacfd02ec83c57ea9ba9152ff59fb7eee)
      adds  79b73e6   Sync up packaging updates that didn't make it to HEAD. (This used to be commit c6f7358535eb96112e055d60d39c1595601d3056)
      adds  441f61d   Add SuSE 7.1 packaging (from SAMBA_2_2). (This used to be commit 69f28a868a7e78b8b93bbf7dcf21bf6fd813c12d)
      adds  41ccf2f   Sync up smb.conf.default with APPLIANCE_HEAD and SAMBA_2_2 (This used to be commit 74dd0f58211129770f6e85d28a658e5fdff1ecae)
      adds  85b1953   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c         - fixed printer policy handle leak in the allow MS printer wizard           stuff.         - mimic behaviour of NT on open_printer_ex() calls by not allowing           call to succeed if connecting user doesn't have at least print           permissions to the printer.  Unfortunately, this seems to trigger           a anonymous connection re-using bug so subsequent connects to the           pr [...]
      adds  5d7a98b   Arrgh, forgot to update proto.h with all the changes I have been making.
      adds  c29e85c   Fix a small type in libsmbclient.h ... (This used to be commit 807e2e1faa23a36cd1abc07ac8a26d157099aba1)
      adds  a0feaf6   Fix a minor problem with listing servers in a workgroup and add a gtk+ test application that tests out some of this stuff ... (This used to be commit 606c4aeceac0bd1823ec6376df3ca5016007ab38)
      adds  34fea75   Fix some more bugs in libsmbclient.c and add functionality to tree.c (This used to be commit d6cef8877a7ed80329b3ba67231a94601fcfd060)
      adds  de00f5e   Fix proto.h ... (This used to be commit 0219767c934eb2bf52b784ca84f01ae4b22ca2be)
      adds  c6d5280   More fixes and implementation bits and pieces for libsmbclient (This used to be commit 991f6907ac200d53b95a206d65844a0c0830caae)
      adds  e646ddd   Update the tree.c GTK+ App so it can walk down directories etc ... (This used to be commit 0490a0ed10cf6ded5b9483958eddd930ef32fb66)
      adds  bdb2c12   More bug fixen ... (This used to be commit a13b5ef7bba86d42df98b4f493aa2ea9e1caa6c3)
      adds  24bf82f   Get rid of and replace it with as my_ip address prior to sending datagrams in clidgram.c (This used to be commit 4c540393b33a5c49adafcc9320f591490b97192a)
      adds  6b51372   Codepages and stuff for Turkish language support.  Contributed by Deniz Akkus <akkus at alum.mit.edu> (This used to be commit 5650c143a706a0a65dfd55dea2248c6636a57912)
      adds  8788aea   Add support for logging to wherever smb.conf specifies. (This used to be commit cc5a2db8a0c195b328b93fff566bc1120aeef54a)
      adds  ab60974   Changes merged from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/printing/printing.c     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c         - convert args for print command to unix codepage. (This used to be commit 1c0ae957f8f1abee7d22a18b6df092eb2a884ae1)
      adds  e76fe22   Patch from Richard Bollinger for dead entries being left in connections tdb. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 48a3afcd4716a456c3072bf41450b361e4379be8)
      adds  615af12   Fix from "B.V.Dean" <B.V.Dean at ukc.ac.uk> to add "dos filemode" parameter to allow a chmod to be done if the user has write access to a file, just like Windows allows. Off by default (compare with "dos filetimes" parameter). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8abdf0e29fdb02a7929aa4395947b5023a7194a0)
      adds  17ab0c2   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/include/proto.h     source/param/loadparm.c     source/passdb/passdb.c     source/rpc_server/srv_samr.c         - add support for "hide local users" option to HEAD. (This used to be commit 44dc339fe757b2b5578b30e74aad8c1b12c23f5f)
      adds  a74835d   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/docs/yodldocs/smb.conf.5.yo     source/docs/manpages/smb.conf.5     source/docs/htmldocs/smb.conf.5.html 		- add documentation for "hide local users" config option. (This used to be commit a578bdb6691fab2b8246be4a3bb80d3932b5bf19)
      adds  51a37d1   Fixed authenticated pipe access.
      adds  5688f52   Added init functions, cli_samr_connect(), cli_samr_close(), cli_samr_open_{domain,user}() and cli_samr_query_userinfo() (This used to be commit 385860107346de26b4bcbd33d5f131a0670f6f93)
      adds  3ab2ea5   Added init functions, cli_spoolss_open_printer_ex(), cli_spoolss_closeprinter(), cli_spoolss_enum_printers(), cli_spoolss_enum_ports() and cli_spoolss_getprinter() (This used to be commit 84247ba7d7048cc828edad282313bfd21bbc6b5d)
      adds  adb9156   rpc_server/srv_samr.c: smbd/reply.c: Added fix needed for appliances. When using winbindd - a new user may exist (from winbind) but have no home directory. Extend add user script so it is called with a %H substitution when a user exists but their home directory does not. Thanks to Alex Win at VA Linux for finding this one and testing the fix. libsmb/clidgram.c: Fixed missing return statements. smbd/uid.c: Fixed typo in debug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7ba0a2192 [...]
      adds  a4763f5   Fix from John for growing messages.tdb. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6dc83a8c665dd6774ce597cf7269ad4d8c5380cf)
      adds  3380ffa   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     testsuite/printing/psec.c         - Use lock directory from smb.conf parameter when peeking at the           ntdrivers.tdb file.     source/rpc_parse/parse_sec.c         - fix typo in debug message     source/script/installbin.sh         - create private directory as part of 'make install'.     source/nsswitch/winbindd_cache.c     source/nsswitch/winbindd_idmap.c     source/passdb/secrets.c     source/smbd/connection.c         - alway [...]
      adds  5c56731   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD: 	source/nsswitch/winbindd_idmap.c 		- convert tdb key to unix code-page when generating (This used to be commit 3b9e68d6806b039d284533b64f9c41c9d4790a8b)
      adds  d7c7283   First compiling version of code that sets NT ACLs as POSIX ACLs. Now the debugging starts.... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2300ac79f5eba84225288a87129b4df5bd471466)
      adds  fc659e0   Start of a rewrite of rpcclient based on the libsmb rpc client routines. Currently there are a small selection of lsa, samr and spoolss functions implemented.  More to follow... (This used to be commit 9a953514f2a2cfd3c43105dd6203bc3e36aff1b1)
      adds  e882d14   Merge of various fixes from the tng headers. (This used to be commit a6d4aad391d2a9e38cbb28d9ddc3e4ff454a759d)
      adds  e29c028   General clean up.  Merged routines for parsing enum_trust_dom rpc call. (This used to be commit 54b34517ce5e51ac697eff4befdd313222b4fecd)
      adds  6b4dcff   General clean up.  Merge of access_mask fixes for some unknown fields from tng. (This used to be commit c292f4aa31c2d3b4b5b274ef8aded569bdf06fdd)
      adds  7bf2d98   make proto (This used to be commit fc16106e949fba3be52721488e9b26debc4f74da)
      adds  bd72966   New makefile and proto for rpcclient. (This used to be commit fdf044c351e3ed22212a89c9f2559a44a53d0cdd)
      adds  ea1e6f9   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/lib/smbpasswd.c         - Only call load_interfaces() when doing a network related           operation.  This means you can add, remove, enable or disable           smbpasswd entries without a network.  Changing passwords always           requires a network. (This used to be commit e2193c3a360562dd66a16c8f23f8cf3eed20b8cf)
      adds  cffc311   Fixed typo with acl_set_fd() not needing an ACL_TYPE_T parameter. Ensure HAVE_NO_ACLS is set in configure if ACL support not selected. Jeremy (This used to be commit 523c91935621ec2d200a79385046694806f7c837)
      adds  cd7d339   Removed link errors between rpcclient and smbd. (This used to be commit e5b078ee7c0a65e89d692b0abe78cf5fdf0cfeab)
      adds  13d99e3   RPC server fixes for RPC client changes merged from TNG. (This used to be commit 793153ebde08db217a18882c5eec945b7b14de69)
      adds  da08b53   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/tests/crypttest.c         - another one missed from a while ago: Add back tests/crypttest.c           so that we can check for truncated crypt on those systems that it           is relevant for and we avoid setting if for those systems that it           is not true for.  (Originally from SAMBA_2_2, Nov 13th 2000) (This used to be commit 5358f8abc1e1dea591446e926c00821fadfe0d84)
      adds  78b2616   Use MAXIMUM_ALLOWED_ACCESS when doing a cli_spoolss_open_printer_ex() (This used to be commit 42674cc616dccbef090254a2c4a3ab0b4360e547)
      adds  fb40134   Many bug fixes to the libsmbclient.c code plus
      adds  338fd23   Some more bug fixes plus implementations of smbc_mkdir and smbc_rmdir, both tested ...
      adds  eb1e855   Memory leak fixes spotted by insure. (This used to be commit 8072ee62b082df5d06459667615bb3b78461ec0a)
      adds  44a9dc1   Memory leak fixes and uninitialised variables spotted by insure. (This used to be commit 079f46aca453978a5c313e90f3b24620760ebafc)
      adds  ee49ddb   Printer name unistr is null terminated in make_spoolss_q_open_printer_ex() (This used to be commit a125eba0aac2bc6b37322a1e38e46eaac7e20d3a)
      adds  7237fd3   Pass correctly formatted args to cli_spoolss_open_printer_ex() (This used to be commit 635db9b6015a422505a5d8507c44e12f146597bc)
      adds  9326194   merge from 2.0 branch for installing Using Samba book files (This used to be commit b04bd9ea2409ef02737fd570ce80daf167e41067)
      adds  552d6bc   Fixed bugs relating to Win2K and the need for a codepage so that unicode strings can be handled correctly. (This used to be commit 5629b097d4f04ad45c66f270bd58f08d7c717353)
      adds  fc06a03   removed unnecessary process_exists() call in message_send_pid() it slows us down and doesn't gain anything (This used to be commit 30fb31a3ab05ab6bb6c89cb457e2216e34b963e6)
      adds  99f3694   Compile fix for smbw_dir_add function. (This used to be commit d7920a670b7706fc1d794edcfe6baacc5bb26403)
      adds  27922c0   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/rpc_parse/parse_lsa.c         - off by one unistr length bug in init_lsa_trans_name()
      adds  e870dd2   Updated from 2.2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6fb5eb8b1eb7972ffafdb8a2b383c3eadf1a96ef)
      adds  7786e07   Fixes for POSIX ACLS. ACL merge code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 180e4a9cd05bcadb2f7c4c23d653724e867196f0)
      adds  5a0e2f1   Added remaining samr functions needed by winbindd.
      adds  19a8acd   rpcclient functions for remaining samr and lsa functions.  All functions now pass through insure except for some of the dodgy spoolss prs weirdness. (This used to be commit 76f08426a08881793b0ef32ccc4e13c54f26417f)
      adds  31f42d9   New proto and some small changes to rpc_samr.h (This used to be commit 7f31d4ab1da72fe1dd52c7ecc1c758e210b6d38d)
      adds  4673a99   Some ugly mucking around to get the new rpcclient compiling and linking with the new samr code and have prototypes working and smbd linking. (This used to be commit 6d61f11788b8868e3396559307157edd1f39a84f)
      adds  b3ccabe   Fix for no master browser present. (This used to be commit 24c78fdf5fb940b32724474241c464206b83be2f)
      adds  b85d1ec   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/param/loadparm.c         - changed lp_add_printer() to convert szPrintername and comment           from unix to DOS codepage. (This used to be commit 6a1f55b3255f216a5ddc73f94c6cb5a2490c3bbb)
      adds  73ba07b   Set the tdb->map_ptr to NULL if mmap() returns -1. (This used to be commit cef7f58ac5cc0c96e1027c7e5ecbb3fb72cb94b6)
      adds  792ca5d   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c         - Unrolled construct_notify_jobs_info() loop to only fetch           printer info_2 structure once rather than num_print_jobs times.         - convert command to unix codepage.         - remove lp_remove_service() call as it prevents lp_killservice()           from working.         - Modified some DEBUG and DEBUGADD statements.
      adds  8aec700   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/smbd/lanman.c         - Change fill_printq_info() to fix corrupted 9X/ME printer comment (This used to be commit acbed88a195b32d251fd15fc8fdd069726659d64)
      adds  0407ba8   Cleanup of Get_Pwnam().  Adds debugging, cleans up the allow_change codepath. (This used to be commit 767f73aee62438d74248facf7122b2c49645d5c7)
      adds  22363b9   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/include/proto.h     source/include/rpc_spoolss.h     source/rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss.c     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c         - speedups in printer queue enumeration  - still room for           improvement.  The construct_dev_mode() still creates and destroys           a printer info_2 structure every time it is called.         - fixed job->devmode memory leak         - converted print [...]
      adds  aa7cd80   Typo in new file_chmod code caused file attribute changes to fail. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDED TO APPLIANCE-HEAD. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b92ccc0c8e5d066eeb077dfced6e717cd741c7a6)
      adds  ebee2c6   Get the logic right thistime :-(. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 83596034cdecc7b03e35c0b4bb149e6bf9cebc70)
      adds  1a0d64a   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c         - Fixed dereference of NULL pointer in security descriptor           notification used by Win2K printers. (This used to be commit 1b6efd18943ef3ed0e2e061495d05cfdecd86c88)
      adds  a4c2250   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/lib/util_seaccess.c         - added se_create_child_secdesc() function  which takes a parent           (container) security descriptor and creates a security descriptor           which has the inheritance flags for each ACE applied.  In NT a           print job is a child object of a printer so deleting and           pausing/resuming jobs requires a check against the child security           descriptor, not the parent.  The val [...]
      adds  a5b27e9   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/printing/nt_printing.c         - use se_create_child_secdesc() to create appropriate security           descriptor when performing print job admin security checks.
      adds  c4e0cb7   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD: 	source/include/proto.h 		- make proto
      adds  3d153ef   Small bugfix from Kenichi Okuyama <okuyamak at dd.iij4u.or.jp>: -FN_GLOBAL_INTEGER(lp_min_wins_ttl, &Globals.max_wins_ttl) +FN_GLOBAL_INTEGER(lp_min_wins_ttl, &Globals.min_wins_ttl) (This used to be commit 0233ba442643ad13b3707b63046691287fd2b449)
      adds  912dbe4   Changes from SAMBA_2_2:     docs/yodldocs/smb.conf.5.yo         - add comment about ability to include environment variables in           smb.conf.  Added just to mention it, probably needs improvement. (This used to be commit 50c5ee3c7b41add594e151aa301143a5a60351dc)
      adds  7599c82   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/smbd/lanman.c         - cleanup and bug fix for win9x print queue purge.
      adds  3ea544f   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD: 	source/printing/printing.c 		- remove unused variable (This used to be commit 2d09b53b3a9201c2f52306fc12ab01a92e712db2)
      adds  2f7c1db   include/vfs.h: smbd/vfs-wrap.c: smbd/vfs.c: Added fchmod_acl and chmod_acl. lib/substitute.c: smbd/lanman.c: smbd/open.c: smbd/process.c: smbd/reply.c: smbd/service.c: Removed sessetup_user variable. Added current_user_info struct which conatins domain info etc. Added '%D' for client domain parameter. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2844ec3d511680609d6794b8718001a1bda9e89f)
      adds  be09d25   Patch to get smbcacls and rpcclient to compile together. (This used to be commit 5a9870f22d4995ec1fc242169ffc1e85da04a3c4)
      adds  a699e9b   Some systems don't support SEC_RIGHTS_MAXIMUM_ALLOWED for lsa_open_policy() but NT sends 0x2000000 so we might as well do it too. (This used to be commit 394e17645b777be767cd1c69be3f5efe7a703d85)
      adds  b9c5be4   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c         - remove redundant srv_spoolss_sendnotify() calls from           _spoolss_startdocprinter() and _spoolss_enddocprinter(), as its           functionality is already covered in print_job_start() and           print_job_end()
      adds  eee2995   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c         - add an access check to _spoolss_deleteprinter() to stop random           users and passers by from deleting printers.
      adds  42571a6   only add the service name and client machine name to list of users names for a session when in share mode security
      adds  05cbf30   increase MAX_POL_HNDS (merge from 2.2)
      adds  327e2b3   Fix from Kenichi Okuyama for memory leak on Realloc fail. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6e568332254cf60d6a1f411df960ac2ec5f4bf8e)
      adds  d53f971   Fix a problem with smbc_unlink on directories where it was returning EACCES instead of EPERM and a problem with SMBC_OPEN where it ignored an error from the underlying cli_open routine and cheerfully returned a bogus FD. (This used to be commit 68614bac5a1a4109fdfb728aeae6956b13c64d8f)
      adds  ba3ee7f   fixed typo in debug statement
      adds  b1be311   getpw[nam|uid] caching patch from "Richard Bollinger" <rabollinger at home.com>
      adds  e31bf05   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/printing/printing.c         - When deleting a job, remove the entry from the back-end database           if the delete succeeded.  This stops a spurious permission denied           message appearing if the forced database update is within the lpq           cache timeout and doesn't actually delete the job from the           database. (This used to be commit be61c98832d0a8969e608fd22da2035e454ec788)
      adds  918c3eb   smbd/lanman.c: Fix for calling qsort with 0 number. smbd/nttrans.c: Realloc mem fixes based on those that went into trans2.c smbd/process.c: Move to a table based dispatch, based on a comment from Andrew 				about Antons work. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a958f7822e095367efb8749b6f1f2e110ffb8866)
      adds  24f8e97   smbd/process.c: & type with 0xff for paranioa sake... smbd/reply.c smbd/service.c: cause all "add home service" calls to go through a winbindd aware function. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a72d12e992e2755e925032aef1aa99be74bf6652)
      adds  2be2a3d   Added modification to Richard Bollinger getpw[nam|uid] cache patch. Only uses cache max 100 times. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3712e35c5460d341ba750fe5e7bce8ef63c9f8ef)
      adds  b15e9ad   Sync up with POSIX ACL code from 2.2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e0431672cc54ed09d6c5cf083054db12ccd9dcf6)
      adds  16dd4b9   Fix insure problems with passwd caching code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2bd4f163890be58456a7e49b1adbed3f5834ff9e)
      adds  4655268   fixed pipe in smb.conf description (This used to be commit b987ce37ce1bc89d3ab4964ebed1143b29c23cfb)
      adds  cf90dbd   Fixed "object picker can't determine if object in domain" bug seen from W2K clients. Did this by importing Samba-TNG code that correctly handles LSA lookups. *MANY* thanks to Luke, Sander, Elrond and the rest of the TNG gang ! Jeremy (This used to be commit f76dc952f70862a6a390e9f35edd651867842a01)
      adds  5aef8a2   Fixes from appliance-head for pdc searches. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d04ed97ecab846def8467f313a71ef0e5c4005f6)
      adds  c15a054   io_bufsize was set too large and so full length reads and writes got broken up into one ~64k and one ~1k packet. (This used to be commit b91f9064673a8ff11a3c0ea2ac40c3f39fa2a2d7)
      adds  4f7b2b7   Remove an inet_aton so that this code will compile on Solaris ...
      adds  fcfaebd   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/smbd/server.c     source/nmbd/nmbd.c         - Fixed a very subtle bug with signals. Seems that POSIX requires           that the signal mask be inhereted. So, if you happen to kick off           smbd/nmbd from code that has the mask set on SIGUSR1, you lose           messages. (This used to be commit b4c98196fc65e8b3bce928296e854987622eae78)
      adds  c7a7dea   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c         - Changed the se_access_check() call in _spoolss_open_printer_ex()           to a print_access_check().  This allows the 'printer admins'           smb.conf and other permission override parameters to affect the           result of a printer open.         - Don't perform access check when opening a handle on a print           server as it breaks browsing the Printers folder. (This used to be  [...]
      adds  2219264   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/printing/nt_printing.c         - fix for Win2k sending NULL devicemode in setprinter calls which           was making NT4 grumpy.  The solution is to never set a NULL           devicemode if we previously had a valid one in the printer's TDB           entry. (This used to be commit b9036a07781724d58b34da3b6e876dd28d5f70a6)
      adds  7eea846   Add an extra error code translation to clierror.c so that libsmbclient gets some more error codes correct ... (This used to be commit bca6b7dd20839a15aa97b4e6ba03c60eab9ed237)
      adds  b370588   Fix some bugs and prepare for some other bug fixes ... (This used to be commit 4ae7812353c0ed088fb1ae4cd79c99daab363d1c)
      adds  9ec1933   Changes from SAMBA_2_2: 	- fix typo in cast from talloc (This used to be commit f24aa0b51f06b8181b46bb1d2e73d91e5159fe1c)
      adds  2506c61   Changes from APPLIANCE_HEAD:     source/include/proto.h         - make proto
      adds  8e18bd5   Fix inspited by Alan Romeril. 50% speedup in domain logins with this change to default break response time of 10ms -> 0ms. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 541c7df16fff03f98c253a46b501574cafb4469f)
      adds  66f6ad9   Turned down noisy debug statement.
      adds  4d6b6eb   lib/system.c: Fix for pw caching. srv_samr.c: Fix for pw caching. smbd/nttrans.c: Fix to allow trans create to set ACL on open. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c4f810a7588a2faf41f4222dc77678c53ab1dec0)
      adds  2537e23   Fix for KOI8-R codepage from Andrey Kiselev <dron at at1895.spb.edu> (This used to be commit 7a08c3a699142fa8079c2736ed70aef0528ad578)
      adds  fd3e20a   Missing sys_endpwent() call in get_passwd_entries() (This used to be commit a86f219f2f63f63e43d5b99e3d190a536954d400)
      adds  92e3473   Fixed duplicate free_sec_acl() call in free_sec_desc() function.
      adds  4a9fb6b   Changes from SAMBA_2_2:     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c     source/rpc_server/srv_spoolss.c     source/include/proto.h         - correct checking of access_required in openprinterex as talked           with John R. and Jerry.           You can only do server stuff (adding printers, changing forms,           ..) if you're root or if user is in printer admin list.           Printers options are grayed if you don't have the           PRINTER_ADMINISTER flag in th [...]
      adds  5d67bb9   Added Baltic codepage support.  From Toomas Soome <tsoome at ut.ee> (This used to be commit d0c5339486c38b988d39fbf83bfb98c1258dd98d)
      adds  f9a2be7   Convert netbios name to dos codepage in make_nmb_name().  This allows nmblookup and smbclient to work with i18n netbios names. (This used to be commit 2eabb7c229fb8a64d47757f291b327f5b7f26b55)
      adds  01d45db   Merge from 2.2 - with connection fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8d3601c1366b5f0a9f5772e9797ff54a2250dbfd)
      adds  deb638a   merge from APPLIANCE_HEAD (mapping access_required 0x0 to PRINTER_ACCESS_USE) (This used to be commit 0c57b05de46f04dda941fcb4ba4f2a5a88b8dc9f)
      adds  2fd7e6e   Fix some further small bugs in libsmbclient to make it pass the Caldera test suite and start to add the printing routines. (This used to be commit 838cfad404ef648ee7909f449264afa4db60fa3b)
      adds  ca03ad7   Implement two printing related functions and start the remaining two. (This used to be commit c19559a286c3ec6dedefbd2423aa5738edd9ba41)
      adds  5455f28   Fix problems in libsmbclient with pring job struct plus add implementation of last two print routines ... (This used to be commit 7c50af3b71eeedfef8ed0d5771c2dc578fa95741)
      adds  a44daf2   Add Makefile.in target for installing smbclientlib ... (This used to be commit 2b9c6d1c9e278caccd202c1d3b07690c0423acc1)
      adds  b5eb73d   add pam_setcred() call to pam_auth().  Patch was submited last Oct.
      adds  607ea0d   replaced inet_aton() with inet_addr() to keep Solaris from complaining.
      adds  01634ea   merge from SAMBA_2_2 (This used to be commit 9347121ce6888afeae3cdf256b5f0c5b9c58b0bc)
      adds  b652abf   reverted *.* patch until someone explains to me what the test case is that requires this.
      adds  35d9695   Ensure people know this is unused. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4f87f0f4027a0b78e091b5daaf6fb907b5811044)
      adds  13577ad   Updated proto.h (This used to be commit 0102eea147d45c410842a25705b7be9fc3892cca)
      adds  167a7d7   Added commented/documented version of libsmbclient.h and fixed up a small problem in libsmbclient.c where we no longer pass the workgroup. (This used to be commit 3c6611434601a45ba448f0313397104c7cea616c)
      adds  b4b387e   Fix calls to smbc_init in testsmbc.c and tree.c (This used to be commit 244edad065a48c110d73617e6c76bdae0ab6885d)
      adds  94fc44a   Merge of JohnR's changes to appliance-head, JF's changes to 2.2, updated the POSIX_ACL code to be in sync. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c0517d6f4e3079feca1309fd1ea7b21e83f0de02)
      adds  b94ef4b   Fix for DACL/SACL masking typo - spotted by medha at pezman.austin.ibm.com. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8fc6bc170fd3dd1fd9437d4acc94bd251c35d544)
      adds  14ac22b   Fixup missing tests on code imported from tng. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 41d46a495b9e223d05bfc00e76612149531ec69a)
      adds  3d528fe   change pstrcpy() in setup_pwret() to fstrcpy() since we are using fstrings.  Spotted by Elrond.  Thanks :-)
      adds  da20d4e   It compiles for me now :-). rpc_server/srv_lsa.c - added fix to allow w2k clients to join a Samba domain - odd or even domain name length. Needs more testing. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 408672d38261e34cc3714200617b35464d88f931)
      adds  64172d8   Merge of i18n fixes from appliance branch.  Samba can now talk to a network with a PDC that has international netbios name and domain name.  There's still quite a bit of i18n stuff to fix though... (This used to be commit 79045bd72ace9144e7dd73785b1d10a71b0d15aa)
      adds  e1be287   Update to Baltic codepage support. (This used to be commit 7f1219df247553bbdb18ab9676a050aea767f40b)
      adds  09b993f   Baltic codepage fixes from Toomas Soome <tsoome at ut.ee> (This used to be commit 1f1fcea06d658375b234bbfedcabcedd01c66a88)
      adds  d1a672b   Fix from "Jim McDonough" <jmcd at us.ibm.com> for s390 Linux. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 493c31729f515bcc5cca99ac4fa5510604518a72)
      adds  7f9fbcd   Merge of i18n password fix for smbclient. (This used to be commit ec217eb8fc2a9cf329a51c51ba08a04fa5b008c2)
      adds  c237db1   DEBUG merge from 2.2 about tdb init failure. Patch from David Collier-Brown to print permission error on spool file creation. (This used to be commit 8907a51743b7b9b9ad4168033fae4d44012cca37)
      adds  a82df9c   samba/source/nmbd/nmbd.c	change remote_machine name to nmbd instead 				of nmb so we write to same log file that 				was originally created as log.nmbd samba/source/smbd/server.c	change remote_machine name to smbd instead 				of smb so we write to same log file that 				was originally created as log.smbd samba/source/lib/interface.c	allow binding to all interface IP addresses 				even if on same subnet. This allows you to 				specify which IP's you want in interfaces [...]
