[Pkg-shadow-devel] Bug#352668: Reassigning this bug

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sat Mar 11 13:21:36 UTC 2006

reassign 352668 util-linux
merge 352668 221290

This bug is not a bug in login, but a bug in getty. As explained in
the discussion below, only the first "login" shows this behaviour and
it does not belong to login...:-)

Indeed, this bug has been reported long ago and we already reassigned
it to util-linux, which owns the /sbin/getty file.

13:54 < nekral> bubulle: Can you reproduce 352668?
13:55 < nekral> I think it is a getty bug.
13:55 < bubulle> nekral: yes, I reproduce it
13:56 < nekral> Did you enter a multibyte on the first login prompt or on the second (e.g. after a false
13:56 < nekral> The first prompt is getty's prompt.
13:56 < nekral> The second one is login's prompt
13:57 < nekral> I tried with a ç ( c with cedilla)
13:58 < nekral> On the first prompt, the ç is displayed correctly, but backspace doesn't seems right
13:58 < nekral> On the second, the 'ç' is displayed as 'g'
13:58 < nekral> (But that's not necessarily a bug since login was started on a C locale)
14:00 < nekral> seems the same as 221290
14:02 < bubulle> let me try
14:06 < bubulle> you're absolutely right
14:07 < bubulle> and I don't even have the display bug you mention...I entered" ça" at the login prompt and I
                 could erase it
14:07 < bubulle> bien vu....
14:07 < bubulle> I even ignored this "first login/second login" thing
14:08 < nekral> Do you want to reassign it, or do we keep it (wontfix?) and indicate in the bug report that it is
                not our bug?
14:09 < nekral> (maybe the best way is to fix getty if we don't want it to reappear)
14:13 < bubulle> I think that we already got such a bug when we were in the big bug triage and we already
                 reassigned it to getty
14:14 < nekral> yes: #221290
14:14 < bubulle> yes
14:14 < bubulle> I just found it as well
14:15 < bubulle> so we reassign it to util-linux and merge with #221290
14:15 < bubulle> I'll do it
14:15 < nekral> thanks


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