[Pkg-shadow-devel] Please add shadow to the TP

Benno Schulenberg coordinator at translationproject.org
Tue Feb 26 11:11:35 UTC 2008

Hello Nicolas,

Thank you for your interest in the Translation Project.  I have been 
waiting for this email for two years.  :)

Nicolas François wrote:
> I would like to add shadow to the Translation Project.

This can be done.  However, when shadow is added to the TP, the idea 
is that you must not modify PO files in your repository, and must 
not accept PO files directly from translators but instead redirect 
them to their respective teams at the TP.  When shadow is at the 
TP, the teams at the TP should be in charge of the translations.  
Do you agree to these conditions?

In your snapshot tarball there are many PO files with quite recent 
revision dates (mostly last November).  How did you acquire all 
those updates?  Or were they edited in situ, to accomodate for 
trivial string changes?

> Note that it contains 2 sets of PO files (one for the binaries,
> another one for the manpages) in the po/ and man/po/ directories.
> I propose the "shadow" and "shadow-man-pages" domain names.

I would prefer to call the second domain "shadow-manpages".  Will 
that be acceptable?

> Note also that they already contain some translated PO files.

At the TP there are no teams yet for Bosnian (bs), Dzongkha (dz), 
Khmer (km), and Tagalog (tl), so I cannot import those files into 
the TP archives.  In case you receive updates for those languages, 
please urge the translator to join the TP, create a team, and send 
in their PO file through the TP.  All other PO files I will import 
when shadow is added to the Translation Project.

By the way, where is the current repository of shadow?  When was it 
cloned from the disappeared Polish CVS repo?



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