      adds  ddfac24   Patch to add UnixWare ACLs from Michael Davidson <md at sco.COM>. With some small modifications, this code may also work on Solaris, as they are derived from the same SVR4 codebase. When the Samba Solaris box is up and running again I will test this. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f8db87b0978be981448eafd57163703e3aeec2cb)
      adds  62dc55a   configure configure.in smbd/posix_acls.c smbd/dosmode.c: Fix for zero permission W2K profiles. libsmb/cliconnect.c rpc_client/cli_login.c smbd/reply.c: codepage fixes from Tim. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3ded1e6bd5f79948e437ce5b1799705945f36ad2)
      adds  fd46817   Excise snprintf -> slprintf. srv_samr.c: duplicate gid fix. srv_spoolss_nt.c: Merge of JF's work. uid.c: Fix for returning names when a PDC. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d938ad6963a2dd4eda930d508600ec1902dc2b16)
      adds  0293869   Fixes to libsmbclient so it will work when browsing real Windows systems which only respond to port 138 when dealing with NetBIOS datagrams.
      adds  8a3d6ee   Change code around and add retry to deal with the occassional loss of NetBIOS datagrams responses, either via TDB or direct receive ... (This used to be commit 54b0fbe98b1cbb1d9d62606c16921dbffc3a3c6d)
      adds  0ea6c24   Improve the sample GTK+ client program to make it a bit more functional. (This used to be commit 3e8366c58ccddae24cc117d37899eb7a06a84212)
      adds  2e99f0f   Opps, last one did not commit the correct changes ... Here they are.
      adds  1ea2d3b   updated comments on using DocBook.
      adds  980e734   added SGML/DocBook for samba(7) man page (This used to be commit 9d021a02747736dde2fe7c4d94ac3f81d07ac35f)
      adds  d443bc4   autogenated from SGML/DocBook source :-) We're on our way. (This used to be commit cea146a7db78924de95fffe7d148f367f5df519e)
      adds  aa9a0c7   more SGML/DocBook sources (This used to be commit d98b6f42f562d7dd9fd48d540f9484562be607e6)
      adds  b5ad6a0   more autogen files from the latest SGML/DocBook checkins (This used to be commit c51efe6a2d88717d2d3186e21285e3dcdc242831)
      adds  b206b16   Fix a small problem where tree.c was using the creation time to display, rather than modification time. Creation time is not returned by the SMB protocol. (This used to be commit d7f3793a2be56acb4a7bc293912d7dc19b96f511)
      adds  d62754e   save as we go.  Probably last check in for tonight.
      adds  6492d6b   initial client side unicode support (needed for netapp filer)
      adds  c565c98   pipe opening now works with unicode (This used to be commit ba3ce3404e1cd2e9da3ba1708f6fc8a12c085ef2)
      adds  ca677a6   playing with CAP_NT_SMBS (This used to be commit 3eff509a65d164d66eb70f51ef115acd7328266c)
      adds  abfb847   optimise by default (This used to be commit a5005195440d4805054c488cdc450735883064e5)
      adds  751ba9d   setup workgroup when found (This used to be commit 33aefc76e8594196e09094f65e5aa0bbfe47f357)
      adds  bbf5894   up the debug level of the debug level change msg (This used to be commit 9b25342f4ac4a250b3a10a3bb048ca6baa2ca41e)
      adds  23ded01   converted cli_mkdir() (This used to be commit bce3ed01a9c3c7c89cdc21b60f1122dc6b6db264)
      adds  c7c3db2   converted cli_list() (This used to be commit bdce09b77807c80281c1e169b7c4813c9238fbe3)
      adds  d4b2639   converted cli_chkpath() (This used to be commit 95268f52556e5983004e594002b7e18a8656d1f0)
      adds  20b037b   converted cli_open() (This used to be commit db60c0c26242be0370e6459fe6f1634c97b61176)
      adds  8acf5e0   - neater setting of bcc - converted cli_rename and cli_unlink (This used to be commit 0a8992e224b7a3d90d45b13d73fa8a6f155efa79)
      adds  c28d3f6   converted nt_create and setatr (This used to be commit c40a1e4ebdb379482bf6e7d4efcc9b5321a4e7c6)
      adds  064898c   converted a bunch more fns (This used to be commit f6b8d6730452522f77852af0917cb48424d4c8a9)
      adds  f760153   yipee! client unicode now works well with nt (This used to be commit 5b2ef8a1b914265c6072c968d2dad7d26c2aeffc)
      adds  6cb19fb   don't need _uni hack now (This used to be commit f191271986d085cc73b62c8d3de8ab7b326c19c0)
      adds  3910d7b   added support for a CLISTR_ASCII flag so we can use a uniform interface for ascii-only fields (This used to be commit cdf0316610803e6743936b29f232b32f9ec81422)
      adds  518f2fc   reverted richards cli_NetServerEnum changes - they broke lots of things (This used to be commit 86adbb0caf26a8c2fc4d3748b965c0ce79360c1a)
      adds  a8ab984   the unicode conversion of our client code is complete enough to be enabled by default
      adds  7fb8d5a   fixed a crash bug in smbpasswd (the user can come from optarg, so we can't free it) (This used to be commit 56ffb58effe80f7c62a9de6ba4f634d995fbc4e6)
      adds  d689f00   converted the last couple of functions in libsmb to be unicode the whole of libsmb should now do unicode where appropriate (This used to be commit ac7529d2b69826f8214d5632c31778cc87216653)
      adds  e5f60ce   make ascii_to_unistr always use little-endian. This fn is never used except in my code so I know this is safe.
      adds  63e6ffb   rpc_parse_samr.c doesn't exist in head ... (This used to be commit ea81a3ec88501194b7853a7c71a622b3fc0cf6f1)
      adds  3c27060   but it is needed for linking ... (This used to be commit e7108a18b2ba5754d402d72492cbcfded2713472)
      adds  5fa7c79   update as we go.  Almost there.... (This used to be commit f29e7f522f831db15409825cbd61709e46acb2b5)
      adds  201753d   Fixed file descriptor leak in error processing of print jobs. NT sends "delete on close" to cancel a print job copied from the command line. Deal with this. Merged JohnR's fixes for print job errors. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2060d74e48d62c99a1689ee02ac435b71918ddf0)
      adds  21b1ab0   cope better with broken filer expectations (This used to be commit 847de3b4adfb00a98032e478b2663d09e240380e)
      adds  1239b92   make sure we don't free non-allocated data (This used to be commit 4a620f7037378dc042b6388ede6356c6db5d58fb)
      adds  9ccbc1d   cope with filer/NT/samba all in one binary. yeah.
      adds  4e1de14   - workaround filer lsa lookup bug for unknown sids - add \ at start of name if not needed (another filer workaround) (This used to be commit 48ab6297a1b462e03f70a4d90d50b21982d0d90d)
      adds  6022747   fixed character set init in smbw_sample (This used to be commit c43593ad069670fb47b8e98248254c739bb7ab18)
      adds  b409674   don't crash on null acl sort (This used to be commit 59341377413fcbf30c090a3763608d23ac2bff95)
      adds  63c9afc   Whew!  smb.conf.5.yo completely converted to DocBook (only after 2 & 1/2 days :) ).  The man page generation is fine.  Some anchor tags need to be tweaked to get the HTML generation correct.
      adds  82237a7   clean things up to fix HTML generation (This used to be commit be3a581de37edde555af8bb061c662f8f8e001a2)
      adds  a1311b3   generated man page and html version of smb.conf(5) (This used to be commit 14d8d881ec6e4d5e3541d14e8015d6b7e8fda349)
      adds  d091506   note about docbook conversion (This used to be commit f1cd3b045ad5d2fd153453116c0450422ffb0b58)
      adds  7fa7be0   housekeeping and a new SGML source file (findsmb) (This used to be commit d509bb881da1fdad108a843fa35e2ed7248617e9)
      adds  50bc6a4   generated files (This used to be commit 46fb00896a625c832e5440fff4bd1d89ea667cbc)
      adds  4d93553   more converted docs (This used to be commit a354ce7c859fbbd9b0173664b92471695f88ada7)
      adds  b037c9e   more updates..... (This used to be commit ffe442b6b3fdf158863aead6611b554f68fcaa6f)
      adds  b7c527b   fixed bad link (This used to be commit ab5119467dd917ba598c3ec32893719890e790d2)
      adds  171471c   and some more.... (This used to be commit c82234a03e8adf5ab2e2135f8e0948e3ed559bd9)
      adds  4b1ba8d   fixed typo (This used to be commit 59323f7aa2fe2fe63c284a64a76406cc18d0023c)
      adds  5cd4655   more updates..... (This used to be commit 773ccb36ad3186ad11d92185b66678d49d9ec4fd)
      adds  5462cf5   getting closer .... (This used to be commit 5aed6bf227e9a83eab810560a21dca0c96d14dcf)
      adds  ffa09ec   lib/select.c: Fix for Linux 2.0.x kernel that causes select to return true on a pipe                 and then a blocking read to fail. Make the pipe read/write non blocking. printing/printing.c: Added a mutex around the code that enumerates all the jobs in a                     print queue. Allows only one smbd to be doing this at any one time.                     This fixes a capacity problem discovered at HP with <10,000 jobs in                     a print queue. J [...]
      adds  415e3a8   there is seemingly no end to these man pages.... (This used to be commit e5996f4948a4220c71070769dce2c5baf1a65ac8)
      adds  4bca9fd   while I was at it..... (This used to be commit 723bcb57e8bd54a36f2c217246f78a4301b6b25b)
      adds  cbf0f98   save as we go. More pages done. (This used to be commit ec1dfb80b39f816faed702ace20a385aba9caf6b)
      adds  8c09839   make it stop...please, make it stop.... (This used to be commit 3d8f4113ebb178e2f8281edfce968d7035f443af)
      adds  0bc5f00   one more down... (This used to be commit 583a7b3a8ca9934a72d2b67891ca36ad48c32168)
      adds  91b88a7   saving this one while I go eat (This used to be commit 33310282d1c85613f7266c253598297e01ab8443)
      adds  58c1dd8   more auto generated.... (This used to be commit c3930c6bdb05f919e27b9b7f0b2e2f83a78de51a)
      adds  37d1908   Always increment even if the read fails (otherwise we spin if we hit the kernel bug...). Jeremy (This used to be commit d388dfa53b3a7a2dcce6d5591531d6ade0cbab62)
      adds  8371916   add a few, fix a few, add a few, fix a few... (This used to be commit 5ffb96527ef3bf9f271633a219dcaa02471e4e80)
      adds  9a43d69   autogenerated files.... (This used to be commit edb0e5df4c7053a7163d32bba7ecf893a67523ca)
      adds  7bab811   I'm just checking these in.  There not done. (This used to be commit 03f85cf3c80e8bb93d698da0a17ac61d0da91950)
      adds  ed77fca   include/rpc_spoolss.h: Added JOB_STATUS_XXX defines. include/smb.h: Added LPQ_xx enums to correspond with the NT JOB_STATUS_XXX. We                 need these to be different as we're storing LPQ_xx enums in the tdb                 already. rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Don't need to return status strings as we're now                             returning status codes. smbd/lanman.c: Change the RAP status codes to have "RAP" in the name. printing/printing.c: Keep trac [...]
      adds  b58b856   more updates.  Conversion almost done.  2 more man pages (then all the ASCII stuff) (This used to be commit 7247027e833616bfe9350253cc1e6cdb236b2cdf)
      adds  8d070c6   - fixed the sort_acl bug, sorting now works right - don't allow setting of duplicate ACEs - fixed a ACE delete bug (This used to be commit 61293979ce2aded58a5ef2a54b3b05d1d278f7cf)
      adds  46807bd   cast the qsort (This used to be commit 703d9f5cb32ca4131051c50646fd833fb1ae7d76)
      adds  7082b61   make sure denied aces are first (This used to be commit b0b49a4b28891f3e2ec8e8e221af713250cc8e17)
      adds  e7b5378   last files converted!!!  Yah!!!! :-) (This used to be commit 435dbd0535dda564523521db1a820a84ad6d96e3)
      adds  ef65a4f   more autogen stuff (This used to be commit e2070a4bde8f0d16d025a949c086316caee0349a)
      adds  53a2d8c   removed wrong patch to get_dir_entry().  This was left over from the wildcard stuff.... (This used to be commit f77fa6a0e510fe5ad54d20eaabd345e6ee0526dc)
      adds  e9c929b   just saving my changes as I go.  These do not work yet.... (This used to be commit c629929b2ca78f73c2275d27eb080a73cd9ac6b8)
      adds  ac41b77   couple of updates to remove error message when generating man pages (This used to be commit caea759c9b4aa9920d3f4034c092e2bade8dde49)
      adds  b05cc5c   playing with autogen files again (This used to be commit ff3623cae67564edd853bd1c3f03b0fd0e1d9d8f)
      adds  f0a53ca   moved rpcclient from section 8 to section 1 (This used to be commit 49ae264b8489b58465aced9da900e32544510743)
      adds  8793c40   'make man' will generate all man pages now (This used to be commit 4d126e8098aa5e862a5c995dec93564be1374424)
      adds  4633fcf   'make html` is ugly but it works.... (This used to be commit 416789f0b6180aefcae5f8421104252db4530b19)
      adds  a142524   playing with Makefile and autogen (This used to be commit cb2257440491240e8fbe2619e9221aee657ee812)
      adds  3699948   This patch (donated by Marc Jacobsen of HP) should make Sun and HP very happy :-). Probably Veritas too... :-). It allows Samba as a domain member to authenticate against an AS/U server such as the older HP PDC product or PD Netlink. It does this by trying a netlogon with info level 3 and then falling back to info level 2 if the PDC returns invalid info level. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bda1d6d4a4b3d2cfc260549280a2ce3e57fd0f86)
      adds  f93bb08   rpc_client/cli_netlogon.c: Fixed incorrect printf. Added Solaris ACL support. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f0d11b6997cc46a0210adef8cf572cf8b7e2467a)
      adds  1c8eb37   Separated reg code into interface & implementation. libsmb/namequery.c: Removed ununsed variables. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b857113f400551c57ac400a9cdc3c752085d107d)
      adds  4d6e45e   the -m option to the client is back (This used to be commit 69c13434f68b642bdf1a4974849e8a38da02d6c9)
      adds  57467a9   neater negprot code using the new cli_setup_bcc() call (This used to be commit 5b1728426531785d37b4fac0684114f8a84dacb2)
      adds  96e791e   use cli_list_old() when negotiating the older protocols (This used to be commit 735f29319b8d81df203c8ddbcea5349b11f2195d)
      adds  f7602aa   a snapshot of my attempts to get wildcard matching right for LANMAN1 clients. This is not complete and not correct - expect some more work on this soon (This used to be commit 06d158d5e91a222e6bf8d22f02107c60da383f82)
      adds  f9405ab   add cli_list_new() for forced new protocol listing (This used to be commit a5407366b77f2bec2c21e1f36dd007813d33f75e)
      adds  d33b294   fixed a bug in non-terminated unicode strings with clistr_pull() (This used to be commit 339bcfd05d3260a123ccf3c06429da6bfe621f74)
      adds  571a046   made some progress in masktest
      adds  8cfc745   updated prototypes (This used to be commit 2a94e8e02d5550359e47e37adc0ef9a616354eab)
      adds  0d54de5   made some LANMAN1 wildcard progress it now handles -M LANMAN1 -f '.x' -m '?x' nicely (This used to be commit e7ccb9be6da9b1426eb136b4a0a1171232471768)
      adds  683ccef   Started conversion of lsa server code to canonical format (as srv_reg and srv_samr have been). Jeremy. (This used to be commit f434cda9774b4864321b37b0f8f42e6e8dee8d5b)
      adds  00e4fee   Fix some errors uncovered in libsmbclient by the test suite Fix some problems with unused variables and reaching the end of a   nonvoid function (This used to be commit 44986f397ae647aa790422737a839443efb99920)
      adds  7e02895   dependencies for individual man pages are handled now (This used to be commit 46fec4253a14ea0fd5fd69b0fc85366818fd24b6)
      adds  d387f90   updates to instructions (This used to be commit aa1113c622b3a39e98a9a5d43a1620f12c957b8e)
      adds  46b5e6b   used in AC_INIT().  Contains global entities for DocBook files. Not actually referenced yet.  That'll come soon (This used to be commit 69fff4e8a787446233c747ead4de0af6e275cc13)
      adds  1c52318   beginning on consolidating individual text files. Chapter 1 contains UNIX_INSTALL.txt (This used to be commit 45d406ba274ac830dd52544645090b5e4dbf5768)
      adds  1f7dd2c   ISO entity files needed for DocBook V4.1 DTD (This used to be commit 214caff101df72ffa96614fa84300a0af74876a8)
      adds  3a3393f   DocBook V4.1 DTD so we are all on the same page (This used to be commit f84d1892cfaf8c8aba0ae8821e0a334b0cee62fc)
      adds  e1951d7   Added implementation file for lsa. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 72e7c261e85b9cad19b93fb160168531290a5404)
      adds  d757d61   Separated lsa code into interface and implementation. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1cc96e0340b9e3ac343d6a28211bf0cc5bc6573b)
      adds  9573113   Split wks pipe into interface and implementation modules. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6a16b3850fdc4d6750ef2046f1db934f1ef92f17)
      adds  de187df   Split srvsvc pipe into interface and implementation modules. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e14c88ddf466f17a710724fb4fc273d37a244d77)
      adds  d4a2832   Implementation module for netlog pipe. Can't be easily integrated into HEAD right now due to passdb changes - placeholder added. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eb88512cff67200f95213db5c1340ceb448af57c)
      adds  ef2de91   Separated dfs pipe into implementation and interface modules. rpc_parse/parse_dfs.c: Had to add buffer overrun checking ! HOW DID THIS GET IN HERE ! rpc_parse/parse_prs.c: Ensure prs_alloc_mem does a memset of zero before returning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c9a6a17025f4a6850cd2b9a9ddb48bdeec8b3ffe)
      adds  538fbb7   As prs_alloc_mem now zeros memory, remove superfluous memsets after it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 94fdffb3557fa68d634d6c402751f5bcb1f6a656)
      adds  61b28a3   Added patch from Urban Widmark <urban at teststation.com> modified by me to enable large file support on Linux if glibc >= 2.2 and kernel >= 2.4. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c59a5db9c21d5642aa9ea2a5270343c7a52cf779)
      adds  54f5661   I have now found that despite initial appearences the lanman1 wildcard algorithm does *not* match separately on base and extension.
      adds  dccf44d   almost there with lanman1 wildcards. We now seem to correctly handle '<', '>', '"' and '?' when combined with '.'. The '*' character is proving troublesome. (This used to be commit 0a55d9a17b5d98c7e151bb2ee014cfb0b3660400)
      adds  acaf04b   remove some test code (This used to be commit 2c509c9860fdcf4d2b3bb35e12f9fedbb77bd17e)
      adds  1d67fe4   better handling of '.' better verbose print (This used to be commit 1f8b8a7189fb8c142801d679cf53c586aee74740)
      adds  dbc5cac   Hmmm. I thought I'd added these files to CVS head..... Jeremy. (This used to be commit d573700a9218bce8efd21f0be70afec6b460f8b9)
      adds  5265ce7   Added total memory allocated counter to talloc, so we can tell if a talloc pool is getting bloated. Also added a talloc_zero function to return zeroed memory. Added debug in rpc_server/srv_pipe_hnd.c so we know when a talloc pool is being freed. Syncup with srv_pipe_hnd.c from 2.2 so we are freeing memory at the same time. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d3a56c6042acf037bbd53de88d7636a5803ead20)
      adds  20b8d6b   Don't marshal data from a stack frame..... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 86ee091b3b5814813fbabd20f6de77ed94049ca3)
      adds  750a370   another conversion (This used to be commit eda9d9ac044f9bc243b128c41927426742c71fc8)
      adds  6ee504d   autogen (This used to be commit c52c2fa14e0c7cc48c5072e106abf9b6dfb2479c)
      adds  8e99021   Fixes from Toomas Soome <tsoome at ut.ee> code unicode problems, plus a solaris quota update fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9efd7a778b7b172d76af922c3dda8ec31d74bd7d)
      adds  545649a   more updates and autogen (This used to be commit 2d3429cfe2d19b667400e408a4947efd160d99c0)
      adds  0f2799a   Move to talloc control of SPOOL_XXX structs. Move to talloc control of security descriptors and pointers. Syncup with 2.2 tree. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 14d5997dc841e78a619e865288486d50c245896d)
      adds  403562c   Partial conversion of SPOOLSS code to canonical format. More to follow. Once complete then the PRINTER_XX functions and structures will be converted to talloc control. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8171cc56428920d8b765d077198893201f68766e)
      adds  6ed9b52   Ooops - forgot to check the rpcclient and smbcacls compile with the new code :-(. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 70beabf73bdaad7b6a60e24b7a11798a411bed02)
      adds  2a258f7   Converted more to canonical format... save as I go., Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1d4ff7a81bccce0e5701102314af4f9c64c55cd6)
      adds  acc06fc   More converted to canonical format. Home now - do the rest tomorrow... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9d5979f51ec7b2a62fb9b290eb0393594cfa6224)
      adds  f5b17b7   some updates and reorganization (This used to be commit a6d65d79642d0e2dfc7137d62eb0578c1cec15fb)
      adds  01c1f62   added so that it is not necessary for autoconf to be locally installed for CVS users (This used to be commit a8ec2901d42f4a3a69b0a5aac9f9d5906e2017c2)
      adds  276ea81   updated Makefile to generate howto's and the FAQ (This used to be commit c71e99556b32c5932ccd3b599f4402679828ef21)
      adds  a5f2332   fixed typo (This used to be commit fb512aee768787f06d4787cc7c284f2f9aa82aa5)
      adds  8f873d5   autogen stuff (This used to be commit ce6777d119f4a665aa37d73619f243552c91d09a)
      adds  bd228fb   Fix for stack return from  "Jim McDonough" <jmcdough at hotmail.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7f45836c85df9cb04d062b71afa5e55014841859)
      adds  30d74f5   Finished converion of spoolss code to canonical format. Now to work on the PRINT_XX struct alloc/free issues. Jeremy. (This used to be commit db98d4b020032b2a934b21bfdf9082765692fc5a)
      adds  011422a   Ensure that SPOOL_NOTIFY_OPTION structs are safely copied out of the talloc area into the Printer_entry struct - these are used for changenotification. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4c2a49168e53b5ed96d61c6bae908086c3852f64)
      adds  c014d3b   Remove unused code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3495d5cc3ba0f380fc78389b9ba17235ccd97ae4)
      adds  7d85361   rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c: Fixed memory leak introduced by restructuring. rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c: Fixed problem with printer snum being read uninitialised. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1552db715da576b41060f0d31d2c4cdec790c1d4)
      adds  5fa70d7   When opening a printserver use a global snum of -1. Jeremy (This used to be commit 3f44cb6103fe8df9182fbbca7dc7888171b4352a)
      adds  fe4d6cd   Fix memory leaks introduced in restructure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a355e11201e4dcb495b65b86e79de40d94c52a5b)
      adds  865e8a3   Don't return stack structures... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 94b72c19fe435d31e14e69a3fc9808e75638726a)
      adds  5161c61   Fixed a couple of getpwXX calls that were not going through the sys_getpwXX cache. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a648935ae93f781aedba8f89b0071a24e42f4543)
      adds  ff2616a   Fixed compiler warning. (This used to be commit 33e5c56ab049fe5e156579dbf2f9cd54897f1dd3)
      adds  1b476b1   Fix two problems identified by the test suite, one a major one where I was indexing through a NULL pointer :-( (This used to be commit 5f1ea70e110bd3b97a4c75b2fe0edef22847550b)
      adds  74294f5   Move to talloc controlled NT forms. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3e190e693375c6032dd64bf8dd3c90f90dc4e3b4)
      adds  28c43a3   Arrgggh. Returning the SPOOL_INFO stuff requires that the realloced data be realloced between different functions. This took a *long* time to track down (even with insure :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e61899f490e0d4109a5fc2faa04eefb934e8448c)
      adds  e9f555e   Merged JF's fixes into HEAD. These are for string parsing and SAMR fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c3a1904564175a7a5cf71e88540b96f7daa59730)
      adds  93169a1   Roll back to using malloc/realloc on some of spoolss in head. I'm having problems with talloc_realloc in the 2.2 branch and I want a stable reference.
