[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#926474: Bug#926474: smbclient: Can browse samba shares as root but not as user

gcab_dzan at libero.it gcab_dzan at libero.it
Mon Apr 8 16:43:03 BST 2019

Installed winbind (and then also iibpam-winbind, iibnss-winbind) : no change on smbtree output command.

The warning about "messaging context" is always there in the first line, followed either by nothing, or by only the remote (win xp) shares, or by the complete list of shares. The behaviour is quite random and could not grasp under which conditions I get one or the other situation. Once the complete list has appeared after a long time (some 5 -10 min.). When the local (buster) shares are not shown, I cannot browse them from win xp, otherwise I can do that flawlessly.

However,  now I realized an unexpected outcome

1) running Dolphin as user, opening /Network/Shared Folders (SMB) I get an empty window

2) addressing Dolphin to open smb://casa(=workgroup) I get the error warning

"Internal Error
Please send a full bug report at http://bugs.kde.org
Unknown error condition in stat: File exists"

or instead, going to smb://(user)@(workgroup), i get
"Internal Error
Please send a full bug report at http://bugs.kde.org
libsmbclient reported an error, but did not specify what the problem is. This might indicate a severe problem with your network - but also might indicate a problem with libsmbclient.
If you want to help us, please provide a tcpdump of the network interface while you try to browse (be aware that it might contain private data, so do not post it if you are unsure about that - you can send it privately to the developers if they ask for it)"

3) but if I address Dolphin to directly go to smb://(remote host) or smb://(user)@(remote host) then - after being requested and giving  the password - I CAN ACCESS the remote shares, and, as far as I could see, I can fully operate r/w as allowed in smb.conf.
Same for the local shares.
Even more surprisingly (it seems that) I can access local and remote shares INDEPENDENTLY from whether smbtree lists  them or not.

Given the invitation above to submit a tcpdump report, I installed wireshark and took a dump for each of the cases above, together with a snapshot of Dolphin in/out put, and I am available to submit them privately if of interest.

Finally, allow me to ask what "messaging context" is? which process is supposed to activate that?

Thanks for attention and kind regards
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