[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#926474: smbclient: Can browse samba shares as root but not as user

L. van Belle belle at samba.org
Wed Apr 10 07:51:32 BST 2019


Based on what i see here : 

1) running Dolphin as user, opening /Network/Shared Folders (SMB) I get an
empty window

For this I suggest first try this setting on the debian server in smb.conf 

client max protocol = NT1 

if that works also try, keep the highest that works. 

client max protocol = SMB2

2) addressing Dolphin to open smb://casa(=workgroup) I get the error warning

Report this also @Dolhin/KDE 
the network browser part is probley still at SMB1, while samba 4.9.5
defaults to SMB3


3) but if I address Dolphin to directly go to smb://(remote host) or
smb://(user)@(remote host) then - after being requested and giving the
password - I CAN ACCESS the remote shares, and, as far as I could see, I can
fully operate r/w as allowed in smb.conf.



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