      adds  e2e56e8   Fixed up overrun read when marshelling SYSTEMTIME struct. This was a subtle one... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 65275e73ee7c58352ee20175cbbb43378e16f417)
      adds  134c0d2   smb.h: add one error code for no such printer job libsmbclient.c: fix problems with return codes on smbc_unlink_print_job (This used to be commit 7557f9145ccdced3fcebdd20e1eb6fc5a27abda2)
      adds  5bf5952   Implement smbc_lseekdir, but it will have to change ... because it has the wrong interface defn. (This used to be commit 317e369c3e20206c9f8b36a91dc666ebeede68ec)
      adds  2b22019   Fix the definition and implementation of smbc_lseekdir ... (This used to be commit e628d80d1e0f6ec87b61baeaf64019b43bf7dac8)
      adds  393bede   Sync up handle creation with 2.2 branch. We can now join AS/U domains and authenticate against them. Big/little endian issues fixed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0e6a34510ed598eaec7fe71a9c91fda528a4675c)
      adds  25db9b0   Fix for AS/U not liking it's own assoc_gid. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 81fe571daf62ff3f53d7137dcd30312b6874b786)
      adds  6c99c38   Fixed double fclose() call (I love insure :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0a84839dc046c17375daea4ed18ef118887ef421)
      adds  632ed01   Fixes to testsmbc to ensure it will compile on SGI ... (This used to be commit ad3a21b2810883ec38f58bf8f8996a376536c762)
      adds  e8fcbc5   More SGI type fixes ... (This used to be commit 26d7d8af2903b1f24da51c78e12f54a1d42ed798)
      adds  53a331c   Bulk add of the test suite for libsmbclient ... (This used to be commit adef47b5173b9a028224307490960ce89762709b)
      adds  0bfc100   merge of 'lanman auth' and 'min protocol' from 2.2 (This used to be commit 1d84da779a0fe3219d77686a493d2b2fa1f8072a)
      adds  00ab902   Serious (and I *mean* serious) attempt to fix little/bigendian RPC issues. We were reading the endainness in the RPC header and then never propagating it to the internal parse_structs used to parse the data. Also removed the "align" argument to prs_init as it was *always* set to 4, and if needed can be set differently on a case by case basis. Now ready for AS/U testing when Herb gets it set up :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0cd37c831d79a12a10e479bf4fa89ffe64c1292a)
      adds  2a490ed   Missed some prs_inits. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7a8a7a24d4c328d26d34c3b3ac28af39e6acd32c)
      adds  9579f92   More documentation in the header in doxygen format (This used to be commit db2e712ad3ccfceb87d36e59d5f2e18a992b3e72)
      adds  45c2ee3   to use the same macros in the client and server rename the CLISTR_ macros to STR_ (This used to be commit 95c9e4e0ba8f37f565aaf136f41eb76489441ff7)
      adds  b08b70f   started support for unicode on the wire in smbd. Using a very similar method to what was used in the client I now have session setup and tconx working.
      adds  20d3a29   converted reply_open, reply_open_and_x and reply_fclose (This used to be commit 2c8da0ae22309f153bde4e29095b60996fa8fcc5)
      adds  aa567e9   Merge .cvsignore between 2.2 and HEAD. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d386b9223feecdf801f86bbf4bc0d92b2f6ecb6a)
      adds  a9855de   Sync up Urbans changes from 2.2 into HEAD. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d0fcd9144363acb4136af9d82f25980bd837d73c)
      adds  1af77d3   Notused. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 635c4cd8e6d29a1fe5043838ae1cb3028e66d060)
      adds  da30530   Merge of new 2.2 code into HEAD (Gerald I hate you :-) :-). Allows new SAMR RPC code to merge with new passdb code. Currently rpcclient doesn't compile. I'm working on it... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0be41d5158ea4e645e93e8cd30617c038416e549)
      adds  d47ee4b   No longer used... Jeremy. (This used to be commit d23b9be1ba15bedac046319e8f15e60b481d057b)
      adds  ce069f4   Ok - everything now compiles in HEAD (at least the default stuff). We should now be ready for the trivial winbindd port..... (Tim ? :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 85021b16388e8efc15ac57bf1a7c01bba552bf41)
      adds  c4a8478   Added JF's new util. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 96bcfdcded7202a7bced58fae6534f1fcd4c4e36)
      adds  a2e5dbb   Remove "BYTE" - we already have uint8 - don't need more conflicts with system header files... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 31e0ce310ec38b3a3a05b344d6450d442c6be471)
      adds  1f467d3   Sync include files between 2.2 and HEAD except for acoount info. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 73c7ace168e4aa6a47b366cf40ed6743a21d3638)
      adds  b2bc2bf   Ensure we're checking for the "FIRST" flag in other types of PDU than "REQUEST" (ie. BIND, BINDRESP and ALTERCONTEXT) - if we don't do this then we don't set the endianness flag correctly for these PDU's. Herb - this should fix the bug you reported to me today. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dde795154cdc33cb8d6f0dfe9ae2712f7f8be3a7)
      adds  2499318   Dead code removal. Not used anywhere. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 90f334be23c20aa2a8a947e58907bd7854148574)
      adds  02fe94f   Removed JRATEST line. Jeremy. (This used to be commit be9933ce353d0ad607c55e6e02aae09627bf9dd9)
      adds  b840dce   Moved cruft out of smb.h into ntdomain.h where it belongs. dc struct now in pipe struct (where used) rather than user_struct. Secured machine account password changing in srv_netlog_nt.c - ensure that only the given machine can change its own password. May need to free this up later for NT admin tools, but this is a fail-safe secure position for now. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 46b12f2275dcd4b3114085160cd456441f9e921e)
      adds  7c99297   Looks like AS/U doesn't set the FIRST flag in a BIND packet. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a8df5e04b5bc22aa4324e3b1b5dd78bf0e1c566f)
      adds  5107a7a   Ok - we're now sending back policy handles to bigendian AS/U correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 67e09aea47b73e5a72aae638a58b56f2ef67f8af)
      adds  ea35aae   We copy the RPC header directly from the incoming client - remember to set little-endian flag on marshalling. AS/U now correctly tries to join our domain ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0185f8159dbd30820d1ec9ce2aec8eb1cddcfc0b)
      adds  d3ec093   Added ADMIN$ share as alias for IPC$ except no guest connect. AS/U wants to do RPC calls down this treeid. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 83133bab0ed59e303a183fd91812165f08e88484)
      adds  9b69062   Ensure we return the correct names/sids on query info. AS/U showed us what we should return here. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d22c6067032e167d4558f4954c58d87404de6d9d)
      adds  769659e   Ensure we never return passwords from a user query. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 37248e99e8b8d8a7e247d968b93a7d0cf5f63c8e)
      adds  23e5cf0   this patch does a number of things:
      adds  0ef2179   Fixed reading of strings from big-endian RPC clients. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e7ecb9410ff2e4fcd33bca9f82e14c060590942a)
      adds  f869164   converted findnext to unicode (This used to be commit 84fc5a7795fe6e3b993649ecc05f6685f8295c02)
      adds  93143c9   - convert chkpath - devicename in tconx is always ascii (This used to be commit 242a6a96d10beeb54e93226ae50bd361486e1c0d)
      adds  26f6388   added STR_ASCII flag to srvstr_pull() (This used to be commit e54d37903013df1c799ab3aaa10f10df24e3de61)
      adds  a7d2f5b   converted a bunch more server functions to unicode (This used to be commit a074600a09387c2034ffb6651abad69bdc14145e)
      adds  20dd1f7   converted reply_tcon() (This used to be commit 1e92d340ceb5be8e7d50cc7c889b2053ed67bad3)
      adds  381e829   move charset_initialize() up in the food chain so that lp_load_services and stuff will work.... (This used to be commit e652a14264cf6bed6c6563ad090f645f386d903f)
      adds  63107ec   We were mismarshalling a netlogon reply for bad password to W2K. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 017a6a9868eb5237a715a0d7bf4784863f40a2f4)
      adds  0f710e9   AS/U does setuserinfo2, level 0x12 when joining a domain - identical to setuserinfo level 0x12. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d4ad197f711d5c5f2f60083b396f6dd7e6eca8c0)
      adds  13a584b   rpc_parse/parse_samr.c: Removed unneeded deubg. rpc_server/srv_netlog_nt.c: Ensure we marshall a bad password return correctly to a w2k client. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 500c7bc0fed16713401643bdede67cc0c8044d52)
      adds  e532d96   Move to a handle database per pipe name, not per pipe. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a24b248a77ccac364832ff7d4df083d437caf9ed)
      adds  ff0462c   simpler and more correct srvstr_push() it now uses outbuf not inbuf for the unicode flag, which allows for some server fns to be ascii and means one less parameter in push calls (This used to be commit a6dd6662267eeddf368ff0ffba76b45761bf4eeb)
      adds  8802829   Fix from Jim McDonough of IBM for using Win9x user manager. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f1839d469e1fc6054b407bd8c4d7c505d4212b45)
      adds  18b7efe   converted a bunch more fns to unicode (This used to be commit fbb3bf12df5c79cac9445be21f1997234479b472)
      adds  be8a6ea   fixed srvstr_push() call (This used to be commit dca433d035dfb6e94ee659477c71edaa4549644d)
      adds  df03c74   converted a bunch more trans2 calls for unicode. This got quite tricky :( (This used to be commit ddee55087756db2a2ac0ee92471d9fea53f38bee)
      adds  376a44c   converted the smb messaging code to unicode (This used to be commit 54bde1b3aec829ba55b8a6c946424fdaf38803a9)
      adds  9ea70bd   simpler clistr interface which handles individual packets having unicode bit set differently to capabilities (This used to be commit 34a0821e087810381996f5ff6cf3b4d7b9bb53a0)
      adds  fbab616   don't need srvstr_push_size or srvstr_pull_size (This used to be commit d5b39a1d435f7fe79eb556f7e6b55276ac68a73d)
      adds  762c6e3   patches from Simo.  Couple of snity things (This used to be commit af3f2a30c657fc42171bbf7da2354bc4cc7b088d)
      adds  fb3d845   set of changes in the beginning of bringing rpcclient changes back to working order.  The main change is that the cli_*() RPC functions from libsmb/*.c now should accept a struct cli_state*.
      adds  bab69dc   make proto (This used to be commit 04d74c20bc689a8afd0a8af8457f18ed077aedee)
      adds  2335c1d   last make proto got messed up it seems (This used to be commit b28d51c8e8027231de843e8907f40772b4586eaa)
      adds  4ab6182   AS/U on a sparc now joins and authenticates against a Samba PDC ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 28a0bc5f5710aa732db662caa38f9da2138b5db2)
      adds  3257008   Fixed a Dr. Watson when viewing permissions - we were missing the "standalone server" case. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b318a754e7d8504072e8d968ee5fe581d105392f)
      adds  79dc437   more updates.  several spoolss commands added as placeholders to be filled in one at a time. (This used to be commit 6aaac3766324302b995b5a55876bf2ab74af1ff8)
      adds  4eecea3   make proto (This used to be commit 161842a3e0a25e8cf9805dee3b60d127740816c8)
      adds  41cb452   Return correct error message if we can't get the SID secret. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c202ebe3b6aa413fa7b00ec6d1b3f123f1e1a55b)
      adds  f4b702c   Last attempt at fix... Jeremy. (This used to be commit f2680842d755aa77bc70e1c4329fd513c00fece6)
      adds  eb9e288   Final ! Fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 58dd295882a944934014a31c61eed35bf04fc2bd)
      adds  ae728ea   Last tweak (I promise :-). Fallback to returning our SID if we're a domain member but can't get the domain sid. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 45e96777d0eeafbbf40759f02cd3f5e15b12c288)
      adds  a8d396f   Tidyup return of zero-permissions (map to ACE_DENIED, GENERIC_ALL, Everyone). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0d6c7dedd261c15697a7781678fe6bed877b61f6)
      adds  a9dda48   renamed one of the enumprinterdrivers parsing functions for consistency sake. (This used to be commit cbce0c935099231af51a34460c6b331822fde213)
      adds  f4ae39d   added getdriver and enumdrivers commands.  Also fixed enumprinters so that it works as well.  Couple of other misc fixes while we're working on rpcclient. (This used to be commit 83d6bc4454f0cda581d26de32a4fcaad42431b34)
      adds  f758474   make proto (This used to be commit 7a84bc93eda0946521c0f5274d0b739295a49305)
      adds  729b7cf   added getdriverdir and cleaned up the PRINTER_DRIVER_CTR struct (This used to be commit 5d321673850e1e28e1bee4093705d7e319421687)
      adds  a23909d   make proto (This used to be commit 86c56a69211f7bad92d9d9bfbd47875c3beec0e8)
      adds  207e715   addprinter and adddriver are working now :-) (This used to be commit 0cb7639cef4a1ba0d56d7e58bd7e03343cbf229d)
      adds  095cb80   make proto (This used to be commit 8b2e21c33391ec3c7de72be881c545aff386f591)
      adds  c09fe5e   whoops...forgot one (This used to be commit f37ba49c28b617c5750344eff0b221512445908e)
      adds  cd3c059   Added files for CUP printing patch split. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9822f13ae23e244e5e9a4cf3355bea2eead8cf66)
      adds  c9b8da4   enable unicode on the wire by default in smbd
      adds  871a429   added STR_ASCII support to clistr_pull() (This used to be commit 797293811ef0a79eecc460c471135c89090f8c06)
      adds  7906e81   converted reply_search (This used to be commit 0331f93a8117d4c295cda327c3a290296ff621d0)
      adds  f572cd9   converted reply_printqueue (This used to be commit 70d6b09ac9fbd612960fa02fad5adbf6d87c24ce)
      adds  4ea1740   converted the nttrans code to unicode on the wire (This used to be commit ecc2c35ca011a635729063cbc58e7fe687cf148a)
      adds  977e0be   finished the conversion to unicode of the last of the trans2 fns (This used to be commit 1d145a37860f7256a081c893e3640f5e18943518)
      adds  65d3574   Added Michael Sweet's CUPS patch to call directly into the CUPS backend. Parameterises the printing functions so other backends can be plugged directly in (this is a good thing :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit c0345bbaed5d1aac777f1a33ff84ad1899f2ed6d)
      adds  853b5c8   fixed volume_name(). It used dos_to_unix() which uses a static buffer, and that buffer got clobbered in the trans2 QFS_VOLUME_INFO call, so the volume label always showed as "." from NT clients. (This used to be commit 2131d8bf76733d7cf046aa651d11bf3dade0913d)
      adds  096550d   don't need to force unicode strings in flg2 anymore (This used to be commit 899ca6e832c72ea68b0ac76205d18a80c87b34d9)
      adds  dfcfdf7   Updated defaults for CUPS printing from Michael Sweet. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2e3ec2b4fc02f3acb47a67ebd000b99a918a9967)
      adds  5b45f4a   Updates for CUPS 1.1 from Michael Sweet. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4e76f338698aaacdfa750205a1de7296b78cdd87)
      adds  70c812e   I'm happy with the mapping for NT getACL, now for NT setACL. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7b97ac289ed472e03b2a6e9c51a568478a93562d)
      adds  0dfc30c   lib/system.c (Finally) fixed all insure errors in password caching code. We can't stop libc routines from calling getpwXXX functions, so caching a pointer to them is impossible. This new code now makes two copies of the returned struct passwd struct - one used as a cache, one returned to allow the caller to modify. When doing a lookup we compare against the cached copy. Code is now easier to understand also. smbd/posix_acls.c: If we move the head of the linked list,  [...]
      adds  71470bb   removed useless debug msg (This used to be commit 348ebe30d047d69968df0f33b227e52b5bbabafe)
      adds  1656c5d   ADMIN$ is an IPC share, not a disk share (This used to be commit 0ea62800edd618091fde81e8de4347f612f98a18)
      adds  abb1833   fix this in rpc calls as well
      adds  9c4927d   much better readline support from Simo Sorce, with some mods from me to make it a bit simpler (This used to be commit e1487eb2c4626dbe0cc3b17606eda702cedef28b)
      adds  cf313f6   fixed some compilation errors with IRIX cc (This used to be commit e430ded56e9c15a462a171e6350f1eddefa8dd11)
      adds  bc25293   much simpler readline code should work with readline 2.x (This used to be commit 7940b6b0cf614ac72266d9e600220c9a9dbd2a43)
      adds  4c9f7ab   fixed unused variable (This used to be commit af62692e623429ca861905a0ac050b00a3bffdb0)
      adds  e17e7b6   added basic command completion support (This used to be commit 386fdff2dfeaeef60b210ebc0b4d33a6c7b5d5ec)
      adds  62711a9   fixed rpcclient readline code (This used to be commit 4ec971e905cefada5f3980a25781730acdbf4469)
      adds  c7a953a   Added sys_dlopen/sys_dlsym/sys_dlclose. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 49f0e7e7143f82bce9dfd8b06e9e515bc0869ab7)
      adds  6e64ea1   merge from 2.2 (reorder commands in array) (This used to be commit 1d14d812ea44d96d0fd170091b489b0580226da6)
      adds  344fb49   reverted the rename of new_spoolss_io_r_enumprinterdrivers() (This used to be commit fd6bfe03f4454272bdce59c78ae7148a72caaf18)
      adds  beec1ea   Fix for crash when doing name lookup with a quoted string. Part of lookup_name was expecting to be able to write to the string. Changed lookup_name to use const. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 80c18d88491f1148ade623e81c33f84ba4f952f3)
      adds  8aa5177   When calling DLIST_REMOVE(x,x) (from lib/interface.c) ensure that the pointer is still valid before setting prev and next to null. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0d2e9e4d32b038c1a71e3a625db46876294e3abf)
      adds  0f2b157   added option "enhanced browsing"
      adds  de2fdda   added "enhanced browsing" option docs (This used to be commit 20c03f12f788567f5949bb42c722965527f291f9)
      adds  85a18b2   latest attempt at lanman1 wildcard matching (This used to be commit 32361fc53e11a71f133a1727c6234a2bf01a5ccf)
      adds  90890ef   added -E option (for exit on errors) forced exclusion of filenames containing only '.' as NT rejects those (This used to be commit a83ff172f271aa74148016f0e2ac62c868c140fb)
      adds  b8feb83   Fix memory leak when doing DLIST_REMOVE(head,head). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4fd8afaf573054eaa838398f62918757659c2c21)
      adds  8adfb47   New POSIX ACL mapping code. Works with UNIX permissions, now for testing with real ACLs... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 852b9e15ac245a593460cfff3f629d0333372e41)
      adds  97bbbd4   Updated broken links. (This used to be commit c9111dc1847968dbcb2d46ff62af53a61bc75e21)
      adds  0053bd8   first pass of the new group mapping code
      adds  81afba2   Sync up with 2.2 ACL code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5b9a88c2d0da3479f91131f66ff741e88f9760ee)
      adds  810ea03   can delete mapping from command line now.
      adds  da8805b   groupdb/mapping.c: include/proto.h: Fix missing (void) in proto. rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c: Fix user private group problem by filtering out groups that 							clash with users. smbd/posix_acls.c: Ensure default ACE's are sensible. utils/pdbedit.c: Fix from Simo Sorce. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 29414fe0d6665642d9b5f88a35e712426376c47f)
      adds  a447217   Two OS/2 printer fixes from Jim McDonough @ IBM. First one adds a new info level into the lanman printing and an ioctl to the trans2 code.     Andrew - this uses ASCII only. It looks ok to me but please check ! Second one adds a parameter "os2 driver map" that allows OS/2 driver names to be mapped. Jeremy. (This used to be commit da79b519e0b6b4317d7fb5260d74e0e74a7e0b46)
      adds  19faeac   Made the fixes Andrew suggested to asci string code to use srvstr_push. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1391aa6a6fbe8391a4421f5770da40556f011bb8)
      adds  3706643   Fix insure-found parameter size missmatch. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2f658691e47406f38bec2fc20951f82043fbf894)
      adds  cd4fea0   More unused variables. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 38b19fad2851a65268b31c7e0240ed36a8407be4)
      adds  038d397   a much simpler talloc() implementation. This version has the following advantages:
      adds  194a87b   Added Gerald's fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit be825b07464f54d717333318a08154cff632f706)
      adds  9305a8f   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit b6227751f117ad507838db0cf0032093f6251646)
      adds  1622182   smbd/posix_acls.c: Sync up with 2.2 changes - don't return deny ACE's. smbd/vfs.c: Don't call [f]chmod_acl if no acl support. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 83f52394e688b4be3ac4cef67d8980a5b8ed3192)
      adds  c4cfc36   Ensure get/set NT ACL code is redirected through vfs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d43d907c38008bb02042cb4bc2d899f62bdc115b)
      adds  e670b35   smbd/posix_acls.c: Saving and restoring errno here is the wrong place. Moved it to the places where [f]chmod_acl is called instead. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 641ada44ae6429761c1fd0dbcafabc69f897fac7)
      adds  8600979   Patch to make automount lookup fallback to get home directory from getpwnam. From Robert Montjoy <Rob_Montjoy at ECECS.UC.EDU>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1fe60064bddf29fd778918d3f1a7026002029bd7)
      adds  071a770   Fix from Dave Collier Brown to log a debug at level zero on common misconfigure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4a3d2a13d3b0acab69c27b5b6522575b949eb5e6)
      adds  fab898f   Patch from Sean.Batt at anu.edu.au to ensure error reporting is done before any code that could modify errno is called. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 109a174de9e23ccc89ae17d6b5b425b5947c8565)
      adds  7adb113   Missed a cli_set_port on message code connect. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 799e043ae3a4478b9e42604a3d1c88abbb74f047)
      adds  4e35283   Fix for smbtar race condition from Glenn Burkhardt <glenn at aoi.ultranet.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0c9a92a0557b2595e520cbaf2feaa587f9e7502d)
      adds  1452c2d   Fix from Ryo Kawahara <rkawa at lbe.co.jp> to make SWAT correctly write and smb.conf file in utf8. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 42052d6079479452aa43eb37ad3d679d28337779)
      adds  7bdf197   Patch from Massimo Sivilotti <mass at tanner.com> to log remote machine/ip on connection fail. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 07cee46d1de1caaf6f9f1b6139dd21bcc5d67e8e)
      adds  85cab65   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit 3a03065b43d073205e421434bc32082c0f9f64da)
      adds  bcdb949   Bail out early if null passwords and lp_null_passwords not set. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7c718fc85e3dbfaf0195e352d06a8c682a6036fc)
      adds  de368e0   Fix for ENOSPC from DCB. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 55fcd71eecf4477c56fc4a01bda6d452d3b0caa4)
      adds  e53d7eb   Patch from David Gibson <dgibson at linuxcare.com> to reduce "silent abort" problems with smbd failing to create a log file. If we can't create a log file keep using the old file. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c4e6aa1322fa7bc59708163c42eef6ccbd6c2305)
      adds  fcd0808   standards.h only exists on IRIX 6.x and above (Herb please check !). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 80ce12d95396bac53b2303955e5081d9632cbf55)
      adds  303c152   Added NFS quota support for Solaris 5.x from Alan Romeril <a.romeril at ic.ac.uk>. sun1.samba.org is down at the moment so I can't test the compile on this. I'm sure Solaris people using quotas will scream if I've meesed anything up :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3d2c59bfe0bc30d8cecf0af81b74d4232b09bdb2)
      adds  5246195   Patch from itegem <J.P.M.v.Itegem at ele.tue.nl> to handle LPRng v3.16 and above. Jeremy (This used to be commit 40bccf26dbdb88c639d272d511bfce510a43de2a)
      adds  c3eb491   Removed NFS quotas code for Solaris as Alan wants to re-write it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 13c9823eb19baa4b1262ad0fd416d9ecbc92b160)
      adds  5e07344   One small Insure fix for a memory leak. More fixes to come perhaps ...
      adds  25d975e   merge from 2.2. (This used to be commit 817258f1174d27d74e8b21ffb5f1384db2238007)
      adds  5909b89   make proto (This used to be commit 0799b272a07cc288be29e0f606b80219e3a029a3)
      adds  a6d3508   Fixed the problem Gerald reported. Unfortunately we need to go back to reporting imaginary "default" inheritable ACLs on directories, otherwise, when you add an entry and click on apply without noticing there's no default entry associated with it, it applies a null acl on the files within the directory (hey, that's what you told NT you wanted, right ! :-). Also ensure that minimum permissions for a directory are r-x for owner, not just r--. Jeremy. (This used to be c [...]
      adds  7a1f5c5   Changed usage message for query_groupmem and query_usergroups as they don't convert names to rids yet. (This used to be commit cea13dff759dfb7efb5d2a248dd77905e16b1605)
      adds  87f8d78   More memory leaks fixed courtesy of Insure ... (This used to be commit 4fc385ca6830cb2ac6198501966088fbed27330e)
      adds  738a83a   rename of 16 new_smb_io functions to smb_io_* for consistency sake (merge from 2.2) (This used to be commit ea963a648b889da9e47661c61c7fafe13b277e75)
      adds  b7cd417   Fixed typo bug spotted by Jim Vopni jimv at metrics.com. Caused no status to be returned. Jeremy. CVS ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (This used to be commit 5b7f4cf271ad449277c0ea7a825ed4d50205d729)
      adds  559c169   Insure fix. Don't read 4 bytes from data area unless there are 4 bytes to read. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3f9cf2e07bb6d429858e47ab6989ea8cf30d0217)
      adds  1b95784   Added cli_nt_create_full() as a way to get at all the ntcreate parameters. Used in smbtorture mods. Re-cast cli_nt_create() as a call to cli_nt_create_full(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit f602fa1205e99541e825ccae8502c35cd0e7ccfc)
      adds  3450805   Added cli_nt_delete_on_close() call to allow flag to be set for torture tests. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6f7d9e29e4d3a17254ff0ae20c0da63eacded7fe)
      adds  74c81cd   Added delete on close test that has allowed me to determine how w2k behaves in this situation. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b0266fe0a8c707cb7e818269dc7fe52da709fdab)
      adds  e51ffc8   Changed to using GENERIC_XX constants instead of hex values to make delete test explicit. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cb5963af0ecabab928aafacd27714e337b9bb37e)
      adds  0be5f29   Expanded delete on close test to 6 cases. I now understand the semantics of this and the FILE_SHARE_DELETE flag exactly. The bad news is it means our share mode handling is broken (again :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit a55ed1a91d91beafb2f199d1da530169715dbe0e)
      adds  9874ebc   Added one more test - just to make sure flag can be unset. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 54960b9c8d6be6646a0c0e8ef9ee6c61a4b69cf8)
      adds  6e7f03f   This is a big, rather ugly patch. Whilst investigating the files not truncated when copying to a full disk problem, I discovered that we were not allowing the delete on close flag to be set properly, this led to other things, and after investigation of the proper delete on close semantics and their relationship to the file_share_delete flag I discovered there were some cases where we weren't doing the deny modes properly. And this after only 5 years working on them.. [...]
