Some SDL2-* library updates?

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at
Thu Jan 21 13:29:28 UTC 2016


(a sum-up at the bottom)

>I planned to work in libsdl2-{net,ttf,mixer} this week-end, to upload
>when the main libsdl2 hits unstable.

wonderful! I did the work locally, it seems trivial (just some bug fixes about missing
file descriptor closes and some memory leaks fixed)
anyway I happily deleted it :)

>So please, leave those for me and start with the others (but wait a
>bit before starting, in the case that other people have plans of their
I plan to upload sdlgfx and libsdl2-gfx with a fixed watch file
(pointing now to sf)
(changes are already on git)

no new releases for them, I hope you are fine(of course I'll delay the push after sdl2 is on unstable or even testing)

the only one left is libsdl2-image, I guess you want to take that job too, right?

so, there is nothing left to me, except for sdlpango and smpeg.

libsdl2-{mixer,net,ttf}: Manuel after libsdl2 goes in unstable
libsdl2-image: manuel?

sdlgfx, libsdl2-gfx: me, at the same time (changes on git, just fixes on watch files and cosmetic issues)
sdlpango: fixed watch file was already on git, I did some little changes, I think
we can upload, right?

smpeg: I imported the new svn checkout, not it is called smpeg2 so I had to refactor the packaging.
seems the old one is dead, moved to libsdl2.
it will probably require a transition, because of the reverse dependencies.
(maybe we can do this later)



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