[Pkg-shadow-devel] 4.0.15 release for Debian

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Mar 8 17:07:28 UTC 2006

> Maybe we can release 4.0.15-1 in unstable without the 4.0.14-8 changelog
> (not to close bugs twice) and with the sames patches as in 4.0.14-8 except
> for su (patch 423, IIRC), and so with the same changelog as in 4.0.14-8
> except for the extry regarding su.
> And then release 4.0.15-2 in experimental with the su stuff.

Sounds possible so that the su stuff remains in experimental for a bit
longer time.


> I'm adding two more actions for me [0]
>  * Submitting wishlist bugs for all the manpages package we are replacing.
>  * Submitting wishlist (or higher if 423 is uploaded in unstable) bugs for
>    the package we will conflict with after the su transition.

You can submit them as wishlist now and announce they will be
uprgraded to serious when we'll upload shadow 4.0.15-2 in unstable.

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