      adds  94f0c65   Fixed extern ref typo for file generic perms. 2am coding strikes again :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit fe38692643ad7c163c30d9c031a8bd3dec81ffee)
      adds  fd6e9d6   utils/torture.c: Added one more delete on close test. smbd/notify_kernel.c: This code was wrong I believe. It was structured to only return a changenotify event on being called from timeout processing (t != 0). The kernel changenotify events should fire on *asynchronous* processing (EINTR return from select caused by the realtime signal delivery) with t == 0. Reported by Juergen Hasch (Hasch at t-online.de). ANDREW PLEASE CHECK THIS ! Currently the hash style changenoti [...]
      adds  578a9fa   started converting some of the only-ascii code to use srvstr_*
      adds  9236883   configure configure.in include/config.h.in lib/replace.c: Added test and replacement for setlinebuf which apparantly doesn't exist on HPUX 11. include/byteorder.h: rpc_parse/parse_prs.c: Ding Dong the witch is dead ! :-). Ok, I'm happy 'cos I've finally deleted all the *HORRIBLE* DBG_RW_XXX and RW_XXX macros from include/byteorder.h. They were macros that included macros that had conditional macros included. No one understood them (they were the cause of most of the  [...]
      adds  f439f72   Integrated solaris nfs quota code from Alan Romeril <a.romeril at ic.ac.uk> Jeremy (This used to be commit 181d41572ceb17dc765d3c0f1a05934e35f56a61)
      adds  9f79394   include/ntdomain.h: rpc_server/srv_lsa_hnd.c: Remove back pointer from policy handle list as the pipe 						that opened the handle may have been closed. We were dereferencing 						into something that had been closed. rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c: Sync up with Gerald's changes in 2.2. lib/replace.c: Don't do proto on setlinebuf as it differs between systems. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 887ef3e12dc56b89b2284d42b16a81f03e15110b)
      adds  6c0c14a   IRIX ACLs from Herb. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2f2365e93833e5f08dc14ab0022dd9f6f0d028ad)
      adds  a6d201a   Added XFS ACLs on Linux. Code from John Trostel <jtrostel at connex.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0865366f6b1070a8db3d8421c37c8072b36b96e3)
      adds  da8731e   Sync up with new NT forms code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 63ce316d870be0cf61ae669c955479ec175fdaef)
      adds  24a4483   test commit for jeremy (This used to be commit d747ab8ab37ca20635f99a9dff64a635461852a6)
      adds  5948fa9   Missed forms update - my CVS mistake. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 06dee898607ff2bf194d53fb55ad6d82e8f305e8)
      adds  dcc01ec   Fix for broken RelientUNIX. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6808ec0d471d8b436506bbd7b9db67c28832be76)
      adds  852242a   I know we're supposed to be feature frozen, but I couldn't resist this... :-). I worked out and added the per-share get/set RPCs for security descriptors. Currently this code returns Everyone, full access on get and permission denied on set, but backending this with a tdb and checking it on tconX (to give full NT semantics for security on shares) is now an excersise for the reader... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3bfd155ba78798c50588904d4ea3389f50f8abb6)
      adds  730791a   Tidy up tmp file handling. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1751a6316af91d5d2e31c3a7e8de2841aae033c7)
      adds  5d60916   Fix from  "Romeril, Alan" <a.romeril at ic.ac.uk> to get his NFS quota code to work on Solaris 2.6. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bd2fe239db24b8b3fa6a906542af2e238f435331)
      adds  45646e8   Fix from Michael Davidson <md at sco.COM> to merge Solaris and UnixWare ACLs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ffa800e980bfed3d82ec7b0a037085c4558f8f0f)
      adds  72aa0d8   Setup syslog correctly in swat. Patch from Andrew Bartlett. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ffd9bf192273370c1ebf6f1a2d5ebe8d8c434133)
      adds  529f7c0   We can now use server manager to look at Samba shares. NT still expects a ":" in the path though.... I'm looking into it. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a152c2c59a9a8972a3c73287e26e4de2f49c2d65)
      adds  68c8638   NT sucks ! :-). We have to prefix the UNIX path with a C: in order to pass the server manager tests :-). Ensure we don't set a return level on set as server manager barfs.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit cb66e78c181878809e367f4f03f3b4c31cb4b8e1)
      adds  fd4c525   If we can't open the username map file, at least print the strerror. Jeremy. (This used to be commit abf436153a476b7c5a7bff31f1e657b8f53b9dee)
      adds  3874261   Added stub function for NET_SHARE_ADD. Once this is implemented to call a hook function (same for NET_SHARE_DELETE and NET_SHARE_SET) we will be able to manage the shares section in smb.conf via NT server manager........ This should enhance the friendliness of Samba in NT-only shops by an order of magnitude. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a2cd5f2ba11164a17622b96374ab43070f9ed691)
      adds  97cf9d3   Implemented stub function for NET_SHARE_DELETE. Now to implement the real internals to support server manager. Jeremy (This used to be commit 3512ba1f655d5588db87f1afa1d12f599ad7b74a)
      adds  a01d164   keep cflags from being duplicated if defined in environment (This used to be commit 2097298565b367157a3bc0c1178f17b1a6bbdd86)
      adds  d4e8c87   Fix from Ed Boraas for not core dumping when out of connection structs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f50ea32dd0deb07c626c211caedd86dc1ccd5427)
      adds  950f1d9   Added 3 params to manipulate shares. "add share command/change share command/ delete share command". Implemented "delete" - more work to come on add and change. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2e6b1759e14456421066ee131af70a495f862f2b)
      adds  8e9d11f   Fixed up the "add" command - although not SD's yet. Now for the SD db and the "change" command. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bdec63bedbeabb9d74d68a7f03254acc291df76b)
      adds  607d5d5   Added per-share security tdb. Tidied up many slprintfs (need -1 on length). Jeremy. (This used to be commit d786191bc116c17a3f53a1c272d969942b7e5d25)
      adds  f9a15ce   Got "medieval on our ass" about adding the -1 to slprintf. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 94747b4639ed9b19f7d0fb896e43aa392a84989a)
      adds  98560fa   HEAD specific slprintf paranoia fixes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 61723c18f96a7b38cab0fcf545da7fb3640c5f7b)
      adds  9d6dd97   Added set/get SD's on shares. Check before tcon. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 036b1a8b09fe6a7cca83d631624145574acad7f2)
      adds  33706e4   Ensure Everyone/All access is mapped correctly to file generic perms to allow anonymous IPC access. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2f34e144c53d6be911de96298c55c34d08c4733f)
      adds  2b9e238   Set SD's for share. Added level 1501. Map GENERIC file bits to specific bits. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 04976c32f319531e16d890797b45a76dab64f370)
      adds  7fba7a0   Get/Set of SD's on shares now works. Correctly ensure scripts exist before calling. Jeremy. (This used to be commit aae44ee41f2f133524e37f72b46b63ce6ddb192b)
      adds  7130bb0   Tidy up return codes for server manager. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b4cbdcb644066e132d5c806ae4f45d6a05276beb)
      adds  e796a35   Removed "read only" arg as it isn't useful. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6b75d79c4bcfb8333aaf1ed61cf8bd022e498f75)
      adds  faf49bb   Fixup warnings about extra ';' from SGI compiler. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7ee448d83263714676bd250ecc3805b08198e916)
      adds  f8c12f4   looking towards abstracting the passdb and uidmapping interfaces. This is more of a note to myself.  In not used anywhere yet. (This used to be commit 442605c6bc81dd115f4df5cc20df3f61601c6013)
      adds  a9f6e20   Use message system to notify when smb.conf is updated. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ae9eda5c3c3bbfc8ec795b43ab18dc492e5fdcf6)
      adds  ef1a731   Added JohnT and Andrew Bartlett's PAM changes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ecd00e258c6fe4e8d90f48da74874e090dce4a40)
      adds  6d96224   passdb/pass_check.c: Ensure second check is done only if given username is all in caps. rpc_server/srv_srvsvc_nt.c: Added "CONFIGFILE" arg to scripts so path to smb.conf is given. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3c4c649951464be51541d5890afb997e3ecfcd23)
      adds  9c9ce2f   Added HAVE_STDARG_H to tdbutil.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit e404e001990409eacf2e620d2269c2b162fa938b)
      adds  3bfbc4a   Fixed --with-automount compile error. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ab916199f542528293b3f63fe6f24eecd83eccb4)
      adds  55d60fc   Fixed missing HAVE_STDARG_H. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7cdd87954634cadda042df06c2f56aac40a7d743)
      adds  a591def   Merged in missing break fix from Shirish. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8ecf6c33673693ca64f99bd7fb26d3383658d86b)
      adds  9e73a36   Restrict dfs add and dfs remote to root at Shirish's advice. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9dd77c4fb1282d23cfbfd9d0ed790be62534e201)
      adds  abd96b8   Updating pampass from Samba-2.2 code tree. ===> JHT (This used to be commit 88b6043b4e26c2771e0c444376b7017f5048baf8)
      adds  3a38f12   Added SMB_ prefix to enums that clash with Solaris ACL definitions. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 493d2c316a9e80de0239ef3a6f0b3f4ec9ac6e13)
      adds  b541683   Fixed some compiler warnings. (This used to be commit cda0f211b0dd41ae72ef3d65b9476c11c6f72de3)
      adds  91e97f9   Changed the order of -kPIC and -kpic. Added patch from Michael Davidson <md at sco.COM> for Solaris/Unixware ACLS. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 144a2906810e8d4414d627835eb80f60bd1d88a4)
      adds  362e4bb   Adding Solaris packaging files to HEAD. (This used to be commit 3ac5f6b59ee30d12bfec0cc36cf00b9e9798a453)
      adds  0ca9f5c   Fix for core dump in security = share code with new share security db. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 20b13bafdff2fd7be9219ed164e7fe91b597298d)
      adds  6578fd8   To stop people complaining about the mktemp call, move it into lib/util.c. Thanks to Andrew for all this code. Fixed extra line in lib/sysacls.c that broke XFS ACL code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9b32b8a8cfc8ddb93c14d5581f433d2e93f89ed2)
      adds  71ef4e0   fix broken links in SWAT due to upper case anchors in the generated HTML man pages.  Spotted by Herb. (This used to be commit be45c82c3ab3b626cd761f2cec3b160df2b7fcac)
      adds  e5691d4   Merged John's changes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit add847778bf458238bf2a1b14ab71b8cdfd7aec0)
      adds  3e24c65   Added a caching system to smbsh.  Previously access to workgroup or server directories under /smb generated net share enum or net server enum calls. For large networks this could result in bad performance.  We now cache these results and only call net * enums after the cache timeout has exceeded. (This used to be commit 1e38eef54d729aeb7fe905b344cf1480c686a348)
      adds  09a5daf   Changed lp_add/delete/enum scripts to use lockdir if spool dir doesn't exist for printer. Rather than using pid for suffix, use a 16 byte random string. Created generate_random_str() function in genrand.c. Still needs more testing but this is the way to go. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 71a330987f990007beb16f00fc468107361b5e9d)
      adds  8743566   Can't use space in random string used for exec. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8ab1d5663e6b25bc101cd388ef6c312ddb88b988)
      adds  c032fb5   still working on it (This used to be commit ff7c5be88a05c0f1858fedb966ccfc038299bbc9)
      adds  d85924a   forgot one thing (This used to be commit a17f2471571596e97b212ff9de1c8b45dac12eb6)
      adds  50e78a9   As Andrew suggested, make smbrun return a fd for a deleted file which can then be read. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e7d59d6de89a5fdd201e4b5c6072dab08b1519db)
      adds  90adf62   Updated Major/Minor version to 4.50 - see notes. (This used to be commit bdb68cf37e9b512e9f72f1cf20b7ca265888319e)
      adds  abd4296   Updated with Andrew Bartlett patch. (This used to be commit 02e84267f74b26bdf7f76c0fc9dbaecbc8574d58)
      adds  14748b0   Adding the "Using Samba" book to the packaging in HEAD. (This used to be commit 4f06373bc450b27692619ae877d29767ad160297)
      adds  2ef68c7   Merge of Andrew's changes in 2.2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fc76681812b1469208ad6c8847afdfc68bc6db49)
      adds  3c2c047   Added fix from "Eric Boehm" <boehm at nortelnetworks.com> to try and set hard limit before setting soft limit. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a1eb2752a8bee9cc7d92c664c3de84e02620933d)
      adds  819482c   Fixed potential file descriptor leak with MS-Access fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 192887fe72157a141b8df1977085f479e5204782)
      adds  9444e9d   Michael Davidson <md at sco.COM> pointed out that acl_get_qualifier can potentially return a malloced area so added sys_acl_free_qualifier() calls to all supported ACL interfaces to code with this (only Linux needs actual free call). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5870e6019b82d2088b99acdc0f84e9e4847a1fa5)
      adds  53850c5   configure: configure.in: include/config.h.in: include/profile.h: smbd/vfs-wrap.c: smbd/vfs.c: Added fchmod and fchown to VFS (sorry Gerald - but we needed them anyway). smbd/dosmode.c: smbd/files.c: printing/printfsp.c: smbd/close.c: smbd/open.c: Fixed "dos filemode" correctly so there are no race conditions. Forces test of open of file O_WRONLY before allowing fchmod as root. Afterwards, calls standard close function that preserves POSIX locks due to POSIX-me-harder [...]
      adds  a8410f2   Fix for True64 treating readonly as a reserved word ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit d6889b1954bd863fd04cf43fb25f178b1d1ab67f)
      adds  548ca26   Patch from Mandrakesoft to ensure we close all files. (This used to be commit 8051406588987005f621cb095067d3628638d250)
      adds  ed449b8   Added POSIX_ACL support for *BSD. Patch from jedgar at fxp.org. Changed a bit to use AC_TRY_LINK to ensure functions are available for link instead of AC_TRY_COMPILE. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c23628746342b6afa28cb34b0b4eaa61189ad390)
      adds  2df3939   This little piece of insanity is inspired by the fact that an NT client can open a file for O_RDONLY, but set the create disposition to FILE_EXISTS_TRUNCATE. If the client *can* write to the file, then it expects to truncate the file, even though it is opening for readonly. Quicken uses this stupid trick in backup file creation... Thanks *greatly* to "David W. Chapman Jr." <dwcjr at inethouston.net> for helping track this one down. It didn't bite us in 2.0.x as we alway [...]
      adds  e7a6cb2   Removed one samba-bugs ref. from source. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d40ee1707d1d3cf04358bca7fad16ebc15bd4845)
      adds  c9f2c1f   Fix from Tony Butt - shouldn't set got_pass for -c option. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 83aa76205858a0d0a0fa2a22648e727b796908f2)
      adds  452f60e   Fix from "Darrin B. Jewell" <jewell at bdi.com> to allow anything other than nmbd to talk to nmbd if it's a WINS server. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0e8147aecaf6941c77fd05b4b705ca31c1ec5760)
      adds  78ac23f   Added Darwin guess. lib/util_str.c: Excellent patch from  Kenichi Okuyama <okuyamak at dd.iij4u.or.jp> to speed up trim_string handling ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4bb63ba615c735a298a6cbda2c87242695104978)
      adds  06a50f5   Patch from "Christoph Zwerschke" <zwerschke at zuv.uni-heidelberg.de> to map usernames before calling password change. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ce2a236dc61d819e083b32556a2d9f827944b91c)
      adds  18f3f5f   Fixed potential bug in "become_guest" pointed out by elrond. Get_Pwnam() returns a pointer to changable storage so ensure we save the details and don't use the pointer directly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d9fdaae54ee3a267aebd02ff6058a98aefc084c2)
      adds  d5b74f7   Correct fix for open readonly with truncate. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6706e258e17c3d69d617b95feb3407124f50852d)
      adds  71ae6a0   Finally got the semantics right (hurrah!). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 362574c5a32005d4247c7ac75a5aa9e35e894db0)
      adds  af08cd2   Getting medieval with compiler warnings as Jeremy puts it. (This used to be commit d05c3cf0f47a3c863adbed7ad4ab8f3248cd072d)
      adds  bda419b   Grr - fixed compile error in smbwrapper stuff. (This used to be commit 11a7c5e3d61348dc8c5dfdc782a95974a1547e4d)
      adds  8c0a1c6   Added --with-codepagedir as RedHat 6.2 and 7.x place them differently. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1cfc542685f3ad6c16e922ca35043a1a9ce57f8e)
      adds  4355098   hide unreadable patch from idra (This used to be commit 7b6cfe243002a92f5dfb52413e9b3550c61cecfb)
      adds  8a1c2e0   AIX ACLs donated by IBM. Merge Andrew's fnmatch fix for WfW. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1d4438f07745df3d02ed8ab3ef048e20016816b6)
      adds  82afede   Merged Andrew's wfw fix (2). Jeremy. (This used to be commit a4fb755a48d27f21bd0a5d9e9d1227a08c13bdff)
      adds  a5bd9ef   Rememver to use VFS at all times... even in new user_can_read_file code :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0d10113d01d6d15f470359259a76e4f107a06c73)
      adds  0766f84   Merge of changes from 2.2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit df912162bbe93611c80defe830641f580687edbb)
      adds  a40fe7b   patch from Steve Langasek <vorlon at netexpress.net> to make sure we don't use pam_setcred() if we haven't called pam_authenticate() Merge from 2.2 Jeremy. (This used to be commit 89589895e3adce75ecd6205547392326cf291543)
      adds  6f78636   Removed mktemp from HEAD - same as done in 2.2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 121b59669fbcd1aaedb08011ff36169fc6561c55)
      adds  9ce5a03   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit f52a5014ee325f9d91f266f88eac51b6136a75b9)
      adds  3b4d708   new files for head (This used to be commit c0d4a1f5dd34e49843c879dd88fc78c7dffd9269)
      adds  6e4b008   a missing string conversion.
      adds  410ad56   merge from 2_2 (This used to be commit 5e9a2084bfa555295f60485fc83f9bb9245f3fd4)
      adds  344787a   don't make extra copy of README file (This used to be commit fbd05be7238cd5055fef0d63491f5891f0fc6b30)
      adds  3cfd1cb   beginning of big merge of docs from 2.2 (This used to be commit 30e385a737e386015d4256f8b3e11b35a35b2268)
      adds  e3fc10e   syncing up with 2.2 (This used to be commit dd83f412e9c60c02bf1d5e11a13a6122c71375ca)
      adds  f95fb5f   large sync up with 2.2 (This used to be commit 96523293da19df201703fed6130f1ff9ba25324b)
      adds  2cf8eff   another merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit f8e4876a04add168a17652431e85a9c2b5b6c619)
      adds  8939efc   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit 6270765ed5d4e94d34af6d512f17f403b9624699)
      adds  db04d7a   merge (This used to be commit 6b38c1cb253c2918f2d57b8540c32d9e5bf9bb02)
      adds  96594ad   meger from 2.2 (This used to be commit 6322dd0c9e54ef69924686fee7d6b9a8ff7c64a5)
      adds  46c21a9   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit aec000bf50289ce4118f27c419460343556d4afe)
      adds  fac561c   bad link (This used to be commit 19dba7fa1133120d54dbd3750b6dc82d067c50ba)
      adds  0fc676c   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit 79f4c4ad74149f4b1a8a5a82d8ca8d2474a23ab3)
      adds  8018736   Added error reporting to pam_session code. (This used to be commit 72812e4cf199d804418dc52cc0b0ba683b8a2e5c)
      adds  790588e   Oops. Typos. (This used to be commit 44f96771c384b319290ab5e14cad6ba8f3fb5383)
      adds  911975c   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit f87f3707f3d5f205d0287381d71380264a711666)
      adds  e129db4   Fixed compile bug when using --with-pam but not --with-utmp. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1e098744677e022547707ebff500fb4515402871)
      adds  9319a94   Fix proto's in old code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 86c7c654effcfb86c99daac63e68844e1a4aaf56)
      adds  a626bb3   JF pointed out we were returning the wrong info for Domain member with info levels 3 and 5. I *hate* LSAQueryInfoPolicy() :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 37581bdf1e1f24dabe67befdc27f54f516d3f08e)
      adds  ac9e221   merging from 2.2 to head (This used to be commit bfcc6f88271025760732271f03933839b1cbe0de)
      adds  d3e438d   a couple of minor merges from 2_2 (This used to be commit 67aa587eb2ee9044574ee212dfd7d52895f868c0)
      adds  130f31f   Finally got name & SID returns correct. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2a5b513c4459782fa95756f1483235c186ba4a08)
      adds  e277c08   Commit of a modified version of Andrew Bartlett's patch that removes the horrid utmp hostname parameter - now uses the client name instead. Also tidies up some of the unencrypted password checking when PAM is compiled in. FIXME ! An pam_accountcheck() is being called even when smb encrypted passwords are negotiated. Is this the correct thing to do when winbindd is running ! This needs *SEVERE* testing.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 071c799f479dd25efdb9c41745fc8f [...]
      adds  ae8418d   Added smb_ prefix to all Samba wrapper pam functions. Fixed off by one bug using StrnCpy instead of strdup(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit d4b1c0be2e700c86a4338bb497777f97e3c960a7)
      adds  d6a5dec   Fix for bug in code for pam_session failure - pam_end called twice. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c4048fcdb6ff3a890b69be8ef4832e9bd958cfec)
      adds  e004511   Fix more free twice bugs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4db22afeed659a871a4a1f719d5fa1f2df07e24d)
      adds  70b55a9   Added "obey pam restrictions" parameter - default to "off". Only set this to "on" if you know you have your PAM set up correctly..... NB. Doesn't apply to plaintext password authentication, which must use pam when compiled in. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 59aa99f3901d098b7afbe675021bda53b62ee496)
      adds  30daf2e   Fixed memory leak in new session code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 43b69e5d6e78a30563d7c1d03c7e920d529487b5)
      adds  3e4c6d1   Fix "proc num out of range" error. Missing rpc call. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6248fb22926d72fddaecad5af117af1bdd08fda3)
      adds  95004fc   row of asteriks that indicates new entry must start at beginning of line. (This used to be commit df4a31580c537b2008db76a2009d21f7f9ac7285)
      adds  25ea54e   added Mandrake support from 2.2 (This used to be commit 9f8cb4906f98403d4a8f2577197720d72bdf6b4f)
      adds  4c94cfa   updating changes with 2.2 (comment lines in ./configure --help) (This used to be commit cf9e34c79be4c09b84d648134933b9007a06dc92)
      adds  a4ab60a   set "vfs object" and "vfs options" to be setable by SWAT on advanced page change "host msdfs" to be strictly a global parameter on advanced page change "printer admin" to be on printers page not share page (caught by Ingo Kilian <ikilian at web.de> ) (This used to be commit 93034985e02bdb9a00a9c509b851442561f4ad68)
      adds  5700705   don't allow both add and delete user to be set at the same time (This used to be commit 9db84de46a3823878c2a9356ac4ae4fd179d5847)
      adds  3822719   Patch for nmbd core dump in printing debug packets. No length check. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eacb96396d57d6b622b750d64b3686e6fbeaf68c)
      adds  55d0bdb   fix typo (This used to be commit ed2dfae0e503367671c54ad8f1f49ac3af0b1c6a)
      adds  c8af938   syncing up changes in 2.2 (This used to be commit ffbbe67dbfde7f7ce4bb70becfc696c395dbf6b2)
      adds  61da9a7   syncing up with 2.2 (This used to be commit ff4cdb5a346bd864d169f18a10f318f13f1afcd8)
      adds  2321514   Added Steve Langasek <vorlon at netexpress.net> pam_smbpass PAM module code. Note: Still have to add build stuff - not ready yet. (This used to be commit 1de7022f98b64b15503aaf48c8d729789fc49781)
      adds  c5eca67   Added Steve Langasek <vorlon at netexpress.net> pam_smbpass support (This used to be commit 550cc5c182e88f742ac2052d80208da5f98e2543)
      adds  a7e07d1   Fix bad length in dgram. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8bd27845f0d8b19409ba79c028ce54732d7276e1)
      adds  30c02f9   More paranioa fixes against nmbd lengths. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 53f35a71c6fc46814eca914573506622d7db4e08)
      adds  77076b0   merge from 2_2 (This used to be commit b9137b613dc8cb45cbebfc6e57e20fde0517347a)
      adds  5f9dca6   merge some of the nsswitch code from tng to head the libnss_winbind.so from head now works with the winbindd from tng (This used to be commit 67ccfd2826548a6ca22562f9fb3ae156a57bd7db)
      adds  5472466   added solaris wrapper from tng (This used to be commit d854d01d1197300f637eb38c243f8b0b80cf24ba)
      adds  38df1d9   Fixed %U and %D substitutions. %U is lowercase user name, %D is uppercase domain name. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5f005952f6d8c281cf91ac0855e83342a2fd7e45)
      adds  ce4d3cd   Re-ran autoheader; autoconf to fix pam_smb build. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c6f25e84d3e15319d263386c101727d787cf0679)
      adds  c3bf153   converted the passdb smbpasswd implementation to using talloc for memory allocation.  This fixes a long standing seg fault (i knew i would get around to it one day :) )
      adds  95559fe   Sync with default perm changes in 2.2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f02e67a096b3bcf84615c4a6949c5e6283e07af0)
      adds  98489e9   removed SMBRUN references (This used to be commit bab7bb2d4e3d1706315ff30cc406588b9dec59a1)
      adds  f0d22b5   removed references to SMBRUN (This used to be commit 822511eb3c8daa89e96b3fab7573555312415262)
      adds  9f60d55   Fixed REPLACE_GETPASS test. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3cfcaaca5ba54ada898680ac9943086316d262b4)
      adds  9d32e3a   fixed typo (This used to be commit ed9d93c9c3c42b13b021e5e8f84f4d865cd28724)
      adds  dfc07f6   added test for C99 compliant vsnprintf (This used to be commit 9ebd90904e512c49cc80c584ab3d5902340ddcae)
      adds  975f67c   added much better snprintf code, plus new function asprintf (This used to be commit 10327ad11f9a97bf536dc772c9577d8f6809c829)
      adds  9872e13   C99 test for snprintf (This used to be commit fcd100eec51034cc4ea1e781e971b6dd65801b31)
      adds  30c0777   fix a bug in printer name handling that jerry reported.
