Debian Shibboleth install instructions

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu May 15 16:08:57 UTC 2008

Ferenc Wagner <wferi at> writes:

> How is this going?

There's a first draft of general Git instructions at:

I haven't had a chance to start working on the wiki page yet.  (We had a
major work project rollout at 5 this morning.)

> I'm struggling with this stuff, although some pieces already fell into
> place.  What hurts most ATM is that git-buildpackage doesn't want to
> work without --git-ignore-new:

That's correct; you have to always use --git-ignore-new because we're not
committing the new versions of config.guess and config.sub to the
repository.  We could do that instead, but I think it's messy; I prefer to
depend on autotools-dev and update them automatically during the build,
since then only binNMUs are required when Debian adds new architectures.

Do we also have a patch for configure?  If not, we don't need to run
autoconf during the build, which will help with some of that.

> #	deleted:    include/xsec/canon/XSECC14n20010315.hpp
> #	deleted:    include/xsec/canon/XSECCanon.hpp

Are these files shipped by upstream but deleted by make clean?  If so,
then this too will force always using --git-ignore-new.

> I'm also trying to find my way through pbuilder...  Looks promising.

It's extremely handy.  I don't think I have any specific setup
instructions anywhere for that.  I recommend using it with cowdancer; it's
a lot faster than the stock setup with a tarball.  If you install
cowdancer, the cowbuilder man page has details.

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