[Pkg-shadow-devel] Follow the needs of the nature. Control hormones.

Della Long flakyor7 at racinesetdevenir.com
Sun Mar 22 10:27:09 UTC 2009

Just let this internet address to visit our site

i recommend rounding your troops for a similar conversation, and a brainstorm session for how to prepare for what lies ahead. just sayin.
(i hate in quilting and knitting and sewing when the designs get all fancy just because they can). 
let's give a hand to the world, for everything it can do!! 

mostly i just stinking LOVE knitting. 
it's definately worth the long drive,

i love the comments i get from all of you. 
kiss me, i'm irish

and totally not what you are supposed to be eating
corned beef is cheap meat, a head of cabbage is less than 50 cents, and i bet you have all the ingredients for the bread in your cupboard. you should make this meal tonight!

i mean, look at her hair. 
and you are happy.

haha, that's my girl. 
i was given the irish name kelly after my great grandparents' last name. 

and my wheels are turning with projects to put together for a locals knitting class. 
simple is always prettiest to me. 

i have always dreamed of going to ireland, (and scotland too- mccaleb), to research our family history, and to see the green grass in real life.
may the light always find you on a dreary day.

the ms craft dept was featured in an article, and their personal crafting projects were shown. 

i am not going to worry...about a thing.
i am looking forward to a date with grant.

my happy little life
it was super delicious. 

she's amazing. 
and you eat with your sunglasses on

she's cute
we are happily enjoying being able to play outside again. 

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