      adds  b8a2c65   Added Herb's comment fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f4f4aae675f55d3319aca8489621afc92aaf8de1)
      adds  77429f8   Fix from matthew.hart at veritas.com - bad error return from linux_oplock_receive_message(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit b35ca2c6b13877bc6e09c7c4179d9529a7d3e0b3)
      adds  7c7770a   Patch from Fr�d�ric Blanc <el_blaf at yahoo.fr> to correctly uninstall codepages. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 231f1f44c314d5d614c9f2745a108839a26cfc0d)
      adds  8f88c7c   Fixes for problems in NFS server code from Michael Gerdts <Michael.Gerdts at usa.alcatel.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2fd5e0bf141807d31f6f1a817d271548d0ccfadc)
      adds  38959a2   Tidy up args to DEBUG Statements - found by gcc on Solaris. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a60ecb4e53a6c8a3a6a37a89042ae943202263fe)
      adds  c08fc86   Don't use variables called "acl" as it's the name of a function in Solaris. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 277eb517e25eb3910057336b2bee18875dffe6cc)
      adds  9b78339   More acl -> the_acl, %d with uid_t issues. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 30edd7fdf1d791d76351a7cc23a83f97386c3087)
      adds  5345d9e   More %d (uid_t) stuff... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 73b425121a8c99af3ed7adbdcff3f6f0cec92ac7)
      adds  c11887e   More debug %d -> %u issues. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6fcb600dcd23c61d1a7d2ce8c2b7b2eea2e58623)
      adds  7d72ec3   Mismatched format and args. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d57feb2c85f973ad22098054b8d6d049869e2a69)
      adds  8f11c24b  More gcc compile on solaris tidyups. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 956201c4fb6e604407911b9709574f0c24dcb84f)
      adds  b238f4a   rpcclient/rpcclient.c: Non-void return in void function. smbd/sec_ctx.c: Fixed potential memory leak spotted by Kenichi Okuyama at Tokyo Research Lab, IBM-Japan, Co. utils/nmblookup.c: gcc warning on Solaris fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1be60597cd62af2b30a1496d06ea5704e87d3b7d)
      adds  e40449f   rpcclient merge from 2.2 (including Jeremy's non-void return fix) (This used to be commit 0a6ceed279cc8111008b21f75c6791efbd993f4b)
      adds  a8e0600   removing the references to rpc_client_proto.h (This used to be commit e7ef88dfeef658928f1a2dd79f3d142417be2015)
      adds  3a44e23   few cleanups to bring in line with 2.2 (This used to be commit 0feaac00a1847af41464d4ce35821ff851cded9c)
      adds  5671e63   got asprintf defn right (This used to be commit 531ab0917004cc1dbbdc4a2b6b8d41f354dd2da7)
      adds  fd5c6d7   added asprintf test (This used to be commit 8bda86c0bfd3693420e334a10d19bed61b131bae)
      adds  944aeb7   use asprintf for hideunreadable option (This used to be commit 338d5ca8addb3079e0ab4a68338596d6e3b17ddb)
      adds  d095b52   - added test for vasprintf - cleaned up GNUC printf attribute macros - added enum handling in mkproto - removed non-vararg code - made slprintf and vslprintf just macros for snprintf and vsnprintf - don't need slprintf code any more (This used to be commit c7aeb2254dfc3cd0aa0b6c0bdd426f9323be0ddf)
      adds  3c71214   don't need slprintf.c any more (This used to be commit 025285e179924024f069a31a65b124bd45a249af)
      adds  63602d1   - fixed some compiler warnings - fixed slprintf and vsprintf macros (This used to be commit c986a3c51e8cdbc1230edbe0f4a91138c4ada29d)
      adds  668e1b5   fixed %u/%U example (This used to be commit 40e7834bb9c7440feba250832c3b85757ae4c9f9)
      adds  b7b4526   Adding developer mode option. (This used to be commit 6473085645cc0ecfcb982f6e40bfde606424dc7b)
      adds  07a229e   make clean should remove PROGS (This used to be commit 783728fa8c6527e1dfc4434a587d5753886ad8ec)
      adds  c3a9994   Based on an original PAM patch by Andrew Bartlett, re-written by me to remove global static PAM variables, and to tidy up the PAM internals code. Now looks like the rest of Samba. Still needs testing. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1648ac64a75de74d1a1575eb49cccc4f75488bfa)
      adds  e3ca9f3   Ensure correct password change script gets selected --with-pam. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6703f621ea798bd1877bd3baa523307ee288dccd)
      adds  75da59c   Fixed password entry caching bug pointed out by Elrond. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dc31b47deda188cb88288a8f33dc09faed9b2c41)
      adds  0901dd4   Fixing consts in pam code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c4d3df4f145dc28d1b285fad64c787cebb613e70)
      adds  8bd2a11   Added code from "Nigel Williams" <nigel at veritas.com> (yes, the same famous Nigel Williams who did NIS/GINA !) to implement add/modify/delete shares for Win2k. Needs testing as I made a few mods to the original code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9b3dd801765fad28c0f9d58e5af2537cfccdd4ee)
      adds  a290cd5   Allow pam code to compile on Solaris (which doesn't have PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVER_ERR). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6b2dd14205a4170c11067c4f851db11ab9154fce)
      adds  e51cc47   fixed comment-in-comment (This used to be commit 4c456c82642649a6dfaadf578488119d195c5b6b)
      adds  7e82811   fixed some uninitialised variables (This used to be commit 5d899e51a4fc4e872da550b88ef603dbd2d8391f)
      adds  089d8c5   added more complete C99 snprintf test (This used to be commit 4d7565342d5b53dd038bf25dd6c6afc7132ba2aa)
      adds  5197ccf   Added Andrew Bartlett's fixes to my changes to his original patch (at the court of king caractacus, was just passing by... :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit acc3e7a057ad7fb0c2fb1cafff0c623ec0524d04)
      adds  e2a997f   Stop coredump on pam password change with pam_pwdb.so module on error. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d9b960b4a5997e4cd09e3da9ea4754cbae1e29b3)
      adds  0961f7b   Runtime check for broken PAM systems with no appdata_ptr support. This should eventually be an autoconf test with a #ifdef workaround. I *HATE* pam :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 52a9226a5aaa769e960619c2bd0a561dd9b0493d)
      adds  f5eab44   Fixup smbcacls. Don't return memory already freed, don't free memory allocated with talloc. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0ae0d024f5898f7e47e4b1d4487b15447096780c)
      adds  9019718   added error msgs to fcntl_lock test (This used to be commit db5d38736d0d91acb55f4e4a67f33a2c0b5fdca3)
      adds  1107dc4   added sys/wait.h to fcntl_lock test (This used to be commit ed151605e57b7db3457cdf0c87f71c86e84c8f5b)
      adds  71ac074   use O_EXCL for fcntl_lock.c test in case some fool runs on /tmp (This used to be commit 4d3d7a0d673b80f1de411a5fb5a23ae06cf80f43)
      adds  3c525aa   Remove embedded '/*' in comment. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9a85dc9cdbc6409e25a528be4be960d4eb3ac117)
      adds  dea501b   Fix noticed by John Trostel - we need to return our account SID for level 5. Jeremy. (This used to be commit acf32f277d1a45f49fa3bf6af82850e35df9ae5a)
      adds  aac630b   Had to add a "pam password change" parameter (defaults to "off") and inlined the pam password change code to ensure that existing and working password chat scripts don't break with 2.2.1. PAM password changing has to be explicitly requested. Allowed wildcards in pam password change matching (matches password chat script matching). Had to add const (sorry Tim :-) to ms_fnmatch() to stop warnings. Don't worry - the const changes are isolated and don't cause any other w [...]
      adds  c6e8e75   Merging Gerald's PDC SAM name fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d31799850440c6c2267a4edb217d447df75aab5a)
      adds  1475474   Merging Gerald's "no printer driver" fix from 2.2. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 409b1e4d1b996b26eee80bf5cb4edd962e4a4c76)
      adds  548d168   Fixed SHM_R/SHM_W warnings by moving sys/ipc.h and sys/shm.h into includes.h and using autoconf tests. Added "restrict acl with mask" parameter. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7792e32ba7fd734cc68b354f31c382ac11521fe8)
      adds  401b3cc   Merge from TNG branch. (This used to be commit 1e7b1c71b9c409859bcf0aeb3d5785acc4aee027)
      adds  1bbc3d1   Allow ctrl-d to exit rpcclient.
      adds  0eaa469   More usability fixes. (This used to be commit 3434e0bf7fe5cdc8478518c6b1311dda7a7d3e81)
      adds  da5faba   Added cli_samr_enum_dom_groups() function. (This used to be commit 5a3b7d8b1302fd11321c4a65161de169b41f5d9e)
      adds  206a2a6   Added cmd_samr_enum_dom_groups() function. (This used to be commit 23427a57da8b18506bbd970e5d7491c0917f6d06)
      adds  4ca3b30   Added a SMB_ASSERT() so that two cli_state structures aren't opened on different pipes.  This seriously confuses NT.  Unfortunately HEAD branch is limited to one rpc pipe per connection as the fnum is stored inside the cli_state structure.  It should really be broken out into it's own structure so multiple pipes can be opened on one TCP/IP socket.
      adds  97bfe81   renamed unknown field to access mask in open alias structures. (This used to be commit 4d0ac3c71d930ab9cf88bd688c23c72ce5a53179)
      adds  7948967   Added cli_samr_query_aliasmem() and cli_samr_open_alias() functions. (This used to be commit 0b3bc4375b8984fc16c8972d2b62762c1657f675)
      adds  5ffe6fd   Zero fnum when initialising a cli_state. (This used to be commit 5a387f59c441d355fe4535eae5c2c924ae9dd451)
      adds  d7387f8   Added some missing winbind parameters.  Yes they're already documented. (-: (This used to be commit 657f95c89e593e6cdfc6fb9c7a9e67f9a518c1a5)
      adds  5d58cf8   Renamed unknown field to access mask in open alias parsing functions. (This used to be commit d384cae5707889f34ac19ccd80737ab6eb5fdb98)
      adds  a8be5dc   Tidyup of server vs servername, username vs user to remove compiler warnings. (This used to be commit d4f6ce9422ae53fb5b0cc72407131d5a9e1bd36d)
      adds  b8adb72   Added queryaliasmem function.
      adds  5cf3467   Merge of struct acct_info from TNG. (This used to be commit 2eb28b3d516325725678a67f8b0030aec8ec61d7)
      adds  6fb863c   make proto (This used to be commit a56badc206abb88ae1e648004c168db71c862340)
      adds  ba411eb   fixes from Simo (This used to be commit 7703fbb30d9695b5a71ee0bcca9520bed4880bbd)
      adds  e62b35a   make proto (This used to be commit 09b287e1782938bc4472b88921ed1604eb91ac27)
      adds  1f7a451   merge from 2.2 in password_ok() to ensure that we check the return code from smb_pam_accountcheck() (This used to be commit d5d6f01aaf8d344bb44dbe047c2f760ca220529e)
      adds  f35157f   Big cleanup of passdb and backends.
      adds  887d796   Fix problem with OpenBSD mmap and write not being coherent. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4c6a8273c6dd3e2aeda5a63c4a62aa55bc133099)
      adds  906a512   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit 13bf966cb8ed8df6b02018dceff94c275def8200)
      adds  cd2643f   clearer tdb_mmap code (This used to be commit ce6598c465e3d1e26592af9b90eb271ee837f290)
      adds  a808ca9   add an alarm to fcntl test to stop tru64 from freezing on the test (This used to be commit 6b1ced1674217343ab4e5f966608a21c66bf650c)
      adds  289b92d   allow env variable TESTDIR for directory for fcntl_lock test (This used to be commit b6645402b12cf8eaa7d9edf7dba3fae1f5ec0356)
      adds  9074322   replace modf so we don't need the math library (This used to be commit 79c0d24a3092098d3d8e58ebe07cf61db7d898e5)
      adds  998fcd3   Patch from David_Tiller at ccnotes.ccity.com finally applied now I've thought about it to stop account lockouts with "security=server" mode. Sorry for the delay David. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e8819715038ed49b07ed5639b1b88ad12e994b53)
      adds  3bb9241   Fixed compiler warning. (This used to be commit 063c2dea920dbf415e22d0359baa7b36bf513f09)
      adds  350dc55   Fixed a compiler warning.  Still more const warnings though.  )-: (This used to be commit a345b477a22f6261613d21d079b1632a9409c914)
      adds  a636c64   new mput code from idra that doesn't need a call to find (This used to be commit 5dac4cdee40b906455d984f4d7a7333ab411f876)
      adds  b4092fe   Some reformatting (sorry Gerald).
      adds  8e84cde   iAdded querydispinfo and querydominfo functions.
      adds  3762d48   Some versions of readline don't have rl_completion_func_t.  )-:
      adds  fe6b398   fix interfaces.c for aix 3.2.5 (This used to be commit a69532ffde761453f3d9189be2fbf1036c2ed196)
      adds  6056766   merge some fixes from 2.2 (This used to be commit 7e57adf2a039cb5b6458496f9190c9c642645600)
      adds  c2887d5   rebuild proto.h (This used to be commit 2e2073447490e192ccb838dd488feb335dfba265)
      adds  a36f925   Preliminary merge of winbind into HEAD.  Note that this compiles and links but I haven't actually run it yet so it probably doesn't work.  (-: (This used to be commit 59f95416b66db6df05289bde224de29c721978e5)
      adds  ebb900c   iAdditional files for winbind merge. (This used to be commit 38ab3b31b5dc39fb59f224b399bb9c2269f1c933)
      adds  34417b1   Ignore *.po files. (This used to be commit f8c83ce28b01ffd188dd10f0c731defaacb0fb45)
      adds  9d5348c   removed need for scandir in client.c fixed possible bug with readdirname on systems with NAMELEN != strlen (This used to be commit 78f448b7d4b83f569d27e0abf6b1759c43ff21f3)
      adds  c504e24   OK so I couldn't be as clever as I wanted to be with winbindd_glue.c so all the glue functions are prefixed with wb_ to avoid conflicts with the old rpc_client stuff which is still a dependency of smbd/nmbd. (This used to be commit 873e672b90e85e092102e10966e9f93f4fa6814f)
      adds  050b030   Removed unused variable. (This used to be commit 6bd197714a6f51e43efb8fb72bb51e83c6991c79)
      adds  30c4c04   Patch from Simo:
      adds  1cebd0f   Fix for bad profile perms. Ensure r on files and rwx on directories. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f100e091abc57a9ba983e7c3cf84bfda2dbc2e18)
      adds  dbd7e0a   removed unused variables (This used to be commit 09103b16cf0b70c476b48255190725e3dbb77bdb)
      adds  495f6e6   merge from 2.2 removing the 'domain XXX' parameters. (This used to be commit 9aefc86e355bf160300580acb85a58a18207ccdf)
      adds  b50d072   Hey what happened to my debug messages?  Early exit from reopen_logs() if using stdout_logging. (This used to be commit 831b0983bd799fd73de18921f09991a1647ec482)
      adds  061bedd   Patch from ackley at cs.unm.edu to clear server_fd/client_fd in root daemon to stop %I getpeername() failure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 15584d30cd51650752fcbdd4f0dfc193fed18e5a)
      adds  ee8821f   Fix for insure missmatched parameter error. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b32b1afe25bc8f7a9c43e0d5fd6703a76caa51f8)
      adds  4009e89   Fix for query_dispinfo()
      adds  706a118   iinit_samr_q_lookup_rids() didn't actually copy the rids into the parse structure. (This used to be commit 139e767e78adafa4d4469d2d63415d46267f2fc9)
      adds  3475c25   Misc fixes to get winbindd working.  We can now do a 'getent passwd' and 'getent group' and have most things working. (This used to be commit a7728bfa52291ec3149fbb704d7b30689af83e7c)
      adds  481a727   Fixed querydispinfo command. (This used to be commit 727d2929bc4025ab418e933356d8ba4f31420423)
      adds  12ef6bc   Fixed typo in comment. (This used to be commit a8c49d1e608b178bcc53725d4a26cebb799fc6eb)
      adds  b494452   make proto (This used to be commit 6d218c3e942a9be3af57f2500374b49d8ad25763)
      adds  e5500c4   Added winbindd to list of binaries. (This used to be commit 335e41b5ca6c3372aa1005e3c80ca04572f37878)
      adds  ae6e203   Removed S_ISSOCK() macro as it's only used within winbind client code. (This used to be commit 8fe76adb33bb7de19c8b2c8783dc6e3a3977bd8f)
      adds  0b14ab0   Added S_ISSOCK macros for systems which treat UNIX domain sockets as FIFOs (SCO). (This used to be commit d761a7deb3696fc0742fb349868317f42825290e)
      adds  55567e5   The substitution of %U and %D in the 'template homedir' is nowdone by lp_string() calling standard_sub_basic(). (This used to be commit 011d45943594a7a4091101b1eec930d13f0a9d12)
      adds  f39cb77   Fixed compiler warning. (This used to be commit 9f1f811154e6d8f1a14687b1ee7f85d1dd18a925)
      adds  55eab3e   More compiler warning fixes. (This used to be commit 88a7b2c3f80b17ca8ab2112e9a98f55f1a11d88c)
      adds  acc0ca7   added some docs in order to keep track of the Samba private enterprise number and allocated OID arcs. (This used to be commit 4b5b6738bc4bea0460d499169e852bbeb3d4fe53)
      adds  b6a6b4b   fixes to the group mapping code. Not ready yet.
      adds  b988607   latest config.guess and config.sub from gnu.org (This used to be commit f65166b36e5d7a74cdab5cc9019221c0f724274b)
      adds  9de17c5   need to do codepage_initialise() for smbtorture to work. (This used to be commit 7a619ab81c07b4b50e865635eee22efd8c5656b4)
      adds  dcc39ea   Cleaned up bitrot in nsswitch testsuite.  Merged tests across from TNG branch. (This used to be commit acef477383e5739292e764c17cef87822a09f13b)
      adds  989ece4   So the samr_io_userinfo_ctr was requiring a SAM_USERINFO_CTR to be passed in as well as tallocating space for one itself.  I've deleted code so the passed in container is used to store the SAM user info.  This may have broken some server side SAM stuff which probably isn't used anyway.  )-: (This used to be commit fc44cec0de68c92001c4313b4f0ee9f69ba6b9b5)
      adds  bc77683   Fixes from nsswitch testsuite.  Lots of stuff works much better now.  (-: (This used to be commit 014859b62b31ceff5b5ca3d1699792e362c77a85)
      adds  90fbea8   very nasty bug !
      adds  f874646   check for valid pointer before calling memset() in samr_clear_sam_passwd (This used to be commit a6a4a17f6afce9d1c10c5ab551ce0b6b5f5c1865)
      adds  5db15a0   Fixed up the oldpw prompts. Made the matching case insensitive. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 70bdf8e76135e96fabcedeffbfd5892a564985e0)
      adds  f179319   Reverted samr_io_userinfo_ctr() patch because it broke too much other stuff.  (-: (This used to be commit 5bbd946d592fde9ac6bf1c66268ef608d5988363)
      adds  9051f1e   Bumped up debug level on set socket options from 3 to 5. (This used to be commit f0b8ff4eeb3f276c37d062dbd25f7c8b0a02d593)
      adds  281629a   Added sid_peek_rid() function to return the rid of a sid.  Saves mucking around with copying a sid to a temporary variable and using sid_split_rid(). (This used to be commit 9ee43d61be1284b72fd04054c44545847c73120f)
      adds  469bddf   Replaced a whole bunch of lookup_name() requests in construct_default_printer_sdb() with checks of the owner rid instead.  This should be much faster, work on non-English systems and systems with renamed user or group names. (This used to be commit 8b435b0a2ab1fa060473753fa05f0aba8406b607)
      adds  f524395   Made "security XXX" masks apply to ACL set. By default they have no effect. Removed "restrict acl with mask" - redundent. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0db8a61d71f25ffa0e5c585e02e2fce973867156)
      adds  a17c702   Use sid_peek_rid() instead of sid_split_rid(). (This used to be commit 0e03209af6f70c3c0c52072fe904ba5750676b63)
      adds  7a906cd   make proto (This used to be commit dd0c7a8a024f9ba8b593757b3aed5b126a8dab61)
      adds  47cd09e   Don't check for passwd program if using pam change password. Original patch from Andrew Bartlett. Jeremy. (This used to be commit aae779d0a3d3c80e6fa010fdb397af3aff360551)
      adds  6e41b74   Fixed nasty little bug found by Gerald where we were corrupting the mode bits before checking if we should change them on non-acl systems. Jeremy. (This used to be commit aba243ca0867a0787f9f7c7b2cda6143bcc53087)
      adds  6dd8c06   Should be faliing on False and not True.  Bad check on return value (This used to be commit 5be97aacf4db43a91562b77f010850afb818ac05)
      adds  fcc23d4   update from Simo (This used to be commit 9e4a6c227f719226cac6e00f1a6719651570e2c7)
      adds  89798ef   free_service() was never setting the valid field to False. This is a bug that's been here since 2.0.x and before.... This would cause a memleak. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3412950dbd5b70f28ffdbe1a79488a409ca1a051)
      adds  3e12582   Got rid of iSERVICE/pSERVICE (Hungarian inspired obfuscation). Now use ServicePtrs[i] when we're indirecting so we can see what's going on. ZERO_STRUCTP(ServicePtrs[i]) on free_service. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 95dfc4a60a80ea5d55ac4775dd875e1283ecdaec)
      adds  e0f5d84   Fix for problem with "" string in trim_string(). Pointed out by Ben Winslow <rain at bluecherry.net>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit df2e306171f0a71af77dbaafc7ccbf78e27befb8)
      adds  91febc3   Needs to be >=, not just >. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fa6a5bf94a3716c0554e2bcbe0eb4b0912f15604)
      adds  c61e75e   Added talloc_strdup() funcion. (This used to be commit eea43a5a916eb7f4bef6817ce0aa8051f9145b18)
      adds  862fe3b   Memory leak fixes plus general cleanup. (This used to be commit 48688c4592d03d6404631a7d57701f0af38cfb2d)
      adds  324cd98   Use talloc_strdup() instead of strdup(). (This used to be commit 3b4b5b3c61bb1fe1db15306219f24036bf342e2d)
      adds  8efe942   Now we're doing the substituion in the lp_string code remove the erroneous debug 0 warning. Jeremy. (This used to be commit be7e1d0f2c078bd07c7087e1e36636dcd6d0a5d8)
      adds  9c54ddc   statcache initialisation fix pointed out by Elrond (This used to be commit 572a37534b7ee010aafd7e8bcb9da52957306f97)
      adds  495aa4c   string_hash() should be static. hash_clear() should be void. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e8ab89fbc0b6cec9f3e80fe4327992b2ec7a4a40)
      adds  c24bf6d   Added arg to querygroupinfo. (This used to be commit ab58fdf77a12d101f5ac6b6702cd8ed9dc2c7d55)
      adds  5bcd434   Compile fixes for dynamic samr_query_userinfo() stuff. (This used to be commit a92a0d061bd322b9d3a1fe13c6ce2d2e1f070ef7)
      adds  1b739fd   So I promised Andrew that a winbindd_proto.h file wouldn't be necessary. Unfortunately it is for the moment.  )-: (This used to be commit 29f9a6c571a6e5571a860b84f9bbc04f668c607e)
      adds  e522ceb   make proto (This used to be commit 607db8d57db0e7bf9e99570bc87e7a1401a18eaa)
      adds  13dd825   Cosmetic changes in make proto output. (This used to be commit 858290d63b8e4300f2a1a334675566beb6881993)
      adds  363e378   Implemented max connections in a similar way to 2.0.x (scan of connection db). This needs testing ! Tidied up tabs in tdb.c. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0852465053d0c1a23b6cfe6097267291b0595ef8)
      adds  1b1aaa9   Make libsmbclient.so by default now.
