[SCM] Debian packaging for the 2.0 Apache Shibboleth SP branch, debian, updated. debian/2.0-1-10-g8a1ed06

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Thu May 15 15:22:05 UTC 2008

"Scott Cantor" <cantor.2 at osu.edu> writes:

>> Thanks, then I'll simply leave the file out, it contains nothing else
>> but comments.
> Where is your LoadModule command then?

As Russ explained, that's in a separate file.

>> Btw. during Apache2 startup it tries to open
>> /usr/etc/shibboleth/native.logger.  Looks like it's erroneously
>> prefixed by the khm, prefix.  I couldn't find it in the source (or
>> binaries), but maybe a missing slash relativises some path?
> The path to that is relative because the system knows config files should be
> in /etc/shibboleth. If it's opening shibd.logger properly, it should open
> native.logger the same way, so I don't know why it's adding /usr.

As Kristóf showed, eventually it does.  But first it tries /usr/etc/...

> What's the SHIBSP_PREFIX look like in shibsp/paths.h?

#define SHIBSP_PREFIX  "/usr"

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