Scott Cantor cantor.2 at
Mon Sep 15 18:43:03 UTC 2008

> Well, we don't use ADFS support, but shibd -t does complain if the
> catalog references an inexistent WS-Trust.xsd.  But when shibd is run
> as a daemon, it does not complain.  Is this inconsistency unavoidable?

It's unexplainable, so...maybe?

I still can't explain what's going on. Nothing's changed intentionally since
2.0 in this respect. Ultimately, I don't control this, it's coming from
Xerces. So I would expect it to be the same between the two versions, and
certainly not different in terms of how it's executed.

The only issue here might be what phase of work is producing the error. If
it's complaining while it parses the configuration, custom logging isn't set
up until after it parses, so the daemon should rely on the same
console.logger configuration as the -t option would use. Maybe you're
swallowing that output when you run it as a daemon.

-- Scott

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