      adds  de6b5d8   tdb_traverse returns number of records, not zero, on success. Now tested max connections and it works again. Hurrah ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6565b8c9781f571735068aba5044a913b5fe31fe)
      adds  62b0275   Stupidity by me..... 777 != 0777 ARGGGHHHHHHHHHH. (Sorry). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4306eff6f77b95eeaaa4f8375356a81ad3497c67)
      adds  bc51512   Fix crash in smbcontrol Gerald pointed out when no parameter given to debug. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ef687a2f6ba8143dcc041b2b629542c3ea9e3966)
      adds  8410ef0   make the max_connections code less horrendously inefficient
      adds  98da476   remember to close tdb after use (This used to be commit 8f8d7202cf6e12cdb2f4445ddcac83a7ac9e33a2)
      adds  eb40ad7   Change EUCLEAN to EINVAL, as some systems do not have EUCLEAN, and EINVAL is a better return code anyway (I knew that :-) (This used to be commit 0bf2797b183b4d709a401ebdb2d5f3d5b1c907af)
      adds  5d72464   Updated the inplace documentation to reflect change from EUCLEAN to EINVAL. (This used to be commit d090ae63aebbbbb4e1d2dbe438005742ed216e31)
      adds  b10ae68   Fixed lookup of entire /etc/{passwd,group} file line. (This used to be commit b208d74e0524514fdb48f80c76192df12238a64e)
      adds  b343f08   Memory leak fixes from insure. (This used to be commit 03b1cab9a80264f0c940c45d0557ef7efe685095)
      adds  af5a6bb   Removed extraneous semicolons from some lp_ parameter definitions. (This used to be commit 34d527240086b135a24c7329d45bff715ae50485)
      adds  baff5a6   Fixed up SAM_USERINFO_CTR dynamic stuff in cmd_samr_query_user() (This used to be commit 22b760e246f8fcf79daf24542cc35bdf41d1fea7)
      adds  ad87e77   Removed reference to obsolete listproc address. (This used to be commit bab3906ead1308da6468b9c31080d573fc764111)
      adds  e863446   make sure that when a tdb expands we fill the expanded area, otherwise ENOSPC could be very bad (This used to be commit b94cfb6843dc7fc985917395d3e0d953501b9197)
      adds  10211f5   Check sizes of data entries in connections.tdb before deciding they're crecs... We will need this when we use finer grained locking for max connections. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c6cd42a6791e26174eb795fd08ddbbd797e5a9cf)
      adds  218f514   Added notes about NetBIOS Scopes. (This used to be commit 78e413eec4a7f1ddba67c6f2e2354e50330ae427)
      adds  199bb03   Fixed glibc crash problems with libnss_wins.so Jeremy. (This used to be commit c38a465bef91bc54cd3f3ce81e5a9c818f429801)
      adds  109851a   Zero-fill struct hostent. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 86557d633648f279e6ceda4da38801889ca4ed95)
      adds  0c9a2ce   Added example vfs block example from Ronald Kuetemeier <ronald at kuetemeier.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0609cd3162173575d22fbd12c48e777a5b15553e)
      adds  5df33ed   Update from Toomas Soome <tsoome at ut.ee>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 97dfc0097e488dd48dfed8429b4690f9cd82c52c)
      adds  8491337   Added winbind programs to build for supported systems (i.e linux and solaris) so the autobuilder can have a crack at it.
      adds  e307e9d   Fix a stupid typo in Makefile.in that prevented the libsmbclient code from being compiled with -fpic ... Larger changes coming ... I want to move to -fPIC etc. (This used to be commit 122e2753d518fc599e06e1533378815eebb18d4f)
      adds  8c4d654   groupdb/mapping.c: Fix gcc compiler warning. smbd/connection.c: Sync up with code in 2.2 Jeremy. (This used to be commit 87025c223dd33f2e02060c2a5cd45502946c87c6)
      adds  49177b0   Adding an examples directory for libsmbclient to the head branch along with a simple Makefile and a small README ... (This used to be commit 950821d69cb6dcc723f8610584718c6217136d55)
      adds  2378ba1   Further recasts to sockaddr * rather than sockaddr_in * (This used to be commit b0ba25e22d101acbe4079bc81759a4e0c8a7e6d8)
      adds  94f68ab   Ohh boy, I should be working on lots of other things, but I am pissed off, so I needed to get down and dirty and do some coding etc ...
      adds  dd0cca5   Broke out change trust account password routines into separate file since they're only used in one place anyway (timeout_processing() in process.c) (This used to be commit d1e5d5d62fcb5da30e3f2619721c5146db753f3c)
      adds  89de0c4   Fix a small warning about char * vs unsigned char * that gets some compilers in a twitch. (This used to be commit 672242a52eafde35cba4657bce248fef0df9e46b)
      adds  2d27d8c   Fixes to get pam_auth() functionality working again. (This used to be commit 083b74c743f0026693fa0fbe665ed08a3ac706b8)
      adds  8a50f4d   Test login using pam_winbind.so and group membership. (This used to be commit 4c2b915ed12584037731d8ccd246ad54986a7564)
      adds  43680eb   Ran a make proto to fix the problems ... (This used to be commit 7b275b458835a1e34c9014eb3eee6cdae240bd97)
      adds  8d9aadc   ran make proto (This used to be commit 2e605e1275b4cd59ba776101962218efaa87fe37)
      adds  ed585b9   - added ability for swat to run under CGI. This needs   to be setup very carefully for it not to be a security hole - reran configure (This used to be commit cf4e439a1e0f3fadbe08c474e5b201827866d7f5)
      adds  8910320   added utmp.o to NECESSARY_BECAUSE_SAMBA_DEPENDENCIES_ARE_SO_BROKEN_OBJ (This used to be commit f2bb3c50f3481689521607f79ba2bfd696330380)
      adds  013b454   merge from 2.2  DeletePrinterDriver() server side stud coming in separate commit after I get it working in 2.2. (This used to be commit 09506ac0e64b84d73e3b8fdd4942fa52dba6060f)
      adds  c912d04   Fix the W2KSP2 joining a Samba domain problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6bbcab5e48f91a80d4ebcbd2bee38f2e0a8bff78)
      adds  43000d8   merge from 2.2 (deleteprinterdriver RPC) (This used to be commit 515caaf7b448e55206433a9ca04fb5078f91cde2)
      adds  a8f8d81   make proto (This used to be commit 97a88ca86b1c39066ffcdad6e81d6422fad8341b)
      adds  58339ac   Use canonical mappings for file controls. Fixes W2KSP2 profile problems (I think....). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 946cf3a0d7685e28af847b958ac01739335ea6e4)
      adds  faa0bef   Defensive brlock and locking database cleaning code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d7aa42e4593b02ee6e487f7a4633bd7e7620ef2f)
      adds  d222a3f   Try to fix build by adding autoconf tests for pam headers. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d52bc4d219bd07e656986e7754ea6e238c626d77)
      adds  840fb16   Stupid typo. Should be if (!tdb). Jeremy. (This used to be commit d3496897f167a8deb1d0034797e8b29f2c51acef)
      adds  4d86a28   This is *very* cool. I'm pretty convinced we can just set the CAP_LARGE_READX|CAP_LARGE_WRITEX bits on negprot and out W2K performance goes through the roof...... And as we *always* offer 64 buffers we can do this with this simple change..... Jeremy. (This used to be commit c328dda0fa081e79049d7a9ddac06e80cc8b331b)
      adds  b065de6   Added tdb_errstr() messages so we can see if these functions fail. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ec64ddac5fa4688b18484d6599b17b8c4bcd34c0)
      adds  40ff400   Added stubs for SRVSVC and NETLOGON rpcclient commands. (This used to be commit 3343c9f0d67d98687e5933e1a73c0ff487279160)
      adds  b30730b   Replaced next_command() with call to next_token(). (This used to be commit c9b4ed79c84dde3421c457cd0a33dae5d84fcae1)
      adds  3d876c5   Removed some level 0 debugs accidentally left in - oops. (This used to be commit c4e7ce267f63c1b1b0942d8b0a434f6e44a5312f)
      adds  69ffa0f   Added a init function for net_q_logon_ctrl2 so we can make this call from rpcclient.
      adds  6958bfa   Added logon control2 client call. (This used to be commit 8d5f2027095c3fb9240db238fb6d405aeefef1ef)
      adds  69eb5af   Added srv_get_info client command. (This used to be commit ee599c9481c26d8407f03a9897eb5f1abd1e47f1)
      adds  076ace3   Added server side reponse to net_logon_ctrl rpc.  We can now respond to NLTEST /BDC_QUERY:DOMAIN when acting as a BDC.
      adds  95dbe55   Fixed compiler warning. (This used to be commit 6e0805c191d7434366e4a8d752b6e34656232371)
      adds  43bc613   Added srvinfo and partial logonctrl and logonctrl2 commands. (This used to be commit c93718daa1375269e4e0ef52016271b7a607e292)
      adds  3dfb0d3   Added structures for LOGON_CTRL rpc.
      adds  00cdd8c   Fix for random stream generator. Jeremy. (This used to be commit b2867ddfa26ffbc94d022d88b849ef58fd1cc788)
      adds  9ff6634   Fixup the large_writex problem (a large_writex can send a full 64k of data, we already have space for this we just need to understand the length correctly). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 19145bae720bbcc32dcab380c62a33d1f0e3eef0)
      adds  15e66ba   Added tdb_change_int_atomic() to allow atomic updates of a tdb int value. Jeremy. (This used to be commit cf5015f15935605cf69078bc15251db61ddc48c7)
      adds  fe6208d   return an error code on password attack, rather than exiting. otherwise security scanners may think we are vulnerable! (This used to be commit ee8cb88682421464016d56209eecea764bddc032)
      adds  22242c5   i18n fix for domain_client_validate() (This used to be commit d6dcca7cc9bc5a1948c1b6126ca4f6cb9ccacc52)
      adds  c0561ff   try to make the tailer code much more robust. When a record can't be merged don't fail the operation, instead just add it to the free list anyway
      adds  5e6bbdb   make sure the umask is set in swat (This used to be commit 07c74fe83f77c73ff937a31b7df2f211596e9861)
      adds  415c317   The manual page for swat referred to nmblookup in the synopsis. (This used to be commit ab05c8cf1b4b8f56974f358781011c922380fe45)
      adds  bbf5ea2   4 new functions to retrieve single linked list of group and passwd entries + a fix to an infinite loop in srv_samr_nt.c caused by misuse of setgrent/getgrent/endgrent solved by these new functions (This used to be commit 97dbb54a13e2285f1905ee1ec9aafeebdaee8917)
      adds  1744a49   Fixed compiler warning. (This used to be commit adb61490af7bbd5f028892692bfe831af8c79f23)
      adds  40518cf   more portable TDB_LOG macro (This used to be commit ba106b9b07b23c3dc1b40c8feb10cff173faa07a)
      adds  aded7fc   Add border=0 in included swat images to get rid of the link border stuff. Much prettier looking. (This used to be commit 16031364a8ce20cf425c758d3fd5035a776e9d9b)
      adds  964d7a6   added a tdb_open_log() function that opens a tdb and enables logging of messages from the tdb code into the Samba DEBUG() system just call tdb_open_log() instead of tdb_open() to enable this on any tdb (This used to be commit 3ab770484c6775df2c1a6f69427ebe656702c96c)
      adds  9848c06   - fixed an off-by-1 bug in the delayed deletion code that I believe   was the initial cause of the connections database becoming corrupt.   Note that this bug only happens when doing deletions within a   traversal, which is why it has only showed up now - added delete within traversal testing to tdbtorture - added a lot more logging to tdb (This used to be commit 6e1277df9d964c615a3ad876d3b89ff8132081c1)
      adds  5237500   use the new tdb_open_log() fn on connections database (This used to be commit 68c0dcec3d3c17aae76ce093a601c9f452af5a0c)
      adds  8bfcdd7   make swat recover from previously bad umask from xinetd (This used to be commit 045d7e1b167efc75bb3d411b3fcc35bba58c4ef7)
      adds  ff1dd17   new proto.h (This used to be commit 823ba34342046a4b736640dff1471fde08e1087f)
      adds  6315ea8   added list function to tdbtool (This used to be commit c20838c6358f02dea7967e28a5f23db70ff464f9)
      adds  ad7c3ea   merged fix for tdb_unpack from 2_2 (This used to be commit 200b682e9bbe79897343422f7c870382ed6de40a)
      adds  05d0841   - added AC_HAVE_DECL() macro to aclocal.m4, so we can easily add   tests for a fn or variable being defined in headers - used this to add prototypes for asprintf and vasprintf on systems   that don't have them (This used to be commit ab2465239414853a14529f88a25f13c392aa2d3f)
      adds  d8f2016   fixed asprintf declaration (This used to be commit fbf03c89e6b1980f4f75a657f9760edb7445d8cb)
      adds  63c7ca9   Fix debug statement so it doesn't use lp_workgroup() either. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 18e652a5e0d30d033be70e512cd94bf867507f64)
      adds  0b1f72e   Rename bzero -> memset. Check returns from *all* mallocs (including strdups). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6594a59263c9ec8f62d23f3aa1b56051eefc2f88)
      adds  7a33f25   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit 7e23ed48908cf396610d26efda9f54d5f5f0e83c)
      adds  d1e4606   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit e30a3be954c0eacb3ccffdaa1165a9f0e8b93a23)
      adds  9c2f185   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit c827787d679b3bbf9f57ff6d5aaab150456b1662)
      adds  7eb75a3   Added a comment. (This used to be commit b2e5dc606b5ff031e01799ee6e245857adc7e968)
      adds  e07b85a   Added *.po to .cvsignore files. (This used to be commit 870e9e4e89dcf910c595cabb28f69ad070942072)
      adds  05b2b2c   syncing up with SAMBA_2_2 (This used to be commit 1bc58c21b15fcdb0a504d051f60e20c4e24441e6)
      adds  f991e9b   Added a --with/without winbind option to configure.  The default is to compile winbind on supported systems but this may be disabled using --without-winbind.  Using --with-winbind on unsupported systems has no effect. (This used to be commit de46428d054285f568727589537cd8520ee0f687)
      adds  62ce28e   sync with SAMBA_2_2 (This used to be commit 81b3af71d5c9ccd20d7e7303becc35bff30c39b4)
      adds  6dce5c4   If a debug class was explicitly set to zero the debug system would not recognise it as there was no distinction made between zeroing a debug class and just not setting it to anything.  I've added a debuglevel_isset array in parallel with the debuglevel_class array to fix this.
      adds  3e3d75d   forgot one (This used to be commit 95f5a5dc536bd38d1cc9da8d657d3bb1b99d2f53)
      adds  c0ee398   beginning of merge with SAMBA_2_2 (This used to be commit 3daa174cba4b53f57dfb963e7facb60667113b48)
      adds  26bc8ad   Oops. (This used to be commit 9e1d9a3a44ceaba2b0bfa327409f6b8dd0c36b26)
      adds  0e40dbf   sync with SAMBA_2_2 (This used to be commit 720ec55c175bd9df5832085066d1e68b2684a8a2)
      adds  ff681c4   more syncs with SAMBA_2_2 (This used to be commit a4bf39e3dd8a28faac54ddb4e16bea5adf745440)
      adds  e76caa5   final sync with SAMBA_2_2 (This used to be commit a25f6694d230fe384c212350dacf17bfae3ab79d)
      adds  2eef56f   i18n bugfix merge from appliance. (This used to be commit 73eb539da641ce806690bbd893f126859d531c98)
      adds  3bc291f   Removed irritating and unecessary debug message. (This used to be commit b49c4cd441717b0edf4ad3da0edddca474a08748)
      adds  94186f6   Merge of i18n domain name fix for lsa_query_info_policy() from appliance branch. (This used to be commit e7a4dd7612d79bb24be68c601eccc987aba6b497)
      adds  9ebe63b   Update prototype file. (This used to be commit bdb76938e2936df287e638120894ae1adda5cb86)
      adds  a14c8ac   removed SHLIBS until someone has time to get it to compile on more platforms (Richard?) (This used to be commit 02a3a782b8aed1d7c55370bb9fb0f4fccab929d6)
      adds  4ebfe75   Compile fix for wbinfo on solaris. (This used to be commit cae6958f0872e0a0cc7647d14dd855caecd9114b)
      adds  a5f7cd8   Compile fix for solaris.
      adds  384a328   Compile fix for Solaris. (This used to be commit 7a1929b6caeb9b349510f7f4ae394246b9c5adc3)
      adds  da3943e   More compile fixups for winbind portability. (This used to be commit 086f332bb11ff0b2474554f81ef257e6a444a5cc)
      adds  f903ec8   Added add domain user to rpcclient.
      adds  05fc3e5   use LDSHFLAGS not -shared in several places (This used to be commit 8ec9c87b5d1a7dae17d5b1a30f58effaf5e69e4b)
      adds  5d83242   Merge of lsa_lookup_names() i18n bugfix from appliance. (This used to be commit 84a22d5f0a74f440a5288fedf07055ddc8da208e)
      adds  466b1d7   fixed solaris compilation error (don't add to a void*) (This used to be commit f3c70e4248814e545a9ff64402cbd11020b159de)
      adds  0326421   don't use c++ style comments (This used to be commit dbb770ecc6dbbc4c38f31fc6b9747e0d8bc6e155)
      adds  091fd5a   Deal with incorrect large writes from old NT4.x clients. We still need to set the large write reply correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 810dae29b8b45e91c0c35a4d96202c08b13d4e82)
      adds  5264e9a   Set correct reply word in large writeX (greater than 64k) replies. Also added smbtorture test for this. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6d65556ae8bea45a203defaded8436cbb56965e1)
      adds  b627b65   Converted init_samr_q_lookup_names() and samr_io_q_lookup_names() to use tallocated memory instead of dodgy static arrays. (This used to be commit 35d27941141ecdc3bfe18651e5225a94d818e8c1)
      adds  d4631e3   Fixed bug in cli_samr_create_dom_user()
      adds  da408d6   Fixups for new args to cli_samr_connect()
      adds  75f281a   Indent dodgy function prototype to avoid make proto picking it up and causing mayhem throughout the tree. (This used to be commit 369c911b446c311d4a5c8b4fddfe7fbffffefeba)
      adds  1dfbc93   Prototypes update. (This used to be commit 6dfe98f6020bf85263a39443ff7b07c5c795c27a)
      adds  68e83b0   Added stubs for dfs rpc client routines. (This used to be commit abc294c4a82dc132b937aec374ee947992a1b93f)
      adds  971cbd5   Added stub dfs client commands to rpcclient. (This used to be commit e65b4862733668feb62befe03ea5724c0a862acc)
      adds  0ae53c1   Converted SAMR_Q_LOOKUP_NAMES structure to tallocated memory instead of static arrays. (This used to be commit d122568b35f63e3da7bb1fad6a4e72922cf6bca3)
      adds  3e808f0   Fix for cli_samr_connect() arg change. (This used to be commit 15efbbd2fea9cba819a88644a151cb872377621a)
      adds  e8e07a2   Changes to use new genrand code that got missed while I was in Japan. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5a15831b9ae79ce1ce34d5574fe5da114d184e45)
      adds  11b2de5   Added getconf flags for RH7.1 lfs support. Changed while() to a for() loop in Simo's code (removes much grp = gep->next code). Jeremy. (This used to be commit d0c276c2429fa19cd95ca887654e049593de68d5)
      adds  9d8f518   Correction to winbind nss library install process.  So how do I update the manual/html pages??? (This used to be commit 73055f3f7d211ff6e45e46a56b0ea0614e78966d)
      adds  b1b5dca   Fixed bug in winbind_sid_to_gid() function. (This used to be commit 9a77f8530f58852f07d523facc61ea1daf6184d7)
      adds  24dd11d   Added comment about possible optimisation to winbindd_pam_auth() (This used to be commit bb01d2151cde866f0e2d91ee7c58439eeb382c48)
      adds  6ef6cc6   Fixed typo in #ifndef at head of file. (This used to be commit 6bd1ba9a0432ab5e6c2ebe6ea0fa486960fd4289)
      adds  87b5c37   Fix up the problems with calling smbc_init multiple times. (This used to be commit 832227a72b9c1d965736128ff84ffa235df6ecaf)
      adds  79ca1f7   Correctly make max pathlength 255. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 30cffea8fa813a7448648b496a19e751441e436e)
      adds  3414c71   Extra stuff for large readwrite support. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4338ee78c3d7bcf4b9fac383ff2f572d882ab97c)
      adds  4521d6a   syc up docs with 2.2 (This used to be commit 1e1a8ad528256f7e977534f25af6c250ab6a2a83)
      adds  a80a96b   Added sys_acl_delete_def_file() - needed as part of NT ACL editing fix. Will add changes for other supported ACL systems shortly (Herb, I may need help with the IRIX one). Jeremy. (This used to be commit a8532b193d1fe123155a69dd70e433f8fc312bfc)
      adds  b7fb885   Added sys_acl_delete_def_file for UnixWare and Solaris from Michael Davidson <michael_davidson at pacbell.net>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5668512ffa608810be0622832c9dbc7a2fda5a8f)
      adds  96686f8   AIX has no default acls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5853f1dc423a25276dafe7f3d284db534bfb41ff)
      adds  a72b714   Log tdb failures. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f004471aac3a1a0f2e40c05d1aadfe68456bc103)
      adds  c7b67c2   Herb's IRIX fix for deleting default ACLs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 81b5a628d1471f71964b21817b9bec1ac80585c4)
      adds  f63ee18   *Wonderful* patch from Andrew Bartlett that will help ensure tdb's are cleaned on clients abending connections. Thanks Andrew ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1b3977c5367a0b713b194f369abd9872ae01ac2a)
      adds  da9963e   Fixed typo in Solaris and UnixWare ACLs. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bd750def132d9a787728dc35c68df9166a15fbd7)
      adds  f5197e0   Fixed potential free of NULL found by SGI speedshop. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fc7830eec8f5478fc3d3296bb35cb11c94e7d9fa)
      adds  3fc8c04   Found & fixed memory bug. num+1 * sizeof(x) != (num+1)*sizeof(x)........ Jeremy. (This used to be commit e0f88cabfc5ef480e7f8a7fecd2d12a1b4371a2a)
      adds  2f99c0e   lib/util_getent.c: removed debug code. smbd/posix_acls.c: Attempt to fix the "lose default acl" problem in Solaris. Needs testing. lib/sysacls.c: Typo fix. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d989f8bd3e1524183a24fb67be1af05b3289f648)
      adds  10f8162   Removed commented out msdfs code that was being called anyway. (This used to be commit a542f4513ab792363fd5772582c6d317aa913257)
      adds  c569e20   Fixed typo in debug message. (This used to be commit 4d2f6605820f7b62ff1a748952fd6edad63c1213)
      adds  4248d14   Fix from TAKAHASHI Motonobu <monyo at samba.gr.jp> for multibyte conversion problems. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 24eea8a309ff0151277b9537a5c00321041e70d3)
      adds  8209eda   Make message receive fn static. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d8807b19228b12ddd6d93c02d1646a470a8e71ef)
      adds  df8713f   Renamed -d option (make verbose) on smbstatus to -v.
      adds  5eee0f1   Added some msdfs client routines. (This used to be commit 13df2304b309a2bd14d4441db0e72e75b8742262)
      adds  f81489d   Oops - proto.h contained junk from another workarea. (This used to be commit 2ad921d1269cb1d098e7162f2d55f1a1536f325d)
      adds  1aa05a3   Fixed some return code checks for cli_initialise() from False to NULL. Spotted by Joe Doran <joed at interlude.eu.org> (This used to be commit 3e3b9bc5380652d882c02e7286258f0aabcaf395)
      adds  8888bf6   Merged encode_pw_buffer() and nt_owf_genW() functions from TNG branch. (This used to be commit fb80cf2aa13883c6dac461f95bc1000c4881d724)
      adds  b7e382b   Add password length field to SAM_USER_INFO24 structure and fix init and parse function. (This used to be commit d2eafa7483a53958b6c930ca05da6e6a6c21b785)
      adds  f339bbb   Added a unix error code for NT_STATUS_PATH_NOT_COVERED. (This used to be commit 66e62245ea50fe7b996484ca919083eec2edfd14)
      adds  2b49ec3   Prototype update. (This used to be commit 402639926f5d207ebefec296427dc3be0e979fe6)
      adds  9b70bdf   Be sure to not use strlen with NULL pointer. (This used to be commit 53803b008717e8606b347ed8baab78121c6e9657)
      adds  cf30d3b   Fixed typo spotted by "Jim McDonough" <jmcd at us.ibm.com>.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit a600c96e596375bf27c15026c032944a066e7290)
      adds  438e89b   Jim McDonough's parse patches for Win9x get SD calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit bc366f31537408380860906cc041de232b27b714)
      adds  af604fe   Modified version of Jim's 0x27 and 0x28 Win9x Secdesc patch. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5690ec77c87475f1fd2e854cda594eb996d6fd04)
      adds  6903a4a   Fixed typo in configure error message. (This used to be commit 41fe64e70fdc99201ebbc76285897ab51af8c57d)
      adds  672f554   Fixed typo in nmblookup example. (This used to be commit d11c871fc5480e8ba3846e1de9a2f1834d535325)
      adds  7b01c62   Removed silly Get_Hostbyname() wrapper as DNS names are case-insensitive and the use of this function only increased timeouts when Samba queries a broken DNS server. (This used to be commit 720fea53603b2f99153709e6717ca930ab60ca9f)
      adds  e324e21   added a oplock break handler hook to the client code, this allows for more complete testing of oplocks from smbtorture and would also be essential if a client app ever really did want to use oplocks properly (This used to be commit 3d4a3bfacd9ef225aeaab801e5a216d12814b60a)
      adds  0417200   Added "Jim McDonough" <jmcd at us.ibm.com> patches for directory support for Win9x. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 70194b194e0ca4b0f4f9c1eece9176415f9bb928)
      adds  809c025   Added patches to remove Linux specific XFS ACLs. These are now handled by the generic Linux ACL code. rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c: Don't delete a policy handle before it's created. Jeremy. (This used to be commit db5b82e53a7061c4764d39ceb3df82e706aad42f)
      adds  48a5c87   Fix for assert fail - left over when moved to dynamic allocation. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0fcf2006334bd41d4036e703a6725aaaf684e008)
      adds  0c69d17   New info level tester. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 9297ae69a7dde878bb4c696f90fbaceb46e18720)
      adds  c0be2fc   Best-effort so far implementation of new W2K info levels. An-embrace-and-extending we will go... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 43bf9b2c7aad15d65bac3a9c4f799be050a074cd)
      adds  5f633c0   Set support for info levels... Jeremy. (This used to be commit e033f758914f6631545af17041b4e49c1ff885d9)
      adds  8a37829   Added $(PROFILE_OBJ) to winbindd objects. (This used to be commit 4897cfcf85340057f56d39128b0f0bdd72da2cf6)
      adds  c1fbf76   rpc_server/srv_srvsvc_nt.c: Don't test an uint32 for < 0. utils/smbcacls.c: Set enum correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 66f959e0ffb0cd385167a34c7db3f4959eaf1d7f)
      adds  90b757f   torture code is moving to its own directory (This used to be commit a4ef84e1a031042ca24fc3bea6d7311ab5976ac6)
      adds  ffb63e4   moved all our torture code to a separate directory (This used to be commit dd12c47645e2d0e832bc555492a6a8725a4495ee)
      adds  32ce168   added a torture target for building all torture progs. Fixed a typo in locktest (This used to be commit fd0d729ce0d9a057e867001c2ea52c8599713b28)
      adds  fd0f3df   Fixed typo in debug message. (This used to be commit d05577c33237a092bbc7ca21e68f3cef06b4ab3b)
      adds  01877b3   Fixed typo. (This used to be commit fdfd690538b02781e237831474d679307953ac8f)
      adds  850a0e2   Extra debug in open.c, fix for bad debug message in reply.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2c2fc8513699eb39721ac1d65fa1fdaecde526a8)
      adds  d2846a3   Only try and open a directory if we get EISDIR. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5b1245f80357f585ef3b24704e5ef34ef71e232f)
      adds  9203386   INFO_24 sometimes has a 2 byte length, sometimes doesn't. Safer to not depend on it... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0fe11c329f7b379299be65795031e4f1b14e0bec)
      adds  1c831ce   Merge from appliance branch:
      adds  fcda264   added a close-share smbcontrol message that forcibly closes a share in smbd (to allow unmount) (This used to be commit 15b17a80db605a55f667c95fb7e316877a441887)
      adds  5ebfcad   Added delete domain user rpcclient command. (This used to be commit aa9024c95996dec67d76c5ed108cfba733dcdbfe)
      adds  401a017   Added cli_samr_delete_dom_user() function. (This used to be commit 2162454d9ea5a07892d0b5d7fc5abe7251b4fa98)
      adds  5676122   make proto (This used to be commit d0b37d1a623acce2ae4509aebda85ad1280dc8ac)
      adds  82970b8   initial support for paramter type P_LIST it will avoid problems with lists being longer than 1024 bytes just now only ip list parameters have been converted to the new type (hosts allow, hosts deny, ssl hosts, ssl hosts resign) (This used to be commit e1572f85d6247b760db10825b2fa688d7ed50bd3)
      adds  6fb063b   Warning fix from Andrew Bartlett. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 87f647715d9fba9f8d25da0bde005a8d8858c2ae)
      adds  3f1254b   Fixed W2K SP2 joining a Samba PDC hosted domain. Jermey. (This used to be commit 05a2911403a0710d994a618e72743205a3b0b87a)
      adds  fda0f83   Following info from TAKAHASHI Motonobu <monyo at samba.gr.jp>, Samba Users Group Japan, ensure that we don't use dos_to_unix(xx,True), but always use dos_to_unix(xx,False) to prevent overwriting. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 244aec8ea623fec828add3ab09c5003bf32bd5c7)
      adds  4ff011d   Added STR_NOALIGN flags to clistr and srvstr fns. Yes, NT actually does send unaligned unicode strings sometimes! Fixed our handling of the workgroup name tacked on the end of the NT1 negprot response (a unaligned unicode) fixed a couple of places where we should be using the message_end fns instead of pre-calculated buffer lengths (This used to be commit 86613493a9b2e56523153486931d0bf8d39beb7a)
      adds  91b8a8d   next_token() was supposed to be a reentrant replacement for strtok(), but the code suffered from bitrot and is not now reentrant. That means we can get bizarre behaviour i've fixed this by making next_token() reentrant and creating a next_token_nr() that is a small non-reentrant wrapper for those lumps of code (mostly smbclient) that have come to rely on the non-reentrant behaviour (This used to be commit 674ee2f1d12b0afc164a9e9072758fd1c5e54df7)
      adds  57d93d2   merge from 2.2 (This used to be commit 5932471a03e74ef7fcc71e22dbb52c530332a713)
      adds  3a6019b   Merging Gerry's spoolss changes. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 6b4a70cd8285c1e4d452e3af7df070b4c446ff54)
      adds  99c5063   When mmap fails it returns -1 *NOT NULL*. This got regressed somehow..... Jeremy. (This used to be commit b77c8b536d4b6d2162f4932227f01cffb730c645)
      adds  460c906   Ok - I misspoke.... mmap returns MAP_FAILED, not neccessarily -1 :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2d1c6d1f6b55a0a78eb8afbe16d2ad8b3253a220)
      adds  2e20f11   use next_token instead of strtok. single elemnts of list cannot be longer than a pstring (1024B now) (This used to be commit 72b749ec89fa3642c0b3330a5331be645f84e24c)
      adds  6fdffd9   added some comments to make the cli read code clearer (This used to be commit bbfbe03cc6166c23c42a704b5acaa19cbdbc39ce)
      adds  100a54e   Andrew - please look this over. I've fixed a long standing (maybe 4-5 years old) bug when chainging a sessionsetup_and_X and tcon together. The wrong username was being entered into the tdb, even though the correct user was used for accessing files. This is related to the fact that authorise_login() is not used for sessionsetup, but only for tcon auths. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0187cd6aef7586d7ad4bdc70c50f3f2e7c69519c)
      adds  ff5a18a   Merged cli_read_one() function for reading DCE/RPC reply fragments. (This used to be commit 9e074bc2bf2df34048b67457623bb8219fb1e4d6)
      adds  024250d   Use cli_read_one() for reading DCE/RPC reply fragments.  We need to check for and ignore ERRmoredata errors as the client library doesn't support 32-bit error messages.
      adds  1cce779   the BAD_PTR idea in talloc.h is actually a bad idea - it means callers have no way of telling if the call really failed (This used to be commit 7a96ca313e2f6b5ad8a713babd3cac0bbcc4c399)
      adds  147af5f   Spelling fix. (This used to be commit 5f4889beb9311fd3912c3dfccf18fc9ab22b964c)
      adds  df07df9   Cleanup of cli_lsa_enum_trust_dom().  talloc() doesn't like attempts to allocate 0 bytes. (This used to be commit 465994cfbca72649474345bc057d436961cccf97)
      adds  15bf58b2  auto-build proto.h if its not there, but don't make it depend on anything. Delete proto.h from CVS (This used to be commit 8a37df73ec4d8d1a7db60a49cd5d7d22c4704a88)
      adds  8e886b8   add an ignore on proto.h (This used to be commit 0dc9227156823f6a44e6a0260e091b972057baa3)
      adds  9a89a5b   Removed unused (and potentially crash-causing) free function. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 54ea00fa870f258b885b18e8684caa8488948607)
      adds  3281f6f   sync this function with 2.2 (single check for NULL parameter) (This used to be commit 3ab50e648d682080308d2db6bdb71eef0e303988)
      adds  868d010   added the ability to test smbd safely as an ordinary user. The way it works is that libsmb/ creates a local tcp socket then launches smbd as a subprocess attached to that socket. smbd thinks it is being launched from inetd.
      adds  b08ee89   Fix from "Jim McDonough" <jmcd at us.ibm.com>" - when we use open_file_shared(), we need to close with close_file(). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5b2ffd160f3b4b9607bb6fd6db1644af9254ad9e)
      adds  17d5d66   Fix for race condition found by Herb where we can end up with a NULL dbf. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5cbb2106735ad0533198a83d62541cabd7beed20)
      adds  5ba566e   Fixed logic bug in timeout processing spotted by Ying Chen <ying at almaden.ibm.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 08c168242364bf4d415f49d134e507a7e234611b)
      adds  fe136fe   Fix for multibyte default service parameter from TAKAHASHI Motonobu, Samba Users Group Japan Jeremy (This used to be commit a2da1f91c1b08414592d5f014c8539575d0e9637)
      adds  7133aed   Better fix for client name vulnarability. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 17c3faa367328d186d10f59f08549de0c608b16a)
      adds  37eb0d6   Added other_safe_chars to alpha_strcpy(). Needs testing but is a better fix for the problem. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e059fffd03a1382fb2b7059b6de369d9fc765a17)
      adds  d56e091   fix compiler warnings (This used to be commit 7420e2f7898f1d141ba2af3eda07a67862fee842)
      adds  6ad1fcc   fix compiler warnings (This used to be commit 1959864490e79756257ba10431b188de78b8c8a7)
      adds  5be6700   handle P_LIST parameters (This used to be commit 26ab608c91c7357df3a79bc34111194f115de005)
      adds  2b8e2f1   uhm some pointer went wrong (This used to be commit d0acacfc9df86abab24420f1807b4d5253e8c285)
      adds  08bda36   Log debug before and after netbios names copied so we know if they've been changed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f8c121c69c9561f011a0e08a9d0beaf1cefd1667)
      adds  cc6bf9a   fixed error using wrong pointer to test and free s/str/s/ (This used to be commit 7e5a9860fad92fee79bcc20f2ea2a3728080dba2)
      adds  8b79a47   - make the regresison test mode code build in by default. This should   allow us to have test targets without special configure options - fixed make proto so that it actually does something (This used to be commit 55109a752578e9389d853cb27ec17c2114ecff77)
      adds  53ca6d3   added a -L option to smbpasswd to force it to run locally so we can test smbpasswd as non-root (This used to be commit ab635202655712a05b812ff40550d00d00552853)
      adds  413ad23   make sure we have BOOL in autoconf usage of util_sec.c (This used to be commit 72f63f5144ececdef31c659ab645eb71a88943b5)
      adds  b95a294   fixed usage of socklen_t and also tidied up SIG_ATOMIC_T, using a typedef instead of a define (This used to be commit e2ecff419fdc0a0dc7551b33b377dc11061ef2a3)
      adds  dae746c   got rid of the date headers off all text docs (This used to be commit 9d02041f0095d77753bd96bf070459547ec1339d)
      adds  6e0605c   Cosmetic fixups found while playing with the server manager.  Added support for NET_SRV_SET_INFO rpc call which is made when double-clicking on a computer in the server manager and changing the description.  We always return NT_STATUS_NOPROBLEMO as NT doesn't seem to decode any error messages passed back.
      adds  31ab8ae   Fixed stupid typo that would stop trusted domains working. Jeremy. (This used to be commit fa721b4adfbcac4827251b02f6af7f0b5211c104)
      adds  b0be9cd   Added Andrew's pam password change stuff. Needs some testing but looks good ! Jeremy. (This used to be commit e94957d548745649ce04423dc6f16bbe3dd4f869)
      adds  9f447ad   Ensure numeric group or user names don't get misinterpreted. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e88da9dcc79801028127bcbe328af001b58e653a)
      adds  90498a1   Remove warning about trapdoor systems for non-root mode.
      adds  8a0480b   fall back to "unsigned" for uint32 on systems that don't have one (This used to be commit 4d0c3167099f461b46fafaa3a35b14babbadcb93)
      adds  f73122e   fixed build
      adds  629a59f   Always use DOMAIN\user first that this is the more specific case. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 52143c08536a5f5d888b78b4769c06f7a0a2992b)
      adds  742609a   Fixed bug introduced by changeover of security descriptor code from malloc() to talloc().  Previously, creating an ACL containing zero ACEs would return a non-NULL pointer to zero bytes of memory.  The talloc() code would return a NULL pointer making the ACL a NULL ACL instead of an empty one.  The difference is a NULL ACL allows all access and an empty ACL denies all access.
      adds  0c56318   Put an 0x in front of a hex number. (This used to be commit a48d480ce986ff1c00f2c17f30f23723ce0bb044)
      adds  96ff4b8   Ensure we always have a valid pointer on unmarshalling an SD with zero ace entries. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 274c0f5028d41175222dfaaf446e3ed8f5687a5f)
      adds  4c83248   Added the basic tests of smb functionality for HEAD
      adds  21fd0a0   Add check for working AF_LOCAL sockets, which are borken on RH7.0 with _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE, and probably not present on non-Unix systems like VMS. (This used to be commit 8b0a5bc436fb44f5123d037b102f2d2c4d3287e8)
      adds  c2cfcb3   SGI compiler fixes. Jeremy (This used to be commit 45bf995bf62aa6cc176d57e2f954cc2d379717ef)
      adds  d6ffe90   Changed some of the tests around, made failures for parts actualy count
      adds  8831dcd   Fix a stupid typo ... (This used to be commit 8a873b5dfb52393541c36fea0a5082771a6c8d63)
      adds  c9c1e68   Added doco for the -d parameter. (This used to be commit d8598efb5712c35cc0b59b4e232e3869077d11eb)
      adds  d088d8e   Added back the automatic build of libsmbclient.so in head.
      adds  39a265a   Added some missing entries to usage().
      adds  a0b75f7   Add the generic funcions file for the basicsmb tests
      adds  c6f647d   handle EISCONN in socketpair_tcp
      adds  5ac133b   on sco2 socketpair_tcp needs a bind (This used to be commit d8e5409ebb883844d9a1abc9840af1809957a444)
      adds  dc346a5   Jigger around with the tests a bit more
      adds  8f91108   Syncup between 2.2 and HEAD. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 39d4131a4571c9c7a96bdc2f6cd6be80a6c330af)
      adds  a2c81f1   temporarily made smbclient a non-error target so that builds will succeed when it fails. This will give richard a chance to fix problems without breaking the tree (This used to be commit 83d0dc4b53231b05588b7341540c0e4ba1f430b1)
      adds  39117f1   fixed guest account for build farm boxes (This used to be commit 0d112d7960353b33e9c5015c39a107a47e6f690d)
      adds  eb57553   Properly instrument print_job_start()/print_job_end() so every fail case logs a debug. We need this to track fail cases. Jeremy (This used to be commit fe5cac150d7491a7dfdaf2a54998178bbfe5a303)
      adds  9e78961   Added info to some of the debug messages to get a better handle on a problem people are reporting regarding multiple responses to queries on <1D> names.
      adds  95d1969   param/loadparm.c: Fix for bad volume label, found by TAKAHASHI Motonobu Samba Users Group Japan. Ensure same as in 2.2.x codebase. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5a5d33b9464fe6289e55dbfd229d2859914b9293)
      adds  5fb9a86   Use a logical cli_read(), removed the cli_read_one() hack. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2999eab5abe86bf08e693800c01ad544f04e4d6c)
      adds  b344359   Replaced memcpy() with memmove() to make safe_strcpy() safe for overlapping source and destination. (This used to be commit 30411d4004ce7062e73506d228ef402b99226eee)
      adds  f83f2cd   Win9x weirdness.  When setting the named pipe handle state on a Unicode server, Win9x only sends \PIPE instead of \PIPE\.  Looks suspiciously like an off-by one bug in the Win9x dce/rpc pipe code. (This used to be commit b4a9079833c261705e18fdcaab752cb5292a078f)
      adds  00ecce9   Removed another silly static array. (This used to be commit 008628fb8ac9f92d984218f37fffdfa3cb9e3d62)
      adds  d90f7ef   Experimental support for joining a domain without creating an account in server manager first.  Just use the -U parameter to smbpasswd when joining the domain:
      adds  2cddd5f   From JF....
      adds  e2ced93   Ensured all the system calls in msdfs.c go through the vfs layer. Added vfs calls to symlink() and readlink() with appropriate configure checks. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c24e6b41ea60ab4bac2fcd19da947851d6df3c7c)
      adds  8d0b9cf   Added LsaGetConnectedCredentials patch from Manoj Naik <manoj at almaden.ibm.com>. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7079300da6dbd950e55dc5871851250d5a3717ff)
      adds  7e7c258   These changes cause the libsmbclient stuff to always build a non-shared library and to build a shared library only for the four OSes that we currently like.
      adds  51b8386   Modified Makefile.in to work properly. Define BLDSHARED as a variable in the makefile now. (This used to be commit 332f646fdc25ae4fe3797ad6c85d4637f0dba0e3)
      adds  d1f38ac   Fixed the first locking error (test #8 found by locktest code from Clarion locktest. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5c42845b5bb6fafd0ebf93fbdd23d9bf861da865)
      adds  13bd045   This should return the build to normallity.
      adds  6db4e76   Fix another small problem with Makefile.in ... not doing the correct check for whether or not we should build a shared library. (This used to be commit 09837044a2aa47a61d635316afa38645855db512)
      adds  064b490   Ensure we return correct error on trying to unlock a region not locked. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 015a077acc49e59179dc10256fd32166ee4623e2)
      adds  89cf219   Add a static linking target to the examples Makefile so I can test out static linking ... (This used to be commit 9627bace72eb3be322f8895b055a31768e551136)
      adds  9178d75   Make sure we compile with gcc by default. (This used to be commit 93c45024cdbbf51322106e2a5961db8c09618833)
      adds  247acd5   - fix bug in reply_nt- fix bug in reply_nt1 (This used to be commit 200110a3b4caeb0d8be87f02476af29165e35ada)
      adds  4592d10   cli_read() was reading too many bytes. (This used to be commit ba79d2a030b9ae087f0cc4248baa6cf6bee112fb)
      adds  2e181c7   Fix for building --with-profile for new vfscalls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 33dc250ebb389f331cecf47101cf13c630be3a11)
      adds  ef6c9d7   "netbios aliases" and "interfaces" options change from P_STRING to P_LIST (This used to be commit db36ed1d80fcbee16d0a0b5f226e56961f3bf1ec)
      adds  82b7693   Insure caught the fact that PTRDIFFs were being done between two unrelated pointers. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 15c64199cb29e2fca6ee7353673dbb3f962e0e24)
      adds  5b69009   Fixed the nastiest locking bug to track down.... smb_pids are sent in the lockingX calls - use that instead of smb_pid in the packet. Jeremy. (This used to be commit a3925cb9c6303ce24e5fecad6c8f3a0ba78b9ee0)
      adds  be24270   Make smbtorture return status values for use in the build_farm tests.
      adds  d2af8d0   Not all OSs have setbuffer, so we better check for it.
      adds  e3d6627   Start of smbtorture based testing.  Not all of smbtorture's facilites are used, but these ones should pass.
      adds  61b1874   We need strict locking to pass LOCK4
      adds  e3284c5   Only build the pam_winbind module if --with-pam used.
      adds  6daaa1d   Re-ran configure. (This used to be commit 33f668b137054f3eb768036398693a3b754158c3)
      adds  b076059   Fix the torture test, we had the wrong file-name in the tests
      adds  e682d6d   This fix from Eelco Vriezekolk <eelco at nexus.com.na> is for a SIG11 bug where we would always file_free(fsp) twice, once in close_file and once afterwoulds.
      adds  56b2a0c   Very minor cleanup.  I was looking for another problem and found some bits of code that were unclear.
      adds  ed2fc96   Fixed extra file_free calls - my fault :-(. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2f8b84bda040edc87a7af29c3a281cf335e392cb)
      adds  3d90180   Fixed auto-alloc of dispinfo code when unmarshalling. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d4872c94c2e6b63be0fb12e5dd2d0459fda54959)
      adds  6780f05   Missing prs_align() was causing Win9x nexus tools to fail. security_info_sent was being miss-parsed. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1685e41da04f1fbbab036e194ce1b1e7ba9fef86)
      adds  d6d9375   Made talloc_realloc() semantics match realloc(). JF was complaining :-). realloc(NULL) == malloc. realloc(p,0) == free() - a no-op in talloc. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 1ab31e5db53bc839d2785cce4d3c739c8004bbf6)
      adds  89ee12d   - sorry, forgot to test a pointer (This used to be commit 1aef52245229741bc24c3e8147fa86eaa20fe9b2)
      adds  6daea19   Applied Michael Sweet's patch, with one minor signal change. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8d1dab74c26d25938de14b34b383890731e9ebd0)
      adds  9b70d32   - sorry, forgot to check a pointer (This used to be commit 4e0299d4c091bc4a63740f12588675507601e8cd)
      adds  eae35e8   Adding Michael Sweet's LSB packaging. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 90985da62f733bed550ef326359bdbb8631ea554)
      adds  8f18688   Fixed quoting bug - shell programming sucks. (This used to be commit 60d42618416295a8fc25a461a8b4783bb219d6a7)
      adds  f97323d   Reran autoconf. (This used to be commit 547d63c60a9c0588d5263d5c0384e0198aa18be9)
      adds  b470d15   fixed socketpair_tcp for OpenBSD (This used to be commit d99ce6a5e3455ed38ca3c1ac676b5048edf8c706)
      adds  592e237   Running torture-RANDOMIPC on the build farm doesn't go down as a 'good idea' as its logsfiles are BIG! (This used to be commit bc6160a48282f026845476e632fe365ff2fd63d2)
      adds  75e33b7   Fixed incorrect comment for cli_NetServerEnum() (This used to be commit 0a505e50a5059930de6583918f25ef84af53de0e)
      adds  983d841   See if we can stick to slightly valid C..
      adds  23d4aec   Split pam_winbind out of WINBIND progs so it can be build separately only if --with-pam is specified. (This used to be commit 3fd2387a952484c27c580c896b6bc1456aa96365)
      adds  0eb28dc   Fixed incorrect debug parameters for lock_pid. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 310d2af6b0797cbd4f776b5c6c5b90a5d86b1aa9)
      adds  1b5af57   Added #define of int32 to int for cray. This will almost certainly cause the rpc code to fail on the cray.... Jeremy. (This used to be commit 33a299a0c42bb7090e2030fb1e5cafdf07346bc6)
      adds  7560166   Updated to latest from gnu.org. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 03e1d4428e6efb3f231cdfc6820fe5039b3ef494)
      adds  7ede14a   Removed the default addition of /include to the directory given in --with-sslinc. Should allow building on RH7.1 when set correctly. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 016a97d71aa1ac9de782248c645aecbf22ed647b)
      adds  c5bcad8   Fixed warnings and made const-safe so it has the correct prototype. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e0f6863a1155db5206c103c29dc597d7c297ec11)
      adds  b96c379   Remove the exit_server() calls that stop nmbd linking. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 110061ff5a0de7a5d7c5ee003d85d4d600c2531c)
      adds  4a6ef39   Small warning removal tidyup. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5cf7bc582bc2dc4fa7be43d87c81e94f6dd00573)
      adds  17a0a89   Ensure we correctly round down to 2 second boundary if dos filetime set for a share. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8f57233c0f871763bc3657d754c894dbd29ae501)
      adds  d972dc0   Removed bogus server_n local variable in connect_one() function. (This used to be commit 69d90a8af167d53ebdb6d7aeef41b28b672288d1)
      adds  59db9bc   check for bad usernames early in session setup (This used to be commit 657836599a847578096696af27cd7c9f0d52c931)
      adds  a594519   removed some debug code (This used to be commit 1f6240daae4c5503d6fbb846d89cae986e010fc8)
      adds  9e9e733   This brings HEAD into line with SAMBA_2_2, they now both use bindir.
      adds  87fbb70   The big character set handling changeover!
      adds  527e824   strchr and strrchr are macros when compiling with optimisation in gcc, so we can't redefine them. damn. (This used to be commit c41fc06376d1a2b83690612304e85010b5e5f3cf)
      adds  5a2b87d   missed a couple of strchr calls (This used to be commit 57e7df8ae58020ab653307c1fdfbadd44983e900)
      adds  7e288e8   we don't need the codepages any more (This used to be commit fa18e842f8f8f7d7f7a0674cdf375b398f655745)
      adds  749bf90   we don't need the codepage sources any more (This used to be commit 8dbee134b99c8f87e6e591ffd52edd1f71c0aaec)
      adds  0225d0c   fixed uninitialised variable (This used to be commit a03992f19b268ca212ada5869c6fc93da5ac3c35)
      adds  f51260a   got rid of __FUNCTION__ debug (This used to be commit 815ca752744c2ae93390445f4bb6532d396bbc59)
      adds  33b550e   portability fixes (This used to be commit 7a5c24c219d8b19f2c3cd11fdde3ebcede0646a2)
      adds  681c310   more portability fixes (This used to be commit bf818268516cfbebcdeacbb0528395e9bbb8e442)
      adds  22325f6   added builtin support for UTF8 (This used to be commit 76d83e7f704cf016308dccaad9bc42d57db97686)
      adds  0a33bdc   unicode string length is twice longer ;-) (This used to be commit d39d8429d1cb8a976022ae92a1ce551f7d876aff)
      adds  6b97f76   allow to use usrmgr/svrmgr tools in win95
      adds  ee3119c   make sure we reset the shift state on error for charsets like SJIS (This used to be commit 42648a7aada48220fdfaf6acfe95b9614122f1da)
      adds  fb50cf5   optimised the 7 bit case for utf8 conversion (This used to be commit 0c61e54f152eca6b7607fcce9ea512bc60a19060)
      adds  55bd086   use alpha_strcpy on the domain as it comes off the wire (This used to be commit 3b9eb528f56b325399e5a4588242bb6d9f9226e2)
      adds  61e6d86   use alpha_strcpy on DNS names (This used to be commit f6f9e95dd9254c6aad19d4fa1ff891bfa33070b6)
      adds  6668aba   fixed compilation of masktest on AIX (This used to be commit 832a91bbe643ba816407965863b8fa3bb5b8730c)
      adds  8ffcec2   fixed a bug in the parameters SMBctemp uses in open_file_shared() (This used to be commit a1dee993cbf52e7232b65323430c8574843eb168)
      adds  9c743f9   added line-feed at end of templates (This used to be commit fe5d38780fe2998576ed0ddbec6996d32cbda4a1)
      adds  005582d   Renamed formal parameter fd to fnum because we're talking about SMB file handles, not unix ones. (This used to be commit 974790e45e6774a0e8ca3f8bb73ea941457e0866)
      adds  c9291d0   this fixes the failure of MS office on VFAT partitions on Linux
      adds  9fa590b   Allow us to vary the log-level, so we can run at level 1 normally, and push it to 10 when we fail (we redo the test).
      adds  ca3b64f   removed an unreachable statement (This used to be commit 6503f53abe2642b002d8c9c64a2e0534c2b39b8c)
      adds  34b8f0b   Allow user to specify CFLAGS even when using configure.developer
      adds  aff5f5c   Fix for rabbit-pellet mode. Chris please test this. Thanks for Dave CB for help on this. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7efaefdf60e1880cf4ab97e1901248abd00acd79)
      adds  3a40f80   Fix for enumerating large numbers of users. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c8c138c1fbb49799a2dd4c6e781bd89f51c0c0c5)
      adds  aa91def   Fix race where wrong action (created or opened) could be returned. Jeremy. (This used to be commit af5b649b017f703a14a69f77a9067efb9c6a8269)
      adds  9a0397c   added some comments and removed an unnecessary check (This used to be commit 25c4b3f19315bdef57041da79c12271b72015701)
      adds  85a310c   fixed inetd operation as non-root (This used to be commit 9a9da44455fc35cb9b1625ffefd12a9c5fe48d6b)
      adds  2251221   got rid of insanely verbose debug messages on startup (This used to be commit c3a21fc0f21b3f493031cb0c9a6a990528b276d9)
      adds  7a58c80   fixed bug where we looked at the first byte of a password to determine if the password is blank. That ain't valid with encrypted passwords!
      adds  4b7c807   fixed a silly bug in the internal UTF8 implementation (This used to be commit 95a9a1814f1a1ac07c316cc920c7493a86d5a09b)
      adds  2036ce8   A program to display a tree of domains, servers and shares similar to the network neighbourhood graph.  Still needs a bit of work. (This used to be commit 6b4559506d1434e6114d9707dd11fdc8ee8d54be)
      adds  c5cc721   check for initialisation in convert_string() otherwise initial load in smb.conf can fail (This used to be commit e9c53606de237f91712bb9d2a9fdf84b80bce38d)
      adds  6bd8340   formatting fixes (This used to be commit 67ca6cd8eb20621d3f5926e19822b479ac80cb9c)
      adds  df68e65   Added JF's fix for max_entries being 0. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5059fbbb76ffa24658a878080a36e355df4894f5)
      adds  9df203f   Wrapped dlerror() in the same way as the other dlxxx() calls. Jeremy. (This used to be commit ed5a1f70c6d155788b62e9e6e8c5d97a5ca0858d)
      adds  da9fb5b   Don't try and open tdb secrets file in non-root/local mode. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e78a114425129d980f79db812dbea368123913ed)
      adds  a732bcd   fixed strrchr_m (This used to be commit f4359b5f7ff891d7fcb5772b589756376ae5d412)
      adds  429b3c3   Password changing via PAM works now. DONT CHANGE THIS UNLESS YOU RE-TEST !!!!!! Jeremy. (This used to be commit 79574c07ed5de7194a17c9ee8d189370d8e42bcc)
      adds  cd41846   Update smbtorture in line with SAMBA_2_2
      adds  1c3c995   You can't dump_data() a function pointer...
      adds  7be19ad   Add backend encryption support for NTLMv2.
      adds  28a5373   Add a new paramater:  add machine script
      adds  74e9921   fixed some unicode and LANMAN2 bugs in trans2 find first (This used to be commit dc99b9ddf847c210c72921ba1dedcdc34fd32aab)
      adds  1cc543f   fixed some unicode and LANMAN2 bugs in trans2 find first/next (This used to be commit d5097b2f20c55ddcf4ae8da4d1d0a2fe91938a6b)
      adds  04932c0   Fix the loading of configuration files using the include syntax.
      adds  5b8d230   This removes unused paramaters from various authtication functions, and should not change behaviour.
      adds  8326666   Update tests, start testing password server code, now I have it working and know what it does...
      adds  43dd159   fixed the auto-initialisation of the iconv descriptors (This used to be commit 66632782c583356550446638a832cc46a99f9f62)
      adds  03efd16   added sec_initial_uid() function so we can ask if a file is owned by the initial uid (This used to be commit 9449544428c9c3153f9e757c57bccda382fa2882)
      adds  3ad0801   formatting fix (This used to be commit 3dc9fd076a2c4c352d51f7b9dfa8b570a231c9e2)
      adds  955247f   allow winbindd to run as non-root so we can test it more easily (This used to be commit 001129e2153633dbd079889b11331e9c27786e5b)
      adds  b4230fb   improved the command line parsing of rpcclient (This used to be commit 29d8f9bcb3f55365740a5bbafc75dd2dffc107a9)
      adds  81393e6   removed remnants of libtool (This used to be commit abe01facea99f4cda76330d1265edde32b3c0a86)
      adds  282d295   fixed anonymous login in rpcclient (This used to be commit b2a4a62b5ed581bf89fe20cdf427c1740fd73266)
      adds  647a680   allow to rename an NT group (This used to be commit 42fc4f4154ccf2e93322da6b0b234f8f846991dc)
      adds  554a455   when retrieving by sid fill also the map.sid field (This used to be commit f47797fa9595fb19d9e29ef43c5d0135268db455)
      adds  5512332   split the nt_drivers.tdb in 3 separate tdb files. Should speed-up lookups
      adds  db77d64   when converting ascii to unicode, if the ascii string is NULL, don't convert it, rpcstr_push doesn't like it. (This used to be commit a8006e6f3eb1e06f4d48727de31e1229d6eef58a)
      adds  62d399f   add query user info level 20 (for RAS) add query dominfo level 5 some cleanup, don't free talloced memory. implement delete domain and local groups.
      adds  65e373e   Removed unused local variables. (This used to be commit fa1dfb681b2c7e2de59d6b439ceea738d6f11aff)
      adds  6baa40e   added winbind_exclude_domain() so smbd can tell the winbind client code not to do lookups for a particular domain. This allows winbind to operate on a Samba PDC (This used to be commit d472ee3a690fb6db03fd4536e4093a18fc37ddbb)
      adds  575e609   much better handling of broken DNS servers we no longer lookup our own name when we create a socket in open_socket_in(). That makes things work much better with the broken DNS server at VA (This used to be commit a83d506e5cd6cef23298211b2fe4e0e25c9e5f48)
      adds  cb5de0e   Change the order of the -fPIC  and  -KPIC tests to ensure that UnixWare is handled. (This used to be commit 7631bade9c52c7ebde0c7170a5d4d4ade6bb723c)
      adds  809e32e   Try to avoid clashes with OpenSSL when built --with-ssl, they also have md5.h, but with a more 'interesting' licence. (This used to be commit 9c9fe2674de0f35da67ba2c3b59861f087932934)
      adds  973a78c   Fix from John Malmberg.  When I added the additional information to the debug block that reports multiple query responses I did not notice that the local answer_ip variable was only selectively set.
      adds  e4b6f64   This fixes security=domain, which has been broke since the big charset changeover.  For my own sainity I have created a new function to fill out both the header and buffer for a string in an RPC struct.  This DOES NOT take a length argument, only the actual string to be placed.
      adds  f8f1d9d   Fix tree breakage, the last change was entirly non-portable, and we already have this nice variable to do exactly this... (This used to be commit cad6f53433a9345c06ae94c5ef63434e72a2daea)
      adds  bb8c1be   Andrew B and I were commiting the same fix at the same time in different trees.  This change simply brings HEAD and 2.2 in line with one another. Otherwise the code would be differnt but the meaning would be the same, which is awkward. Chris 'fifty-seven commits per line changed' Hertel -)----- (This used to be commit bbf14e2d4e054e2af4f9cbbb05b86f6ac41084c6)
      adds  be11842   A serious set of changes to build libsmbclienmt. Copied much ofthis from CUPS. (This used to be commit 7b392f9f6873c3a1ddd26f619f7827e0a9ce180a)
      adds  7265d46   This backs out my last change, which broke some of the finer points of RPC coding :-).  I'll be more carfull in this area in future.
      adds  c6fa884   I think this was just a typo...  If there was some method to the madness then please yell, but the build has been broken for long enough.
      adds  5167978   Some minor doco on what the build_farm dir does (This used to be commit 9bfc480bda8ee3478d17d657cf2fc1a846707130)
      adds  1f9a689   Toomas Soome's fix for joining a domain the old way. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 8db233c8b5866df2b3f9f4ed64e7de95807cf371)
      adds  4f36668   Fix a stupid error in passing options to CC under AIX (This used to be commit b8b5603e0f789014a1237c358db478cf6211e215)
      adds  5f4a1aa   Removed unused variable. (This used to be commit 914e78f05356c66665ede6948ec18814c2c2c503)
      adds  afa7300   Changed instances of TRUE, FALSE to True, False as some compilers don't have the first set of symbols. (This used to be commit ad0cbfbd790bc5d6003ffcff2835d82fb0140625)
      adds  57673d5   A few tweaks around linking libsmbclient (This used to be commit 83334fc474008d9f338204e73eacc5665e26bf0c)
      adds  e3fbb09   Test if machine password has expired. This test was lost somehow... (This used to be commit 065d8f69d5f4a8ffc062bc5592386ee1ac652969)
      adds  1183768   Fix from Jim Vopni - muliple definitions of "letter". Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5aa3b18f69646669c8548d1f49214a47dcb39a36)
      adds  edfd138   Fix from bernd at arresum.inka.de for broken krb configure. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 956e2a4e3783beec13b1baddb6384deac60389a9)
      adds  a92134c   Fix for incorrect creation of print job names, based on a patch by Jos� M.Rodr�guez <josemi at iies.es> Jeremy. (This used to be commit 7ebf284ef7597ee347deb5245d6ba222a102f55d)
      adds  e091298   iFix from "Shahms E. King" <shahms at shahms.com> to get cups user name right. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 34244c2a8d02d09b60dfba30b239b9764b60d35a)
      adds  3015fde   Fix usermanager for domains - we were returning no memory when we should have been returning empty space at end of enumeration. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 175c6406925cbd798c3aa049912ab63802f44de4)
      adds  0cf44bb   move the global_machine_password_needs_changing where we need it. (This used to be commit 8a2f6fbacd275acc7b356169f4022df4860a813e)
      adds  c6b5150   Fixes from Jens-Uwe.Walther at force.de to make the -l option behave consistently. Jeremy. (This used to be commit f591ca9f25c54d3cdd0b76df472411e44c95ea47)
      adds  c2aa4b7   Connection record not existing is not a debug level 0. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d7da59f54eed69d50490205d6233bf4801c16998)
      adds  54068ae   Tidied up calling yield_connection on connection allocation fail. Restore debug message to level zero. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0b13f495b31887d526b46a48a812fa3fd418ce8e)
      adds  e6866f1   don't test for root ownership of profile shared memory segment (This used to be commit d7023b881a3e36199f20dba36bd930454d5131cb)
      adds  aefa7e1   Fix the PIC flag for IRIX (This used to be commit 6a7645f90b8c89fa5a74c0f2eb7667228f6d8c06)
      adds  45635a4   removed some unnecessary code (This used to be commit 1436c9f424abbac2752e952172ddbdf15ec73f91)
      adds  e8c2eeb   the nss and pam modules in winbind don't have strchr_m() yet, so use strchr() for the moment (This used to be commit c2c1f2027e6e623bba59610e3aa41618773e6361)
      adds  1253b8e   Reran autoconf. (This used to be commit fa4901eaf23004f16c529037491c1d809efb2905)
      adds  cdcf646   #ifdef'ed out some unused functions. (This used to be commit ab5ccce2edd6118db0389701ff9e325ee1f818c7)
      adds  921761f   Added some documentation for using -U with -j in order to join a domain without first having to create an account using the server manager. (This used to be commit 5edfb53d7c3fe809256f080d5cd46ebc62c194fb)
      adds  d3f1d7f   Merged across rewritten version of winbindd_kill_connections().  This now works much better with trusted domains whose DCs cannot be reached.
      adds  8678c6d   It looks like the rpc client code in libsmb hasn't been converted to the new internal string stuff.  The main problem is that some unicode strings are null terminated and some aren't.  There's no rhyme or reason to it - some pipes have 99% of the strings terminated and some have 99% unterminated.  To avoid having to actually know the termination policy, I propose a set of functions that take a UNISTR2* and use the length contained there.
      adds  31fe984   Changed the cli_lsa_lookup_sids() function to unpack the domain and user or group using rpcstr_pull_unistr2_fstring rather than pull_ascii_fstring (!!) (This used to be commit 2accab2589d8c3decc489fb6af8d65d437a506e7)
      adds  8db78af   Started adding some help/usage info for rpcclient commands. (This used to be commit 37052a1bcc5cd049918c3d5ac4c41c3a669290af)
      adds  57933a9   In cli_lsa_lookup_sids() don't append a separator character between domain and name if there is no name. (This used to be commit e0ebbc9ae3277a5a389eef021f32509a017cbd4d)
      adds  f905c74   ^$&%&*$&)% readline uses \n characters instead of letting the terminal wrap the screen.  This mucks up expect something severe.  )-:
      adds  d0e0578   This should fix the build, I think tpot just missed the file for his CVS commit.  It seems to work fine, but if its not the right fix then just yell.
      adds  9cbe6e8   This patch fixes up a few issues where we would do lookups in the local system on username we already know are perfectly valid, and in their final form.  In particular we don't want to do a lookup for DOMAIN\nobody, it just does not make sense, nor should we do map_username and the like if the username is as specified in the vuid - we have done it already.
      adds  512351d   switch from UCS2 to UCS-2LE (This used to be commit e236a3e29e4af24b20ec6af357ce67abf82b4528)
      adds  4951426   changed the iconv interface to go via ucs2 for all conversions. This fixes some problems wih some character sets and allows for using internal charsets in conjunction with ionv charsets this makes us slower but more correct. speed will come later. (This used to be commit 594f84b4e39182dcf344c02dc0185376a2726395)
      adds  5f11307   if EILSEQ doesn't exist then use EIO. It doesn't really matter what error code we use, as long as its not another one that iconv() can give. (This used to be commit 2097abb76c1845a69a7136af388cef09243ca066)
      adds  10fa3f8   Added a warning debug if cli_samr_lookup_rids is called with more than 1000 rids as this seems to crash LSASS.EXE more often than not. (This used to be commit 375636b7630d117da5a57b51e11929c3a38646df)
      adds  cb6e6ac   Call cli_samr_lookup_rids() in bunches of < 1000 rids to avoid crashing NT.  Note this can be done completely anonymously. (This used to be commit 96bd7bdd0b4f6572c678c7b1bc5ffe733e632fda)
      adds  36d3a9d   OK, I think I have fscking IRIX figured out for building PIC code.
      adds  516eeb0   cli_samr_query_dispinfo() can return STATUS_MORE_ENTRIES which isn't an entry. (This used to be commit 12e44e40298b5469f6f1fea3495cfa023305411d)
      adds  881d72a   In wb_samr_query_dispinfo() pass back the 32-bit status code from cli_samr_query_dispinfo(). (This used to be commit d5f12bc53074d574a503e7183887fdcec9bb9dd4)
      adds  6a3132d   Try and build shared on SCO. Assume that it is like others, but uses -KPIC, which it does! (This used to be commit bc0317678299028cd9f9de8c0daf9f06318cce13)
      adds  022db35   Fix the POOBAD_CC on Slowaris so we can handle things correctly ...
      adds  6b424641  One more possible fix for Solaris CC and GCC (This used to be commit 98e5e022319a6c90a928fecab1ea27e55f74d98a)
      adds  7867341   Fix some fscked up things that I added to the Solaris CC build of shared libs (This used to be commit f214f6b5d5157782884f3325cb4e39713c454264)
      adds  6b53da1   Fix for cups compile. Jeremy. (This used to be commit e90ad081ada5f3e11abe833b16a6416025ebcea5)
      adds  c0d02ca   Fix for CUPS pause/restart code. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 592ef3d8eaea6421db758f39b694c84e8f66ec20)
      adds  cab1189   Same fix for resume as for pause. Jeremy.i (This used to be commit 9444fc554ba31ef516d0d98bbfe7f1af883e3970)
      adds  a9ab7ea   Fix case insensitive password change code. Fixed crash bug with un-zeroed talloced memory. Jeremy. (This used to be commit eea1c30df246e081e672d7132345d0fd35ad9841)
      adds  15f3232   Make the Slowaris build a bit nicer with cc (This used to be commit ea1a70fb42b3537524bbbf19b2d41a499411ff4e)
      adds  a4947d1   Another fine mess, err, fine tune to the Slowaris build ... (This used to be commit e8ee01eb779c1971fa269840cb14d2207b9d8569)
      adds  76f36b8   We were making an assumption in the oplock break code path that was invalid (ie. we were assuming we could infer a non-levelII oplock when such an oplock was detected - this may no longer be valid once we've processed the break process dealing with the break will change the state of it anyway. This prevents the state where we get the following packet trace :
      adds  5408d8b   Commit an updated configure, but the build_farm should run autoconf! (This used to be commit 81e39790f64fbccc6bdd967635a22a2e0ca666cc)
      adds  9521c7c   make nsswitch target wasn't building the winbind pam module. (This used to be commit 2484f0fc39f931d9c50dff2b89c4d30536ac8c60)
      adds  78dfa74   Make sure that a shared library build of libsmbclient causes build breakage if there are problems. I will take this out tomorrow if it causes too many problems. (This used to be commit f4d9abcac7f8b8fc1b3d380b76fc8c95688b5d5d)
      adds  1cbae73   Convert other parameters (read list, write list, valid users...) to the P_LIST format. changed functions to use list instead of strings addedd lp_list_substitute function (This used to be commit 7257d07563ba21bd88733d5d2b4ec4829fab2507)
      adds  bec370b   Store winbindd in the sbin directory.  Make the winbind pam module also as a sbin program.
      adds  e9968db   build smbtree by default. It's a very useful utility. (This used to be commit e2ab5e09d0721114f441d7227d4a5be21e8a59c6)
      adds  950d274   added a --with-libiconv=BASEDIR/ option to allow easier use of an alternative iconv library (This used to be commit cfb6e67bb92f9d73aadabebae3ea5baeb07158a0)
      adds  7879d99   a better test for unix domain sockets (This used to be commit 7b3d030e1f869a842822d9a356a027cca6f3a725)
      adds  a9126e5   ucs2 is always a multiple of 2 bytes this gets rid of a bunch of iconv warnings (This used to be commit 2ec59f731df6489756c5606ed63de90fb2a9241f)
      adds  e3bbe5d   nicer smbtree output (This used to be commit b840d7d65e0e8e437e016318d7ee702db2fa561b)
      adds  e845532   got rid of INFO: msgs at debug level 1 (This used to be commit e6773b08a4a1a54dca4a2e2ec5d4e9c43383b072)
      adds  670acd4   Merge of change machine account password race fix from appliance branch. (This used to be commit 6e698d65ecb13b0b46d15bce7e0314fa1a46a13a)
      adds  3318014   Re-ran autoconf. (This used to be commit 4ecc12e974cbc7edd0507cfb851f47f7f9c53d28)
      adds  9de7c5e   - don't try to print pointers - removed some unused mangling code (This used to be commit 36af1c0dc41f72ec6a5c671fd6b4f6eb2590b8b4)
      adds  6485281   Held a shoot-out between NT_STATUS_NO_PROBLEMO and NT_STATUS_NOPROBLEMO. According to the incorruptible judges find and grep, the latter won.
      adds  5489bd7   need to push smb_search strings in client charset (This used to be commit df00e5dceae91f6ffca77704c4517b91fd796d32)
      adds  1d07607   we need to pull passwords in client charset for crypto to work (This used to be commit 9a87d6f58fc005ddf2daf6fceb12a54fdc48f3b7)
      adds  e662983   Excellent patch from Anselm Kruis <A.Kruis at science-computing.de> to fix problem with wrong token being used in current_user. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 2c7d2a1d533052d3556715439fcd66c5233d3137)
      adds  ac26e23   Always check fstat for error. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 34951876a1bfad5aa3fc3bd05b808e150f639a8a)
      adds  08138a3   Fix from Michael Davidson <md at caldera.com> for DEC OSF/1 ACLs (ie. Digital UNIX). Jeremy. (This used to be commit 324ba0512ec84bb173c72be3dfd2447e0dc30e26)
      adds  b99e314   better debug messages + fix typo in debug message (This used to be commit b377f06fd90f607fa9e0e2e61981e835527b568c)
      adds  df2cdf6   Return an exit code when connect failed.
      adds  4b28b5a   Fix for potential crash bug with bad fid. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 82f81c830db53ce507c2a8e65db962f931141afd)
      adds  bd0eacb   Fix invalid uid being used after logoff. Thanks to Nigel Williams for this bug report. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 50d8e5b22f2c2c792e3a2d33e00a1c9caab48981)
      adds  fb0dbaa   Ignore some of the autoconf files. (This used to be commit 51b0ed2c2184b22f4e0435fe09c7cb73bf7afc6d)
      adds  6597e1b   Fixes for varargs problems with std c. Fix from Rick Lake <rwlake at anp.nl> for QNX. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c13b77eb35fe51403a51e1a146cedc643e550de7)
      adds  f31a7ab   uint -> uint32. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 3e3155812c38cee65a5344a3879b07d27d160a1e)
      adds  d17d9be   Throw out crappy (non-ascii unaware) mbtows stuff and use proper unicode push calls. If this breaks authentication then good, it needed fixing anyway :-). Jeremy. (This used to be commit e3580b4033c551e215cb246d4e36c4870cb4a582)
      adds  996719c   Added "use mmap" for HPUX. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 840802f10677cb0009cb4df4c37c7d01aa5edacd)
      adds  a62c6e8   Fixup error returns in updating driver db version. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 5bd39ce233fd14d01f434f39ce53e3e77b428845)
      adds  953973c   Fix for rare tdb pattern store failure. Found & fixed by Rusty. Jeremy. (This used to be commit aaa56bb3a3c5f0e4191c9b3efe9b8d92c22cf6c7)
      adds  08ab0a2   Added and populated .cvsignore files for packaging subdirectories. (This used to be commit ec042f2af94a834226b59224ab28452b1cd6bf15)
      adds  edc2287   Added some command line argument checking and usage info. (This used to be commit a13eedf8bdefacfb569eb006d8c169247272ecf6)
      adds  a0cd01e   Fixed up compilation of pam_winbind.so to be consistent with value of --with-pam passed to configure.
      adds  4b1310c   Rewrite of winbind autoconf fragment.
      adds  9c86214   Added autogenerated spec files for various rpm versions. (This used to be commit 1323972bf4c7a045b2897aae834dff3b6866ee62)
      adds  a3046af   Reran autoconf. (This used to be commit 7bd901b6a89e34d111609892e0fe648248c9e21e)
      adds  2affa66   Tweaked the installdirs target to ignore errors.  This allows RPMS to be built as non-root user, assuming you have permissions set up properly in your /usr/src/redhat directory.
      adds  c4a9faf   Modifying spec files is PITA.
      adds  61bb309   Pidfile check can be read-only. Removed old ifdef in password.c Jeremy. (This used to be commit d82efc61ef16533c5652a5d4a9863f8317cb4ea2)
      adds  861cb26   Oops. Typo. Jeremy. (This used to be commit d862be4b680fc495d920fa802854032e668a2073)
      adds  819a911   Added "strict allocate" per share parameter. This causes actual on-disk allocation to be done. Without it just does the ftruncate. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 0b052f103e82369088bc30724b86d8892c395cdb)
      adds  b930ed5   changed --with-profile to --with-profiling-data to "stop the madness!" of people somehow thinking this was related to user profiles. Hope this is ok Herb.
      adds  3538c8b   Added mmap fix to pass lock test from HP. Ok - now we're no longer trying to reach a silly 1k loc target, change the formatting to be *readable* - eg. change if (x) y else z to be : if (x)     y else     z
      adds  ad4144d   Put HPUX on mmap blacklist. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 4d5fe9ed4fc2c3bb7830ab14eead8d12eed37de9)
      adds  65bf96e   Allow smbpasswd to join a W2K hosted AD domain. Jeremy. (This used to be commit c51cfc7f0d3ad1614ca1e0330c8707f7b263b8e6)
      adds  8dad2a1   Fix for smbpasswd set_userinfo24 was in the wrong place! (This used to be commit c9cbe3237e01983a5063e5680ad71c7579009f28)
      adds  9863729   This is my 'Authentication Rewrite' version 1.01, mostly as submitted to samba-technical a few weeks ago.
      adds  384b522   This is the fix for the PAM bug I probably introduced in the previous commit, which I will confirm once I can find a box it would break on in the first place.
      adds  5b33eae   Added include guards... We may need to rename this file smbauth.h, as auth.h is so generic it will probably conflict with system header files on some systems. Jeremy. (This used to be commit dd4a6edd497053f4e393216884d356975efef799)
      adds  4f415ef   The write zero bytes is an allocate, not set EOF. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 28b4ee1eba5fbfd83c000a0e485632c477b7bfa9)
      adds  27bdf59   Extra debug to see what errno is on write fail. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 352a02bf5c1b3ab9db92f86fd22f7a781a2c2996)
      adds  efe1d83   Print an error message if database could not be opened.
      adds  e485a1a   Some fixes about malloc/Realloc and mem leak thanks to andreas moroder (This used to be commit b29a549cdd85d42a1697041ab04f0ae4eddd23ca)
      adds  a3f96dd   Another winbind test - fill in later. (This used to be commit 99071c45d05231e5683b37823bcca90542f4e332)
      adds  92dbd04   me stupid. never commit without building. sorry. (This used to be commit f87924aec4ff3ad1855b470c33df2e0ae9d51d85)
      adds  6128f58   Added smbtree to list of ignored files. (This used to be commit e4831d4d010d432d710553deac8201c14eea47a7)
      adds  54fc7e1   Changed lone malloc() call to talloc().  Spotted by Claudia Moroder <claudiamoroder at st-ulrich.suedtirol.net> (This used to be commit 99ce277fc857069f86824a3c0cd8012f4cede1b6)
      adds  9f08cea   Cleaned up error handling in cli_initialise() to fix a memleak found by Claudia Moroder <claudiamoroder at st-ulrich.suedtirol.net> (This used to be commit b5373f4b59cfe1cffe915e5d4eb29ed83fe99ba6)
      adds  4acf4df   We don't use indent in the HEAD branch. (This used to be commit 0b3fbd9e6ee2ec10fe7f0187e850834accfa492f)
      adds  c2316f4   Stop HP/UX building shared libraries for the moment ... (This used to be commit 8878a44868073d50e4ce729a1812f43e1a96e2ae)
      adds  ac989cb   Record the NT_STATUS constant rather than its number in the logfiles
      adds  f8d9da9   Fix for getting allocate_file_space to return the correct errno. Jeremy. (This used to be commit 298595e8cb0ac4f5b5ad9a522cca79d030d7e0fc)
      adds  b026e6e   Added Gerald's lanman printing only change